Marc Alaimo
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Marc Alaimo

This is Marc Alaimo, the man behind the ridges. He is the talented actor responsible for bringing our beloved Gul Dukat to life. But did you know that this isn't his first Star Trek role? In fact this isn't even his first Cardassian role!

Marc was the actor who gave us the very first Cardassian ever see on Star Trek, Gul Macet, in the fourth season Star Trek The Next GenerationGul Macet episode "The Wounded". At the time this was filmed Macet was actually Marc's third Star Trek character!

This versitile actor of stage, screen and TV first protrayed the Antican chief delegate Badar N'D'D in STTNG's first season episode "The Lonely Among Us". You have to listen carefully to the voice (which was slightly altered) because you can't see anything under all that furry make-up!

Marc's next role was a Romulan, Commander Tebok, in STTNG episode "The Commander TebokNeutral Zone" at the end of the first season. This was also the episode where the Romulans were seen for the first time since the original Star Trek series.

After the heavy alien make-up, Marc then got to appear with out any for the first time. He played the human gambler Frederick La Rouque in "Time's Arrow Part 1" at the end of season 5. You had to watch closely because he wasn't on long but his smooth voice was unmistakeable. The next time he appeared with out alien make-up was in Deep Space Nine's sixth season episode "Far Beyond the Stars".

All his work in Star Trek, and especially his role as Gul Dukat, has earned Marc a legion of loyal fans and his own fan club, The Official Marc Alaimo Fan Club. Join today!


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