Nicole Kimpel Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia [ Antonio Banderas Girlfriend ]

Nicole Kimpel Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia [ Antonio Banderas Girlfriend ] Bio Facts

Nicole Kimpel Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia [ Antonio Banderas Girlfriend ] Bio Facts

Nicole Kimpel Age: Nicole Kimpel is 38 years old. She was born in the year 1981 in Stuttgart. Her birthdate is not available for now.

Nicole Kimpel Net Worth

Nicole Kimpel’s net worth is not found for now. She is a self-depended woman. She along with her sister owns the Baniki organization. So. Her earnings are quite well.

Nicole Kimpel Wikipedia (Antonio Banderas Girlfriend)

Wiki hints, Nicole Kimpel become a piece of controversial news in social media. She is thought to be in relation to the actor Antonio Banderas. Antonio Banderas is a 58 years old divorcee. He left his 18 years marriage and divorced Melanie Griffith.

Nicole is 38 years. Now, she is dating a 20 years senior guy. She is seen in several places with Mr. Antonio Banderas.

She is good at finance and data is working at Baniki. Her private organization based on the arts and fashion world. She still not married according to her relationship status.

Her sibling Barbara Kimpel is also a partner in her business and life. The sisters are also good friends.

They were sent to the same school in Geneva, Switzerland. They came to the US to their father. Then, they continued their studies in East Cost. Then, they went back to Switzerland for their degree of graduation.

Nicole returned to the USA for her job. She worked at the Real State Company. Before that, she worked in a private bank and Software Company in Geneva.

Then, the sister completed their masters in finance and real state. And started the company of their own named Baniki.

Her website name is Kimpel Sister’s INICIO. It based on blogging and fashion as well as art updates.

They try the latest fashion and post their experiences. Also, they add a platform for blogging and art updates.

And, they also share their personal life and day to day pictures on the online website.

Nicole Kimpel’s Bio

Nicole Kimpel is amazingly beautiful. There is not much in her bio. Since her family details are still behind the bushes. Though, her sister’s name is found to be Barbara Kimpel. She is exactly the same age as her sister.

The two sisters are twins and were born on the same day.

And her latest relationship news is not hidden to any of us. Her boyfriend’s name is Antonio Banderas. He is a Spanish actor and producer. He also sings well.

Antonio also appeared in many Hollywood movies. His debut film was “Nine”. For which, he received the Tony award and drama desk award. Since then, he became a star in Spanish theatre.

Nicole Kimpel had lived with her parents until her graduation. Now, she has achieved a lot in her life. She has built her own business empire.

And she also does the job of a financial advisor. Additionally, she is in love with a superstar actor.

Nicole’s Quick Facts

Nicole and Barbara are similar in all aspects. And they are two beautiful twin sisters.

Nicole is an expert in finance. And she also works to handle large data.

And the fact that she is dating a Hollywood and Spanish actor can’t be hidden.