NFG CD Release Party Song-A-Thon

Only 24 hours until our Song-A-Thon begins! Get your tickets for the livestream now at to join us (and maybe some special guests) in celebration of our new album and raising money for Color Of Change!

Check the FAQs at for more details!

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Video Transcript
Hey, Hey, what's what's up? up we? We're we're New New Found Found Glory. Glory hello hello and and we are at our practice practice right right now. now. we're We're rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing. for for our our song. song song A A Thon Thon. Friday Friday June June nineteenth. nineteenth We We are are doing. doing doing the. the new fun song song A A Thon. Thon to to celebrate. celebrate our our new. new album album forever forever and ever times infinity infinity. We'll We'll we. be be playing playing 40. four four songs, songs, which which is is why. why why we're we're rehearsing this this is is. is by by the the way way. way practicing practicing practicing. social social distancing taking. taking taking good good care care of of the the the. pre. preexisting preexisting conditions and and more importantly, though. Tell you about our stream on June nineteenth we'll be raising money for Color Of Change dot Org And Color Of Change is a great Organization that fights against racial injustice in the United States and so we're happy to be able to use our platform to raise some money for an amazing cause. So join us June nineteenth watches jams all that stuff and we love you when your phone.