Nevenka Fernandez Wiki: Marido Hijos & Idade, Where Is She Now?

Nevenka Fernandez Wiki Husband And Sons: Where Is She Now?

Nevenka Fernandez Wiki Husband And Sons: Where Is She Now?

Nevenka Fernandez’s Wikipedia mentions the economist as a United Kingdom resident. 

Nevenka Fernandez is a Spanish economist and is famous for appearing in Netflix docuseries Nevenka. In the series, she opened up about the sexual harassment she had to go through 20 years ago. 

Nevenka worked as a councilor for the Treasury of Ponferrada between 1999 to 2000. This was a dark time for her as she was sexually and occupationally harassed by the then-mayor of Ponferrada Ismael Álvarez. 

Quick Facts: Nevenka Fernandez Wiki Husband And Sons: Where Is She Now?
Name Nevenka Fernandez
Birthday 25 October
Age 46
Gender Female
Nationality Spanish
Profession Economist
Married/Single Married
Children 2

Nevenka Fernandez Wiki 

Nevenka Fernandez holds a degree in Economics from the CEU-San Pablo University.

She also holds a master’s degree in auditing from the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Nevenka is the first woman to sue a politician for sexual harassment in Spain and to win subsequently. 

Nevenka Idade

As of now, Nevenka Fernandez is 46 years old. She was born on 15 October 1974. 

Nevenka was in her twenties when she started working with the town’s mayor, Ismael Alvarez.  According to Forbes, they had a brief affair but when Nevenka tried to call it off, Álvarez began to harass her. 

In 2001, She filed a complaint against Mayor Ismael Álvarez for sexual harassment. The case quickly became the national news as it was the first time a woman sued a politician for sexual harassment. 

Later, Ismael Álvarez was sentenced to nine months and convicted with a fine of €6,500 and had to pay €12,000 in damages. He resigned of his own free will as mayor of Ponferrada the same day the sentence was made public. 

Nevenka Fernandez Actualidad: Where Is She Now? 

As of now, Nevenka Fernandez currently resides in  London, United Kingdom with her family. 

Although she won the legal battle against Alvarez,  she lost the social battle. After the allegation, she moved to Madrid and lived with her boyfriend. Alvarez’s supporters found her and began making threatening calls. 

According to Meaww, Nevenka mentioned that Alvarez is capable of doing anything and almost killed her. With various threats as well as media and neighborhood harassment, she could not find peace in Spain and eventually decided to emigrate to London. 

Currently, she lives in London where she works as an economist. 

Nevenka Fernandez Breaking The Silence is available to stream on Netflix. 

Nevenka Fernandez Marido And Hijos

Nevenka Fernandez is happily married to her husband and is the mother of two sons. Further details about her husband is not revealed on the internet.