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WiR redlist index: Leeds2

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

This list of red links covers for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article.. It is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify.

This list was generated using Wikidata and it will be refreshed roughly daily to remove blue-links - no manual editing is required.

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This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
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name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth place of death wikidata item site links
Mary Robinson librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire Great Britain
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
No/unknown value 1813 No/unknown value No/unknown value Q50631116 0
Catharine Wood librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51400477 0
Elizabeth Mellor librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51683931 0
Mary Wallis librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51687602 0
Mrs Evans librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51880128 0
F. L. Delafare librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51955151 0
Mary Townsend librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q51955153 0
Ann Beggs librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q52063577 0
Ann Blackburn librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q52063578 0
Hannah Fitzgerald librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q52063581 0
Hannah Meggeson librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value No/unknown value Q52063587 0
Anikó Tünde Valkó researcher No/unknown value No/unknown value Q57626341 0
Anna Berekmeri researcher Romania No/unknown value No/unknown value Q58451060 0
Zsófia Hegedüs researcher Hungary No/unknown value No/unknown value Q86917027 0
Hannah Ogle bookseller in Leeds, West Yorkshire Great Britain 1718 1795 No/unknown value No/unknown value Q50766524 0
Mary Robinson librarian in Leeds, Yorkshire Great Britain
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1777 1850 No/unknown value No/unknown value Q50819161 0
Lucy Wilson promoter of women's education (1834-1891) 1834 1891 Banks Hall Q18756942 0
Janet Lewis author 1839 1904 Leeds London Q89112592 0
Mary V. Wheelhouse British painter United Kingdom 18th century 1947 Leeds Q27767439 3
Anne Lyon Hansen public health nurse 1878-04-01 1938-11-03 Leeds Buffalo Q85128745 0
Lizzie Hoffa German physician Germany 1889-05-14 1988 Würzburg Leeds Q1329997 1
Lucy Marguerite Frobisher British painter (1890-1974) United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1890 1974 Leeds Q21455065 1
Rebecca Sieff Sieff, Rebecca Dora (1890–1966), feminist and Zionist 1890-02-23 1966-01-08 Leeds Q18576852 1
Dora Metcalf probably first woman tech entrepreneur United Kingdom 1892-03-11 1982-10-17 Ooty Otley Q94158458 0
Florrie Baldwin Oldest living person in the United Kingdom United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1896-03-31 2010-05-08 Hunslet Leeds Q664828 3
Jo Pike politician (born 1900) United Kingdom 1900 Q45420046 0
Margit Cargill actor 1935-10-31 Leeds Q95188230 0
Anne Cunningham English actress born 1937 United Kingdom 1937 Leeds Q66327900 1
Christine Goodfellow British cyclist United Kingdom 1938-11-08 Farnley Q54553592 0
Jean Anderson Canadian composer 1939 Bradford Q85124039 0
Anne Sleep botanist 1939 Q19002212 0
Holly Eley 1940-06-23 2010-09-19 Leeds Q94744797 0
Anne Seller British philosopher United Kingdom 1941 2020 Harrogate Q105395733 0
Suzi Malin British painter United Kingdom 1949 Leeds Q21459190 0
Caroline Broadhead English jewellery maker, artist and art teacher United Kingdom 1950 Leeds Q59341947 3
Anna Lawson researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-5400-0100 1950 Q60026398 0
Sara Barker historian 1950 Q66739933 0
Darmayanti Lubis
Indonesian politician Indonesia 1951-05-06 Binjai Q49253756 1
Vivien Jones literary scholar (born 1952) 1952 Q63565760 0
Karen Stone 1952 Horsforth Q105494080 0
Klara Armandova
theatre director, actress and acting teacher Bulgaria 1953-04-11 Sofia Q28104620 1
H. E. M. Cool archaeologist 1954-04 Q47091503 0
Helen E. Wilcox researcher 1955 Q50977544 0
Berit Kvalsvik Teige researcher 1955 Q57626384 0
M. Hester researcher 1955 Q58452612 0
Lúcia Nagib Brazilian university teacher Brazil 1956 Q27304693 1
Christine Thomas researcher ORCID id 0000-0002-7845-5385 1956 Q57413099 0
S. A. Vickerstaff researcher 1956 Q57624911 0
Lesley Evelyn Jeffries researcher 1956-05-23 Q63284740 0
Toshiko Suda 1958 Q17219531 1
V. M. O'Mara researcher 1958 Q57625062 0
Elspeth Guthrie researcher 1958-02-22 Q46577489 0
Lynn Frewer researcher 1960 Q57625030 0
Karen Lucas geographer 1960-07-07 Q53843419 0
Jane M. Binner researcher 1961 Q57624522 0
Victoria Starmer Solicitor 1963 London Borough of Southwark Q90033924 0
ג'ודית אשר Israeli artist Israel 1964 Leeds Q66754188 1
Helen Smith Australian arachnologist 1964-01-18 Norwich Q22104891 1
Jackie Chambers
Girlschool at Metal Magic 2015 - 19379861854 (cropped).jpg
British musician United Kingdom 1964-03-27 Leeds Q59418131 0
Dwikorita Karnawati
Dwikorita Karnawati.jpg
Indonesian researcher Indonesia 1964-06-06 Special Region of Yogyakarta Q18941080 2
Deborah Anne Edwards researcher 1965 Q58452807 0
Astrid Gühnemann researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6425-5868 1965 Q60023587 0
Erika Cudworth British sociologist and political scientist United Kingdom 1966-04-27 Q1354331 1
Joanne Elizabeth Tatham British artist United Kingdom 1967 Q55219857 0
Sita Popat Taylor British technologist United Kingdom 1967-05-18 Q51825332 0
Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat researcher 1968 Q28946145 0
Joanna Parrish United Kingdom 1969-07-31 1990-05-17 England Monéteau Q58211011 0
陳香君 Taiwan 1969-10-10 2011-09-21 Q97593476 0
Fumiko Ishioka Japanese translator and teacher Japan 1970 Tokyo Q11585566 1
Elies van Sliedregt
Sliedregt Elies van foto Henk Thomas.jpg
criminal law professor 1971 Q21258622 0
Ana Cristina Santos portuguese sociologist Portugal 1971 Q60022323 0
Roshni Mooneeram researcher 1972 Q57625211 0
Chiara Tornaghi Italian human geographer and activist Italy 1972 Milan Q60026535 0
Siren Eun Young Jung
FANTasia - Jeong Eun-yeong.jpg
1974 Q21060206 1
Emma Cave law professor 1974-06-29 Q57989168 0
Rodanthi Tzanelli researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5765-9856 1974-10-20 Q60028237 0
Anne-Marie Hutchinson English lawyer 1975 Q4768085 0
Helene Dyrhauge researcher 1976 Q57627255 0
Ana Violeta Girão Portuguese researcher Portugal 1977 Lisbon Q59113713 0
Karina Louise Berger researcher 1977-04-16 Q58453989 0
Amelia DeFalco researcher 1978 Q57080450 0
Sally Bigham British mountain biker United Kingdom 1978-04-11 Pool-in-Wharfedale Q13590108 4
Susan Lorraine Anderson researcher 1978-12-01 Q58453421 0
Rawan Damen State of Palestine
1979 Q12213778 1
Teresa Roncal-Herrero researcher 1979 Q50870155 0
Alexis Silver
Alexis Silver at PSK 20060117 3.jpg
former British pornographic actress United Kingdom 1979-10-27 Leeds Q15056622 2
Marjorie Boissinot researcher 1981 Q56438372 0
Laura Shields British model United Kingdom 1981-09-19 Oldham Q6499428 0
Estelle at April Storm's Birthday Party 1.jpg
British adult model United Kingdom 1983-01-01 Leeds Q29530454 2
Meredith Kercher British student United Kingdom 1985-12-28 2007-11-01 Southwark Perugia Q20017454 1
Lai Yan Chi, Mo Hong Kong film director Hong Kong 1986-10-18 Q15902029 1
Arrate Hidalgo Spain 1987 Bilbao Q96679048 1
Jade Olivia Gordon British actor United Kingdom 1987-04-24 Leeds Q19359175 1
Chelsea Ashurst footballer England 1990-04-22 Leeds Q16520906 1
Emily Mather actress United Kingdom 1998 Leeds Q5372285 0
Ruby Bower England 1999-08-01 Leeds Q66311341 1
Rhiannon N. Turner researcher 20th century Q37837281 0
Abeer M. Shaaban researcher 20th century Q40610287 0
Sheila Fisher researcher 20th century Q42649981 0
Niamh Forde researcher 20th century Q42715621 0
Eimear Maria Dunne researcher 20th century Q43829605 0
Meiling Zhu researcher 20th century Q45893839 0
Naila Dracup researcher 20th century Q47200556 0
Netta Cohen researcher 20th century Q47382974 0
Taryn J Smith researcher 20th century Q47701641 0
Liz Neilly researcher 20th century Q47810522 0
Judith E. Smith researcher 20th century Q47812726 0
Cathy Bennett researcher 20th century Q48288914 0
Susan C. Short researcher 20th century Q48974263 0
Julie Croft researcher 20th century Q49744906 0
Barbara Van Leeuwen No/unknown value 20th century No/unknown value Q64825387 0
Jacqueline Stewart British geneticist United Kingdom 20th century Q1677831 1
Phoebe Banks England 2000-12-14 Leeds Q66311114 1
Lorna Dougan Professor of Physics at the University of Leeds Q21264275 0
Clare Victoria Logan researcher Q30445568 0
Bénédicte Charrier researcher Q30530588 0
Katy Wolstencroft researcher Q34388132 0
Anne Forster researcher Q37369723 0
Hilary L. Bekker researcher Q37370168 0
Lesley Fairley researcher Q37385762 0
Rosamonde Elizabeth Banks researcher Q37631551 0
Olivia Alder researcher Q37830284 0
Kim Cocks researcher Q37830992 0
Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso researcher Q37831637 0
Lucinda Craggs researcher Q37837081 0
Danielle John researcher Q37843032 0
Alison Fildes researcher Q38549441 0
Hannah L. Dugdale researcher Q38642402 0
Gina Smith researcher Q38801017 0
Cristiana Duarte researcher Q38801091 0
Linda McGowan researcher Q39050912 0
Charlotte A. Scarff researcher Q39562846 0
Luisa Matheus researcher Q39669581 0
Kavitha Thirumurugan researcher Q39734845 0
Rebecca J Beeken researcher Q39885181 0
Anne Elizabeth Owen researcher Q40062057 0
Claire Keeble researcher Q40206849 0
Katherine M. Appleton researcher Q41334310 0
Kathryn M. Berzins researcher Q41487929 0
Michelle Peckham researcher Q41530215 0
Kirsten Riches researcher Q41782015 0
Amanda Waterman researcher Q41882223 0
Grace C Roberts researcher Q41923086 0
Arwen R Pearson researcher Q42119425 0
Carrie M Wilmot researcher Q42119431 0
Sandra Piazolo researcher Q42290054 0
Eleanor Foy researcher Q42290789 0
Mary K Phillips-Jones researcher Q42292302 0
Emily A Caseley researcher Q42318827 0
Ai Lyn Tan researcher Q42340036 0
Karen Forbes researcher Q42386210 0
Carola Hunte researcher Q42406419 0
Juliette Randerson-Moor researcher Q42440839 0
Clare L Pashley researcher Q42532947 0
Jenny Barrett researcher Q42564968 0
Bethny Morrissey researcher Q42574344 0
Dawn Dowding researcher Q42642740 0
Andrea Nelson researcher Q42711531 0
Michelle Briggs researcher Q42711535 0
Janine Bestall researcher Q42713074 0
Elizabeth J. Duncan researcher Q42776781 0
Liz Glidewell researcher Q42778012 0
Henrietta Venter researcher Q42780320 0
Maren Thomsen researcher Q42836683 0
Anne Eady researcher Q42871428 0
Michaele J Hardie researcher Q42878580 0
Victoria J. Burley researcher Q43007816 0
Janet Elizabeth Cade researcher Q43007829 0
Sophia C. Goodchild researcher Q43052996 0
Jennifer Southgate researcher Q43065107 0
Charlotte Elizabeth Louise Evans researcher Q43093312 0
Maria Bryant researcher Q43121008 0
Jane Freeman researcher Q43128507 0
Mary Godfrey researcher Q43133957 0
Claire Hulme professor Q43135064 0
Louise Ford researcher Q43151757 0
Alison E. Ashcroft researcher Q43156964 0
Rebecca Lawton Professor in Psychology of Healthcare Q43192698 0
Galina Velikova researcher Q43195309 0
Jennifer Miles researcher Q43227640 0
Rebecca Dickinson researcher Q43233957 0
Elizabeth McGinnis researcher Q43244511 0
Emily Jane Peckham researcher Q43245389 0
Joanne Greenhalgh researcher Q43245672 0
Rebecca Randell researcher Q43246015 0
Jane Nixon researcher Q43246542 0
Eva Morris researcher Q43301971 0
Julia Brown researcher Q43301978 0
Angela Carpenter researcher Q43360436 0
Fiona Luise Gill researcher Q43491213 0
Cheryl Lynne Craigs researcher Q43951124 0
Amy Downing researcher Q43976926 0
Penny Wright researcher Q43977593 0
Claire T. Friel researcher Q44290743 0
Maya Hema Buch researcher Q44940582 0
Stefanie Lutz researcher Q45343621 0
Maria Horne researcher Q45392680 0
Amanda Farrin researcher Q46044917 0
Christine Diggle research fellow at the University of Leeds Q46109653 0
Jac Billington researcher Q46163141 0
Jessica C F Kwok researcher Q46599070 0
Caroline L. Peacock researcher Q46865871 0
Christy Ralph researcher Q47012560 0
Sue Pavitt researcher Q47113123 0
Una J Adderley researcher Q47157355 0
Sarah Carter researcher Q47162171 0
Holly L. Rippin researcher Q47165393 0
Elena Simone researcher Q47168883 0
Marion M. Hetherington researcher Q47203061 0
Louise D. Bryant researcher Q47226541 0
Laura Elizabeth Dobson researcher Q47249175 0
Lesley-Anne Bissell researcher Q47262648 0
Clare Harley researcher Q47314433 0
Jill Halstead researcher Q47325255 0
Susannah Sadler researcher Q47354756 0
Elizabeth M A Hensor biostatistician Q47399972 0
Elizabeth A Teale researcher Q47481265 0
Sarah M Churchman researcher Q47483696 0
Elena Jones researcher Q47483728 0
Sarah R. Kingsbury researcher Q47486823 0
Jessica S H Martin researcher Q47494821 0
Judith Johnson researcher Q47495067 0
Deborah J Guest researcher Q47503854 0
Bethany Shinkins researcher Q47507232 0
Lucy Ziegler researcher Q47516179 0
S José Closs researcher Q47517705 0
Tracey Farragher researcher Q47524777 0
Maureen Twiddy researcher Q47524783 0
Jane Freeston researcher Q47779209 0
Jennifer Kirkham researcher Q47857077 0
Wändi Bruine de Bruin researcher Q47859880 0
Alison Baker researcher Q47897958 0
Laura J. Hardie researcher Q47944593 0
Rebecca King researcher Q47965489 0
Julia A Newton Bishop researcher Q47973102 0
Laura C. Coates British medical researcher Q48086709 0
Heidi Jeannette Siddle researcher Q48122268 0
Sarah Brown researcher Q49250595 0
Susan D Richman researcher Q49251838 0
Audrey Thorstad historian Q49662868 0
Lucy Atkinson researcher Q49996537 0
Ronghui Liu researcher Q50041849 0
Jane E. Alty researcher Q50244028 0
Margaret A Knowles researcher Q50413388 0
Alison M. Dunn biology researcher at University of Leeds Q50420043 0
Jenny Jones researcher Q50587941 0
Judy Wright researcher Q50635367 0
Melanie Rose Burke researcher Q50672968 0
Siobhan Hugh-Jones researcher Q50842585 0
Sarah Louise Astill researcher Q50916092 0
Elizabeth M. Hughes researcher Q50957224 0
Franziska Schrodt researcher Q51121153 0
Marlène Mengoni researcher Q51351518 0
Sally A. Peyman researcher Q51537145 0
Valerie J. Pinfield researcher Q51563576 0
Zenobia Lewis researcher Q51698124 0
Audrey Bowen researcher Q51828254 0
Jelena Havelka researcher Q51836574 0
Marlous van Laar researcher Q51884076 0
Helen J. Wilson researcher Q51929386 0
A. E. Coates librarian in Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Q51955150 0
Amanda Friend researcher Q52810284 0
Marta D. Costa researcher Q52810976 0
Hema Viswambharan researcher Q52811560 0
Karen M Birch researcher Q52811912 0
Rianne Michaela Lord researcher Q52815480 0
Kirti Kain researcher Q52815488 0
Emily L Clarke researcher Q52815821 0
Mary Madden researcher Q52817248 0
Anwesha Sarkar researcher Q52817654 0
Caroline Orfila researcher Q52839644 0
Samantha L Ellam researcher Q52842136 0
Natasha Merat researcher Q52844831 0
Sara M. Ahern researcher Q52845656 0
Dena Howard statistician Q52846444 0
Sandy Tubeuf researcher Q52848153 0
Pippa J. Chapman researcher Q52852500 0
Carmel Toomes researcher Q53426763 0
Sarah Mackie researcher Q53473464 0
Evgenia Ilyinskaya researcher United Kingdom Q53473524 0
Claire M Grison researcher Q53733001 0
Sarah J. Fleming epidemiologist and statistician Q53769824 0
Louise Jennings researcher Q53769847 0
Theresa Munyombwe researcher Q53770048 0
Aisling Margaret Dolan researcher Q53783952 0
Alison Sarah Tomlin researcher Q53783983 0
Kirsty J. Pringle researcher Q53784156 0
Lisa Kathryn Whalley researcher Q53784191 0
Ruth Wilcox researcher Q53843509 0
Elizabeth J. Watson researcher Q53843640 0
Reshma A. Mohandas researcher Q53843665 0
Valerie A. Dupont researcher Q53843671 0
Nicole S. Hondow researcher Q53843805 0
Bridgette M. Bewick researcher Q53843824 0
Ann M. Henry researcher Q53843832 0
Louise Dye researcher Q53843990 0
Helen Elsey researcher Q53844008 0
Anna Madill researcher Q53844012 0
Jillian Anable researcher Q53844017 0
Charlotte E. Willans researcher Q53844392 0
Maria Beger researcher Q53844401 0
Li X. Zhang researcher Q53844412 0
Sarah Ragan researcher Q53998139 0
Rosa Parisi researcher Q54100194 0
Zsofia Igloi researcher Q54220152 0
Agnes Noy researcher Q54636105 0
Sara Posé researcher Q55079342 0
Laura Harrison Q55119998 0
Nadira Yuldasheva researcher Q55155199 0
Rita M. Cardoso researcher Q55168574 0
Kate Hill researcher Q55187591 0
Susannah H Mayhew researcher Q55214984 0
Suzanne H Richards researcher Q55240366 0
Amy C Bennett researcher Q55436902 0
Ana Martin-Villalba researcher Q55459155 0
Fouzia Bano researcher Q55575727 0
Anne-Maree Keenan researcher Q55604827 0
Anissa Talahite researcher Canada Q55724281 0
Sally Taylor researcher Q55743314 0
Natalia A. Riobo researcher Q55856641 0
Helen Whelton
Prof Helen Whelton of Leeds Uni.png
Dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of Leeds Q56015919 1
Célia Ferreira researcher Q56037110 0
Ane Appelt researcher Q56088472 0
Brenda Gannon researcher Q56332170 0
Magdalena N. Georgieva researcher Q56384001 0
Agata N Burska researcher Q56418425 0
Jehan J El-Jawhari researcher Q56419148 0
Veronica Swallow researcher Q56419615 0
Sally Boxall researcher Q56419686 0
Jayne Hutchinson researcher Q56419804 0
Katherine E Jolley researcher Q56419905 0
Karen L Bacon researcher Q56419965 0
Emma Harris researcher Q56420352 0
Rebecca F Thompson researcher Q56420451 0
Peggy Achtert researcher Q56420504 0
Gemma K Lyall researcher Q56420529 0
Rachael Gilberts researcher Q56420794 0
Clare Greenwood researcher Q56420795 0
Lauren J Gregoire researcher Q56421003 0
Jane E. Dalton researcher Q56421108 0
Amanda Maycock researcher Q56421119 0
Sophie Fauset researcher Q56421202 0
Chantelle Wood researcher Q56421247 0
Ekaterini Klepousniotou researcher Q56421555 0
Kate Absolom researcher Q56421909 0
Michelle Dalton researcher Q56422066 0
Elizabeth F Samy researcher Q56422146 0
Jane O'Hara researcher Q56422280 0
Eleftheria Pervolaraki researcher Q56422297 0
Zhan Yuin Ong researcher Q56422769 0
Julia R Humes researcher Q56422847 0
Lydia M Young researcher Q56422927 0
Amy M Barker researcher Q56423105 0
Rachael J Thorneloe researcher Q56423370 0
Rebecca Chandler-Bostock researcher Q56424220 0
Candice Downey researcher Q56424574 0
Sophie J Heseltine researcher Q56424612 0
Ruth E Hughes researcher Q56424624 0
Zoe Darwin researcher Q56424728 0
Katie J Field researcher Q56424823 0
Michelle Kalamandeen researcher Q56424881 0
Marietta Müller researcher Q56424901 0
Valérie Cornuault researcher Q56425125 0
Gemma Traviss-Turner researcher Q56425173 0
Effie Papargyropoulou researcher Q56425432 0
Julia I Csikar researcher Q56425525 0
Kathryn H Richards researcher Q56425586 0
Eva Heinen researcher Q56425929 0
Deborah Antcliff researcher Q56426080 0
Gina Doody researcher Q56426223 0
Lisa M Collins researcher Q56426281 0
Emma L Hesketh researcher Q56426399 0
Kristine Beaulieu researcher Q56426560 0
Radka Jersakova researcher Q56426726 0
Cecilia Pompili researcher Q56427122 0
Kate A Scott researcher Q56427315 0
Tomasina Stacey researcher Q56427601 0
Pam Blundell researcher Q56427610 0
Amy M Russell researcher Q56427923 0
Ana Manzano researcher Q56428050 0
Marieke Pingen researcher Q56428417 0
Amanda Bretman researcher Q56429048 0
Michelle L Johnson researcher Q56429082 0
Ruth Pearce researcher Q56429105 0
Jennifer H Edwards researcher Q56429340 0
Sarah Narramore researcher Q56431351 0
Laura L Cross researcher Q56431480 0
Jessica A Green researcher Q56431620 0
Sarah Bauermeister researcher Q56432521 0
Pamela Fisher researcher Q56432614 0
Karen Vinall-Collier researcher Q56432800 0
Alexis Comber researcher Q56432897 0
Emily Johnstone researcher Q56433124 0
Emma M Krop researcher Q56433312 0
Julia S Gauer researcher Q56433474 0
Kerstin Ziegler researcher Q56433552 0
Shenaz Ahmed researcher Q56433556 0
Alison Tasker researcher Q56433585 0
Gemma Louch researcher Q56434175 0
Clara Sanjurjo-Rodríguez researcher Q56434269 0
Lindsay C Hewitt researcher Q56434395 0
Elisabetta Groppelli researcher Q56434510 0
Susanne Coleman researcher Q56434677 0
Carly L Reddington researcher Q56434850 0
Angela Oates researcher Q56435028 0
Sophie A Morley researcher Q56435168 0
Clare Woulds researcher Q56435642 0
Julia H Lehman researcher Q56435777 0
Anastasia Filia researcher Q56435798 0
Julia Martin-Ortega researcher Q56437604 0
Laura F Corns researcher Q56438567 0
Michelle Carter researcher Q56439920 0
Giovanna Villalobos-Jiménez researcher Q56440011 0
Freya Bailes researcher Q56440869 0
Emily Herring researcher Q56440877 0
Amber A Leeson researcher Q56441064 0
Katie Southward researcher Q56441159 0
Caroline Ward researcher Q56441190 0
Lucy F Stead researcher Q56441230 0
Sarah A Harris researcher Q56441425 0
Sophie Schumann researcher Q56441499 0
Anna Myers researcher Q56441736 0
Rachael Kelley researcher Q56441791 0
Debra Howell researcher Q56441870 0
Anna Barnard researcher Q56441994 0
Nicola Buckland researcher Q56446712 0
Alice Huskinson researcher Q56446802 0
Sarah Colenbrander researcher Q56447114 0
Susanne Lorenz researcher Q56448065 0
Ruza Ivanovic researcher Q56448503 0
Helen Convey researcher Q56450150 0
Taija Torvela researcher Q56450178 0
Gabrielle Wheway researcher Q56451083 0
Jennifer Mary Waite-Jones researcher Q56451131 0
Johanna M Galloway researcher Q56451372 0
Mary Friel researcher Q56451511 0
Ruth Holliday researcher Q56452523 0
Julia Gala de Pablo researcher Q56453110 0
Cecilie A Osnes researcher Q56453187 0
Judith Hebron researcher Q56457800 0
Kate A Timmins researcher Q56489150 0
Verónica Fernandes researcher Q56489879 0
Mireia Coscolla researcher Q56523288 0
Elizabeth Dickinson researcher Q56526060 0
Doris N Khaemba researcher Q56531751 0
Lucy D Robinson researcher Q56548213 0
Aniela Dunn photonics researcher at University of Leeds Q56557911 0
Elena Tajuelo Rodriguez researcher Q56560399 0
Eylem Levelt researcher Q56560564 0
Briony Yorke researcher Q56561496 0
Anna Polyakova researcher Q56561782 0
Faith Bamiduro researcher Q56562826 0
Erin Greaves researcher Q56570859 0
Paula Helena Blanco Sanchez researcher Q56653868 0
Kiera Megan Jones researcher Q56653871 0
Chanintorn Pensute researcher Q56653875 0
Natalie North researcher Q56653882 0
Seahwa Won researcher Q56653885 0
Christiana Panayi researcher Q56653886 0
Sarah Katherine Narramore researcher Q56653888 0
Anie Yulistyorini Indonesian researcher Q56653890 0
Magdalena Nikolaeva Georgieva researcher Q56653891 0
Hollie Leanne Appleby researcher Q56653893 0
Laura Andreea Stoica researcher Q56653896 0
Gabrielė Stakaitytė researcher Q56653897 0
Pamela Ann Elizabeth Crawford researcher Q56653903 0
Victoria Mico Egea researcher Q56653904 0
Linda Christina Pravinata researcher Q56653910 0
Sharifah Alawieyah Syed Mortadza researcher Q56653911 0
Rocio Gaudioso-Pedraza researcher Q56653912 0
Sanna Mirja Pampel researcher Q56668797 0
Vasiliki Nassiopoulou researcher Q56668798 0
Ana Julia Cabrera Pacheco researcher Q56668801 0
Susan Partridge researcher Q56668805 0
Philippa Read researcher Q56668806 0
Emily Violet Webb researcher Q56668808 0
Fiona Crawford researcher Q56668814 0
Aleksandra Konic-Ristic researcher Q56686096 0
Rachel M Wiltshire researcher Q56778224 0
Helen Marshall researcher Q56839879 0
Hannah Walker researcher Q56846133 0
Roisin Commane researcher Q56846180 0
Linda Jane Milnes researcher Q56847242 0
Claire Quinn researcher Q56849065 0
Sally Jane O'Shea researcher Q56849195 0
Philippa Roddis researcher Q56850159 0
Kate Pangbourne researcher Q56850348 0
Bárbara da Silva researcher Q56850866 0
Jennifer Rivas Perez researcher Q56852493 0
Joana L.B. Melo researcher Q56852911 0
Nita Aryanti researcher Q56853231 0
Belén Márquez García researcher Q56854771 0
Barbara Evans researcher Q56867893 0
Carolina Pagli researcher Q56876405 0
Martina Foglizzo researcher Q57041493 0
Rebecca Hanna researcher Q57068695 0
Freja From Østerstrøm researcher Q57073201 0
Louise Harewood researcher Q57078104 0
Sarah A Batterman researcher Q57126957 0
Katarzyna Wojnicka researcher Poland Q57285157 0
Julia Leventon researcher Q57417486 0
Qian Wu researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6948-7043 Q57451839 0
Rebecca Slack researcher Q57570698 0
Hannah Bethany Gormley researcher Q57607670 0
Elaine Catherine McMullan researcher Q57607672 0
Sally Louise Stephenson researcher Q57624035 0
Karen Dalkin researcher Q57624073 0
Elaine Calvert researcher Q57624076 0
Helen Kandilorou researcher Q57624079 0
Christine Maria Woskett researcher Q57624083 0
Miriam Elizabeth Cid Uribe researcher Q57624104 0
Amanda Jane Ryder researcher Q57624109 0
Gillian Mary Littlewood researcher Q57624112 0
Julia Elizabeth Stickland researcher Q57624118 0
Helen Frances Goode researcher Q57624121 0
Anne Ritson researcher Q57624132 0
Joanne Silvester researcher Q57624136 0
Jennifer Greenwood researcher Q57624171 0
Inge Cramer researcher Q57624185 0
Naomi Hill researcher Q57624191 0
Sandra Daniels researcher Q57624198 0
Emma Louise Bradley researcher Q57624208 0
Barbara Hull researcher Q57624220 0
Emma Jane Parkin researcher Q57624222 0
Wendy Mitchell researcher Q57624225 0
Rakel López de Maturana Garmendia researcher Q57624227 0
Ruth Elizabeth Brooke researcher Q57624231 0
Vivienne Elizabeth Argent researcher Q57624233 0
Natalia Gerodetti researcher Q57624238 0
Adele Mary Brooksbank researcher Q57624241 0
Karen Hackney researcher Q57624242 0
Crewenna Isabel Dymond researcher Q57624244 0
Katherine Jane Greenhough researcher Q57624255 0
Susan Davison researcher Q57624256 0
Wendy Susan Leeks researcher Q57624257 0
Linda Rowan researcher Q57624259 0
Rachel Jumai Ewu researcher Q57624262 0
Ahlam Youssef Selman researcher Q57624264 0
Imogen Ferelith Branwen Brown researcher Q57624268 0
Zoe Bablekou researcher Q57624272 0
Patricia Harnden-Mayor researcher Q57624284 0
Inge Margaret Helen Bates researcher Q57624298 0
Alexandra Anjali Goody researcher Q57624306 0
Kay Laura Gillott researcher Q57624309 0
Diane Crone researcher Q57624310 0
Karen Louise Abis researcher Q57624333 0
Sally Kendall researcher Q57624342 0
Philippa Ann Stevens researcher Q57624344 0
Donatella Fischer researcher Q57624345 0
Susan Spearey researcher Q57624346 0
Narin Sirikulrat researcher Q57624348 0
Claudia Gualtieri researcher Q57624349 0
Mary Ann Udale-Smith researcher Q57624354 0
Sylvie Chantal Collins researcher Q57624355 0
Aziza Hussein Eldarrat researcher Q57624356 0
Kirsty Kennedy researcher Q57624357 0
Clare A. Hayward researcher Q57624358 0
Jayne Levell researcher Q57624360 0
Nicola Jayne Marchbank researcher Q57624361 0
Janette Elizabeth Moran researcher Q57624362 0
Rachel Louise Farebrother researcher Q57624364 0
Sarah-Louise Hartshorn researcher Q57624367 0
Sally Elizabeth Cohen researcher Q57624374 0
Lorna Annette Davies researcher Q57624375 0
Tracey Su Leen Goh researcher Q57624383 0
Dalina Itchayanan researcher Q57624389 0
Verônica Maria Cadena Lima researcher Q57624390 0
Barbara Raffael researcher Q57624393 0
Jacqueline Stirling researcher Q57624397 0
Tanya Wildman researcher United Kingdom Q57624399 0
Gillian Ann Wood researcher Q57624401 0
Dorothy Holmes researcher Q57624405 0
Julie Pardoe researcher Q57624468 0
Kerrie Margaret Jones researcher Q57624475 0
Zoe Hindle researcher Q57624492 0
Lisa McDermott researcher Q57624505 0
Alison Jane Rowley researcher Q57624508 0
Julie Alderson researcher Q57624510 0
Maureen Anne Doherty researcher Q57624518 0
Mandy Elizabeth Young researcher Q57624536 0
Ann Ruth Matthias researcher Q57624548 0
Donna Maria Coleston researcher Q57624556 0
Alison Mary Dingley researcher Q57624564 0
Laxmi Anant Kanvinde researcher Q57624565 0
Rachel Christofides researcher Q57624573 0
Claire Davison researcher Q57624577 0
Eileen Duncan Shaw researcher Q57624580 0
Jo-Anne Wartho researcher Q57624587 0
Michelle Jaqueline Hickson researcher Q57624588 0
Sophie Ann Bowtell researcher Q57624599 0
Susan Elizabeth Coleby researcher Q57624607 0
Judy A. Elliott researcher Q57624613 0
Vanda Barbara Galazka researcher Q57624616 0
Claire Maria Lupton researcher Q57624619 0
Lamya Yussef Mansur researcher Q57624632 0
Sabah S. A. Al-Tekrity researcher Q57624637 0
Rachel M. Ayres researcher Q57624646 0
Julianna Mary Gal researcher Q57624647 0
Julie Booth researcher Q57624651 0
Fernada Adelina Anselmo Soares Rodrigues Oliveira researcher Q57624669 0
Christine Ruth Holdstock researcher Q57624675 0
Julie Tann researcher Q57624680 0
Ilona Lynn Davies researcher Q57624685 0
Barbara Elizabeth Spensley researcher Q57624690 0
Nina Lydia Collins researcher Q57624693 0
Louise Crewe researcher Q57624697 0
Alison Cutts researcher Q57624705 0
Bernadette Kathleen Drummond researcher Q57624706 0
Marina Regina Wolf Maciel researcher Q57624714 0
Maura J. A. Naylor researcher Q57624719 0
Susan Mary Krening researcher Q57624728 0
Patricia Ann Dawson researcher Q57624732 0
Janice L. Yee researcher Q57624745 0
Susan Hulbert researcher Q57624769 0
Linda Palfreeman researcher Q57624772 0
Jane Elizabeth Pillinger researcher Q57624774 0
Susan Elizabeth Euston researcher Q57624775 0
Julian Roebuck researcher Q57624780 0
Deborah Schroeder researcher Q57624784 0
Giovanna Morra researcher Q57624801 0
Diana Crampton researcher Q57624846 0
Beth McClumpha researcher Q57624902 0
Hanan Al-Ghafari researcher Q57624960 0
Elizabeth Swallow researcher Q57624962 0
Susan Joanne Isherwood researcher Q57624969 0
Miriam Lensky researcher Q57624972 0
Valerie Millar researcher Q57624982 0
Cherry A. Nicholls researcher Q57624986 0
Patricia L. Badir researcher Q57624988 0
Catherine Sara Copestake researcher Q57625037 0
Emma Jane Heron researcher Q57625095 0
Patricia Carbo researcher Q57625108 0
Jillian Fiona Cumberbatch researcher Q57625111 0
Sarah Haynes researcher Q57625115 0
Angela Hazel McMahon researcher Q57625122 0
Caroline Rose Bulman researcher Q57625123 0
Louise Marie Gardham researcher Q57625130 0
Emma Jane Liggins researcher Q57625132 0
Alison Joy Sleeman researcher Q57625133 0
Catriona Mary McNie researcher Q57625137 0
Jennifer Delaney researcher Q57625142 0
Tracey Michelle Bayley researcher Q57625144 0
Silke Elisabeth Newman researcher Q57625157 0
Elaine Deeks researcher Q57625158 0
Susan Nolte researcher Q57625160 0
Jennifer Clare Tomlinson researcher Q57625161 0
Aleksandra Radjenovic researcher Q57625163 0
Alison Louise Galvin researcher Q57625165 0
Marta Katrin Della Cobb researcher Q57625168 0
Sarah Ann Goodchild researcher Q57625169 0
Antonia Catharine Dodds researcher Q57625172 0
Katerina Chatzimeletiou researcher Q57625174 0
Patricia Mary Coburn researcher Q57625175 0
Christine Hilcenko researcher Q57625178 0
Lara Matia-Meringo researcher Q57625201 0
Louise Elizabeth Whitehouse researcher Q57625206 0
Ann Frances Jopson researcher Q57625207 0
Susan Scott-Green researcher Q57625215 0
Isobel Diana Parsons researcher Q57625217 0
Sara Louise Matley researcher Q57625220 0
Christabel Anne Carter researcher Q57625225 0
Christine Bonniot researcher Q57625232 0
Amber Rithalia researcher Q57625235 0
Alison Valerie Coals researcher Q57625241 0
Anna Christina Gavela researcher Q57625248 0
Josephine Wilhelmina Guiver researcher Q57625250 0
Sandra Manel Florence Herat researcher Q57625251 0
Rebecca Leigh Pick researcher Q57625257 0
Emma Louise Millington researcher Q57625266 0
Emma Louise Leadbitter researcher Q57625267 0
Alice Ioana Lazarovici researcher Q57625268 0
Joanne Hinsley researcher Q57625271 0
Lucinda J. E. Gedge researcher Q57625275 0
Susana Afonso de Barros Figueiredo researcher Q57625276 0
Helen Elizabeth Stalford researcher Q57625281 0
Fiona Carolynne Thorley researcher Q57625288 0
Joanne Mason researcher Q57625301 0
Trudi Hoogenboom researcher Q57625308 0
Jodie Leanne Guy researcher Q57625309 0
Vicky Anne Dunn researcher Q57625315 0
Aruni Shanika De Zoysa researcher Q57625318 0
Caroline Anne Batchelor researcher Q57625320 0
Deborah Baines researcher Q57625322 0
Catherine Charlotte Perks researcher Q57625325 0
Vanessa Leonardi researcher Q57625330 0
Caroline Jane Coulter researcher Q57625333 0
Louise Mary Downey researcher Q57625335 0
Alison Evelyn Naylor researcher Q57625338 0
Glenda Patricia Wallace researcher Q57625340 0
Maria Cristina Savioli researcher Q57625341 0
Fiona Mary Anderson-Gough researcher Q57625347 0
Julie Mary Houghton researcher Q57625353 0
Katerina Mourelatos researcher Q57625371 0
Kyoko Fukasawa researcher Q57625372 0
Katie Mary Chicot researcher Q57625377 0
Diane Carol Brady researcher Q57625392 0
Manjula Bakhetia researcher Q57625394 0
Gillian Claire Walker researcher Q57625396 0
Stella Yat Lai Kwan researcher Q57625399 0
Saskia Vera Armand Van Hoyweghen researcher Q57625401 0
Rachel Emma Poole researcher Q57625407 0
Evi Lambrou researcher Q57625409 0
Patricia Kennedy Barton researcher Q57625411 0
Hala Majdi Sabri researcher Q57625412 0
Elizabeth Anne O'Sullivan researcher Q57625416 0
Erin Mary Baggaley researcher Q57625421 0
Lucy Kathryn Burdsall researcher Q57625428 0
Silvia Barbina researcher Q57625429 0
Joanne Elizabeth Quinn researcher Q57625431 0
Clare Nadine Lynex researcher Q57625439 0
Beverley A. O'Hara researcher Q57625442 0
Isabelle Sylvestre researcher Q57625447 0
Julia Frances Bodle researcher Q57625459 0
Rhiannon Buck researcher Q57625460 0
Olwyn Ava Finnegan researcher Q57625462 0
Andrea Michelle Marshall Gaston researcher Q57625464 0
Allison Clare Jordan researcher Q57625466 0
Rabia Qadeer Malik researcher Q57625470 0
Alison Wilde researcher Q57625472 0
Antonia Dimetrio Pachowko researcher Q57625473 0
Margaret Anne Esslemont researcher Q57625476 0
Caroline Fabienne Jenny Eliot researcher Q57625477 0
Josephine Yuen researcher Q57625478 0
Fathia Ibrir researcher Q57625483 0
Laura Faulkenberry researcher Q57625485 0
Emanuela Di Cola researcher Q57625489 0
Zoe Georgina Davies researcher Q57625490 0
Sarah Frances Donachie researcher Q57625494 0
Sophia Louisa Tsougaraki researcher Q57625497 0
Melanie Hargreaves researcher Q57625499 0
Linda Ruth Mosley researcher Q57625508 0
Paula Hill researcher Q57625509 0
Vanessa Jane Corby researcher Q57625511 0
Patricia Coates researcher Q57625512 0
Katie Emma Payne researcher Q57625520 0
Alison Jane Melvin researcher Q57625521 0
Margaret Achieng' Ochido Kaseje researcher Q57625522 0
Kathryn Jane Hilton researcher Q57625523 0
Joanne Elizabeth Driver researcher Q57625524 0
Shona Louise Yates researcher Q57625529 0
Barbara Maria Giovanna Settineri researcher Q57625530 0
Sandra Jean Gardner researcher Q57625534 0
Nesma Ahmed Hshmet Abdal-maged researcher Q57625536 0
Charlotte Elizabeth Egan researcher Q57625541 0
Elena Curti researcher Q57625543 0
Laura Teresa Piñero Feliciangeli researcher Q57625545 0
Abirami Thayaparan researcher Q57625551 0
Ruth Kathleen Boddy researcher Q57625557 0
Cecilia Orgaz de la Cierva researcher Q57625563 0
Kathryn Denise Meakin researcher Q57625567 0
Anna Zosia Matthews researcher Q57625568 0
Alison Dorothy McElhinney researcher Q57625569 0
Vandana V. Jolad researcher Q57625574 0
Julian Hurdle researcher Q57625576 0
Rachel Emma Grayson researcher Q57625580 0
Ann Marie Dring researcher Q57625583 0
Christina V. Atanasova researcher Q57625586 0
Naomi Kirsten Van der Velden researcher Q57625588 0
Janice Marie McCreary researcher Q57625595 0
Karen Luyckx researcher Q57625596 0
Anna Michal Guttman researcher Q57625601 0
Jayne Elizabeth Wood researcher Q57625603 0
Ika Willis researcher Q57625604 0
Lorna Louise Waddington researcher Q57625605 0
Despina Platis researcher Q57625609 0
Joanne Margaret Willoughby researcher Q57625618 0
Elizabeth Ann-Marie Barratt researcher Q57625621 0
Kate Louise Sillifant researcher Q57625623 0
Cheryl Louise Golding researcher Q57625627 0
Lisa Rebecca Purslow researcher Q57625628 0
Desirée Meredith Miles researcher Q57625629 0
Fatma Goktepe researcher Q57625630 0
Jayne Isabelle Hawkins researcher Q57625632 0
Ingrid Alejandra Diaz Gude researcher Q57625644 0
Anca Elena Curteanu researcher Q57625648 0
Rachel Ching-Yee Chow-McGarva researcher Q57625651 0
Frances Vivien Buontempo researcher Q57625653 0
Amy L. Cherry researcher Q57625654 0
Mariam Taib researcher Q57625667 0
Sharon Teresa Simpson Prentis researcher Q57625668 0
Filomena Olavo Gamboa Esteves researcher Q57625669 0
Charlotte L. Pascoe researcher Q57625677 0
Jennifer Anne Siepen researcher Q57625692 0
Paula Senior researcher Q57625693 0
Elizabeth Sagoo researcher Q57625696 0
Tanya Wendy Powell researcher Q57625698 0
Suzanne Louise Knowles researcher Q57625703 0
Sabrina Höffele researcher Q57625708 0
Silke Hartmann researcher Q57625710 0
Angela Gillett researcher Q57625720 0
Nerys Dawn Forester researcher Q57625723 0
Tracy M. Sandberg researcher Q57625730 0
Agatha C. Walczak-Typke researcher Q57625737 0
Cécile Magaly Mocquet researcher Q57625746 0
Julia Anita Coakes researcher Q57625755 0
Jennifer Pamela Dachtler researcher Q57625757 0
Sarah Jane Dolling researcher Q57625758 0
Joanna Rose Olliver researcher Q57625760 0
Ruth Goldwyn researcher Q57625761 0
Jennifer Katherine Hawkey researcher Q57625762 0
Benedicte Eyre researcher Q57625763 0
Emma Louise Parkinson researcher Q57625767 0
Marta Prada researcher Q57625769 0
Yuko Ishii researcher Q57625770 0
Sally Louise Hanton researcher Q57625771 0
Hélia Paula da Silva Neto researcher Q57625777 0
Gillian Clare Oakley researcher Q57625797 0
Susan Dorothy Hamstead researcher Q57625804 0
Annette Seidel-Arpaci researcher Q57625805 0
Jacqueline Anne Rogers researcher Q57625806 0
Angela Simcox researcher Q57625808 0
Nicola Weyman researcher Q57625810 0
Fleur E. Champion de Crespigny researcher Q57625814 0
Johanna Gerarda Maria Slothouber Galbreath researcher Q57625815 0
Flavia Namaganda researcher Q57625820 0
Claire Nicola Temple researcher Q57625823 0
Grace Tang researcher Q57625824 0
Suzanne Madhi Wilks researcher Q57625825 0
Maria Antoinette Poyser researcher Q57625826 0
Heather Margaret Dyson researcher Q57625842 0
Louise Andrea Dawson researcher Q57625844 0
Beverley Melise Harland researcher Q57625845 0
Victoria Mary Coombes researcher Q57625847 0
Lisa Worrillow researcher Q57625849 0
Katherine Healey researcher Q57625852 0
Sharon Lee Edwards researcher Q57625854 0
Tracy Jane Still researcher Q57625855 0
Elisabeth Diane Dolden researcher Q57625856 0
Rhoda Joy Hawkins researcher Q57625858 0
Alison Jane Hodrien researcher Q57625859 0
Najat A. Y. Marraiki researcher Q57625862 0
Lesley-Anne Pearson researcher Q57625863 0
Victoria Honeyman researcher Q57625865 0
Katherine A. Rhodes researcher Q57625873 0
Natalie Heather Strudwick researcher Q57625874 0
Rebecca Kate Tyler Director of Operations for CooperSurgical Great Britain Q57625875 0
Laura Ann Tuton Cleghorn researcher Q57625887 0
Tara Sabir researcher Q57625893 0
Áine McConnon researcher Q57625901 0
Tracy Dawn Nixon researcher Q57625909 0
Elyze Agnes Charles Smeets researcher Q57625910 0
Alice Courvoisier researcher Q57625914 0
Annie Ge?rin researcher Q57625917 0
Catherine Jane Wurr researcher Q57625920 0
Melanie Jane Ord researcher Q57625921 0
Allyson Marie Barnes researcher Q57625923 0
Kathryn Anna Ward researcher Q57625924 0
Julie Maria Prowse researcher Q57625930 0
Gillian Walker Neil researcher Q57625935 0
Ruth Anne Penfold-Mounce researcher Q57625940 0
Jennifer Nargis Haque researcher Q57625941 0
Roma Nalini Rambaran researcher Q57625944 0
Susan Burnham researcher Q57625948 0
Georgina Mary Heather Wilkins researcher Q57625956 0
Rebecca C. Zinober-Moore researcher Q57625958 0
Anita Kumari Roopun researcher Q57625960 0
Susan Helen Felton researcher Q57625967 0
Josephine Ann Croton researcher Q57625973 0
Lorna C. Ewan researcher Q57625989 0
Mercè Roca researcher Q57626004 0
Bertha Mary Ngeso Ochieng researcher Q57626006 0
Nicola Sian Reader researcher Q57626009 0
Claudine Renée Mitchell researcher Q57626018 0
Claudia Menini researcher Q57626021 0
Lynne Gabriel researcher Q57626024 0
Joanne Peach researcher Q57626025 0
Jennifer Colmer researcher Q57626031 0
Kate Bracey researcher Q57626042 0
Leilani Isabel Darvell researcher Q57626043 0
Katherine Byrne researcher Q57626049 0
Rebecca Joanne Hames researcher Q57626064 0
Clare Fiona Donnellan researcher Q57626067 0
Sarah Kenyon researcher Q57626075 0
Ciara Quigney researcher Q57626078 0
Paula May Oates researcher Q57626080 0
Eleni Papadatou researcher Q57626083 0
June Renata Louise Hagan researcher Q57626086 0
Alison Sarah Waterworth researcher Q57626087 0
Cécile Brich researcher Q57626096 0
Heather Anne Fotheringham researcher Q57626098 0
Ivana Savić researcher Q57626103 0
Melanie Helena Thompson researcher Q57626106 0
Rebecca Mary O'Loughlin researcher Q57626111 0
Birgitta Haga Gripsrud researcher Q57626112 0
Nathalie Jayne Garbutt researcher Q57626114 0
Alison Joana Tindale researcher Q57626115 0
Michelle - Sara Morris researcher Q57626116 0
Niamh Kilcullen researcher Q57626118 0
Caroline McGinn Rylett researcher Q57626120 0
Helen Elizabeth McClymont researcher Q57626126 0
Kathryn Lesley Chapman researcher Q57626130 0
Valerie Fallon researcher Q57626134 0
Ruth Elizabeth Berry researcher Q57626139 0
Claire Frances Crawford researcher Q57626144 0
Jenny Ryeluan Moody researcher Q57626154 0
Jennifer Claire Stanton researcher Q57626158 0
Elspeth Jane Steel researcher Q57626159 0
Sophie Alexandra Weiss researcher Q57626163 0
Rivkah Zim researcher Q57626166 0
Shona Cowan Smith researcher Q57626167 0
Alexandra Margaret Dedman researcher Q57626183 0
Zainab Ali Mohammad Al-Mukhaini researcher Q57626189 0
Sarah Jane Bingham researcher Q57626192 0
Alisa Jones researcher Q57626200 0
Katharine Sarah Aylett researcher Q57626203 0
Fathia Mahmud Ashur researcher Q57626205 0
Eleanor Jane Bryant researcher Q57626207 0
Suzanne Mary Heywood-Everett researcher Q57626210 0
Phoebe Rizou researcher Q57626216 0
Louise Catherine Hemmerman researcher Q57626219 0
Nicola Joanne Maughan researcher Q57626229 0
Alison Jane Stansfield British Researcher United Kingdom Q57626230 0
Julie Alison Firmstone researcher Q57626233 0
Kathryn Chorlton researcher Q57626234 0
Alison Elizabeth McGonagle researcher Q57626235 0
Isobel Jane Morten researcher Q57626236 0
Kirsty Elizabeth Allen researcher Q57626238 0
Sarah Ann Brough researcher Q57626239 0
Sarah Chipperfield researcher Q57626240 0
Céline Gauché researcher Q57626241 0
Jennifer Anne Skipp researcher Q57626243 0
Piroska Lorinczi researcher Q57626247 0
Georgina Rose Lovely researcher Q57626248 0
Maria Pilar González Tuñón researcher Q57626249 0
Claire Louise Brockett associate professor and researcher Q57626259 0
Helen Clare Busby researcher Q57626260 0
Karen Dodd researcher Q57626262 0
Raghad Mi'mar researcher Q57626269 0
Anita Sainsbury researcher Q57626272 0
Linda Schreiber Mathiasen researcher Q57626273 0
Alice Mary Stainer researcher Q57626275 0
Naomi Claire Head researcher Q57626277 0
Stacey Marie Lord researcher Q57626280 0
Ruth Mary Pickup researcher Q57626286 0
Sara Dorothy Pugh researcher Q57626287 0
Anissa Daoudi researcher Q57626297 0
Maria Eugenia Mormina researcher Q57626304 0
Maxine Diane Zaidman researcher Q57626305 0
Nawal Hamad A. Al Shebel researcher Q57626307 0
Anna-Maria Negrou researcher Q57626316 0
Natalia Shimokhina researcher Q57626324 0
Laura-Anne Brown researcher Q57626326 0
Kathryn Mary Linton researcher Q57626330 0
Briony Gemma Thomas researcher Q57626332 0
Amy Louise Tindley researcher Q57626333 0
Julia Louise Coleby researcher Q57626339 0
Vivienne Joanna Booth researcher Q57626340 0
Erica di Martino researcher Q57626342 0
Jacqueline Elizabeth Milne researcher Q57626343 0
Vivienne Blackburn researcher Q57626345 0
Hannah Elizabeth Boycott researcher Q57626346 0
Lucinda L. M. Walker researcher Q57626361 0
Jacqueline Savva researcher Q57626365 0
Cristina Archetti researcher Q57626367 0
Clea Quinby Horner researcher Q57626376 0
Anna Louise Hooker researcher Q57626377 0
Rachel Attfield researcher Q57626382 0
Lorraine Marsh researcher Q57626383 0
Nicola Gist researcher Q57626390 0
Victoria Elizabeth Turvey Sauron researcher Q57626408 0
Ann Maria Louisa Laenen researcher Q57626409 0
Jane Elizabeth Towle researcher Q57626411 0
Carrie Ferguson researcher Q57626419 0
Sanaz Farajollahi researcher Q57626420 0
Louise Wakenshaw researcher Q57626425 0
Lucy May Louise Catt researcher Q57626428 0
Annelise Soulier researcher Q57626430 0
Monika Rella researcher Q57626433 0
Rebecca Darlay researcher Q57626434 0
Claudia Dickinson researcher Q57626437 0
Caterina Presi researcher Q57626439 0
Julie Rayner researcher Q57626440 0
Alison Rhoda Fogg researcher Q57626443 0
Karen Michele Maude researcher Q57626446 0
Jill Firth researcher Q57626447 0
Laureline Sophie Jourdain researcher Q57626453 0
Hannah Rachel Elizabeth Jupe researcher Q57626454 0
Claire Louise Lane researcher Q57626456 0
Caroline Linda Horton researcher Q57626464 0
Emma Rachael Louise Cunningham Vardy researcher Q57626466 0
Sally M. Harrison researcher Q57626467 0
Claire Elizabeth Hunt researcher Q57626468 0
Fiona Loughran researcher Q57626470 0
Kathryn Emma Routledge researcher Q57626474 0
Yvonne Louise Waft researcher Q57626478 0
Sandra Sze Man Wong researcher Q57626479 0
Nicola Jane Bown researcher Q57626480 0
Esther Olulu Anyaegbu researcher Q57626485 0
Helen Margaret Donelan researcher Q57626486 0
Annette Susan Gillings researcher Q57626487 0
Jenny C. Craven researcher Q57626491 0
Gillian Elizabeth Dugan researcher Q57626492 0
Christina May Warnes researcher Q57626499 0
Kathryn Anne Pollard researcher Q57626504 0
Nimbe Leonor Ewald-Arostegui researcher Q57626508 0
Annette Bailey researcher Q57626512 0
Zeynep Zeren Atayurt researcher Q57626513 0
Beverley Anne Curran researcher Q57626516 0
Claire Fiona Dutton researcher Q57626519 0
Joanna Marie Edwards researcher Q57626522 0
Eleanore Ruth Hann researcher Q57626524 0
Susanne Kranz researcher Q57626527 0
Eleanor Merson researcher Q57626529 0
Ruth Pritchard researcher Q57626531 0
Karen Rafferty researcher Q57626533 0
Jennifer Johanna Sarha researcher Q57626536 0
Judith Thornton researcher Q57626539 0
Karla Jimena Utting researcher Q57626541 0
Sarah Louise Wharton researcher Q57626542 0
Inge Schjpdt Wierda researcher Q57626549 0
Mariya Ivanova Soskova researcher Q57626565 0
Elizabeth Jean Neame researcher Q57626569 0
Sally Elizabeth Barber researcher Q57626575 0
Caroline Louise Bain researcher Q57626576 0
Rachel Caroline Wachsmuth researcher Q57626577 0
Eleri Angharad Pound researcher Q57626578 0
Andrea Mammone researcher Q57626580 0
Sarah-Jane Lock researcher Q57626581 0
Hannah Kate Jayakumar researcher Q57626582 0
Esther Charity Asprey researcher Q57626585 0
Corine StGelais researcher Q57626589 0
Margaret Parry researcher Q57626592 0
Fouzia Khalifa researcher Q57626600 0
Catherine Maria Joce researcher Q57626601 0
Joanne Karen Hobbs researcher Q57626602 0
Roseline Wanjiru researcher Q57626608 0
Nicole Ann Tschernitz researcher Q57626609 0
Anna Kinga Suszka researcher Q57626610 0
Rachael Elizabeth Spraggs researcher Q57626612 0
Cassandra Clare O'Grady researcher Q57626616 0
Karen Ayres researcher Q57626621 0
Zoe Anne Gazard researcher Q57626622 0
Imogen Jessica Tydfil Long researcher Q57626624 0
Laura Louise Machin researcher Q57626625 0
Beatriz Marina Monge-Sanz researcher Q57626626 0
Alessandra Narciso researcher Q57626627 0
Susanne Abigail Stalford researcher Q57626629 0
Katy Stevens researcher Q57626630 0
Alexandra Jane Syson researcher Q57626631 0
Nancy E. Proctor researcher Q57626634 0
Avril Brock researcher Q57626641 0
Katy Louise Blake researcher Q57626643 0
Melanie Antoniou researcher Q57626644 0
Melanie Natascha Tomintz researcher Q57626648 0
Kate Joanne Simmons researcher Q57626650 0
Warka Barmada researcher Syria Q57626655 0
Sharon Tracey Elley researcher Q57626661 0
Catherine Ann Brennan researcher Q57626663 0
Ruth Lydia Angell researcher Q57626664 0
Elena Clerici researcher Q57626670 0
Caroline Anne Conway researcher Q57626671 0
Ana Milovanovic researcher Q57626675 0
Veronica M. Ryden researcher Q57626677 0
Janine Wagner researcher Q57626678 0
Dorothy Ai-wan Yen researcher Q57626681 0
Josephine Elizabeth Solomon researcher Q57626685 0
Felicity Mary Perry researcher Q57626687 0
Catherine Ann O'Leary-Steele researcher Q57626690 0
Yeliz Biber researcher Q57626702 0
Laura Jane Hemingway researcher Q57626711 0
Karyn Marie Morrisey researcher Q57626720 0
Pavlina Mantzana researcher Q57626721 0
Iole Issaias researcher Q57626722 0
Helen Christina Frisby researcher Q57626725 0
Adesina Lukuman Azeez researcher Q57626740 0
Claire Elizabeth Sloan researcher Q57626744 0
Catherine Ann Sinfield researcher Q57626745 0
Naomi Reay researcher Q57626746 0
Fiona Blair McLaws researcher Q57626754 0
Katerina Toropova researcher Q57626757 0
Hsiao-Yen Lee researcher Q57626762 0
Natalie Elizabeth Hampson researcher Q57626763 0
Elli Glarou researcher Q57626764 0
Alina Dobreva researcher Soviet Union Q57626769 0
Phillipa Caudwell researcher Q57626774 0
Eman M. M. A. A. M. A. Al Shawaf researcher Q57626777 0
Elisabeth Protopapa researcher Q57626782 0
Lucie Kate Middlemiss researcher Q57626792 0
Caroline Perret researcher Q57626794 0
Kerrie Anne Smith researcher Q57626798 0
Janet Strath researcher Q57626799 0
Amanda Helen Bolt researcher Q57626801 0
Melanie Ruth Duckworth researcher Q57626806 0
Kate Louise Furneaux researcher Q57626808 0
Alexandra Cathleen Gledhill researcher Q57626811 0
Patricia Holch researcher Q57626816 0
Amy Johanna Tallett researcher Q57626821 0
Maha Raouf Al-Najdi researcher Q57626823 0
Gillian Stephanie Hebb researcher Q57626827 0
Renske Willemijn Hesselink researcher Q57626828 0
Jennifer E. Hide researcher Q57626829 0
Lorraine Sarah Higham researcher Q57626830 0
Alexa Elizabeth Farquharson Hoyland researcher Q57626831 0
Rosa Letizia researcher Q57626833 0
Mollie Suzanne Nelson researcher Q57626837 0
Janice Lay Hui Nga researcher Q57626839 0
Katherine Alice Bond researcher Q57626852 0
Jillian Jagessar researcher Q57626862 0
Joanna O'Brien researcher Q57626865 0
Zsuzsanna Reed Papp researcher Hungary Q57626870 0
Ruth Payne-Woolridge researcher Q57626871 0
Elizabeth Ann Roundhill researcher Q57626873 0
Melanie Victoria Shearn researcher Q57626874 0
Anuradha Singh researcher Q57626876 0
Katy Pal Sian researcher Q57626879 0
Mariya Stoilova researcher Q57626880 0
Clare Anne Tovee researcher Q57626883 0
Emma Louise Van der Gucht researcher Q57626884 0
Sarah Beasley researcher Q57626889 0
Kirsty Sara Abbas researcher Q57626892 0
Deborah Conte researcher Q57626893 0
Kate Dimmock researcher Q57626894 0
Alison Jane Fisch Katz researcher Q57626895 0
Amanda Rachel Lea-Langton researcher Q57626896 0
Yvonne Nyathi researcher Q57626901 0
Rebekah Elizabeth Olive researcher Q57626902 0
Deborah Jill orah Jill researcher Q57626903 0
Romy Caroline Sherlock researcher Q57626904 0
Kate Tangri researcher Q57626906 0
Eleanor Relton Claire Van der Linde researcher Q57626907 0
Anna Elizabeth Winterbottom researcher Q57626908 0
Helena Zghebeh researcher Q57626909 0
Inga Polec researcher Q57626911 0
Katie Saxton researcher Q57626914 0
Clare Jessica Sharkey researcher Q57626915 0
Tamara Joy Turner-Moores researcher Q57626917 0
Alison Jane Heppenstall researcher Q57626922 0
Clea Lynne Waterston researcher Q57626926 0
Irene Mary Bower researcher Q57626931 0
Alexandra Xylouri researcher Q57626933 0
Natalie carolina Angarita Jaimes researcher Q57626935 0
Helen Marie Bottomley researcher Q57626939 0
Heledd Ha?f Griffiths researcher Q57626945 0
Kathleen Maria Jackson researcher Q57626946 0
Sarah Kingston researcher Q57626948 0
Tamsin Leanne Malkin researcher Q57626951 0
Rebeccah Jane Mathews researcher Q57626952 0
Heloisa Maria Pereira Perista researcher Q57626954 0
Rozalia Dimitriou researcher Q57626960 0
Helen Mary Jopling researcher Q57626973 0
Clare Josephine Rathbone researcher Q57626974 0
Elinor Kate Russell researcher Q57626976 0
Jill Low researcher Q57626981 0
Christiana Vegah Abonge researcher Q57626985 0
Maria Teresa Burniston researcher Q57626988 0
Lydia Ruth Coulthard researcher Q57626990 0
Elaine Susanne Davies researcher Q57626991 0
Kalpana Priyadarsini Durga researcher Q57626994 0
Charlotte Elizabeth Kearns researcher Q57626999 0
Dariya Mykhayliv researcher Q57627001 0
Laura Angela Shaw researcher Q57627011 0
Laura Sheard researcher Q57627014 0
Karen Trusler researcher Q57627017 0
Malgorzata Wnek researcher Q57627020 0
Nancy Margaret Worth researcher Q57627021 0
Aurelie Charles researcher Q57627025 0
Claire Ritchie Chalmers researcher Q57627026 0
Susannah Isabel Brown researcher Q57627027 0
Inga Bettina Maike Bargmann researcher Q57627029 0
Jane Cullingworth researcher Q57627035 0
Fiona Jane Collinson researcher Q57627037 0
Heba Hagrass Ahmed Hagrass researcher Q57627038 0
Wendy Maria Guns researcher Q57627039 0
Donna Marie Ferrett researcher Q57627040 0
Eleni Karasouli researcher Q57627043 0
Hannah Cassandra McDowall researcher Q57627046 0
Estelle McFadden researcher Q57627047 0
Chiara Polce researcher Q57627048 0
Joanna McTigue researcher Q57627055 0
Myriam Saida researcher Q57627060 0
Hannah Sargeant researcher Q57627063 0
Audrey Zannese researcher Q57627076 0
Gillian Morrison researcher Q57627085 0
Irene Lavagi researcher Q57627086 0
Rachel Amy Haworth researcher Q57627091 0
Katherine Battye researcher Q57627100 0
Zahra Almodares researcher Q57627111 0
Emily Ruth Stirk researcher Q57627121 0
Sarah Louise Murrison researcher Q57627124 0
Forough Mahyar researcher Q57627126 0
Anna Kononova researcher Q57627127 0
Wenche Ronning researcher Q57627134 0
Fiona Louise Philip researcher Q57627136 0
Christiana Panayiotou researcher Q57627140 0
Anna Kirstin Macintyre researcher Q57627141 0
Cara Levey researcher Q57627142 0
Sarah Louise Kinnings researcher Q57627144 0
Tahira Khalil researcher Q57627145 0
Emily Morningstar Imhoff researcher Q57627147 0
Brenda Russel Hartley researcher Q57627149 0
Antonia Helen Cooper researcher Q57627153 0
Sania Bhatti researcher Q57627157 0
Rhian Elisabeth Atkin researcher Q57627160 0
Nicola Jane Willmott researcher Q57627163 0
Natalie Diebschlag researcher Q57627171 0
Clare Louise Ulyatt researcher Q57627181 0
Alice Charlotte Crossley researcher Q57627190 0
Fiona Catriona Kinross researcher Q57627194 0
Zofia Aleksandra Komsta researcher Q57627195 0
Madeleine Clare Newman researcher Q57627199 0
Aida Barbara Opoku-Mensah researcher Q57627203 0
Rachael Porter researcher Q57627204 0
Susan Turrell researcher Q57627214 0
Hannah Katherine Briers researcher Q57627222 0
Inci Boyacioglu researcher Q57627223 0
Melody Rosina Blackman researcher Q57627226 0
Constance Louise Wallcraft researcher Q57627234 0
Emilee Lauran Simmons researcher Q57627238 0
Clare Nicol researcher Q57627241 0
Reem Omar Othman Mostafa El-Gendy researcher Q57627253 0
Joanna Lucy Skilton researcher Q57627267 0
Alexandra Nadja Fanghanel researcher Q57627269 0
Maria Teresa Guerra-Ramos researcher Q57627276 0
Alice Mary Milner researcher Q57627288 0
Gabriella Kakonyi researcher Q57627293 0
Barbora Malkova researcher Q57627307 0
Carolyne Susan Horner researcher Q57627321 0
Marina Malinowski researcher Q57627325 0
Dulce Maria Vargas Bracamontes researcher Q57627340 0
Jenny Rachael McKay researcher Q57627355 0
Sarah Jane Hepworth researcher Q57627365 0
Nadine Heck researcher Q57627367 0
Cara R. Featherstone researcher Q57627369 0
Rachael Anne Dobson researcher Q57627373 0
Sarah Louise Broadley researcher Q57627375 0
Fatma Mohamed Elmehdawi researcher Q57627392 0
Tracy Louise Farrell researcher Q57627394 0
Alison Jane Henesey researcher Q57627398 0
Ida Shafagh researcher Q57627416 0
Ilona Uryga-Bugajska researcher Q57627430 0
Claudia Cristina Malic researcher Q57627441 0
Catherine Anne Maxwell researcher Q57627443 0
Leah Beestin researcher Q57627457 0
Nicola Stephanie Skoulding researcher Q57627468 0
Chloe Charlotte Bellamy researcher Q57627475 0
Anne-Marie Callus researcher Q57627478 0
Agnes M. E. C. Woolley researcher Q57627500 0
Antonia Kakoulli researcher Q57627504 0
Fiona Elizabeth Allan researcher Q57627506 0
Ute Bradter researcher Q57627511 0
Elena Catalanotti researcher Q57627514 0
Susannah K. S. Thorpe researcher Q57627516 0
Judith Dyson researcher Q57627524 0
Violette Eroini researcher Q57627526 0
Katherine Jehan researcher Q57627531 0
Ioanna Kostarella researcher Q57627535 0
Julia Kubny researcher Q57627537 0
Hilda Beatriz Miranda-Galarza researcher Q57627542 0
Sarah Bonham researcher Q57627557 0
Sofia Javid Chaudhry researcher Q57627559 0
Rachael Elizabeth Dale researcher Q57627564 0
Charlotte Louise Whalley researcher Q57627567 0
Nicola Jane Topham researcher Q57627571 0
Nathalie Marie Valette researcher Q57627579 0
Reema Hussein Sirriyeh researcher Q57627581 0
Anna Duda researcher Q57627605 0
Claire Hind researcher Q57627610 0
Victoria Bejarano researcher Q57627635 0
Céline Barnier researcher Q57627638 0
Suha Al-Nassar researcher Q57627641 0
Julie Leigh Burke researcher Q57627649 0
Cristina Ruth Davies researcher Q57627651 0
Ilaria Corda researcher Q57627653 0
Esther Martinez-Cantu researcher Q57627655 0
Ioanna Janis Rafailidou researcher Q57627657 0
Adriana Matamoros Veloza researcher Q57627682 0
Sophie Forrest researcher Q57627685 0
Dominika Zofia Wojcik researcher Q57627701 0
Kate Ashbrook researcher Q57627715 0
Crystal Louise Frost researcher Q57627727 0
Susan Kerstin Hommola researcher Q57627729 0
Elizabeth Jane Ilett researcher Q57627738 0
Sara Diana Garduno Diaz researcher Q57627745 0
Lauren Anne Redhead researcher Q57627754 0
Jane Turnbull researcher Q57627758 0
Anna Louise Woodhouse researcher Q57627761 0
Gwendolen Mary Rodgers researcher Q57627786 0
Helen Lucy Macintyre researcher Q57627791 0
Sumita Bhuiya researcher Q57627799 0
Clare Hannon researcher Q57627801 0
Victoria O'Key researcher Q57627814 0
Louise Elizabeth Hamblin researcher Q57627832 0
Ruth Coates researcher Q57627834 0
Georgina Cox researcher Q57627840 0
Joanne Valerie Humphrey Rushworth researcher Q57627854 0
Laura Faye Wetherill researcher Q57627858 0
Claire Yvette Jane Wenham researcher Q57627861 0
Nicola Elizabeth Clarke researcher Q57627877 0
Raquel Coelho Guardado Simäes researcher Q57627879 0
Lorna Katharine Fraser researcher Q57627881 0
Amy Rachel Bland researcher Q57627910 0
Fiona Elizabeth Langlands researcher Q57627913 0
Rebecca Laura Caygill researcher Q57627919 0
Volha Piotukh researcher Q57627925 0
Sharon Tosi Lacey researcher Q57627942 0
Katie A. Beswick researcher Q57627982 0
Elizabeth Ann Gaston researcher Q57627984 0
Athina Zeriti researcher Q57627985 0
Gwen Jacques researcher Q57627990 0
Anne-Marie Henshaw researcher Q57627993 0
Jillian Marcia Daniel researcher Q57627997 0
Blanca Maria Beato Arribas researcher Q57628009 0
Caroline Roberta Clopet researcher Q57628017 0
Laura Sanders researcher Q57654308 0
Thi Ngoc Yen Dang researcher Q57691907 0
Stella Butler researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0001-9529-8193 Q57912784 0
Charlotte S Miller researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0003-1547-1641 Q57914606 0
Charisma Choudhury researcher Q57920807 0
Susan A. Bernal researcher Q57935267 0
Katherine Ruth Schofield British musicologist Q58003268 0
Julia Crook researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0003-1724-1479 Q58065310 0
Barbara Brooks researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0001-8932-9256 Q58106927 0
Karen Morrow researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0002-0139-5804 Q58146605 0
Clare Jane Pettitt professor of nineteenth-century literature and culture Q58148012 0
Eva Alfoldi researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0003-2921-1808 Q58160126 0
Ekaterina Vsemirnova researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0002-3511-1443 United Kingdom Q58209923 0
Sarah A. Monks Atmospheric scientist Q58216630 0
Ines Valiño researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0001-7823-0154 Q58254648 0
Jennifer Fletcher researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0002-4892-3344 Q58334554 0
Aijan Sharshenova researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0003-3008-0091 Q58335637 0
Paula Burkinshaw researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5872-0663 Q58403313 0
Kate Muir researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2763-6810 Q58403926 0
Sarah C Calaghan researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-9145-2576 Q58405197 0
Norma Nicola Hazboun researcher Q58438470 0
Susan Durbin researcher Q58438473 0
Gail Ann Day researcher Q58438474 0
Joanne Simone Crawford researcher Q58438480 0
Pauline Anne Logue researcher Q58438483 0
Kate Elizabeth Wallace researcher Q58438491 0
Louise Ann Parsons researcher Q58438492 0
Heather Louise Morland Dyke researcher Q58438501 0
Karla Maureen Bruntzel researcher Q58438503 0
Helen Joanne Bradley researcher Q58438505 0
Joanne Margaret Heath researcher Q58438508 0
Lei Song researcher Q58438520 0
Patricia Higgins plant researcher Q58452625 0
Helen Patricia Field researcher Q58452634 0
Margaret Diane Lawrence researcher Q58452641 0
Sandra Margaret Wilkinson researcher Q58452654 0
Fernanda Maria Neutel Pereira researcher Q58452656 0
Claire Elisabeth Thompson researcher Q58452664 0
Sarah Elizabeth Harris researcher Q58452669 0
Anna Victoria Maidens researcher Q58452671 0
Angela Margaret Farrell researcher Q58452677 0
Yvonne Alberta Lewis researcher Q58452699 0
Vanessa Gail Johnson researcher Q58452703 0
Jennifer Margaret Smith researcher Q58452706 0
Jane Frecknall Hughes researcher Q58452715 0
Emma Louise Chambers researcher Q58452721 0
Susan Aisha Walker researcher Q58452722 0
Nicola Elizabeth Cant researcher Q58452725 0
Eva Maria Klein researcher Q58452727 0
Andrea M. Dew researcher Q58452742 0
Barbara Mary Smith researcher Q58452745 0
Susan Margaret Horner researcher Q58452753 0
Susan Margaret Lucas researcher Q58452754 0
Caroline Elizabeth Millar researcher Q58452759 0
Helen Katrine Lindley researcher Q58452761 0
Alison Margaret Dunn researcher Q58452774 0
Alison Clare Pritchard researcher Q58452776 0
Elizabeth Marian Syson Baldwin researcher Q58452800 0
Clare Lawton researcher Q58452801 0
Dorothy Caroline Nelson researcher Q58452802 0
Sarah Jane Arthur researcher Q58452805 0
Jane Helen Jones researcher Q58452822 0
Helen Dinah Black researcher Q58452825 0
Alison Tracey Jones researcher Q58452829 0
Fiona Anne Wilson researcher Q58452833 0
Julian Scott Williams researcher Q58452839 0
Margaret F. Wilkinson researcher Q58452847 0
Vanessa Ruth Brown researcher Q58452851 0
Anne Kathryn North researcher Q58452859 0
Julie Caroline Holder researcher Q58452863 0
Doreen Elsie Smith researcher Q58452864 0
Yim Ling Siu researcher Q58452870 0
Heba Mohamed Wagih Kotb researcher Q58452896 0
Susan Mary Harris researcher Q58452900 0
Sharifah Zarah Syed Ahmad researcher Q58452976 0
Frances Ellen Thomas researcher Q58452985 0
Lisa Karen Florence Hammond researcher Q58452987 0
P. J. Sikes researcher Q58453010 0
Sally Jennifer Pearson researcher Q58453067 0
Amanda Jane Lucy Lee researcher Q58453068 0
Helen Stephanie Cadman researcher Q58453069 0
Alice Louise Child researcher Q58453074 0
Diane Elizabeth Freeman researcher Q58453076 0
Karen Louise Morris researcher Q58453078 0
Nicola Jane Turner researcher Q58453090 0
Fiona Margaret Smith researcher Q58453092 0
Katherine Ann Lee researcher Q58453099 0
Nicola Diane Gold researcher Q58453105 0
Claire Therese Friel researcher Q58453106 0
Helen Lucy Fletcher researcher Q58453107 0
Karen Elizabeth Hill researcher Q58453130 0
Jacqueline Fiona Hamilton researcher Q58453135 0
Aurora De La Trinidad Molina researcher Q58453139 0
Alicia Teresa Parkes researcher Q58453156 0
Elizabeth Irene Watkins researcher Q58453158 0
Allison Jane Ross researcher Q58453159 0
Gillian Marie Roberts researcher Q58453160 0
Amanda Julia Bretman researcher Q58453163 0
Emma Jane Spary researcher Q58453168 0
Ruth Catherine Sutherland researcher Q58453169 0
Caroline Elizabeth Jones researcher Q58453173 0
Jane Louise Mackay researcher Q58453175 0
Karen Fiona Tait researcher Q58453179 0
Joanna Margaret Cordy researcher Q58453184 0
Joanne Nicola Smith researcher Q58453192 0
Philippa Katherine Jackson researcher Q58453198 0
Emma Jane Chapman researcher Q58453202 0
Emma Gwenllian Ward researcher Q58453203 0
Julian Francis Hammond researcher Q58453207 0
Susana Torrezão de Sousa researcher Q58453212 0
Katie Alana Read researcher Q58453216 0
Jessica Fay Burt researcher Q58453224 0
Carole McCartney criminologist Q58453229 0
Anna Rachel Massey researcher Q58453232 0
Helen Louise Garner researcher Q58453233 0
Nicola Jane Thompson researcher Q58453234 0
Emma Louise King researcher Q58453235 0
Alison Elizabeth Baker researcher Q58453238 0
Susan I. Richards researcher Q58453240 0
Jayne Louise Taylor researcher Q58453242 0
Karen Louise George researcher Q58453245 0
Maria do Sameiro Fario BrandaÞŸo Soares de Carvalho researcher Q58453248 0
Andrea Ruth Higgins researcher Q58453249 0
Susan Elizabeth Clamp researcher Q58453251 0
Claire Elizabeth Hill researcher Q58453256 0
Ana Isabel Fontecilla Carbonell researcher Q58453257 0
Lucy Jane Norcliffe researcher Q58453261 0
Tracey Eleanor Jones researcher Q58453267 0
Caroline Ann Harris researcher Q58453271 0
Fiona Elizabeth Wright researcher Q58453272 0
Nicola Mary Rivers researcher Q58453277 0
Kathryn Fiona Morris researcher Q58453279 0
Winnie Wing Man Yu researcher Q58453283 0
Suzanne Louise Roberts researcher Q58453284 0
Rebecca Agnes-Mary Harding researcher Q58453285 0
Catherine Ruth Tait researcher Q58453287 0
Andrea Catherine Baker researcher Q58453288 0
Amber Verity Davis researcher Q58453289 0
Elizabeth Jayne Wallace researcher Q58453297 0
Judith Eleanor Spies researcher Q58453299 0
Carly Theresa Smith researcher Q58453300 0
Josephine Petra Wilson researcher Q58453306 0
Chin Lee Lim researcher Q58453314 0
Lisa Sarah Tang researcher Q58453317 0
Julian Peter Winter researcher Q58453320 0
Karen Elizabeth Chapman researcher Q58453326 0
Emma Jane Dunn researcher Q58453339 0
Deborah Jane Greenway researcher Q58453340 0
Sarah Louise Myers researcher Q58453349 0
Jennifer Patricia Morgan researcher Q58453353 0
Lisa Jayne Lang researcher Q58453361 0
Emily Jane Gray researcher Q58453381 0
Fiona Lucie Macdonald researcher Q58453383 0
Jill Katherine Adam researcher Q58453390 0
Rachael Caroline Smith researcher Q58453394 0
Anne Kasyoka Hubert researcher Q58453395 0
Sarah Lesley Woodin researcher Q58453400 0
Michelle Katherine May Cook researcher Q58453403 0
Sarah Louise Poole researcher Q58453412 0
Katharine Louise Ross researcher Q58453414 0
Catherine Emma Plant researcher Q58453416 0
Sarah Kathryn Sharkey researcher Q58453417 0
Wendy Ann Walker researcher Q58453419 0
Margaret Ann Webster researcher Q58453431 0
Claire Elizabeth Bennett researcher Q58453432 0
Victoria Lyndsey Morton researcher Q58453434 0
Angela Julia Russell researcher Q58453436 0
Emily Jane Fuller researcher Q58453437 0
Adriana del Pino Sanchez researcher Q58453438 0
Maria Dianne Stephenson researcher Q58453448 0
Holly Ann Shelton researcher Q58453449 0
Amy L. Jones researcher Q58453453 0
Rosemary Robin Charlotte McEachan researcher Q58453460 0
Clare Ruth Johnson researcher Q58453464 0
Ngoc Thi Cat Nguyen researcher Q58453465 0
Laura Charlotte Johnson researcher Q58453468 0
Frances Clare Neville researcher Q58453473 0
Elizabeth Louise Bennett researcher Q58453482 0
Nicola Justine Pressling researcher Q58453484 0
Claire Louise Corps researcher Q58453487 0
Jane Elizabeth Murphy researcher Q58453490 0
Rebecca Louise Reid researcher Q58453498 0
Sarah Joan Norris researcher Q58453506 0
Helen Mary Fletcher Jones researcher Q58453510 0
Sarah Jane Walker researcher Q58453515 0
Dianna Marie Smith researcher Q58453516 0
Jane Esther Louise Bell researcher Q58453519 0
Karen Emily Hemmings researcher Q58453520 0
Kathryn Helen Taylor researcher Q58453522 0
Emma McIntosh Wood researcher Q58453524 0
Ruth Danielle Wilson researcher Q58453530 0
Elizabeth Alexandra Oliver researcher Q58453532 0
Sanna Marika Markkanen researcher Q58453544 0
Sally Elizabeth Taylor researcher Q58453552 0
Samantha Jayne Broad researcher Q58453553 0
Fiona Margaret Thorne researcher Q58453556 0
Laura Jane Rhianwen Edwards researcher Q58453557 0
Angela Denise Thomas researcher Q58453559 0
Fiona Anne Marsh researcher Q58453560 0
Talitha Lynn Kerrigan researcher Q58453565 0
Nicola Kaye Wilson researcher Q58453580 0
Clare Frances Barker researcher Q58453588 0
Sarah Louise Richards researcher Q58453603 0
Helen Catherine Yates researcher Q58453605 0
Clare Louise Conway researcher Q58453608 0
Rebecca Jane Rose researcher Q58453614 0
Michelle Louise Pierce researcher Q58453615 0
Clare Elizabeth Hunt researcher Q58453616 0
Emma Louise Taylor researcher Q58453619 0
Catherine Mary Stones researcher Q58453620 0
Lisa Marie Anderson researcher Q58453631 0
Eleanor Heulwen John researcher Q58453634 0
Elizabeth Anne Gaskell researcher Q58453637 0
Joana Cristina Costa researcher Q58453639 0
Elizabeth Ruth Victoria Wilson researcher Q58453641 0
Laura Jayne Richards researcher Q58453645 0
Charlotte Rose Morris researcher Q58453647 0
Lucy Anne Holt researcher Q58453649 0
Maria Rosa Sauri Riancho researcher Q58453652 0
Carmen Amelia Taype Perez researcher Q58453654 0
Hedwig Hildegard Maurer researcher Q58453656 0
Rachel Karen Green researcher Q58453661 0
Sarah Elizabeth Deacon researcher Q58453662 0
Laura Jennifer Ashley researcher Q58453664 0
Alice Claire Temple researcher Q58453671 0
Jacqueline R. Hill researcher Q58453673 0
Yung Kyung Park researcher Q58453677 0
Catherine Ann Lawson researcher Q58453679 0
Elizabeth Carmel Andrews researcher Q58453682 0
Joanna Mary Clark researcher Q58453686 0
Alison Jane Eves researcher Q58453692 0
Katherine Fenlaugh Wright researcher Q58453697 0
Lucy Mary Colman researcher Q58453699 0
Caroline Jane Addington Hall researcher Q58453700 0
Victoria Janine Simpson researcher Q58453702 0
Jane Elizabeth Freeston researcher Q58453706 0
Caroline Ann Green researcher Q58453707 0
Clara Weng Si Lei researcher Q58453709 0
Lucy Ruth Allen researcher Q58453710 0
Ngoc Thang Cong researcher Q58453720 0
Charlotte Mary Allen researcher Q58453721 0
Sarah Amelia Jones researcher Q58453729 0
Alison Heather Parker researcher Q58453731 0
Karin Cecilia Persson researcher Q58453736 0
Elizabeth Catherine Webb researcher Q58453739 0
Caroline J. Harris researcher Q58453744 0
Mary R. McKay researcher Q58453748 0
Kate Mary Hill researcher Q58453754 0
Claire Eliza Morgan researcher Q58453757 0
Elizabeth Helen Knight researcher Q58453763 0
Susan Elizabeth Pearson researcher Q58453765 0
Lucy Anne Evans researcher Q58453781 0
Victoria Margaret Hunter researcher Q58453783 0
Luciana De Melo Santos Genio researcher Q58453787 0
Emma Mary Fitzpatrick researcher Q58453803 0
Helen Samantha Baker researcher Q58453806 0
Claudia Bauer researcher Q58453807 0
Emma Louise Rigby researcher Q58453809 0
Mair Elisabeth Hughes researcher Q58453814 0
Emma Louise Watson researcher Q58453817 0
Natalie Jayne Taylor researcher Q58453819 0
Selina Miu Ying Li researcher Q58453820 0
Claire Louise Jones researcher Q58453824 0
Alice Isabel Bartlett researcher Q58453831 0
Barbara Eugenia Bandeira researcher Q58453832 0
Miss Clare Jane Hill researcher Q58453836 0
Natalie Clare Holt researcher Q58453837 0
Catherine Ruth Bailey researcher Q58453843 0
Amy Madalaine Russell researcher Q58453847 0
Sarah Ann Walker researcher Q58453850 0
Ann Marie Aglionby Harding researcher Q58453853 0
Anne Kinloch Jamieson researcher Q58453855 0
Esther Joy Richards researcher Q58453859 0
Victoria Helen Smith researcher Q58453861 0
Nicola Jane Potter researcher Q58453866 0
Helen Isobel Keen researcher Q58453868 0
Rebecca Louise Ross researcher Q58453871 0
Sarah Louise Bevington researcher Q58453878 0
Emma Jayne Roberts researcher Q58453880 0
Rachel Nicole Hann researcher Q58453883 0
Katarzyna Maria Tych researcher Q58453889 0
Eleanor Kate Wilkinson researcher Q58453890 0
Michelle Marie Morgan researcher Q58453893 0
Susan Margaret Miller researcher Q58453894 0
Hannah Morgan Cross researcher Q58453895 0
Sheila Margaret Fraser researcher Q58453899 0
Jenny Alexandra Lawson researcher Q58453902 0
Franziska Irmela Schrodt researcher Q58453907 0
Lucy Miriam Rees researcher Q58453911 0
Clare Louise Pashley researcher Q58453924 0
Eleanor Rose Grant researcher Q58453928 0
Jacqueline Mary Wilson researcher Q58453938 0
Catherine Ann Grant researcher Q58453948 0
Caroline Penelope Jane Ash researcher Q58453952 0
Joanna Mary Page researcher Q58453956 0
Joanna Linda Arnold researcher Q58453959 0
Jyoti Laxmi Mishra researcher Q58453963 0
Christina Micky Wong researcher Q58453974 0
Katherine Jane Wright researcher Q58453975 0
Charlotte Hastings Kestner researcher Q58453982 0
Anna Catherine Powell researcher Q58453986 0
Alison Claire Young UK cancer researcher Q58453991 0
Ruth Elizabeth Fairgrieve Mackay researcher Q58453996 0
Suzanne Adele Grant researcher Q58453997 0
Carly Lauren Reddington researcher Q58454002 0
Sarah Rose Brown researcher Q58454018 0
Ann Georgina Thompson researcher Q58454023 0
Isabelle De le Court researcher Q58454025 0
Lucy Ann Woods researcher Q58454026 0
Jennifer Mary Griffiths researcher Q58454034 0
Laura Jane Davies researcher Q58454039 0
Emily Luise Hart researcher Q58454042 0
Julia Irene Morgan researcher Q58454045 0
Victoria Ann Jennings researcher Q58454051 0
Maria Elizabeth James researcher Q58454063 0
Rebecca Jane Hughes researcher Q58454066 0
Karen Annette Vinall-Collier researcher Q58454067 0
Heather Danielle Blythe Cooper researcher Q58454072 0
Samantha Lee Ellam researcher Q58454073 0
Patricia Audrey Harrison researcher Q58454075 0
Rebecca Anne Millican-Slater researcher Q58454076 0
Katherine Jan Elizabeth Smith researcher Q58454082 0
Sarah Helen Wallace researcher Q58454083 0
Elizabeth Louise Mason researcher Q58454090 0
Angela Ruth Burt researcher Q58454093 0
Faith Ka Shun Chan researcher Q58454102 0
Lisa Jane Brown researcher Q58454108 0
Esther Collado Fernandez researcher Q58454110 0
Amy Elizabeth Taylor researcher Q58454117 0
Fiona Heather Reynolds researcher Q58454138 0
Julian Armando Ramirez Villegas researcher Q58454141 0
Marianne Mugabo researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-2346-2617 Q58454983 0
Faith Ka Shun Chan researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6091-6596 Q58456240 0
Emma Nicklin researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6683-8098 Q58456318 0
Alice Kininmonth researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-1145-525X Q58456748 0
Jessica C.A. Baker researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-3720-4758 Q58461994 0
Almut Beige theoretical physicist Q58476832 0
Molly Bettie researcher Q58487991 0
Laura J Carter researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-1146-7920 Q58496564 0
Denise Bower professor civil engineering and project manager United Kingdom Q58796674 0
Susan Pope researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-0042-2839 Q58824346 0
Natalia V. Shakhlevich researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5225-4008 Q58841446 0
Samantha Hinsley researcher Q59139774 0
Lucy C Chappell researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6219-3379 Q59161697 0
Hannah Spring researcher Q59347219 0
Laura Mandefield researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4219-5673 Q59363311 0
Constanze Bonifer researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4267-0825 Q59556203 0
Sarah Staniland researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-8995-7172 Q59576641 0
Patricia E. C. Croot researcher Q59622775 0
Julie Annette Carr researcher Q59622781 0
Abigail Lara Ward researcher Q59622785 0
Samia Locate-Timol researcher Q59622787 0
Rhiannon Jane Daniels researcher Q59622790 0
Jessica Hawthorne researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4117-2082 Q59673790 0
Gemma Clarke researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-8438-7131 Q59685405 0
Anke Brüning-Richardson researcher Q59685863 0
Emilia Jaskula researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4894-7522 Poland Q59689630 0
Magali Billen American academic Q59763456 0
Roberta M. Vidotti researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-1951-3431 Q59814658 0
Michelle Collinson researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-3568-6455 Q59817086 0
Anne Velenturf researcher Q59828470 0
Patricija van Oosten-Hawle researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5713-6457 Q59951154 0
Anastasia Zhuravleva Lecturer at the University of Leeds Q59951222 0
Viktoria Joynes researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-1967-6126 Q60021797 0
Elisabeth Leake researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-1277-580X Q60022123 0
Mariana Bassi Suter researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-9396-1438 Q60022280 0
Eleonore Faber Dr. rer. nat. Universität Wien 2012, researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2541-8916 Q60022338 0
Fleur Loveridge researcher Q60022951 0
Nadia Laila Amin researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-7762-1521 Q60023290 0
Kate Timms researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-1764-4964 Q60023359 0
Helen Freeman researcher Q60023412 0
Tina Richardson researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-0748-1786 Q60023448 0
Anna Tarrant researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5253-6056 Q60023569 0
Natasha McKeever researcher Q60023582 0
Gill Main researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6191-5269 Q60023698 0
Carla Quesada-Pallarès researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5997-1536 Q60023793 0
Elizabeth Morgan researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-0417-3892 Q60023809 0
Viktoria Spaiser researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5892-245X Q60023848 0
Anna Kalogirou researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4668-7747 United Kingdom Q60023957 0
Anna S. Antonova researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6091-6182 Q60024087 0
Mariya Ivancheva researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-4066-4074 Q60024091 0
Abhishek Srivastav researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-4831-4458 Q60024451 0
Emma Wincup researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-5243-073X Q60024505 0
Anne-Marie L. Czajkowski researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-8013-1534 Q60025251 0
Alice O'Grady researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4810-7507 Q60025410 0
Laura Crosilla researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-3637-5720 Q60025451 0
Ann Jopson researcher Q60026544 0
Elena Issoglio researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-3035-2712 Q60028176 0
Sarah Fores researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-4007-5763 Q60028200 0
Katie Spencer researcher Q60055026 0
Samantha Jamson researcher Q60055165 0
Karen E Porter researcher Q60058884 0
Alexandra Gilbert researcher Q60311926 0
Katie Adolphus researcher Q60313783 0
Shimaa M. Wahba researcher Q60393060 0
Melanie J Newport researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-8946-7525 Q60607764 0
Márta Fidrich researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6160-6928 Q60617667 0
Rebecca Salvage researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2064-8579 Q60696007 0
Emma Bramham researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-3418-1255 Q60758210 0
Catherine Walsh researcher Q60877902 0
Alison Abbott British pharmacologist and journalist Q61032585 0
Julie L Aspden researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-8537-6204 Q61252759 0
Helen Chappell researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2043-0422 Q61304950 0
Joanne Tipper researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-8719-0323 Q61312779 0
Nikki Heath researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-5126-5592 Q61313185 0
Wendy Harrison researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-1180-8112 Q61633599 0
Analisa Gabriela Mariazzi Argentine physicist Argentina Q61763681 0
Sarah Murray researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4888-2474 Q61827592 0
Jade French researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-0067-6169 Q61827807 0
Amy Twigger Holroyd researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-3403-3516 Q61834191 0
Sorin M.S. Krammer researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-5773-9514 Q61835045 0
Ciara Masterson researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-8309-449X Q61849336 0
Anna Anderson researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-4048-6880 Q61849467 0
Sarah J. Hepworth researcher Q62592758 0
Sally Hines researcher Q63184435 0
Begonya Alcacer-Pitarch researcher Q63239959 0
Jenifer Barrie researcher Q63242124 0
Emily Louise Smart researcher Q63242131 0
Ana Laura Aiello researcher Q63242132 0
Caroline Suzanne Hemingray researcher Q63242913 0
Jacqueline Leong Nam researcher Q63242925 0
Rebecca Claire Thomas researcher Q63242940 0
Daniela Brigitte van den Heuvel researcher Q63242942 0
Sophie Elizabeth Louise Bulman researcher Q63243016 0
Susan Grant-Muller researcher Q63257871 0
Ellen Duff researcher Q63284076 0
Michelle Anne Morris researcher Q63284081 0
Jacqueline Louise Bolton researcher Q63284089 0
Sarah Louise Marley researcher Q63284090 0
Elisabeth Ruth Green researcher Q63284105 0
Sarah Louise Wilson researcher Q63284119 0
Susan Lindsay McAndrew researcher Q63284126 0
Ellen Leger researcher Q63284185 0
Maria Touri researcher Q63284186 0
Sophie Victoria Weeks researcher Q63284274 0
Maria Kon researcher Q63284275 0
Eva Sarah De Visscher researcher Q63284277 0
Rachel Killick researcher Q63284280 0
Rachel Justine Swindells researcher Q63284283 0
Judith Moore researcher Q63284322 0
Charlotte Baker researcher Q63284346 0
Catherine Anne Horsley researcher Q63284586 0
Janet Catherine Saunders researcher Q63284596 0
Toral Chandulal Jakhria researcher Q63284598 0
Rachel Alexandra Mahood researcher Q63284622 0
Jennifer Frances Seligmann researcher Q63284624 0
Rebecca Faith Thompson researcher Q63284629 0
Natalie Rachel Suckall researcher Q63284633 0
Sybilla Corbett researcher Q63284634 0
Angela Dawn Kinnell researcher Q63284655 0
Grace Etim Essien researcher Q63284659 0
Zoe Marshall researcher Q63284694 0
Karen Claire Mitchell researcher Q63284697 0
Rebecca Louise Caravan researcher Q63284699 0
Anna Elizabeth Hogg researcher Q63284719 0
Rebecca Ruth Sheridan researcher Q63284729 0
Esther Leonie Keijbets researcher Q63284745 0
Emma Victoria Stone researcher Q63284749 0
Katherine Anne Timmins researcher Q63284752 0
Michelle Claire Tenwick researcher Q63285149 0
Roxanne Yeganegy researcher Q63285152 0
Paula Georgina Farrance researcher Q63285153 0
Abigail Joy Clifton researcher Q63285157 0
Katherine Elizabeth Barr researcher Q63285163 0
Liliana Badillo Sanchez researcher Q63285164 0
Laura Jane Harrison researcher Q63285169 0
Annabel Ka Lai Jenkins researcher Q63285173 0
Irina Sergeyevna Flyagina researcher Q63285176 0
Laura Kathryn Currie researcher Q63285177 0
Siobhan Catherine Taylor researcher Q63285184 0
Fatimah Salem Alashwali researcher Q63285190 0
Laura M. Knight researcher Q63285195 0
Hollie Gemma Romain researcher Q63285196 0
Gloria Comadira researcher Q63285197 0
Emily Ruth Clark researcher Q63285202 0
Rebecca Anne Tyrer researcher Q63285206 0
Sarah Elizabeth Collinge researcher Q63285209 0
Esha Sil researcher Q63285211 0
Anna Zoellner researcher Q63285215 0
Serena Louisa Russell researcher Q63285216 0
Helen Sarah Beeston researcher Q63285230 0
Emma Louise Harvey researcher Q63285237 0
Ingrid Jennifer Gunby researcher Q63285238 0
Helene Babin researcher Q63285239 0
Monique Borg Inguanez researcher Q63285255 0
Sarah Richardson researcher Q63285265 0
Caroline Victoria Herbert researcher Q63285269 0
Kathryn Evans researcher Q63285273 0
Julie A. Franklin researcher Q63285278 0
Gehan Selim researcher Q63342011 0
Elizabeth Taylor British biomedical scientist and researcher Q63373475 0
Roxana M. Stanca researcher Q63387806 0
Pauline Oustric doctoral student Q63413070 0
Catherine Gibbons researcher at the University of Leeds Q63413113 0
Julie Brown researcher ORCID 0000-0001-6358-8022 Q63497432 0
Heather J. Sears researcher Q64684411 0
Emma L Hethershaw researcher Q64882419 0
Pinar Akman
Prof Pinar Akman.jpg
University of Leeds academic Q65768867 1
Janet Watson English linguist and phonologist United Kingdom Q66852138 0
Judy Butland Engineering software designer, creator of Butland’s Algorithm United Kingdom 2019-01 Leeds Q69907649 0
Audrey Osler Q70747990 0
Inaya Folarin Iman British journalist and Brexit Party candidate in the 2019 United Kingdom General Election London Q76509555 0
Joan Kowolik associate professor Q80007581 0
Maria Teresa Baeza_Romero researcher Q80769201 0
Alexandra Cope researcher Q84266288 0
Jennifer Wallis researcher Q87365917 0
Khadijeh Bijangi-Vishehsaraei assistant research professor of pediatrics Q87417010 0
Sara Lombardo Professor of Mathematics at Loughborough University Q90218399 0
Julia Swallow researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-9341-3239) Q91277155 0
Laura Green researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-2094-6341) United Kingdom Q91930737 0
Lucia Pedicini researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-1782-2057) Q92049561 0
Syrago Tsiara Greek art historian Greece Q92778476 0
Patricia M. Hill British computer scientist United Kingdom Q93205010 0
Sharon Watson Director and choreographer England Q94411460 0
Alicia Walton Superintendent of Nurses at Leeds Infirmary 1869-1873 Q94411680 0
Oke Maduewesi CEO Zaron Cosmetics Nigeria Q95627696 0
Anna Barker Researcher Q99583108 0
Janet Watson British linguist United Kingdom Q99583332 0
Olga Kubassova Ph.D. University of Leeds 2008 Q102315188 0
Mariya Ivanova Soskova Ph.D. University of Leeds 2008 Q102343297 0
Julia Sauter Ph.D. University of Leeds 2013 Q102438398 0
Aphrodite Galata computer scientist Q104126401 0
Haze Fan Chinese journalist People's Republic of China Q104416106 0
Liz Murphy British educator United Kingdom No/unknown value Leeds Q105332402 0
Cheuk Wong translator Q105581230 0
Cilla Ross British academic United Kingdom Q105698393 0

∑ 1829 items.

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