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This is a list of fictional doctors (characters that use the appellation "doctor", medical and otherwise), from literature, films, television, and other media.

Shakespeare created a doctor in his play Macbeth (c 1603)[1] with a "great many good doctors" having appeared in literature by the 1890s[2] and, in the early 1900s, the "rage for novel characters" included a number of "lady doctors".[3] Solomon Posen had collected a list of books with "a doctors as a principal figure" which he says resulted in a list of over 10,000 works as of 2005.[4]

Early cinematic and television representations of doctors typically characterized the practice of medicine as being "in safe (male) hands,"[5] with 90% of doctors on television through 1989 being male.[6]


Novel or literary work Fictional doctor(s) Author
Adventures of a Black Bag Dr. Finlay A. J. Cronin
And Then There Were None Dr. Edward George Armstrong Agatha Christie
The Andromeda Strain Dr. Charles Burton
Dr. Mark Hall
Dr. Peter Leavitt
Dr. Jeremy Stone
Michael Crichton
Arrowsmith Dr. Martin Arrowsmith Sinclair Lewis
Alpha and Omega (series) Dr. Rashid Patricia Briggs
Aubrey–Maturin series Dr. Stephen Maturin Patrick O'Brian
Bert Diaries Emilia Ridderfjell's parents Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson[7]
Breakheart Pass Dr. Molyneaux Alistair MacLean
Candide Dr. Pangloss Voltaire
Catch-22 Dr. "Doc" Daneeka Joseph Heller
Chromosome 6 (novel) Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
The Circus of Dr. Lao Dr. Lao Charles G. Finney
The Citadel Dr. Andrew Manson A. J. Cronin
Contagion (novel) Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
Conversations with the Devil Dr. Sarah Lynch Jeff Rovin
Crisis Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
Critical (novel) Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
The Dead Zone Dr. Sam Weizak Stephen King
Discworld Dr. John "Mossy" Lawn Terry Pratchett
Doctor Almasaro, or The Jews of Palermo Dr. Almasaro Abraham Goldfaden
Dr. Futurity Dr. Jim Parsons Philip K. Dick
The Doctor's Dilemma Doctor Blenkinsop George Bernard Shaw
Doctor Glas Dr. Glas Hjalmar Söderberg
Doctor Grattan Dr. Grattan William A Hammond[8]
Doctor Herbeau Dr. Herbeau Jules Sandeau
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment Dr. Heidegger Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Doctor is Sick Dr. Edwin Spindrift Anthony Burgess
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler Dr. Mabuse Norbert Jacques
Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh
and other Dr. Syn novels
Dr. Christopher Syn Russell Thorndike
Doctor Zhivago Dr. Yuri Zhivago Boris Pasternak
Dracula Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Dr. John Seward
Bram Stoker
Dune Dr. Wellington Yueh Frank Herbert
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Dr. Gonzo (honorary) Hunter S. Thompson
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus Dr. Victor Frankenstein Mary Shelley
The Great Gatsby Dr. T.J. Eckleburg F. Scott Fitzgerald
Herbert West–Reanimator Dr. Herbert West H. P. Lovecraft
The House of Dr. Edwardes Dr. Anthony Edwardes
Dr. Constance Peterson
Hilary A. Saunders
The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu Dr. Fu Manchu
Dr Petrie
Sax Rohmer
The Island of Dr. Moreau Dr. Moreau H. G. Wells
Jacob's Ladder Louis Danny Aiello
Journey to the End of the Night Dr. Ferdinand Bardamu Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Jurassic Park Dr. Henry Wu Michael Crichton
Looking Backward, 2000-1887 Dr. Leete Edward Bellamy
Macbeth Doctor William Shakespeare
Madame Bovary Charles Bovary Gustave Flaubert
Marker (novel) Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
Mercy Thompson (series) Dr. Samuel Llewellyn Cornick Patricia Briggs
Mercy Thompson (series) Dr. Darryl Zao Patricia Briggs
Middlemarch Dr. Tertius Lydgate George Eliot
Murder on the Orient Express Dr. Constantine Agatha Christie
Naked Lunch Benway William S. Burroughs
Necropolis Dr. Horace Couchman Basil Copper
The Patchwork Girl of Oz and other OZ books Dr. Pipt L. Frank Baum
Paper Towns Dr. Jefferson Jefferson John Green
Phantoms Dr. Timothy Flyte
Dr. Jennifer Paige
Dean Koontz
The Plague Dr. Bernard Rieux Albert Camus
Professor Bernhardi Professor Bernhardi, and Doctor Wenger Arthur Schnitzler
Pygmalion Dr. Henry Higgins George Bernard Shaw
The Seagull Dorn Anton Chekhov
The Silence of the Lambs Dr. Hannibal Lecter Thomas Harris
The Story of Doctor Dolittle:
Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home
and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts Never Before Printed
Dr. John Dolittle Hugh Lofting
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Henry Jekyll
Dr. Hastie Lanyon
Robert Louis Stevenson
A Series of Unfortunate Events Dr. Montgomery Montgomery Lemony Snicket
A Study in Scarlet and other Sherlock Holmes stories Dr. John H. Watson Arthur Conan Doyle
Southern Victory Series Dr. Leonard O'Doull Harry Turtledove
Tender is the Night Dick Diver F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe
Treasure Island Dr. David Livesey Robert Louis Stevenson
Uncle Vanya Astrov Anton Chekhov
Vector (novel) Dr. Jack Stapleton Robbin Cook
Water Margin An Daoquan Shi Nai'an
Women of the Otherworld (novel) Dr. Clayton Danvers Kelley Armstrong
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Dr. Dillamond Gregory Maguire
4.50 From Paddington Dr. John Quimper Agatha Christie


Film Fictional doctor Actor
7 Faces of Dr. Lao Dr. Lao Tony Randall
A Day at the Races Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush
Dr. Leopold X. Steinberg
Groucho Marx
Sig Ruman
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Dr. Sandra Mornay
Dr. Stevens
Lenore Aubert
Charles Bradstreet
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Dr. Anton Phibes Vincent Price
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Dr. Buckaroo Banzai
Dr. Emilio Lizardo
Dr. Sidney Zweibel/New Jersey
Peter Weller
John Lithgow
Jeff Goldblum
Agnes of God Dr. Martha Livingston Jane Fonda
Airplane! Dr. Rumack Leslie Nielsen
Alone in the Dark (1982) Dr. Leo Bain
Dr. Dan Potter
Donald Pleasence
Dwight Schultz
Altered States Dr. Edward Jessup William Hurt
The Amazing Spider-Man Dr. Curtis Connors Rhys Ifans
An American Werewolf in London Dr. J.S. Hirsch John Woodvine
Analyze This Dr. Ben Sobel Billy Crystal
Another Woman Dr. Ken Post Ian Holm
Anything Else Dr. Phil Reed David Conrad
Arachnophobia Dr. James Atherton
Dr. Ross Jennings
Dr. Sam Metcalf
Julian Sands
Jeff Daniels
Henry Jones
Arrowsmith Dr. Martin Arrowsmith
Dr. Max Gottlieb
Dr. Tubbs
Ronald Colman
A. E. Anson
Claude King
Article 99 Dr. Rudy Bobrick
Dr. Henry Dreyfoos
Dr. Sid Handleman
Dr. Leo Krutz
Dr. Peter Morgan
Dr. Richard Sturgess
Dr. Robin Van Dorn
Dr. Diana Walton
John C. McGinley
John Mahoney
Forest Whitaker
Jeffrey Tambor
Kiefer Sutherland
Ray Liotta
Lea Thompson
Kathy Baker
Austin Powers series Dr. Evil Mike Myers
Awake Dr. Jack Harper
Dr. Jonathan Neyer
Dr. Puttnam
Terrence Howard
Arliss Howard
Fisher Stevens
Awakenings Dr. Kaufman
Dr. Malcolm Sayer
John Heard
Robin Williams
Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown Christopher Lloyd
Bad Medicine Dr. Miguel Cervantes
Dr. Ramón Madera
Dr. Gerald Marx
Manuel Pereiro
Alan Arkin
Bill Macy
Batman & Robin Dr. Victor Fries
Dr. Pamela Isley
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Uma Thurman
Batman Begins Dr. Jonathan Crane
Dr. Thomas Wayne

Cillian Murphy
Linus Roache

Beautiful Dreamer Dr. Kessler James Denton
The Bells of St. Mary's Dr. McKay Rhys Williams
The Birth of a Nation Dr. Cameron Spottiswoode Aitken
The Big Chill Dr. Sarah Cooper Glenn Close
The Black Cat (1934) Dr. Vitus Werdegast Béla Lugosi
The Black Cat (1941) Dr. Williams Erville Alderson
The Black Hole Dr. Alex Durant
Dr. Kate McRae
Dr. Hans Reinhardt
Anthony Perkins
Yvette Mimieux
Maximilian Schell
The Body Dr. Sharon Golban Olivia Williams
The Body Snatcher Dr. Wolfe MacFarlane Henry Daniell
Body Chemistry Dr. Claire Archer
Dr. Pritchard
Lisa Pescia
Joseph Campanella
Boxing Helena Dr. Lawrence Augustine
Dr. Nick Cavanaugh
Art Garfunkel
Julian Sands
Brain Dead Dr. Rex Martin Bill Pullman
Bride of Frankenstein Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Dr. Pretorius
Colin Clive
Ernest Thesiger
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Dr. Caligari Werner Krauss
Calling Dr. Kildare Dr. Leonard Gillespie
Dr. James Kildare
Lionel Barrymore
Lew Ayres
The Cannonball Run Dr. Nikolas Van Helsing Jack Elam
Captain Blood Dr. Peter Blood Errol Flynn
Carousel Dr. Seldon Gene Lockhart
Carry On Doctor Dr. Kenneth Tinkle Kenneth Williams
Carry On Screaming Dr Orlando Watt Kenneth Williams
Cat People
The Seventh Victim
Dr. Louis Judd Tom Conway
The Cider House Rules Dr. Wilbur Larch Michael Caine
Color of Night Dr. Bill Capa
Dr. Bob Moore
Bruce Willis
Scott Bakula
Coma Dr. Mark Bellows
Dr. George
Dr. Harris
Dr. Marcus
Dr. Morelind
Dr. Susan Wheeler
Michael Douglas
Rip Torn
Richard Widmark
Alan Haufrect
Hari Rhodes
Geneviève Bujold
Crimes at the Dark House
Dr. Isidor Fosco Hay Petrie
Critical Care Dr. Werner Ernst James Spader
Gross Anatomy Dr. Banks Robert Desiderio
Darkman Dr. Peyton Westlake Liam Neeson
Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die Dr. Bridget Thorne Darlanne Fluegel
Dark Victory Dr. Frederick Steele
Dr. Parsons
Dr. Carter
Dr. Driscoll
George Brent
Henry Travers
Charles Richman
Herbert Rawlinson
The Day After Tomorrow Dr. Lucy Hall Sela Ward
Day of the Dead Dr. Logan Richard Liberty
The Devil's Backbone Dr. Casares Federico Luppi
Dirty Dancing Dr. Jake Houseman Jerry Orbach
Doc Hollywood Dr. Halberstrom
Dr. Aurelius Hogue
Dr. Benjamin Stone
George Hamilton
Barnard Hughes
Michael J. Fox
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Dr. Clark "Doc" Savage, Jr. Ron Ely
Doctor Bull Dr. George Bull
Dr. Verney
Will Rogers
Ralph Morgan
The Doctor Dr. Leslie Abbott
Dr. Eli Blumfield
Dr. Murray Kaplan
Dr. Jack MacKee
Wendy Crewson
Adam Arkin
Mandy Patinkin
William Hurt
Dracula Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Dr. John Seward
Edward Van Sloan
Herbert Bunston
Dracula's Daughter Dr. Jeffrey Garth
Dr. Abraham Von Helsing
Otto Kruger
Edward Van Sloan
Dr. Giggles Dr. Chamberlain
Dr. Evan Rendell
John Vickery
Larry Drake
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
Dr. Goldfoot Vincent Price
Dr. Hackenstein Dr. Hackenstein David Muir
Doctor Jack Dr. Jackson
Dr. Ludwig von Saulsbourg
Harold Lloyd
Eric Mayne
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Henry Jekyll
Dr. Hastie Lygate
Fredric March
Holmes Herbert
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case Dr. James Kildare Lew Ayres
Dr. Mabuse the Gambler Dr. Mabuse Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Dr. No Dr. Julius No Joseph Wiseman
Dr. Renault's Secret Dr. Larry Forbes
Dr. Robert Renault
Shepperd Strudwick
George Zucco
Close Your Eyes Dr. Michael Strother Goran Višnjić
Doctor Strange Dr. Stephen Strange Benedict Cumberbatch
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Dr. Strangelove Peter Sellers
Doctor Syn
The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh
Dr. Christopher Syn George Arliss
Patrick McGoohan
Dr. Who and the Daleks
Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD
Dr. Who Peter Cushing
Doctor X Dr. Xavier Lionel Atwill
Doctor Zhivago Dr. Yuri Zhivago Omar Sharif
Dragonwyck Dr. Jeff Turner Glenn Langan
Dreamscape Dr. Paul Novotny Max von Sydow
Dune Dr. Wellington Yueh Dean Stockwell
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (* But Were Afraid to Ask) Dr. Bernardo
Dr. Doug Ross
John Carradine
Gene Wilder
The Evil That Men Do Dr. Hector Lomelin
Dr. Clement Molloch
José Ferrer
Joseph Maher
Evolution Dr. Ira Kane
Dr. Allison Reed
Dr. Harry Block
David Duchovny
Julianne Moore
Orlando Jones
Extreme Measures Dr. Judith Gruszynski
Dr. Guy Luthan
Dr. Jeffrey Manko
Dr. Lawrence Myrick
Debra Monk
Hugh Grant
Paul Guilfoyle
Gene Hackman
Eyes Wide Shut Dr. William 'Bill' Harford Tom Cruise
Field of Dreams Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" Graham Burt Lancaster
Final Analysis Dr. Isaac Barr Richard Gere
Flash Gordon Dr. Hans Zarkov Chaim Topol
Forbidden Planet Dr. Edward Morbius
Dr. "Doc" Ostrow
Walter Pidgeon
Warren Stevens
Frankenstein Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Dr. Waldman
Colin Clive
Edward Van Sloan
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman Dr. Mannering Patric Knowles
The Fugitive Dr. Richard Kimble Harrison Ford
Garden of Heaven Dr. Choi Oh-sung Ahn Jae-wook
Garfield: The Movie
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ghost Town Dr. Bertram Pincus
Dr. Prashar
Ricky Gervais
Aasif Mandvi
Ghostbusters Dr. Egon Spengler
Dr. Raymond Stantz
Dr. Peter Venkman
Harold Ramis
Dan Aykroyd
Bill Murray
The Ghost of Frankenstein Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein
Dr. Theodore Bohmer
Dr. Kettering
Cedric Hardwicke
Lionel Atwill
Barton Yarborough
Gone With the Wind Dr. Meade Harry Davenport
Gravity Dr. Ryan Stone Sandra Bullock
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Dr. John Wade Prentice Sidney Poitier
Halloween Dr. Samuel Loomis Donald Pleasence
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Dr. Terence Wynn Mitchell Ryan
The Hangover Dr. Stuart Price Ed Helms
Hangover Square Dr. Allan Middleton George Sanders
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Dr. Patel
Dr. Saikat Patel
Dr. Willoughby
Errol Sitahal
Shaun Majumder
Fred Willard
Harvey Dr. Lyman Sanderson
Dr. William Chumley
Charles Drake
Cecil Kellaway
Hope Springs Dr. Bernard Feld Steve Carell
Horror Hospital Dr. Christian Storm Michael Gough
The Hospital Dr. Herbert "Herb" Bock
Dr. Brubaker
Dr. Ronald Casey
Dr. Joe Einhorn
Dr. Milton Mead
Dr. Howard Schaefer
Dr. John Sundstrom
Dr. Welbeck
George C. Scott
Robert Walden
Richard Hamilton
David Hooks
Donald Harron
Lenny Baker
Stephen Elliott
Richard Dysart
House of Dracula Dr. Franz Edlemann Onslow Stevens
The House of Fear Dr. Simon Merivale Paul Cavanagh
House of Frankenstein Dr. Gustav Niemann
Dr. Geissler
Boris Karloff
Brandon Hurst
House of 1000 Corpses
and The Devil's Rejects
Dr. S. Quentin Quale (Dr. Satan) Walter Phelan
The Hound of the Baskervilles Dr. James Mortimer Lionel Atwill
The Howling Dr. George Waggner Patrick Macnee
The Hunt for Red October Dr. Yevgeniy Petrov Tim Curry
Idiocracy Dr. Lexus Justin Long
Independence Day Dr. Brackish Okun Brent Spiner
Internes Can't Take Money Dr. Henry J. Fearson
Dr. Jones
Dr. James Kildare
Dr. Riley
Pierre Watkin
Steve Pendleton
Joel McCrea
Anthony Nace
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Dr. Miles Bennell
Dr. Dan Kauffman
Kevin McCarthy
Larry Gates
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Dr. David Kibner
Dr. Geoffrey Howell, DDS
Dr. Miles J. Bennell
Dr. Boccardo
Leonard Nimoy
Art Hindle
Kevin McCarthy
Garry Goodrow
The Invisible Man Dr. Jack Griffin
Dr. Arthur Kemp
Dr. Cranley
Claude Rains
William Harrigan
Henry Travers
The Invisible Man Returns Dr. Frank Griffin John Sutton
The Invisible Man's Revenge Dr. Peter Drury John Carradine
The Island Dr. Merrick Sean Bean
Island of Lost Souls Dr. Moreau Charles Laughton
John Q Dr. Ellen Klein
Dr. Raymond Turner
Larissa Laskin
James Woods
Junior Dr. Larry Arbogast
Dr. Alex Hesse
Dr. Diana Reddin
Danny DeVito
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emma Thompson
Just like Heaven Dr. Elizabeth Masterson Reese Witherspoon
K-PAX Dr. Mark Powell
Dr. Claudia Villars
Dr. Chakraborty
Dr. Steve Becker
Dr. Duncan Flynn
Dr. David Patel
Dr. Stuart Hessler
Jeff Bridges
Alfre Woodard
Ajay Naidu
Brian Howe
Peter Maloney
Lance E. Nichols
Paul Linke
The Kentucky Fried Movie Dr. Klahn Bong Soo Han
To Kill a Mockingbird Dr. Reynolds Hugh Sanders
The Last King of Scotland Dr. Nicholas Garrigan James McAvoy
The Last Man on Earth Dr. Robert Morgan Vincent Price
Leave Her to Heaven Dr. Mason
Dr. Saunders
Gene Lockhart
Reed Hadley
Logan's Run Doc Michael Anderson, Jr.
Lorenzo's Oil Dr. Judalon Gerry Bamman
Magnificent Obsession Dr. Bob Merrick Rock Hudson
The Man Who Knew Too Much Dr. Benjamin McKenna James Stewart
The Man Who Laughs Dr. Hardquanonne George Siegmann
Marathon Man Dr. Christian Szell Laurence Olivier
M* A* S* H Dr. Henry Blake
Dr. Frank Burns
Dr. Oliver Harmon "Spearchucker" Jones
Dr. "Trapper" John Francis Xavier McIntyre
Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
Roger Bowen
Robert Duvall
Fred Williamson
Elliott Gould
Donald Sutherland
The Mask Dr. Newman Ben Stein
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Dr. Stephen Maturin Paul Bettany
Medicine Man Dr. Robert Campbell
Dr. Rae Crane
Dr. Miguel Ornega
Sean Connery
Lorraine Bracco
José Wilker
Meet Me in St. Louis Dr. Girard Donald Curtis
Men in Black (film) Dr. Laurel Weaver Linda Fiorentino
Metropolis Dr. C. A. Rotwang Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Miracle on 34th Street Dr. Pierce
Dr. Rogers
Dr. Granville Sawyer
James Seay
William Forrest
Porter Hall
Monster-in-Law Dr. Kevin Fields Michael Vartan
Monsters vs Aliens Dr. Cockroach Hugh Laurie
Murder, My Sweet Dr. Sonderborg Ralf Harolde
Murder on the Orient Express Dr. Constantine George Coulouris
Murders in the Rue Morgue Dr. Mirakle Béla Lugosi
The Mask of Fu Manchu Dr. Fu Manchu
Dr. Von Berg
Boris Karloff
Jean Hersholt
The Mummy Dr. Muller Edward Van Sloan
Netherbeast Incorporated Dr. Myron Berman John Schile
Nights in Rodanthe Dr. Paul Flanner Richard Gere
Nine Months Dr. Kosevich Robin Williams
Nurse Betty Dr. David Ravell
Dr. Lonnie Walsh
Greg Kinnear
Laird Macintosh
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Dr. John Spivey Dean Brooks
Open Range Dr. "Doc" Barlow Dean McDermott
Ordinary People Dr. Tyrone Berger Judd Hirsch
Pan's Labyrinth Dr. Ferreiro Alex Angulo
The Pearl of Death Dr. Julien Boncourt John Merkyl
Phenomenon Dr. Brunder
Dr. Bob Niedorf
Dr. Wellin
Robert Duvall
Brent Spiner
Richard Kiley
Pitch Perfect Dr. Mitchell John Benjamin Hickey
Planet of the Apes Dr. Galen
Dr. Zira
Dr. Zaius
Dr. Honorious
Dr. Maximus
Wright King
Kim Hunter
Maurice Evans
James Daly
Woodrow Parfrey
Playing God Dr. Eugene Sands David Duchovny
Psycho Dr. Fred Richmond Simon Oakland
Raiders of the Lost Ark
and other releases in the Indiana Jones series of films
Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr.
Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.
Harrison Ford
Sean Connery
Rasputin and the Empress Dr. Remezov Edward Arnold
The Raven Dr. Richard Vallon
Dr. Jerry Holden
Béla Lugosi
Lester Matthews
Rebecca Dr. Baker Leo G. Carroll
The Relic Dr. Margo Green
Dr. Ann Cuthbert
Dr. Albert Frock
Dr. Greg Lee
Dr. Zwiezic
Penelope Ann Miller
Linda Hunt
James Whitmore
Chi Moui Lo
Audra Lindley
The Resident Dr. Juliet Devereau Hilary Swank
Return to Oz Dr. J.B. Worley Nicol Williamson
RoboCop 2 Dr. Juliette Faxx Belinda Bauer
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Dr. Everett V. Scott
Tim Curry
Jonathan Adams
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause Dr. Hismus Charlie Stewart
Saving Grace Dr. Martin Bamford Martin Clunes
Saw 3
Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Dr. Lynn Denlon
Cary Elwes
Bahar Soomekh
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Dr. Hugo Hollingshead Boris Karloff
The Secret of Dr. Kildare Dr. James Kildare Lew Ayres
Seducing Doctor Lewis Dr. Christopher Lewis David Boutin
Serial Mom Dr. Eugene Sutphin Sam Waterston
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon Dr. Franz Tobel
Dr. Frederick Hoffner
William Post Jr.
Henry Victor
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Dr. Bob Sexton Arthur Margetson
Shock Treatment Dr. Cosmo McKinley
Dr. Nation McKinley
Richard O'Brien
Patricia Quinn
The Shootist Dr. E.W. Hostetler James Stewart
Side Effects Dr. Jonathan Banks Jude Law
Silence of the Lambs Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Dr. Frederick Chilton
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Heald
The Sisters Dr. Chebrin
Dr. Harry Glass
Rip Torn
Steven Culp
The Sixth Sense Dr. Malcolm Crowe Bruce Willis
Skippy Dr. Herbert Skinner Willard Robertson
Something's Gotta Give Dr. Julian Mercer Keanu Reeves
Son of Dracula Dr. Harry Brewster Frank Craven
Son of Frankenstein Dr. Wolf Frankenstein Basil Rathbone
Sons of the Desert Dr. Horace Meddick Lucien Littlefield
Spellbound Dr. Alexander "Alex" Brulov
Dr. Anthony Edwardes
Dr. Constance Petersen
Michael Chekhov
Gregory Peck
Ingrid Bergman
Spider-Man 2 Dr. Otto Octavius Alfred Molina
Stagecoach Dr. "Doc" Boone Thomas Mitchell
Star Trek film series Dr. Christine Chapel
Dr. Beverly Crusher
EMH Program AK-1 (The Doctor)
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Dr. Carol Marcus
Dr. David Marcus
Dr. Tolian Soran
Majel Barrett
Gates McFadden
Robert Picardo
DeForest Kelley/Karl Urban
Bibi Besch/Alice Eve
Merritt Butrick
Malcolm McDowell
Sunchaser Dr. Michael Reynolds
Dr. Bradford
Woody Harrelson
Richard Bauer
The Thing Dr. Blair
Dr. Copper
Wilford Brimley
Richard Dysart
The Thin Man Goes Home Dr. Bertram Charles Harry Davenport
The Third Man Dr. Winkel Erich Ponto
The Time of Their Lives Dr. Ralph Greenway Bud Abbott
Trauma Dr. Judd
Dr. Lloyd
Frederic Forrest
Brad Dourif
Twelve Monkeys Dr. Fletcher
Dr. Goines
Dr. Peters
Dr. Kathryn Railly
Frank Gorshin
Christopher Plummer
David Morse
Madeleine Stowe
Twilight Dr. Carlisle Cullen Peter Facinelli
Under Capricorn Dr. Macallister G.H. Mulcaster
Waitress Dr. Jim Pomatter Nathan Fillion
The Walking Dead Dr. Evan Beaumont Edmund Gwenn
The War of the Worlds Dr. Clayton Forrester Gene Barry
The Wedding Planner Dr. Steven James Matthew McConaughey
Werewolf of London Dr. Wilfred Glendon
Dr. Yogami
Henry Hull
Warner Oland
The Wolf Man Dr. Lloyd Warren William
The Woman in Green Dr. Onslow Frederick Worlock
The World Is Not Enough Dr. Christmas Jones Denise Richards
Young Doctors in Love Dr. Simon August
Dr. Stephanie Brody
Dr. Phil Burns
Dr. Milton Chamberlain
Dr. Bucky DeVol
Dr. Thurman Flicker
Dr. Charles Litto
Dr. Oliver Ludwig
Dr. Joseph Prang
Dr. Walter Rist
Michael McKean
Sean Young
Taylor Negron
Gary Friedkin
Ted McGinley
Rick Overton
Kyle T. Heffner
Harry Dean Stanton
Dabney Coleman
Patrick Collins
Young Dr. Kildare Dr. Walter P. Carew
Dr. Leonard Gillespie
Dr. James Kildare
Dr. Stephen Kildare
Dr. Lane-Porteus
Walter Kingsford
Lionel Barrymore
Lew Ayres
Samuel S. Hinds
Monty Woolley
Young Frankenstein Dr. Frederick Frankenstein
Gene Wilder
2010 Dr. Walter Curnow
Dr. Heywood R. Floyd
John Lithgow
Roy Scheider



Program Fictional doctor Actor
All My Children Dr. Angie Baxter
Dr. David Hayward
Dr. Jonathan Kinder
Dr. Greg Madden
Dr. Josh Madden #1
Dr. Jake Martin#1
Dr. Jeff Martin #1
Dr. Joe Martin
Dr. Maria Santos
Dr. Julia Santos Keefer
Dr. David Thornton
Dr. Charles Tyler
Dr. Cliff Warner
Debbi Morgan
Vincent Irizarry
Michael Sabatino
Ian Buchanan
Scott Kinworthy
Colin Egglesfield
Michael Lowry
J. Eddie Peck
Charles Frank
John James
Ray MacDonnell
Eva LaRue Callahan
Sydney Penny
Paul Gleason
Hugh Franklin
Peter Bergman
All Saints Dr. Luciano "Luke" Forlano
Dr. Peter Morrison
Dr. Mitchell "Mitch" Stevens
Dr. Kylie Preece
Dr. Charlotte Beaumont
Dr. Vincent Hughes
Dr. Jack Quade
Dr. Frank Campion
Dr. Sean Everleigh
Dr. Bartholomew "Bart" West
Dr. Miklos "Mike" Vlasek
Dr. Zoe Gallagher
Dr. Steven "Steve" Taylor
Dr. Adam Rossi
Dr. Elliott Parker
Martin Lynes
Andrew McKaige
Erik Thomson
Ling-Hsueh Tang
Tammy MacIntosh
Christopher Gabardi
Wil Traval
John Howard
Chris Vance
Andrew Supanz
John Waters
Allison Cratchley
Jack Campbell
Kip Gamblin
Jonathan Wood
American Horror Story: Asylum Dr. Arthur Arden
Dr. Oliver Thredson
James Cromwell
Zachary Quinto
Animal Practice Dr. George Coleman
Dr. Doug Jackson
Dr. Jill Leiter
Dr. Robert Yamamoto
Justin Kirk
Tyler Labine
June Diane Raphael
Bobby Lee
Another World Dr. Jamie Frame #1
Dr. John Hudson
Dr. Kelsey Harrison
Seth Holzlein
Aiden McNulty
Tyler Mead
Brad Bedford
Robert Doran
Tim Holcomb
Richard Bekins
Laurence Lau
David Forsyth
Kaitlin Hopkins
Arrested Development Dr. Wordsmith Ian Roberts
Babylon 5 Dr. Stephen Franklin
Dr. Benjamin Kyle
Richard Biggs
Johnny Sekka
Bad Girls Dr. Malcolm Nicholson
Dr. Thomas Waugh
Dr. Rowan Dunlop
Philip McGough
Michael Higgs
Colin Salmon
Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Dr. Salik
Dr. Gaius Baltar
Dr. Cottle
George Murdock
James Callis
Donnelly Rhodes
Becker Dr. John Becker Ted Danson
Ben Casey Dr. Ben Casey
Dr. Daniel Niles Freeland
Dr. David Zorba
Vince Edwards
Franchot Tone
Sam Jaffe
The Beverly Hillbillies Granny Clampett (mountain folk doctor)
Dr. Roy Clyburn
Irene Ryan
Fred Clark
Beverly Hills, 90210 Dr. Peter Tucker James C. Victor
Bewitched Dr. Bombay Bernard Fox
The Big Bang Theory Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Dr. Eric Gablehauser
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter
Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali
Dr. Leslie Winkle
Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski
Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler
Dr. Stephanie Barnett
Jim Parsons
Mark Harelik
Johnny Galecki
Kunal Nayyar
Sara Gilbert
Melissa Rauch
Mayim Bialik
Sara Rue
Blood Ties Dr. Rajani Mohadevan Nimet Kanji
The Bob Newhart Show Dr. Robert "Bob" Hartley
Dr. Jerry Robinson
Bob Newhart
Peter Bonerz
Bodies Dr. Maya Dutta
Dr. Polly Grey
Dr. Roger Hurley
Dr. Rob Lake
Dr. Maria Orton
Dr. Tim Sibley
Dr. Tony Whitman
Preeya Kalidas
Tamzin Malleson
Patrick Baladi
Max Beesley
Susan Lynch
Simon Lowe
Keith Allen
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors Dr. David Craig
Dr. Amanda Fallon
Dr. Ben Gold
Dr. Gomrick
Dr. Paul Hunter
Dr. Ted Stuart
E. G. Marshall
Jane Wyman
Pat Hingle
John S. Ragin
David Hartman
John Saxon
Bones Dr. Zack Addy
Dr. Temperance Brennan
Dr. Daniel Goodman
Dr. Jack Hodgins
Dr. Camille Saroyan
Dr. Lance Sweets
Eric Millegan
Emily Deschanel
Jonathan Adams
T. J. Thyne
Tamara Taylor
John Francis Daley
Bramwell Dr. Eleanor Bramwell
Dr. Robert Bramwell
Jemma Redgrave
David Calder
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Dr. Goodfellow
Dr. Elias Huer
Dr. Theopolis
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Tim O'Connor
Eric Server (voice)


Program Fictional doctor Actor
Captain Kremmen Dr. Heinrich von Gitfinger Kenny Everett
Cardiac Arrest Dr. Monica Broome
Dr. Andrew Collin
Dr. Claire Maitland
Dr. Rajesh Rajah
Pooky Quesnel
Andrew Lancel
Helen Baxendale
Ahsen Bhatti
Cheers Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane
Dr. Lilith Sternin
Kelsey Grammer
Bebe Neuwirth
Chicago Fire Dr. Hallie Thomas Teri Reeves
Chicago Hope Dr. Francesca Alberghetti
Dr. Kate Austin
Dr. Lisa Catera
Dr. Jeffrey Geiger
Dr. Angela Giandamenicio
Dr. Diane Grad
Dr. Dennis Hancock
Dr. Jeremy Hanlon
Dr. Billy Kronk
Dr. Jack McNeil
Dr. Danny Nyland
Dr. Gina Simon
Dr. Aaron Shutt
Dr. John Sutton
Dr. Arthur Thurmond
Dr. Phillip Watters
Dr. Keith Wilkes
Dr. Robert Yeates
Barbara Hershey
Christine Lahti
Stacy Edwards
Mandy Patinkin
Roma Maffia
Jayne Brook
Vondie Curtis-Hall
Lauren Holly
Peter Berg
Mark Harmon
Thomas Gibson
Carla Gugino
Adam Arkin
Jamey Sheridan
E.G. Marshall
Hector Elizondo
Rocky Carroll
Eric Stoltz
Chicago Story Dr. Judith Bergstrom
Dr. Max Carson
Dr. Jeff House
Maud Adams
Kristoffer Tabori
Kene Holliday
Childrens Hospital Dr. Cat Black
Dr. Brian
Dr. Blake Downs
Dr. Valerie Flame
Dr. Ed Helms
Dr. Owen Maestro
Dr. Jason Mantzoukas
Dr. Glenn Richie
Dr. Nate Schacter
Dr. Lola Spratt
Dr. Max Von Sydow
Lake Bell
Jordan Peele
Rob Corddry
Malin Åkerman
Ed Helms
Rob Huebel
Nate Corddry
Ken Marino
Seth Morris
Erinn Hayes
John Ross Bowie
China Beach Dr. Gerard Bernard
Dr. Dee
Dr. Dick Richard
Dr. Colleen Flaherty Richards
Dr. Singer
Derek de Lint
Richard Green
Robert Picardo
Colleen Flynn
Scott Jaeck
Chuck Dr. Fred Hornblower
Dr. Ellie Woodcomb
Dr. Devon Woodcomb
Todd Sherry
Sarah Lancaster
Ryan McPartlin
City of Angels Dr. Nate Ambrose
Dr. Damon Bradley
Dr. Ethan Carter
Dr. Courtney Ellis
Dr. Arthur Jackson
Dr. Gwen Pennington
Dr. Lillian Price
Dr. Dan Prince
Dr. Raleigh Stewart
Dr. Ana Syphax
Dr. Ben Turner
Dr. Geoffrey Weiss
Dr. Wesley Williams
Gregory Alan Williams
Bokeem Woodbine
Ron Canada
Gabrielle Union
T. E. Russell
Sandi Schultz
Vivica A. Fox
Robert Foxworth
Kyle Secor
Tamara Taylor
Blair Underwood
Phil Buckman
Hill Harper
City Hospital Dr. Barton Crane
Dr. Kate Morrow
Mel Ruick
Anne Burr
Code Black Dr. Rollie Guthrie
Dr. Neal Hudson
Dr. Leanne Rorish
Dr. Mark Taylor
William Allen Young
Raza Jaffrey
Marcia Gay Harden
Kevin Dunn
The Colbert Report Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. (honorary) Stephen Colbert
The Cosby Show Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable Bill Cosby
Criminal Minds Dr. Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler
Crossing Jordan Dr. Garret Macy
Dr. Nigel Townsend
Dr. Peter Winslow
Dr. Miles Marks
Miguel Ferrer
Steve Valentine
Ivan Sergei
Mark Moses
Crusade Dr. Sara Chambers Marjean Holden
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dr. Gilbert "Gil" Grissom
Dr. Albert "Al" Robbins
Dr. Leigh Sapien
William Petersen
Robert David Hall
Brenda Strong
CSI: Miami Dr. Marshall
Dr. Alexx Woods
Dr. Tara Price
Dr. Tom Loman
John Newton
Khandi Alexander
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Christian Clemenson
CSI: NY Dr. Keith Beaumont
Dr. Peyton Driscoll
Dr. Sid Hammerback
Dr. Spencer Howard
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Joel Gretsch
Claire Forlani
Robert Joy
Laird Macintosh
Hill Harper
Curb Your Enthusiasm Dr. Shaffer
Dr. Shiela Flomm
Dr. Lionel Templeton
Seth Morris
Brenda Strong
Bryan Cranston
Daktari Dr. Marsh Tracy Marshall Thompson
Dark Shadows Dr. Peter Guthrie
Dr. Julia Hoffman
Dr. Eric Lange
Dr. Ian Reade
Dr. Dave Woodward #1
John Lasell
Grayson Hall
Addison Powell
Alfred Hinckley
Richard Woods
Robert Gerringer
Peter Turgeon
Days of Our Lives Dr. Karen Bader
Dr. Lexie Carver
Dr. Marlena Evans
Dr. Tom Horton
Dr. Mike Horton #1
Tammy Tavares
Renée Jones
Deidre Hall
Macdonald Carey
Michael T. Weiss
Roark Critchlow
Desperate Housewives Dr. Rex Van de Kamp
Dr. Adam Mayfair
Dr. Lee Craig
Dr. Jane Carlson
Dr. Alex Cominis
Dr. Samuel Heller
Dr. Ron McCready
Steven Culp
Nathan Fillion
Terry Bozeman
Andrea Parker
Todd Grinnell
Stephen Spinella
Jay Harrington
Diagnosis: Murder Dr. Amanda Bentley
Dr. Jack Parker
Dr. Mark Sloan
Dr. Jack Stewart
Dr. Jesse Travis
Victoria Rowell
Stephen Caffrey
Dick Van Dyke
Scott Baio
Charlie Schlatter
The Dick Van Dyke Show Dr. Jerry Helper Jerry Paris
Doc Dr. Clint Cassidy
Dr. Oliver Crane
Dr. Derek Hubert
Billy Ray Cyrus
Ron Lea
Derek McGrath
Doc Martin Dr. Martin Ellingham Martin Clunes
Doctors See: List of Doctors characters
Doctor Doctor Dr. Dierdre Bennett
Dr. Abraham Butterfield
Dr. Grant Linowitz
Dr. Mike Stratford
Maureen Mueller
Julius Carry
Beau Gravitte
Matt Frewer
Dr. Finlay's Casebook Dr. Cameron
Dr. Finlay
Dr. Snoddy
Andrew Cruickshank
Bill Simpson
Eric Woodburn
Dr. Vegas Dr. Billy Grant Rob Lowe
Doctors' Hospital Dr. Anson Brooks
Dr. Chaffey
Dr. Danvers
Dr. Jake Goodwin
Dr. Paul Herman
Dr. Felipe Ortega
Dr. Norah Purcell
James Almanzar
Russell Martin
John Pleshette
George Peppard
John Larroquette
Victor Campos
Zohra Lampert
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Dr. Jonathan Katz Jonathan Katz
Dr. Kildare Dr. Yates Atkinson
Dr. Maxwell Becker
Dr. Jeff Brenner
Dr. Vincent Brill
Dr. Demerest
Dr. Rudy Devereux
Dr. Phillip Downey
Dr. Leonard Gillespie
Dr. Roger Helvick
Dr. James Kildare
Dr. Carl Noyes
Dr. Milton Orliff
Dr. Lou Rush
Dr. Wickens
James T. Callahan
James Mason
Bruce Hyde
Mart Hulswit
Barry Atwater
Dean Stockwell
Dan O'Herlihy
Raymond Massey
Andrew Prine
Richard Chamberlain
William Shatner
Martin Balsam
James Earl Jones
Philip Bourneuf
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn Jane Seymour
Doctor Who
The Doctor - First Doctor
Second Doctor
Third Doctor
Fourth Doctor
Fifth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
Seventh Doctor
Eighth Doctor
War Doctor
Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
Eleventh Doctor
Twelfth Doctor
Thirteenth Doctor
Dr. Harry Sullivan
Dr. Liz Shaw
Dr. Grace Holloway
Dr. Owen Harper
Dr. Martha Jones
Dr. Toshiko Sato
Dr. River Song
William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
John Hurt
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
Jodie Whittaker
Ian Marter
Caroline John
Daphne Ashbrook
Burn Gorman
Freema Agyeman
Naoko Mori
Alex Kingston
Doogie Howser, M.D. Dr. Canfield
Dr. David Howser
Dr. Douglas "Doogie" Howser
Dr. Jack McGuire
Dr. Pinkley
Dr. Ron Welch
Lawrence Pressman
James Sikking
Neil Patrick Harris
Mitchell Anderson
Susan Krebs
Rif Hutton


Program Fictional doctor Actor
EastEnders Dr. Harold Legg
Dr. Jaggat Singh
Dr. David Samuels
Dr. Fred Fonseca
Dr. Johnathon Leroy
Dr. Oliver Cousins
Dr. May Wright
Dr. Anthony Trueman
Dr. Poppy Merritt
Dr. Al Jenkins
Dr. Yusef Khan
Leonard Fenton
Amerjit Deu
Christopher Reich
Jimi Mistry
Tom Ellis
Ivan Kaye
Amanda Drew
Nicholas Bailey
Amy Darcy
Adam Croasdell
Ace Bhatti
Elementary Dr. Joan Watson Lucy Liu
Emergency! Dr. Kelly Brackett
Dr. Joe Early
Dr. Mike Morton
Robert Fuller
Bobby Troup
Ron Pinkard
Emergency - Ward 10 Dr. Alan "Digger" Dawson Bud Tingwell
Empty Nest
The Golden Girls
Dr. Harry Weston Richard Mulligan
ER Dr. Donald Anspaugh
Dr. Alexander Babcock
Dr. Ray Barnett
Dr. Peter Benton
Dr. Charles Cameron
Dr. John Carter
Dr. Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen
Dr. Janet Coburn
Dr. David "Div" Cvetic
Dr. Victor Clemente
Dr. Elizabeth Corday
Dr. Anna Del Amico
Dr. Carl Deraad
Dr. Maggie Doyle
Dr. Lucien Dubenko
Dr. Dale Edson
Dr. Cleo Finch
Dr. Greg Fischer
Dr. Steve Flint
Dr. Michael Gallant
Dr. Dennis Gant
Dr. Tony Gates
Dr. Mark Greene
Dr. Angela Hicks
Dr. Jack Kayson
Dr. Abby Keaton
Dr. Luka Kovač
Dr. Gabriel Lawrence
Dr. Kim Legaspi
Dr. Susan Lewis
Dr. Abby Lockhart
Dr. Dave Malucci
Dr. Paul Meyers
Dr. David Morgenstern
Dr. Archie Morris
Dr. Nina Pomerantz
Dr. Greg Pratt
Dr. Neela Rasgotra
Dr. Robert 'Rocket' Romano
Dr. Doug Ross
Dr. William "Wild Willy" Swift
Dr. John "Tag" Taglieri
Dr. Harper Tracy
Dr. Carl Vucelich
Dr. Kerry Weaver
Dr. Ellis West
John Aylward
David Brisbin
Shane West
Eriq La Salle
Steven Culp
Noah Wyle
Amy Aquino
John Terry
John Leguizamo
Alex Kingston
Maria Bello
John Doman
Jorja Fox
Leland Orser
Matthew Glave
Michael Michele
Harry J. Lennix
Scott Jaeck
Sharif Atkins
Omar Epps
John Stamos
Anthony Edwards
C.C.H. Pounder
Sam Anderson
Glenne Headly
Goran Višnjić
Alan Alda
Elizabeth Mitchell
Sherry Stringfield
Maura Tierney
Erik Palladino
Michael Buchman Silver
William H. Macy
Scott Grimes
Jami Gertz
Mekhi Phifer
Parminder Nagra
Paul McCrane
George Clooney
Michael Ironside
Rick Rossovich
Christine Elise
Ron Rifkin
Laura Innes
Clancy Brown
E/R Dr. Thomas Esquivel
Dr. Ravi Raja
Dr. Howard Sheinfeld
Dr. Eve Sheridan #1
Luis Avalos
Henry Polic II
Elliott Gould
Marcia Strassman
Mary McDonnell
Everwood Dr. Harold "Hal" Abbott, Jr.
Dr. Linda Abbott
Dr. Andrew "Andy" Brown
Dr. Henry Validor
Tom Amandes
Marcia Cross
Treat Williams
Patrick Fabian
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin Dr. Morrisey John Horsley
Family Guy Dr. Elmer Hartman Seth MacFarlane (voice)
Farscape Utu-Noranti Pralatong (herbalist)
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan (spiritual healer)
Melissa Jaffer
Virginia Hey
Firefly Dr. Simon Tam Sean Maher
The Flash (2014 TV series) Dr. Caitlin Snow
Dr. Harrison Wells
Danielle Panabaker
Tom Cavanagh
The Flying Doctors Dr. Tom Callaghan
Dr. Chris Randall
Dr. Geoff Standish
Andrew McFarlane
Liz Burch
Robert Grubb
Forever Knight Dr. Natalie Lambert Catherine Disher
Frasier Dr. Frasier Crane
Dr. Hester Crane
Dr. Niles Crane
Dr. Lilith Sternin
Kelsey Grammer
Rita Wilson
David Hyde Pierce
Bebe Neuwirth
Freaks and Geeks Dr. Vic Schweiber Sam McMurray
Friends Dr. Richard Burke
Dr. Timothy Burke
Dr. Ross Geller
Dr. Leonard Green
Dr. Benjamin Hobart
Dr. Drake Ramoray
Tom Selleck
Michael Vartan
David Schwimmer
Ron Leibman
Greg Kinnear
Matt LeBlanc
Friends with Benefits Dr. Everett Lonsdale Brian McNamara
Fringe Dr. Walter Bishop John Noble
Frontier Doctor Dr. Bill Baxter Rex Allen
The Fugitive
The Fugitive (remake)
Dr. Richard Kimble David Janssen
Tim Daly
Futurama Dr. Hubert J. Farnsworth
Dr. Ogden Wernstrom
Dr. Amy Wong
Dr. John Zoidberg
Billy West (voice)
David Herman (voice)
Lauren Tom (voice)
Billy West (voice)


Program Fictional doctor Actor
General Hospital Dr. Rachel Adair
Dr. Tracy Adams
Dr. Addison
Dr. Dean Arnold
Dr. Bob Ayres
Dr. Alex Baker
Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin
Dr. Tom Baldwin, Jr.
Dr. Tom Baldwin, Sr. #1
Dr. Michael Baranski
Dr. Walt Benson
Dr. Yasmine Bernoudi
Dr. Borden
Dr. Borez
Dr. Kyle Bradley
Dr. Arthur Bradshaw
Dr. Phil Brewer #1
Dr. Ellen Burgess
Dr.Ellen Cahill
Dr.Mason Caldwell
Dr. Yank Chung
Dr. Ryan Chamberlain
Dr. Collins
Dr. Kevin Collins
Dr. Vivian Collins
Dr. Cunningham
Dr. Mark Dante #1
Dr. Harrison Davis
Dr. Noah Drake
Dr. Patrick Drake
Dr. Diane Erskin
Dr. Irma Foster
Dr. Russell Ford
Dr. Gary
Dr. Goodman
Dr. Simone Ravella Hardy #1
Dr. Steve Hardy
Dr. Tom Hardy #1
Dr. Tommy Hardy, Jr.
Dr. Gerald Henderson
Dr. James Hobart
Dr. Greta Ingstrom
Dr. James
Dr. Andrew "Frisco" Jones
Dr. Anthony "Tony" Jones
Dr. Seymour Katz
Dr. Kramer
Dr. Lane
Dr. Gary Lansing
Dr. Gina Dante Lansing #1
Dr. Kelly Lee #1
Dr. Todd Levine
Dr. Cameron Lewis
Dr. Jake Marshak
Dr. Ken Martin
Dr. Miller
Dr. Kyle Morgan
Dr. Erna Morris
Dr. Nelson
Dr. Kevin O’Connor
Dr. Joseph Parnell Scanlon
Dr. Tony Perelli
Dr. Perry
Dr. Henry Pinkham
Dr. Porchenko
Dr. John Prentice
Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Sr.
Dr. Emily Quartermaine #1
Dr. Monica Quartermaine #1
Dr. Julie Morris Devlin Ramsey
Dr. Pauline Ravelle
Dr. Robin Scorpio
Dr. Malcolm Rutledge
Dr. Silva
Dr. Eric Simpson
Dr. Adam Streeter
Dr. Buzz Stryker
Dr. Peter Taylor #1
Dr. Tremaine
Dr. Wallace
Dr. Jeff Webber
Dr. Lesley Williams Webber
Dr. Rick Webber #1
Dr. Sarah Webber #1
Dr. Steven Lars Webber
Dr. Bunny Willis
Dr. Lainey Winters
Dr. Wyatt
Amy Grabow
Kim Hamilton
Richard Guthrie
James Emery
Yale Summers
Philip Abbott
Susan Brown
Bradley Green
Don Chastain
David Wallace
Leigh McCloskey
Corey Young
Lydie Denier
Basil Langton
Victor Mohica
Daniel Black
Martin E. Brooks
Roy Thinnes
Ron Hayes
Craig Huebing
Martin West
Debbi Morgan
Marilyn Rockafellow
Joe Michael Burke
Chris Cavy
Patrick Francis Bishop
Jon Lindstrom
Chris Bart
Jon Lindstrom
Marie Windsor
Frank Whiteman
James York
Michael Delano
Gerald Gordon
Kevin Best
Rick Springfield
Jason Thompson
Brandyn Barbara Artis
Dwan Smith
Richard Gant
Michael Ensign
Bill Bishop
Laura Carrington
Stephanie Williams
Felecia Bell
John Beradino
Christine Cahill
Matthew Ashford
Zachary Ellington
Joe DiSanti
James Sikking
Kristina Wayborn
Rosemary Forsyth
Jack Wagner
Brad Maule
Jordan Charney
Cathy Masamitsu
Suzanne Cortney
Steve Carlson
Anna Stuart
Brenda Scott
Donna Baccala
Gwendoline Yeo
Minae Noji
Craig Littler
Lane Davies
Rib Hillis
Jack Betts
Edward Platt
Grainger Hines
Angel Tompkins
Pat Renella
Kevin Bernhardt
Michael Dietz
Michael Baseleon
Gene Collins
Peter Kilman
Philip Bruns
Barry Atwater
Stuart Damon
Amber Tamblyn
Natalia Livingston
Patsy Rahn
Leslie Charleson
Lisa Ann Hadley
Norma Donaldson
Kimberly McCullough
John Denos
William Marquez
Brandon Hooper
Brett Halsey
Don Galloway
Paul Carr
Craig Huebing
William Glover
Liam Sullivan
Richard Dean Anderson
Denise Alexander
Michael Gregory
Chris Robinson
Jennifer Sky
Sarah Laine
Shaun Benson
Scott Reeves
Beau Kayser
Kent King
Al Micacchio
General Hospital: Night Shift Dr. Andy Archer
Dr. Leo Julian
Ron Melendez
Dominic Rains
Ghost Whisperer Dr. Jim Clancy
Dr. Rick Payne
Dr. Eli James
Dr. Forrest Morgan
David Conrad
Jay Mohr
Jamie Kennedy
Mark Moses
Gideon's Crossing Dr. Aaron Boies
Dr. Max Cabranes
Dr. Bruce Cherry
Dr. Wyatt Cooper
Dr. Ben Gideon
Dr. Alejandra "Ollie" Klein
Dr. Michael Pirandello
Dr. Siddhartha "Sid" Shandar
Russell Hornsby
Rubén Blades
Hamish Linklater
Eric Dane
Andre Braugher
Rhona Mitra
Kevin J. O'Connor
Ravi Kapoor
Green Wing Dr. Angela Hunter
Dr. Guy Secretan
Dr. Caroline Todd
Dr. "Mac" Macartney
Dr. Alan Statham
Sarah Alexander
Stephen Mangan
Tamsin Greig
Julian Rhind-Tutt
Mark Heap
Grey's Anatomy Dr. Miranda Bailey
Dr. Preston Burke
Dr. Ellis Grey
Dr. Lexie Grey
Dr. Meredith Grey
Dr. Alex Karev
Dr. Oliver Lebackes
Dr. Addison Montgomery
Dr. George O'Malley
Dr. Parker
Dr. Derek Shepherd
Dr. Mark Sloan
Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens
Dr. Callie Torres
Dr. Richard Webber
Dr. Wyatt
Dr. Cristina Yang
Dr. Arizona Robbins
Dr. Erica Hahn
Dr. Swender
Dr. Virginia Dixon
Dr. Owen Hunt
Dr. April Kepner
Dr. Jackson Avery
Chandra Wilson
Isaiah Washington
Kate Burton
Chyler Leigh
Ellen Pompeo
Justin Chambers
Patrick Fabian
Kate Walsh
T. R. Knight
Steven Culp
Patrick Dempsey
Eric Dane
Katherine Heigl
Sara Ramirez
James Pickens, Jr.
Amy Madigan
Sandra Oh
Jessica Capshaw
Brooke Smith
Kimberly Elise
Mary McDonnell
Kevin McKidd
Sarah Drew
Jesse Williams
Guiding Light Dr. Ed Bauer
Dr. Melissande Bauer
Dr. Rick Bauer
Dr. Michael Burke
Dr. Sonni Carrera
Dr. Eve Guthrie
Dr. Sara McIntyre
Dr. Daniel St. John
Dr. Claire Ramsey
Dr. Meredith Reade Bauer
Dr. Jim Reardon
Peter Simon
Yvonne Wright
Michael O'Leary
Peter Hermann
Michelle Forbes
Hilary Edson
Millette Alexander
David Bishins
Susan Pratt
Nicolette Goulet
Michael Woods
Gunsmoke Dr. Galen "Doc" Adams
Dr. Charles Adams
Milburn Stone (television)
Howard McNear (radio)
Hart of Dixie Dr. Zoe Hart
Dr. Bertram "Brick" Breeland
Rachel Bilson
Tim Matheson
Having Babies
aka Julie Farr, M.D.
Dr. Ron Danvers
Dr. Julie Farr
Dr. Blake Simmons
Dennis Howard
Susan Sullivan
Mitchell Ryan
Hawthorne Dr. Tom Wakefield Michael Vartan
Heartland Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Grant
Dr. Simon Griffith
Dr. Tom Jonas
Treat Williams
Chris William Martin
Rockmond Dunbar
Highlander: The Series Dr. Anne Lindsey Lisa Howard
Home and Away Dr. Charlotte Adams
Dr. Rachel Armstrong
Dr. Diana Fraser
Dr. James Fraser
Dr. Lachlan Fraser
Dr. Flynn Saunders
Dr. Hugh Sullivan
Dr. Kelly Watson
Dr. Sid Walker
Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen
Amy Mathews
Kerry McGuire
Michael Picciliri
Richard Grieve
Martin Dingle-Wall and Joel McIlroy
Rodger Corser
Katrina Hobbs
Robert Mammone
Hope & Faith Dr. Charley Shanowski
Dr. Anne Osvath
Ted McGinley
Jaclyn Smith
House Dr. Allison Cameron
Dr. Robert Chase
Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Dr. Eric Foreman
Dr. Gregory House
Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Dr. Brock Sterling
Dr. Chris Taub
Dr. Remy Hadley
Dr. James Wilson
Dr. Amber Volakis
Dr. Martha M. Masters
Dr. Jessica Adams
Dr. Chi Park
Jennifer Morrison
Jesse Spencer
Lisa Edelstein
Omar Epps
Hugh Laurie
Kal Penn
Jason Lewis
Peter Jacobson
Olivia Wilde
Robert Sean Leonard
Anne Dudek
Amber Tamblyn
Odette Annable
Charlyne Yi
House Calls Dr. Charley Michaels
Dr. Norman Solomon
Dr. Amos Weatherby
Wayne Rogers
Ray Buktenica
David Wayne
I Dream of Jeannie Dr. Alfred E. Bellows Hayden Rorke
Inconceivable Dr. Malcolm Bowers
Dr. Nora Campbell
Jonathan Cake
Angie Harmon
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Dr. Mantis Toboggan Danny DeVito
The Incredible Hulk Dr. David Banner Bill Bixby
The Interns Dr. Peter Goldstone Broderick Crawford
In Treatment Dr. Paul Weston Gabriel Byrne
Island Son Dr. Daniel Kulani Richard Chamberlain
Jekyll Dr. Tom Jackman James Nesbitt
Jericho Dr. April Green Darby Stanchfield
Jesse Dr. Jeff Hanson
Dr. Danny Kozak
Dan Gauthier
Kevin Rahm
Julia Dr. Morton Chegley Lloyd Nolan
L. A. Doctors Dr. Roger Cattan
Dr. Sarah Church
Dr. Tim Lonner
Dr. Evan Newman
Ken Olin
Sheryl Lee
Matt Craven
Rick Roberts
Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers
Dr. George Huang
Dr. Emil Skoda
Dr. Melinda Warner
Carolyn McCormick
Leslie Hendrix
B.D. Wong
J. K. Simmons
Tamara Tunie
The League Dr. Russell Deramo
Dr. Andre Nowzik
Dr. Shivakamini Somakandakram
Rob Huebel
Paul Scheer
Janina Gavankar
Lie to Me Dr. Jeffrey Buchanan
Dr. Gillian Foster
Dr. Cal Lightman
D.W. Moffett
Kelli Williams
Tim Roth
Little House on the Prairie Dr. Hiram Baker Kevin Hagen
LOST Dr. Richard Alpert
Dr. Leslie Arzt
Dr. Juliet Burke
Dr. Ethan Rom
Dr. Christian Shephard
Dr. Jack Shephard
Nestor Carbonell
Daniel Roebuck
Elizabeth Mitchell
William Mapother
John Terry
Matthew Fox
Lost Girl Dr. Lauren Lewis Zoie Palmer
Lost in Space Dr. Maureen Robinson
Dr. Zachary Smith
June Lockhart
Jonathan Harris
The Love Boat Dr. Adam Bricker Bernie Kopell
The Lying Game Dr. Ted Mercer Andy Buckley


Program Fictional doctor Actor
Marcus Welby, M.D. Dr. Steven Kiley
Dr. Marcus Welby
James Brolin
Robert Young
M* A* S* H LTC Henry Blake
MAJ Frank Burns
MAJ Sidney Freedman
CPT B. J. Hunnicutt
CPT Oliver Harmon "Spearchucker" Jones
CPT "Trapper" John Francis Xavier McIntyre
CPT Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
COL Sherman T. Potter
MAJ Charles Emerson Winchester III
McLean Stevenson
Larry Linville
Alan Arbus
Mike Farrell
Timothy Brown
Wayne Rogers
Alan Alda
Harry Morgan
David Ogden Stiers
Matt Lincoln Dr. Matt Lincoln Vince Edwards
Maude Dr. Arthur Harmon Conrad Bain
Medic Dr. Konrad Styner Richard Boone
Medical Center Dr. Jeanne Bartlett
Dr. Carrie Benson
Dr. Bradford
Dr. Corelli
Dr. Courtney
Dr. Farring
Dr. Joe Gannon
Dr. De Haven
Dr. James
Dr. Arthur Komer
Dr. Paul Lochner
Dr. Bert Simon
Dr. Ben Teverley
Dr. Waltham
Dr. Carl Webson
Corinne Camacho
Jessica Walter
Martin Braddock
Robert Walden
Peter Haskell
Pat Hingle
Chad Everett
Percy Rodriguez
Georg Stanford Brown
David Opatoshu
James Daly
Jack Garner
Paul Burke
William Devane
Gary Lockwood
Medical Investigation Dr. Stephen Connor
Dr. Natalie Durant
Dr. Miles McCabe
Neal McDonough
Kelli Williams
Christopher Gorham
Melrose Place Dr. Kimberly Shaw
Dr. Michael Mancini
Dr. Matt Fielding
Dr. Peter Burns
Marcia Cross
Thomas Calabro
Doug Savant
Jack Wagner
Mental Dr. Chloe Artis
Dr. Carl Belle
Dr. Jack Gallagher
Dr. Veronica Hayden-Jones
Dr. Nora Skoff
Dr. Arturo Suarez
Marisa Ramirez
Derek Webster
Chris Vance
Jacqueline McKenzie
Annabella Sciorra
Nicholas Gonzalez
Mercy Dr. Chris Sands
Dr. Dan Harris
Dr. Joe Briggs
James Tupper
James LeGros
James Van Der Beek
Mercy Point Dr. Batung
Dr. Dru Breslauer
Dr. Haylen Breslauer
Dr. Rema Cook
Dr. DeMilla
Dr. Caleb "C.J." Jurado
Dr. Grote Maxwell
Jordan Lund
Alexandra Wilson
Maria del Mar
Gay Thomas
Joe Spano
Brian McNamara
Joe Morton
Metalocalypse Dr. Rockso, the Rock N Roll Clown
The Mindy Project Dr. Mindy Lahiri
Dr. Danny Castellano
Dr. Jeremy Reed
Dr. Peter Prentice
Dr. Paul Leotard
Dr. Marc Shulman
Dr. Jean Fishman
Dr. Tom McDougall
Mindy Kaling
Chris Messina
Ed Weeks
Adam Pally
James Franco
Stephen Tobolowsky
Niecy Nash
Bill Hader
Miranda (TV series) Dr. Gail, a.k.a. Dr Foxy, a "foxy" doctor who is the love of Stevie, Miranda and Tilly.
The Mob Doctor Dr. Grace Devlin
Dr. Brett Robinson
Dr. Olivia Watson
Dr. Stafford White
Jordana Spiro
Zach Gilford
Jaime Lee Kirchner
Željko Ivanek
Monday Mornings Dr. Harding Hooten
Dr. John Liberman
Dr. Sydney Napur
Dr. Sung Park
Dr. Tina Ridgeway
Dr. Michelle Robidaux
Dr. Buck Tierney
Dr. Jorge Villanueva
Dr. Tyler Wilson
Alfred Molina
Jonathan Silverman
Sarayu Rao
Keong Sim
Jennifer Finnigan
Emily Swallow
Bill Irwin
Ving Rhames
Jamie Bamber
Monk Dr. Neven Bell
Dr. Charles Kroger
Héctor Elizondo
Stanley Kamel
Muppets Dr. Teeth
Dr. Bob (Veterinarians' Hospital)
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Jim Henson
Rowlf the Dog (Jim Henson)
Dave Goelz
Murdoch Mysteries Dr. Julia Ogden Hélène Joy
NCIS Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard
Dr. Jeanne Benoit
Dr. James "Jimmy" Palmer
David McCallum
Scottie Thompson
Brian Dietzen
NCIS: New Orleans Dr. Loretta Wade CCH Pounder
Neighbours Dr. Clive Gibbons
Dr. Beverly Marshall
Dr. Karl Kennedy
Dr. Veronica Olenski
Dr. Darcy Tyler
Dr. Peggy Newton
Dr. Demi Vinton
Dr. Doug Harris
Dr. Rhys Lawson
Dr. Martin Chambers
Dr. Jessica Girdwood
Geoff Paine
Lisa Armytage
Shaunna O'Grady
Alan Fletcher
Caroline Lloyd
Mark Raffety
Carolyn Bock
Angela Twigg
Mahesh Jadu
Ben Barber
John Wood
Glenda Linscott
New Amsterdam Dr. Sara Dillane Alexie Gilmore
Nip/tuck Dr. Merril Bobolit
Dr. Quentin Costa
Dr. Sean McNamara
Dr. Barrett Moore
Dr. Erica Noughton
Dr. Christian Troy
Joey Slotnick
Bruno Campos
Dylan Walsh
Alec Baldwin
Vanessa Redgrave
Julian McMahon
The New Adventures of Old Christine Dr. Palmer Jason Alexander
No Ordinary Family Dr. Stephanie Powell Julie Benz
Northern Exposure Dr. Phillip Capra
Dr. Joel Fleischman
Paul Provenza
Rob Morrow
Nurse Jackie Dr. Fitch Cooper
Dr. Eleanor O'Hara
Peter Facinelli
Eve Best
One Life to Live Dr. Jim Craig
Dr. Ben Davidson
Dr. Joshua "Josh" Hall
Dr. Peter Janssen
Dr. Ivan Kipling
Dr. Dorian Lord
Dr. Michael McBain
Dr. Ben Price
Dr. Marty Saybrooke
Dr. Mark Toland
Dr. Price Trainor
Dr. Spencer Truman
Dr. Will Vernon
Dr. Danny Wolek
Dr. Larry Wolek
Robert Milli
Mark Derwin
Laurence Fishburne
Jeff Pomerantz
Jack Betts
Nancy Pinkerton
R. Brandon Johnson
Charles Malik Whitfield
Susan Haskell
Tommy Lee Jones
Thurman Scott
Kimberlin Brown
Farley Granger
Eddie Moran
Paul Tulley
Out of Practice Dr. Ben Barnes
Dr. Lydia Barnes
Dr. Oliver Barnes
Dr. Regina Barnes
Dr. Stewart Barnes
Christopher Gorham
Stockard Channing
Ty Burrell
Paula Marshall
Henry Winkler
Outlander Dr. Claire Fraser Caitriona Balfe
Parks and Recreation Dr. Harris Cooper Thornton
Passions Dr. Eve Johnson Russell Tracey Ross
Poldark Dr. Dwight Enys Luke Norris
Pretty Little Liars Dr. Wren Kingston Julian Morris
Prison Break Dr. Sara Tancredi Sarah Wayne Callies
Private Practice Dr. Samuel "Sam" Bennett
Dr. Naomi Bennett
Dr. Cooper Freedman
Dr. Charlotte King
Dr. Addison Montgomery
Dr. Violet Turner
Dr. Peter "Pete" Wilder
Taye Diggs
Audra McDonald
Paul Adelstein
KaDee Strickland
Kate Walsh
Amy Brenneman
Tim Daly
Providence Dr. Jim Hansen
Dr. Sydney "Syd" Hansen
Dr. Helen Reynolds
Dr. Jordan Roberts
Mike Farrell
Melina Kanakaredes
Leslie Silva
Steven Culp
Psych (TV series) Woody the Coroner Kurt Fuller
The Psychiatrist Dr. Bernard Altman
Dr. James Whitman
Luther Adler
Roy Thinnes
Quantum Leap Dr. Sam Beckett Scott Bakula
Quincy, M.E. Dr. Robert Astin
Dr. Sam Fujiyama
Dr. R. Quincy
John S. Ragin
Robert Ito
Jack Klugman


Program Fictional doctor Actor
Reba Dr. Brock Hart
Dr. Todd
Dr. Morgan
Christopher Rich
Martin Mull
James Denton
Sanctuary Dr. Helen Magnus
Dr. Will Zimmerman
Amanda Tapping
Robin Dunne
Saturday Night Live Dr. Beaman
Dr. Charles Claproth
Dr. Emory Coleman
Dr. Doug
Dr. Dowden
Dr. Flemming
Dr. Green
Dr. Griffin
Captain Doctor Rice Lake
Dr. Mark
Dr. Trent Markham
Dr. McAndrews
Dr. Leonard McCoy #1
Dr. Leonard McCoy #2
Dr. Perkins
Dr. Poop
Dr. Marshall Reames
Dr. Ted
Will Ferrell
Jon Lovitz
David Alan Grier
Kevin Nealon
Kevin Spacey
Matt Damon
Jon Lovitz
Ellen Cleghorne
Dan Aykroyd
Alec Baldwin
Phil Hartman
Julia Sweeney
Dan Aykroyd
Phil Hartman
Tim Meadows
Steve Martin
Val Kilmer
Chris Elliott
Saved Dr. Alice Alden
Dr. Martin Cole
Dr. Fish
Dr. Daniel Lanier
Dr. Karen Thorpe
Elizabeth Reaser
David Clennon
Karin Konoval
Andrew Airlie
Heather Stephens
St. Elsewhere Dr. Wendy Armstrong
Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Dr. Elliot Axelrod
Dr. Hugh Beale
Dr. Robert Caldwell
Dr. Annie Cavanero
Dr. Phillip Chandler
Dr. Mark Craig
Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Dr. Wayne Fiscus
Dr. John Gideon
Dr. Seth Griffin
Dr. Emily Humes
Dr. Paulette Kiem
Dr. V. J. Kochar
Dr. Cathy Martin
Dr. Jack Morrison
Dr. Carol Novino
Dr. Alan Poe
Dr. Michael Ridley
Dr. Ben Samuels
Dr. Roxanne Turner
Dr. Jaqueline Wade
Dr. Donald Westphall
Dr. Peter White
Kim Miyori
Norman Lloyd
Stephen Furst
G.W. Bailey
Mark Harmon
Cynthia Sikes
Denzel Washington
William Daniels
Ed Begley, Jr.
Howie Mandel
Ronny Cox
Bruce Greenwood
Judith Hansen
France Nuyen
Kavi Raz
Barbara Whinnery
David Morse
Cindy Pickett
Brian Tochi
Paul Sand
David Birney
Alfre Woodard
Sagan Lewis
Ed Flanders
Terence Knox
Scream Queens Dr. Brock Holt
Dr. Cassidy Cascade
Dr. Dean Cathy Munsch
Dr. Chanel Oberlin
John Stamos
Taylor Lautner
Jamie Lee Curtis
Emma Roberts
Scrubs Dr. Seymour Beardfacé
Dr. Kim Briggs
Dr. Kevin Casey
Dr. Molly Clock
Dr. Perry Cox
Dr. John "J.D." Dorian
Dr. Keith Dudemeister
Dr. Bob Kelso
Dr. Taylor Maddox
Dr. Matthews
Dr. Walter Mickhead
Dr. Grace Miller
Dr. Doug Murphy
Dr. Todd Quinlan
Dr. Elliot Reid
Dr. Coleman "Colonel Doctor" Slawski
Dr. Jeffrey Steadman
Dr. Christopher Turk
Dr. Wen
Geoff Stevenson
Elizabeth Banks
Michael J. Fox
Heather Graham
John C. McGinley
Zach Braff
Travis Schuldt
Ken Jenkins
Courteney Cox
Jay Kenneth Johnson
Frank Encarnacao
Bellamy Young
Johnny Kastl
Robert Maschio
Sarah Chalke
Bob Bencomo
Matt Winston
Donald Faison
Charles Chun
Seinfeld Dr. Tim Whatley
Dr. Sara Sitarides
Dr. Ben
Dr. Ben Galvant
Dr. Rick
Bryan Cranston
Marcia Cross
Richard Burgi
Bob Odenkirk
Randy Carter
Sherlock Dr. John H. Watson Martin Freeman
SGU Stargate Universe Dr. Nicholas Rush Robert Carlyle
$h*! My Dad Says Dr. Edison Milford III William Shatner
The Simpsons Dr. Julius Hibbert
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Dr. Nick Riviera
Dr. Wolfe
Harry Shearer (voice)
Harry Shearer (voice)
Hank Azaria (voice)
Hank Azaria (voice)
The Six Million Dollar Man Dr. Rudy Wells #1
Martin Balsam
Alan Oppenheimer
Martin E. Brooks
The Sopranos Dr. Bruce Cusamano
Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Robert LuPone
Lorraine Bracco
The Storm Dr. Jonathan Kirk
Dr. Jack Hoffman
James Van Der Beek
Rich Sommer
Suburgatory Dr. Noah Werner Alan Tudyk
Supernatural Dr. Sexy Steve Bacic
Torchwood Dr. Owen Harper
Burn Gorman
Touched by an Angel Dr. Kate Calder
Dr. Kate Marlens
Dr. Rebecca Markham
Dr. Rence Patterson
Stephanie Zimbalist
Victoria Mallory
Faye Dunaway
Steven Culp
Star Trek Dr. Julian Bashir
Dr. Phillip Boyce
Dr. Beverly Crusher
EMH Program AK-1 (The Doctor)
Dr. Leonard McCoy
Dr. Phlox
Dr. Mark Piper
Dr. Katherine Pulaski
Dr. Selar
Alexander Siddig
John Hoyt
Gates McFadden
Robert Picardo
DeForest Kelley
John Billingsley
Paul Fix
Diana Muldaur
Suzie Plakson
Stargate Atlantis Dr. Carson Beckett
Dr. Kate Heightmeyer
Dr. Jennifer Keller
Dr. Rodney McKay
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Dr. Radek Zelenka
Paul McGillion
Claire Rankin
Jewel Staite
David Hewlett
Torri Higginson
David Nykl
Stargate SG-1 Dr. Samantha Carter
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Dr. Carolyn Lam
Dr. Catherine Langford
Dr. Bill Lee
Dr. Robert Rothman
Amanda Tapping
Teryl Rothery
Michael Shanks
Lexa Doig
Viveca Lindfors
Bill Dow
Jason Schombing
Strange World Dr. Paul Turner Tim Guinee
Strong Medicine Dr. Nick Biancavilla
Dr. Andy Campbell
Dr. Luisa "Lu" Magdalena Delgado
Dr. Robert "Bob" Jackson
Dr. Dana Stowe
Dr. Kayla Thornton
Dr. Dylan West
Brennan Elliott
Patricia Richardson
Rosa Blasi
Philip Casnoff
Janine Turner
Tamera Mowry
Rick Schroder
Space: 1999 Dr. Victor Bergman
Dr. Helena Russell
Barry Morse
Barbara Bain
The Surgeon Dr. Eve Agius
Dr. Sam Dash
Dr. Lachie Hatsatouris
Dr. Ravi Jayawardener
Dr. Abe Morris
Dr. Julian Sierson
Dr. Nick Steele
Justine Clarke
Sam Worthington
Matthew Zeremes
Chum Ehelepola
Christopher Morris
Nicholas Bell
Matthew Newton
Three Rivers Dr. Andy Yablonski Alex O'Loughlin
Temperatures Rising Dr. Lloyd Axton
Dr. Vincent Campanelli
Dr. Charles Claver
Dr. Paul Mercy
Dr. Jerry Noland
Jeff Morrow
James Whitmore
John Dehner
Paul Lynde
Cleavon Little
The Time Tunnel Dr. Ann MacGregor
Dr. Tony Newman
Dr. Doug Phillips
Dr. Raymond Swain
Lee Meriwether
James Darren
Robert Colbert
John Zaremba
Trapper John, M.D. Dr. Jacob Christmas
Dr. George Alonzo 'Gonzo' Gates
Dr. Jacob 'Jackpot' Jackson
Dr. John Francis Xavier 'Trapper' McIntyre
Dr. John 'J.T.' McIntyre
Dr. Stanley Riverside II
Dr. Charlie Nichols
Dr. David Sandler
Kip Gilman
Gregory Harrison
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Pernell Roberts
Timothy Busfield
Charles Siebert
Michael Tucci
Richard Schaal
Trauma Dr. Joseph Saviano
Dr. Diana Van Dine
Jamey Sheridan
Scottie Thompson
In Treatment Dr. Laura Hill Melissa George
Twin Peaks Dr. William Hayward
Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Warren Frost
Russ Tamblyn
Two and a Half Men Dr. Linda Freeman
Dr. Alan Harper
Dr. Herb Melnick
Dr. Prajneep
Jane Lynch
Jon Cryer
Ryan Stiles
Kris Iyer
Two Faces West Dr. Rick January
Charles Bateman
Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place Dr. Howard Zwaneveld James Denton
United States of Tara Dr. Holden Joel Gretsch
War of the Worlds Dr. Harrison Blackwood
Dr. Suzanne McCullough
Jared Martin
Lynda Mason Green
The West Wing Dr. Abigail Bartlet
Dr. Stanley Keyworth
Stockard Channing
Adam Arkin
Will & Grace Dr. Leo Markus Harry Connick, Jr.
WKRP in Cincinnati Dr. Johnny Fever Howard Hesseman
The X-Files Dr. Dana Scully
Dr. Nancy Da Silva
Dr. Hodge
Dr. Denny Murphy
Gillian Anderson
Felicity Huffman
Xander Berkeley
Steve Hytner
Young Dr. Malone Dr. David Malone
Dr. Jerry Malone
John Connell
William Prince


Program Fictional doctor Actor
3 lbs Dr. Thomas Flores
Dr. Douglas Hanson
Dr. Adrienne Holland
Dr. Jonathan Seger
Armando Riesco
Stanley Tucci
Indira Varma
Mark Feuerstein
30 Rock Dr. Leo Spaceman
Chris Parnell
7th Heaven Dr. Matt Camden
Dr. Sarah Glass-Camden
Dr. Hank Hastings
Dr. Jonathan Sanders
Barry Watson
Sarah Danielle Madison
Ed Begley, Jr.
Nick Zano


Program Fictional doctor Voice actor
A Certain Magical Index The Heaven Canceller Cole Brown
Black Butler Madam Red Lydia Mackay
Black Jack Black Jack Kirk Thornton
Fruits Basket Dr. Hatori Sohma Kent Williams
Fullmetal Alchemist Dr. Tim Marcoh Brice Armstrong
Full Moon o Sagashite Dr. Keiichi Wakaoji Gerrick Winston
Neon Genesis Evangelion Dr. Ritsuko Akagi Sue Ulu
One Piece Dr. Tony Tony Chopper Lisa Ortiz
Brina Palencia
Steamboy Dr. Edward Steam
Dr. Lloyd Steam
Alfred Molina
Patrick Stewart
Zoids Dr. D Dave Pettitt

Children's television[edit]

Program Fictional doctor Voice actor
Bananaman Dr. Gloom Bill Oddie
C.O.P.S Dr. Badvibes Ron Rubin
Darkwing Duck Dr. Sarah Bellum
Dr. Reginald Bushroot
Dr. Fossil
Tino Insana
Barry Gordon
Doctor Snuggles Dr. Snuggles Peter Ustinov
Dr. Dimensionpants Dr. Dimensionpants (Kyle Lipton) Samuel Vincent
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Dr. Carl W. Greer, "Doc"
Dr. Mindbender
Buster Jones
Brian Cummings
H.R. Pufnstuf Dr. Blinky John Silver (Costume performer for character)
Walker Edmiston (Voice actor for character)
Inspector Gadget Dr. George Claw Frank Welker
Jonny Quest Dr. Benton C. Quest John Stephenson
Don Messick
Kim Possible Dr. Doctor Drakken
Dr. James Timothy Possible
Dr. Ann Possible
Dr. Vivian Francis Porter
Dr. Betty Director
John DiMaggio
Gary Cole
Jean Smart
Felicity Huffman
The Muppet Show Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dave Goelz
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Dr. Alvin Lowe
Dr. Alaistar Wright
Dr. Olga Xavier
Lusia Strus
Noonbory and the Super Seven Doctorbory ?
Phineas and Ferb Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (not an actual doctor, bought his degree)
Dr. Hirano (actual doctor)
Dan Povenmire
Ming Wen
Project G.e.e.K.e.R. Dr. Maston Charles Adler
Sesame Street Dr. Gina Jefferson Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly
Simsala Grimm Doc Croc Jörg Stuttmann
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Dr. Chip Walters David Blue
Steven Universe Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Transformers Dr. Arkeville Casey Kasem
The Venture Bros. Dr. Harrison Blackwood
Dr. Suzanne McCullough
Dr. Byron Orpheus
Dr. Thaddeus Venture
Steven Rattazzi
James Urbaniak


Comic series or source Fictional doctor Character alter ego Publisher
The Adventures of Tintin Doctor Müller (and others) Le Petit Vingtième
The Atom and other series Dr. Ray Palmer The Atom DC Comics
Batman Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Dr. Matthew Thorne

Crime Doctor
DC Comics
Dick Tracy Doc (1944)
Doc Hump(1934)
Dr. Cyros Freezedrei (1983)
Dr. Klippoff {1968}
Dr. Lunquist (1944)
Dr. Plain (1951)
Dr. Rex (1942)
Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate
DC vs. Marvel
Doctor Strangefate
Doctor Strangefate Charles Xavier Amalgam Comics
(DC Comics & Marvel Comics)
Dr. Kildare Dr. James Kildare Dell Comics
Dr. Weird, Star-Studded Comics #1 (original appearance), multiple other series Dr. Rex Ward Doctor Weird Big Bang Comics
Flash Gordon Dr. Hans Zarkov King Features Syndicate
Garfield Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson Random House
Schlock Mercenary Dr. Edward Bunnigus
Dr. Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz
Superman Dr. Emil Hamilton
Dr. Albert Michaels

Atomic Skull
DC Comics
Tales to Astonish #27 Jan. 1962 (original appearance), multiple series including Ant-Man Dr. Henry Pym Ant-Man
Marvel Comics
Tomb of Dracula Dr. Quincy Harker
Dr. Rachel van Helsing
Marvel Comics
Weekly Shōnen Champion Dr. Kuro Hazama Black Jack Akita Shoten
Dr. Lester Verde Doctor Bong Marvel Comics
Dr. Karl Hellfern Doctor Death DC Comics
Dr. Douglas Birely Doctor Demonicus Marvel Comics
Dr. Victor von Doom Doctor Doom Marvel Comics
Dr. Simon Ecks Doctor Double X DC Comics
Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid Doctor Druid Marvel Comics
Dr. Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic Marvel Comics
Dr. Victor Fries Mr. Freeze DC Comics
Doctor Gorpon Doctor Gorpon NOW Comics
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner The Hulk Marvel Comics
Dr. Calvin Zabo Mister Hyde Marvel Comics
Dr. Joar Mahkent Icicle DC Comics
Dr. Arthur Light Doctor Light DC Comics
Dr. Curtis Connors Lizard Marvel Comics
Dr. Will Magnus Doc Magnus DC Comics
Dr. Kirk Langström Man-Bat DC Comics
Dr. Jon Osterman Doctor Manhattan DC Comics
Dr. Karl Malus Doctor Karl Malus Marvel Comics
Dr. Beth Chapel Dr. Midnight DC Comics
Dr. Pieter Cross Dr. Mid-Nite DC Comics
Dr. Charles McNider Dr. Mid-Nite DC Comics
Dr. Achilles Milo Professor Milo DC Comics
Dr. Moon Doctor Moon DC Comics
Dr. Karla Sofen Moonstone Marvel Comics
Dr. Rex Morgan Rex Morgan, M.D. King Features Syndicate
Dr. Otto Octavius Doctor Octopus Marvel Comics
Dr. Alex Sartorius Doctor Phosphorus DC Comics
Dr. Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinn DC Comics
Dr. Cecilia Reyes Cecilia Reyes Marvel Comics
Dr. Leonard Samson Doc Samson Marvel Comics
Dr. Walter Langkowski Sasquatch Marvel Comics
Dr. Jonathan Crane Scarecrow DC Comics
Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen Shaman Marvel Comics
Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana Doctor Sivana Fawcett Comics
DC Comics
Dr. Raymond Solar Doctor Solar Gold Key Comics
Dr. Peter Starr Doctor Stellar Big Bang Comics
Dr. Walter Newell Stingray Marvel Comics
Dr. Stephen Strange Doctor Strange Marvel Comics
Dr. Sun Doctor Sun Marvel Comics
Dr. Terrence Thirteen Doctor Thirteen DC Comics

Video games[edit]

Video game Fictional doctor Voice actor
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Dr. Pal Meraktis unknown
BioShock series Dr. Yi Suchong
Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum
Dr. J.S. Steinman
Dr. Sofia Lamb
James Yaegashi
Anne Bobby
Peter Francis James
Fenella Woolgar
Borderlands series Dr. Zed Blanco Ric Spiegel
Crash Bandicoot series Doctor Nefarious Tropy
Doctor Neo Cortex
Doctor N. Gin
Doctor Nitrus Brio
Michael Ensign
Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O'Brien
Dead by Daylight Dr. Herman Carter unknown
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario Charles Martinet
Dr. Luigi Dr. Luigi Charles Martinet
EarthBound Dr. Andonuts unknown
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Dr. Edwin Lindsey
Dr. Edward Roivas
Dr. Maximillian Roivas
Neil Ross
Neil Dickson
William Hootkins
Grand Theft Auto V Isiah Friedlander Bryan Scott Johnson
Guilty Gear Doctor Baldhead Kaneto Shiozawa
Half-Life Dr. Gordon Freeman
Dr. Isaac Kleiner
Dr. Eli Vance
Dr. Wallace Breen
Dr. Judith Mossman
Harry S. Robins
Robert Guillaume
Robert Culp
Michelle Forbes
Heroes of the Storm Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou Elise Zhang
Identity V Dr. Emily Dyer unknown
Knack Doctor Vargas JB Blanc
League of Legends Doctor Mundo
Mega Man Dr. Thomas Light
Dr. Albert W. Wily
Jim Byrnes
Dean Galloway
No More Heroes Dr. Peace Richard McGonagle
Overwatch Dr. Angela Ziegler (Mercy)

Dr. Mei-Ling Zhou

Lucie Pohl

Elise Zhang

Phantasy Star II Dr. Amy Sage unknown
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All Dr. Turner Grey unknown
Resident Evil 4 Dr. Salvador unknown
Team Fortress 2 The Medic Robin Atkin Downes
The Sims 2 Therapist unknown
Sonic the Hedgehog Dr. Eggman Deem Bristow
Mike Pollock
Tekken 3 Dr. Abel
Dr. Bosconovitch
Trauma Center: Under the Knife Dr. Greg Kasal
Dr. Derek Stiles
Dr. Nozomi Weaver
WarioWare Dr. Crygor


Song or musical piece / Album Fictional doctor Performer Writer/creator
First Come, First Served Dr. Dooom Kool Keith Kool Keith
Dr. Octagonecologyst Dr. Octagon Kool Keith Kool Keith
"Calling Dr. Love" Dr. Love Kiss Gene Simmons
Doktor Faust Doktor Faust Ferruccio Busoni
"Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business)" / I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, Aretha's Gold, Aretha's Greatest Hits Dr. Feelgood Aretha Franklin A. Franklin, White
"Dr. Feelgood" / Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crüe Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars
Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus Dr. Victor Frankenstein Libby Larsen
Dr. Funkenstein” / The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976) Dr. Funkenstein Parliament George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell
"Doctor Robert" Dr. Robert The Beatles John Lennon/Paul McCartney
"Help Me Dr. Dick" Dr. Dick E-Rotic David Brandes, John O'Flynn
"Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)" Dr. Hirsch Yello Boris Blank & Dieter Meier
"Dr. Van Steiner" Dr. Van Steiner Yello Boris Blank & Dieter Meier
"Doctor Worm" Dr. Worm They Might Be Giants John Flansburgh, John Linnell


Web page/program Fictional doctor Creator(s)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Dr. McNinja Chris Hastings
Kent Archer
Childrens Hospital Dr. Cat Black
Dr. Brian
Dr. Blake Downs
Dr. Valerie Flame
Dr. Ed Helms
Dr. Owen Maestro
Dr. Jason Mantzoukas
Dr. Glenn Richie
Dr. Nate Schacter
Dr. Lola Spratt
Dr. Max Von Sydow
Rob Corddry
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Dr. Horrible Joss Whedon
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd Dr. Floyd J. Floyd Jr.
Dr. Floyd J. Floyd Sr.
Dr. Grant
Dr. Steve
Grant Baciocco
Doug Price
The Spoony Experiment Dr. Insano Noah Antwiler
"Time Cube" "Dr." Gene Ray Gene Ray


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