yes, I tore down this site

I’m Nancy Hendrickson, a multi-published non-fiction author. I’ve written for magazines, websites, and book publishers. Mostly non-fiction.

To feed my soul, I write essays, poetry, and novels. I also create iPhone-based art.

And Yes, I Did Tear It Down

After 20 years of owning this website, I realized it simply didn’t fit me anymore. So down it went, as surely and quickly as the Berlin Wall.

What you’re seeing now is new, fresh, and hopefully reflects where I am today in my writing career. Evolution at its finest.

I don’t sell anything on this site, I may recommend a book or two, I don’t send out many email newsletters, I just want to create.

What Do You Do? And Who Are You?

I love connecting with other creatives. Drop me a note and let me know what you’re up to.