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Free Nadia Savchenko ! #FreeSavchenko

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After a short interruption, Nadia Savchenko, Ukrainian deputy and member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, detained in Russia, resumed her hunger strike on Monday 16th, stating that she will end it only “the day she’s be released or on her last day in Russia”.

Nadia Savchenko, kidnapped [1] in East Ukraine on June 18th 2014 is detained in Russia for months and has begun a hunger strike on December 14th. In critical condition, her release was planned in the Minsk agreements negotiated with Russia and her immediate release was required by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on January 28th 2015 [2], date on which seven MP’s of the PACE also decided to go on a hunger strike as a sign of solidarity with Nadia [3].

As any person under the jurisdiction of the state-members of the Council of Europe, Nadia Savchenko is protected by the guarantees provided by the instruments of the Council of Europe, in particular the European Convention of Human Rights which prohibits kidnapping, extraordinary rendition and unlawful detention. Moreover, as a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Nadia Savchenko is protected by her parliamentary immunity.


[1] Alinéa 11 of the resolution 2034 adopted by PACE on 28/01/2015.

[2] (…) the Assembly also called on the Russian Authorities to release Ukrainian PACE member Nadiia Savchenko « within 24 hours and to ensure her return to Ukraine or to hand her over to a third country » Resolution 2034 APCE 28/01/2015

[3] P. Austrevicius (Lituania), G. Landsbergis (Lituania), Antanas Guoga (Lituania), Michaela Sojdrova (République Tchèque), Paver Svoboda (République Tchèque), Julia Pitera (Pologne), Beatriz Becerra Basterrachea (Espagne).



Russian authorities are detaining Ukrainian deputy and member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Nadia Savchenko, imprisoned in violation with international law.  Ms Savchenko, who is on a hunger strike since December 13th 2014, was captured by the russian separatists of the so called "Donetsk People's Republic”, held in a Russian jail and accused of giving information that led to murder of two Russian journalists. This accusation follows a previous one, under which she was accused herself of the murder. The later charge was issued after it became clear that she could not have committed the crime herself, because at the time of murder she was already detained.


Following questions therefore arise:


1.      How could armed thugs transport a captured Ukrainian citizen through the Russian border? How could Russian border guards and customs officers allow that?


2.      How could those separatists give to the Russian authorities a captured citizen of a foreign country? Why were the captors from the unrecognized "Donetsk Republic" detained? Why wasn't their victim transferred to a diplomatic representative of Ukraine in Russia?


3.      What are the reasons for holding a captured and illegally smuggled deputy of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, protected by immunity, in a detention center in Russia? Why a Russian court would consider that case?


We demand the immediate release of Ukrainian deputy Nadia Savchenko and her return to Ukraine, for what the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called in its resolution 2034 of January 28th, 2015.

We demand explanation from the Russian government, official apology and guarantees that such lawless acts would not be repeated.

We demand prosecution for those involved in the acts leading to abduction and detainment of Nadia Sevtchenko, especially Russian officials.

Failure to do so would demonstrate that Russia is not only a supporter of international terrorism, but a direct actor of it.




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