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Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks

Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks.  There, I said it.  To be fair, ALL fanboys of every nature and variety are ruining this world, and they should all be killed.  I'm not talking about regular fans of Sony or their console.  I have no problem with anyone that has or wants a PS3.  I think it's a perfectly fine piece of hardware.  I'm talking about the FANBOYS, the people that will defend Sony to no end against all things that may be construed as negative towards there beloved platform.  Here's a fine example:

I posted a story that was somewhat of a negative for Sony.  This news was not taken well by the fanboys, who proceeded to call ME a fanboy just because I posted this, and they told me hold stupid I am and how much I suck.  The next day I posted news that was positive for Sony, and the VERY SAME USERS said "thanks" and that they're glad there's people like me who can see through the bullshit and post "the truth".  So then I posted a comment in a story about how the PS3 sales increased 178%, something that was reported about 5 times already on this site, and said it was already reported.  Apparently good news for Sony needs to be repeated because the Sony fanboys all just gave me a bunch of "disagrees", even though I was just stating a FACT.  See, my problem with these people is that they can't just accept facts for what they are.  If something is posted about Halo 3 selling millions of copies, they feel the need to say "Gay-lo 3 tortally sux dood".  Why?  I just don't get it. 

I'm sure that there will be some haters that post negative comments to this post, calling ME the fanboy, but they're just proving my point.  The only channel I'm posting this to is the 360 channel.  Sony fanboys have no reason to be trolling around the 360 channel unless they're just looking to be dicks.  There's people out there that have only 1 bubble, and half the stuff they say ends up being removed and labeled spam.  Why don't they understand that nobody wants to hear their bullshit?  Ken Kutaragi himself could say something negative about the PS3, and these cockholes will say it's either made up because I'm a fanboy, or that Kutaragi is a fanboy.  IDIOTS!  You can say this post is spam, you can report me because I used naughty words, and then you can go fuck yourself.  I've only been using this site for a few months and I've already realized that this site is full of dicks.  What we need is a site that requires you to take an IQ test before joining.  People will then be split up based on their IQ, and idiots can only talk to idiots, and smart people will have the ability to avoid those idiots.  Every time I try to have a relatively intelligent conversation, it's always ruined by "Sony FTW, xbox 3sucky is for noobs, Sony will win because I say so".  I don't care what system you like, you should at least back up your statements with reasons.

So obviously my anti-Sony-fanboy ranting makes me a HUGE 360 fanboy, or so I've been told numerous times.  If using logic to determine that Sony selling at the same rate as the 360 did when it launched is actually a BAD thing, and that makes you think I'm a 360 fanboy, well then I guess you've just proven that YOU are the fanboy.  Congratulations, moron.

So go ahead and report me.  Follow me around and give me disagrees on all of my comments.  Take away my bubbles and put me on your ignore list.  All you're doing is proving exactly what this post is about.  If you are offended by my hate for fanboys, then you are an idiot.  No one should be proud to be or aspire to be a fanboy.  By its very definition it means that you care nothing about the facts, only that you are right and your console is the best no matter what.  Anyone who truly believes that is a dumb shit.  If you've read this and realized that you may be a fanboy yourself, do the world a favor and either wise up or swallow some bullets.

Lick my balls and have a pleasant evening.

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BADBOYEK44776d ago

I Agree with you 100 Percent,the same exact thing Happened to me and I own a PS3 and a 360.

strickers4776d ago

WOW.You're a little oversensistive for forums.ALL fanboys spout rubbish,get used to it.I own 360 and PS3 and I can tell you that the PS3 gets a torid,often unjustified,mauling most of the time.The 360 gets off easy from media/forums despite it's many sins as a piece of hardware.You should also consider that some of these fanatics you respond to are either children or of limited IQ(as you wrote above)so why are you,a man of high IQ,even bothering to respond to it.I love my PS3 more than my 360 because I love the user interface and it's media capabilites and I believe it offers more in the future(if it gets treated fairly)It's just a pleasure to use(slow to download stuff though). It disappoints me rather than angers me when idiots sully the name of those of us that enjoy it.

Twizlex4776d ago

I agree with a lot of what you said. The 360 is like a Ferrari with a gas leak. It's looks pretty, drives fast, has great handling, but then it randomly leaves you stranded on the highway. The PS3 is a similar Ferrari, but it mainly only drives me to the movies. Some people like fat chicks, some like asian chicks - it's all about personal preference. While most of the fanboys ARE probably only 12, the fact that they're growing up with the ability to voice their opinions with no repercussions is only leading to them being cunts in their adult life, and that's what angers me.

chester4776d ago

but what did you think would happen? haven't you been to this site before? 98% fanboys, 95% of which are rabid and ******* nuts.

you wrote a good little piece. just don't read the comments. your sanity will thank you for that.

HarryEtTubMan4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

HAHA I guess he can't handle all the Awesome PS3 news today. You'll still get owned. You know u are that why ur really so upset right now. Go play your freezebox 3.80 and all the "AMAZING" games on it. I quote because I have a 360 and have had fun on Gear and Bioshock for a few days. Hmmmm. It's becoming more outdated and freezing more by the second. Mine is. And has already got the RROD twice. What should I lie and say its not junk?? You go and cry about Halo because you too are dissapointed in it! I bought a 360 because of listening to retards that own 360's tell me it was better. LOL. IT HAS NOTHING BETTER AND EVERYTHING WORSE EXCEPT FOR A FEW GOOD EXCLUSIVES. AND THE PS3 HASN'T BEEN OUT AS LONG AND WILL DO MORE THAN TAKE CARE OF THAT NEXT YEAR. There are still alot of good games to play and all u douche's do is try to lie about the games because you lose in everything else. Try staying out of PS3 threads and hating just because you're jealous. "its has no games." No one cares on our side. We know it's not true and you guys have NOTHING left. Halo Wars. LOL LOL LOL. Pray that it's better than Halo 3 and can run in 720p so you can try to call it Next Gen.

Gamertag: get shank d

Edit: I listen to u douches when I bought my 360 . IDON'T EVEN HAVE MY PS3 YET I PLAY MY FRIENDS LOL. Dude You guys are annoying as balls, all u do is troll and hate on nothing but how "there are no games"- I guess they all disappeard because u guys say so.... while in REAL REALITY. The 360 has NOTHING the PS3 has to offer. But 4-5 good exclusives. No future. Halo is not what we thought. You can admit it. It's not horrible, but it is glitchy and laggy LOL. I tell the truth man... I listen to people lik POG, William Faker, Blood Flask ans that douche zhuk or whatever.... GUYS I RARELY AND I MEAN RARELY go into 360 articles,to even read them because there's nothing to read!! And when I mind my buisness, like today and all the awesome PS3 news I read is being trolled by ALMIGHTY AND ALL THE TROLLS... it gets old too. These are two VERY DIFFERENT pieces of hardware. There is nothing to prove except the Xbox 360 is winning by 6 million consoles. Thats great although pathetic given they had a full year of the market to themselves and the pS3 has been prices 200$ more. Nothing against you Twizlex I don't see you troll and that's cool. I don't intend on doing that and don't. I read pS3 articles until I become so pissed that ever article is constantly flamed by jealous haters that will have a PS3 a year or two from now. Seriously give it up. There is no comparison.... they are different machines. The PS3 might not win this holiday season. I think it's safe to say the Playstation 3 will in no way lose to the Xbox 360. Time will tell. Stop the flaming and hating. If you hate your system that bad join me and get the system that WILL NOT be abandoned for u to buy a new one in 3 years. If u like it then stay in ur own threads. Stop being pathetic... no one believes you.

Twizlex4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

Thank you for proving my point.

Yes, I'm sure it will be. Thanks for doing your part to prove me right by reporting me. I will now drop my pants so that you may sufficiently lick my balls.

XxZxX4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

twizzle, your point will be proven. You receives a special message from system admin very soon. Lick whose ball now? LOL

Baron794776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

@ HarryEtTubMan
Heavenly sword , Resistance and Motostorm all run at 720p so stop with your Halo 3 garbage. If the PS3 was so next gen why do their new games make my T.V. switch
from 1080p to 720p. That is bull$hit.My X-box doesn't do that. And I feel bad for you and your 360 you say you have. You didn't enjoy BioShock, Halo 3 ,Blue Dragon, Forza or Gears? That is very strange.Honestly no one want's to hear about next year or 2009 , great , the PS3 will have a killer line-up in 1-2 years. Awsome , in the mean time I will play my 360 (which has not failed me ,knock on wood) and play on it's far superior network with it's far Superior Games to this point.I really hope Uncharted is good though, I've been looking forward to it for a while. Oh, and BTW "Halo Wars that's all thats left" Please.... I don't feel like typing the 360's 2008 EXCLUSIVE linup now but I will
type - Ninja Gaiden 2 will not be playable on the PS3!

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