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Sony fanboys - full of double standards?

Hello N4G, and welcome to my blog. I normally don’t write blogs, but I felt compelled to write this blog due to the behaviors the Sony fanboys have been showing as of late. Now before I begin, I am not an Xbot, Sony hater or Nintendrone. I now I have a reputation of being an Xbot on the main site, but that is because I just can’t stand the hypocrisy and double standards of the Sony fanboys. Alright, let’s get this blog on the roll.

Exhibit A:

Gabe Newell from Valve states that he won’t be bothering with PS3 development. What do the Sony fanboys do? They call him fat, ugly, lazy and a Microsoft fanboy for developing solely for the PC and Xbox 360. They seem to forget that Valve is a small PC developer, and they’re handling a lot of projects such as TF2 & L4D updates and working on L4D2. It’s their decision if they find developing for PS3 is worth it or not.

Also, it seems the Sony boys still hold a grudge of what Gabe said back in 2007 about the PS3. It’s funny though. If you were to say “PS3 has no games” or any anti-PS3 statement that hold truth back in 2007, the Sony fanboys would respond by saying, “that’s so 2007, get over it and move on.” The Sony fanboys never seem to take their own advice and move on from Gabe’s comments on the PS3 even after he apologized.

Exhibit B:

Developer Insomniac reveals in an interview that they will not be going multiplatform. Instead of being called a lazy and crap developer or Sony fanboys, the Sony fanboys say that it’s Insomniac decision to develop solely for PS3, and that they are not lazy unlike Valve who won’t even bother to learn the PS3’s architecture. Smells like double standard to me.


Before we get to the next exhibits, I would like to post a brief overview of the N4G posting guidelines, mostly dealing with negative news.

Posting negative news: Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story.

You can also post "articles" to N4G. Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written. Opinion pieces are also OK as long as they are written by well established websites or people who work in the game industry.

Exhibit C:

Badassgamersite, a no-name blog, wrote an article about PS3 starting to show its dominance. The Sony fanboys agree with the ‘great, well-written’ article despite having run-on sentences, spelling errors and lacking depth. There were no reports, other than the mod who took it down, and the contributor was never called out. I wonder how the Sony fanboys would react if it was anti-PS3. Well, let’s turn to:

Exhibit D:

Game Industry wrote an article about Sony’s performance on E3, as well as its sales. How did the Sony fanboys react? By reporting it as lame/fake/spam, calling this article rubbish and biased, trashing the contributor who submitted this on N4G (this is more evident when BIoodmask is the contributor), as well as the editor of this article.

They also called the site a lame, unknown site looking for hits. Never mind that they had interviews with developers and other industry professionals unlike the site from the pro-PS3 article.

I like how juuken always calls N4G “every gamer's worse nightmare” when an anti-Sony article is approved. I didn't hear her complaining or calling the site from the pro-PS3 article biased. Gee, why is that?

Also, try to compare the number of reports of both submissions.

The moral of the story: If it’s anti-Sony, it’s a biased and rubbish article from a site looking for hits. If it’s pro-Sony, it’s a well-written and truthful article no matter the site that wrote it.

Wild Card:

Hamsterfist wrote an article, listing the top ten reasons to own an Xbox 360. Strangely enough, the topic was overrun by PS3 fanboys; they called the list terrible, tried to dispute the reasons to own one and listed reasons on why the PS3 is better. Some even listed the RROD as a reason to not own an Xbox 360. It was full of negative comments.

The next day, Hamsterfist wrote an article on the top ten reasons to own a PS3:

The same PS3 fanboys / 360 haters that were present in the 360 article were here. Many of them praised the article and the PS3. There were little to none negative PS3 comments.

It’s funny how jmare tried to prove that the 360 fanboys were just as bad as the PS3 fanboys:

“It will be funny to see if all the 360 fanboys will be able to resist coming into this thread and crapping all over it like they claim only the PS3 fanboys do.”

The topic wasn’t heated and filled with negative comments like the 360 article.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog, and I hope you are in agreement with me that the Sony fanboys are a terrible bunch with their hypocrisy and double standards.

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soxfan20054083d ago

There is a lot of truth to what you wrote here. I was especially annoyed at the recent "Top 10 reasons to own 360/PS3" articles that were posted here in the last week. You hit the nail right on the head in regards to that.

heroicjanitor4083d ago

He specifically states sony fanboys, but ms fanboys are saints any asshole who knows how to search could write this exact same article about ms fanboys lol f*cking hypocrite and his double standards.

Anon19744083d ago

We could do a list just like this except showing the sins of the rabid, 360 crowd as well. Fanboys on either side are bad, however..I've found the 360 crowd far worse on this site. Multiple times I've posted articles that weren't necessarily negative 360 articles, but definitely highlighted some difficulties Microsoft is facing. Those articles don't even make it, the 360 fans pounce on them and kill them so quickly. Twice within the last month I've had to have the mods intervene because articles were being killed inappropriately and had them reinstate them.

If you need evidence, just go onto the forums and look under "Articles failed" were you can apply to the mods to have legit articles reinstated. It's not anti-Sony articles that are being attacked. As you can plainly see, the majority of articles failed inapproriately are being censored by the 360 crowd. Sony fanatics aren't innocent of this type of behavior, but the 360 fanboys have proven themselves again and again to be far worse.

danthaman154083d ago

That's another thing you can never do- assume one fanboy group is better than the other. Fanboys are one in the same. Just take a look at some open zone comments on ANY microsoft article.

gamesR4fun4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

and you have the same thing with the 360 fangirls running the show

Still sad this is a real disgrace to us as gamers. Focusing on the console war like we got a life n death stake in how well ms or sony does...
Nothing wrong with a little rightful spite when we get shafted like in rrod or non existing support n crappy ports for ps3 games like orange box.

Then we get guys like u trying to make out like they're saints while the opposing faction is jus a bunch of babies... Well like my momma always said takes one to know one eh.

Genesis54082d ago

Trust me I have been usuing this site for the past couple of years. Their #1 contributor has a strong disdain for anything Sony. This leads to far more negative Playstation articles than 360.

paul03884082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

that this blog was written with a certain degree of bias as well.

Gamers before Haters, remember that... Right now you're just spreading the hate.

Applegate4082d ago

PS3 fanboys are more emotional because they love Sony like a father while 360 fans simply like the 360 with no emotional attachment like the Sony fanboys.

Look at how crazy over the top people get, Juuken/Ultimolu for instance.
Or look at how many people lately have said "Its too much, I cant take it anymore, Im leaving this site" whenever a so called "anti ps3" article pops up ---> all of them sony fanboys (Jukken/Ultimolu was one of them, of course it was just the emotion that took hold of her because she's still here)

I think it has to do with the fact that Sony have been around longer.

And a fanboy is fanboy, I agree......but you cant deny that Sony fanboy take it to another level (suicides when FF13 went multi, petitions for DMC4 to go back to PS3 exclusive, organized gangs on N4G to rip away 360 fans bubbles etc etc.).

Poopface the 2nd4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Sony fanboys flock to any 360 article like flies on [email protected] They try so hard to make 360 look bad but taht doesnt make people care about PS3.

If you dont believe me, look in the open zone. Or just look in the "gamer zone" of any 360 article. then look at the comments on the PS3 articles. Maybe there will be some "Xbots" in there but not nearly as many as there are ps3 fanboys in the 360 article.

These comments show that the PS3 fans just get more emotional about it.

edit--- I think has something to do with the fact that most of the 360 owners have owned a playstation console at one time, and alot of playstation owners have never owned an xbox before.

iChaos Amongus4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

As a neutral user on N4G here is my honest observation.

Xbox 360 "fanboys" seem to not care about PS3, they might make fun of it and say something...but thats really it.

PS3 "fanboys" seem more hellbent on distorting things, and generally just acting up more... disagreeing in every 360 article when you don't see that even in big PS3 threads, it seems like PS3 fanboys are more worried about 360 and 360 fanboys don't care about PS3 as much. That's the true way I see it.

The only way I can sum it up in my head: PS3 fanboys act like angry, sore losers on N4G.

Another One4082d ago

There are fanboys on both sides, but it seems there are more Sony fanboys than 360. That's probably the reason they seem worse.

I still dont understand why almost every 360/PS3 article is over run with fans bashing a particular console for no apparent reason. I don't understand the fanboy mentality. Why so fervently defend a console and destroy the other? What do you gain from doing that? I don't get it, but it's a huge problem on this site. Both sides.

ukilnme4081d ago

@ iChaos Amongus

I could not have put it any better than that.

ShadowCK4081d ago

ITB: Sony Fanboys are the worse kind of Fanboys out here.

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dktxx24083d ago

The fact that you only seem to think Sony fanboys are hypocrites, kind of makes you a fanboy too. Just go to a bloodmask blog, and you'll see xbox fanboys sucking ass like its a lolipop. No one fanboy is better or worse then the other. Any moron who has google can find examples of fanboys being stupid and dumb, its easy.

mastiffchild4083d ago

Exactly, if you only call out one flavour of fanboy it aligns you, willingly or not, with another as examples of 360 fanboyism are just as easy to come across.

To flag up one lot and ignore the other is bound to be looked at with some sceptisism and runs the risk of any good points being overlooked as a result. It could even be said that you have a double standard by only thinking the behaviour of the Sony fanboys is out of line yet you either ignore or , by your silence on the matter, agree with 360/Wii/PC fanboys doing similar things.

Honestly, why just the Sony fanboys? I don't get it.

Snake Raiser4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Well a lot of 360 fanboys do it too. Any reasonable gamer can see that fanboys on both sides do this stuff all the time. Insomnic also gets away with less abuse because it has been developing only for Sony for such a long time that many people think it is 1st party. Also they never call out other systems, so there is not as much hate tword them.

As for C and D both were terrible articles and neither should ever have been approved. I believe I left a comment on the last one saying such.

As for the wild card I also hate it when fanboys do that kind of BS. I might defend the PS3 (in what I hope is a fair way) in PS3 related articles, but I hardly ever go into 360 related articles because I don't own a 360 so they don't apply to me. I hate it when fanboys go into articles that have nothing to do with their console(s) of choice.

wxer4083d ago

its you that got double standards

acting like Sony fanboys are the only fanboys in this world

you have made a list full of Sony fanboys replays

well guess what

anyone can make a list of Microsoft fanboys as well

its not like im taking sides

but you cant just talk about half of the problem

and act like the other half is not there

LordMarius4083d ago

lol, so true
This blog reeks of hypocrisy
but at least now I can confirm Homicide is more of an Xbox fanboy (which I kind of knew already)

Once Upon a Fable4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Didn't Homicide used to be a huge PS3 fanboy? Kind of like Meus Renassiance? They play the better console now. :)

xTruthx4083d ago

@ Once

You just have to look at homi's post history to know he has been a 360 fb for a long time.

randomwiz4083d ago

Post history? You just need to see that he's a 360 only owner.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4083d ago
gambare4083d ago

lol I can put a TON of double and triple standards of the 360 fanboys but the one who will not tolerate it or will deny it would be the same 360 fanboys.

"ZOMG teh 360 price cut is awezumz!!"

"LUlz teh PStriple pricecut is desesperation!11"


commodore644076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I guess we can call it desperation on sony's part, because they have continually lost money on every sku at every pricepoint and never allowed the ps3 enough time to become profitable before dropping the price into further loss-making territory.

Now they have reduced the price by $100 AGAIN!

I foresee continued ps3 losses.
Desperation? Yep.

RockmanII74083d ago

The problem is that their are a lot more PS3 fanboys than 360 fonboys here

gambare4083d ago

"BaseballFan15 - 39 minutes ago
5 -
The problem is that their are a lot more PS3 fanboys than 360 fonboys here "

That's a problem in the rest of the websites but with 360 fanboys, I don't know why do you see a problem about having a global site with more PS3 fanboys, or is just the idea that globally there are more PS3 fanboys than 360 fanboys that scares you?

Once Upon a Fable4083d ago

Hmmm I honestly get the idea that there are about the same amount. Just more double accounts used by PS3 fanboys.

When your losing, everything's against you....but you still want to prove your little extreme views, regardless of facts and rely on multiple accounts and abuse the agree/disagree system hoping someone will believe you.

lloyd_wonder4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

That's a bit extreme. Probably a handful of people. You're the observant one though... I actually know a 360 fanboy who fits that exact break down~ Power of Green ring any bells?

RockmanII74083d ago

I have yet to see a website with more 360 fanboys than PS3 fanboys with the url not including the phrase 'xbox' '360' or 'microsoft'. I might not be looking hard enough, though.

gambare4082d ago

well... the try to check :


just to mention a few, post something positive to the PS3 or Sony and seconds later you will see the flood of 360 supporters bashing the article or try to post something bad against the 360 and get your account banned in seconds.

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