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One of the most amusing features of this industry is the fanboys. On every forum they strut their stuff as the world experts on everything. Yet in reality they know very little, just what they glean secondhand from the internet.

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Kaz Hirai4629d ago

King Kaz strongly supports what the man in that picture is doing.


zapass4629d ago

mmm... feels good... ahhhh

Jason 360_Niglet4629d ago

Hmmmmm, power of red being the dumbest piece of yank s*it on this site.

Frances-the-Mute4629d ago

I think the worse might be Nintendo, imo, jeez cuz of my friends, but im speaking though experience, im not judging the majority

hfaze4629d ago

TRUE Nintendo fanboys may be the least common, but tend to be the most rabid...

One of my buddies (you know who you are if you read this ;-) is about the biggest Nintendo fanboy you will ever meet. He once tried to convince me that the Wii is the only truly next-gen system out currently because of the controller. Nevermind the fact that the ONLY next-gen thing about the Wii IS the controller. Other than that it's a (MILDLY) souped-up GameCube...

He was also trying to convince me that Smash Brothers Brawl is going to eclipse every other game, and that Nintendo first-party games are the best games for any game system... He is far more rabid towards Nintendo products than the worst Microsoft or Sony fanboys..

Thankfully true Nintendo fanboys (or fangirls) are rare... They can be the most rabid of the rabid fanboys.

funkeystu4629d ago

I haven't owned a nintendo since the SNES and have been a PC-man since then, but I must say he has a point - all the improvements in the other systems (PC included) have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary, there have barely been any non-graphical changes since last gen (sure there's the odd exception such as portal...and maybe assassins creed if it worked, but largely the industry has just been making subtle changes to the last gen - cod4, halo3, halflife2 ep2 etc). I really hope that the other platforms take note of the success of the wii and focus on their own innovations for the next gen - we need more portals, more supermario galaxies and more innovation all round.