Neogaf sucks: The attack of the Fanboys


I remember when I was a kid in elementary school me and my friends would have arguments about which system was better. I can remember the arguments vividly…

“The Playstation is better than the N SHITTY FOUR”

“Mario would smash Crash Bandicoot”

“You all sound like idiots… Sonic would split both of them in half”

When I was in school I had a Playstation so I defended Sony’s name like I had a stake in its stock. I was a Sony Fanboy. I wore the S on my scrawny chest with self-importance like a smug guy that drives a hybrid car.  I didn’t care what Sony was doing wrong… no no no … it didn’t matter… I wanted to see the great Nintendo fall from grace. I wanted to see it crash and burn, I wanted to see the great Shigeru Miyamoto bow at Sony’s feet. I laughed and celebrated when that thing they call a game SUPERMAN 64 came out and got shamefully horrible scores. I defended Sony’s detractors like a Fox News pundit trying to defend their imaginary news channel….

But I ask myself why did I do this?

It was because my parents didn’t have the money to get me a Nintendo 64, so to make myself feel better about the state of affairs I decided to hate Nintendo because I didn’t have one. I think my fanboyism as an adolescence was completely ordinary but if I acted the same way as an adult it would be looked at as psychotic. People would say…

“Why is an adult arguing about a hollow plastic box that is filled with chips and wires?”

I’m looking at you NEOGAF.

Neogaf was one of my favorite sites to go log into and talk to some of my fellow videogame maniacs about the industry and games but somewhere down the line it turned into a sanctuary where some of the most despicable and detestable fanboys in all of gaming consort. An example of fanboyism gone wild is when the Egm/ 1up crew got laid off there were a bunch of people on the Neogaf forums that were actually happy that they got laid off…. that ‘s correct…. HAPPY!

Why were they blissful you ask?

Because apparently the 1up squad showed “Favoritism” towards the XBOX 360”. So let’s get this straight you’re going jeer a person who lost their job in this terrible economy just because they don’t like the video game console you own. Obsessive fanboys (especially the ones over the age of twenty one) please let go of your controllers and get a girl, dude or whatever you’re into and fall in love with a human being. You can’t have sex with a Wii it’s impossible. Well I’m not going to say impossible because there is probably a fanboy out there who found a way. Your system isn’t alive. Just because the Sony ad says “its living” doesn’t mean your PS3 has a pulse.

I used to be a fanboy but thanks to Neogaf I’m no longer one. 

Peace and One Love



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14 responses to “Neogaf sucks: The attack of the Fanboys

  1. lol is far worse than GAF, I can assure you.

    The tards there are… quite something.

  2. Kefka

    Agreed. NeoGAF is a giant Fanboy wankfest.

  3. Nick

    Neogaf community are probably the worst human beings ever put on Gods green earth. 99% of them are gay militant atheists or muslims.

  4. Jason

    Hit a nerve Rahan?
    Solution, stop being a retarded Neogaf fanboy!

  5. lawl

    Yup, they’re full of tools. Example, today a new game demo was released and people there already bash it before playing it and shitting on whoever disagrees with their judgement.

  6. zuschzero

    Nick, you’re right! I did read some posts on Neogaf, and I have to say you’re absolut right.

  7. Donald K Puncher

    GAF’s members obsessively poke around industry websites and typically end up uncovering some pretty interesting stuff well before the rest of the internet gets wind of it in the process. So as a news source, it’s actually more valuable than your average videogame website and/or blog. Just don’t make the mistake of delving too deeply into any given thread and you’ll do fine. These guys are some of the most joyless gamers on the internet, and when they’re not posting memes relentlessly, they’re pissing and moaning about anything and everything. It’s really jarring to see how little these folks actually appear to enjoy the hobby, and worse, for a board with such a heavy sense of elitist self-superiority permeating it, it’s crazy to see how ignorant they appear to be about the industry. Which when you consider how frequently these guys will mechanically tear apart and overanalyze the hobby is rather confounding. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy if there ever was one.

  8. Donald K Puncher

    Also, that Superman game also came out on the Playstation. Just sayin’. 😛

  9. Jo

    i can see why its called SonyGaf

  10. jerkt

    Nirolak the admin at gaf is a huge Sony fanboy. It’s really quite pathetic. I guess fanboys drive the site.

  11. char

    Neogaf is an embarrassment to the gaming industry and community. The only place on the internet where seemingly intelligent gamers actually think a company like SEGA hates their fans because the 50 people that want a game like Yakuza 5 localized can’t get it.

    Even worse, they let Sony marketers run wild on the site and do literally nothing about it. It’s actually turned me off of the Playstation brand.

  12. Randal Flagg

    They’ve recently taken to pretending to be social justice warriors so that they appear progressive. It’s disgusting how up their own assess they are, and it’s made pathetic by the fact that they’re clearly doing it because they’ve got self-worth issues that they don’t know how to do anything else about.

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