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A hypocritical fan of Sony's gaming consoles. Someone who will go out of their way to defend Sony at any costs. Will also often spout the words "day one buy" in various forums in regards to any Sony exclusive game, or Sony hardware. However they never end up buying these items. Usually someone who is too busy trashing what others like, instead of actually playing what they enjoy. Often thinks Sony invented everything in gaming, not realizing that Sony actually steals ideas from both Nintendo and Microsoft.
Example 1.
Did you see what those Sony Pony's were saying on N4G, Neogaf and Reddit? They were saying they believed anonymous sources that the Xbox One was 50% less powerful than the PlayStation 4, but they don't believe anonymous sources that the PS4 has overheating issues or false dedicated servers.

Example 2.

Sony Fan-"Sony fans don't buy mindless first person shooter games"----Doesn't realize Call Of Duty is the top selling game on PS3
Sony Fan-"Halo is a milked franchise"---Doesn't realize there is about to be the 6th Killzone game in 6 years
by Crapgamer October 20, 2013
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Origin of this term was on the Gamefaqs Xbox 360 boards to describe the sony fanboys who would come galloping over to the Xbox boards whenever there was bad Sony news, or when PSN was down. It has since become bastardized to describe any obnoxious Sony fanboy.
"Another Sony Pony? Is PSN Down?"
by Defile You January 14, 2016
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