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The Top 4 Worst Fanboy Groups in Gaming

Everybody hates them, no one is willing to admit that they might actually be one and generally speaking they are the most annoying thing in modern gaming. The dreaded fanboy comes in many forms and here’s our personal top 4 hated ‘really passionate fans’.

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Gozer2393d ago

I would say Sony fanboys are the worst. Of course it could just be because this site is infested with

fattyuk2393d ago

1) Anti Sony fans
2) Xbots
3) PC elitists

Conzul2393d ago

Heh, an "anti"-fan.
Now there's a sight.

The Xbots are just like zombies (hypnotized by mediocrity)
The Sony fans are like grammar Nazis (usually right about everything but still annoying about it)
The PC, can't really re-qualify that one.

alexkoepp2393d ago

Its really just Sony fanboys, but only on this site.

talking to people in real life, I ask, "what do you think of the PS4?" and everyone replies "I got the Xbox one"

I'm guessing when you do the initial ps4 setup it requires you to make a n4g account.

L0L_WUT2393d ago

I would say the fanboy that spam another console news with trolling is the worst one;)

n4f2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

@l0l_wut well look who is talking.
your bubbles finally pop.

edit: lmao there is 2 lol_wut
this one is trolling the the troll.

Flutterby2393d ago


Kinda odd considering there are more people with ps4s in the world than xbone yet everyone you ask got an xbone, averages and the law of them would mean you would find double the amount of people with a PS4 when asking around, are you sure you aren't just talking to yourself when asking around.

Flutterby2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The worst fanboys are the journalists like sessler and the guys at polygon. Then I would say xbone fanboys because they seem to believe all the pr but they completely deny facts, actual facts. They also like to move the goalposts for everything so much that even they don't remember where they left them and end up attacking each other not knowing they are from the same fanboy camp.

avengers19782393d ago

@ Alex and everyone I asked in real life has a PS4...
See you can say anything but the facts remain, the PS4 is out selling the XB1

LOL_WUT2392d ago

Definitely Nintendo fanboys they lash out on you if you legitimately criticize the company. ;)

Venemox2392d ago

"The worst kind of people are those who don't agree with my obsession with a piece of plastic"

You're pathetic.

NewMonday2392d ago

LOL @ one bubble XBone fans calling others fanboys

DragonKnight2392d ago

Lol at the Xbox fanboys having to make sure they are the first to comment so they can say "Sony fanboys."

SniperControl2392d ago

Once again, people on here have real selective memories, back in 2007 this site was infested with xboys, even the mention of Playstation bought a tirade of abuse unseen on here today.

tommygunzII2392d ago

If I'm a fanboy it's for PC, PS, and Nintendo. Xbox brand is something I'll never buy into, guess that makes me an Xbox hater :)

Madock2392d ago

PC elitists very high up the list
I'm a poke master myself so can't really talk much lol

Kryptix2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

1- Xbots

Never accepts the truth when it's obvious. Numbers never lie but Xbots somehow twist numbers around to the point where they believe in their own lie. Logic is dead with most of the Xbots. Explains the one bubble warriors on N4G and some create multiple accounts due to that.

2- PS fanboys

Similar to Xbots when it comes to downplaying negative news. Though, they accept the truth because when truth comes out, many stay quiet due to acceptance. They are not creators of lies like the Xbot but braggers of positive truth. It gets annoying when a positive truth gets shoved everywhere into unrelated topics.

3- PC fanboys

At times they can be number 2. Sticks their nose into arguments they have nothing to do with. For example, always bring specs to arguments not talking about specs. Rarely talks about games, just having the most powerful specs. Never realizing console gaming is much different than PC gaming. Console gamers never compare themselves to handheld gamers because they know it's two different things.

4- Nintendo fanboys

Hiding in their caves, accepting their console for what it is. Rarely speak out but when they do, it smells of desperation due to Nintendo's mistakes. Difficult to defend so they don't talk much. But when they need to, they bash one of the other 2 consoles or Vita. They're also difficult to spot due to low numbers.

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ATi_Elite2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

As a PC ELITIST who is widely known on this site I am appalled by this article because,

it didn't post any specs, have screen shots in 4K, or offer a link to a mod of this story. LOL!

Bathyj2393d ago

Way to have a sense of humour about yourself ATI.

I'm giving you a bubble (which you obviously won't actually receive) because only having read the comments as far as yours in this thread, I fear that quality will be hard to come by.

mrpsychoticstalker2392d ago

Real gamers know that PS Sony Fanboys are the worst, is not even a question.

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CYCLEGAMER2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

LOL....sorry but I would have to agree.

I call them Sony extremist

I have never seen a gaming fanbase take things to such extremes, trolling children toy stores, threatining developers, petitioning for opposing consoles exclusives, trolling amazon, trolling metascores etc....what other fanbase does this crap?

If I were to catagorize each console fanbase (in no paticular order) it would be.

Nintendo fanboys = Apologist
Xbox fanboys = Dude bros or meat heads
Sony fanboys = Extremist
Pc fanboys = Elitist or Cocky

Conzul2393d ago

Pfffft. I resent the intimation that Sony fanboys take anything to extremes.
Normally, we use historical record and critical review to back up our viewpoints. Very little of what we say is subjective. We just want to enlighten others to all the fun we're having and all the money we're saving. We don't want to diminish what you have...we just want you to experience some of the awesomeness that WE do.

Hail Sony.

Nekroo912393d ago

well the majority of xbots act and are children who like shooters and call other type of games overrated

Shnazzyone2392d ago

I can agree with this. Especially on this site.

Sci0n2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

If you was on N4G when the 360 was a hot commodity and everything PS related was critisized, attacked and spoke down upon by devs and 360 fanboys because games like mafia had less blades of grass then the 360 you would understand where the PS fans are coming from. To see the X1 fans denying facts, moving the goal post and adopting false prophets like mister x who spreads lies and fills there heads with crazy ideas that would turn you into a extremist too. Seeing facts denied is very annoying, have your favorite console or whatever but recognize the truth.

Chrischi19882392d ago

That is because most 360 fans moved to PS4 after MS bad PR.

MysticStrummer2392d ago

"...what other fanbase does this crap?"

All of them to some extent, and XB fans do every one of those things as often or more than PS fans.

@Sci0n - You may get a few PMs claiming that anti-Sony time never happened. I get at least one of those every time I mention it.

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starchild2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

As far as extremism and vociferousness I would say it goes like this:

Sony>Xbox>PC>Nintend o (Sony fans being worst, Nintendo fans being the most mild)

Here are my personal favorite platforms for comparison:

PC>Sony>Xbox>Nintend o

Even though I don't own a Wii U and Nintendo consoles are my least favorite I can easily see that Nintendo fans are the most mild.


Eh I don't know....fanboys in general are bad but I feel like the Sony fanboys are on another, I mean its not even close IMO.

But I do agree, Nintendo fans seem to be the most mild tempered of them all.

paul-p19882392d ago

I don't quite know what sites you are going on, but the Nintendo fanboys on N4G are RABID! If you so much as say you don't particularly like the new Mario games they will burn down your house, rape your wife, and then murder your whole family lol

Chrischi19882392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Ah, I wouldnt say that. Nobody went nuts over somebody saying "I dont like Mario". It is most times that Sony fanboys have nothing better to do, than bash Mario on Mario articles, saying "I dont want Mario 371" or "it is always the same", but at the same time buy an anually renewed game like CoD or Assassins Creed. You dont see many Nintendo fans brag about how superior their console is, but on every article there is one, bashing your console and saying how much better the PS4 is. That is pretty annoying. This is why I like PC Elitist, because they make clear, that PS4 fans have their own corner and shouldnt be so cocky, because all stuff they mention, why their ps4 is better than your xbox,is stuff where a PC is superior to a PS4. Seems legit in my eyes, Sony fans go nuts about PC Elitist because of that, but dont understand, that they are actually doing the exact same thing to everyone else, but then they hate hard about PC eltists and call them the worst, because of that. That is why most non Sony fans call Sony fanboys the worst.

thief2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

"would say Sony fanboys are the worst."
Not exactly. The problem is rather than sony is going such great guns that those "unbiased" critics from a few years back, who were busy spreading lies about the PS3, have nowhere to run.
Far better console performance, 1080p versus 720p, for a 100$ less, with a console that is so easy to develop for, a superior portfolio of exclusives with far more variety than the bxox lineup of shooters, and games that combine great gameplay and superb graphics. On top of which, the online PS Plus offering is so much better with great free games every month.
You can try arguing with that, or go "sony fanboys"

ColinZeal2393d ago

1) Nintendo bots - "THE WII U WILL PREVAIL!" - after that they claim that mediocre IP's will drive sales of the hardware when in fact Mario 3D World didn't.
2) PC Elitists - Despicable.

Never really noticed xbots or sony fans.

Shnazzyone2392d ago

You are an example of the sony people everyone is talking about.

ColinZeal2392d ago

Because? Shouldn't I had thrown shit on xbots u think?

Chrischi19882392d ago

Look, basically only Sony fanboys have a problem with PC fans. Why you ask? Because they hate, how PC fans always tell them, how much better their PC is. Sony fanboys do the same thing the whole time on basically every article, which is not about the PS4. In the eyes of Sony fans, Nintendo fans have no right to have fun with their console, because theirs is better. Truly now, often it seems like, Sony fanboys think, because of owning a PS4 they bought a Club Card for being asses. Like it is their right to do so, but then hate on somebody doing the same to them or if somebody tries to defend the console they put their money at, like it is forbidden, because a sony fanboy spoke. Tell me, on how many Sony game articles, are Nintendo fanboys, always trying to remind you, why theie console is better. Because on Nintendo artivles there is not one, where there is not at least one trolling sony fanboy bashing everything, lile he is getting paid by sony.

MrSwankSinatra2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Sony fanboys are definitely the worst, when it comes to sony they can't take an ounce of criticism. Any sort of negative news about sony, they'll. try to spin it into a positive.

DigitalRaptor2392d ago

If that sentiment ends up being the popular opinion amongst gamers, then I have no problem with it. It may well be true.

Sony isn't perfection, yet I'm being told I personally believe they are. I believe they are better than MS on a gaming level, but that gets me called a fanboys so where do I turn? I think MS fanboys ultimately have re-written history to their liking, and omitted that sh*t that they did last gen.

At any rate, no Sony fanboy this generation is making up as much FUD and lies this gen as did MS fanboys last gen. What is happening now (the Sony fanboys being loud and obnoxious) It's just a form of personal retribution for the way the media influenced the fanboys of last gen with complete and utter lies, and exposing the double standards of last gen.

kenshiro1002392d ago

Microsoft fans can't take criticism either.

Your point?

avengers19782393d ago

The xbots, then PC, then nintendogs

PotatoClock2392d ago

Damn, that's harsh.
You must be such an xbot that you don't even acknowledge that Sony exists. Harsh man, just harsh.

LOL_WUT2392d ago

Nintendogs hah! Good one dude ;)

marloc_x2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


jessupj2393d ago

All fanboys are annoying, but MS apologists are by far the worst.

When they can so fircely defend a company when they tried to take away their basic consumer rights in the form of DRM, there's seriously something wrong.

Also, when sony fanboys spew their retoric there's usually a lot of truth to what they're saying. Whereas MS fanboys I find usually spout out complete lies or statements that don't resemble anything close to reality.

You might think Sony fanboys are worse because they're the loudest, but I would say MS apologists are worse because they blindly defend a company that clearly wants to sucks this industry dry for all it's worth.

MRMagoo1232392d ago

the disagrees kinda prove your point lol.

doolin_dalton2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"Also, when sony fanboys spew their retoric there's usually a lot of truth to what they're saying."

Oh please. Sony fanboys spout on and on with their endless conspiracy theories. No other group is nearly as bad.

Anytime there's even a tiny bit of negative press about the Playstation, all we hear is "that site is biased, they've been paid by MS, he just a shill" etc. And, of course, there's ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support these endless delusions.

Sony fanboys believe everything Playstation related is perfect, and anyone who dares to utter a criticism is attacked endlessly. Sony fanboys really believe that nearly the entire gaming universe is out to get them - that hardly represents anything close to reality.

It all began when the PS3 didn't dominate as they expected. Since the PS3 was perfect (as is everything Sony), there had to be a reason. After all, they couldn't accept that the 360 was an excellent machine, and was better than PS3 in some areas. So, it soon became "they've been paid by MS to talk trash about the PS3". The mindless sheep (mostly here at N4G) jumped on board, and the conspiracy theory train has been running full steam ever since.

maniacmayhem2392d ago

And what about the blind Sony fanboys that can't seem to see that Sony is doing exactly the same thing with their PS4 that MS is.

They all seem to forget their online passes, there now paid online for multiplayer games, implementing TV features, and gimmicks like VR.

And yet we get sony defenders talking loud and as usual can't see this because they are to busy being worried about what the other consoles are doing.

They are the first to blow everything out of proportion, from the FCC, hUMA and 8 gigs of RAM. They are the first to back track and be hypocrites from "sales don't matter" to "we'll never pay to play online."

They screamed "power of the Cell" but now make fun of MS's "power of the cloud". Sony fanboys partied whenever Kevin Butler showed up but now take a shot at every MS comment or promotion as a PR stunt or hype.

Sony fanboys hated Nintendo's motion controller but proclaimed success when Sony introduced Move. Going out there way to say "Well Sony was making it first" or "true 1:1" knowing full well they knew nothing about 1:1. And when Sony hardly supported it, you guys said nothing.

"Also, when sony fanboys spew their retoric there's usually a lot of truth to what they're saying."

Spoken like a true blind Sony fanboy. Of course you would think this.

DigitalRaptor2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

As usual doolin_dalton... no facts to support your claims, just sweeping unfounded generalisation.

Whilst there are the same groups out there in the Xbox fanboy community that are about 20x as delusional and biased as Sony fanboys can be.

No Sony fanboy group is as delusional as the MisterXMedia faction, for example. I don't see you complaining about those mind-f***ed individuals. No one went out their way to prove that the PS3 had a dual GPU or secret sauce, and still continue on delusional tirades, even after an official statement has been put out, which disproves their cause.

Meanwhile, last gen you had "professional" publications doctoring screenshots to favour the 360 version, or downplay the PS3's performance.

And that says a lot about the lengths these fanboys will go to spread their delusional rhetoric.


@ ManiacMayhem

Yet, groups of people like you cannot accept that people have problems with MS as a corporation, going as far as to group people legitimately complaining about the detrimental impact they have and continue to have on this industry, and label them as Sony fanboys who are always blind and helpless in their arguments.

But Microsoft/Xbox fanboys are not capable of the same things of Sony fanboys.... sure. Keep telling yourself that so you can continue trying to sweep away the people on here who have negative things about MS, regardless of how true or relevant it might be. See... these are the real apologists. The ones trying to silence legitimate concerns from reaching popular opinion, by posting the word "fanboy" on them.

And you called VR a gimmick simply to try and connect it to the fact that Kinect is indeed a gimmick that hasn't proven its worth in gaming in any real capacity. Oculus Rift is newer than Kinect, and has already proven its pudding. Come back to me when you can form a legitimate/balanced, comment on this topic, dude.

maniacmayhem2392d ago

@Digital Raptor

Raptor only sony fanboys who want to complain have a problem with MS. Why should having a problem with MS personally have any views on their console and the games it has? it is just an excuse for your group of people to complain and troll as Sony rolls out the same policies and features MS is.

I love that excuse you Sony fanboys use. "We hate MS, not Xbox!". And yet your in every Xbox article downplaying it's games, or features. Doesn't appear to have anything to do with the company with comments from you and others.

You are one of the biggest sony defenders and apologist on this site and what is so funny and ironic is you personally are blind to the fact that you are exactly what you constantly accuse others of. I have no problem with "legitimate concerns" but lets be honest none of your concerns are "legitimate", so please stop dropping that word to prove your rabid fanboy-ism.

"And you called VR a gimmick simply to try and connect it to the fact that Kinect is indeed a gimmick..."

I rest my case as you cherry picked through my points to express your view. You also defended Oculus Rift ONLY for the simple fact Sony is coming out with their own VR headset. True sony defense.

VR has been around a lot longer than Kinect and what has it done for gaming? Nothing. So how can it be any more relevant or proven its "pudding" than Kinect that is still in its infancy and has been supported by MS way longer than any other company supported VR.

jessupj2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


And you're one of the biggest MS apologists on here. You're actually also one of the most annoying, because while some of the usual suspects on here don't hide that fact you like to sit on your high, self righteous horse and pretend you're not a fanboy. It's pathetic.

"only sony fanboys who want to complain have a problem with MS."

Wow, just wow. You just immediately discredited yourself in that first sentence. So you're telling me MS is perfect. That the only person that would complain about MS is a sony fanboy and that's only because they have an irrational hate for MS and not because there's any truth to what they say? Such delusion.

" Sony rolls out the same policies and features MS is"

And if you honestly think Sony is even in the same ball park when it comes to policies and business decisions... well you're a lot more delusional than I originally thought. There's no point trying to correct you when the truth is already staring you in the face.

And power of the cell is true, where as power of the cloud is a pipe dream. 8 gigs GDDR is a big advantage too. A lot of people complained about the paying to pay online (I was one of the first) even though sony gives us games every month and doesn't hide apps behind their paywall that are free absolutely everywhere else... unlike a certain other company. Do you know which company I'm referring to?

You always had a bias and that was fine, but lately you're becoming a lot more rabid as the generation continues. Maybe things aren't going your way and you're getting bitter. I don't mind your fanboyism, but at least stop trying to pretend you're not a fanboy, while acting like one your self and having the audacity to call other people fanboys. Just stop it.

maniacmayhem2391d ago


The truth of the matter is it's really fanboys like you who gives the rest of the Sony fanboys a very bad name. At least folks like Digital and others can state some of their own opinions and reasons even if I find it rather foolish. All you do is blame MS for the apparent fall of video games. All you do is parrot what you read others put down and pass it off as your own thought. You bring nothing to the table and rarely do I ever see you excited about anything Sony has to offer. Your whole reason on this site is to attack anyone who isn't a Sony fan. You and "one" other person are the only ones I see doing this on this site.

"So you're telling me MS is perfect."

I told you MS was perfect?! Please point out where I have EVER in my history of comments said that MS is PERFECT. This is how completely dense and blind you are. Never have I even remotely said anything near that.

"There's no point trying to correct you when the truth is already staring you in the face."

You can't correct me which is why you made such a sweeping vague statement in the first place, as you cannot prove me wrong otherwise.

"And power of the cell is true.."

Wow, only the deepest, saddest and the most blind of fanboys could pull that statement off and go about life unfazed. There was nothing the cell could do or have done that any PC of that time could not have pulled off. There was not one game on PS3 that was designed or made with the cell in such a specific way that it could not ever be duplicated or played on another console.

The cell was a proprietary piece of sony hardware that made devs lives harder. Which is why it was dropped, which is why devs are cheering the PS4 ease of use now.

Yea, I bet you complained about paid online for a half a second. But Sony eased their way up your backside with free games long as you keep paying of course. And since you do pay for online, what difference does it make where those extra apps are placed? None at all. But of course you only use this as another "get back" at MS.

No one is pretending not to be a fanboy. I will be the first to tell anyone I prefer Nintendo, I will be the first to tell anyone I think Nintendo is awesome but they have problems which I have stated numerous times and my next go to console is the 360 followed by the PS3.

I find it a lot more hilarious that you and your sony troop are becoming more aggressive, starting to resort a lot more in low brow name calling, getting extremely defensive and paranoid as more and more people on this site are starting to see through your thin veil of complete BS.

jessupj2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"I told you MS was perfect?!"

You said it when you inferred only sony fanboys complain about MS. I thought that would have been obvious.

"You can't correct me which is why you made such a sweeping vague statement in the first place, as you cannot prove me wrong otherwise. "

I could have easily mentioned their draconian DRM, their PR insults to gamers, their focus on kinect and tvs, amoung many many other things. But like I said, these things are staring you in the face so if you don't see them it's because you're blind or delusional or both.

"Wow, only the deepest, saddest and the most blind of fanboys could pull that statement off and go about life unfazed."

It's amazing you make a complete fool of yourself and don't have the tiniest comprehension how stupid that sentence is. The Last of US, GOW, Uncharted, among many other first party games says hello. Yes the cell was a dogs breakfast to code for, but once devs got the hang of it, their games shined.

"No one is pretending not to be a fanboy."

Yes you are. There's a big difference between "prefering something" and being a fanboy.

"I find it a lot more hilarious that you and your sony troop are becoming more aggressive, starting to resort a lot more in low brow name calling, getting extremely defensive and paranoid as more and more people on this site are starting to see through your thin veil of complete BS."

Every day you seem to keep outdoing yourself for saying stupid things. Do you even realise how harmoniously ironic that paragraph you wrote was? You call me aggressive and defensive while frothing at the mouth. I've lost count how many times you've called me a fanboy.

I think next time you should sit down and collect your thoughts before replying to me, because it seems the truth really gets under your skin.

maniacmayhem2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

"You said it when you inferred only sony fanboys complain about MS."

No where does that even begin to suggest that I think MS is perfect. There isn't even one bit of intelligence in that statement to even justify that. This is such a weak and extremely lame attempt to explain your sorry, lame position of you versus anyone who doesn't think Sony is the all god of gaming.

"I could have easily mentioned their draconian DRM, their PR insults to gamers,..."

Yes, you could have repeated everything MS "could have", "would have" or "what if" as you usually do repeatedly on this site day in and day out but as I already said before it's always the sony fanboys who want to complain constantly about MS. Thanks for proving that point.

"Yes you are. There's a big difference between "prefering something" and being a fanboy."

Well seeing how I just told you I am a fanboy and actually told you what I am a fanboy of and what I prefer I don't see any reason you had to repeat that. But understanding isn't one of your strongest qualities so...

"Do you even realise how harmoniously ironic that paragraph you wrote was?"

Do you even know what "harmoniously ironic" even means? Of course you don't, but since I and others have repeatedly told you the same thing I guess you saw fit to try and use it in a sentence yourself. No one is frothing at the mouth, I'm actually smiling as I think your reply is beyond hilarious, ludicrous speed even.

"..but once devs got the hang of it, their games shined."

How about you explain or expand what I originally said. How or what did Last of US, Uncharted or GoW do any differently that could not have been achieved on any other system, PC or Xbox?
What different design, gameplay, AI that those games pulled off because of the cell? All three of those games where linear narratives, that led the user down one specific path with one ending. Besides the graphics, it was nothing no other system could have pulled off. But for you to sit there and think the cell single handedly made these games somewhat different is what baffles me the most.

You personally have no idea what the cell even does or what it was used for or how it helped out for its games and this is why you can't answer the question and all you can do is name drop "certain" hand picked games. This is the reason why sony fanboys are truly the worse of the bunch.

"I think next time you should sit down and collect your thoughts before replying to me"

Please, I could drink three cans of Steel Reserve 211, listen to Riff Raff, watch I'm A Teen Mom and still have enough wits about myself to reply to a boy-child like you.

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stragomccloud2393d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure if Sony fanboys are the worst, or if it is just the horrible horrible deluded zealots of N4G.

SpiralTear2392d ago

I know people who chew out anything Microsoft does on their social media networks, insisting that the PS4 is perfect and laughing at anything Microsoft-related. Trust me, they're not all congregated on N4G.

LiinoMajire2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


I'm one of them, I honestly can't stand MS, nor do I like/enjoy anything they produce. But, I only post/bash when they fuck up and do something so idiotic, I can't find any logical sense in it. Which is a lot. Lol.

I stick to Sony/Nintendo for gaming
and Apple/Samsung for tech.

I refuse to dirty my life with MS.

TheSaint2392d ago

And by saying that you make yourself just as bad as you claim they are.

DigitalRaptor2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Yet.... Gozer.... You are the literal opposite of a Sony fanboy, who does that which he criticises them for, but for Microsoft.

Get off your high horse, and understand that being a hypocrite doesn't help your comments or sense of superiority.

On-topic: The worst fanboy groups are those that are willing to accept anti-consumerism and support the detrimental impact that the negative decisions these corporations have on the industry at large. Those that put their fingers in their ears when met with logical arguments and prefer to live in cloud cuckoo land, despite reality dictating otherwise. And it just so happens that these people are the biggest hypocrites of all when it comes down to it.

Hint: Xbox fanboys willing to support Microsoft's big middle finger to the consumer and the downfall of gaming as when we have control over our physically purchased content and consoles we paid good money for. Those who were going to gloss over the fact that Kinect was required to even use your console, and the reason being that they wanted to use your personal data to force feed you personalised non-gaming ads on your gaming console and hope that you don't care about it. No fanboy/consumer base has helped affect this industry as negatively as the Xbox audience.

Gozer2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

You are a sony fanboy, so its no surprise you didnt like my post. You didn't have to write a wall of text about your twisted opinion, that Im not going to waste my time reading, just to say you think Xbox fans are the worst. Cheers.

DigitalRaptor2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

So you saw my username, and thought... "hmmm I've seen that he's a Sony fanboy based on my biased opinion, so I'll ignore it".

Just do yourself a favour and add me to your ignore list, if you're going to acknowledge my comment and then just ignore the very first sentence that pretty much disarms your ability to make a legitimate point in this conversation.

However, you seem to have read my comment.... seeing as thought you summed it up in your post. Weird, to pretend you don't care, but then prove that you actually do. And the crux of my comment here, is that you obviously see logical points, sprinkled with facts, and you ignore them, because it's easier for you to ignore things that you don't like. That is basically the mindset of the Xbox fanboy, and I'm not surprised that you just became the stereotype.

ShowGun9012392d ago


Digital raptor:
The worst fanboy groups are...Those that put their fingers in their ears when met with logical arguments.

You are a sony fanboy, so its no surprise you didnt like my post. You didn't have to write a wall of text about your twisted opinion, that Im not going to waste my time reading.


wow, way to prove his point! seriously, gozer, how bad do you want to look like a completely biased fanboy? bad enough to do EXACTLY what he accuses you of, right after he accuses you of it? wow. WOW!

SilentNegotiator2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Yeah, this site is so infested with Sony fanboys that this page is swarming with complaints about Sony fanboys. And yours got a well said, despite more disagrees. Oh yeah, it's a regular N4SonyG on this site, where anti-sony fanboys are given undeserved well said markings and everyone complains about Sony fans.


No_Limit2392d ago

Is this a trick question?

feraldrgn2392d ago

80 agrees, 93 disagrees & a Well said, I'd say the scales are balanced.