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Bloodmask Presents: Cry for Me Sony Fanboy

Hello N4G community and welcome to my new blog. It is time once again to delve deep into the irrational thought process and behavioral patterns of the Sony fanboy that can be found lurking throughout N4G. Today you will be whisked away on a journey that will exhibit the hypocrisy that the Sony fanboy collective portrays on a daily basis.

First it is necessary to educate you on the basic N4G posting guidelines. This is a brief overview of the N4G posting guidelines sections that are pertinent to this this feature.

Posting negative news:  Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story.

You can also post "articles" to N4G. Articles posted to N4G should be of interest to the gaming community and be professional and well written. Opinion pieces are also OK as long as they are written by well established websites or people who work in the game industry.

Now that you are familiar with the posting rules and guidelines it is time to move on to how they pertain to may story. I recently posted a story from the Motley Fool entitled "Will Activision Kill Sony." The Motley Fool is a renowned investment website and post articles that are well within the parameters of the above posting guidelines.

But the Sony fanboy hive mind tries to censor news or articles that say anything bad about Sony. It has nothing to do with posting rules. The reports are posted in  a retaliation that suits these Sony fanboy's agenda.

I present to you exhibit A:
Click the info button located underneath my name that is off to the right to take a trip down the Sony fanboy river of tears.

Before I move on I would like to go over some of my personal favorite highlights form the comments section of this article. They are as follows.

GWAVE: "Hahahahah! Didn't even give their site a click. What a funny joke. I can't say I'm surprised that it was Bloodmask who posted this."

Hellsvacancy: "Instead of that how about killin the source of these bullsh|t articles - BLOODMASK."

Mastiffchild: "I know.I honestly doubt he has time to EVER play a game as he's too caught up in a personal quest to find these know-nothing copy and paste "Sony iz teh doooomed!!" articles."

Jinxstar: "Report the story and user. It breaks the guidelines . We don't need anymore of this BS Bloodmask keeps submitting."

Darkride66: "Another Sony is doomed article...submitted by none other than bloodmask."

Solidjun5: "Another bloodmask article."

I present to you exhibit B:

Now, keep in mind that these articles are both posted from reputable websites...The Motley Fool and Industry Gamers yet they both have upwards of almost one hundred reports.

Exhibit C:

Exhibit C only has one report even though it is a forum post that is in fact written and posted by one of N4G's resident Sony fanboys TheDeadMetalhead.

Exhibit D:

Exhibit D is really a funny article. If you click the source link and scroll down to the bottom it is actually written and posted by a resident N4G Sony fanboy Darkride66. This article also only has a few reports posted on it.

Now that the evidence has been posted it is time to analyze the facts that have been presented. It seems that if the contributors of N4G post articles that in no way break the N4G guidelines the Sony fanboy collective will try to stop them from being posted at all costs.

But on the other end of the spectrum if the articles say only positive things about Sony the articles are OK to post no matter what the source material is. Keep in mind that both exhibits C and D were both in fact written by members of N4G themselves.

In conclusion I would like to thank the N4G members GWAVE, Hellsvancy. Mastiffchild, Jinxstar, Darkride66 and Solidjun5 for their kind comments in reference to me. As you can see the Sony fanboys themselves are guilty of breaking the posting rules themselves that they so adamantly claim that others and myself do. When in fact they don't. Their hypocrisy has been well documented here.

Take the Bloodmask challenge N4G community. If you see any type of article that has negative connotations towards Sony in any way shape or form click the info button. You too can experience the joy of swimming down the Sony fanboy river of tears. I would like to thank the members of N4G that have taken the time out of their day to read my blog. And as always happy gaming!

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socomnick4098d ago

Sony fanboy tears are truly an exquisite delight, their sweet, yet salty tears are the elixir of life and not only rejuvenate my body, but also my mind and spirit.

For we bots shall feast on their tears when the inevitable happens, when Sony Corp cancels the ps3. It's only a matter of time.

Anon19744097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

18? 19 times?
We get it. You hate Sony, it's customers, the Japanese, everything that could possibly be related to hate. We get it.

"Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story."
Yeah, that's why a recent well written piece on MS's recent PR spin, despite being 100% newsworthy and true died under a flood of "reports" from Xbox fanboys who didn't read the article. Happens all the time.

The motley fool article was, to anyone with an understanding of the business, laughable with no basis in reality. If you write water isn't wet, you're entitled to your opinion but it doesn't make it true and people will call you on it.

Compare that to the article submitted by yours truly regarding Metacritic scores. The article is 100% based on fact, factual evidence that can be easily verified by anyone with time and a spreadsheet. And the fact that he labels me a fanboy too...priceless. Anyone can view my posting history to see I play both the PS3 and 360 and regularly comment, criticize and compliment both systems and my gamertag is right there in plain view. recap Bloodmask's position: Factual stories aren't valid unless submitted by himself - and despite plenty of other authors who frequent this site - I'm not allowed to for some reason. Articles based on nothing - their ok because they're opinion!

What a hypocrite.

DelbertGrady4097d ago

Your story failed because it was a duplicate of this:

It was the same story but with a fanboy twist to make "M$" look bad. Not surprised it was posted by you.

Anon19744097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Fanboy twist. There was no fanboy twist. The entire point of the article was examining Microsoft's spin in their obviously misleading response to the Obama quote, while wondering if Sony and Nintendo would respond.
The news post did that, simply posted the quotes. The article I posted examined the quotes and the implied meaning and potential impact. Not even close to the same thing - yet the Xbox mafia reported it like their life depended on it.
On of the original approvers of the article pulled his approval an apologized to me. He was worried that with the Xbox fanboys going ape on it he'd lose his approver status. Says a lot, doesn't it? People are afraid to approve anything that's not pro-Microsoft for fear of reprisals. For a "sony fanboys" website, just look at the articles that get approved. This week's top stories is anti-Sony after anti-Sony spin with not a lick of truth behind any of it. The inmates run the asylum.

But interestingly enough, there was a good article about Metacritic scores on PS3 versus 360 games that Bloodmask himself approved, despite it dispelling one of the 360 fanboy's favorite myths, that all multiplatform games are better on the 360. Perhaps he mistakingly thought that Metacritic would agree and approved the article based on that alone.

And the "not surprised it was posted by you," crack. Dude, have you even looked at my posting history? The articles I post are about as varied as they can possibly be.

Applegate4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Its not a secret for anyone, Sony fanboys are by far the most hardcore for several reasons: they are emotionally attached to Sony and they still cant fukcing believe that the 360 is actually stomping the PS3.

They came in this gen believing that it would be the PS2 all over again: the best games and record sales. Result? PS3 is behind the 360 in sales and in software.

Everything that's happening this gen is like a nightmare to them, they cant fukcing believe it.

They are hypocrites, hardcore, close minded and whatever you want. Probably one of the worst communities on the internet.

I'm a 360 fanboy and I'm not saying that we're angels but man you guys take fanboyism to another level.

The Xbox Empire4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

I seriously have NEVER met a more rabid/angry internet community in my entire life. I can't imagine them acting much more obsessive and controlling.

It's like they have these secret battle plans(lol for the "console wars") drawn out behind the scenes that only they know is to distort the true reality of this generation, at all costs, into the favor of PS3. Seeing them acting this way as a hivemind....completely defying logic and just acting bizarre/obsessed......It's honestly become embarrassing for me and has been for a while now. To everyone relegating within real reality....some of them truly sound completely in their own bubble and truly *obsessed* with this imaginary war....that the PS3 is never going to win.

I'm not talking about PS3 fans like Kleptic or Fishy Fingers for example...they are obviously just good, down to earth gamers who prefer Playstation...which is amazing and fine, everyone is different. I'm talking about the wacko's with an agenda that act as if their distortions will effect something in the grand scheme of acting like a clown on N4G. It just makes them look worse and crazy...people outside of their fake fanboy bubble already know the truth.

PROFIT4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

pretty funny, because all of your posts are pro microsoft and anti sony.

Instead of spending all your time writing these ridiculous articles to soothe your inner child, why not just grow up?

i doubt you can.


"I'm not talking about rrod fans like bleh and meh for example...they are obviously just good, down to earth gamers who prefer microsoft...which is amazing and fine, everyone is different. I'm talking about the wacko's with an agenda that act as if their distortions will effect something in the grand scheme of acting like a clown on N4G. It just makes them look worse and crazy...people outside of their fake fanboy bubble already know the truth."

open your eyes

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ChickeyCantor4098d ago

Guess he got you guys good =D

brandynevils4098d ago

"... Sony fanboy river of tears."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, you are hilarious. Your blogs are great, dude.

PirateThom4098d ago

Why is this guy always crying about Sony fanboys?

What a baby.

faisdotal4098d ago

Lol thats what's i've been saying.

It's rather sad to make these blogs 'cause the fanboys don't see them, so they're not ashamed. We basically come in and say "HA! Good one BMASK!" then leave.

It's supposed to be just funny, i guess.

Major_Tom4098d ago

Yup, basically the same tune since the beginning. He cries about Sony fanboys and how they hurt his feelings. Then makes blogs about it because he thinks people care :'(.

DelbertGrady4097d ago

If you didn't act as he showed us you do he wouldn't question you. Stop abusing the report section everytime something not extremely positive is posted about Sony and he won't have a reason to write his blog.

4097d ago
danthaman154089d ago

He cries about sony fanboys because they present a REASON to. When a 360 game is delayed, a bunch of sony fans rush to the comments and start giggiling in girlish delight. Articles announcing a new 360 feature (that say NOTHING bad about PS3) get horribly spammed with anti-Xbox idiots. When PS3 owners get a pro-Sony article, they don't metion how good sony is doing, they trash the competitors.

PS3 is a great console, but the fans...god, the fans.

SolidSnake933945d ago

What's funny is that his last 4 stories have the words "Sony fanboy" in them.

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Catdeerduck4098d ago

From an unbiased gamer!! Bloodmask=dah best contributor in n4g.

WaR_HaWk4098d ago

you forgot to put /sarcasm at the end.

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