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MySpace DIV Layouts

If you're looking for plain and professional-looking layouts, I've got here a dozen easy-to-use generators that will automatically pump out the source code required to create MySpace DIV layouts (a.k.a., Myspace overlays).

What's a MySpace DIV layout, you may ask? Well typically, this is a chunk of HTML and CSS code that uses positioned DIV elements to completely mask the default MySpace layout and put something different on top.

These premade layouts, however, are unique in that they actually allow your Friend Space and Comments section to show through while hiding everything else. So, technically speaking, they're only partial MySpace overlays. But this way you won't lose any brain cells trying to become some kind of nerdlinger code geek (like me) in order to rebuild your top friends list from scratch (as you'll find is required in other MySpace overlays).

So far, twelve MySpace DIV layout generators are available here:

Plain White MySpace Layout Generator

Here is a plain white MySpace DIV layout generator that you can use to customize your MySpace profile in 5 easy steps. And what will your page look like? Well a picture is worth a thousand words so here's a screenshot:

MySpace Overlay screenshot
Click here to install this plain white MySpace DIV layout!

All you'll need to bring to the party is the web address of an image you'd like to use as your profile pic and your MySpace friend ID (and maybe a wee bit of imagination to write yourself a little blurb). This will be explained in greater detail on the layout generator page (click on the link above).

Plain Black MySpace Layout Generator

On the other hand, if a dark alternative (yet classy) look is what you're looking for then here's a plain black MySpace layout generator you can use to overhaul your profile in... yup, you guessed it... 5 easy steps. Here's a screenshot:

MySpace Overlay screenshot
Click here to install this plain black MySpace DIV layout!

Once again, all you'll be required to have on hand is the URL to the image you'd like to use as your profile pic and your MySpace friend ID. Don't know what that is? Well just click on the install link above to find out...

Three Column MySpace DIV Layouts  (NEW!)

MySpace Overlay screenshot
Click here to install this unique 3-column MySpace DIV layout!

Alrighty then... long time coming, yes I know, but I'm pleased to announce that 10 brand new premade MySpace DIV layouts are now finally available here on this site. All these latest additions feature the following:

  • Three column tableless design with your MySpace site menu on the left, your blurb in the middle and your top friends list on the right.
  • 100% original photo art backgrounds made from photos that I snapped personally with my own digital camera (Vintage MySpace layouts excluded) and then tweaked and filtered using Paint Shop Pro.
  • Support for the MySpace music player! Having a DIV overlay that was compatible with the MySpace music player was by far the most popular suggestion on my feedback page so all the new layouts now fully support this.
  • Supports Youtube or MySpace TV videos in the middle column.
  • Extra wide friends comments section that allows your buddies to post HUGE pics without messing up the column alignment (or creating those ugly horizontal scrollbars at the bottom of your page).
  • Easy five step installation process. You'll be able to run through the entire overlay setup and installation in just a few minutes. All you'll need is your MySpace friend ID which is easily obtained from your MySpace profile (don't worry... this is fully explained on each overlay generator page).

Check the menu at the top right of this page for a complete listing of all the 3 column MySpace DIV layouts.

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All Rob Thunder MySpace DIV layouts have been fully tested in Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9 and Safari 3 (Windows version) on regular MySpace profiles. None of these overlays are compatible with MySpace band profiles (...sorry...). And as far as I know, the plain black and plain white overlays are NOT compatible with Safari on Mac (I don't actually have a Mac although this is what I've been told).