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Myspace Backgrounds!

Posted on: October 20, 2006

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Myspace users, wonder why you got here (

Non-Myspace users, wonder why so many searches for “myspace backgrounds” “backgrounds” “BACKGROUNDS”?

Well, this is the answer! TADA~!

(click to enlarge)

This is a form on Myspace to customize your Myspace blog. Hey, pretty neat you can put your own background!

Such as

Actually, the way Myspace used” was not meant to say “go to to grab your background” but rather as a generic site address – something like “” or “”

Why on earth did Myspace use then??

According to Webopedia, the definition of URL is the following:

Abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator, the global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web.

The first part of the address indicates what protocol to use, and the second part specifies the IP address or the domain name where the resource is located.

For example, the two URLs below point to two different files at the domain The first specifies an executable file that should be fetched using the FTP protocol; the second specifies a Web page that should be fetched using the HTTP protocol:

So basically, it was meant to be an example – something like “Fill out your name (e.g. John Doe)”

Myspace users, please don’t despair! Since is a community enhanced search engine, you will see many searches that the community has performed regarding myspace backgrounds!

Or you can search for whatever background you wish and we are sure you will find something good really fast using our engine 🙂

Hope this helps!

UPDATE: I’ve written another post due to so many comments regarding how to put a background to Myspace. I tried to put it myself and figured out the way so I hope it will help some other people who are having the same problem. But remember, this is not a help forum, this is a blog of the community enhanced search engine,! See you there Myspace users! 😉

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i hate those backgrounds

i need some help for my blog

I’m with you Jer. I’ve been avoiding myspace like the plague despite the fact that everyone I know is on it and it might well be really handy to communicate with people on simply because the whole site looks absolutely horrible. With few exceptions its basically just the most cluttered and unpleasant area of the web…nobody on it seems to understand how to do web design well enough to make things line up all pretty like. (including one nameless friend of mine who doesn’t even seem to appreciate the concept of webdesign despite proffessing to want to be a ‘well known web designer’).
Anyway, sorry to rant, this is actually entirely off topic. Sorry, Good luck to all you myspacers, but just think about the poor people staring at your pages all day before picking gaudy repeating pattern number 5078968…or a tiny picture of your cats repeated a thousand times over.

There are alot o free layouts for myspace profiles for those who go not know how to code or do not want to bother with it. I did not want to bother to learn there system there so i just used a free one myself. I prefer to alter the basecode already there and could not find any access to it. I started myspace about a month ago and it is not that great. I have not made a bunch of friends or anything like that. To me it was just one more way to allow people to liten to my podcast but I do not even see it doing that since there are like 117 mil accounts there. You kinda get lost in the shuffle.

Re: Joana

Can you tell us what kind of help you need for your blog? Have you looked at the recommended links from the community? 🙂 Let me know how I can help.

Re: Jericbllo and Alabaster

As a lousy web developer/designer myself, the myspace designs remind me of when I just started doing web designs. Yes I did have repeated backgrounds of cat paws, and had embedded mp3. That was around the year 2000 still using FrontPage (another crappy software)

I think the beauty of Myspace is the freedom for users to do whatever they want. (no matter how crazy it may seem) I do feel itchy and embarrassed looking at some of the sites, but maybe it’s something that grows on you – rather than a perfectly designed site that doesn’t tell anything about that person.


Thanks for the tip! I myself am not a myspace user (I made an account just to take that screenshot) so it really helps 🙂

How do you dothis?

myspace sucks… try imeem
] marcomkc [

Nice tool, thank you very much.
By the way, there are numerous myspace resource sites that you can search from google, they provides premade myspace layouts and backgrounds.
such as , you can find over thounds of backgrounds and get the code automatically.
Great work on you.

how do i get my own tracks on myspace its talkin bout downloading?????

Hey fans
My name Jesse McCartney my manager’s name Jayshia she is kool man go go to my ok Oh something I want to Tell U My new Movie it is called “Keith the movie” ok bye I loved u fans

those backgrounds make no sense!!!

myspace sucks. My blog kicks …

I hate myspace. i especially hate their backgrounds

I cannot raise to a photo for bottom like him ago

i need help on my blog

i want to put a picture as my background on myspace


1000 monkeys typing on 1000 keyboards will never write Shakespeare.

I want to put pics as my background on myspace

I want put them on there two

So, I want to apologise for being moody before. It is cool that it lets you express yourself…it just bugs me when its difficult to look at..the main reason I’m not on it is because I tend to be a bit contrary when it comes to things like that..but yeah…vive la difference et tout ce Jazz.

[…] Myspace Backgrounds! « URL BLOG […]

YES! Imeem is a thousand times better than myspace. But guys if you’re going to start commenting about random things go to my blog; nobody reads it. I’m sure people who actually get comments because people are interested in the post hate it when people start to talk about something completely irrelevant. Example: a post about cows. Comment: “You know milk goes well with cereal. By the way go to my website because I get no publicity.” This is a post to help confused people about where myspace led them to go. Not a myspace faq. Quote “I want to put pics as my background on myspace

By the way, this is pretty funny. Bet myspace doesn’t have a clue about this.

imeem is good.

backrounds are good. I am not a myspacer but to each his own.

To many things to read

Why are they so many steps

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im confused…ummmmmmm still confused!

you are so smart

i need help creating my blog

There are good backgrounds, but I won’t use them. ^^

i want to get a background on my myspace page


How do you put your own background for your own myspace page?

how do i put a background on myspace page or on my blog

Ineed help with my blog.

how do i put a background on my page?

My daughter has asked me to hop onto this site. Her’s looks GREAT, but i can’t work out how i’m supossed to do up my site to look good

How in the world are you suppouse to do this!! DEING!!

I’d Like to have my website so I can be able to upload my entire information!!

I’d like to have a Web site to upload my entire information for my FotoBlog!

I would love to meet pplz

hey i need help with my myspace

[…] In the previous post, I blogged about why there are so many searches for “Myspace Backgrounds” on our search engine. Since then, it has received 46 comments as of today. To tell you the truth, I was expecting comments like “Hey, I stumbled upon your site ( and found some cool backgrounds, thanks” – ok, I’m just joking but I didn’t expect to get comments mostly asking “Hey, I need help putting a background on Myspace!” […]

i need some backgrounds for my myspace

i need help wit my backgrounds

I need help on how to put a background

plese give me a new and my own website and backgrounds to my email ad..thankz.

Hey thanks i got a cool background can you help me with the music know!!!!!!!!!!!!

AUGH! This is so sad. READ FIRST, THEN COMMENT. Also, “I need help!” isn’t going to get you any help, even if you had posted that onto a help forum. You have to say what you need help with!

Also, as far as I can tell from the About page :
THIS IS NOT A MYSPACE HELP FORUM! This is a blog about a collaborative search engine,

I gave MySpace a try last week to see what the fuss is about, but it’s such an ugly and clumsy piece of crap, I can’t believe people are using it. looks much, much better. Or even .


I need a grafic background

i need help with my back g i dont now how to do it

RE: Veltis

Thanks for clarifying what the blog was about 🙂 You are absolutely right! This is not a Myspace help forum but it kinda became like one huh?

Re: other confused Myspace users

So I’m closing any comments to this thread as I wrote another one about Myspace background. Thanks everybody for dropping by 🙂

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