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Diamond Packages are the most expensive VIP option on MovieStarPlanet and MovieStarPlanet 2. Colloquially, they have been shortened to "diamond packs" or "dpacks" so players can more easily refer to them.


Diamond Packages offer the most benefits out of all of the VIP options. When buying the year-VIP subscription, players will receive 180,000 coins, 1,440 diamonds, a VIP ticket, and exclusive items that can be traded among players. Diamond Top-Up packs give the player 120,000 coins and 1,000 diamonds. Non-Star-VIP members cannot buy the Diamond Top-Up Package. Diamond Packages come in a male and female variant. Players will receive the same amount of coins and diamonds regardless of the gender they purchase.

NewTopupPage 2022

Top-Up packages screen VIP members

The various benefits of the Diamond Packages have changed throughout the years. The amount of coins and diamonds awarded to the player have been a common change. The most recent changes to the year-VIP pack were introduced on October 28th, 2022, where diamonds were increased from 825 to 1,440 and starcoins from 120,000 to 180,000. This change also introduced a new tier of top-up pack (platinum) and made top-up packs accessible to all players.


The following list are all of the known ways to obtain a Diamond Package.

  • Bought as year-VIP.
  • Bought as a top-up package for a discounted price.
    • Discounted Diamond Packages will reward the user with everything but extended VIP time.
  • Bought from the login screen as a gift certificate at full price and redeemed in-game.
    • Gift certificates are not gendered. Although any user can redeem a Diamond Package gift certificate code, the Diamond Package automatically detects the gender of the user's avatar. Female avatars cannot obtain the male items through gift certificates, and vice-versa.

VIP Ticket[]

The VIP Ticket is a perk exclusive to the Diamond Package. It was first introduced in 2018 and has been a regular perk of Diamond Packages since.


A VIP Ticket, which is included in the Diamond Pack.

Players who buy a Diamond Package (discounted or otherwise) are given a non-fungible, one-use item that sits in the "VIP Gifts" tab of the trading system. Tickets can be traded between players like regular items. Once traded, the ticket does not automatically activate. Players must manually activate it themselves.

Activating this ticket will grant the User One Week of regular VIP, and 1,000 coins and 10 diamonds as a reward.


MovieStarPlanet releases a new Diamond Pack campaign every month. These campaigns are themed, usually after an animal, a season, or a holiday. As of 2021, it has become more common for two or more campaigns to release in one month.

A key feature of Diamond Packages are the exclusive items they offer during campaigns. The items come in a male and female version, and they traditionally feature hair, clothing, and a pet. The items of previous packs are for the most part unattainable, making them highly sought-after. Players can trade these rare items, but they cannot obtain them any other way once the respective campaign has ended. Because of this, rare trading has become a popular activity among many players.

It is possible for previous items to become obtainable again. Some items have lost their exclusivity as they have been placed back into the store for an extended period of time. Notable examples include the fire dress from the Elemental Set and the hat from the 2012 Xmas Set. Similarly, exclusive items may return to the store during Rare Week.


There have been numerous glitches associated with Diamond Packages throughout the history of MovieStarPlanet.


  • By using a VPN, players were able to buy cheapened Diamond Packages. However, this did not work if you used a Turkey VPN.
  • May 2022: Players could obtain the May 2022 items by shopping with another player and buying what they have on.
  • If a non-Star-VIP member tries to buy a Diamond Top-Up package, the player receives an error message saying "This Chatroom is for VIP only".


  • Sometimes upon purchasing Diamond Packages on mobile, the game does not register the purchase and does not reward players with the package.
  • When buying Diamond Packages on mobile, sometimes players are unable to change the color of their items.
  • The lips from the Bubble Gum Set discolor the face of the avatar.
  • The hair from the Bat Set has a tiny red dot.



Christmas Set


Valentine's Set Fancy Shades Set Easter Set
Mirror Ball Set Birthday Set Summer Set
Game Set Festival Set Bling Set
Halloween Set Space Set Xmas Set


Party Set Elemental Set Valentine's Set
Australia Set Easter Set Tutti Fruity Set
Birthday Set Mexican Set Fast Food Set
Rio Set/Panama Set Night Sky Set Wonderland Set
Robotic Set Halloween Set Winter Wonderland Set
Christmas Set


New Year's Set Valentine's Set Manga Set
Easter Set Miami Set Biker Set
Greek Set Ice Cream Set Shopaholic Set
Rococo Set Day of the Dead Set Arabian Set
Christmas Set


Elsa Set Cupid Set Las Vegas Set
Flower Set Prom Set Punk Pricess Set
Indian Set Plasma Set Celebrity Set
Autumn Set MSP Birthday Set Christmas Set


New Year's Set Aqua Set China Set
Picnic Set Butterfly Set Cherry Blossom Set
Arabic Set Rio Set Fire Set
Flamingo Set Fem Set Galaxy Set
Candy Cane Set


Snowflake Set Miss Goldie Set Plastic Set
Easter Bunny Set Princess Set Sorbet Set
Water Set Koala Set Sunshine Set
Starry Set Ghost Set Cascade Set
Winter Braids Set


New Year's Set Icy Set Electric Set
Country Set Pug Set Sporty Set
Crystal Set Turtle Set Sunflower Set
Kawaii Set Moon Set Egyptian Set
Vegas Set Ice Set Santa Baby Set


Drip Set Valentine's Set Dove Set
Black Diamond Set Easter Set Fairy Set
Sketch Set 2000s/Bratz Set Earth Set
Illumination Set/Glow Set Sass Set/Gucci Set Barbie Set
Halloween Set Witch Set Angel Set
Snowglobe Set


Pixel Set Skii Set Phantom Set
Strawberry Set Cyborg Set Prom Set
Bunny Set Oversize/Chain Set Bloom Set
Pirate Set Glam Set Homecoming Set
Snowflake Set Boho Set Eternal Set
Bee Set Self Care Set Animal Set
Ink Set Bubble Set Sunshine Set
Demon Set Reindeer Set


Spacy Set Carnival Set Swan Set
Cute as a Cookie Set Mary Had a Lamb Set Female Crystal Set
Shakira Set Pollen Set Cowgirl Set
Fire Spirit Set Dragon Set Pride Set
Summer Rain Set Hawaiian Set Diva Set
Bull Set Midsummer Night Set XOXO Set
Silly Cat Set Sweet Halloween Set/Candy Set Royal Skeleton Set
Bday Baby Set/Blade Set Pie Set Nutcracker Set
Mistletoe Set Sparkling Night


Geometric Set Tiger Kingdom Set Fallen Angel Set
Art Emo Set Rhinestone Rodeo Set Frog Set
Easter Story Set Moth Set Mermaid Set
Showoff Set/Dance Set Glitz N Glam Set Love 100 Set
Butterfly Set Pearls Set Demon Within Set
Cloud Set School Set Rare Set
Galaxy Glam Set Puppet Master Set Wicked Set
Fantasy Set Chain Set Teddy Set
Ballroom Set Christmas Lights Set New Years Set


Ice Set Back Alley Set Darling Set
Crystal Set Skate Set Bun Bun Set
Easter Morning Set Academy Set Moo Set
XOXO Set (Re-release) Me Set Dollz Set
Poet Set Diva Set (Re-release) Ocean Set
Garden Set Celestial Set Drip Set (re-release)
Fairy23 Set Hollow Set Bat Set
Bubble Gum Set Bull Set (Re-release) Sweetie Set

Gingerbread Set


Gleam Set Alien Set Pearl Set (Re-release)
Rose Set Bear Set Easter '24 Set
y2k Angel Set Rain Set (Re-release) Cowgirl Set (Re-release)
Meadow Set Glitter Set Zip Set


  • The first Diamond Pack was released in December 2011.
  • Generally, female sets are more sought-after than male sets.
  • Many male sets have been lost to history. All screenshots that have been found are added to this page.
  • The older packages feature retired boonies which can still be interacted with today.
  • During the Easter and summer seasons, sometimes the Diamond Package goes on sale where players can obtain Star VIP for cheaper.
  • The Academy Set was released to promote a new MSP storyline
  • XOXO set, Diva set and Drip set have been re-released. MSP started with re-releasing old sets in 2023.
  • In September 2023, the Hollow Set was accidentally released before the Fairy Set. The Hollow Set was recalled after only a few hours and replaced by the Fairy Set.
    • Users who bought the Hollow Set kept the items in their inventory

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