NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags Reviews - Legit or Scam?

NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags Reviews

About NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags

NatureFresh Air Purifier Bags are air purifying bags that contains activated bamboo charcoal that helps purify the air in your house, car, bathrooms, and any area that needs the removal of foul or any strong odors.

Activated bamboo charcoal bamboo is claimed by the company to be an effective agent for trapping allergens, bacteria, and other particles in the air when air passes through the pores of the charcoal, and to also absorb moisture, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Most people online gave positive reviews online, but there are complaints from unhappy customers as well.

A striking review about the product came from a customer who claims to have an asthma. The user loves the neutral smell it gives off, and the long-lasting effect of the air purifier bags.

Other users have testified that the bags won’t work immediately upon placing the bag in the area designated, but it would work after an hour or so. People found the bags useful in rooms with less circulation, and for the prevention of mildew and mold growth.

Some complaints were about the strong odors still present despite placing a bag in the area. One user even claimed to have rest the bag under the sun, but there remains the smell. Most complained about the late delivery and how it became impossible to get in touch with the company.

Customer Service

NatureFresh lists mailing addresses in Canada, the UK, and Australia on their website.  They can also be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1 (833) 394-7926 during regular business hours. 

Regarding returns of their product, the company says to send them an email to receive instructions regarding returns, and that the customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back.

Competitors and Alternatives

KKAAEE Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Deodorizing Bag is an alternative of NatureFresh. Both brands have the same price range per bag. The remarkable feature of the KKAEE brand is that their linen bags have a panda design.

Rummershof is another alternative brand for NatureFresh. Their air purifier bags are available in different sizes. Both brands have a lifetime of two years, and can be used as a fertilizer afterwards.

Newcomdigi Dedc has a cheaper price per bag but of smaller size than NatureFresh. Their air purifier works best in cars, but it can be placed in any areas that needs air purification too. It lasts for two years as well.

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Where's the product made?

February 27, 2021

Where is Nature's Fresh Air purifier made? I need to know before I purchase it.

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Little details give the scam away

February 21, 2021

I have the same message as the rude millennial but in a nicer way. Directed toward the elderly or those unfamiliar with internet shopping: If you see an ad selling something that seems too good to be true, close it.

Don’t purchase it. This ad is so clearly a scam. Notice how all the “reviews” are positive. All the reviewers have their photos next to their names. If you are going to leave a review somewhere, are you going to take the time to make sure you attach your photo when you register to leave a review? Maybe one or two people will, but everyone??

And notice how the photos often look like models? I don’t mean beautiful supermodels. I mean nice-looking people with perfect teeth all smiling — like its a commercial. Because it is. That’s how you know they’re not real reviews, and therefore, probably a scam. Watch for little things like that.

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HEY read this you plebs and pensioners

January 14, 2021

I don't mean to be disparaging or insulting to you all, but you are not fit to use the internet if you made this purchase.

I'm sitting at my desk and i see this ridiculous ad, I clicked on it because i (like a normal person) never click on such truly pathetic ads and was curious just this one time.

It leaves me with several questions

Who believes this? / Is this targeted as the mental deficient?
Why would there be a mock news article about this product? (No author)
Why would they feel the need to be some dramatic in their claims and stories?
Why would they need to doctor images to show "dust"?

I would say "use your head" to decipher whether ads or fake or not but i can only assume that "your head" isn't functioning if you have come this far.

My sincere advice to you all is ask someone young about your purchase before you make it. I do not believe that any competent individual under 40 would even momentarily be fooled by such low rate scams.

If that isn't an option use website's like reviewopedia, Quora and

1. is the most reliable but may have a fee to use.
2. Quora is 2nd best as it has a voting system and comments are logged to users.
3. Reviewopedia is a last resort open forum, from which you should analyse as many reviews as possible to get an idea of the product.

Stay safe you plebs and pensioners.

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January 29, 2021

Your review is very insulting but also funny in an ironic way. The next time you go ranting about the lack of intelligence in people you have never met, you may want to get somebody smarter than yourself to proofread it for spelling and grammar mistakes. Finding somebody who is smarter than you shouldn't be very difficult at all. But your personality would indicate that it might not be so easy to find somebody who would be willing to help you. So, good luck with that.

February 04, 2021

You must be one of these millennials or progressive thinkers.... I totally agree with you that some of the ads are extremely lame and targeting the elderly to think that their children and grandchildren will miraculously visit them so they will no longer worry about never seeing them again...

Total BS, however, activated bamboo charcoal is scientifically proven to perform all of the benefits that the product is claiming. So don't go on about how the product is a scam and the people that would actually purchase it are mentally deficient. The FACTS are that this actually does perform the functions that the ad says it does.

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Do Not Use

December 18, 2020

A rubbish site . Paid £22,99 for bags at beginning of December . They took money straight away and I have not heard anything from them SCAM SCAM SCAM

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Charcoal air cleaning process

September 17, 2020

Air must contact charcoal to remove odors or gasses. Air can't move through tightly packed charcoal in the bag but only touch what it can do just inside the fabric. Powered fans blowing through filter media which will catch dust and have good contact with the air flowing past charcoal is the optimal technology.

I see nothing that will attract dust to remove it from the air.

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ORDER Not Received and customer service is NOT able to assist

September 9, 2020

I have been on the phone with customer service and was told that they cannot contact FEDEX because they cannot make any outgoing calls.

FEDEX just keeps telling me that the package was left on my door. Filed a claim 9/1/20 and was told someone would call me within 48 hours. That didn't happen so I called again. 9/8/20 was told someone would call me that day by 5pm. That didn't happen. On phone again!
Calling bank to reverse the charges.

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Buying Nature Fresh Bags

September 3, 2020

I purchased some Nature Fresh Bags and they offered a free gift with my order, but they never indicated that I would have to pay shipping on the free gift!! When my order was processed, the shipping went from $10.35 to $20.69.

If Nature Fresh offers you a free gift don't take it, because it will cost you. When I called the company to find out why my shipping fee doubled, I was told it was the shipping, handling and tax for the free gift. I told the Representative that it can't be for tax, because I was charge separately for Tax on the order. I don't trust this company so I canceled my entire order.

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pissed off

September 2, 2020

i didn't even get the product..scammed...

September 09, 2020

call FedEx and file a claim 1-800-463-3339

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Scammed again!!

August 1, 2020

Ordered this online and the supplier stated it was delivered by FED-EX on July 23, 2020 and gave me a tracking number. I confirmed the FED-EX tracking but never received the package ordered.

I tried to put a FED-EX claim on the package but could not complete the information required on the company's address, so its pending their follow up to put a claim on the missing package or refund me. I doubt I will ever get the order or my monies back.

Totally dissatisfied. S.Lee

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Buying online CRAP sight unseen

February 24, 2020

Suckers willing to risk their credit card on line to buy a product they never heard of before they saw an ad on line are the same suckers that have pink Flamingo's in their front yard in Minnesota!!

March 02, 2020

what about the product? I am trying to research to see it this can help me.

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February 11, 2020

I received my bags today and am upset to learn that they were made in China, especially with the new virus going world wide. I tried to contact the company today but was unsuccessful. This is the last time I will order anything on the Internet!

August 01, 2020

Very Upset
I ordered this item also and it was supposedly delivered via FEDEX 2 weeks ago. I never received it and tried to put a claim on the missing purchase. I don't understand how I can not get an accurate address from the shipper or complete my claim without their information. In process of pending their information. I guess I paid for nothing. Very upset and disappointed on this matter.

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nature fresh order

December 8, 2019

order process is poor, no feed back via email if order was received or not. Is this a scam?

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Still waiting for mine

September 7, 2019

I had ordered a few. Did they work? not sure as I have many allergies. But ordered more and ended up paying $84.00 for 6..supposedly 2 were for free! Not happy and I think it's a scam. Don't want to admit I was scammed but a little disturbed because I have not received the other 6. Not a happy camper!!!!!

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November 05, 2019

Took weeks to get

November 06, 2019

Does not work.

January 10, 2020

I think Reviewopedia needs to change their review to reflect these comments. Seems your experience is universal to those who checked here first. Glad I did and thanks for warning others!

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waste of money

August 16, 2019

They do nothing. Do not buy!

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May 2, 2019

We have not found these bags to do 'anything'. They were a waste of money--We received 13 of these bags--there may have been an offer of ordering 12 and getting an extra one free--not sure as my husband ordered them. My advice is think twice before you waste you money.

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January 8, 2019

I ordered this product back on 9/22/2018 and never received it.As far as I'm concerned they are a scam. Patricia Saladin

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November 06, 2019

I wished I read these comments before I purchased them. Absolutely a waste.This company needs to be investigated

September 02, 2020

wish i had read these comments well..been pissed off...calling bbb to lodge a complaint..

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new customer, just ordered

September 27, 2018

My complaint is on the order! I was asked to take a survey, and stated there would be a free gift afterwards. I chose another bag as free gift. But, it was not free! because after survey I was charged an extra shipping charge ($10.00) there was nothing free about that survey!

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January 08, 2019

I ordered this product back on 9/22/2018 and never received it. PLease refund my money back to my account. I bought 2 and was supposed to get one free.I expect a response immediately or I will send my complaint to Better Business Bureau to claim your company is a scam.
Thank You....Patricia A. Saladin
[email protected]
P.S. Tried to contact you by phone but that was impossible too.

May 02, 2019

I do not find these bags do anything--I am very disappointed in them. I believe my husband ordered 13--there may have been a promotion of ordering 12 and getting an extra one--I do not know--but I do know it was a waste of money. I hope everyone thinks twice before ordering these so called air purifier bags. [email protected]

October 11, 2019

Where is my Order, see below.

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