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The Top 10 Inbred Movies of All Time



It’s actually pretty amazing just how many horror films focus on inbreeding. You don’t truly realize it until you sit down and try to tally them all. Apparently, there is much horror to be found in the illicit, deranged fruits of incestuous breeding. Well, it’s tough to argue with that one. So without further ado, here are some of the most infamous examples of horror flicks featuring wacked-out inbreds….

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The Top 11 Inbred Movies of All Time

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10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

This collection of cannibalistic Longhorns has to take the cake as far as the homicidal families of horror go. And although this go-around wasn’t as horrifying as their original appearance, it was a hell of a lot more graphic and gory, and depicted in awful detail just what this opportunistic family was capable of doing to make a buck in tough economic times…

9. Cabin Fever (2002)

PANCAKES, PANCAKES PANCAKES. Where else can you get America’s favorite hog killing inbreeds? Eli Roth made a pretty bold choice in including not just a redneck family, but an inbred family in his hit Cabin Fever–paying homage to the weird inbred obsession of the `70s and `80s. No matter your opinion of Roth personally, he can make one hell of a film.

8. Redneck Zombies (1987)

God love Rednecks. Now I love a radioactive zombie as much as the next person, but radioactive, redneck, inbred zombies made on a low budget and in the late `80s? That’s just got brilliance in a can written all over it. And by can, I mean bottle of moonshine. Drink up y’all.

7. Lake Dead (2007)

Some money-hungry relatives descend on the property of a deceased relative, only to discover a gaggle of homicidal (and most likely inbred) psychos taking up residence inside. One of the early entries in the After Dark Horror-Fest.

6. Black Christmas (2006)

Alright, I’m well aware of the crap we’re going to get for including this on the list, but you have to admit the back story with the inbred family is extremely screwy and horrifying. Just pretend that this wasn’t a shoddy attempt to remake a classic and pretend its a film all its own. You’ve got a killer who’s made from her mother and her brother and a brother who kills to protect his daughter sister…and it’s Christmas. Yeah, creepy.

5. Spider Baby (1968)

The degenerate, multi-generational inbred Merrye family takes center stage in this chestnut. They’re so messed up that their minds turn to mush as they approach adulthood, and they begin to do unspeakable things that must be covered up by their ever-loyal chauffeur. Proof that the gene pool needs a little chlorine every once in a while.

4. Wrong Turn (2003)

I’m not going to lie, normally modernized inbred movies don’t really do it for me, but this one creeps me out. Inbreds are scary enough as is, but then you throw in that they’re cannibalistic mountain men and you’ve got nightmares for a week. Let me just ask though, if you saw newspaper clippings reporting these freaks…WHY WOULD YOU GO HIKING?! As far as I’m concerned, you got what you asked for. Just saying.

3. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Although in some ways the recent remake can be said to actually be an improvement, no list of inbred horror flicks would be complete without the Wes Craven original. Mutant hillbillies make life utter hell for a hapless family of would-be vacationers. This late `70s exploitation classic pulls no punches and goes places the remake didn’t have the balls to.

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Once again, the unforgettable collection of Leatherface, The Hitchhiker, Grandpa and the Old Man, rear their (extremely) ugly heads here to represent for seriously effed-up backwoods cannibals everywhere. This movie is an unassailable horror classic, and would easily get the number-one spot, if it weren’t for…

1. Deliverance (1972)

Admit it, when you first read what this list was about, the first line that entered your head was “Squeal like a pig!” This movie has literally become synonymous with the dangers of backwoods America. Burt Reynolds, Tom Voight and Ned Beatty are three city slickers utterly terrorized by a gang of sodomizing wackjobs. But seriously, I think Gilbert Gottfried said it best–given the choice of having their way with any of these three guys, why in the hell would they choose Beatty? Just askin’…

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Editors Note: We removed Nightbreed because it doesn’t meet the criteria of the list.



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