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Starring Michael Landon (as Charles Ingalls) & Karen Grassle (as Caroline Ingalls)

Season 3 (NBC) (1976-77)
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######### Little House On The Prairie ########
############## season 3 1976-77 ##############
NBC Mondays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern (new day)

3.1 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Johnny Cash .... Caleb Hodgekiss
June Carter Cash .... Mattie Hodgekiss
Ted Gehring .... Ebenezer Sprague
Hope Summers .... Addie Bjornesen
On his way to Walnut Grove to collect donations, Reverend Alden becomes ill. He is rescued by Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-con,
who volunteers to help him. While Caleb's wife, Mattie, tends to the Reverend, Caleb goes to Walnut Grove, posing as a
colleague of Reverend Alden's to collect donations ... with the intentions of keeping all the money for himself. However,
after participating in acts of kindness, Caleb has a change of heart and does the right thing with the money.

3.2 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
4-Oct-1976 (some sources say 10-Jan-1977)
Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Walker Edmiston .... Mr. Frederick Deerling
Mary and Mr. Edward's oldest son, John are deeply in love, they want to be married. There is only one problem. John has
gotten a scholarship to college to become a writer. John is afraid to leave Mary because she will change while he is gone,
and Mary doesn't want him to go. Although Mary is only thirteen, the Ingalls reluctantly agree to let her marry. Mr. Edwards
is exciting and begins plotting out land where John and Mary can live. However, in the end, they both realize that John must
take the scholarship because writing is his dream, and he won't be him without it.

3.3 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
11-Oct-1976 (some sources say 4-Oct-1976)
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Eric Shea .... Jason
Laura and her horse, Bunny, are the favorites to win the horse race at the town fair. However, Harriet has no intention of
letting Laura win; she purchases a thoroughbred, Sparks, for Nellie to ride and offers her family's large silver cup as the
trophy. On the day of the race, Bunny is exhausted after riding to fetch Doc Baker. It appears Laura will have to forfeit
but there's no keeping a good horse down. The race is close but Laura and Bunny win. Laura graciously returns Harriet's
family heirloom.

3.4 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
18-Oct-1976 (some sources say 11-Oct-1976)
Written by John V. Hanrahan
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Walter Brooke .... Sandler
Carl Pitti .... Carl
When a horse riding accident paralyzes Nellie, Harriet blames Laura and wants to have the horse, Bunny, destroyed. Laura
is able to hide Bunny from Mrs. Oleson for a while. Though it wasn't her fault, Laura still feels guilty and services
Nellie's wishes. When Laura discovers Nellie was faking her injuries, Laura decides to take Nellie outside for some fresh
air, and takes her to the top of the hill. Then, with a push by Laura, Nellie rolls all the way down the hill into the creek,
where Nellie stands up shrieking, forgetting her "paralysis". Laura is praised by Harriet Oleson for helping Nellie
miraculously recover. Nels returns Bunny to Laura.

3.5 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Candy Moore .... Sarah
Milton Parsons .... Thaddeus Moon
On Halloween, Laura accidentally sees Nels chop off a dolls head. She had only seen the back of the head, so she believes
it to be Mrs. Oleson. Her friend, Carl, who is the only person to believe Laura, helps her search for evidence to solve the
crime. Meanwhile, Mrs. Oleson has gone away so the two really think that she has been murdered. When they tell Nellie and
Willie, they don't believe them, but decide to scare Laura and Carl by saying that their father has been digging in the
cellar. One night the children meet in the cellar. Nellie and Willie scare Laura and Carl, and while they are running out
of the store, Mrs. Oleson comes home and everything is cleared up.

3.6 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Arthur Hill .... Lansford Ingalls
Matthew Laborteaux .... Young Charles Ingalls
Mark Lenard .... Peter Ingalls
Hersha Parady .... Eliza Ingalls
Jan Sterling .... Laura Colby Ingalls
Jim Boles .... Brewster
When Charles' mother dies, his father, Lansford Ingalls, loses the will to live. Charles brings his father back to Walnut
Grove hoping it will do him some good. Spending time with his grandchildren helps Lansford recover. One day, Laura becomes
angry with her grandfather after there is an accident with her horse, Bunny, He promised Laura Bunny would live and he was
forced to put Bunny down when the injury was too bad. Feeling bad, Lansford leaves Walnut Grove. Realizing her anger was
misplaced, Laura is able to find her grandfather and convinces him to return home with her..

3.7 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Arthur Hill .... Lansford Ingalls
Jim Boles .... Brewster
Robert Gibbons .... Clerk

3.8 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Robert Vincent Wright
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Don 'Red' Barry .... Rufe Parsons
Joan Tompkins .... Mrs. Parsons
Arthur Space .... Phineas Jenks
On the way home from school one day, Laura is conned into taking a billy goat, named Fred. During the first night at the
Ingalls farm, Fred eats the crop, so Charles tells Laura that she must get rid of the goat. However, trying to place the
goat with either Mr. Edwards, Reverend Alden, Mrs. Olsen, or Doc Baker all result in very funny moments. When Laura finally
finds a home for Fred, she realizes that he is better off with other goats in the wild, allowing him to set him free.

3.9 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Rayford Barnes .... Bert Henderson
Roy Jenson .... George Galender
Michael LeClair .... Bubba Galender
Geoffrey Lewis .... Sam Galender
There is a new family in Walnut Grove ... the Galenders. They are three brothers, with a really bad attitude. They start
in the store and buy supplies, then the lumberyard to fix their house. They say that they have money due Friday. When it
doesn't arrive, the town gets angry. Charles gets beat up when he protects Caroline from the two men, and the whole school
gets together to teach the third young bully a lesson. Reverand Alden is the man that decides that the Galinders must
leave, so during church one Sunday the three are kicked out of Walnut Grove.

3.10 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
THE HUNTERS (90 min. episode)
Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Burl Ives .... Sam Shelby
Paul Brinegar .... Glover
Johnny Crawford
Michael Rougas .... Dr. Canby
Pa decides to go hunting, and Laura follows against Ma's wishes. When Pa and Laura are preparing the camp, Laura accidently
stumbles over Pa's gun, which goes off, seriously wounding Pa. Laura runs to Ben's house, but only Ben's blind father,
Sam, is home. As Laura doesn't know how to return to Walnut Grove, she has to depend on Sam, who fears leaving the house.
But as Sam was not blind when he was younger, he and Laura set out, and after losing their way several times, they manage
to find the place where Mr. Edward's was waiting for Pa and Laura. They save Pa, and Sam, who has given up walking around
due to his blindness, gets back his courage and confidence.

3.11 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Luana Anders .... Lottie McGinnis
John Carter .... Ted McGinnis
Johnny Timko .... Henry McGinnis
Don Dubbins .... Jim Bowers
Christopher Page .... Joey Bowers
Helen Stenborg .... Betty Bowers
Aaron Fletcher .... Peetrie
Robert Gibbons .... Mason
One winter day, before Christmas vacation, the children are at school. Miss. Beatle realizes that a storm is brewing, and
lets the school children out early so that they all can make it home before the storm starts. The storm starts before the
children can reach home, and Mary, Laura, and Carrie are caught in it, along with other children. They set up camp in an
old barn. The men in the town search for the children while Doc Baker sets up shop in the church to help the frozen
children as they each come in. One man goes outside and finds a boy who came home by himself, but his Pa dies in the snow.

3.12 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
10-Jan-1977 (some sources say 18-Oct-1976)
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
John Ireland .... Wendell Loudy
Carl Pitti .... Man
When Laura and Mary receive the assignment to collect bugs for studying, Carrie wants to go with them. Mary becomes upset
and yells at Carrie to stay on the log after Carrie lets out all of Mary's bugs. Instead, Carrie chases a butterfly, and
falls into an old mine's air shaft. Meanwhile, Mr. Hanson refuses to hire an ex-miner Mr. Laudy because of his addiction
to alcohol and the fact that he had married Mr. Hanson's daughter against his will. The whole town pitches in to help get
Carrie out of the shaft, but it is Mr. Laudy that actually finds Carrie before the whole mine caves in, showing Mr. Hanson
that he should be forgiven.

3.13 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Dick Farnsworth .... Wall
Ray Guth .... Dixon
Rance Howard .... Simpson
Marshall Kent .... Dr. Quimby
Alex Sharp .... Burman
Mr. Edwards takes Doc Baker to help a neighbouring town with an epidemic case of fatal mountain fever. Upon Mr. Edwards
return, Walnut Grove is placed under quarantine. Mr. Edwards adopted daughter, Alicia becomes ill with mountain fever,
and he knows he brought it to her, as he was also the carrier when his first wife and child got sick and died. Mr. Edwards
takes her to his hunting cabin to tend to her. Laura doesn't realize the seriousness of the illness and enters the cabin.
When she comes down with spots, the mountain fever symptom, she quarantines herself with Mr. Edwards and Alicia, and ends
up tending both of them when Mr. Edwards collapses from exhaustion. In the end, Mr. Edwards daughter recovers, and Laura
simply had a case of poison ivy.

3.14 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Teleplay by B.W Sandefur & Dale Eunson; Story by Dale Eunson
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Roger Bowen .... Samuel Mason
Rachel Longaker .... Ginny Clark
Kay Peters .... Della Clark
Warren Vanders .... Harold Mayfield
Miss Beatle thinks that it is a good idea for the school to put on plays in small groups. In Laura and Mary's group is
Ginny Clark, who doesn't have a father. Ginny's mother, Della, would like to date the wood man, but she feels that she
doesn't look good enough. Wanting her mother to be able to date, Ginny cuts her beautiful hair to sell it in order to
buy her mother a dress. Her mother doesn't know how she got the money, and punishes her, believing she stole the money.
No one realizes it until during the play that Ginny has actually cut her hair like in the play that they are performing
... Little Women.

3.15 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Caesar Ramirez .... Joseph/Spotted Eagle
George Murdock .... Jeremy Stokes
Willie Aames .... Seth
Vincent Cobb .... Omaha
Ivy Jones .... Amelia
Joseph Stokes, also known as Spotted Eagle, the son of a Sioux Indian father and a white mother, moves to Walnut Grove
with his widowed mother to live with his grandfather, Jeremy. Jeremy is ashamed that his daughter willingly married an
Indian and treats Joseph with contempt. At school, Joseph is harassed by the bullies. It is not until Joseph shows courage
under adversity when beaten up by the bulllies does Jeremy stand up for him and accept Spotted Eagle as his grandson.

3.16 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Ivan Bonar .... Dr. Mayes
Sheldon Coburn .... Dr. Wasburn
Naomi Ross .... Nurse Johnson
Ralph Smiley .... Conductor
Darrell Zwerling .... Horace Benson
Mary needs an immediate operation, so Charles leaves the farm to take a high paying job in explosives.

3.17 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
James Shigeta .... Sam Wing
Ivan Bonar .... Dr. Mayes
Cordy Clark .... Sarah Mulligan
Sheldon Coburn .... Dr. Washburn
Darrell Zwerling .... Horace Benson
John McLiam .... Harris
M.P. Murphy .... Clancy
Naomi Ross .... Nurse Johnson
James Sikking .... Franklin
Paul King .... Chinese Workman
Charles risks his own life, and the lives of his crew by rushing a tunnel dynamiting job.

3.18 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Scott Swanton
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Todd Bridges .... Solomon Henry
Don Pedro Colley .... Dr. Tane
David Downing .... Jackson Henry
Frederic Downs .... Kramer
Russ Marin .... Man
Maidie Norman .... Mrs. Henry
Slavery has just been abolished by the Civil War, but many, both white and black people are still sticking to their old ways.
Solomon Henry is a black boy of eleven who decides that he is sick of being a Negro. He wants to be white and go to school.
Solomon runs away, and starts living with the Ingalls family. He teaches the family about slavery and also teaches Laura not
to take things for granted. Solomon ends up being proud of his family and goes back to work on his families farm.

3.19 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Robert James
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Lidia Kristen .... Mrs. Gillberg
Katy Kurtzman .... Anna Gillberg
Daniel Selby .... Winston
Fred Stuthman .... Judge
Many new things have been happening to the Walnut Grove students. Nellie has started a club and Laura has a new friend, Olga.
Olga has a speech problem. While at Nellie's, Laura takes a music box that she didn't think Nellie cared about. When Nellie
catches Laura with the music box, Nellie decides that she will either tell, or make Laura do what ever she wants. Laura
must help with her chores, be in the club even though she doesn't want to be, and she must also be mean to Olga. When Laura
can't live with Nellie's bossiness anymore, she tells her father, and gives back the music box. Olga and Laura become best
friends once again.

3.20 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Charles Aidman .... Sam Dobkins
Mitzi Hoag .... Ellen Dobkins
Eric Olson .... Elmer Dobkins
Michael Landon Jr. .... Jim
Leslie Landon .... Kate
Wade Alberty .... Steve
Dermott Downs .... Kenny Bagby
John Herbsleb .... Joel Turner
The school house is having an election! There is two boys and two girls running. One of the boys, Elmer Dobkins running is
not very popular. He didn't want to run, but one of the other boys nominated him. The boy realized that the election was
going to be girls against boys and that the girls were splitting their votes between the two running and the guys wouldn't
split their votes because no one would vote for Elmer. Elmer is picked on a lot during the election, but he ends up winning.
In the girls election, both Nellie and Mary are vying for position of Class President.

3.21/3.22 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
GOLD COUNTRY (2hr. episode)
Written by B.W. Sandefur & John Hawkins
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Wil Albert .... Mr. Delano
Larry Pennell .... Griffin
Dick Armstrong .... Grady Jennings
Robert Forward .... Harlan
Larry Golden .... Rev. Phillips
Brian Libby .... Jake
Alan McRae .... Angus Thoms
Vanna Salviati .... Mrs. Delano
Steve Shaw .... Sam Delano
Mark Stanoch
Sparky Watt .... Mr. Sawyer
Vernon Weddle .... Anderson
Ruined crops force Charles and his family to leave Walnut Grove and try their luck in the gold camps, where Charles
gets gold fever.

######### Little House On The Prairie ########
############## end of season 3 ###############

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