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Cataloochee Ranch was founded by “Mr. Tom” and “Miss. Judy” Alexander in 1933, and was originally located in the serene, and beautiful, Cataloochee Valley. In 1...938, Mr. Tom purchased a large part of the present Ranch property on Fie Top Mountain from Verlin Campbell, the “Potato King” of Haywood County. From Verlin he inherited a sturdy stone and log cattle barn, now the main Ranch house, and several derelict cabins and sheds. The eroded pasture land was littered with stumps and old potato crates, but it provided a number of excellent “bold” springs. Its 5,000-foot elevation bordering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park also created the ideal combination of extraordinary mountain views and wonderfully cool summer temperatures.

Mr. Tom died in 1972; Miss Judy remained a gracious hostess until her death in 1997. To this day, the Ranch is still managed by the third and forth-generation Alexander family members.
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We have 12 cabins and 12 private rooms, spread across 800 beautiful mountain top acres at 5,000 feet elevation, adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountain National Pa...rk. We offer breakfast, lunch, and gourmet dinner, horseback riding, hiking and special events such as weddings, concerts, festivals, and non-profit work. See More
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Cataloochee Cooking by Judy Alexander Coker

From wild boar, ramps, and plain old biscuits and gravy, to roast leg of lamb, snow peas and chocolate soufflé, thi...s collection of recipes also serves up a delicious helping of the Ranch’s rich history and a glimpse of mountain life in simpler but harder times.


Mountain Fever by Tom Alexander
Edited by Tom Alexander, Jr., and Jane Alexander
Bright Mountain Books, Fairview, North Carolina, 1995

Mountain Fever chronicles one man’s love affair with the vanishing human culture and verdant natural history of the southern Appalachian mountains. This account by Cataloochee Ranch co-founder Tom Alexander, enhanced by bountiful photographs, tells the story – and the stories – of a traditional way of life that is rapidly disappearing from the modern world.


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Ashli Aumen and Libbi Coyne