As one of the most anticipated RPGs of the year, Monster Hunter Rise is the newest entry in the popular series from Capcom. With a release date quickly approaching, fans now know a lot of new details regarding the game, thanks to a livestream from the development team.

Monster Hunter Rise demo is releasing to give players a taste of what's to come. It's a great way for people to familiarize themselves with the new features found in the game, as well as introducing newcomers to some of its trademark gameplay mechanics.

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For now, Monster Hunter Rise is launching only on the Nintendo Switch, although leaks hint at a PC release in the future. It's the follow-up to the award-winning Monster Hunter World, which released in 2017. Fans of the series are understandably excited about the action-RPG's release, and they thankfully won't have to wait too much longer. Here's everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise, including its release date, gameplay, and story details.

Monster Hunter Rise Release Date

Screenshot from Monster Hunter Rise

The release date for Monster Hunter Rise is March 26th, 2021. The game will release as a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, which includes additional hairstyles, armor pieces, poses, and gestures. A Collector's Edition is also available from the Capcom Store, and it includes one of the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo, an enamel pin, stickers, and everything that's included with the Deluxe Edition. Releasing alongside the game on March 26th are three amiibo: a Palamute amiibo, a Palico amiibo, and a Magnamalo amiibo.

Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay & Trailers

monster hunter rise new wyvern riding

Monster Hunter Rise still has its trademark action-RPG combat, but the newest entry in the franchise is adding several new features. The most interesting is Wyvern Riding, which allows players to ride and control monsters.

Using a new Wirebug feature, players can bind monsters to themselves and use Iron Silk to ride them. Players can also take advantage of this feature by using monsters in combat, which will undoubtedly make for some exciting battles.

As in other games, players can get a Palamute (canine) or Palico (feline) companion. A village will serve as a player's base, where useful features like shops, quests, and the Buddy Handler can be found. The base also comes with a training area, which players can customize in order to learn how to use numerous weapons and fight a variety of monsters. There's also local and online co-op, which should be available in the demo, too.

Monster Hunter Rise Trailer & Story Details

Screenshot from the Monster Hunter Rise trailer

For now, the story details on Monster Hunter Rise are still a little scarce. However, we do know that players and their fellow villagers will be fighting against the Rampage, which appears to be a hoard of monsters. The story seems to be primarily concerned with combatting the Rampage. The flagship monster for the game is Magnamalo, which can release purple hellfire at players.

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Characters include Fugen, a village elder, and Minota and Hinoa, twins who serve as the Village Hub and Quest Hub maidens. There is also Iori, who's the Buddy Handler, and Guild Master Hojo, the oldest man in the village who handles all things quest-related. One of the more interesting characters is Felyne Chief Kogarashi, who's in charge of deploying the Meowcenaries.

For now, Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and it includes exciting new features like Wyvern Riding. The story will introduce a host of new characters, and players will primarily be concerned with taking on the Rampage. Monster Hunter Rise looks to be an exciting new entry in the RPG franchise when it releases on March 26th, 2021.

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