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Venture Through A World Of Monsters, Made Breezier Than Ever.

Monster Hunter: World is the latest installation in the Monster Hunter series of games. In it, you play as a warrior who slays huge monsters, either alone or online with friends, and crafts a huge variety of weapons and armour from their bodies, assisted by a small township's worth of cute cats and researchers. How does this installment stack up?

Back To Battle Faster Than Ever

The most notable features of Monster Hunter: World are its conveniences. It provides an indication of what quests are required to progress to new story portions, a training room to practice new movesets, previews for weapons and armour, and many other features that the series has not seen before. Though the actual storyline is not revolutionary by series standards, and many familiar monsters are here, there's a bit of new content, and a new structure to explore it through. And arm wrestling in the game lobby is back, too!

A Worthy Successor

Overall, if you've ever enjoyed Monster Hunter, then Monster Hunter: World will provide niceties that you won't want to go without again. And if you've not gotten into the series before, this may just be the easiest game to start with. Whoever you are, it's worth considering!


  • Tons of conveniences
  • Classic gameplay


  • Little new content
  • Learning curve


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Monster Hunter: World


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