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Monster Hunter Stories

Role-playing games are extremely fun and there are millions of players across the globe who loves it. If you too are fond of RPG then the game Monster Hunter Stories is perfectly crafted for you.

Read this article thoroughly to understand all the intricacies of the game that will help you master it. Play one of the best role-playing games ever for free, with our newly developed Monster Hunter Stories.


Monster Hunter Stories APK File Information:

App NameMonster Hunter Stories APK

More on the game

This game has been developed by Capcom Co. Ltd. And is a very famous one in the category of role-playing games. There are some brilliant features in this game that is hard to find in other RPGs that are available on the play store. The game runs smoothly on the Smartphone and thus the player is enabled to enjoy each and every second of it.

In Monster Hunter Stories apk for Android, the player will be able to experience a different kind of bond that is very rare. The whole world is covered with huge monsters that roam around freely. There are many people who kill these monsters to ensure that they are saved from their fierce attacks. But there is a small village where the people dare to think completely differently.

This village is estranged but the people are extremely disciplined and think differently from other parts of the world. Here, the people do not believe in killing the monsters, instead, they make friends with them. This is why they are termed as the ‘Monster Riders’.

The people in this village live happily with monsters and they share a great bond with each other. A different type of artifacts, called Kinship Stones is used by the people here. There are many monsters who craft these Kinship Stones along with the Riders. These monsters are called ‘Monsties’ and they have got enormous superpowers within them.

There are many Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories APK and the player will have to make special bonds with them. The player will at first have to join the group of the Riders to become one of them.

This will help him in making friendship with Monsties and enjoy the special powers they possess. The player can ride on Monsties and travel across the whole world and explore new places that he has never seen before.

This game will take a player to the most exciting ride of his life. He will be able to ride on Monsties and see the world using their superpowers. This not only sounds exciting but is the same in reality also.

The player can make friendship with as many Monsties he wants and the number is uncountable. He needs to remember that the more the number of Monties in his team the more is his chances of experiencing some of the greatest adventures. The player can visit numerous cages and dens of monsters where he will be able to find the eggs of new monsters. He has to carry those eggs back with him so that they hatch properly and new Monsties come out of them.

In Monster Hunter Stories, the player will be able to challenge other Riders also. The player will have to form a team with his favorite Monsties and this will help him in taking on other players in the game.

The storyline of the game goes by the player will find himself in a dense forest near the village where the Riders stay. He will be accompanied by two of his friends named Lilia and Cheval. Three of them will find a shining egg in front of them and from this point, the game shall begin.

Three of the friends will have to imitate the actions of the Rite of Kinship and they shall succeed in the course of time. This will result in the hatching of the egg and a small Rathalos shall come out of it. The Rathalos is a wyvern that can fly and is also known as the ‘King of the skies’. The three friends will take the small creature along with them to the village and name it ‘Ratha’.

After a few days, the village gets captured by a monster that is infected by the Black Blight. This brings a new turn in the game Monster Hunter Stories as the hero of the game is left alone by his two bosom friends.

Both of these characters set for their own journey and the hero starts his own with the Kinship Stone that has been offered by the head of the village. The hero becomes friends with Navirou and starts his journey of adventure from there.

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Features to learn

  • Make friendship with Monsties- in this game, the player will have to form bonds with the Monsties. This is because they have got special powers and that will help the player in exploring the whole world. He will also be able to collect eggs of monsters and bring them back to have more Monsties in his team
  • Battle with other Riders: the game Monster Hunter Stories Apk will allow the player to fight fierce battles with other Riders. He will have to form a team with the hero and his favorite Monsties and take on other Riders
  • Multi-player mode: there is a multi-player mode available in this game but that gets activated after a certain stage. The player will have to cross several levels in the game to reach the stage of multi-player mode

Amazing gameplay

This game has got amazing gameplay that is very unique from other RPGs available in the play store. The makers are working extremely hard in improving all the features of it. They have got in various new features like auto-saving that will help the player in starting from where he left the game previously.

Monster Hunter Stories apk is surely a game to look out for in the play store because of its user-friendly interface. Anyone shall have a gala time playing it and this has fetched the game great reviews from gamers worldwide. If you too are excited about playing this game then download it from the play store right now.

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How to download and install Monster Hunter Stories APK on Android

The mod apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below

    Download APK

  2. Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  3. Install Monster Hunter Stories Apk file on your Android device
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod

Make sure you checked the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings


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