Letters to the Editor — Sept. 30, 2021

Letters to the Editor — Sept. 30, 2021

The Issue: Top military officials’ claims that they advised President Biden to leave troops in Afghanistan.

We now know that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as well as Gens. Mark Milley and Frank Mc­Kenzie told President Biden that a force of 2,500 troops should remain in Afghanistan (“A bald-faced liar in chief,” Sept. 29)

Biden has denied being told this or has consistently said that he doesn’t remember being told this recommendation, so either he’s not telling the truth or he has a faulty memory.

Either way, our country was put in jeopardy, as the withdrawal was a disaster. Perhaps it’s time to be talking about the 25th Amendment.

Harold Fishman


Either all of Biden’s top brass are lying to cover their butts or our president needs to be removed immediately.

If he truly doesn’t “recall” them telling him to leave troops in Afghanistan, then he is definitely not in a frame of mind to be making important decisions regarding our nation’s safety.

Something needs to be done now before this guy gets us into a war that he doesn’t remember starting.

Tony Fasano

Staten Island

It’s about time the light of truth began to shine on the Afghanistan debacle.

The Senate hearings Tuesday made one thing abundantly clear: Biden is responsible for the most disastrous blunder in American military history, and he lied to conceal that fact.

He is culpable for every disastrous decision because he ignored the advice of his top military advisers.

But those same advisers share the blame for failing to act. Honorable men would have resigned in protest to stop the abandonment of Americans and our allies behind enemy lines.

The average platoon sergeant could have predicted the outcome of Biden’s doomed withdrawal plan. America’s credibility around the world has been shattered so that these men could keep their jobs. At best, they are a disgrace.

Bob Porch, Marlton, NJ

While I am not shocked about our commander-in-chief’s untruths, I am absolutely disgusted and enraged by Milley’s complete disregard for the Uniform Code Of Military Justice.

One of the first lessons I learned in the military is: Respect is earned, not given.

T. King


Had Biden listened to the advice of some of his military advisers who say they told him the United States should leave some 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, the crisis that occurred this past August could have been avoided.

Thirteen of our service members died needlessly due to this president’s inability to conduct a cohesive, sensible foreign policy.

Afghanistan now is fully under the control of the Taliban, and there are still some Americans trapped there.

Biden buries his head in the sand like an ostrich, preferring not to have to deal with the realities of what is going on. Our allies are losing faith in us as a reliable partner, and our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

It’s time to stop the softballs and get down to action with this incompetent president.

The Post editorial “Joe’s Most Shameless Lie” (Sept. 29) goes into explicit detail on the many lies being promulgated by the president and his lackey administration.

Yet the editorial concludes by saying, “The president owes the nation an explanation.” Nonsense. The president owes it to the citizens of this great nation to step down.

Bud Cosgrove

Rockville Centre

Of course the generals have to contradict Biden. They are trying to save face on a world stage.

If our top generals didn’t see that debacle coming, other adversaries will feel emboldened to act against us. Hopefully, it’s not too little too late.

I just can’t believe the Democratic Party is letting them say this. It makes the commander-in-chief look like he’s entirely at fault.

But don’t worry, the and social-media sites will suppress this story and continue to run cover for the Democrats.

Steve Preziosa

Deptford, NJ

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