October pictures

I’m afraid I’m hopelessly behind with blogging! After my birthday, I got completely sucked into the middle school play “world” and it seemed like all I did was eat, sleep, and breathe the play! I certainly had dreams about the drama!! I’m thankful to be on the other side, but now I have some catching up to do!


A few days before my birthday, we had a gathering with our TeachBeyond small group (or part of our small group)! The man between Micah & I was in town visiting & had been our ‘leader’ during our week of orientation. It was fun to finally all be together in person!


One day Audrey asked me if she could create her own recipe & then make it…being so tired & consumed by the play, I said she could! Her recipe was quite detailed!


Her ‘batter’ was a little interesting…it had chunks of butter swimming in a liquid. I was pretty sure they weren’t going to turn out!


But I was ‘mostly’ wrong! These cupcakes leaked a ton of butter all over the oven and were a bit interesting in consistency, but they were at least recognizable as cupcakes & edible!


We get the New York Times each day in our library & this headline just made me chuckle! These people have obviously never smelled a barn!!


I got to represent my Alma Mater at our College Week!


A sweet friend who is also ‘always cold’ gave me a hot water bottle for my birthday so I can be warmer!!


We had some absolutely GORGEOUS fall weather this year!!


I really think that we live in the most beautiful place in the world & I’ve lived in & visited a LOT of beautiful places!


The Fall colors were wonderful!


We did have a crazy wind storm one night that resulted in this…my friend & I had to climb through it to continue our walk!!


A very ‘apt’ quote from “When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit” by Judith Kerr


Micah & I were invited to attend dinner at the Alpenblick (basically it translates to “View of the Alps”, because it has one!) with the school board along with several others who make up the leadership team at school. Micah was unable to attend as he had an online training, but I decided that a dinner that I didn’t have to cook & where no one would be complaining about what was in front of them sounded wonderful, so I went & had a lovely time getting to know a couple members of the board! Also, the view was amazing!


Sometimes the things that Germans decide to make are so strange! Case in point…this sweatshirt! There were no other national parks represented, just one rack that randomly had Mt. Rainier! Who knows??


One Friday Audrey didn’t have school, but I still had to work, so she came with me & hung out in our ‘librarian office’. I ended up bringing in a beanbag chair for her & she was quite comfy!!


One night, the kids put Cotton (the hamster) in my lap when I was on my laptop & she walked across the keys. The kids thought this was hilarious & begged me to open a word document & see what it was that Cotton could type. As you can see, it certainly is not the next bestseller!


This pancake has a face in it!


More fun with the filters!

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