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Mia Zottoli is an American Film Star. She has also done a limited number of films in Hollywood. She was born on the 6th of April in the year 1968. She is a native of the city of Boston in Massachusetts, United States. She was raised in a very conservative and orthodox Catholic family. During her childhood, Mia aced her exams and was very studious. Not only was she interested in studies, but she also participated actively in athletics, gymnastics, dance competitions and was a cheerleader in high school. She graduated from college in the year 1991 with a double major. She had a degree in Graphic Design too.

In the year 1997, she moved to the Hollywood city of the United States – Los Angeles, California. Five feet, eight inches tall with a sleek look and pretty brunette hair, Mia hoped for a career breakthrough in the world of modeling subsequently leading to Hollywood. After moving to Los Angeles, Zottoli was able to get an audition for Playboy magazine.

After being selected for Playboy, she did a few modeling gigs. Due to her stunning and statuesque looks, she got work for a while but luck and destiny weren't on her side for long. Due to her unsuccessful modeling career and lack of opportunities in mainstream Hollywood, she started doing low-budget grade B movies. She also starred in numerous adult movies and television short films. In the year 1999, she was seen in Shandra: The Jungle Girl and Auditions from Beyond. Her last movie released in 2008, it was a horror project called Blood Scarab. Mia Zottoli was engaged to the Hollywood actor, writer, and director Thomas Haden Church.

He is known for his performance as Sandman in the Spiderman franchise. He also is an Academy Award nominee. Mai and Thomas never confirmed whether they were married or not. Mia has two children with Haden Church. Their daughter Cody Haden Church was born in the year 2004 while they were engaged. They have another daughter. Mia and Thomas called it quits after their younger daughter was 1-year-old.

Mia hasn’t been married ever since and spends her time in co-parenting her daughters with her ex. Mia’s ex-partner Church got into a lot of controversies due to his alleged relationship with the adult movie star. Mia has revealed that although shooting adult movies is also a job, their actors are discriminated and looked down upon.