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Metropolis, located in Massac County on the banks of the Ohio River, has played key roles in America’s history. It is believed that Native Americans originally populated this area, taking advantage of its natural benefits. The Daughters of the American Revolution rallied efforts in 1903 to purchase the 24 acres surrounding the historic location, and in 1908 Fort Massac was officially decreed as Illinois’ first state park. As envisioned by its founders, Metropolis, and its Ohio River locale, has played an important part in American history.

Drive-Up Food Distribution Day Postponed

The Food Distribution Day sponsored by Senator Dale Fowler scheduled for this Thursday, February 18 in Metropolis, IL has been POSTPONED due to the current weather situation along with more snow to fall.

We will be rescheduling this with the Senator’s office for the near future. We will post the new date and time on our website, Facebook, and in local media as soon as it is available.

Please be safe and thank you for understanding!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

A message to our citizens from Mayor McDaniel

The City of Metropolis cares about protecting the health and safety of our citizens and our employees. To reduce the chances of our employees encountering those who have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, all City buildings will remain closed to the public until further notice. Although public meetings such as City Council meetings remain open, we will be limiting both the frequency of those meetings as well as the number of people in attendance.

Metropolis City Parks will remain open for walking and enjoyment of outdoor activities while observing social distancing. Sports fields and playgrounds however have been closed at this time.

All City employees are continuing to work on a modified schedule or remotely if possible. People needing to speak to a City employee should contact that employee or department by telephone or email. City staff will schedule in-person appointments if needed. If you need a department phone number or email address, please contact my office at 524-4016.

We will be updating this section of our website as new information comes available. 

Returning Water Systems to Regular Use after Extended Periods of Reduced Use

Updated 05/15/2020

Given the current Covid-19 epidemic, it is important to understand the potential impacts that may result regarding water quality.  Specifically, water quality issues may arise as buildings and potable water distribution systems experience a decrease in building occupancy and subsequent water usage.  Water management programs should be implemented by building owners to proactively address potential water quality issues. 

In addition, community water supply officials are encouraged to work in conjunction with building owners to prevent or mitigate the growth and proliferation of waterborne pathogens that can result from water stagnation.  Input from the water purveyor is essential in establishing a baseline of water quality and ensuring that applicable water quality maximum contaminant levels are being met at the point of connection. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has provided the attached guidance for building owners and operators, and public water supply operators to address potential water quality issues prior to “re-opening” buildings to normal occupancy and water usage.  The IDPH guidance document provides a comprehensive approach related to recommended flushing procedures contaminant mitigation procedures, and water quality monitoring. 

Additional guidance from USEPA can be found at

From the Office of the Mayor, City of Metropolis

Updated 05/13/2020

Everyone, in response to the many questions and concerns regarding the City’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Executive Order, please take time to view the recent Press Release issued today from the Mayor’s Office on the City’s postion regarding these matters, thank you.

Please continue the safety practices and respect the necessary actions we have put in place.  The key points to remember are:

  • Stay at home as much as possible;
  • Avoid face to face contacts as much as possible;
  • Wash your hands frequently (for at least 20 seconds);
  • Maintain social distancing (6 feet) when you are in the presence of others.

Following these practices, we will come through this together.

Governor JB Pritzker signs Executive Order 2020-32

Updated 05/01/2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed Executive Order 2020-32 that modified and extended his original Stay at Home Order (Executive Order 2020-10). The order goes into effect on May 1 and lasts through May 29.

We understand the inconvenience that the Stay at Home mandate brings with it, however the goal is to help save lives. Please help us keep you safe. The City of Metropolis is taking a very proactive approach to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus to our constituents and employees. As such City Hall and municipal buildings are closed to the public, however City staff will remain working to provide services to residents and businesses


Updated 07/28/2020

Of the many ways governments are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, public bodies are addressing the important responsibility to limit circumstances that might allow for the spread of the COVID-19 virus while fulfilling their obligation to comply with the transparency and openness requirements of the Open Meetings Act (“OMA”).

The Governor’s Executive Order 2020-07, issued on March 16, 2020, suspends the Open Meetings Act provisions relating to in-person attendance by members of a public body. Specifically, the Governor’s Order: (1) suspends the requirement in Section 2.01 that “members of a public body must be physically present;” and (2) suspends the limitations in Section 7 on when remote participation is allowed.

The City of Metropolis is currently conducting public meetings both in person and via conference call. Members of the public attending remotely will be provided with a phone number and conference ID prior to scheduled meetings in order to attend. To avoid confusion, members listening via the teleconference may be muted during the meeting. Any member of the public wanting to be recognized for public comment should contact the City Clerk prior to the meeting at 618-524-2711 and provide them with your name and telephone number.

Members of the public and media attending in person should be prepared to wear a mask and practice social distancing. The City of Metropolis will attempt to make the necessary accommodations to attend these events in person if social distancing measures cannot be met.

Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program

To support small businesses in downstate and rural counties across Illinois, DCEO is repurposing $20 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to support the Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program. This Fund will offer small businesses of up to 50 employees the opportunity to partner with their local governments to obtain grants of up to $25,000 in working capital.

Applications must be submitted by a unit of local government on behalf of businesses with 50 employees or less. If you are interested and would like to apply use the links below to access the application materials. Interested businesses should first review the grant guidebook and then use the grant information flyer to begin to organize their business documents and information before submitting their application. If you have questions regarding the process you may email you questions to or

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Treasury have begun releasing the information that will guide the programs created through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

To help small business owners better understand the new programs that will soon be available to them, a comprehensive guide to many of the small business provisions in the CARES Act has been created. These programs and initiatives are intended to assist business owners with whatever needs they have right now.

Illinois Small Business Emergency Loan Fund

Under the leadership of Governor JB Pritzker, DCEO and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) are establishing the Illinois Small Business Emergency Loan Fund to offer small businesses low interest loans of up to $50,000. For more information follow the link provided below.

Paycheck Protection Program

An SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. SBA will forgive loans if all employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities.

You can apply through any existing SBA 7(a) lender or through any federally insured depository institution, federally insured credit union, and Farm Credit System institution that is participating. Other regulated lenders will be available to make these loans once they are approved and enrolled in the program. You should consult with your local lender as to whether it is participating in the program. Lenders may begin processing loan applications as soon as April 3, 2020. The Paycheck Protection Program will be available through June 30, 2020. 

This program is for any small business with less than 500 employees (including sole proprietorships, independent contractors and self-employed persons), private non-profit organization or 501(c)(19) veterans organizations affected by coronavirus/COVID-19. For more information see the link provided below for a list of frequently asked questions.

Meeting Agendas

City Council

Claims Committee

Condemnation Committee

Finance Committee

Industrial and Commercial Committee

Insurance Committee

Ordinance Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee

Police and Fire Committee

Water Light and Street Committee

Planning Commission

 Agenda & Minutes Coming Soon

Zoning Board of Appeals

Agenda & Minutes Coming Soon

Utility Billing

If you are a City of Metropolis utility customer in good standing, that has been using our services for the past 12 months, you may be eligible for our budget billing plan.

Combined Sewer Overflow

The City of Metropolis is developing a long-term plan to reduce sewer overflows to the Ohio River, as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Combined sewer overflows are a century-old problem in more than 700 U.S. communities, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest. Illinois has more than 100 communities with combined sewers, which combine sewage and stormwater into the same pipe.

During dry weather, sewage flows safely through the City’s sewers to the Metropolis sewer treatment plant (STP). However, about 50 times a year melting snow or rainwater can overwhelm the sewers, causing untreated sewage to overflow into the Ohio River.

Metropolis must examine its sewer overflows and prepare a long-term control plan that meets Clean Water Act requirements and protects the Ohio River. This City is working with Illinois EPA to develop the plan.
The City of Metropolis has installed signage at the CSO outfall location. The signs are weatherproof, and will identify the outfall number along with contact information and phone number.

If you would like to be notified via email whenever an overflow warning is in effect, Contact Us.

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