There is no shortage of sexy celebrities out there who have had some of their private booty bumping moments become public matters. As you'll find with the 15 celebrities below, when that happens there is no shortage of steamy secrets that we can learn about these celebrities' bedroom lives that you would never have known prior to seeing the photos/videos and entering this list.

Whether it's the dominant (or submissive side) of Olivia Munn, Seyfried's love of some outdoor activities or which celebrity ruined her relationship with her father, or the several entries that prove having only 1 woman in the bedroom may not be enough to satisfy these celebrities.

We've even got an entry from one celebrity who's battling hard to keep her sex tape from leaking. There are definitely things about your bedroom life and body that you'd rather keep private, and as you'll learn, so did these celebrities.

Here are the 15 juiciest secrets that we've learned from celebrities' leaked tapes.

15 Amanda Seyfried - That She And Justin Long Love The Outdoors

Amanda Seyfried had every reason to be furious when she had her privacy violated and photos of her getting into some very adult activities that were captured on the security of her phone were released to the public.

To make the situation all the more awkward for Seyfried, her partner at the time (who is largely suspected to have been actor Justin Long) is also an active participant in the photos as it is caught with him "receiving some pleasure."

While giving some oral loving may not be the most shocking thing in the world, the fact that some of the photos were Seyfried and Long out in public definitely added a more adventurous side to the leak.

14 Paris Hilton - That She Quietly Makes Love In The Dark

When the world got introduced to Paris Hilton in One Night in Paris, it became clear that she likes to make love in the dark. In fact, the first half of her video may very well be out of a paranormal activity movie!

Unfortunately for her gentleman lover it also became clear very quickly that she isn't into making very much noise in the bedroom. At least part of the video wasn't in black and white so you know she isn't completely afraid of the light.

Despite the tape winning an adult video network award for "Best Selling Title of the Year", Hilton has come out and said she's never received any money for it.

13 Olivia Munn - She Doesn't Mind Giving And Taking Orders

When the photos were released of Olivia Munn, there was one thing that helped them stand out from most of the leaked photos that we see. Included in the incredibly racy photos of Munn in various states of undress, were explicit instructions (which definitely are not safe for work!) that she had clearly hoped her then-boyfriend, Chris Pine was going to do to her.

While it's definitely not a bad thing to have a more sexually adventurous side, we're sure Munn wasn't expecting the world to see that side of her.

The only kicker with Munn? Her defendants have come out and said that while some of the leaked photos of her were real, some of the dirtier ones were another girl that just happened to look like Munn.

12 Emma Watson - She Loves Taking Baths

When it comes to unwinding at the end of a long day, one of the most relaxing things that you can do is sit in a nice hot bath. Emma Watson absolutely has her fair share of stressors in her life, but when the leaked photos of her emerged in March; it became very clear that she loves spending part of her time lounging in the water.

Several of the photos of Watson in the most compromising photos were taken in the form of a selfie from the bath. We're sure if the only photos from the leak were the clean ones of her in-between wardrobe changes, the leak would have gotten a lot less attention!

Ready for an unfortunate quote? In an interview, Watson once said,

“Nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath, so I always find time for that. I’ll take phone conversations in the bath, anything.”

11 Eric Dane - Doesn't Have A "Lonely Bedroom"

There are plenty of celebrities who have had their adult activities with their loving partner get captured, but for Eric Dane who you may best know as McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy, it wasn't just him and his wife (fellow actress) Rebecca Gayheart getting intimate when his leaked video made its way online.

Also present was Kari Ann Peniche who is not only a former Miss Oregon Teen USA but also posed for Playboy back in 2004.

Peniche has come out and said she did not have full-on sex, but in the words of Ross Gellar, we suppose that means Dane got to see "A LOT of Stuff", let's just hope he didn't get bored!

10 Paige - She Brought The Championship To Bed

There are plenty of raunchy details that came out from the leak of WWE superstar Paige. One of the most damaging however may be the fact that there is a video with Paige holding the NXT championship to her face shortly before a gentleman "ends the session."

The act caused a huge uproar on social media including several people saying that the belt needs to be burned.

When talking about the leak, Paige said,

"Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent," but we are unsure if she will pursue further legal action.

9 Farrah Abraham - Enjoys Some "Variety" In Bed

When it comes to leaked tapes Farrah Abraham is definitely a unique case. When her video first came out with James Deen she claimed it was just that, a leak, but it quickly became clear that Abraham had signed up to work with Vivid entertainment.

On top of the tape featuring things that she definitely would not want her kid seeing (seriously, how do you think of anything with this Teen Mom and not make that correlation?), but the tape is called Backdoor Teen Mom and Backdoor and we'll let you draw your own conclusions on what type of extreme adult situations she finds herself in.

8 Colin Farrell And Nicole Narain - That He's Smooth With The Lines

Colin Farrell may have been handy with a wand in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but he's also pretty good with his wand in real life. Just ask Nicole Narain who had a night with Farrell recorded and publicized back in 2005.

Farrell was smooth with the lines, including,

"If a f*cking camera could blush, this thing would be f*cking red.", "I didn't know they made bastards as sexy as you" and "Breakfast, lunch, and dinner right here."

Though to his credit, Narain is a former playmate so we're sure he wasn't underselling her!

7 Rihanna - That She Had Some Private Piercings

Rihanna is, unfortunately, one of the celebrities on our list who had their photos leaked on multiple occasions. While that means we've learned she is clearly open to taking photos, the first time the world got a look at Rihanna they also became aware of some piercings that definitely wouldn't have become public knowledge without the photos.

When talking about the leak, Rihanna said it was one of the worst things that ever happened to her. It definitely did not help that it wasn't long after people had seen the photos of her face after Chris Brown beat her.

6 Vanessa Hudgens - That She Wasn't So Innocent

When Vanessa Hudgens had her photos get leaked back in 2007, to say that the world was shocked would be an understatement. Hudgens had made a name for herself as a talented singer on High School Musical and anytime someone associated with Disney gets hacked you know it's going to be a big deal.

For Hudgens, we've also learned that sadly she isn't great about her privacy, as she had photos released on multiple occasions!

"It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that. At least some people are learning from my mistake,” said Hudgens when talking about the leak.

5 Melina Perez - She Has A Pole In The Bedroom

Melina Perez always made sure to catch the eyes of everyone in the building when she sauntered down to the wrestling ring in a variety of incredibly revealing outfits during her time as a wrestler.

But when it came to her leaked photos, there definitely wasn't room for imagination as Perez is completely nude in the photos (and even shows off her signature "splits"!). One of the things that you may not have known about Perez prior to the leaked photos? She has a stripper pole located in her bedroom that she definitely was not afraid to get some practice on!

Perez was fired from the WWE back in 2011 with reports saying that it was due to her poor attitude behind the scenes.

4 Scarlett Johansson - That She Looks Stunning Before Sleep Without Makeup

Scarlett Johansson looks amazing on the movie screen regardless of the amount of makeup her character requires, but when it came to "starring" in her own leaked photos it became clear that make up fell by the wayside.

Johansson took the photos lying in bed, presumably only moments before falling asleep. We're sure that's a face that you wouldn't mind waking up next to!

Scarlett is currently single after ending her marriage with Romain Dauric, but whoever she dates next probably can't expect her to send any explicit pictures given her history!

3 Mel B. And Stephen Belafonte - That They Welcomed Plenty Of Women In

Mel B. is definitely going to earn her moniker of Scary Spice if her now, ex-husband Stephen Belafonte ends up releasing the apparent numerous sex tapes of the two that he has filmed over the years.

Though they definitely weren't always alone, it was reported to the DailyMail that,

"In the 10 years Mel and Belafonte were together they welcomed a lot of women into their bedroom… as well as the living room, kitchen, and hotels."

While the names of the 3rd performers are not known, it was reported that one may be a prominent presenter on an entertainment show.

2 Montana Fishburne - That It Can Ruin Your Relationship With Your Famous Father

Can you imagine pissing off Morpheus from the Matrix series? Laurence Fishburne definitely does not look like the kind of guy that you want to mess with.

You'd probably much rather spend some time with Montana, his gorgeous daughter who got herself into some very adult situations with Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes Her XXX Debut

Perhaps not shockingly, the video significantly hindered the relationship between the two including Montana admitting that he had cut off contact with her.

1 Charlotte McKinnney - Not To Believe Everything You See

Now when it comes to Charlotte McKinney, we can't exactly call these "leaked photos". Because instead of someone going into her phone and releasing the extremely explicit photos, McKinney appeared to have done it herself when she was hammered.

Several photos made their way to her Instagram, which included lovely captions like "Janet dared me to lmao so frikkin drunk Rnn IDC," "Drunken nights lead to the best fun" and "I am gonna be so damn hungover tommorowww. IDC though had a great night! Good night lovies"

McKinney appeared to show off her every angle of her body, including one particularly racy photo of McKinney relaxing after she and a gentleman lover had finished up.

It was only the next day that it was revealed that McKinney had been hacked and that someone had elected to post either their own nude photos or ones they had found online and passed them off as McKinney.


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