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Notes on Chilean Model 1895 Mausers

Notes on Chilean Model 1895 Mausers

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The following post is a collection of important "tid-bits" about the 1895 Chilean Mausers, that have been collected from this site as well as

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There are no production records on Chilean Mausers(yet). The date is not marked on them. Most M1895's originally had dated stock cartouches but only 1895, 1898 and 1902 dates are observed and stocks may have been made in batches. See thread on Gunboards Mauser forum, "Chilean 1895 survey needed", ser# will give approximate date.


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Yes, all known Mauser rifles bearing the Ludwig Loewe name are antiques. The gun making division of the Loewe businesses was grouped together with his ammunition manufacturing businesses into DWM over a year before the date of 1898, which US firearms laws defines as the last year of the "antique" era. DWM then bcame a wholly owned subsidiary under its own corporate identity, of the parent organization, the Loewe Group. At this point, DWM became the ordnance division, joining other units which specialized in machine tools, power generation, sewing machines, etc.

The Loewe name does not appear on any Mauser rifles which were invented and/or patented during or after 1898. There are Loewe-marked rifles with stocks dated after 1898. However, that only proves that their stocks were fabricated after 1898.

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Loewe and DWM & 1 January 1897 & Chilean Mausers

In November 1896, the Board of L.Loewe and Co. decided to re-organise all its small arms, ammunition and machine tool divisions, and its cartel connections (Mauser, FN and OEWG), under the one corporate umbrella, both for purely financial reasons (to simplify the overly complicated inter-relationships between the various companies derived from 40 years of Loewe using its bankers to finance customer's purchasors of machine tools, and thus having an "interest" (sometimes controlling) in various other "names" in the industry; the other, less evident, but also pressing matter was to remove the "Jewishness" of the Loewe name, which had been wrongfully involved in the so-called "Juden-Flinte" affair ( defects in Gew88 production, which were design-induced, not manufacturer-induced, in the period 1889-1891.

The re-organisation became effective 1 January 1897, and Rifles made after that date bore the DWM-Berlin address, either in full or abbreviated. There are, in Boer Mausers, an "M1896 Loewe" and a "M1897 DWM" marked models, otherwise Identical.

So as stated above, any "Loewe" marked rifle of any model, is ipso-facto, made before 1 January 1897; any DWM marked rifle, after 1 January 1897.

Thus under US ATF "antique" rulings ( 1898 limit) all Loewe marked rifles are Antique, and all DWMs made after 1898 (date?) are NOT antique.
Only Serial Numbers and contract dates can establish if an "1897 DWM" is actually "Antique". (Most will be)

As to Chilean M95 short rifles and carbines, The Short rifles were made in several batches, 1895 and 1902. The 1895 ones are definitely Loewe, and thus antique. The 1902 DWM ones are NOT antique (made post-1898); there are also variations in rear sights, as the first batches of M1902 Delivery SRs had the same rear sight as the M95 ( Flat, ladder with slide); later 1902 delivery models had the Carbine type rear sight (M1905 , same as Turkish, Brazilian '07 and Argy M'09)) As the stocks were machined (not subsequently Hand-Hogged out) for the M1905 type rear asight, I would surmise they were factory fitted before delivery, probably in the 1905-1908 period for this last batch of "Small Ring" Mauser Short rifles, of which there are several versions, an Artillery/Engineer's Musketoon, and a Mounted Troops (Not Cavalry) side slung as well "carbine". True cavalry still used the M95 18-inch barrel carbine ( side Sling D loops for both sling and cavalry sash and hook, to use with a saddle bucket.)

It is surmised that before WW I, DWM did supply Chile with some replacement barrel and sight sets, with which to upgrade M95 Short rifles to the new type sights. Upgrade SRs will have the woodwork "hogged out" to seat the newer, longer rearsight sleeve in the stock.

Chile has a discrete Mauser series of Rifles, Short Rifles and Carbines, and once one has accumulated all the basic Models, one can go wild on the variations, right up to the 1960s.

Must be the Germanic nature of the Chilean Armed Forces through out its history (Very "prussian" in outlook) which maintained everything "just so"...although their navy did allow Ross Rifles to sneak in, in 1920, with the replacement Cruisers from Britain, which had been sequestered in 1914, along with the original Steyr M1912 Rifles, by the Royal Navy.

Otherwise everything in the Chilean arsenal was 7mm Mauser until the late 1950s, when they went NATO...Even .30/06 Johnson rifles acquired for the "Carabineros" (Militarised National Gendarmerie) in the late 1940s-early 50s were converted to 7x57 by sleeving the barrels.
Hotchkiss, Colt and Vickers Guns, Nambu Chilean M1920s, Madsen LMGs and Cz Vz26 LMGs were all delivered in 7x57 cartridge chambering.

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Does anyone know in which serial number range the DWM manufactured M95s ceased being antiques?



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A through K prefix DWMs are. All Loewe Marked rifles are antique as Loewe was merged into DWM in 1897.

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HoosierDaddy wrote:

A through K prefix DWMs are.

Do you have a reference source for this? I'm compiling a list of Chilean-95 notes for a "sticky", and this would be good info to include.

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I did a google for it. The info came from James Rawles. Denny Kroh has it copied on his info page at Empire Arms

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