Fans Are Worried About Matthew Perry After Noticing Slurred Speech In 'Friends' Interview

The Friends reunion special is almost here, and fans of the sitcom are excited to catch up with their favorites. A recent People interview kicked off the press around the special, but fans' excitement came second to their concern about one of the cast members.

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Comments on social media lit up regarding Matthew Perry's appearance during the interview. At times, it looked like he was gazing off into nothing. He didn't speak much, and when he did, his speech appeared slurred.

No one has officially commented on Matthew's status since the concern began being discussed on social media on Wednesday. Fans are concerned that it could be a problem with his health or that he could be struggling with addiction again. He has publicly battled alcohol and prescription painkiller addiction over the last two decades.

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*Friends* fans were concerned to see Matthew Perry appearing unwell in a new interview ahead of the sitcom's much-anticipated reunion special. Matthew appeared alongside costars David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc, but he appeared to stare off at several points during the interview.

Fans also noticed he wasn't his usual quick-witted self. When he did speak, his speech seemed slurred. At one point, he even appeared to have fallen asleep.

"Remember, this is the 'official video.' These are the very best parts of the reunion that have been released to promote the show. If this is the best soundbite they have of Matthew, can you imagine the worst — the footage that is so bad it will never air?" a concerned TV insider told [*OK! Magazine*](

"It was obvious to everyone that something was wrong. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc all knew it and worked as a team to get him through it."

Many concerned fans wondered if Matthew had a health problem that the public wasn't previously aware of. Many recalled comments about Chadwick Boseman's appearance and rumors that stemmed from it, encouraging others to be kind and remember that celebrities are people, too.

Many of Matthew's fans are concerned that he is struggling with his mental health. The actor has battled addiction since the late '90s and been open about that journey. There's concern that looking back on a difficult time in his life could have triggered a relapse for him.

Matthew first began struggling with addiction after being prescribed Vicodin following a 1997 watercraft accident. He ended up addicted to the painkiller. He's admitted to barely remembering filming seasons three through six of the popular sitcom because of his issues with drugs and alcohol during those years.

"Matthew said that being on the show was all a big blur for him, which is so sad. He was living a fabulous life and doing an extraordinary job entertaining all of America," a source told the [*New York Post*](

As a result of his addiction, Matthew has struggled with health problems throughout the years. Courteney Cox, his on-screen wife, has been there through much of it as a close neighbor in Malibu. He's also worked with a sober coach for years on his recovery.

Fans are hoping that the interview isn't indicative of how Matthew will appear in the reunion. *Friends: The Reunion* is set to debut on May 27 on HBO Max.

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