Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are two of the most loved figures in the entertainment industry, and they have been together for years now. They got together years ago and have maintained their private life while balancing things in the public eye. Making things work is difficult, but they have found the sweet spot and have become couples goals for many people.

Naturally, Portia and Ellen have done well for themselves financially, and many people have become curious about the ways that Portia spends her money.

Well, let’s take a look at Portia’s spending and see exactly where her massive fortune goes when she is ready and willing to drop some cold hard cash.

Invest, Invest, Invest

People that have a lot of money usually want to start having that money roll in the dough for them, and they do this by making savvy investments that yield great results. Portia de Rossi is no stranger to making her fair share of cash, and she has hopped into the world of investing looking to make some serious financial gains.

Portia and Ellen are calculated in their financial decisions, making sure to choose something that they believe in and something that has the potential to grow and make money. Their investment in Miyoko’s Creamery certainly caught the attention of the media, as it showed that the couple wanted to invest in a vegan company that all could enjoy.

Time will tell if this investment winds up working out for the two of them with Miyokos, but one thing we can confirm is that they passed on what ultimately became a huge opportunity with Beyond Meat. That’s right, Portia’s decision to not pull the trigger here wound up being something that she regrets.

When speaking with The Wall Street Journal, she would say, “Boy do we regret that. We're kicking ourselves."

Naturally, no one is going to get things right all the time, but it’s clear that she would have loved to invest in the company nice and early.

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Flipping Houses Into Cash Piles

Being able to spend money on hands-off investments is one thing, but getting down and dirty on a home flip is something entirely else. Well, Portia is clearly someone that wants to diversify what she does, and it has been reported that she also enjoys flipping houses for financial gain, as well.

Since 2003, Portia and Ellen have been in the real estate game, using their money to invest in properties and spruce them up before selling them for a whole lot of money. Now, there are plenty of celebs that might stay away from business like this, given how involved the investors usually need to be, so it’s refreshing to see a celebrity duo who is willing to do something off the beaten path.

Back in 2019, Architectural Digest covered the flipping history of Portia and Ellen, and let’s just say that the returns that the couple was seeing is staggering. According to the piece, “This year alone, DeGeneres and De Rossi have sold properties for $6.98 million, $15.5 million, and $23 million.”

Yeah, that’s just from their 2019 flips. According to the article, Ellen does say that they are not in this for the financial gain, but we have to believe that it is a huge motivating factor. There is simply too much money being made here for it to not play a significant role.

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Time For A Vacation

Ellen and Portia are two people that spend a significant amount of time working on their respective projects, meaning that they need to take some time to unwind and enjoy the finer things every now and again. Thanks to having a massive net worth, Portia spares no expense when it comes time to relaxing on the beach and shutting things down.

Over the years, Portia’s private spending has largely been kept out of the public eye, but one thing that has been made available for the mainstream media’s consumption is her vacation time with her wife. The pair have been spotted at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, according to PopSugar, and they have been spotted in gOregon’s places in Mexico and even out in Kenya.

Their trip to Kenya, according to Yahoo, saw them spend their time at a giraffe sanctuary called Giraffe Manor, and we can only imagine the surge inn business that the location got once it was revealed that Ellen had been there.

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It’s clear that the pair enjoys going places where they can soak in the sun while relaxing, and some time ago, they were snapped together vacationing in St. Barts, according to PopSugar. St. Barts is a popular vacation spot for those with deep pockets, and we can only imagine the gigantic bill that the pair racked up.

Whether it is through investing, flipping houses, or going on a vacation, Portia de Rossi clearly knows how to spend her massive fortune the right way!

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