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Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi is a hugely successful Australian actress, who was born in 1973. She has done a couple of blockbuster movies after she moved to California for pursuing an acting career.  Ally McBeal was a big break for her and her character was Nelle Porter. Her coming out as a lesbian and subsequent marriage to Ellen DeGeneres also paved her way to fame. She gained a lot of popularity once people came to know of her sexual orientation.

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Portia de Rossi was earlier married to Mel Matcalfe in 1996 which ultimately lead to divorce in 1999. Her relationship with him was not very publicly active. When they were married they were surprisingly inert to the media. They did not like to answer questions and kept their distance from the media. Giving a little surprise for the fans, de Rossi said that marriage was for getting green card. This gave his fans a rude jolt. Fans had a hard time believing that the marriage was taking place for getting an official paper. She was also seen with female singer Francesca Gregorini and later, confirmed that she was in relationship with her. Around 2000 photographs were out to public with her partner. How the photographs were leaked is still a mystery.

A lot of speculations fumed on the same. Questions about her sexual orientation were in all over tabloids. At first, she took a neutral stand and used those photos as a way of revealing her identity to public. She also said recently that she didn’t know about her sexual orientation. Her association with comedian Ellen DeGeneres was a turning point. She came out as Lesbian in 2005 and the couple got married in 2008. After marriage, name was changed to Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

‘Unbearable lightness’ which is a book about de Roxi’s unscientific approach to weight loss is a huge seller. Her notes on the book are honest as any model can relate to it. She clearly describes how she always felt overweight when she touched her fat on the belly. Her mother being ignorant about the dieting and its harmful effects were always encouraging her daughter to lose weight. Besides starving, whenever she ate, de Rossi vomited in the bathroom so that she could stay thin. Some of the modeling photographs reveal how anorexic, she really was. A lot of critics and fans have widely praised Portia for her courage and honesty in depicting events in the book. She also said that through this book, she would like to put light to the life of models and what sacrifices they have to do, in order to survive in the industry. This is a must read book for models and those who wish to know about the heard life, which model need to lead, in order to become famous.

Her girlfriend Ellen DeGenere is a very popular comedian and talk show host. She was host of last Oscar. De Rossi said recently that she is eager to work on new acting projects.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 31 Jan, 1973
Age: 47 yrs
Citizenship: Australia
United States of America
Birth Place: Horsham
Education: University of Melbourne
Gender: Female
Description: Australian model, philanthropist, and actress
Spouse: Ellen DeGeneres [M. 2008]
Mel Metcalfe[1996-1999]
Net Worth 2021: 50 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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