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This game is also available on PC and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Manhunt (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: AliBoy
Manhunt Walkthrough

Left on D-pad - Peek to the left.
Right on D-Pad - Peek to the right.
X - Weak/fast attack, fire gun, use lure.
Square - Strong/slow attack, reload gun.
Circle - Switch weapons, pick up new weapon.
Triangle - Action button: press against wall, pick up corpse, use current item.
L1 - Target closest enemy.
R1 - Run.
L2 - Strafe left.
R2 - Strafe right.
START - Pause the game.
L2+R2 - 180 degree quick turn.
Kill levels:
Level 1 - White triangles appear when targeting enemy
Level 2 - When you target the enemy hold the X or square button down and they will change from white to yellow.
Level - Similar to above except you hold the button down longer until the triangles change from white to yellow and then to red.

In Manhunt you are graded on a five star scale for each scene. Your potential rating depends on three factors, these are the difficulty level, how long you take to complete, and your style (made up from the number of executions, and level of each execution).


weapons are sorted into colour-coded groups. Cash may only carry one weapon from each colour group at any given time.
Plastic bag
Glass Shard

Meat Cleaver
6 Shooter
Light Handgun

Baseball bat
Tranquilizer Rifle
Machine Gun M16


Having played through the game a few times I have notice a few things that should be pointed out to those having trouble with the game.

Try and take out the enemy one at a time. In the latter levels when you have guns its possible to take out groups but early on they will beat you down very quickly. If they are alerted to your location the best thing to do is to run and hide. Let things calm down before attempting to take out guards.

When going in for the kill try hide out in the shadows and watch the path the enemy takes, this allows you to plan your kill a little better and also to up your kill levels for a better bonus.

Use the lures to break up groups, easier to take on a couple of guys that trying to take on 6 or 7.

When an enemy is alerted to your position its icon on the radar will change from yellow to red. When an enemy's icon is yellow then it is much easier to execute them.


Born Again

Run up the street and pic up the plastic bag. The first enemy wont move unless you make a noise or touch him so just follow the commands and perform your first kill. Go down the stairs then head up the stairs on your right and hide in the shadows, another enemy will appear and you are to kill them. Continue through the gate and all the way round to the opening onto the basketball court. You must fight this enemy in hand to hand combat. Nothing too hard. Learn to punch and block/avoid hits. Also use the targeting button to be sure of making contact.
Use the nearby save point before moving on. Grab the glass and head towards the stairs, an enemy is near by so just be careful. Hide in the shadows, follow him up the stairs and then execute him. Continue up the stairs and towards the gate. After the cutscene go through the gate (Slowly or it will make a noise). Get teh bag and the painkillers if you need them. Take out the two guys in this area. Using the points you have learned so far. Hiding in shadows and using lures and the weapons available.
Move on to the next save point. From there run down the hall, head for the stairs and after the cutscene enter the room. Follow the enemy that enters and execute him. Only one more left so find him and execute him. Head to the trash compactor to end the first scene.

Doorway Into Hell

Once the cutscene has ended go forward and then stick to the right hand side, a guy is taking a leak so take him out and take his weapon. Head for the nearby stairs and a cutscene will follow, hide in the shadows and draw the nearby enemy to your location. Follow him when he turns and kill him. Move up the stairs and repeat this to take out the next enemy. Run of the ledge and into the dark room, continue along and smash the window to go through the save point.
Move ahead and a cutscene will begin. Go through the hole on the right and then through the door. Take out the enemy. Take his weapon, go into the alley nearby and draw the enemy to your location. Take out the other enemies in the area then move up the stairs and through the save point.
Move along and an enemy will jump out at you, beat him down and take his weapon, go through the hole in the wall and stick to the shadows before taking out the enemy. Move along and in the same way as usual stick to the shadows and take out the enemies. Use the crowbar on the locked gate to open it and go through the save point.
Enter the door and go through the building and down the stairs, then get ready to fight. Try to get some shots in and avoid the enemies attack. If he grabs you press x quickly to break free. When you beat him go through the door the enemy came through to end this scene.

Road To Ruin

Stick to the shadows and use the weapons to take out the enemies in the area. Its easy to work out where you have to go and how to kill off each enemy when you encounter them, a few will jump out and surprise you but are easily taken care of. Just remember to stick to the shadows when you can and that you need a crowbar to break the padlocked gate. It may also help to pick up some enemies once you have killed them and place their bodies in the shadows to avoid attracting further enemies to your location. Lure enemies away when they are in groups.
Once you break open the door at the top of the gates your done. Straight forward level, just a chance to see those kills and play around with your enemy.

White Trash

Go round and start to fight the enemy. Take his bat and then go through the gate. Stick to the shadows and take out the enemies. The first save point is close by. Once you use it go into the building and take out the enemy ahead then execute the other one that is close by. Head for the building on your right, another enemy to take out and you'll want to take his knife, use this to cut the rope to advance to the next save point.
Go up the hill and over the wall, go over to the trailer and smash the rear window, hide in the shadow and take out the enemy from the trailer when he turns. Go in and take the nailgun, two enemies will come (better not to use the nailgun unless you really need to here). Then its a case of luring out the further enemies and killing them all. Head for the room and activiate the switch for the game.
Use the nailgun to take out the enemies at the gate then exit through the gate.

The other levels that follow just test your skills you have learned so far, most are straight forward if you listen to your commands and use what you already know so I'll just pick out the main parts of the tricky levels that are likely to cause you problems.

Drunk Driving

This level is only tricky as you need to take a drunk along with you. Leave him in the shadows when you are near an enemy and go and kill the enemy before going and getting the tramp to follow you. Don't go to far as he will shout and follow you if you go to far or take too long. You need his to open certain gates and procced to the next areas so be sure to keep him alive.

Doing Time

Here you have to perform each of the different kill levels. Easy once you have learned how to do it (info given at start of this walkthrough). Just hide in the shadows and execute each enemy in turn. Lure some of them when they group up. You will reach stairs, now its time to get a proper weapon so be very careful here. Take out the enemies by hiding in the shadows and luring them for the kill. When you get a gun you need to use a different tactic, hiding at walls and behind objects and each timesneaking out and shooting before moving out of the firing range to avoid getting shot. Once you kill them all go down the stairs at the end of the level.

Kill The Rabbit

Enter the room where the rabbit ran into and hid behind the pillar. A few enemies willappear so kill them all and then hed back to where you began, some more enemies are through the next door so kill them and find the ammo in there. In the room where you started there is a switch in the wall that opens the gate. Go through to the next area. Its now just a case of hiding and taking shots when you can and following where the rabbit goes. The enemy gets harder as you go along and eventually you will follow him up the tower and kill him and the armed soldier with him. Go out onto the top ledge and kill the sniper. Take his gun and use it to take out all the enemy you spot below that are stopping you from getting to the gate. Once you kill them all head down and through the gate.

Border Patrol

As with most levels its a case of hiding and taking out the enemies when you can. Move through the gate, killing the enemy as you go. When too many guards come after you just head back towards the start and hide then ambush them. Instead of going up the main way (sniper will kill you) head to the left and take out the enemy in the small maze then go up the steps and take out the enemy who come towards you. Sneak into the building and up to take out the two snipers. Enemies will come up after you so make sure you kill them all too, then go back out and continue round the building abd enter it.

Once the next stage starts you have to go through the building, just avoid the cameras when possible and Take out the enemies.


Pigsy is free and doing some nasty killing.To kill him you have to avoid him and find the glass shards, each time hide in the shadows and perform a kill. You can't kill him so just run away after each attempt. Eventually he breaks through the door and runs away. Follow him and he will run up some stairs near a door. Throw a lure at him or hit him with it and run away, get him to follow you and go backup the stairs to where the door is. In the middle of the floor there is a grid, get him to follow you over it twice and he falls though leaving you with his chainsaw.
Run back to the start and hid as some heavily armed guys appear, take them out and use their weapons to take out the others then go back for the chainsaw and towards the door. Now time to see the end.

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