Magic.TXD 1.0 (Editor of TXD-archives RenderWare) for GTA San Andreas

Pumpkinhead [Halloween Style]

1 December 2013 GTA San Andreas
Recently a thought occurred to me, Do some skin, the subject ... horror movies! So to say, the first idea that visited me ... I hope that you, gentlemen, will like the skin = 3 - Texture in the style of a prisoner! Q...

Happy Halloween Mod 2.0

24 October 2011 GTA San Andreas
Useless, but interesting mode (more precisely, the second version of the mod, which I laid out last year). The essence of the first version was that instead of the moon in the sky hung a huge Halloween pumpkin (the so-called Jack Lamp). Now I add...

Happy Halloween

31 October 2014 GTA San Andreas
The script allows you to scare people at night! As soon as 10 pm, we enter the cheat code "BADNIGHT", Sidzhey changes into a special suit and fun begins! Sneak to the man, aim at him (to have a triangle above his head) and press the English B...

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