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Manhunt Trophy Guide
Guide By: zb420
There are 33 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 without cheats and 4/10 with them (Platinum Difficulty Rating).
  • Offline trophies: 33 (16, 12, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2, 1 Fetish and 1 Hardcore Playthrough
  • Number of missable trophies: None, Scene Select is always available
  • Glitched trophies: Enemy Efficient , The Grim Reaper
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


Warning: The PS2 version of Manhunt was banned in New Zealand, Germany and Australia in 2003/2004 but unfortunately the 2016 PS4 release is as well. If you live in a country where this game is banned, then it's possible to create another PSN account in a country where the game is legal and get it that way but doing so could potentially land you in trouble if your local law enforcement agency catches you playing it.

Welcome to the Brutal Blood Sport known as Manhunt! An extremely controversial 2003 release by Rockstar North Games. Originally released for the PS2, Manhunt has found it's way to the PS4 with Sony's Emulator program. You play as James Earl Cash a Death Row inmate who is given another chance at life by a Snuff Film Director known as Lionel Starkweather. Cash is told to move through abandon parts of Carcer City Murdering Gangs known as Hoods, Skinz, Wardogs and Smileys in the most gruesome and Violent ways possible all the while making a Snuff film.

As far as the trophies are concerned, they're pretty straightforward but If you're are "new" to Manhunt then I definitely recommend starting on the "Fetish" difficulty setting. Manhunt will be a hell of an experience not knowing where to go and what to expect around each corner. The trophies do not stack so you will have to play on this setting for the trophy regardless. You'll be earning many miscellaneous trophies such as killing "X" amount of hunters with specific weapons as you go. The bulk of the time is sunk into achieving the 4 & 5 Star ratings but no trophies are missable as each scene can be replayed at anytime under the "scene select" option on the main menu. Enjoy creating your Snuff Film!

This is mainly for the new players to Manhunt! While going through each scene you will want to focus on using Executions (Stealth Kills) rather then being spotted and fighting your enemy. Executions can only be performed if you have a Weapon in your hand such as "Plastic Bag" or a "Machete" so never sneak up to a hunter with just your fist unless you're looking to fight.

Normal Execution: Sneak up behind an Enemy with a weapon equipped. Hold down & once you're close enough Cash's arm with raise in the air. Immediately press to perform the lowest level of executions.

Violent Execution: Sneak up behind an Enemy with a weapon equipped. Hold down & once you're close enough, Cash's arm will raise in the air. Instead of pressing , immediately hold it down until the cross hairs turn Yellow. Release it to perform a Violent execution.

Gruesome Executions: Sneak up behind an Enemy with a weapon equipped. Hold down & once you're close enough, Cash's arm with raise in the air. Instead of pressing , immediately hold it down until the cross hairs turn Red. Release it to perform a Gruesome execution.

Guns: During the later scenes of Manhunt it gets very gun heavy. Headshots with any gun in Manhunt is an instant kill. You will have to be at a close range in order to do perform them. If you're standing semi close to an enemy and aiming at them by pressing , if you flick up then the crosshairs will relocate to their head and allow you to instant kill them. Make use of this for faster results when using guns.

Free Aim: You can use free aim with any gun in Manhunt. Aim in using & click in the . You will now see a small white dot instead of your cross hairs. Use this to quickly kill any enemy that you can't get close enough to head shot. If you're to far away some weapons do not have the range nor the accuracy to reach.

Note on Cheats: After completing the game on Fetish difficulty, You will be able to use cheats such as "God Mode' and will still unlock trophies including 5 Staring each scene. I'm aware not everyone will want to cheat there way to victory but for players that do, please visit the the last post in the guide for the most useful cheats: LINK. Just be aware that your game will not save while having a cheat active so if you close down the application, then you will lose any progress made while you had a cheat active. However, There is a way to save your cheated progress.

Saving with cheats on: Whilst at the Main menu, re-enter the cheat code you were using which will turn it off. Now select Scene 1: "Born Again" Play until you hit a save point and manually save by pressing the and clicking the save option. Now your cheated progress will be saved and you're safe to close down the application.

Step 1: Four Star ALL 20 Scenes on Fetish Difficulty
Play through each scene on Fetish Difficulty whilst also acquiring the Four Star Rating on each scene but the trophies don't stack so you might as well start out on Fetish difficulty. There are multiple miscellaneous trophies that you may or may not get while naturally playing. If you'd rather keep time short then be sure to look over the trophies below. If you happen to miss a Four Star Rating or any trophy during this step it doesn't matter as you can always replay any scene through the "Scene Select" option in the main menu.

Trophies Earned:
He Never Saw It Coming
Are You Afraid Of The Dark
Brain Power
Bang, Bang, Boom
No Crane, No Gain
Enemy Efficient
Pink Mist
Swinging For The Fences
The Grim Reaper
A Special Gift
Subtle Slaughter
Off With There Heads!
Hunter Season
Hard As Nails
Brawl Game
Monkey See, Monkey Die!
Time 2 Die
4 Star Freak

Step 2: Five Star ALL 20 Scenes on Hardcore Difficulty
Play through each scene on Hardcore Difficulty while also acquiring the Five Star Rating on each scene. If you started out on Fetish you can change your difficulty under the "Settings" option at the Main Menu. Also complete one of the scenes without using Painkillers for the only miscellaneous trophy in this step.

Do not "Start a new game" if you previously finished the game on Fetish and want to use the God Mode cheat because if you do, then all your previous game data will be lost and you will not be able to use your unlocked cheats. Using the scene select is how you're going to want to Five/Four star each scene the second time around.

Trophies Earned:
5 Star Killer
Drug Free Is The Way To be
5 Star Fiend

Step 3: Bonus Scenes & Miscellaneous
Bonus scenes are found under the "Scene Select" Option under the Bonus tab. There are only four scenes each one having a related trophy. These Bonus scenes are unlocked from having a three star or higher rating on specific scenes. Also, if you haven't yet complete a scene by staying completely undetected and or completing a scene while wearing a certain skin then now is the time. If you have done everything up until this point, Congratulations on earning the Platinum!

Trophies Earned:
Line 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down
Fun With Fisticuffs
Ape Escape
You're Going Nowhere!
Ooh, Ooh, Aah, Aah!
Follow the White Rabbit
Death from Behind
Stick to the Shadows

[PST Would Like To Thank zb420 for this Roadmap]

Unlock all trophies. (3) 

"You're a damn killing Machine! Cash, hahaha I love it!" - The Director.

He Never Saw it Coming
Perform a gruesome execution. 

During Scene 1: "Born Again" you will pick up a plastic bag and be told to execute a Hunter with his back to you so walk up close behind him and hold down and when your arm is in the air, hold down until the crosshairs turn red then simply let go and watch the Gruesome execution and the trophy pop.

5-Star Killer
Earn a 5-star rating for any level. 

You have to be playing on Hardcore difficulty in order to 5 Star a scene. This trophy will come naturally as you work to 5 Star all scenes. Please see 5-Star fiend for more information.

Drug Free is the Way to Be
Complete any scene on Hardcore difficulty without using any painkillers. 

Painkillers are your only source of getting health back in Manhunt and you will find them in dark corners and behind trucks, boxes etc. The easiest way to obtain this trophy to replay Scene 1: "Born Again", on Hardcore while skipping every opportunity to grab Painkillers. This scene is very short so you shouldn't have any issues.

Bang, Bang, Boom
Kill a hunter by shooting an explosive tank. 

During Scene 4: "White Trash", you will eventually make it to the white trailer with the man sitting on the toilet. The Nail gun is inside so you cannot miss this part as a cutscene will take over. After getting the Nail gun from the Trailer, there will be two enemies scouting there area outside. Run them towards your objective and you will see a Blue propane tank. Now hide in the shadows nearby and wait for a hunter to walk near it, then blow him up. Below is a video of this method:

No Crane, No Gain
Crush a hunter with a refrigerator. 

During Scene 5: "Fuelled By Hate", your main objective is to find gas then bring it back to start up a crane. Once you have brought the gas back and refuelled the crane, press to get inside of it.

While in the Crane, you have to move a "White Refrigerator" that's blocking your path and you pick it up by pressing . Also whilst in the Crane Enemies will be alerted to your position. Instead of leaving the crane and then hiding, attempt to crush a nearby hunter with the refrigerator by pressing over top of him. Once you successfully kill a hunter with the refrigerator, the trophy will pop.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Hide a victim's body in the shadows. (2) 

In Scene 1: "Born Again" after executing the first hunter, head down the stairs and go round the corner then the director will tell you to hide in the shadows to the left. Now wait for the hunter to walk by and execute him. Simply pick his corpse of with and drop him in the shadows you were just hiding in. This trophy can be done on any scene but this one is just the first opportunity.

Pink Mist
Headshot a hunter with a sniper rifle. 

Sniper rifles are only found in the later scenes of Manhunt but the first and by far the easiest way of getting this trophy is during Scene 13: "Killing The Rabbit". The director tells you to follow the White Rabbit through the Darkwoods Penitentiary while trying to get the Key to escape. The Rabbit will lead you through multiple ambushes of Smileys with guns attempting to kill you. After you make it past the final ambush and get outside of the Penitentiary, the Rabbit will yell "He's not dead, he's after my Key" so follow him into the watch tower and Kill him. A sniper rifle will be sitting right near where you killed the rabbit on the outer balcony of the watch tower. Pick it up. Starkweather will call in multiple waves of his guards in attempt to stop you from escaping. Head shot on of the guards below for the trophy to pop.

Brain Power
Use a severed head to lure a hunter. 

During Scene 4: "White Trash", follow the first hunter around the corner without alerting him. Go into the hole in the wall and pick up the "Wire" then equip it and sneak up behind him and perform a Gruesome Execution. Now hold until your crosshairs turn Red then release it you'll behead him. Now pick up the Severed Head and walk through the gate toward the excavator and throw the head with & Once the nearby hunter is lured over by the head, then the trophy will pop.

Enemy Efficient
Kill two hunters with one shotgun shell.  (2) 

Glitch Warning: There is a possibility this trophy can glitch and not pop after killing two hunters with one shell. In this case make sure to use both the Double Barrel & 12 Gauge shotguns.

During Scene 10: "Graveyard Shift" once you clear the first area of Skinz and open the gate, use the save point and in the next room there will be 5 hunters. You need to kill the one hunter with the pistol who shoots at you straight away and the two hunters that rush you with baseball bats. After this, the two other hunters will be standing behind a wall of boxes in a line making it extremely easy to get this trophy. Below is a video of this method:

Death from Behind
Complete any scene using only executions. 

I did this in Scene 4: "White Trash". Executions are stealth kills and to perform one you have to sneak up behind your enemy whilst holding then when your arm rises, start holding to perform an execution. For this trophy you cannot kill anyone by fighting, shooting etc. as it has to be executions only so if you end up getting spotted then run and hide and try to execute them without being spotted.

Stick to the Shadows
Complete any scene going completely undetected. (3) 

It's best to do this and Death from Behind at the same time. Sticking to the shadows, being patient and moving corpse out of the way will keep you in complete stealth.

Scene 1: "Born Again" - Some players are able to get this trophy by completing this scene without being spotted (aside from the forced hand-to-hand combat) - If you execute everyone with being spotted an escape down the chute the trophy might pop.

Scene 4: "White Trash" is the easiest scene to complete without being spotted. Take it slow and use only executions but don't pick up the nail gun during this scene. Refer to the following video if you're struggling:

Hunter Season
Kill 45 hunters in one scene. (1) 

Scene 13: "Killing the Rabbit" is where this trophy will pop because the entire scene is a shooting match with revolvers and Shotguns as you progress through. Both Hunters and Starkweather's men will count for this and you will get this trophy the first time you play through this scene as there are way more than 45 enemies in it so be sure to kill everyone, then the trophy will pop during the final encounter with enemies.

Off With Their Heads!
Execute 20 hunters in one scene. 

Scene 5: "Fuelled by Hate" is the first opportunity to get this one. To perform a execution, you will need to sneak up behind the enemy and hold then press but it doesn't matter if it was a regular, Violent or a Gruesome execution as the trophy will pop once you perform your 20th execution.

Complete every scene on Hardcore difficulty. 

Hardcore Difficulty is the most difficult setting in Manhunt. There are a few differences between this and Fetish. Firstly, you will not have a radar while playing this difficulty so you will have to work your way through each scene without being able to see the direction enemies are facing. You will also now be able to "5 Star" a scene whereas if you were playing on Fetish, you could only "4 Star" a scene. I suggest initially playing on Fetish to learn the level designs, weapon spawns and enemy routes as most are easy to memorize. Once you completed all the scenes on Hardcore, you will be awarded this trophy and it doesn't matter what star rating you get or the order you complete them in. The trophy will pop after completing your final scene.

Complete every scene on Fetish difficulty. (1) 

Fetish Difficulty is the easier of the two settings. There are a few differences between this and Hardcore. Firstly, you will have a radar this time around which will allow you to see the direction an enemy is facing if they happen to make a sound. Another difference is that you will also only be able to achieve a "4 Star" rating max whilst playing on Fetish.

I suggest playing Fetish first to learn the level designs, weapon spawns and enemy routes because most are easy to memorize. Once you complete all the scenes on Fetish then you will be awarded this trophy. It doesn't matter what star rating you get or the order you complete the Scenes in, as the trophy will pop after killing the Director.

4-Star Freak
Earn a 4-star rating for every scene on Fetish Difficulty. 

Fetish difficulty is the "Easier" of the two settings. You will have a Mini Map and the ability to see what direction enemies are facing. Earning 4 Stars is the highest rank you can achieve while playing on this difficulty. Please see 5-Star Fiend for more information.

5-Star Fiend
Earn a 5-star rating for every scene on Hardcore Difficulty. (1) 

If you started out playing on Fetish then you're able to change your difficulty at the main menu via the Setting tab, where you will see an option to change your difficulty to Hardcore. Cheats can be used to complete any scene with a 5 star rating but be aware that if you close the application before saving, then you will loose all your progress. In order to get access to the God Mode cheat you will have to finish the game on fetish difficulty first. Below I've outline what to take in account whilst doing your 5 star runs. Scene Select is available and can be used to achieve 5 stars in any order. If you are struggling to earn a 5 Star rating on any scene feel free to reference this playlist: LINK - Credit to Gacekdd for the videos.

Difficulty Star
For playing on the Hardcore difficulty you are automatically given 1 star regardless of your performance and it's because of this, why you can only obtain 4 stars max on Fetish so you just need to focus on the Speed and Style Stars.

Speed Star
The time you take to complete a scene is another way of earning a Star. You will have to know the areas of each scene and the placement of enemies to quickly Execute or kill them. You never want to skip by enemies without executing them. This is one of the reasons why I recommend playing on Fetish before attempting hardcore. Running using makes lots of noise so use it when you can as Cash is an incredibly slow walker. Also make use of the save points when ever you come across them. Save points are the blue glowing "VHS" tapes that are placed in areas you cannot miss. Saving is important because if you are going to mess up, then simply reload the save or quickly exit to the menu and resume to get back lost time. Pausing the game while in the middle of a scene will pause the in-game timer as well so you are free to take a break whenever you want.

Style Stars
Style points will grant you 3 of your 5 stars. Performing Executions or killing your enemies is the only way of earning these points. However, you will want to perform Violent (Yellow Crosshairs) and Gruesome (Red Crosshairs) executions on your enemy whenever possible for max style points per kill. In fact some of the later scenes you will only be able to perform these more violent executions in order to get the stars needed. Using the "lean" feature is incredibly useful for locating nearby hunters without stepping out of cover. While standing still, press or on the direction pad and Cash will "lean" then you will be able to scout the area without actually stepping out of cover. Enemies will not see you as long as you were behind cover before leaning so make use of this while playing Hardcore as not having a radar can prove to be more challenging than you would think. Some of the later scenes in Manhunt are extremely gun heavy so you will not be required to perform as many executions because in most cases, headshots alone will get you the points needed.

Getting Your Hands Dirty
Kill 10 hunters in one scene using only your fists. (1) 

Hand to hand combat in Manhunt is absolutely terrible so I suggest waiting until you have finished the game on Fetish difficulty to get access to the "God Mode" cheat, because this will allow you to easily get the 10 kills you need with just your fists. Load up Scene 4: "White Trash" and only use your first until your tenth kill.

If you're not one to use cheats then take it slow and only fight one enemy at a time. To be able to block an enemy's hit, you have to pull back on . This will not be easy to do legit so take your time.

Swinging for the Fences
Kill 10 hunters in one scene using a baseball bat. 

In Scene 5: "Fuelled By Hate" you will be given a "baseball bat" automatically at the start of the scene. Don't confuse the baseball bat with the "Blackjack" they look similar. You can either run around beating the hunters down with the baseball bat or stay in the shadows and perform executions on them. Either way will award the trophy after your 10th kill.

The Grim Reaper
Kill 10 hunters in one scene using a sickle.  

Glitch Warning: Even after executing ten or more hunters with the sickle this trophy has a slight chance of not popping. In this case just replay the scene executing ten enemies again to get the trophy.

Scene 9: "Drunk Driving" is your first opportunity to get this trophy. The first guard you kill will drop a sickle, take it from him and make sure every hunter you kill in this scene is with the sickle. There are a little over 10 enemies in this scene so you won't have any issues.

Secret Trophies
Ooh, Ooh, Aah, Aah!
Play any scene wearing the Monkey skin. 

In order to unlock the Monkey skin, you will first have to finish Scenes 15, & 16 on Hardcore with a 5 Star Rating. After having done that, go to the main menu and enter the following cheat code:

Monkey skin -

You will see a prompt letting you know you have activated the Monkey Skin. Once you just start up any scene the trophy will pop straight away. You do not have to compete the scene.

Follow the White Rabbit
Complete any scene wearing the Rabbit skin. 

In order to unlock the Rabbit skin, you first have to finish Scenes 13 & 14 on Hardcore with a 5 Star Rating. After having done that, go to the main menu and enter the following cheat code then you will see a prompt letting you know you have activated the Rabbit skin.

Rabbit skin -

Now you have to complete any scene until the end for this trophy to pop.

Line 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down
Kill 30 hunters in Hard as Nails. 

This is a Bonus Scene unlocked after earning a 3 Star rating or higher on scenes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and you will find it under "Scene Select" in the Bonus tab.

You will have a Nail Gun and there will be many enemies dropping into the room with you. It starts out with two enemies then doubles every wave so will only take around 5 or 6 waves in order to get 30 enemies total. The enemies will cower and run away from you, providing you have the nail gun directed at them. There are three spawn points of ammo around the room marked as "Green Dots" and each time you finish off a wave, the ammo will re-spawn. Also you want to be aiming for Headshots as it will only take 3 hits rather than 6 or 7 and after the death counter hits 30, the trophy will pop.

Fun With Fisticuffs
Survive until 30 hunters have been killed in the Brawl Game. 

This is a Bonus Scene that is unlocked after earning a 3 Star rating or higher on scenes 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 and you will find it under "Scene Select" in the Bonus tab.

You will be placed in a Basketball court with Wardogs, Skinz & Hoods all trying to kill each other and you so to get the trophy, you just need to survive until the Death count (as displayed on the top of the screen) has hit 30. I completed this with only actually killing 4 of the 30 enemies. You can simply run around the fence line of the court to avoid any hunters attempting to kill you. While you avoid the one, or two guys chasing you the other gang members will continue to kill each other off. There will also be "Glass Shards" and "Painkillers" spawning in every 10 kills. Use the shards to perform executions on hunters that have there back to you. It'll speed things up a little. There is no way to avoid getting punched by the hunters chasing you because your stamina will run out so be sure to use the painkillers if you see your health as hit 50%. Also, if you continue to sprint with your stamina depleted then it will regenerate whilst you are slowly jogging around. The trophy will pop in under 10 minutes doing this method.

Ape Escape
Escape the Zoo alive in Monkey See, Monkey Die! 

This is a Bonus Scene unlocked after earning a 3 Star rating or higher on scenes 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15. You will find it located under "Scene Select" in the Bonus tab.

In this scene you will be in a Zoo with Monkeys with Shotguns & Machetes trying to kill you and there are roughly 30 enemies in the entire scene, plus your goal is to escape alive whilst killing all the monkeys as you go. This is a not an easy scene so take it slow but you're not timed. Also keep in mind that the monkeys at the start of the scene, have double barrel shotguns and will reload after their second shot so kill them with headshots while they are reloading. Also note that there are also monkeys with machetes who will rush you so keep your distance and deal with them first. There are two sets of painkillers in each area and if you need health, then backtrack at any time before spawning in any more monkeys. Below is a video if you are struggling:

You're Going Nowhere!
Kill all the Hoods in Time 2 Die in seven minutes or less. 

This is a Bonus Scene unlocked after earning a 3 Star rating or higher on scenes 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 and you will find it located under "Scene Select" in the Bonus tab.

During this scene you will have 10 minutes to kill all the "Hoods" roaming the Alley, Warehouse & Rooftop. There are about 20 all together. You're going to want to be performing the most basic level of executions to speed things up. This shouldn't give anyone any problems. The trophy will pop once you killed the final hunter in the scene.

Hard as Nails
Earn at least three stars on scenes 1 through 5. 

Earn at least three stars on the following scenes. Please see 5-Star Fiend for more information.

  • Born Again
  • Doorway Into Hell
  • Road to Ruin
  • White Trash
  • Fuelled By Hate
Brawl Game
Earn at least three stars on scenes 6 through 10. 

Earn at least three stars on the following scenes. Please see 5 Star-Fiend for more information.

  • Grounds for Assault
  • Strapped for Cash
  • View Of Innocence
  • Drunk Driving
  • Graveyard Shift
Monkey See, Monkey Die!
Earn at least three stars on scenes 11 through 15. 

Earn at least three stars on the following scenes. Please see 5-Star Fiend for more information.

  • Mouth Of Madness
  • Doing Time
  • Kill The Rabbit
  • Divided They Fall
  • Press Coverage
Time 2 Die
Earn at least three stars on scenes 16 through 20. 

Earn at least three stars on the following scenes. Please see 5-Star Fiend for more information.

  • Wrong Side Of The Tracks
  • Trained To Kill
  • Border Patrol
  • Key Personnel
  • Deliverance
Subtle Slaughter
Perform an execution with the chainsaw. 

The Chainsaw can only be found in either Scene 20 "Deliverance" or the Bonus scene "Time 2 Die". In order to get the Chainsaw in Scene 20 you have to fight and kill Piggsy and once you have killed him, Starkweather's men will begin searching for you so hide until you can sneak up behind one of them and perform an execution by pressing .

Once you start up "Time 2 Die" you will see a hunter run into a Warehouse with a chainsaw spawned inside. Grab a "Crowbar" from one of the hunters from outside and break in the warehouse then grab the chainsaw. Once you have it hide in the shadows until you're able to perform an execution on an enemy.

A Special Gift
Bring the patrolling hunter's head to the Guard Room during "Mouth of Madness". 

During Scene 11: "Mouth Of Madness" your main objective is to bring the patrolling guard to the Guard Room. He is located near the end of the scene and is wearing a Purple Dress with a Smiley mask. For the trophy you will need either the Wire or Hatchet. The Wire will require a gruesome execution while the hatchet just requires a normal execution. The final two hunters you kill in the scene before the patrolling guard will have hatchets but regardless, just take the head to the guard room once you behead him.

The following video starts shortly after the final save point in this scene:

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