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. . . 2 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Weather forecast Temperatures in Centigrade North West: Dull with patchy light rain, mainly during the morning. Strong southwesterly winds. High 16C (61F). Northern Ireland: Cloudy with rain and drizzle for a time. Drier later. Brisk southwesterly winds. Warm. High 16C (61F). Wales: Overcast and wet, with light rain during the morning. Brisk south-westerly winds. High 16C (61F). Midlands: Overcast and wet, with light rain during the morning. Brisk south-westerly winds. High 16C (61F). North East/Yorks: Damp and overcast with patchy drizzle possible for a time. Moderate south-westerly winds. High 16C (61F). Scotland: Overcast and wet with outbreaks of rain spreading eastward. Strong southwesterly winds. High 16C (61F). Amsterdam Cloudy 14C/57F Brussels Cloudy 14C/57F Dublin Cloudy 18C/64F Frankfurt Cloudy 15C/59F Geneva Fair 16C/61F Lisbon Sunny 25C/77F Madrid Sunny 21C/70F Paris Cloudy 16C/61F Rome Fair 20C/68F Supplied by MeteoGroup East Anglia: Dull with scattered showers slowly dying out. Moderate south-westerly winds. High 15C (59F). London/South East: A dry day is expected but with little in the way of brightness. Moderate westerly winds. High 17C (63F). South: Rain clearing, then dry, but with a good deal of cloud. Moderate southwesterly winds. High 16C (61F). South West: Cloudy with the chance of the odd spot of rain or drizzle. Brisk southwesterly winds. High 17C (63F). Channel Isles: A few spots of rain are possible for a while. Some sun later. Fresh south-westerly winds. High 16C (61F). Sea: North Sea: Moderate. Irish Sea: Rough. Channel: Moderate. UK OUTLOOK TOMORROW: Rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland will sink into parts of northern England and Wales. Further south will be dry with bright spells. London Belfast Birmingham Cardiff Glasgow Manchester Newcastle Norwich Plymouth Aberdeen 6.5 0.00 8 12 Aberporth 3.6 0.09 9 13 Alnwick 4.5 0.01 6 12 Belfast 6.8 0.00 7 12 Birmingham 5.5 0.01 10 15 B’mouth 4.8 0.16 9 16 Bristol 5.5 0.06 11 15 Cardiff 3.7 0.15 12 15 Durham 6.4 0.01 9 13 Edinburgh 5.8 0.02 8 12 Britain Extremes: (24 hours to 2pm yesterday) SIX-DAY FORECAST Temperatures in Centigrade WED THU FRI SAT SUN MON 12 18 13 18 10 16 10 14 8 13 7 12 11 16 9 14 6 12 6 11 6 10 5 10 12 17 12 16 8 14 8 13 6 12 5 11 14 17 13 16 9 15 9 14 7 12 7 12 11 16 11 15 8 13 6 11 6 11 5 10 13 18 13 16 8 14 8 12 7 12 6 10 12 17 11 15 6 13 6 11 6 10 4 9 11 18 12 17 10 16 9 14 8 14 7 12 14 16 13 16 10 14 11 14 9 13 9 12 Warmest: East malling 17C (63F) Coldest: Fyvie castle 5C (41F) Wettest: Achnagart 1.16in. Sunniest: Kinloss 7.4hr. Europe forecast Today Tomorrow LIVE Britain yesterday Moon, sun and tides Glasgow 4.6 0.13 8 12 MOON rises: 8.56pm, sets: 1.47pm SUN rises London: 7.43am, sets: 5.44pm Hull 5.2 0.00 10 14 Manchester rises: 7.56am, sets: 5.48pm Ipswich 3.4 0.00 10 15 Leeds 5.6 0.00 8 14 Last Quarter 28 October Lincoln 6.5 0.00 9 15 London 5.2 0.02 10 17 HIGH TIDE Manchester 2.6 0.01 9 14 London B’ge (5.28am), (5.51pm) Oxford 4.7 0.01 9 15 Liverpool (2.42am), (2.54pm) S’hampton 6.4 0.00 12 16 Greenock (4.20am), (4.28pm) St Andrews 5.3 0.01 9 12 Dover (2.25am), (2.36pm) Lighting-up times Glasgow 5.49pm-8.13am Belfast 6.00pm-8.16am London 5.44pm-7.45am Birmingham 5.49pm-7.54am Manchester 5.48pm-7.58am Bristol 5.54pm-7.55am Newcastle 5.41pm-8.00am Amsterdam Cloudy 16C/61F Brussels Fair 16C/61F Dublin Rain 17C/63F Frankfurt Fair 15C/59F Geneva Sunny 14C/57F Lisbon Sunny 25C/77F Madrid Sunny 20C/68F Paris Fair 17C/63F Rome Sunny 21C/70F WEATHER SERVICE 0906 156 0206 CALL OUR WEATHER LINE WHERE YOU CAN SPEAK LIVE WITH OUR EXPERTS FOR UP-TO-DATE FORECASTS. CALLS COST £1.50 PER MINUTE PLUS YOUR TELEPHONE COMPANY’S NETWORK ACCESS CHARGE. SERVICE OPEN 8AM - 6PM DAILY. SP SPOKE: 0333 202 3390 CORRECTIONS AND COMPLAINTS If we’ve published anything factually inaccurate, please contact the readers’ editor by email at expressletters @express.co.uk or write to Readers’ Editor, Daily Express at One Canada Square, London E14 5AP and, once verified, we’ll correct it as soon as possible. The Daily Express and Sunday Express are published by Express Newspapers, a subsidiary company of Reach PLC, which is a member of IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. We adhere to the Editors’ Code Of Practice as enforced by IPSO, which is contactable for advice at IPSO Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, EC4M 7LG. Website www.ipso.co.uk Telephone: 0300123 2220, email advice@ipso.co.uk. If you have a complaint concerning a potential breach of the Code of Practice, we will deal with your complaint directly or IPSO can refer your complaint to us. Please go to www.reachplc.com/how-to-complain where you can view our Complaints Policy and Procedure. A How To Complain pack is also available by writing to the Legal and Compliance Department, Reach PLC, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. Outlook tomorrow: DX1ST Weather forecast Ireland Warmest: Sherkin Island 14C (57F) Coldest: Lough Fea 5C (41F) Wettest: Belmullet 0.31in. Weather forecast Frost: I’ll suspend part of Brexit Lord Frost has warned Eurocrats that he will suspend part of the Brexit deal within weeks unless they make major compromises. Brussels has offered to ease trade checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK to end the “sausage wars” that risk the province’s peace process. But Brexit minister Lord Frost says the proposals fall short and insists the UK-EU relationship cannot be “ultimately policed” by European courts. He told the House of Commons European scrutiny committee the test for triggering Article 16, By Sam Lister Deputy Political Editor settled in the court of one of the parties. That is the fundamental thing we need to remove from the arrangements going forward.” The Northern Ireland protocol allowed the province to remain part of the EU’s single market to keep the Irish border open. But it led to checks on products from the mainland and curbs on chilled meats such as British-made bangers being sold freely. allowing either side to suspend Temperatures any Temperatures in Centigrade aspect causing economic or in Centigrade societal Lord Frost said the EU’s difficulties, had been passed. proposals “do, for the first time, Today’s summary: Cloudy with early The rain peer said he would rather acknowledge Today’s they forecast: might be willing North West Coast: It is set to be overcast East Coast: It is reach set to be a rather deal dull with and Brussels, but to change their own laws in order to and grey with outbreaks of rain or drizzle. cloudy with occasional rain possible. A Drier for most areas later. A fresh southwesterly wind. High 15C (59F). the cloud. High 18C for (64F). this autumn, to be settled Spain one will be mostly Northern dry and sunny Ireland”. but spells of sunshine once any e moderate southerly warned: breeze. Warm “We despite all see this as an Spain, issue Portugal deal with and the the special Balearic situation and Canary in Islan South West Coast: After a wet start, the North Central Ireland: way or It is the going other.” to be dull cloud will linger in the But east he bringing told MPs: a “The patches problem of mist have cleared. day will stay rather cloudy with the and damp with cloudy Lord skies Frost and drizzle said or Britain threat was not of showers with which them may be is locally that they 24C don’t (75F). go The Canaries will h occasional rain possible. A strong southwesterly wind. High 16C (61F). wind. High 14C (57F). interested in arrangements Portugal that far enough. patchy light rain. A fresh south-westerly heavy and thundery. High 27C (81F). sunny spells but the slim chan will be fine and dry with long shower. High 26C (79F). “What we’re trying to test is South Central Ireland: It will be mostly Northern Ireland: involve Wet with European rain and courts by some cloudy, possibly with outbreaks of rain to drizzle for a period. other Drier name. during the whether Outlook: they could Mostly find dry and the sunny basis to start. A fresh south-westerly wind. Warm afternoon. A brisk south-westerly He said: “It’s wind. highly unusual in an go further than what they have put despite the cloud. High 17C (63F). Warm despite the cloud. High 16C (61F). ‘EU offer is not good enough’...Lord Frost international treaty to have disputes on the And table.” back in Britain today London/South East: A dry day is expected but with little in the way of brightness. Moderate westerly winds. High 17C (63F). Curbs North: Cloudy and wet, with patc rain during the morning. Moderat southerly winds. High 16C (61F). Extremes: Petrol Tomorrow will be a dull and damp day with price surges (24 hours cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain which will to 2pm yesterday) turn increasingly showery from the north-west Midlands: Overcast and wet, with light rain Scotland: Overcast and wet with o Last Quarter later. Brisk south-westerly winds. during the morning. Brisk south-westerly rain spreading eastward. Strong so 28 October winds. High 16C (61F). westerly winds. High 16C (61F). SIX-DAY FORECAST Temperatures in Centigrade Wales: Overcast and wet, with light rain Ireland: Early rain clearing to lea during the morning. Brisk south-westerly mostly dry but cloudy day. A stron WED THU FRI SAT SUN MON winds. High 16C (61F). westerly wind. High 18C (64F). to an all-time London 12 18 13 18 10 16 10 14 8 13 7 12 UK outlook tomorrow: high Outbreaks of rain, mostly in the n Belfast 11 16 9 14 6 12 6 11 6 10 5 10 Birmingham 12 17 12 16 8 14 8 13 6 12 5 11 SIX-DAY FORECAST IN BRITAIN Temperatures in Centig Cardiff 14 17 13 16 9 15 9 14 7 12 7 12 WED THU FRI SAT SUN Glasgow 11 16 11 15 8 13 6 11 6 11 5 10 London Manchester 12 18 13 18 10 16 10 14 8 13 13 18 13 16 8 14 8 12 7 12 6 10 Belfast By 11 16 9 14 6 12 6 11 6 10 Newcastle August Graham 12 17 11 15 6 13 6 11 6 10 4 9 Birmingham 12 17 12 16 8 14 8 13 6 12 Norwich 11 18 12 17 10 16 9 14 8 14 DRIVERS 7 12 Cardiff 14 17 13 16 9 15 9 14 7 12 Plymouth are being stung in the 14 16 13 16 10 14 11 14 9 13 pocket after prices at the petrol pumps 9 12 Glasgow 11 16 11 15 8 13 6 11 6 11 rocketed to a record high. Britain yesterday Moon, sun and tides Manchester 13 18 13 16 8 14 8 12 7 12 Aberdeen On average 6.5 0.00 they 8 paid 12 Glasgow 142.94p 4.6 a 0.13 litre 8 12 MOON rises: 8.56pm, sets: 1.47pm SUN rises London: 7.43am, sets: 5.44pm Newcastle 12 17 11 15 6 13 6 11 6 10 on Aberporth Sunday, 3.6 beating 0.09 9 13 the Hull former 5.2 April 0.00 10 14 Manchester rises: 7.56am, sets: 5.48pm Alnwick 4.5 0.01 6 12 Ipswich 3.4 0.00 10 15 Norwich 11 18 12 17 10 16 9 14 8 14 2012 Belfast high 6.8 by 0.00 0.46p. 7 12 Leeds 5.6 0.00 8 14 Last Quarter 28 October Plymouth 14 16 13 16 10 14 11 14 9 13 Birmingham Meanwhile, 5.5 0.01 diesel 10 15prices Lincoln motored 6.5 0.00 to 9 15 B’mouth 4.8 0.16 9 16 London 5.2 0.02 10 17 HIGH TIDE 146.5p Bristol a 5.5 litre 0.06 on 11 Sunday, 15 Manchester just short 2.6 0.01 of 9 14 London B’ge (5.28am), (5.51pm) Britain yesterday Moon, sun and tid the Cardiff record 3.7 of 0.15 147.93p. 12 15 Oxford 4.7 0.01 9 15 Liverpool (2.42am), (2.54pm) Aberdeen 6.5 0.00 8 12 Glasgow 4.6 0.13 8 12 MOON rises: 8.56pm, sets: 1 Durham Greenock (4.20am), (4.28pm) SUN rises London: 7.43am, The Prime 6.4 0.01 Minister’s 9 13 S’hampton spokesman 6.4 0.00 12 16 Aberporth 3.6 0.09 9 13 Hull 5.2 0.00 10 14 Edinburgh 5.8 0.02 8 12 St Andrews 5.3 0.01 9 12 Dover (2.25am), (2.36pm) Manchester rises: 7.56am, refused to say whether Chancellor Alnwick 4.5 0.01 6 12 Ipswich 3.4 0.00 10 15 Britain Warmest: East malling 17C (63F) Lighting-up times Last Quarter Glasgow 5.49pm-8.13am Belfast 6.8 0.00 7 12 Leeds 5.6 0.00 8 14 Rishi 28 October Extremes: Sunak Coldest: would Fyvie castle increase 5C (41F) Belfast fuel duty 6.00pm-8.16am London 5.44pm-7.45am Birmingham 5.5 0.01 10 15 Lincoln 6.5 0.00 9 15 in (24 hours tomorrow’s Wettest: Achnagart Budget, 1.16in. potentially Birmingham 5.49pm-7.54am Manchester 5.48pm-7.58am B’mouth 4.8 0.16 9 16 London 5.2 0.02 10 17 HIGH TIDE to 2pm yesterday) Sunniest: Kinloss 7.4hr. Bristol 5.54pm-7.55am Newcastle 5.41pm-8.00am Bristol 5.5 0.06 11 15 Manchester 2.6 0.01 9 14 London B’ge (5.28am) adding to the burden on anyone running Today a car. Europe forecast Tomorrow Durham 6.4 0.01 9 13 S’hampton 6.4 0.00 12 16 Greenock (4.20am) Cardiff 3.7 0.15 12 15 Oxford 4.7 0.01 9 15 Liverpool (2.42am) Dover (2.25am) Amsterdam He said: “We Cloudy recognise 14C/57F rising Amsterdam fuel Edinburgh 5.8 0.02 8 12 St Andrews 5.3 0.01 9 12 Cloudy 16C/61F Brussels Cloudy 14C/57F Brussels Fair 16C/61F Britain Warmest: East malling 17C (63F) costs are a challenge for the public. We Lighting-up times Glasgow 5.4 Dublin Cloudy 18C/64F Dublin Rain 17C/63F Extremes: Coldest: Fyvie castle 5C (41F) Belfast 6.00pm-8.16am London 5.4 continue (24 hours Wettest: Achnagart 1.16in. Frankfurt to provide Cloudy support 15C/59Ffor those Frankfurt Fair 15C/59F Birmingham 5.49pm-7.54am Manchester 5.4 to 2pm yesterday) who Sunniest: Kinloss 7.4hr. Bristol 5.54pm-7.55am Geneva need it on Fair the cost of 16C/61F living.” Geneva Sunny 14C/57F Newcastle 5.4 Lisbon Sunny 25C/77F Lisbon Sunny 25C/77F Madrid Sunny 21C/70F Madrid Sunny 20C/68F Today Europe forecast T Paris Rebound Cloudy 16C/61F Paris Fair 17C/63F Amsterdam Cloudy 14C/57F Amsterdam Cloudy Rome Fair 20C/68F Rome Sunny 21C/70F Brussels Cloudy 14C/57F Brussels Fair Asked whether fuel giants should Dublin Cloudy 18C/64F Dublin Rain LIVE Frankfurt Cloudy 15C/59F Frankfurt Fair take a hit instead of passing WEATHER on rising SERVICE Geneva Fair 16C/61F Geneva Sunny prices, the spokesman said: “We Choker... forecourt price at petrol Lisbon station in Sunny Chiswick, 25C/77F west London, Lisbon yesterday Sunny would always want to 0906 see providers 156 0206 Madrid Sunny 21C/70F Madrid Sunny Paris Cloudy 16C/61F Paris Fair ensure CALL OUR WEATHER they LINE are WHERE providing YOU CAN SPEAK LIVE WITH good OUR EXPERTS value FOR UP-TO-DATE petrol FORECASTS. car CALLS on COST the £1.50 PER same MINUTE journey Rome would and Fair one which 20C/68F we hoped Rome we wouldn’t Sunny to their PLUS YOUR customers.” TELEPHONE COMPANY’S NETWORK ACCESS CHARGE. SERVICE OPEN 8AM - 6PM DAILY. SP SPOKE: 0333 202 3390 cost 10 times more, said the AA using see again after the high prices of The AA’s Luke Bosdet Supplied said: “Record by MeteoGroup Supplied by MeteoGroup Experian Catalist data. April 2012. pump prices must be saying to drivers Switching to electric could save “This will hurt many household with the means that it is time to make drivers around £800 a year, it added. budgets and have knock-on implications for the wider economy.” the switch to electric. Early on in the pandemic in May last “As for poorer motorists, many of year petrol collapsed to 106.48p. Meanwhile, the price of ethanol, them now facing daily charges to drive The rebound is much quicker than which is mixed into petrol, has soared in cities, there is no escape. the two-and-a-half years it took for 80 per cent since 2012, the RAC said. “It’s a return to cutting back on prices to recover after the 2008 financial crash, the AA said. 300,000 people in London’s new Ultra The price rises come just before other consumer spending, perhaps even heating or food, to keep the car Oil prices have soared all year from Low Emission Zone face a daily that gets them to work on the road.” around $50 per barrel in January to £12.50 charge because their cars are A 20-mile round trip costs around $85 today. old and emit too much carbon. 25p for a small electric car with a The RAC’s Simon Williams said: cheap energy supplier. Taking a small “This is truly a dark day for drivers, Opinion: Page 12 OPINION 12 TV 37 stars 42 LETTERS 44 CITY 47 SPORT 48 PLUS Puzzles pullouT

Pictures: OK!/Matt Pover DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 3 Major event... Kym weds dashing Scott at Sandhurst and, below right, walks up the aisle with her dad Dave The Wedding Marsh ...Kym ties the knot Kym Marsh surrenders sweetly into the arms of Major Scott Ratcliff – as the couple wed with a host of showbiz big guns to admire the ceremony. Radiant in a Carolina Herrera dress, the 45-yearold former Coronation Street star, 45, married Scott, 33, at Sandhurst military academy’s Royal Memorial Chapel. Corrie pal Alison King, 48, was a bridesmaid and other Street star guests included Jane Danson, Tristan Gemmill, Chris Gascoyne and Sally-Anne Matthews. Kym’s children, David, 26, Emilie, 24, and Polly, 10, grandson Teddy, two, and Scott’s daughter Renee, six, all helped to make the couple’s big day last weekend. The bridal party also included Danny Foster, from Kym’s old band Hear’Say, as well as her BBC Morning Live co-stars Gethin Jones and Janette Manrara. Corrie star Antony Cotton, 46, who introduced Kym to Scott in 2018, was master of ceremonies. But twice-married Kym said the highlight of her day was By Jan Disley being given away by her father Dave, 76, who has terminal prostate cancer. The Way To Your Love singer Kym, who brought forward the wedding because of his illness, tells OK! magazine: “Both he and Mum were so excited. He said it’s the wedding they couldn’t wait for, as they adore Scott. “It really was the best day ever. “It was exactly what we had hoped for and more.” Poignantly, Kym wore a cherub necklace in memory of Archie, the son she lost when he was born 18 weeks premature in 2009. Meltdown She credits Scott for “saving” her at her lowest ebb, saying: “I got to a point where I’d been so unlucky in love. I honestly had a big meltdown and I don’t know what I’d have done had he not been there to pick me up.” Kym has also taken time off work for anxiety attacks and although she is improving, she admits: “I still do have my moments. “I’ve always just got on with it. But when you think about all the things that have gone on over the years – losing my son and various other things – I’ve never taken a proper break.” ● Read about Kym and Scott’s wedding in this week’s OK! magazine, on sale now and online at ok.co.uk No sugar and a dash of milk suits us to a tea MORE than half of us – 52 per cent – prefer a strong builder’s brew when we have a cuppa, with just a splash of milk, a hot steeped teabag...and no sugar. Six in 10 – 59 per cent – go sugarless, 43 per cent have theirs “not very milky” and only 13 per cent prefer a very white brew. The typical tea drinker has three cups a day, while 27 per cent have as many as five or more. English Breakfast is the most popular type and the most sought-after alternatives are mint, lemon and ginger flavours. The poll of 2,000 tea drinkers was carried out for Tetley, which found that four in 10 By Alice Hughes people believe no one makes a cup of tea as well as the British. More than half – 54 per cent – pack their favourite tea bags when they travel abroad. Almost half can’t start their day until they’ve had a brew – and the first cup is typically enjoyed between 7 and 9am. A quarter of us dunk biscuits in our tea while nearly one in 10 – eight per cent – drink tea from a flask. More than a third always drink from a specific mug, while 14 per cent still use a teapot. Londoners and people in Northern Ireland have the sweetest tooth – adding an average of one-and-a-half sugars to their cuppa. Those in the South West add the least milk, with 59 per cent having theirs “not very milky”. Fifteen per cent of us admit to slurping our tea but 42 per cent of us think slurping is the most annoying tea habit. The most popular order is: teabag, water, milk, while one in 10 put the water in first followed by the teabag and milk. Tetley’s master blender, Sebastian Michaelis, said: “Milk before water can reduce its temperature, thus hindering the all-important infusion process. “Everyday tea should be as close to boiling point as possible but never use boiling water for green tea – leave the kettle for a couple of minutes to avoid a bitter taste. “As for brewing time, leave black tea bags in the water for 2-3 minutes; green tea bags for 1-2 minutes; and fruit and herbal infusions for 3-5 minutes.”

4 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST Rishi’s budget You deserve it! from PAGE one receiving a salary hike next year. He also signalled an inflation-busting hike in the National Living Wage. The minimum hourly pay rate for employees aged over 23 will increase from £8.91 to £9.50. Mr Sunak said: “The economic impact and uncertainty of the virus meant we had to take the difficult decision to pause public sector pay. “Along with our Plan for Jobs, this action helped us protect livelihoods at the height of the pandemic. “And now, with the economy firmly back on track, it’s right that nurses, teachers and all the other public sector workers who played their part during the pandemic see their wages rise.” Mr Sunak’s one-year pay pause put tight restrictions on salary increases for millions on the state payroll following the huge Agonising decision...baby’s mother Baby sold for $500 to save family from starvation By Dan Townend A DESPERATE Afghani couple have told how they sold their baby daughter for $500 to prevent the rest of the family dying of hunger. A man offered them the £360 – half of which he has already paid – for the girl, who is only a few months old. He said that he wanted her to eventually marry his son. The girl’s mother told a BBC News team: “My other children were dying of hunger so we had to sell my daughter. How can I not be sad? She is my child.” The girl’s father, a rubbish collector from a rural area near Herat, in the west of the country, said: “We are starving. “Right now we have no flour, no oil at home. We have nothing. My ‘I had to do it’...the distraught father daughter doesn’t know what her future will be. I don’t know how she’ll feel about it. But I had to do it.” The man who bought their daughter said he would take her when she was able to walk. BBC film makers said they had heard stories of other families having to sell children to survive – and were themselves offered a child during their time in the country. The broadcaster has reported the sale of the child to UN body Unicef’s child protection team. Afghanistan is facing a huge humanitarian crisis and the situation has deteriorated sharply since the Taliban seized power in August and US-backed forces left on the orders of President Joe Biden. International funds which propped up the country’s fragile economy have been stopped and the Taliban regime has not been recognised by most nations. The United Nations has warned millions will die unless urgent aid reaches Afghanistan soon. q Is it right for the Chancellor to raise the minimum wage? Yes: 0901 133 4440 No: 0901 133 4441 Yes text DXYES to 63333 No text DXNO to 63333 Texts and calls cost 50p plus network access charge. You must have the bill payer’s permission. Vote closes at midnight tonight. The Daily Express may contact you by post, SMS and/or email with offers, goods or services that may be of interest to you. To stop receiving SMS messages please text ‘NSNOINFO’ to the originating number. SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390. pressure on Government coffers caused by the pandemic. In his Budget and Spending Review tomorrow, the Chancellor will say that the pace of the economic recovery and encouraging signs in the jobs market will allow an end to the pay restraint. How much of a pay rise public sector workers receive depends on the recommendations from the independent Pay Review Bodies, who set the pay for most frontline work forces. Treasury officials yesterday claimed the increase in the National Minimum Wage will raise annual pay for the lowest paid workers in full-time employment by around £1,000. Mr Sunak said: “This is a Government that is on the side of working people. “This wage boost ensures we’re making work pay and keeps us on track to meet our target to end low pay by the end of this Parliament.” Introduced in 2016, the National Living Wage sets the legal minimum hourly pay an employee over the age of 23 can earn. Mr Sunak also confirmed pay hikes for younger workers below the age for the National Living Wage. For those aged 21-22, the National Minimum Wage rate increases to £9.18 an hour, up from £8.36. And apprentices aged 18 working in construction and other industries will see their minimum hourly pay increase by nearly 12 Cautious... Mike Cherry had warning Exclusive per cent from £4.30 to £4.81 an hour. Treasury chiefs said Mr Sunak had accepted all this year’s recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission, an independent advisory board which brings together economists, employer and employee representatives. But some economists last night disputed the Treasury claim that the rise was equivalent to £1,000 a year. Torsten Bell, the chief executive of the Resolution COMMENT Graham Griffiths Director at the Living Wage Foundation The rise in the National Living Wage is a positive step for workers – it will go some way to easing the pressure on households feeling the squeeze. However, there is still a substantial gap between the Government’s 2022 rate and the rising cost of living. The past 18 months has been a perfect storm for us all, with fuel and energy costs rising and cuts to household incomes meaning many workers and their families are trapped in low pay. On November 15, as part of Living Wage Week, the new real living wage rate will be announced to reflect the steep rise in living costs. It remains the only rate that’s based on what workers and their families need to get by: the weekly shop; energy bills; school uniforms; even a trip to the dentist. The rates are calculated every year based on the best available evidence on living standards in the UK and London (where there is a different rate to reflect the higher cost of living). It applies to all workers over 18 in recognition that young people face the same living cost as everyone else. Our annual rate announcement will see more than 300,000 people get a vital pay boost, providing them with the security and stability they need. Almost 9,000 businesses have voluntarily chosen to go above and beyond the Government minimum and do right by workers and their families by paying the real living wage. Accredited employers include Aviva, Everton FC and Google, plus thousands of small-to-medium-sized firms. When living costs have been rising so sharply, it’s never been more important to pay a wage that provides a decent standard of living. If we’re to recover, we’ll need to see more employers do the right thing now, and commit to pay a real living wage. Foundation living standards think tank, described the figure as “nonsense”. Tom Waters, senior research economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said rising inflation will “blunt” the increase in real terms. He also said Universal Credit claimants will “see their disposable income go up by just £250 because their taxes rise and benefit receipt falls as their earnings increase”. Business leaders warned the hike would concern small firms already struggling following the pandemic. Jane Gratton, head of

boost for workers DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5 Pay rises for 8million Pictures: Jonathan Buckmaster and PA Cheers to that...lower paid workers such as bar staff will welcome the extra money Analysis macer hall Political editor RISHI Sunak is determined to show there will be no return to austerity despite the squeeze on funds left by the pandemic. The Chancellor’s latest pre-Budget announcements – increasing pay for public-sector employees and the lowest paid in all sectors of the economy – are designed to encourage a feel-good factor. He is banking on improved GDP growth forecasts to allow himself to be more generous than expected in his Budget and Spending Review. Tory MPs will hope the offer of improved pay settlements will leave Labour little room to rubbish the financial statement. Custodian people policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “With rising energy costs, higher raw material prices, high levels of debt as a result of the pandemic and tax increases due, many firms are facing a cashflow squeeze. “So while businesses support the minimum wage, the size of this increase – with less than six months’ notice - will cause significant concern, especially with so many smaller firms struggling. “There is a limit to how much more firms can continue to absorb rising costs before they have to raise their own prices, adding to inflationary pressures. It is therefore vital that companies are not faced with any further up-front costs for the remainder of this Parliament. “The best way to sustainably increase wages is to help firms boost skills and productivity.” Mike Cherry, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The Treasury must play its part to secure wage increases – the taxman will gain almost £500 for every worker whose pay increases to £9.50 an hour. Across the How the minimum wage has risen 1999 - £3.60 The minimum wage is introduced, with 22 the age threshold for the main rate 2010 - £5.93 Age threshold for the main rate is lowered to 21 Calling for changes... Frances O’Grady board, costs for small businesses are on rise, from energy bills, input and recruitment costs as well as taxes and shipping. “Small firms are under the cosh. The Government pledged to cut the burden of business rates and we need to hear this loud and clear in the Budget.” Union leaders claimed the increase does not go far enough to help the low paid. Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, urged the Government to “set its sights higher” by instead increasing it to £10. She 2016 - £7.20 Main rate becomes the national living wage for people aged 25 and over 2022 - £9.50 Minimum hourly rate for workers aged over 23 said: “This increase won’t come into effect until next spring, by which time many household budgets will have been hammered by rising bills and the Universal Credit cut.” Paddy Lillis, of shopworkers’ union Usdaw, said: “Workers in retail and low-paid industries have shown how vital they are to keeping the economy going during a time of extreme pressure. “The best way to thank key workers is to give them a wage they can live on.” OPINION: PAGE 12 Sir Keir Starmer, who tomorrow will make the traditional opposition leader’s reply to the Chancellor’s statement, will have his work cut out finding a coherent line of attack that resonates with the millions of voters his party has lost to Boris Johnson’s Government. The Tories have come a long way since 1997 when then leader William Hague marched them through the Commons “No” lobby to oppose Tony Blair’s new minimum wage. In 2016, Tory chancellor George Osborne distanced his party from that decision by introducing the National Living Wage. His successors have raised it in line with recommendations from the Low Pay Commission. Mr Sunak is the latest custodian of the Budget red box to insist that the Tories are now the true workers’ party.

6 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Tycoon, 33, dies eight weeks after wedding By Steph Spyro A young property tycoon died of a suspected heart attack just eight weeks after getting married in a lavish ceremony. Multi-millionaire Vivek Chadha, 33, collapsed at a central London address in the early hours of Sunday morning, just hours after being spotted partying at the exclusive Annabel’s nightclub. Mr Chadha, who ran hotel and property firm Nine Group, married Stuttee Chaddha, 29, in a Sikh ceremony at a five-star hotel. His grieving widow said: “There are no words to describe what has happened. “We only got married eight weeks ago and it was beautiful. Now I’m having to deal with the loss of the love of my life. I’m stunned and heartbroken.” There is Vivek Chadha collapsed likely to be a postmortem, but sources close to him indicated it was from natural causes. The source added: “He did not die at his central London address but was at another location when it happened. “We don’t know the full facts yet and are waiting to establish what exactly occurred.” Last night Stuttee was being consoled by relatives and Mr Chadha’s parents, Gursharan, 61, and Jasbir, 58, at their home in Iver, Berkshire. Jasbir said: “It’s too early for us to say anything about Vivek and his achievements. “There will come a time when we will pay tribute to him, but at the moment it’s too early for us “We are in too much pain.” DX1ST Coronavirus: Javid: A fantastic on the cards if we By Sam Lister and Hanna Geissler SAJID Javid last night declared that Christmas will be “fantastic” if everyone takes up the booster vaccine when it is offered. The Health Secretary urged the public to play its part to ensure festive celebrations are safe after a spike in cases last year meant restrictions were imposed. He spoke as it was revealed that more than half of over-50s eligible for a Covid-19 booster jab have had one. NHS England figures show that in less than six weeks, more than 4.5 million top-up doses have been given to people in that age group, who had their second jab at least six months ago. Mr Javid said: “For all those people like me that are hoping and planning for a normal Christmas – which I do by the way – I think that’s where we’ll be. We’ll have a normal Christmas – if we want. Let’s just keep playing our part.” He added that “everyone’s got a role to play” in keeping the spread of the disease down. Mr Javid said: “We all want a fantastic Christmas and we can ensure that by getting out there and getting our vaccines. Protect “There are still some five million people out there that haven’t had a single dose of the vaccine, and we need to basically tell them they need to do that, not just to protect themselves but to protect their loved ones, to do their bit. But also there’s other sensible behaviours that we can all have over the next few months. “It’s getting darker, we can see it’s getting colder, we will spend more time indoors, and so we should think about hand hygiene, about getting tested regularly, especially if you’re going to meet your more vulnerable…perhaps an elderly relative or someone...so if we can do all that, I’m sure that we’re going to have a great Christmas.” However he admitted that no “sensible health secretary” in the world would want to predict the situation in three or six months’ time, as there is a risk of new variants causing problems. In total, 5.2 million boosters jabs have been administered in England, including for younger people with underlying conditions and healthcare staff. It means at Message... Mr Javid Pictures: Ian Vogler, Joshua Bratt ‘Time to act over the anti-vaccine idiots telling lies’ ANTI-vaccine protesters who stage demos outside schools are “idiots spreading vicious lies”, said Sajid Javid. The Health Secretary indicated exclusion zones could be used to protect children and stop staff being harassed. He said it was “heartbreaking” that three children had been hurt during one protest after Covid vaccines were opened up to those aged 12 to 15. Mr Javid added: “These people are doing so much damage. You have three children that are injured, actually physically injured, and that’s heartbreaking to see.” He went on: “And you’ve got, frankly, these idiots outside their school spreading vicious lies. It is becoming a growing problem as time goes by. “There are options, in terms of whether it’s an exclusion zone, or other potential action. “I think it’s got to be done at a local level. “If you’ve injured children, that is a criminal act and I hope in that case police are able to track those people down.” Home Secretary Priti Patel said it is “completely unacceptable” for children, teachers or parents to be “intimidated and harassed” at the school gate. Downing Street said it was least one in eight people who have had the first two jabs are likely to have also had a third. People only become eligible once six months have passed after their second jab. Around 20 million over-50s in England have had the first two doses and will become eligible for a third. Some By Hanna Geissler Health Editor “never acceptable for anyone to pressurise or intimidate pupils, teachers or the wider school community”. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said last night: “Protesters engaging in this type of behaviour should immediately stop.” Most schools have been targeted by anti-vaxxers according to research by unions. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for laws to be updated to ban the protests. He said: “It is sickening that anti-vax protesters are spreading dangerous misinformation to children in protests outside of schools.” The Party wants public spaces protection orders – previously used to move on protesters outside abortion clinics – to be updated so councils can rapidly create exclusion zones for antivaccination protests outside schools. Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “We would urge anti-vaccination campaigners to behave more responsibly and to carefully consider the impact that their actions are having on children.” nine million in that age group are eligible and half have had it. Last week was a record-breaker for booster jabs, with almost 1.5 million administered. More than 710,000 were delivered between Friday and Sunday alone. There was also a record number of bookings with 900,000 people making a booster appointment through the National Booking Service, a 42 per cent increase on the previous week. The NHS is sending out a further two million invites this week. Dr Nikki Kanani, NHS deputy vaccination programme lead, said: “It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm for the NHS booster campaign as record numbers have come forward Exclusion zones could keep out protesters and either booked or received their vital vaccination, joining myself and millions of others who have already had our vital top-up. “Thanks to the huge efforts of staff, half of [eligible] over-50s are already protected – a remarkable achievement in such a short space of time. Progress “It is really important you come forward for yours as soon as you become eligible, at least six months on from your second jab.” Mr Javid said: “We are making excellent progress with our booster programme. It is vital that we stay ahead in the race between the

BOOSTER PLEA DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7 Christmas is all get jabbed Inoculations link to risk of health issues vaccine and the virus as we approach the winter months, and I urge all those who are eligible to book in their booster now.” There were 36,567 new Covid-19 cases confirmed across the UK yesterday – the lowest in the last fortnight. The number of deaths reported was 38. Infection rates have hit around 40,000 a day over the past week, mostly among children and younger adults. Government scientists believe the “child epidemic” could slow down before long, as so many will have been infected. Hospital admissions and deaths remain low compared with the January peak, but some experts fear they will increase. Labour has called for the Government to move to Plan B restrictions, which include a return to working from home, mandatory use of face masks and vaccine passports for places such as nightclubs. But Mr Javid said the data the Government is analysing does not show there is a need to move to Plan B, which is designed to protect the NHS from “unsustainable pressure”. He added: “The purpose of setting out a clear plan, which we did a few weeks ago, not just with respect to 5.2m boosters have now been administered in England Covid but the other winter challenges that we have in the health system, was to make clear how we will make these decisions. “Now, we don’t think we have reached the point where Plan B needs to be activated, but, of course, we will keep it under review.” The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “If the public continue to abide by the behaviours and guidance we have set out, and those eligible get their booster jabs, we believe we can further curb cases and bring rates down, along with hospitalisation and deaths.” Mr Javid also warned NHS staff in England he is “leaning towards” making it mandatory for them to be vaccinated in the same way social care workers are. Around 100,000 health workers are yet to take up two jabs and “there is an issue about patient safety”, he said. There had been an increase in the number of people coming forward to “do the right thing” after mandatory vaccinations were announced for social care and he hoped to see “the same thing with the NHS”. He added: “If they haven’t got vaccinated by now then there is an issue about patient safety and that’s something the Government will take very seriously.” Rules From November 11, anyone working or volunteering in a care home will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, unless exempt. Mr Javid said it would be “months and months” before any rules were introduced for the NHS. Jeremy Brown, professor of respiratory medicine at University College London Hospitals, who sits on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, said unvaccinated frontline NHS staff “should change their role” if they are not prepared to get a jab. He said: “If you’re frontline NHS staff dealing with patients and meeting the public you should be vaccinated – it’s a professional thing, it’s a safety thing. “We know that quite a few infections that have occurred in the hospital have potentially come from staff rather than patients. And if you’re not vaccinated, I feel, you shouldn’t be dealing with patients or the general public. “Whether it should be compulsory it is always a tricky thing, but I do think, professionally, each person should be vaccinated.” On whether staff should lose their jobs if they were not vaccinated, he said: “I think they should change their role.” COVID vaccines can increase the risk of neurological complications, a study has revealed. Experts found certain jabs are linked to health problems such as stroke and the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome. But coronavirus infections lead to a much greater increase in the risk than a first dose of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer inoculations, it was claimed. The Oxford University research looked at the medical records of more than 32 million people in England. Study co-leader Martina Patone, medical statistician at Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, said: “We found different risks for different types of neurological condition depending on which vaccine people received. “However, these were substantially lower than the risks occurring in association with a positive Covid-19 PCR test.” The study looked at cases of hospital admissions and deaths of patients with neurological conditions within 28 days of either a first vaccination or Covid-19 infection. It could not prove whether the vaccines or infections caused the complications, By Hanna Geissler Health Editor but identified signs of an increase in risk. It found that among 10 million people who had the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, an extra 38 cases of Guillain- Barre syndrome could be expected, compared with if they had not got the jab. The condition mainly affects the feet and hands and causes numbness, weakness and pain. However, for 10 million people who tested positive for Covid-19, an extra 145 cases of Guillain–Barre syndrome could be expected. Stroke Among 10 million people who received the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine, an extra 60 cases of haemorrhagic stroke could be expected. There was also a higher stroke risk for people who caught Covid-19, but only in the first week after a positive test. Aziz Sheikh, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “There are risks clearly associated with the vaccines, but there are more substantial risks associated with getting the infection.” The findings are published in the journal Nature Medicine. No need to cut the gap to five months THE six-month interval between second and third doses should not be cut, an expert said yesterday. Professor Jeremy Brown, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said it was vital to target the most vulnerable first. Allowing more people to get their top-up jab early could mean those most at risk have their jabs delayed, he said. Asked whether the interval should be cut to five months, Prof Brown said: “No. All that happens is you increase the number Expert advice... Professor Brown By Hanna Geissler of people that need boosters and you run the risk of the most vulnerable getting their booster delayed.” Prof Brown, a respiratory infection expert at UCL, said the most important thing was preventing hospital admissions. He said most “breakthrough infections” – where people catch Covid despite being vaccinated – are mild. “The ones that we have to really prevent are the infections that occur in people who are most vulnerable.”

8 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 By Macer Hall Political Editor BORIS Johnson has admitted being “very worried” that world leaders will fail to make a breakthrough at the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow next month. In a question-and-answer session with children at Downing Street yesterday, the Prime Minister said it was “touch and go” whether international targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions can be agreed. He spoke after United Nations scientists revealed that levels of planet-warming gases reached record highs last year. Mr Johnson said of the UN’s Cop26, which he is hosting: “It’s going to be very, very tough.” Youngsters quizzed him at a Kids’ Climate Press Conference in the Government media suite at No 9 Downing Street for an hour. Disappointing They raised concerns about the threat to wildlife from waste plastic and the environmental benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. Discussing his hopes that global targets will be set at the Cop26 summit starting on Monday, the PM said: “I think it can be done. “It’s going to be very, very tough, this summit. I’m very worried, because it might go wrong and we might not get the agreements that we need. It’s touch and go. “We need as many people as possible to go to net zero so that they are not producing too much carbon dioxide by the middle of the century.” Mr Johnson also criticised Coca-Cola for being one of 12 corporations “producing the over- Picture: Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street whelming bulk of the world’s plastics”. He said: “We’ve got to move away from that and we’ve got to find other ways of packaging.” He also joked that some issues DX1ST Boris: It is touch and go we will get climate agreement Thumbs up to the future...Boris with children at yesterday’s Kids’ Climate Press Conference in Downing Street could be solved by “feeding human beings to the animals”. Appearing alongside him was WWF UK’s chief executive Tanya Steele, who said: “We have to reduce, we have to reuse – I do think we need to do a little bit of recycling, PM, and have some system to do so.” Mr Johnson said: “It doesn’t work.” Recycling Association chief executive Simon Ellin later criticised his remark and said: “It’s very disappointing. I think he has completely lost the plastic plot here.” Later Mr Johnson’s spokesman said: “The Prime Minister was setting out that recycling alone is not the answer.” Meanwhile the annual greenhouse gas bulletin from the UN’s World Meteorological Organization shows that levels of carbon dioxide – the most important greenhouse gas – in the atmosphere reached 413 parts per million in 2020, 49 per cent above what it was in 1750. Other key greenhouse gases – methane and nitrous oxide – also hit record highs in 2020. comment: page 12 $100bn cash pledge miss By John Ingham THE climate talks faced a new setback yesterday after missing a vital $100billion a year target to help poorer nations. In 2009 rich countries pledged to provide the developing world with $100billion a year for five years from 2020 to help them adapt to global warming. Poorer countries feel they are already suffering from rising sea levels, droughts and extreme weather caused by the emissions of the richer industrialised nations. Target Yesterday the UK’s COP26 climate summit presidentdesignate, Alok Sharma, admitted the target is not going to be met until 2023 at the earliest. He insisted progress is being made and that over five years the total raised is likely to exceed $500billion. Mr Sharma said: “The last set of figures from 2019 were at $80billion…the goal was almost certainly missed in 2020.” The setback follows the refusal of leaders of some of the world’s biggest polluters to attend the two-week Glasgow summit, including China and Russia, and possibly Brazil.

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 9 By Christopher Bucktin US Editor A film director has described the terrifying moment actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot dead a cinematographer. Joel Souza was hit in his shoulder by the bullet that killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Rust. He has recalled in an affidavit how he stumbled backwards after hearing the distinctive “whip and a loud pop” of a gun going off. Court documents also paint a picture of a feuding set, where five crew members walked out last week, just hours before the death at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico, US. They were unhappy with pay and conditions, it was said. Director Souza, who was filming the western Rust with Baldwin, told investigators how the actor was sitting on a wooden church pew when Halyna, 42, was shot dead. According to court documents, the star was practising a scene where he would “cross draw” a revolver from its holster, when the gun went off. Checked Souza, 48, told authorities the cast and crew had taken a lunch break and, when they returned, he was not sure if the firearm had been rechecked for safety. The court papers state: “Joel advised they returned back to the set after lunch, although he is not sure if the firearm was checked again. “Joel stated they had Alec sitting in a pew in a church building setting, and he was practising a cross draw. “Joel said he was looking over the shoulder of Halyna when he heard what sounded like a whip and then a loud pop.” The director said he vaguely remembers Halyna’s reaction. She was “complaining about her stomach and grabbing her midsection”, it was said. The papers said: “Joel said Halyna began to stumble backwards, and she was assisted to ‘I heard a loud pop and Halyna stumbled back’ Injured director tells of the moment fatal shot was fired On set... Alec Baldwin in costume and, right, Halyna Hutchins. Below, director Joel Souza the ground. Joel explained that he was bleeding from his shoulder, and he could see blood on Halyna.” The cameras were not rolling at the time. Moments before the accident, the actor was assured he was handling a “cold gun”, Souza told investigators. A cold gun is one not loaded with live ammunition. Souza said the film’s armourer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, checked prop weapons, and the assistant director, Dave Halls, rechecked them and handed them to the actors. It was Halls who gave Baldwin the gun, police said. Cameraman Reid Russell, who was standing next Moving... candles and card tributes at a special vigil for Halyna in Los Angeles Pictures: Getty, Reuters to Halyna, gave evidence saying the bullet hit her in the stomach, causing her to fall backwards. He said she complained that she could not feel her legs. He told investigators Baldwin had always been careful with weapons on set and none of the death was captured on camera because the cast and crew were preparing for the scene. He also said he was unsure if the gun had been checked because he had left the area for five minutes for a break. The papers said: “Reid said Alec had been very careful, and brought up an instance when a scene was being filmed earlier. “Reid said Alec had made sure it was safe and that a child wasn’t near him when they were discharging a firearm during that scene.” A visibly distraught Baldwin, 63, was pictured on Saturday outside a hotel in nearby Santa Fe, embracing and talking with Matt Hutchins, Halyna’s husband, and the couple’s nine-year-old son. Heartache Mourners held candles in Halyna’s honour while watching a slideshow of the cinematographer during a moving vigil at the weekend. The International Cinematographers Guild held another ceremony for Halyna in nearby Albuquerque on Saturday. In a statement read to a vigil on Saturday, Mr Hutchins called his wife’s death “an enormous loss”. No one has been charged as the sheriff’s office continues its investigation. Yesterday, Baldwin’s wife Hilaria broke her silence over the death. She said: “There are no words because it’s impossible to express the shock and heartache. My heart is with Halyna. Her husband. Her son. Their family and loved ones. And my Alec.”

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 11 Rosy...monarch in Cardiff this month Queen is due back in action By Richard Palmer Royal Correspondent ROYAL aides are expecting the Queen to resume audiences and other commitments this week, while she awaits medical test results. A source said the monarch, 95, who spent the night at the private King Edward VII’s Hospital in London last week, was “resting and undertaking light duties” yesterday. They included going through state papers. But courtiers hope she can host audiences with diplomats, have her weekly call with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, or meet advisers. Her diary has not been cleared but that may change following medical advice. Senior advisers are unsure what caused Her Majesty to undergo “preliminary investigations” after cancelling a visit to Northern Ireland. Consultations Many think it is simply fatigue but even some of her closest aides do not know what she was tested for. The Queen’s illness has brought forward plans to have other Royal Family members accompany her on external engagements. But she is still expected to carry out solo audiences and other duties inside royal residences, including investiture ceremonies. However, it also remains possible she may have to go into hospital for further consultations. Last week’s hospital visit was her first known overnight stay since 2013, when she was treated for gastroenteritis symptoms. Royals off to Middle East By Richard Palmer The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will embark on their first major overseas tour since the pandemic began with a trip to the Middle East next month. Charles and Camilla have been asked by the Government to visit Jordan and Egypt, and will spend November 16 to 19 there. Chris Fitzgerald, deputy private secretary to the Prince, said climate change would be one of the main themes of the visit. He added: “They will celebrate both Jordan’s own centenary and 100 years of the UK-Jordan bilateral relationship.” Mr Hutching’s funeral will coincide with Remembrance Day ceremonies, above By Jamie Harris Armistice funeral for shooting trial veteran A NORTHERN Ireland veteran who died in the middle of a trial over a shooting nearly 50 years ago will be buried on the most evocative day in the military calendar. The funeral of Dennis Hutchings, 80, is to be held on November 11 – Armistice Day. A huge turnout is expected at the service at St Andrew’s Church in Plymouth, not far from his home in Cawsand, Cornwall. The timing of the funeral will maximise the embarrassment for the Government, which has failed to honour a pledge to stop Northern Ireland veterans being dragged through the courts. Alan Barry, a friend of Mr Hutchings and a fellow Northern Ireland veteran, said: “There could not be a more fitting day for this funeral to be held. “I believe Dennis should be given a funeral with full military honours.” Mr Hutchings died last Monday after contracting Covid during his trial at Belfast Crown Court. He had denied the By John Ingham attempted murder of John Pat Cunningham in Co Tyrone in 1974 and a count of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent. He had twice been investigated over the shooting and told no further action was necessary. Mr Hutchings insisted on going ahead with the trial in a bid to clear his name despite suffering from end-stage renal failure, heart disease, hypertension and atrial fibrillation. The court could only sit for three days a week because he needed kidney dialysis. Last week the Daily Express revealed that had he lived, signed statements given in 2016 by two members of his regiment, The Life Guards, would have been read out. They said Mr Cunningham had been shot by another soldier, known to the court as Soldier B, who is now dead. About 230 veterans face reinvestigation over shootings in The Troubles. ‘Instagram means children cannot escape from bullies’ Bullying follows children home from school and carries on in their bedrooms at night via Instagram, a whistleblower has claimed. Frances Haugen, a former employee of the tech giant, told MPs and peers that research by Facebook, which owns Instagram, suggested it was dangerous for young people. She said the firm has the ability to make a “huge dent” in the problem if they wanted but they don’t because “young users are the future of the platform, and the earlier they get them the more likely they’ll get them hooked”. She added: “When I was in high school, it didn’t matter if your experience in high school was horrible. Most kids had good homes to go home to and they could at the end of the day disconnect, they would get a break for 16 hours. “Facebook’s own research says now the bullying follows children home, it goes into their bedrooms. “The last thing they see at night is someone being cruel to them. “The first thing they see in the morning is a hateful statement.” She claimed that the research found that Instagram was more dangerous than other social media such as TikTok and Snapchat, because it is focused on “social Whistleblower...Frances Haugen comparison about bodies, about people’s lifestyles”. She also cast doubt on whether Instagram could ever be made safe for children. Users must be at least 13 although it is easy for them to lie about their age. Facebook was developing an Instagram Kids specifically for children but the idea was put on hold earlier this year. Ms Haugen said: “They say things like, ‘We need Instagram Kids because kids are going to lie about their age, and so we might as well have a safe thing for them.’ “Facebook should have to publish what they do to detect 13-yearolds on the platform because I guarantee what they’re doing today is not enough. Facebook can guess how old you are with a great deal of precision.” She also met Home Secretary Priti Patel who said afterwards: “Tech companies have a moral duty to keep their users safe.”

12 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST Our green hi-tech One Canada Square, London E14 5AP Tel: 020 8612 7000 (outside UK: +44 20 8612 7000) Just rewards are proof Rishi backs workers As he sets out a budget tomorrow for the high-skill, high-wage economy that Brexit has freed Britain to become, Chancellor Rishi Sunak knows he will only be able to claim success in the future if no one has been left behind. That is why his announcement of an inflation-busting rise in the national living wage and the national minimum wage is so important, giving a boost of more than £1,000 a year for millions of full-time workers, aged 23 and over, and a near 10 per cent rise for younger workers. There’s more good news, too, for more than five million nurses, teachers, police officers and other key workers, with the scrapping of the public sector pay pause, meaning they too will be in line for a pay boost next year to reward their hard work. And all of this at a time when Mr Sunak is trying to pull off the tricky balancing act of getting the nation’s finances back under control while fuelling economic growth. It shows once again, as the Chancellor says, that he is on the side of working people, determined to make work pay and end the era of low pay. Pain at the pumps Just weeks after we were all struggling to get any petrol, the price for a litre has hit a record high and once again it is the poor consumers feeling the pinch. We can only hope Mr Sunak does not increase fuel duty in his Budget and compound the misery for motorists. The costs for households and for businesses already struggling because of the pandemic would be a heavy burden. It is tempting to think the big oil companies are laughing as the global price for a barrel soars, but the fossil-fuel industry is on the wane. Electric car drivers will already be feeling smug, and the speed of the move away from gas-guzzling vehicles can only be accelerated by the sky-high prices at the pumps, which ultimately will be no bad thing. Unfortunately, in the meantime, it is indeed a dark day for those motorists not yet able to make the switch. A friend to all its fans For two decades Friends was required TV viewing around the globe, with the six main characters becoming household names. But there was another star of the Central Perk coffee house, often in the background but always important to the cast and the scriptwriters because of his professionalism and talent. Jennifer, David, Matthew, Courteney, Matt and Lisa will not be the only ones mourning James Michael Tyler, who has died too early, at 59. After playing waiter Gunther in 150 episodes of the show, he leaves behind millions of friends. future can only be driven by science Even when the economy is booming and tax revenue is soaring, no Chancellor is ever going to satisfy everyone with his spending decisions. That will be truer than ever tomorrow, when Rishi Sunak’s Budget will set the framework for the economy as we learn to live with Covid, and somehow try to balance the need to start restoring public finances with the need to make sure the economy grows fast enough to do so. If you want to play Budget Bingo, I’d bet my mortgage on Mr Sunak telling us that “this is a Budget for growth”. But what does that actually mean? We constantly hear from the Government about “levelling up” as the foundation of its policies, which will lead to economic growth. But there is another vital element to that which has had far less attention. Boris Johnson wrote in June about how the UK should “regain its status as a science superpower, and in so doing to level up”. It was – is – an ambitious but critical idea: that the niche we should occupy as a country, as we look to our post-Brexit future, should be as a global leader in Research & Development. As the Prime Minister put it: “The UK has so many of the necessary ingredients: the academic base, a culture of innovation, the amazing data resource of the NHS, the capital markets.” To be blunt, we need something to drive the high-wage, high-skilled, hi-tech, green economy almost everyone agrees is the way forward, and that something is our science base and our culture of R&D. Our scientists’ response to the pandemic could hardly have been a better illustration of our strength, bringing together a UK-based, global pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, with a world-leading university research facility at Oxford. And the new UK Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, funded by £196million SUPERPOWER: Our Covid vaccine success shows, with investment, we can be a global leader of taxpayer money, is a model of its kind, a university-industry collaboration which will cement our work in that field. Key to this emphasis on our R&D-led future was intended to be a rise in taxpayer investment from the current £14.9billion to £22billion in 2024-25 to act as a magnet for necessary private sector investment. Under plans set out this summer, it was due to raise total UK spending on R&D from 1.7 to 2.4 per cent of GDP by 2027. In July, the Government spelled out an innovation strategy of “technology families where the UK can develop strategic advantage” in areas such as advanced materials and manufacturing, artificial intelligence, digital and advanced computing, genomics, engineering biology, electronics, energy and environment technologies and robotics and smart machines. It’s important to remember Stephen Pollard Political commentator this is not 1970s-style “picking winners”. Rather, it is a response to the realisation that serious economic growth depends on our scientific skills and the investment and productivity these will bring, with the Government oiling the wheels to help lure private investment. Even taxpayer spending of £22billion a year would only bring the R&D share of GDP to the average level for industrialised countries. If we are to be a science superpower, that is the most basic amount needed. But vital as this spending is, leaks over the past week suggest that when he comes to present his Budget, Mr Sunak will not, after all, commit to the plan. According to one authoritative report, “A person with knowledge of internal Treasury discussions said the 2024 target would be ‘dropped’, amid scepticism in the department that increasing research spending to ‘Our scientists’ response to the pandemic illustrates our strength’ Picture: Anton Vaganov/Reuters £22billion would deliver promised economic benefits.” A statement last week reaffirmed commitment to increasing R&D expenditure to £22billion “to secure the UK’s future as a global science superpower” but left out any mention of the 2024 target. This would be a disaster. Only this month the Prime Minister spoke of us as a high-productivity, high-wage economy. But where is that productivity and those wages coming from? It has to be from innovation, science, R&D and the investment they will bring. As one former government adviser put it: “If the Government gives up on its R&D investment plans, it is hard not to conclude that it has basically given up on economic growth.” Mr Sunak faces a near impossible balancing act tomorrow. He has so far been exemplary, and it is clear his instincts are spot on, marrying principle with common sense and flexibility. But it will send a worrying sign if, just months after the Prime Minister made a sensible commitment to science and R&D spending, the Chancellor walks away from it.

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 13 Vanessa Feltz FROM THE HEART Wild Rylan’s birthday ball FANS of Lucille Ball in the 1974 musical movie based on Patrick Dennis’s novel Auntie Mame will recall the scene where, nursing a hellish hangover, Mame is wretchedly cleaning her teeth when her frenemy Vera, played by Bea Arthur, bursts fully clothed, cocktail in hand, from the bathtub in which she has slumbered. Rylan Clark’s 33rd birthday extravaganza unleashed his inner Mame, it seems. Celebrations involved a blonde wig, an arch balloon wall, karaoke and everyone’s favourite ex-wag Lizzie Cundy springing up next morning from a night in his en suite, clad in the night before’s ballgown. Chatty Paul signing off SIR Paul McCartney, below, has called time on giving autographs. He’s had it with requests to scrawl his moniker on the back of old receipts. He’d rather chat instead. Good luck with that, Sir P. These days the ubiquitous smartphone trumps chat. Anyone faintly recognisable ends up clamped under a sweaty armpit as the phone owner struggles to snap a pointless selfie. FIFTY-FOUR per cent of parents with 4-10 year-olds admit their offspring do not use a knife and fork properly. I would be aghast, had I not described in lurid detail to my grandchildren the rules and regulations regarding table manners and etiquette which made every childhood meal We must not hide from fat-shamers IHAVE walked in Tilly Ramsay’s shoes. I know how it feels to be fat-shamed by total strangers – usually older blokes – in assorted media. I’ve been dubbed “the woman who ate her audience” and told that my breasts are “like First World War barrage balloons”. I’ve been assured I have “the perfect figure for radio”. I have endured the humiliation of popping to the shops only to see my ample posterior, spilling out of a bathing suit, plastered on the cover of a magazine captioned: “Vanessa! Oh dear!” One headline even proclaimed: “Vanessa’s Friends Worry She’s Drinking Custard Again!” Pictures of me pushing a supermarket trolley brimming with the family shop have been printed with the suggestion that every bite of the groceries intended for four is for my solo sustenance. My solicitor even answered the phone to be told in tones of hushed urgency: “We have the sushi photos!” He rang back. “What”, he asked, “are the sushi pictures?” I was baffled too. It turned out I’d been papped through a restaurant window, eating guess what? Sushi. The combination of FFW (famous fat woman) and the consumption of calories is lucrative currency. Magazines adore printing them. R eaders adore gawping at them. The commentary is predictable, yet never loses its power to wound. “Lord you are fat. Gosh you are gross. Blimey how does anyone your size dare to leave their front room?” I tried losing weight. Critics immediately dubbed me “gaunt” and “haggard”. I yo-yoed. Forensic attention was directed at the piled on pounds. After 16 years of vicious commentary I had a gastric band fitted. Part of me hoped it might quell the obsession with my figure – or lack thereof. It didn’t. Somehow I never managed to be thin enough to satisfy the self-appointed judges. In 2019 I underwent a gastric bypass. Now I’m a size 12. Yet I still bear the scars of nearly three decades of brutal barbs. The notion that because you have somehow stuck your head above the parapet you’re fair game and richly deserve a daily barrage of insults is desperately unfair. The view that unless you’re a size eight you should do all a favour by staying behind closed doors is cruelly divisive. “You must have developed a rhinoceros hide after the bashing you’ve taken,” say observers. I haven’t and frankly neither Tilly, nor I, nor Alison Hammond nor Dawn French – who once wondered aloud if the chorus of disapproval would stop if she stuck a knife in her heart – should have to. Pictures: GETTY it’s hardly surprising that the tables have turned torture. Scraping up dregs of delicious sauce was prohibited. “Leave the pattern on the plate, Vanessa!” Eating with elbows out was beyond the pale. Reaching for the choicest morsel was outlawed. “Take the one nearest to you.” Talking with a full mouth was pretty much punishable Rachel’s got your number RACHEL Riley is a rare creature – a fearless anti-racism campaigner and a sunny delight to be around. We were both Strictly class of 2013 so I can vouch for her delightful disposition. It is being suggested that all is not cordial between equable Rachel, left, and new Countdown queen Anne Robinson. All I know is when I first attempted the brand new Weakest Link back in 2000 we nervous contestants imagined Anne’s virago persona would be just that – a panto performance for TV. We thought she’d be friendly behind the scenes and snap into gorgon mode as the cameras rolled. We were wrong. Either the host was method acting or she’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work? You decide. ■DURING a week’s sojourn in sunny Tenerife I witnessed a proliferation of large luminous clips designed exclusively to keep beach towels securely draped over the right bit of sunbeds. Holidaymakers embraced this product with boundless enthusiasm. Some towels were pinned in place by as many as four clips. These hitherto unavailable items were selling up a storm which must be gratifying for the research development genius who discovered so profitable a gap in the lounging about market? by death. Soup bowls must always be tipped away from the lap, never towards it. Chewing must be thorough but silent. Good Lord! So many and varied were the instructions that I’d have given anything to just grab a hot dog with both hands and chomp.

14 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Game on, Sir Trev! DX1ST Pictures: justin Ng/Avalon & Steve Parsons/PA Sir Trevor McDonald will star in E4’s revival of GamesMaster. The 82-year-old former New At Ten anchor is taking on the video game show role made famous by the late Sir Patrick Moore. Celebrities and gamers will be set challenges by Sir Trevor in the series later this year. He said: “I am delighted with the role.” GamesMaster ended its six-year run in 1992. Determined... Richard at the Foreign Office yesterday I am on hunger strike to make Boris do more to free Nazanin For our wife and mum...Richard and Gabriella protest on behalf of Nazanin THE husband of Nazanin Zahari- Ratcliffe warned the Government that its plan for securing her freedom from Iran is “broken” as he began a second hunger strike for her release. Richard Ratcliffe is camped outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a bid to force its chief Liz Truss to show more urgency. For part of yesterday he was joined by his daughter Gabriella, seven, who showed a heart stone she had painted for her mum, 42. Richard, 46, hit out at the Government’s “policy of waiting” and told Sky News that the Government seemed reluctant to pressurise Tehran with measures such as court action or imposing sanctions. He said: “I do feel that the Government strategy is broken. It’s not going anywhere.” Richard, whose first hunger strike two years ago secured Gabriella’s release, said: “It does feel like a policy of waiting and we can’t wait forever.” Nazanin, who has dual British- Iranian nationality, was held by the Iranians in 2016 after far-fetched alle- By Cyril Dixon gations that she plotted to overthrow the Government. More than 3.6 million people have signed a change.org petition calling for her to be released. Richard wrote: “Two years ago I went on hunger strike in front of the Iranian Embassy much to their considerable anger. But it got Gabriella home. “We are now giving the UK Government the same treatment. In truth, I never expected to have to do a hunger strike twice. It is not a normal act. “It seems extraordinary the need to adopt the same tactics to persuade government here.” Labour MP Tulip Siddiq tweeted: “My heart breaks to write this, but once again my constituent Richard Ratcliffe has been forced to go on hunger strike because of the Government’s inaction and failure.” A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are doing all we can to help Nazanin get home to her young daughter and family and we will continue to press Iran on this point.”

Property market set for 14-year sales high By Vicky Shaw The housing market is set to record its highest level of sales since 2007, according to property website Zoopla. Around 1.5 million sales are expected to take place across the UK in 2021. But housing transactions are expected to fall to 1.2 million in 2022, in line with the long-run average, it said. But this is still relatively high compared to the past decade. Richard Donnell, from agents Zoopla, said: “2021 is set to be a record year for the housing market with the most moves by homeowners since 2007 and nearly £500billion of home sales. “The impact of the pandemic on the market has further to run, but at a less frenetic pace.We expect the momentum in the market to outweigh emerging headwinds from higher living costs.” Gran loses appeal over assault with Covid spray By Jan Disley A GRANNIE who squirted neighbours with anti-bacterial spray as she cleaned her fence fearing a Covid outbreak lost her appeal against an assault conviction. Countryside warden Jane Downall, 61, shouted: “Two metres... get away from my fence!” when Samantha Fisher and daughter Ebony leaned over. But droplets of the liquid hit their faces and both had to seek hospital treatment, Tameside Magistrates Court heard. They suffered no serious injuries last April in Heywood, Greater Manchester. Downall told police: “I did not use the spray to inflict any injuries, I was trying to inflict injury on the germs.” Rejecting her appeal and imposing a sixmonth conditional discharge, Judge Angela Nield ruled she had not intended to harm the Fishers but her actions were “reckless”. DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 15 What a pain! Eco-mobs return... with protester glueing his face to road By John Twomey A CLIMATE change protester superglued his face to the road yesterday as the latest rushhour demonstrations caused ugly scenes. Insulate Britain activists blocked traffic in central London and the Canary Wharf financial district, leading to chaos. Irate drivers berated the demonstrators as they dragged them from the tarmac. And last night Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced a new injunction against the disrupters – which covers the “entire strategic road network”. He tweeted: “Insulate Britain are back, risking lives & ruining journeys. 3 specific injunctions are already in place, but today I instructed @NationalHways to apply for an injunction covering the entire strategic road network – tonight this has been granted on a temp basis by the High Court.” He acted after yesterday’s stand-off in which one motorist told demonstrators they had stopped him taking his sick father for cancer treatment. He yelled: “If anyone gets cancer, please let it be people you know. So you know what it’s like to have your loved ones who can’t get treatment. “My father needs treatment and you sit here doing this.” The confrontation took place in Bishopsgate, a major thoroughfare in the City of London. Some 53 activists were arrested, including the man who glued his face to the road once he’d been checked for injuries. Many of those held have been detained several times during the recent Insulate Britain protests. They included retired vicar Sue Parfitt, 79, from Bristol, believed to have been arrested five times, and one known as Emily, who claimed she had been held 14 times. The disrupters face jail and fines for breaching injunctions aimed at stopping them interfering in ordinary people’s lives. Yesterday, some activists tried to superglue their hands to the tarmac but were released by police. One woman claimed she was “in agony” when hers were lifted from the road. Angry workers, forced to walk to the office when their buses were caught in the chaos, heckled the protesters as they passed. One shouted: “Why are you doing this? Get a job!” Activists handed out leaflets apologising for the impact of the protests and giving the motorists advice on road safety. The message read: “Dear driver, we are peaceful and non-violent. We are sorry to delay your journey. For your safety please stay in your vehicle and do not drive on the hard shoulder, this is for emergency vehicles. “The police are on their way. They will arrest us and you will be able to continue your journey.” Insulate Britain launched its campaign of disruption on motorways and major roads six weeks ago. It is demanding the Government insulate all homes by 2030 to cut carbon emissions. Ugly scenes at protest... police remove an Insulate Britain protester yesterday, left. A car is blocked as anger rises on the roads, right Pictures: Peter Macdiarmid/ LNP; Getty & Howard Jones / i-Images Ouch...an activist glues his cheek to road and is freed, below. Activists were dragged away, left

16 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Protests as army stages Sudan coup Anger... crowds protest and inset, Hamdok DX1ST Pictures: getty THOUSANDS of protesters took to the streets of Sudan yesterday as the military chief declared a state of emergency and seized control of the country in a coup. Interim prime minister Abdalla Hamdok and at least five senior officials are understood to have been detained by troops. General Abdel Fattah al Burhan said in a televised address that he was dissolving the power-sharing body as well as the government to protect the safety of the nation. But angry By Michael Knowles people gathered in Khartoum and Omdurman blocking streets and setting tyres on fire as security forces used tear gas. Chants of “the people are stronger” and “retreat is not an option!” were heard. The information ministry said some people had faced gunfire. Mr Hamdok’s office said on Facebook that he and his wife had been detained early on Monday in a “complete coup”. NEW 21-DAY MATURED STEAKS VAT is a barrier to going green, Chancellor told Make it steak night with 100% British, 21-day matured steaks Co‐op British steak matured for 21 days. Co‐op Irresistible, Honest Value, marinated steaks, ranch, sizzling steaks and beef medallions are excluded. See pack for information and any promotional offers. Serving suggestions. CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak was yesterday urged to help Britain go green by using Brexit freedoms to axe VAT on retrofitting homes. Scrapping the tax would help encourage the take-up of zero-carbon initiatives such as insulating properties and installing solar panels, a report said. The review for the MCS Charitable Foundation slammed the existence of a “perverse incentive” to demolish and rebuild. It urged the Government to use its independence from the EU to set its own VAT rates. David Cowdrey, MCS Foundation director of external affairs, said: “The current VAT rules for energy efficiency measures and domestic renewables are extremely complex, making people pay up to 20 per cent in VAT. “Now we have left the EU, it is time for the Chancellor to reform and simplify the VAT system and introduce a zero rate of VAT for all domestic renewables, energy efficiency measures and eco-retrofitting. “It will really help people to decarbonise their homes. Rather than slapping people with an extra 20 per cent. “Now the UK can set our own VAT By John Ingham Environment Editor rules, we should zero rate VAT on all domestic renewables.” The report, compiled by tax specialists MHA Tait Walker, said: “Existing VAT regulations act as a barrier to retrofitting our homes. “The additional cost of VAT is discouraging the installation of energy efficiency measures and domestic renewable technologies at precisely the time we need to be kickstarting the retrofit revolution.” The Daily Express Zero For Zero campaign, launched with eco entrepreneur Dale Vince, has highlighted how VAT acts as a barrier to going green. The Express is calling for zero VAT on products with zero or near zero emissions, as part of our Green Britain Needs You crusade. Retrofitting homes carries 20 per cent VAT, whereas demolishing homes and building new ones is zerorated. The report was released ahead of tomorrow’s Autumn Budget, and with the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow only a week way. ●●Sign our Zero For Zero petition at express.co.uk/greenpetition

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 17 Pictures: Jacob King/PA Couple’s full and colourful lives Victim...Frankie Gater, 16 Boys died at ‘thug hotspot’ By John Twomey TWO 16-year-old boys stabbed to death in a wealthy commuter town were attacked in an area plagued by yobs, residents said yesterday. Eight men aged 19 to 49 are being held on suspicion of murdering Frankie Gater and Charlie Preston in Brentwood, Essex, in the early hours of Sunday. Residents told of drinking, drug-taking and fights. One had urged police to step up patrols weeks earlier. Town councillor Gareth Barrett, who called the killings “beyond horrendous”, said: “There has been a long-term problem with anti-social behaviour.” Brentwood and Ongar Tory MP Alex Burghart said: “These incidents are still relatively rare in our town but knife crime is an issue across the country.” £100 coin driver’s £5k win By Jaya Narain A COLLECTOR wrongly arrested after trying to pay for diesel with a £100 coin has been awarded £5,000. Brett Chamberlain, 50, filled up at Tesco but the cashier refused to accept a 2016 Trafalgar Square £100 coin. Staff in Exeter called the police who listened to Mr Chamberlain’s explanation that it was legal tender but arrested him for “making off without payment” despite him staying put. The carpenter said: “They wanted to prosecute me for using Royal Mint coins. You couldn’t make it up.” He was told by Devon and Cornwall Police he would not be charged. The collector sued the police after failing to receive an adequate apology or an assurance the incident would be removed from records. Tesco said it would not accept the coins. One man went to mow...Tony and Marie hard at work in their garden in Walsall Not to be sniffed at...Jordan’s trainers sell for a record £1m Amazing feet... Jordan’s 37-year-old Nike Air Ships Trainers worn by Michael Jordan at the beginning of his basketball career have broken auction records by raking in £1million. The sale of the size 13 Nike Air Ship shoes in Las Vegas for $1,472,000 is the highest price achieved for gameworn footwear. Superstar Jordan sported the trainers in 1984, the year he and Nike formed their famous partnership, creating signature shoes and clothing. They were originally given as a gift to a Denver Nuggets ball boy. The basketball shoes were By Emily Braeger A RETIRED couple tend to their stunning back garden as it bursts into autumnal colour during yesterday’s glorious sunshine. Marie and Tony Newton have spent 39 years and more than £15,000 transforming their modest plot into what is now dubbed the Four Seasons Garden. The couple usually spend two hours a day maintaining the plants, and have won a string of awards, including being crowned the winner of Britain’s Best Garden. The quarter-acre patch, tucked away in Walsall, West Midlands, features more than 3,000 plants and flowers, including 450 azaleas, 120 expected to sell for between £730,000 and £1.09milllion at Sotheby’s Icons of Excellence and Haute Luxury auction. Sotheby’s said the signed shoes were “a remarkable artefact in the history of sports and basketball”. The Air Ship, designed by Bruce Kilgore, was the first shoe worn by Jordan as a National Basketball Association professional. The most expensive pair of trainers sold are US rapper Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 shoes. They fetched £1.31million at a Sotheby’s private sale in April. By Emily Braeger Japanese maples and 15 blue star junipers. But Marie and Tony may have to put away their secateurs and strimmers for a few days, as the Met Office is forecasting heavy rain and wind this week. Meteorologist Alex Deakin predicts very soggy weather for some with “persistent rain for a number of days” across the country as an Atlantic stream heads towards the UK. It starts today with showers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, whereas the South will enjoy drier and sunny spells. The only upside to the soggy spell is that temperatures will mainly be mild. Pictures: SOTHEBY’S & getty Sole man...young Michael wears Nikes in 1984

18 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST The BMJ research is, sadly, the latest in a number of reports, studies and evidence that shows what a hostile environment the Armed Forces can be for women. This year alone we have had reports from the Defence Committee Inquiry on Women, the Confederation of Service Charities and Armed Forces Bill Committee. All revealed high levels of unacceptable conduct to females and lack of support. Reluctance These followed the independent review of the Service Justice System of Judge Lyons last year and the Wigston Review into inappropriate behaviours the year before. How many times does the Ministry of Defence need to be told? Women report serious procedural failures in the handling of their criminal cases, inadequate responses from the military prosecuting authority, disclosure of sensitive COMMENT Emma Norton Director and Solicitor, Centre for Military Justice information by the service police to the chain of command and reluctance on the part of the chain of command to report or respond appropriately to sexual assaults. All the major recommendations that would address all this have been rejected. The MoD has proposed a military Defence Serious Crime Unit but it appears that the vital civilian involvement and true independence have not been accepted. As ever, the impression is given of an MoD that is stubbornly determined to do the bare minimum. As long as it does, the women and men that we work with will be right to question its commitment to meaningful change. ‘It can go very wrong’… service life for women JUST 1 in 5 women in the military has been sexually harassed ave over ON 12 LUXURIOUS RED WINES Enjoy a massive £83 saving on 12 world-class red wines, complete with FREE express delivery! This case acts as the perfect introduction to our exclusive WineBank service. Autumnal Reds Collection 12 CRAFT WINES With FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY! NOW £65.88 WAS £148.88 To order, visit virginwines.co.uk/VE2439 or call 0343 224 1001 quoting VE2439 Terms and Conditions: New customers only. UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over. One case per customer. Not to be combined with any other promotion. By redeeming this offer you agree to try the Virgin Wines WineBank. WineBank uses easy monthly top-ups to save for your wine and rewards you with £1 for every £5 you deposit, plus free delivery on all future purchases. There’s no obligation to buy any more wine. For full T&C’s, visit www.virginwines.co.uk/terms DRINKING IS ONLY FUN WHEN YOU DON’T OVERDO IT Learn more at: www.virginwines.co.uk/drinkresponsibly the shocking scale of sexual misconduct towards women in the military has been revealed in a survey – adding to “a long line of reports” highlighting the issue. It found female recruits face a major risk of emotional bullying, sexual harassment and physical assault in the Armed Forces. Some 22.5 per cent or one in five said they had been sexually harassed, while 5.1 per cent recalled being sexually assaulted. Emotional bullying was suffered by 22.7 per cent, while 3.3 per cent said they had been physically assaulted. Some 750 veterans were questioned. There are 16,500 women in our military, 11 per cent of all personnel. Researchers said: “It is worth considering whether organisational and leadership changes can be made to better protect military women.” And they note: “Even women holding higher power positions may be at risk of victimisation from their own superiors.” Women in combat roles were more likely to be sexually assaulted, the study in the BMJ Military Health journal said. Younger women or those who held the rank of officer were most at risk of emotional bullying and sexual harassment. The team of researchers made contact with those in the study through a charity that supports women veterans. Emma Norton, boss of the By Michael Knowles Security Correspondent Centre for Military Justice, said: “The BMJ research is, sadly, the latest in a long line of reports, studies and evidence that shows what a hostile environment the Armed Forces can be for women. “Endemic, pernicious sexism characterises the experiences of the women that contact our charity for help. “At best, women describe having to adapt their behaviour and ‘Many struggle with mental health after their service has ended’ expectations to suit the ‘white male prototype’ that, on the MoD’s own shocking evidence, can so often be defensive, resistant and hostile to change. “More alarming though are the reports we receive of bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. When things go wrong, they go very badly wrong for women.” The study added: Contributions… Fiona Gardner “Many women do not report adverse service experiences due to fear of the consequences of doing so and may continue to suffer from increased mental health distress during and after military service.” It called for better reporting procedures and consideration on “whether existing support is adequate to support the mental health needs of women who experienced military adversity”. Study lead author Laura Hendrikx, at Combat Stress, said: “While most female veterans had positive experiences during their military career, it is shocking to see the prevalence of sexual and physical assault, sexual harassment and bullying that a significant minority experience.” She said many “continue to struggle with their mental health after service has ended”. Brigadier Fiona Gardner, of the Women’s Royal Army Corps Association, said the report “made for difficult reading” but she was “proud that a number of our members felt able to contribute to the research”. The Ministry of Defence said it was committed to “improving the experience for women in the Armed Forces” and had launched a 24/7 confidential and independent Forces helpline.

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 19 ‘Thank you for the laughter’ ...Friends’ tributes to Gunther Killer...Salman Abedi ‘Bomber radicalised by Libya based dad’ By Michael Knowles MANCHESTER Arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi was likely to have been radicalised by his father, the public inquiry heard yesterday. And a senior MI5 officer admitted the security service failed to “fully appreciate” intelligence that was “highly relevant” to the attack in May 2017 in which 22 people died. “Witness J” – who was speaking from behind a screen – told the inquiry about a report by the Joint Analysis and Terrorism Centre, a part of MI5, in 2010. It said there was a “close proximity between violent extremism and criminal gangs in Manchester”. It also stated that individuals with a Libyan background could have been exposed to individuals with Father...Ramadan Abedi extremist tendencies from their parents’ generation. These include members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which has been linked to al-Qaeda. Witness J said: “Salman Abedi was assessed as likely (that) his extreme views were informed by his father, Ramadan Abedi.” Asked by Paul Greaney QC, for the inquiry, if Ramadan was involved with the LIFG, he said: “I’m afraid I am not able to go into that in open [hearings].” Ramadan Abedi, who lives in Libya, is a suspect in the police investigation into the atrocity. So far he has refused to help. The inquiry continues. By Cyril Dixon JENNIFER Aniston led tributes from the cast of Friends for co-star James Michael Tyler yesterday after his death from prostate cancer, aged 59. She said the actor, who played Gunther, would be “so missed”. Tyler’s much-loved character worked in the show’s Central Perk coffee house and had a crush on Aniston’s character Rachel, who also worked there as a waitress in the show’s early seasons. Her glowing tribute came alongside those from cast members of the hit US sitcom Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow. Jennifer posted a photograph of her as Rachel with Gunther as he finally declares his love for her in the last episode of its 10-year run. She said Friends “would not have been the same” without Tyler, adding: “Thank you for the laughter you brought to the show and to all of our lives. You will be so missed.” Gratitude Matt shared a photo of his character Joey chatting to Gunther in Central Perk, writing: “We had a lot of laughs buddy. You will be missed. RIP my friend.” Courteney, who played Monica, said: “The size of gratitude you showed every day on set is the size of the gratitude I hold for having known you.” Lisa, who took the part of Phoebe, referenced the NBC show’s theme tune, saying: “Thank you for being there for us all.” David Schwimmer, who played Ross, thanked the actor for “playing such a wonderful, unforgettable role” and “for being such a big-hearted gentleman”. Matthew Perry, 52, told his 1.5 million Twitter followers: “We lost a good Friend in James Michael Tyler. Gunther, you will be missed.” Tyler took up acting while studying geology at university. He joined Friends at its launch in 1994 and stayed until the end, featuring in 150 episodes. The show’s co-creator David Crane said he began as an extra but was given the role of Gunther because he could work the coffee machine. He added: “As time went In the mix… Tyler, above, extreme left, and Friends in Central Perk at the sofa, from left LeBlanc, Aniston, Schwimmer, Perry, Cox and Kudrow; and declaring his love for Rachel in the final episode of the hit show on, I think we realised he’s funny – a really good actor. “We just kept giving him more and more, and when we realised there was a storyline about his secret love for Rachel, it was just the gift that kept on giving. His delivery was impeccable, he was so good that we found ourselves going to him for the punchline By Ted Hennessey Awards Picture: Getty for a scene or for a whole episode.” Tyler was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, but carried on working and in May, made a brief appearance on the Friends Zoom reunion special. He said: “It was the most memorable 10 years of my life, honestly. “I could not have imagined just a better experience. All these guys were fantastic and just a joy to work with. It felt very, very special.” Tyler also starred in two short movies The Gesture And The Word, and Processing which won him best actor awards at film festivals. He died peacefully at home in Los Angeles on Sunday morning, leaving his second wife, Jennifer Carno, described in a statement by his manager as “the love of his life”. OPINION: PAGE 12 Officer ‘ignored pleas to stop rape’ Chelmsford Crown Court A serving police officer accused of raping a woman ignored her repeated pleas for him to stop, a court heard. James Geoghegan, 27, is said to have carried out the attack on December 12, 2018. He denies the charge. Yesterday, jurors at Chelmsford Crown Court heard the victim returned home in Loughton, Essex, with Geoghegan at around 3am after they had been drinking and he had wanted to stay the night. The court heard that he followed the woman into her room “uninvited” as she was undressing. Wayne Cleaver, prosecuting, told the court Geoghegan from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, tried to take off the victim’s pyjama bottoms. She did not want it to go further and told him to stop several times. He raped her in her bed, the court was told. The jury heard that following the incident, when the woman asked Geoghegan: “Do you remember me asking you to stop?” he replied: “Yes, I thought you were just playing around.” Mr Cleaver said: “Clearly he heard her say ‘no’, he had heard her indicate that she didn’t want to have sex with him and he also acknowledged that she had indeed pulled her shorts back up when he first pulled them down.” In text messages between the pair later that day, the victim told Geoghegan: “I’m upset James because I said no multiple times, but you carried on.” Mr Cleaver went on to say: “The prosecution case is simple, (the victim) said ‘no’ and (the victim) said ‘stop’ and that is exactly what she meant. “He accepted in the living room and later in messages that he heard her say it more than once, but he took no notice. “He disregarded her limits and decided instead to press on.” The trial continues.

20 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST We were so lucky, lucky, lucky…to have Kylie Minogue IN THE wings of the Royal Albert Hall, Kylie Minogue, casually dressed in green tracksuit pants, a purple T-shirt and wearing no make-up, was having second, third and fourth thoughts about taking her turn at a one-off cultural evening called the Poetry Olympics. On stage, a white-haired old man with a long beard was reading verse in Braille. Kylie turned to the singer-songwriter Nick Cave, her creative Svengali, and whispered, “Nick, God’s on stage, how can we follow that?” Eventually, it was her turn, and Cave literally had to push her on. Apprehensively, she stood in front of the microphone and began: “In my imagination…” It was the start of her hit, I Should Be So Lucky, and Kylie, with no musical accompaniment whatsoever, spoke the words to her famous first number one. It was daring, courageous and took the audience’s breath away. She had been unbilled so her appearance was not greeted with 100 flashbulbs. It was July 1996 and Kylie had lived a couple of miles away from the iconic west London venue for more than six years. She had moved to the capital in the spring of 1990 when she was in a relationship with the lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence. For a while they were one of the most famous couples in the world, let alone London. Michael had told Kylie to keep an “ego jacket” by the door and put it on whenever she left her Fulham flat and wanted to be Kylie Minogue, pop star. They looked fabulous whether they were attending the West End premiere of the movie Dick Tracy or catching the Hollywood star John Malkovich in the acclaimed production of Burn This. W hen they turned up to see the play at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue, the audience didn’t know whether to watch them or the performance. Eyewitnesses claimed Michael spent most of the performance twanging Kylie’s bra strap. Kylie had dreamt of moving to London from her home city of Melbourne when she first became a well-known face on television playing tomboy Charlene in Neighbours. During the mid-season break from filming in October 1987, she had flown around the world to meet the pop producer Pete Waterman, who, as one third of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, monopolised the music charts in the late Eighties. She was curled up on a sofa in the reception of their studio near London Bridge By Sean Smith Kylie Minogue’s biographer waiting for a meeting before her car arrived to take her to Heathrow Airport. She didn’t know that Pete wasn’t even in London that day. He was not one of the 15 million viewers who watched the soap, had forgotten all about Kylie and was relaxing at his Merseyside home. Mike Stock rang Waterman to ask if a small Antipodean called Kylie Minogue rang any bells. “She’s in town,” said Waterman, helpfully, only to be told she was actually sat in his reception waiting to record something. Waterman replied: “She should be so lucky” – a story that became part of the Kylie legend, especially as they wrote her first UK hit by fax in half an hour before ushering her into the studio to record a vocal there and then. This ramshackle occasion was not the first time that Kylie had been to the UK. She had first made the trip in 1980, aged 12, with her parents and younger siblings, Brendan and Dannii, who would later find fame herself and become a regular in Britain, to see the sights of London and to visit family in Wales. One of the lesser-known facts about Kylie is that she is half Welsh; her mother Carol Ann Jones is from the former coal mining town of Maesteg, nestled in the Valleys between Swansea and Bridgend. She had emigrated to Australia to start a new life with her mum and dad when she was 10. Even when she was one of the most famous women in the world, Kylie would slip down the motorway to visit her Welsh cousins or her great uncle, Dennis Riddiford, a retired carpenter in Maesteg. He died in 2010 and had always been discreet about his famous relation, mainly to stop kids singing I Should Be So Lucky outside his front gate. Kylie is one of those stars who barely looks recognisable when she is not dressed As she bids farewell to Britain after three decades, her biographer recalls the highs and lows of our love affair with the Aussie superstar who became an unlikely national treasure WELSH CONNECTION: Kylie with her relatives in Wales, David, Joan, Nancy, Dilys and her mother Carol, in 1989 to kill as a show-stopping celebrity. That was one of the reasons she loved London so much, even after her devastating break from Hutchence after fewer than two years together. If she had put on her “ego jacket” then she was likely to be seen conducting official interviews at Soho House or dancing at a gay club where she was treated reverentially as one of the great icons of the age. It didn’t always work for her. On one occasion she went with Waterman to Peter Stringfellow’s now defunct Hippodrome nightclub off Leicester Square. It turned out to be an unhappy night when a drunken group of girls started calling her names and jostling her. One allegedly spat on her as she sat down. Without saying a word, Kylie calmly got up and was ushered out. She learnt a valuable lesson that night – nobody cool ever went to the Hippodrome. Mostly she preferred to hang out locally at the Chelsea Farmers Market or the Portobello Café, the coffee house in Notting Hill that Nick Cave owned in partnership with Hutchence. Occasionally, a paparazzo might intrude into this private world. On one occasion she was ambushed outside her home, leaving one morning with a handsome dancer. An article duly appeared in the papers that offered a rare glimpse of someone who suffered from spots and could not be bothered to do her hair when she was going out for the first coffee of the day. But why on earth should she be Kylie Minogue 24 hours a day? She was in London in 1997 when she received the awful early morning phone call that Michael Hutchence had been found dead in a Sydney hotel room. Her creative director William Baker, who she had met when he worked in designer Vivienne Westwood’s Chelsea store, said: “Kylie felt her world had crumbled under her feet.” She spent the day behind locked doors. She

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 21 LITTLE SPARKLER: Kylie Minogue, main, and meeting the Queen after the Royal Variety Performance in 2012, right capital gain: Kylie moved to London while dating Michael Hutchence, above, having found fame in Britain for her role alongside Jason Donovan in Neighbours, inset was due to sing that night at G-A-Y in Charing Cross and decided not to let her ever faithful audience down by cancelling. Over the years, her friends and lovers in London have remained discreet about their relationship with Kylie. The notable exception was a former male model turned photographer, James Gooding, who sold his story to the News of the World. He painted a picture of their life in London that made them resemble Darby and Joan. After coffee and croissants at his flat in Shoreditch, east London, they would wander around Brick Lane market buying old SOUL SISTERs: Kylie and Dannii on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in 2015 records and flowers. Then they would go home where James would cook a Sunday roast – Kylie loved leg of lamb. After the meal they would settle down on the sofa and watch a Bridget Jones video. At least her even more handsome next boyfriend, the French movie star Olivier Martinez, was the soul of discretion and support when Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 37. For once she didn’t return to London – having treatment first in Australia and then in Paris where she rented a huge old apartment in St Germaine. She finally reemerged in London when she crept on to the stage at G-A-Y with a bunch of flowers for her sister Dannii who was performing and they belted out Jump To The Beat, a top 10 single for the younger Minogue. K ylie was awarded the OBE in 2008 and received it at Buckingham Palace from Prince Charles. She was back there again in June 2012 to sing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. Backstage she helped Gary Barlow introduce the Queen to the performers. This time she only had to pop across the road from the penthouse flat she bought the previous year in one of the swankiest blocks in London, One Hyde Park – the apartment is said to be worth a cool £17million. It was her home during lockdown when she turned the living room into a recording studio to lay down tracks for her last album, Disco, which made number one in the UK when it was released in November last year. It’s too early to say whether she will sell up now she is settling back in Melbourne close to where her sister Dannii relocated and where her family, including parents Carol and Ron, still live. Her boyfriend of nearly four years, designer Paul Solomons, the Welsh-born creative director of British GQ, is reportedly not relocating and they will continue a long-distance relationship. At least he is a good reason for her coming back to see us in London – perhaps when she does it would be fitting if we greeted her as Dame Kylie? ●●Sean Smith has written three biographies of Kylie Minogue. His latest book, Harry Styles: The Making of a Modern Man (HarperCollins, £16.99), is published on November 11. To pre-order with free UK P&P for orders over £20, call Express Bookshop on 020 3176 3832 or visit expressbookshop.com Pictures: Getty; Rex and PA

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Please note delivery to England, Scotland and Wales only. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. All prices include postage and packaging. THE best-loved family film of all time is the first Toy Story, according to a poll of 1,500 parents. The computer-animated comedy, released in 1995 by Pixar, introduced Woody and Buzz Lightyear to the world and grabbed 41 per cent of the vote. Close behind was the 2013 Disney musical Frozen, which clinched 36 per cent. In third place was the original 1994 version of Disney’s The Lion King, with music from Sir Elton John, with 31 per cent. The fascinating survey of family movie habits also listed top 10 favourites 2001’s Shrek (29 per cent), 1974’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (28 per cent), and Mrs Doubtfire from 1993. The British parents surveyed were able to vote for more than one film. And research by Compare The Market, which runs a Meerkat Movies two-for-one offer to lure customers, also found that 98 per cent of mums and dads think that watching a film as a family brings them closer together. However, nearly 1. Toy Story (1995) 2. Frozen (2013) 3. The Lion King (1994) 4. Shrek (2001) 5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) 6. Matilda (1996) 7. Mrs Doubtfire (1993) By Adam Gillham eight in 10 (78 per cent) agree that seeing a film at the cinema is much more exciting than watching something at home. Just over half (51 per cent) say their whole family loves a trip to the flicks, while three in 10 admit going to the cinema during the school holidays can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding things for their children to do. This half term almost a quarter of parents (23 per cent) are Cartoon capers... Disney classics The Lion King and Frozen, left, are close behind top 20 family favourites 8. Mary Poppins (1964) 9. Back to the Future (1985) 10. E.T (1985) 11. The Goonies (1985) 12. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) 13. Finding Nemo (2003) 14. Beauty and the Beast (1991) definitely planning a trip to the movies with their little ones. Films currently on the big screen include The Addams Family 2 and The Boss Baby: Family Business. When it comes to enjoying the cinema together, 48 per cent admit they enjoy having a shared experience and 42 per cent are excited to go to the see a film “through the eyes of their children”. The research also reveals that parents look back at their own early cinema experiences with fond memories, with almost two-thirds (64 per cent) remembering the first time they went. A similar percentage said it felt like a very special treat, while 43 per cent were excited to feel like a grown-up and 23 per cent felt a connection to the parent or family member who took them. And more than a third (37 per cent) of parents find themselves watching family films now without their kids. One in three (30 per cent) say they’ll miss watching films with their children at the cinema once they’ve grown up, while a quarter admit it gives them a welldeserved break from parenting. 15. The Lion King (2019) 16. Moana (2016) 17. Jumanji (1995) 18. The Greatest Showman (2017) 19. Despicable Me (2010) 20. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2015)

Pictures: getty Crash…pilot and photographer Dan Burton was killed in mid-air Joanna Lumley’s pain at loss of pilot CAMPAIGNING actress Joanna Lumley has spoken for the first time of her devastation over the death of a pilot killed filming a climate crisis documentary they were making together. Dan Burton died, and fellow flyer Sacha Dench – a relative of actress Dame Judi – suffered terrible injuries in a horror crash in the Highlands of Scotland in September. Joanna, who shot to fame as Purdey in The New Avengers in the 1970s, said: “We’ve all encountered sudden death, and the sense of disbelief – you can’t quite process it. I couldn’t believe Dan would be no more.” The 75-year-old star said that Ms Dench had first approached her, outlining plans to take on a daring, 3,000-mile journey around the British coast flying an electric paramotor. She told Joanna that she hoped to draw attention to the climate crisis ahead of next week’s COP26, the UN global climate summit. The actress, a vegetarian who has campaigned against single-use plastic and the detonation of wartime ordnance at sea, was eager to help the project. She said: “Bless their hearts, ITV said yes in a nanosecond.” For the documentary, Joanna spent months watching Ms Dench soaring into the skies around Britain. But then tragedy struck. On September 18 in the Western Highlands, just DX1ST ‘We’ve all known sudden death and the sense of disbelief’ By Mark Reynolds days away from her journey’s end, Ms Dench and support pilot and photographer Mr Burton, who was flying a conventional paramotor, collided in mid-air. Mr Burton, 54, a father of two from Devon, lost his life and Ms Dench, 46, was seriously injured. She remains in hospital. Heartbreaking Joanna, working on another project in Berlin at the time, told the Radio Times of the “unbearable, heartbreaking” moment news reached her. “The shock was so vivid because it seemed such a short time since I’d been with them both,” she said. Joanna had only Joanna with Sacha, who was badly injured met Ms Dench – dubbed “The Human Swan” for her long flights – briefly before filming began. But over the course of the summer the two formed a deep bond. “I loved her at once,” the presenter said. “At 46, she could be my little daughter, but there didn’t seem to be an age gap between us. “She made me laugh and I made her laugh.” She recalled Mr Burton as a force of nature. “He was unbelievably funny,” she said. “I just know that he would have been the naughtiest boy in school – he had that quality about him. “He was wonderful – funny and daring.” After doubt about screening the show, the documentary will be aired with the blessing of Mr Burton’s family. Joanna said: “This film is saying these are things being done already – you can hunt down clothing made of [recycled] plastic, you can think about finding out more about the aeroponic culture of plants. “You can pick up litter in the street. “We can all do something. The message is that each of us must do our bit. “But ahead of COP26 we’ve got to force the governments to work together globally, too.” ● Joanna Lumley And The Human Swan is screened next Monday at 9pm on ITV as part of the channel’s Climate Action Week This award-winning beauty is one of the most popular varieties of Camellia. Freeflowering in habit, it will provide your garden with colour year-round. During spring, pink, double flowered, ruffled blooms appear atop dark, glossy, evergreen foliage in abundance, creating a breath-taking display. Perfect for planting in containers and for training up a wall or fence. Supplied as 9cm pots, delivery in 14 days. £4.95 P&P for each order. GARDENING RODX-43CWD1 CAMELLIA WILLIAMSII DEBBIE X 1 RODX-43CWD3 CAMELLIA WILLIAMSII DEBBIE X 3 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 23 Joanna helped project get on TV Secrets of penicillin revealed By Joe Morgan SCIENTISTS have found how penicillin kills bacteria – more than 90 years after the antibiotic was discovered. The treatment creates holes in a bacteria cell wall, which enlarge as the cell grows, eventually killing the organism, it was found. It is the growth of these holes that is key to penicillin’s success, researchers said. The international team, led by University of Sheffield scientists, hope to exploit this knowledge to create new drugs to combat superbugs. Professor Simon Foster said: “Our findings get to the heart of understanding how existing antibiotics work and give us new avenues for further treatment developments.” Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 at St Mary’s Hospital, London. It has saved about 200 million lives. 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24 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST HICKEY SUPPOSEDLY promoting his theatre tour, former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon – otherwise known as Johnny Rotten – made a bad-tempered appearance on Times Radio yesterday, when he took against presenter Mariella Frostrup. Proceedings got off to a difficult start when the 65-year-old, pictured, accused husky-voiced Mariella of “going on and on about the past” while introducing him. “Everybody knows I’m very much alive!” he hissed. Frostrup’s subsequent attempt to highlight praise for Lydon from Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie bizarrely proved disastrous, prompting the punk icon to rage: “You rang me to speak nicely about somebody else? This could be a lovely interview but frankly, I can’t be ****** with you. **** off.” With their chat well and truly over, Mariella told listeners: “Apologies for Johnny Lydon’s language.” Loosely quoting from one of his songs, she added: “Sadly, anger is still clearly an energy.” AMID publicity surrounding Sir Paul McCartney’s new book about his songwriting, entitled The Lyrics, it’s impossible not to be struck by the influence of his one-time muse and girlfriend Jane Asher. The actress has never opened up to the media about the five-year romance since their 1968 split. Married to illustrator Gerald Scarfe for the past 40 years, Jane once said of her stance regarding Sir Paul: “My connection to that is personal, so it opens up a whole thing. You have to make a blanket rule and that’s the decision I made, many years ago. And because I made that decision, it’s just easier to stick to it.” BACK in the headlines after announcing she lasted just two weeks on a vegan diet, Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson now anxiously clarifies: “I just want to say...I actually completely get the point of veganism. And while I admire those who can follow a vegan diet, I don’t see the point in making going vegan the only commendable change.” Carnivores can rest assured Nigella won’t be abandoning them any time soon. THESE days a regular presence on our screens, Essex-born actor Daniel Mays has long had to accept being labelled “baby-faced”. The 43-year-old, pictured, chuckles: “It’s funny how you remember the bad ones...I once read a review that said I looked like a ‘thwarted man cub on the edge of a tantrum at any given moment’.” SURELY Sir Kenneth Branagh was a tad young at 60 to be accepting a “lifetime achievement award” at the Savannah Film Festival in the US? He’s at pains to clarify: “I’d like to think it’s an encouragement to do another lifetime’s worth of work.” FLAMBOYANT BBC weatherman and drummer Owain Wyn Evans, who has agreed to ambitiously take part in a 24-hour “Drumathon” for Children In Need, glumly reveals following an ill-fated practice: “I have a bruised nose and potential black eye, as I bashed myself in the face with a drumstick.” By Jonathan Sothcott Film producer and sartorial authority THE TIMING was, to say the least, unfortunate. Certainly, I had no inkling that the world was on the verge of lockdown and that smart shirts and suits were about to be banished to the wardrobe in favour of pyjamas and onesies when I agreed to write a book called The Jermyn Street Shirt. But as I started writing, working from home began for millions of people. There was talk that wfh would be the new normal and that the neck tie and waistcoat would be lost forever, but thankfully, as we slowly return to normal, Jermyn Street, the most gentlemanly of London’s shopping streets, flourishes anew. Swathes of men are once again looking to “peacock” after keeping their feathers hidden during the lockdowns, a charge led by Daniel Craig in his raspberry velvet jacket at the No Time To Die premiere. Jermyn Street (pronounced, for the avoidance of doubt, “Jer-min” not “Jer-man” or “Jer-main”) takes its name from Henry Jermyn, the 1st Earl of St Albans, regarded as the creator of what is now London’s West End. The first shop to appear on the hitherto residential street was a modest grocer and corner shop by the name of Fortnum & Mason, which opened its doors in 1707 and set the benchmark of quality for the stores that would follow. It was not, however, until 1936, when the former Geological Museum became the legendary department store Simpsons of Piccadilly (later the inspiration for Grace Brothers in Are You Being Served?), that Jermyn Street became a menswear hub. Bombed relentlessly during the Second World War (when Dunhill was destroyed during an air raid, its proprietor reportedly set up a wheelbarrow outside selling what goods were left in true Blitz spirit), the street really hit its sartorial stride in the Sixties, when its bright colours and adaptability to working with modern fabrics and styles complemented the Carnaby Street revolution as much as it did Savile Row’s classic traditions. The addition of Tramp – perhaps London’s most famous, even notorious, celebrity nightclub – to Jermyn Street in 1969 cemented its reputation as a haven of elegance and flare (and, for a time, flares). I first discovered Jermyn Street almost by chance towards the end of my teens in the late Nineties – this sartorial mecca tucked away like some discreetly wrapped present was a revelation. Here was a cacophony of cashmere, a swathe of silks and all in the most beautiful bold colours I had seen. Given London’s reputation for grey pinstripes and bowler hats, this extravagant world of orange corduroy trousers and outrageously patterned shirts opened my eyes to the possibilities of how men could dress. I’d always liked smarter clothes, never been comfortable in jeans and T-shirts, and I felt like I’d come home. Some years later, as I’d begun to learn more about menswear from my tailor friend, the legendary late Doug Hayward (who also served as the inspiration for his client John le Carré’s Harry Pendel, aka The Tailor of Panama), I was lucky enough to work with my sartorial hero Roger Moore. When I asked where he got his beautiful voile shirts in vibrant pinks and blues, he purred cryptically: “You have to go to Frank Foster.” Roger, one of the few British film stars as impeccable off-screen as on, was by this point a regular chat show fixture in his natty uniform of navy blazer, pink tie and grey flannels in his role as UNICEF ambassador, and was yet to be rediscovered as one of fine menswear’s great heroes. After a little preinternet sleuthing, I eventually tracked down Frank – a shirtmaking god – who accepted Roger’s intro (in those days he didn’t just take on clients, they needed an introduction like a private members’ club) and went along to my appointment at his mysterious basement premises in Pall Mall. I had never – and to this day never have – seen anything like it, rammed floor to ceiling with rolls of rare fabrics, some of them over 50 years old. If there was a cult of shirtmaking, this was clearly its temple. Frank was the great celebrity shirtmaker and he made shirts for virtually every movie star you can think of, from Errol Flynn, David Niven and Cary Grant to Richard Burton, Peter Sellers and Hugh Grant. He’d made Sean Connery’s shirts for Goldfinger too, as well as George Lazenby’s for the most underrated Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and had made Roger Moore’s for The Saint, The Persuaders and, eventually, his seven-film run as 007. Frank died in 2016 but his wife Mary and daughter Sam continue to run the business and I could never think of buying shirts anywhere else. Suits arrival Cordings, and a number of discrete, Jermyn Street today offers much more than shirts – there are half a dozen premium shoe shops offering beautiful shoes handmade in Northampton, a magnificent Waterstone’s occupying the former Simpsons of Piccadilly site, tweeds from recent exceptional restaurants, most notably London’s oldest – Wiltons. The heart of the street, however, remains the traditional shirtmakers – Royal Warrant holder Turnbull & Asser is perhaps the most famous and embraces its heritage of bold, colourful patterns with white collars and cuffs. Emma Willis, the street’s only female chemisier, is also the newest and offers understated elegance in pale pastel shades and premium fabrics. At the opposite ends of the spectrum are New & Lingwood and Harvie and Hudson, both brands with SUITED AND BOOTED: A wealth of gentleman’s outfitters pervades Jermyn Street and Edwardian Piccadilly Arcade formidable reputations whose wares extend well beyond their famous shirts to velvet dressing gowns, silk scarves and all manner of suits and blazers. Hilditch & Key, which offers a more modern take on the Jermyn Street concept with cool hues and casual stylings, sits opposite New & Lingwood and Turnbull & Asser and completes a triangle of sartorial delights centred ‘Swathes of men are once again looking to “peacock” after keeping their feathers hidden in lockdown’ by a statue of the famous dandy Beau Brummell. Tucked away in the Piccadilly Arcade is the most discreet of these famous shops, Budd, whose shirts are amongst the very best in the world and whose customers have recently included Daniel Craig. Craig’s Bond swan song has inevitably brought the sartorial spotlight back to Jermyn Street; 007 has become inextricably linked with this quiet-ish London road. New & Lingwood’s manager Charles Seaton explains: “There’s no better barometer for British menswear than James Bond.” Craig’s shirt beneath his Anderson & Sheppard velvet dinner jacket at the No Time To Die premiere was made by Budd, a refreshing return for the star to crisp white Jermyn Street standards after years of Tom Ford. During his tenure as 007, Craig took Roger Moore’s place as “the fashion Bond”, blending high-end tailoring with high street

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 25 Pictures: Julian Brown, Peter Horree/Alamy, Getty BESPOKE BONDS: Tailor Anthony Sinclair fitting Sean Connery for a suit for From Russia With Love, above, and Roger Moore in Live And Let Die, left, whose shirts were made by Frank Foster you Sir! As men head back into offices and swap the casual wear of lockdown for a shirt and tie, one author celebrates London’s famous tailoring district... with a bit of help from James Bond practicality, all of it achingly current, often in a way that will date horribly. For all his other fine attributes, Daniel Craig’s Bond is almost solely responsible for the awful, garish trend for too-tight suits, something that will, I fear, look far more dated than Roger’s safari shirts and flared trousers in the future. Turnbull & Asser, who made shirts for the Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan Bond THE MAN OF THE CLOTH: Shirtmaker Frank Foster, left, in the Seventies, and customers queueing for Turnbull & Asser’s 1976 January sale films, have capitalised on their association with the films, offering a carefully curated selection of shirts, ties and evening wear screen-matched to those they made for the films. Bond’s shoes can be bought in Crockett & Jones (one of the finest shoe-makers in the world) while Benson & Clegg offer neckwear and accessories they supplied for the character. And if you want that truly Bond-like experience, there’s no better option than having a shirt made bespoke by one of the Jermyn Street artisans. The word “bespoke” harks back to the early days of tailoring mecca Savile Row when a tailor would refer to a length of cloth purchased by a customer as “spoken for”. If you’re feeling particularly bold, have some made with a cocktail (also known as Turnback, Portofino, Casino or James Bond) cuff – an understated hybrid with a double cuff fastened with buttons rather than links. Somehow such flourishes have never permeated the high street but that’s all part of the fun. You’ll need to order four or six shirts the first time so it isn’t a cheap experience, but one worth saving up for. Thankfully, you no longer need an introduction from an existing client. Of course, the fit will be perfect but that’s merely the beginning – the joy of bespoke shirts is the unlimited options of cuffs, collars, colours and fabrics. And while you might encounter polite advice steering you away from the choices experience has taught a shirtmaker won’t make a good result, ultimately you will walk away with exactly what you want – and that’s truly priceless. ●●The Jermyn Street Shirt by Jonathan Sothcott (History Press, £25, and ebook £9.99) is out now. For free UK P&P, call Express Bookshop on 020 3176 3832 or visit expressbookshop.com

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Pictures: Charlotte Hughes / SWNS DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 27 Synchronised champs sunk after council closes pool Getting along swimmingly...teams at Halifax Synchro practise their moves at the town’s pool before the pandemic By Ashley Pemberton AN award-winning synchronised swimming club could be left without a pool after the council closed theirs and is replacing it with one that’s too shallow. The previous pool was up to 12ft 6in (3.8m) deep but the new one will only be 6ft 6in (2m). Council chiefs, who are spending £24million on the new pool, refuse to lower the depth as they say it would cost another £2million – but Halifax Synchro says it has not seen evidence of this. Club founder and coach Charlotte Hughes, 38, said: “For a synchro club to offer facilities to a national standard, we can’t do that with a pool less than 3m deep. It’s not deep enough from a health and safety point of view.” She formed the club when she was 18 and it now has 100 members. Among them is GB squad ace Isobel Davies. In 2019, the club’s 13-15 age group won the national combo cup at the Olympic pool in London. But pools were then shut due to Covid, and Calderdale Council said it wouldn’t be reopening the 50-year-old Halifax Pool because of Founder... Charlotte Hughes Traditional fry-ups have had their chips A CAFE owner says the traditional British fry-up is going cold on today’s customers – so he has given his “greasy spoon”a Mediterranean makeover. After years rustling up bacon, eggs and sausages, then losing 80 per cent of his trade during the pandemic, Suat Tezgel - known as Sam – realised both times and tastes had changed. But diehard cafe regulars need not panic. Sam still serves cooked breakfasts at his new-look structural damage. It claims its new venue will accommodate 98 per cent of current users. Charlotte said: “The plans submitted to the planning department aren’t very clear and don’t show the depth, but it would appear it would be substantially less than 3m. “We currently hire a private pool and the council have offered us use of another pool in Todmorden but that is an hour to and from Halifax. “The council say we are two per cent of their user base. We believe it’s more like 10 per cent when looking at the By Ed Cullinane swimming hours. We have already lost 22,678 hours a year.” The Daily Express has highlighted the state of local sporting facilities through the Save Our Olympic Dreams campaign. We have joined forces with the charity Made By Sport to increase access to sporting facilities for young people. Calderdale Cllr Jane Scullion said: “The council is under extreme pressure to make budget savings across all services. “Deepening the swimming pool would add costs which could not be repaid from the income that the centre will generate.” ●●Local clubs can apply for funding via madebysport.com/ clubsincrisis Bristol restaurant and bar. But later in the day “posher and wealthier” customers arrive, hungry for trendier options and cocktails. Sam, 49, said: “People kept asking for organic halloumi salads. Something had to change. When I came here in 1996 I’d never heard of gluten-free or vegan food. Everyone wanted a fry-up.”

28 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 30-SECOND Challenge JUST follow the instructions from left to right, starting with the number given to reach an answer at the end of the row. Set your own 30-second challenge: for the very young or arithmetically rusty, you Beginner 62 -45 x3 -46 x9 +19 Intermediate 9 x12 -79 x8 -44 Advanced 513 -149 INCREASE BY 75% -276 TAKE THE SQUARE ROOT +255 DX1ST have 30 seconds for the BEGINNER task. For a greater challenge, try BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE in 30 seconds. True mental gymnasts should try INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED in 30 seconds together. TAKE THE SQUARE ROOT +17 3/5 OF THIS 75% OF THIS +155 7/8 OF THIS -168 REVERSE THE DIGITS 7/8 OF THIS -266 Today’s answers can be found in the puzzles pullout Your answers Picture: getty The National Lottery Monday, October 25 Set for life 15 31 36 43 45 2 Saturday, october 23 LOTTERY 4 13 21 27 28 37 19 Thunderball 3 9 19 26 28 9 Friday, october 22 Euromillions 12 17 22 33 39 2 12 Thunderball 12 17 24 26 33 14 The Health Lottery Saturday, october 23 12 19 25 33 34 40 Friday, october 22 3 11 26 30 49 10 The society benefiting from all draws in the month ending October 31, 2021, is Health Lottery East Midlands phone poll results We asked in our poll on Saturday: Should we allow assisted dying for those who are terminally ill? SUDOKU 7 6 2 5 3 6 2 4 5 3 7 2 yes: 89% no: 11% Fill in all the squares so that each row, each column, and each 3x3 square contain all the digits from 1 to 9 3 4 6 7 6 1 2 4 9 7 3 9 8 4 6 2 1 5 9 7 2 2 5 8 This is the Quick Sudoku for the solver in a hurry. For today’s solution call: 09071 812 571 (Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge) For extra clues call: 09013 225 602 (Calls cost 75p plus your telephone company’s network access charge) More Puzzles – PULLOUT Yesterday’S SOLUTION 6 9 3 1 4 5 2 8 7 3 2 4 7 5 8 9 1 6 4 7 9 5 6 1 8 3 2 8 7 5 3 9 2 4 6 1 9 5 6 1 2 4 7 8 3 6 3 8 2 4 7 5 1 9 1 2 4 6 8 7 3 9 5 7 1 8 9 6 3 5 4 2 2 5 1 8 3 9 4 7 6 DO YOU HAVE A STORY OR photo? If you have a story: 020 8612 7077 or email: expressnews @reachplc.com If you have a photo: 020 8612 7171 or email: expresspix @express. co.ukFor general inquiries: www.express.co.uK for great reader offers Let’s celebrate…Ross, Goldie and Boy George Stars pop up for Bowie Album cover…Bowie in Heddon Street as Ziggy By Emily Braeger JONATHAN Ross, Goldie and Boy George were among the stars launching a year of events marking David Bowie’s 75th birthday. They opened a pop-up shop in London’s West End, yards from where the star posed as Ziggy Stardust for his hit album in 1972. No 14 Heddon Street and a sister store in New York are selling records and showing rare footage of the star. Bowie, who died in 2016, would have been 75 on January 8. LEMON AID WHAT TO EXPECT 16 YEARS AFTER YOU WERE FOR THE MOMENTS WHEN YOU NEED A LIFT OR A LAUGH… Sign up to our parenting newsletter at: lemonaidparenting.co.uk

Physio who ‘touched’ dodges ban By News Reporter A physiotherapist who put his hand inside a patient’s bra and massaged her breasts has avoided suspension – despite her visiting him with a thumb injury. Italian-born Andrea Franchini was cleared of assaulting two patients following a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court in London in 2017. Now a hearing of the Health and Care Professions’ Tribunal Service has ruled that, while his actions were misconduct, they were not sexually motivated. He did not “pose a risk of harm”, they said. Mr Franchini worked at Great Health Clinic in Islington, London, when the women visited him in 2016. The panel concluded: “Sexual motivation had not been established. However, inappropriate touching, even when not done for an improper motive but because of inadequate communication, can be very distressing.” He must in future work under a supervisor. Islands to lose their only bank By Ed Cullinane RESIDENTS of an island were furious yesterday after its only bank announced it was to shut. The branch of Lloyds in St Mary’s will close in 2022, leaving the Scillies off the coast of Cornwall with no banks at all. The move follows the expected closure of a total of 48 Lloyds and Halifax branches across the UK next year. Phil Moon, who runs a restaurant and takeaway on the island, said the closure had come as a shock. He added: “We lost Barclays a couple of years ago and Lloyds became the only bank on the island so we never saw this coming.” Lloyds said the decision was because of changes in customer behaviour, meaning the branch was used less often. A spokesman said people could use the nearby Post Office. But Phil told the BBC that it was “just going to slow things down and make things more complicated”. Pictures: BNPS & Getty A PRECIOUS letter by Sir Winston Churchill refusing a request from the French for more air support is expected to fetch thousands. French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud pleaded with his British counterpart for planes during the Battle of France in mid-1940. But, following the evacuations at Dunkirk, Churchill felt he could not spare any more aircraft as they would be needed by Britain to fight the Luftwaffe. Churchill writes: “I have examined with the War Cabinet and all the experts the request… for further fighter squadrons. “We are all agreed that it is better to draw the enemy on to this island by striking at his vitals, and thus to aid the common cause.” He adds: “The enemy can switch his bomber force on to these Islands at a few hours’ notice; and Officers abusing their powers to pursue sexual relationships has become the “single largest form of police corruption”, says a watchdog. The number facing disciplinary action over allegations of using their position in this way has “risen sharply” over the last three years. Claire Bassett, deputy director general of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), said their actions may appear “harmless at first”, like sending messages from a personal phone or putting kisses at the end of a text message, but this could be the “start of a pattern of escalating behaviour”. She added: “It is in everyone’s inter- By Mark Reynolds DX1ST est to root out those who abuse their position, and it is vital that anyone who experiences or witnesses this kind of unacceptable behaviour feels empowered to speak up.” Last year there were 70 IOPC probes over allegations of abuse of position for a sexual purpose (APSP). In 2016 there were 10. Between April 2018 and March 2021, 66 faced misconduct proceedings after being investigated. Some 42 of Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 29 £4,000 for Churchill’s note telling the French to fend for themselves Churchill’s draft letter to the French PM, with his corrections, is up for grabs if he should find them inadequately defended, he would be able to strike a blow at our war industry which might irretrievably damage the Allied cause.” Subsequent victory in the pivotal Battle of Britain, from July to October 1940, led to Hitler shelving plans to invade Britain. The typed draft letter has been amended in pen by Churchill. A final approved version was then typed out by his secretary. It has emerged for the first time with London-based Chiswick Auctions in a sale on November 9 with an estimate of £4,000. Valentina Borghi, specialist at Chiswick Auctions, said: “Churchill had to make very tough decisions during World War Two, and this was one of them.” Sex pest officers ‘are biggest form of police corruption’ By Michael Knowles Security Correspondent these were in the last year alone and misconduct was proven in 63 of the cases. Of the 52 who faced gross misconduct proceedings involving the most severe allegations, 38 no longer serve and were barred from working in policing. Seven police officers or staff were also prosecuted for criminal offences leading to six convictions, with three resulting in an immediate custodial sentence, the IOPC said. In 2017 its predecessor, the Independent Police Pattern…Ms Bassett Complaints Commission, found some forces were not treating APSP cases as corruption. This led to a “significant and sustained rise in the number of referrals”, the watchdog said. It is the “single largest form of police corruption” the IOPC deals with. Last year APSP accounted for almost a quarter of such referrals. Ms Bassett said the behaviour “has a devastating impact on the people involved, who are often in a vulnerable situation. The police are there to help them, not exploit them.” She added: “Recent events, including the horrific actions of Wayne Couzens, remind us that policing must act to root out this kind of behaviour.”

DX1ST 30 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 yourhealth # OKBEAUTYBOX THE OK! BEAUTY BOX ONLY £7.50* Free P&P WORTH MORE THAN £90, GET YOUR FIRST BOX HALF PRICE AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR JUST £7.50* HYDRATION SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE TODAY AT OKBEAUTYBOX.CO.UK *£7.50 offer is only available to new customers. OK! Beauty Box subscription is £15 per month thereafter. Brought to you by Writer Fiona Parker on learning to live with inflammatory bowel disease Before I discovered I had ulcerative colitis last April, I’d never heard of it. I knew a little about Crohn’s disease, which is similar, because my grandmother had suffered from it later in life and had to have surgery and a stoma bag. But as a relatively fit and active 54-year-old, the news came as a shock. Last summer I started having an uncomfortable bloated feeling in my stomach after meals, sometimes accompanied by stabbing pains. It came on gradually so at first I put it down to something I’d eaten. Then I noticed small amounts of blood when I went to the loo. I thought I’d better play it safe and see my GP who prescribed cream. But it got worse. My tummy became more painful and my once-regular loo habits became very unpredictable. I started to dread going, fearing what I might find. As time wore on, I began to feel tired and foggy headed and struggled to keep up with work, friends and everyday activities. Anxious Then the second lockdown happened and suddenly the friends part wasn’t such a problem, but my symptoms were getting worse and by now were making me very anxious. I returned to the GP who ordered a series of tests, including a calprotectin test to detect levels of intestinal inflammation. Blood tests came back fine, which was a relief as it ruled out anything immediately life -threatening, but my inflammation levels were sky high – around 4,000, when the norm is 50. My GP suspected inflammatory bowel disease and asked me to arrange an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Easier said than done, as anyone who’s had to book any kind of medical appointment during the pandemic will appreciate. It took me several days to get through to the gastroenterology department at Imperial Healthcare Trust and then I was informed the first available appointment was not until April. It was still only January, so I endured another four miserable months of discomfort, on top of the generally increased levels of anxiety around Covid. IBD is the umbrella term to describe chronic disorders that involve inflammation of the digestive system, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. It’s believed around 500,000 people are living with some form of IBD in the UK. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and ulcers along the lining of the large intestine, or colon, and rectum. Crohn’s is characterised by inflammation of the lining and deeper into the digestive tract. It’s not known precisely what causes IBD and genes are believed to play a part, but experts believe it occurs when the immune system responds MY JOURNEY Fiona is discovering what foods trigger her symptoms incorrectly to environmental factors. Similarly, stress isn’t thought to trigger the disease but it can certainly worsen the symptoms, which include abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, extreme tiredness and weight loss. At present it is incurable, with doctors seeking to bring about long periods of remission so those who have it can enjoy a near-normal life. But a severe IBD flare-up can cause the patient to be hospitalised. “Once I have the diagnosis and get the medication, I’ll be fine,” I told myself. So, I breathed a sigh of relief when I was informed my case was mild to moderate and that it should improve with an anti-inflammatory agent taken in the form of a suppository. I was put under the care of a specialist IBD team of nurse numb “Gr I thou get in But to find poppi ‘‘ Treatment is not an exact science and involves a lot of trial and error family pulse grains

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 31 Get in touch! yourhealth@express.co.uk Edited by AMY PACKER s at Imperial and given a helpline er to ring if I experienced a flare. eat. Now I can get back to normal,” ght. Or as near normal as you can the middle of a pandemic. – and it’s a big but, as I was about out – it wasn’t as simple as just ng a pill. Treatment for IBD is not an exact science and involves a lot of trial and error, both in regards to the medication used to reduce the inflammation and the foods that can trigger a flare-up. The list of foods that make the symptoms worse differs for everyone, but most often include high-fibre produce, vegetables of the brassica such as broccoli and cauliflower, s, dairy produce, nuts and whole . Anything you’d normally think of My diagnosis was just the beginning... as healthy, basically. After a week or so of taking the suppository, things seemed to improve. The bleeding stopped and the swollen-feeling reduced so I gradually started to reintroduce more fibre into my diet as instructed. But then the symptoms slowly began to return, eventually triggering a full-blown flare-up while I was on holiday in the New Forest. I was determined to make the most of my break, but during the day I struggled to do all the activities we had booked, including paddle boarding and a cycle ride. The evenings were spent on the loo with severe diarrhoea, before falling into bed completely exhausted. Not much fun for me or my partner, Bill. When I returned home to London the situation had worsened to the extent I was just passing blood and, terrifyingly, seemed to have no control over when I needed to go. I contacted the IBD nurse and another round of tests followed, after which I was also prescribed an oral anti-inflammatory agent. I attempted to get my diet on track by reading up on gut health and ordering a specialist cook book to prepare healthy meals. Despite the new pills I was experiencing nausea, headaches and a bone-aching fatigue that was interfering with my quality of life. I’d looked forward to a weekend away at the seaside with some of my ‘‘ I overindulged on the cake and felt like the life had been sucked out of me RIGHT PATH Gentle exercise has helped Fiona oldest girlfriends for months. One, an ex-River Cafe chef, had made its signature Chocolate Nemesis cake as a special treat. OK, I might have overindulged on the Nemesis a bit, but when I returned home, far from feeling rejuvenated, I felt as though the life had been sucked out of me. Surely, this wasn’t how life was going to be from now on? A conversation with my consultant reassured me that it’s not. She recommended I stop taking the oral tablets, which could be causing side effects, and outlined further treatment options that may involve a different anti-inflammatory agent, steroids and immunosuppressants. I am also experimenting with fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kimchi and prebiotic yoghurts – available at most large supermarkets – which are meant to enhance the good bacteria in the large intestine. I’m trying to combat the tiredness with gentle exercise. My partner and I took up in-line skating during lockdown and although my progress has been slower than his, I really enjoy it. I also do yoga and breathing exercises, which helps reduce stress. I’m slowly coming to terms and learning how to live with my diagnosis. I find smaller portions easier to digest, while I’ve tried fasting to give my digestive system a rest. careful choices I find the best way to not eat anything for 12 to 16 hours is by skipping breakfast for one or two days a week. But eating in a restaurant can cause some anxiety and I need to choose carefully. For now at least that fish and chip supper or Friday night curry is off the menu. Luckily for me, I don’t drink alcohol so that’s one issue I don’t have to worry about, but it’s recommended that IBD sufferers limit their intake. It’s also a good idea to think about the toilet situation when you’re out and about to make sure you’re never too far away from one. And the next time I’m offered a delicious cream cake, I’ll politely pass and not suffer for two days because I greedily scoffed the lot. I’m learning to appreciate the good days and cope with the difficult ones. If I’m tired I’ll cancel any plans and rest. And if I choose to eat something naughty, then I know I’ll just have to put up with not being very well for a couple of days. This is what works for me right now, although I do appreciate it is a lot more difficult for those who have a more severe form of illness. And there is one benefit at least – I’ve lost a couple of pounds! ■For ■ further information visit crohnsandcolitis.org.uk

32 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 yourhealth DX1ST Get in touch! yourhealth@express.co.uk Michele O’Connor finds simple ways to stay in peak condition Take your shoes off at the door: Tests from the University of Arizona, US, found that the bottoms of outdoor shoes average 421,000 units of bacteria (including E. coli), toxins and herbicides. And when those contaminated shoes were used to walk across clean floor surfaces, the rate of transference was almost 90 per cent. Snack on a handful of olives: They act similarly to aspirin in reducing inflammation and artery plaque formation. And those who consume extra-virgin olive oil daily are at a lower risk of heart attack, hypertension and death from heart disease than those who don’t. Jump while the kettle boils: According to a study by the universities of Exeter and Leicester, women who do one to two minutes of high-intensity weight-bearing exercise a day have four per cent better bone density than those who do less than a minute. And jumping is perfect: Squat, use your arms, jump up high and land softly with bent knees. Drink water before driving: Being even mildly dehydrated while Everyday health hacks behind the wheel is the equivalent to being over the drink-drive limit, according to research published in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior. In both cases, the number of mistakes made was twice the amount made by well-hydrated motorists. Stop eating at 7pm: A late-night meal keeps the body on high alert when it should be winding down, warn heart experts. In fact, those with hypertension who ate within two hours of going to bed were 2.8 times more likely to have high blood pressure overnight, increasing their risk of heart attack and stroke. And it’s a good rule to adhere to even if your blood pressure is normal, say researchers. … And when you reach seven out of 10: The Hunger Scale helps you tune into your natural hunger cues and reduce “out-of-control” eating. “Before you eat, rank your hunger on a scale of zero (beyond hungry) and 10 (stuffed full),” advises Lyndi Cohen, dietitian and author of The Nude Nutritionist. She advises eating when you are at number three, putting your knife and fork down when you reach seven. Dry-brush before using toothpaste: Not only is this a more effective way of removing plaque, say researchers, but dry-brushing for around 60 seconds before adding toothpaste means you’re more likely to brush for the full two minutes. (Don’t “wet” your toothbrush first – or rinse away protective fluoride after brushing). Bend your knees when you lift: The motion of lifting while twisting is one of the worst combinations for your back – yet it can be hard to avoid when putting children into car seats and lifting heavy shopping into the car. Bend at the knees – not the waist – and shift the effort to your hips, arms and abs rather than your back, advises Tim Hutchful of the British Chiropractic Association. And when you feel a sneeze coming, bend your knees to absorb it. Explosive atchoos are a suprisingly common culprit for back injuries. Ask yourself why: ...to automatically boost your memory, say psychologists. In a study where students had to remember a list of sentences (i.e. the hungry man got into the car), those given an explanation (i.e. to go to a restaurant) remembered 72 per cent of the sentences when tested later, compared to only 37 per cent of those who simply read the first sentence. Go left: Observational studies at train stations suggest 73 per cent of people take the escalator over the stairs when there’s a choice. And, of those that do, a similar amount take the lazy option and stand to the right. If you must take the escalator, make sure you climb. Mail Order £10 Inc P&P ‘Sanctuary Scenes’ Christmas Cards 12 cards in 4 designs (8"x6") Hillside Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1995 to help and campaign for animals in n e e d , particularly t h o s e suffering every day in the intensive factory farming industry. We are home to 2500 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys, 650 cows, 300 pigs, 700 sheep and goats and lots of other animals including dogs and deer. Patron: Martin Shaw Donations and funds raised from Cards and Gifts help feed and care for our many rescued animals. Lots of other cards and gifts at www.hillside.org.uk Donation/Order Helpline 01603 736200 9am-9pm 7 Days Please send me: Price Pack 12 Sanctuary Scenes Christmas Cards £10 Hillside Sanctuary Scenes 2022 Colour Calendar £3 Donate a ‘Gift of Hay’ to help feed our rescued animals, in lieu of a present to your friends or family, to receive a Greetings Card, Gift Certificate and Hillside Mini 2022 Calendar to give as a present. If Hay Gift Certificates are required for gifts, please state how many recipients in this box... Tick if Donation Only (no certificate req) Reg. Co. No. 3027338 I would like to make a donation Please make Cheque/PO payable to Hillside Animal Sanctuary Ltd or debit my Visa/MasterCard No. Hay Bale £4 Expiry Date......../....... 3 Digit Code.......... Name.................................................................................. Address............................................................................. .............................................................................................. ................................Postcode.......................................... Please send me a FREE NEWSLETTER with details of Hillside’s work, gifts & Open Days Please return to: Hillside Animal Sanctuary Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich NR12 7RW No of Items Gift Total Total £ p Orders sent by return post

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 33 Retail therapies By Amy Packer ■Designed ■ specifically with blokes in mind, Natures Plus has created GI Nutra Probiotic for Men (£34.99; Amazon). It contains 21 strains of bacteria, including the catchy-sounding lactobacillus reuteri BM36301, which supports testosterone production and maintains a healthy reproductive, digestive and immune system, while saw palmetto protects the prostate. ■Parents ■ of young kids know they never really get that “extra hour in bed” when the clocks change. So put those 60 minutes to use with a long soak instead. Westlab Mindful Salts (£7.99; Boots) will soothe and calm the mind and body using CBD and magnesium to help regulate the sleep hormone melatonin and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. ■Ditching ■ cigarettes can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression, but if cold turkey didn’t work for you this Stoptober, you might consider a temporary alternative to ease you out of the habit. The IQOS 3 Duo Starter Kit (£49; uk.iqos.com) heats tobacco, rather than burning, emitting 95 per cent fewer harmful chemicals than sparking up. ■Looking ■ for a grown up sweet treat? Candy Kittens’ Gourmies come in Orchard Apple and Dragon Fruit, Sweet Raspberry and Guava and Blood Orange and Pomegranate. Vegan, they’re also free from palm oil and carnauba wax, used to make many sweets (and cars!) shine. And they’re carbon neutral too. yourhealth Lara’s so young she doesn’t know life without arthritis 1,000 children in the UK are diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis each year. Elizabeth Archer hears hears how one mum and dad have helped their daughter adapt after diagnosis As five-year-old Lara Hutchings dances gleefully around the kitchen, it seems like she doesn’t have a care in the world. But Lara has already been through experiences most adults would find hard to bear. When she was a toddler, Lara was diagnosed with arthritis, which made walking difficult. She then developed the sight- threatening condition uveitis. Lara’s had countless procedures under general anaesthetic, including having the lens removed from her right eye due to swelling. She also has to have weekly injections at home for her arthritis. But now her condition is under control, Lara is throwing herself into dancing, gymnastics and swimming clubs, and she loves colouring, reading and writing. “She’s such a happy little girl, you’d never know what she’s been through as she’s so brave,” says her mum, Sapna, 34, a teacher from Luton. Lara first got ill on holiday in Cornwall aged two, with her mum, dad Tom, 34, a marketing manager, and little sister Reeva, who is now three. “She had a swollen knee and we thought she’d fallen over or she had an insect bite,” says Sapna. “We took her to the doctors and they sent us away with some ibuprofen. But her knee got so bad she couldn’t walk, she was crawling and was in so much pain. “We came home and went to see our own GP, who sent us to the hospital as he suspected she had sepsis.” At Luton & Dunstable Hospital, sepsis was ruled out, but Lara saw a rheumatology consultant who diagnosed juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Like arthritis in adults, the condition often starts with the swelling of joints, as well as pain and stiffness in the affected area. Although it’s not known what triggered the condition, arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which causes the body to attack itself. Around 15,000 brave With her arthritis controlled, Lara loves being active love Lara with parents Sapna and Tom children in the UK have it, with 1,000 youngsters newly diagnosed each year. “It was a huge shock for us as parents as we didn’t even know children could get arthritis,” says Sapna. “We had no idea what the future would look like for Lara.” A few weeks later, Lara was put under general anaesthetic and given steroid injections in her knee and elbow, which had also become inflamed. She’s since had two further steroid injections under general anaesthetic, but while the injections helped in the short term, the effects wore off. Then in 2019, Lara started having weekly injections of methotrexate – an anti-inflammatory drug that suppresses the immune system to prevent it from close Younger sister Reeva likes to be involved attacking the joints. The treatment brought her arthritis under control and since then she hasn’t needed further steroid injections. “It’s brilliant,” says Sapna. But although the drug is helping, there can be side effects from taking immunosuppressant medication long term. “There’s no talk at the moment of coming off the medication because it’s working. “But there are other things that could come with it, like a higher chance of developing irritable bowel syndrome or behavioural problems. Ideally we don’t want her to be on it long term.” The pandemic was a particular worry for the family. Sapna says: “If a child got a cold or flu or chickenpox, it could be dangerous for Lara as her ‘‘ When she has an injection, we give her sister the job of putting on a plaster immune system is suppressed. We all shielded in lockdown as Covid would have been serious for her.” Despite the daily challenges, Lara remains upbeat and her parents work hard to make the process easier for her. Sapna will often draw a “tattoo” of a balloon or a heart on the spot of the injection to help Lara prepare. “Because Lara was so young when she started having the injections, she doesn’t remember what it was like before she had them,” explains Sapna. “She used to think it was normal to have injections, but now she understands that they make her better and we have special children’s books we read to her to help explain it.” And Lara’s sister Reeva helps too. “When Lara is having her injections, we give Reeva a job like putting the plaster on or holding the cotton wool and she pretends to be the nurse. “It helps her feel involved, POST OP they have a With Dad really lovely after relationship.” for her treatment uveitis Lara’s uveitis – a related condition that causes the middle layer of the eye to swell, causing pain and blurred vision – is being treated at Moorfields Eye Hospital in North London. The condition gave Lara cataracts and she had to have the lens in her right eye removed. She can’t see from that eye – but soon she will begin wearing special contact lenses to restore her sight. Lara enjoys getting to stay in a hotel the night before each appointment at Moorfields and her parents make sure there’s her favourite flavour ice cream waiting for her once treatment is finished. “Lara has to sit under different machines and see different doctors, but we make it fun,” says Sapna. “Nothing keeps Lara’s spirits down for long, and we make sure she gets treats or a new toy for being so good.” Though Lara may face further eye operations and treatment for arthritis in the future, her parents are hopeful her current drug regime means she can continue enjoying physical activity like her friends. Sapna says: “Lara takes everything in her stride and she’s so brave – it’s incredible to see.” ■For ■ information, support and to connect with others living with arthritis visit versusarthritis.org or call the charity’s helpline on 0800 5200 520

34 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST Dr Rosemary Leonard Getting to the Heart of medical matters Over the last six months or so I Q have become very breathless finding it difficult to walk 100 to 150 yards without stopping. I had a chest X-ray and my lungs were clear. I had my two vaccine doses at the start of the year and am wondering if it might have been a result/side effect of that. I am 81 and have no other health issues. Your advice is much appreciated. Firstly, I do not think your A vaccines will have anything to do with this. They will have protected you from a serious Covid infection and it is important you have your booster when you get your reminder. If it is now more than six months since your second jab, please contact your surgery. When you exercise, the muscles used require more oxygen than when they are resting and this is normally provided by the heart beating faster and harder, increasing blood supply where it is needed. Your breathing rate goes up as well, to get oxygen into the bloodstream from the lungs. Breathlessness on exercise can be due to a problem getting air into the lungs, which can happen in someone with asthma or long-term lung inflammation, but it does not sound as if this is the case with you as your chest X-ray was normal. It can also be due to anaemia, where there are low levels of the red blood cells which carry oxygen. However, this type of breathlessness in someone of your age is often due to weakening of the heart muscle, which means it cannot pump the extra blood required during exertion. Other symptoms of this can include puffy ankles and feeling breathless at night if you lie flat. It’s a condition known medically – and over-dramatically – as heart failure, but this does not mean your heart has stopped, but it could do with some help to work better. It can usually be diagnosed with a blood test checking for the level of a chemical known as BNP. If this is raised, the next test is an ultrasound of the heart, an echocardiogram. Treatment is with a range of medicines that help the heart muscle work more effectively. Lifestyle changes can help, including eating a healthy diet and losing excess weight and stopping smoking. Regular exercise is important too, though you need to do this in a way that does not make you too out of breath, which may mean gentle daily walks and taking breaks when you need to. Your GP will be able to arrange tests and treatment, so please get in touch with them. I feel out of breath, could it be to do with my second jab? My brother was in rehab for Slurred speech can certainly changes, mood swings, memory Q alcohol and cocaine addiction last A occur when you are drunk, but lapses and an unsteady walking style. year. He swears he has been sober for some time now but his speech still sounds slurred to me. I know this can happen while you are drunk but can it really continue once the alcohol is fully out of your system? Could he have brain damage? once you have sobered up, speech should return to normal. Long-term heavy use of both cocaine and especially alcohol can cause long-term brain damage, but it is likely there would be other symptoms, such as behaviour I sense you are only speaking to your brother on the phone and without talking to him face to face, it will be impossible for you to know the cause of his slurred speech. Meeting him would also be by far the best way of tackling such a sensitive subject. It is possible, as I suspect you are aware, that though he says he is sober he has started drinking again, but if this is the case then, as with any addict, the only person who can sort this out is him. Distressing as you may find it, the best thing you can do is offer your love and support. I have this burning pain inside my Q rectum, which is affecting my sleep. My doctor says there is no inflammation or tear and prescribed suppositories, which do not help much. I had my prostate removed 28 years ago (I am 83). Can you suggest any treatment which would help to alleviate the burning please? Pain in the rectum, the lowest part A of the large bowel which leads to the outside via the anus, can be due to swollen veins (piles) or a fissure or tear, which is a split in the skin at the entrance to the anus. However, both of these tend to cause pain when passing a motion rather than a more continuous pain that disturbs your sleep. The most common cause of burning pain is inflammation of the lining and though your GP says there isn’t any, it can be difficult to diagnose accurately in the surgery. The best way of being sure whether there is inflammation or not is to examine the lining carefully using a special instrument, a proctoscope, alongside tests of both your stools and your blood. Stool tests should include one for calprotectin, a chemical that is produced in increased amounts when there is inflammation, plus also a check for traces of blood, a FIT test. Blood tests that can be helpful include a check of your ESR and CRP levels, which can both indicate inflammation. I doubt that the pain has anything to do with the removal of your prostate all those years ago – if it had been a side effect of the operation then symptoms would have occurred long before now. So as your sleep continues to be disturbed, please contact your GP again. You may need a referral to a specialist to sort out the underlying cause. Once this is known, you should be able to have some effective treatment. ●●If you have a health question for Dr Leonard, email her in confidence at yourhealth@express.co.uk. Dr Leonard regrets she cannot enter into personal correspondence or reply to everyone. HOW TO DEAL WITH EMPTY-NEST GRIEF Have you recently waved goodbye to a teenager heading off to university? New research has revealed that 98 per cent of parents say they have experienced extreme grief after dropping their children at uni. Commissioned by Unite Students, the UK’s largest provider of student accommodation, the study found that empty nest syndrome is hitting particularly hard this year – with 93 per cent of those surveyed believing that being closer to their children throughout the pandemic has made the situation worse. Dr Dominique Thompson, a GP and young people’s mental health expert, reassures parents that it’s natural to feel at a loss. Here are her tips to make it easier... • Avoid loneliness: Actively plan to spend time with your family, friends or partner. Make sure you see or speak to someone every day if you need companionship. • Establish new routines: Loss of routine and daily structure can throw you, so find a new one that makes you feel good. A peaceful morning coffee or evening walk will help ground you and reduce anxiety. • Address other issues: Rather than making life-changing decisions in the throes of empty-nest sadness, use time to sort things out. Talk to people you trust. • Don’t make them feel guilty: Instead, let your kids know they’re missed. Send a picture of their empty room with a joke about how tidy it is, rather than a crying face emoji. They’ll know that you miss them, but want to feel reassured that you’re coping.

PLEASE DO NOT DELAY, AVAILABILITY FOR 2023 IS SELLING FAST THE ALL-INCLUSIVE NO-FLY 2023 CANADA & NEW ENGLAND IN THE FALL PREMIUM CRUISE SALE PREMIUM DRINKS, GRATUITIES & UNLIMITED WI-FI INCLUDED FOR ALL BOOKINGS ++ SEPTEMBER 2023 Sat 23 Sat 30 OCTOBER 2023 Sun 1 Mon 2 Tue 3 www.rolcruise.co.uk Website Search Code: 1841280 EXCLUSIVE FREE CAR PARKING AT THE PORT # Embark Sky Princess and depart Southampton Boston, Massachusetts, USA One of the United States’ oldest cities, Boston has had a pivotal role in American history since it was founded almost 400 years ago. Today, this capital of Massachusetts offers a fantastic array of things to see and do, from its cultural attractions to grand architecture Bar Harbor, Maine, USA Nestled in Maine’s Frenchman Bay on Mount Desert Island lies the quaint town of Bar Harbor. The wealthy have flocked to the area since the early 1900s, making it a fashionable summer resort filled with Newport-style “cottages” Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada The beautifully restored waterfront buildings of Halifax’s Historic Properties recall the city’s centuries-old maritime heritage. Stroll the waterfront and you may find Nova Scotia’s floating ambassador, the schooner Bluenose II, tied up to Privateer’s Wharf, just as old sailing ships have done for over 200 years. Halifax is also the gateway to Nova Scotia’s stunning scenery, including famous Peggy’s Cove, where surf-pounded granite cliffs and a solitary lighthouse create an unsurpassed scene of rugged natural beauty Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE F9255 Agent to ATOL Holder Princess Cruises 6294 EXCLUSIVE READER OFFERS FARES WILL INCREASE 8:00PM 31 ST OCTOBER 2021 As the UK’s No.1 Independent Cruise Specialist and the Top Ocean Cruise Agent for the UK and Ireland, Reader Offers Ltd have over 25 years’ experience in the travel industry. We are proud to provide an award-winning 5 service, so you can book with confidence knowing we look after you from the moment you contact us, to the moment you arrive home. Demand is already high for 2022 & beyond which is why we are delighted to present to you The All-Inclusive No-Fly 2023 Canada & New England in the Fall Premium Cruise Sale! 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DX1ST televisionexpress Clueless cult’s killer plot Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 37 EARLY days, I know, but have you had any thoughts yet as to who the killer might be in ITV’s new seaside murder mystery THE LONG CALL (9pm)? Obviously if you missed last night’s opening episode you won’t have a clue. But if you watched it, well, hey, wow, I don’t suppose you’ll have a clue either. I don’t think it’s meant to be that kind of show, where the answer is staring us in the face. At least, I hope it isn’t. That would be a worry. Nor would it be saying a lot for our detective duo, DI Matthew Picks of the day Venn (Ben Aldridge) and DC Jen Rafferty (Pearl Mackie). It would suggest they’re a tiny bit thick. No, I’m sure it’s meant to be yet another of those guessing-game mysteries, where we’re supposed to suspect pretty much every cast member at some point or other, based on whose turn it is to act the Reality: The Yorkshire Vet, C5, 8pm Poor Kaiser the alpaca has a mysterious and painful skin problem and Matt calls for Julian to help him work out what is causing the creature such pain. Meanwhile, Shona feels the pressure when she visits a herd of pedigree cows to fix a hernia in a calf for the first time. Elsewhere, Peter tends to an injured donkey that has a nasty cut on his eyelid and Julian gets a little bit anxious when he tries to clip the claws and beak of an incredibly aggressive parrot. Documentary: Peter Sellers: A State Of Comic Ecstasy, BBC4, 9pm The comedy great behind The Goon Show, Dr Strangelove and The Pink Panther series is explored in this film looking at his sensational rise to fame as well as his troubled personal life. The documentary charts his early years as part of his parents’ music hall revue group, his wartime service in India and Burma and all the way through to his global superstardom. Mike Ward previews tonight’s TV shiftiest or to pull their “I Could Be The Killer” face. Cult leader Dennis, played by Martin Shaw with some accent or other, was certainly doing that last night, growling at his poor wife, Anita Dobson. Beneath that avuncular exterior there appears to lurk some kind of monster. Can you blame her for trying to sneak out? She never has much luck, does Anita, with the Dennises… And it tends to suggest that the “evangelical church” her latest Dennis heads up – the one that copper Matthew rejected in his teens, to the total disgust of his devout mother Dorothy (Juliet Stevenson) – is rather more sinister Nature: Autumnwatch, BBC2, 8pm Film: The Maze Runner, Film4, 6.50pm Music: Simon & Garfunkel: Concert In Central Park, Sky Arts, 11pm The influential folk rock duo’s 1981 reunion concert in New York City, where they performed in front of a massive audience estimated at 500,000. The legendary singers went through all of their classics and big hits, performing crowd favourites including The Sound Of Silence, The Boxer, Mrs Robinson, Homeward Bound and Bridge Over Troubled Water, as well as many songs from Paul Simon’s repertoire as a successful solo career. In this new series, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk to see what has changed since spring and revel in the Snettisham Spectacular – which is an autumn highlight in the birding calendar. Throughout the week, and with the help of night vision photography and the like, they’ll be sharing footage of creatures most of us rarely get the chance to see and are expecting to spot winter migrants such as redwing and waxwing. Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, Gillian Burke finds out how moles cache worms for the cooler months, and Megan McCubbin is on the Isle of Mull, which is a place that’s famous for its eagles, red deer and otters. Sci-fi thriller based on the novel by James Dashner, starring Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter. In a post-apocalyptic world, a young man, confined in a community of teenage boys whose memories have been erased, plots his escape. The truths they uncover on the final leg of the journey could have been handled quite a bit better but this film has enough twists to ensure that you stick with it. than it looks. And it already looks sinister enough. Also, of course, this show has Neil Morrissey in it. For now, I genuinely don’t know much more about the relevance of his character than you do, but Morrissey rarely turns up in a drama nowadays where he isn’t up to something jolly iffy: Line Of Duty, The Syndicate, you name it (yes, do please suggest at least one other programme that backs up this slightly flimsy theory of mine, or else I’ll have to settle for Bob The Builder). We have oodles of other characters I personally wouldn’t yet rule out. There’s that miserable TRAVEL Isle of Wight ‘Royals & Rails’ With elegant resort towns, spotless beaches, old-fashioned charm and miles of unspoilt coastline, the Isle of Wight is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing few days away. A firm favourite of Queen Victoria in the 19 th century, the island is one of the UK’s most popular destinations and it’s easy to see why. On this fantastic break we enjoy the island’s peace, tranquillity and natural beauty as well as a nostalgic journey on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway and a visit to fascinating Osborne House. CALL US ON 03332 342 477 OR VISIT JUSTGOHOLIDAYS.COM/EXPU social worker – Morrissey’s character’s daughter – and her miserable artist flatmate (the pair with whom the dead guy was lodging before he became quite so dead). There’s that bloke who looks like Noddy Holder. There’s his daughter. There’s that barman Jen inexplicably slept with. There’s Matthew’s husband (well, you never know). What I can reveal about this evening’s episode is that a couple of people turn out to have a closer link to the dead guy than they’ve let on. Is this significant? Of course it is! Of course it isn’t! Definitely one of those two. DID YOU KNOW? Between 1956 and 1962, Simon & Garfunkel played under the name “Tom & Jerry”, coined by their label Big Records, performing at school dances. Their idols were The Everly Brothers. YOUR BREAK INCLUDES • Return coach travel* and ferry crossings • 4 nights at a selected hotel on the Isle of Wight with dinner & breakfast • Entertainment some evenings • Excursions to Osborne House, Cowes & Ryde • Heritage train journey on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway Optional Island Highlights Tour (£12pp) Single supplement £60 QUOTE EXPU 5 DAYS APR - OCT 2022 FROM £269 PER PERSON *Return coach travel from an extensive network of pickup points in England & Wales. Pickup point locations vary and are subject to departure date. Operated by Just Go Holidays Ltd. Coach package holidays and short breaks are subject to Just Go! Holidays terms and conditions. Your booking is protected by Bonded Coach Holidays (BCH) and the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT); this is a government approved consumer protection scheme. Tours offered subject to availability and government guidelines. Errors and omissions excepted. Prices are per person, based on two people sharing a double/ twin room. Single supplements apply. Calls to 033 numbers are free within inclusive minutes packages otherwise standard rates apply. Please see website or call for further details.

38 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST All programmes Today’s are listed in British TV Summer previews Time (BST). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat BBC One BBC Two ITV Channel 4 Channel 5 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Morning Live Magazine. 10.00 Dom Delivers Dom Littlewood follows a motor car from factory to forecourt. 10.45 Expert Witness How forensic analysis of CCTV footage blew apart a suspect’s alibi. 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15pm Bargain Hunt (R) 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 Regional News; Weather 1.45 Doctors Karen pretends everything is fine with Rob. 2.15 Impossible Quiz. (R) 3.00 Escape to the Country Jonnie Irwin takes in the delights of Derbyshire with a couple from Leeds. 3.45 Money for Nothing A record player and an airline engineer’s uniform. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip James Braxton and Charles Hanson meet some remarkable dogs on today’s trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless Quiz show. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 Regional News; Weather 6.30am Dom Delivers (R) 7.15 Money for Nothing (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Your Home Made Perfect (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 Headlines. 10.00 BBC News Headlines. 12.15pm Politics Live Stories from Westminster and beyond. 1.00 Head Hunters Michael, Laura and Dubem take part. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow From Somerleyton Hall, near Lowestoft. (R) 3.00 Heir Hunters (R) 3.45 Born to Be Wild Featuring a juvenile raven that requires a groundbreaking operation. (R) 4.15 Back to the Land with Kate Humble Kate meets a wasabi grower and goes foraging for truffles. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Longleat. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Sean Fletcher, Louise Minchin, Chris Washington and Kimberly Wyatt take part. 6.30 Strictly: It Takes Two Rylan chats to the lucky couple that survived the dance-off. 6.00am Good Morning Britain News, current affairs and lifestyle features. 9.00 Lorraine Entertainment and fashion news reports. 10.00 This Morning Celebrity chat and lifestyle features. 12.30pm Loose Women Celebrity interviews and topical debate with the panel. 1.30 ITV News; Weather 1.55 Regional News; Weather 2.00 Bling Gok Wan gets his hands on a jade bangle that might not be all it seems. 3.00 Winning Combination Quiz show, hosted by Omid Djalili. 3.59 Regional Weather 4.00 Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the arcade-themed quiz in which contestants drop tokens down a choice of four chutes in the hope of winning a £10,000 jackpot. 5.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh presents as contestants work as a team to take on one of the Chasers and secure a prize. 6.00 Regional News; Weather 6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather 6.05am Countdown (R) 6.45 The Big Bang Theory (R) 7.35 The King of Queens (R) 9.00 Frasier Triple bill. (R) 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) 11.25 Channel 4 News Summary 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It (R) 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine. 2.10 Countdown Len Goodman is in Dictionary Corner. 3.00 A Place in the Sun A property in the countryside around Valencia, Spain. (R) 4.00 Chateau DIY Donna plans to turn an old sideboard into a grand statement bed. 5.00 Four in a Bed Toby Rhys Davies is second to host at Apple Camping in Redberth, Pembrokeshire. 5.30 Come Dine with Me Hairdresser Simon hopes to impress his guests. 6.00 The Simpsons Marge becomes a volunteer. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks Becky and Tony search the village for Diane. (R) 6.00am Milkshake! Children’s TV. 9.15 Jeremy Vine Discussion. 11.15 Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law 12.15pm 5 News at Lunchtime 12.20 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords A developer’s battle against squatters. (R) 1.15 Home and Away See 6.00pm for details. (R) 1.45 Neighbours See 5.30pm for details. 2.20 FILM Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver (2020, PG) A newspaper’s crossword editor helps a detective when a magic act ends in murder. Drama, starring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott. ★★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun Documentary series. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5 Headlines. 5.30 Neighbours Nicolette catches the boys making a call to Leo for some Abigail time. (R) 6.00 Home and Away Tane accuses Felicity of stalking. (R) 6.30 Eggheads Think Tank will be looking for a winning strategy to defeat the Eggheads. 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 The One Show With Alex Scott and Jermaine Jenas. 7.30 EastEnders Kheerat refuses to fix the Slaters’ broken boiler. 7.50 Holby City Josh falls back into dangerous habits, and Russ and Hanssen get locked in a store cupboard together. 8.30 Would I Lie to You? Olivia Colman, Aston Merrygold, Jon Richardson and Michaela Strachan take part in the comedy panel show, hosted by Rob Brydon. With team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack. (R) 9.00 Who Do You Think You Are? Footballer-turned-presenter Alex Scott finds out about the Jewish ancestry on her mum’s side and travels to Jamaica for the first time in her life to learn about the ancestors of her grandparents. 10.00 BBC News at Ten Headlines. 10.25 Regional News; Weather 10.35 I Like the Way U Move Dating show in which five rookie dancers compete for the chance to perform with five professionals. The couples are put to the test with the first dance-off, while emotions run high in the house, and sparks fly for one pair when they share their first kiss in rehearsal. 11.35 BBC New Comedy Awards Five up-and-coming comics take to the stage at the Square Chapel in Halifax. 12.05am Question of Sport. With Tom Dean, Danny Murphy, Joshua Buatsi and Maggie Alphonsi. (R) 12.35 Richard Osman’s House of Games Night. With Steph McGovern and Ben Miller. (R) 1.05 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.50 Weather for the Week Ahead 1.55-6.00am BBC News 7.00 Back in Time for School The pupils and teachers arrive in the 1990s, a decade of Britpop, Mr Blobby, girl power and the Gladiators – and new technology allowing them onto the Information Superhighway. (R) 8.00 NEW Autumnwatch Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan are at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk to see what has changed since spring. In Northern Ireland, Gillian Burke finds out how moles cache worms for the cooler months. 9.15 Impeachment – American Crime Story Linda takes a vicarious interest in young Monica’s troubles, divining that the boyfriend she will not name is part of the administration but little realising who he is. 10.15 Squeamish About… Spoof documentary in which Michael Squeamish (Matt Berry) gives his unique take on relationships, including what to order on a first date. (R) 10.30 Newsnight The day’s important national and international news stories, presented by Kirsty Wark. 11.15 NFL This Week The latest fixtures, including Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals. 12.05am TV’s Black Renaissance: Reggie Yates in Hollywood (R) 1.05 Sign Zone: Boots and Beards – Our Lives. The story of a Scots-Asian hillwalking group. (R) 1.35 Sign Zone: Weatherman Walking: The Welsh Coast. The Mawddach trail. (R) 2.05-6.30am This Is BBC Two 7.00 Emmerdale An investigation is launched and Diane shares her memories. 7.30 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport The cleaning team are on the hunt for a special kind of vagrant which requires some very hi-tech equipment. 8.00 Love Your Garden Alan Titchmarsh and team travel to Salford, Greater Manchester, to show how to create an eco-inspired kitchen garden, including converting an old bath into a pond for watercress. 9.00 The Long Call Connections are made between the victim and the Brethren community when it’s uncovered that the victim had started attending meetings. Meanwhile, closer to home, Matthew and his mother look to build bridges. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather 10.30 Regional News; Weather 10.45 On Assignment Ahead of the COP26 International Climate Change Conference, On Assignment looks at three stories with the climate emergency at their heart. 11.20 Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding Reality series following Beverley Callard and Jordan North. (R) 11.50 Charlene White: Empire’s Child How the legacy of the British Empire has shaped the broadcaster’s family. (R) 12.40am Sorry, I Didn’t Know. With Kemah Bob, Sara Pascoe, Shazia Mirza and Verona Rose. (R) 1.05 Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15 The Long Call. Connections are made between the victim and the Brethren community. (R) 4.05 Unwind With ITV 5.05-6.00am Tipping Point (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News A round-up of the latest headlines, in-depth interviews and analysis of political developments and current affairs. Plus, the day’s leading sports stories and up-to-theminute weather reports. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off The amateurs take on pastry week, involving signature choux doughnuts, a tricky Turkish technical and a show-stopping pie with a delicate design. Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas host. 9.15 Murder Island The teams are under pressure to apprehend Charly’s murderer. Freddie Forrester reveals that land agent Alicia Devere is not as innocent as she appears and evidence seems to cast further suspicion in Alicia’s direction. 10.15 NEW Stath Lets Flats Incompetent letting agent Stath is faced is faced with rescuing the family business and his relationship with Katia. Jamie Demetriou stars. 10.50 Gogglebox Strictly Come Dancing is appraised. (R) 11.50 Random Acts: Shades A short film exploring diversity of thought within black culture. 11.55 The Talk Famous parents of black and mixed race children share their personal stories of making them aware of racism. (R) 12.50am Taskmaster. With Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell. (R) 1.45 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (R) 2.35 The Royal House of Windsor (R) 3.45 Couples Come Dine with Me (R) 4.40 Building the Dream (R) 5.35-6.05am Beat the Chef (R) 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors A look at what makes a great GP, hearing from doctors and medical staff first-hand about what it is like to work on the NHS frontline and what it takes for them to be good at their job. Last in series. 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet Kaiser the alpaca has a mysterious skin problem, and Matt calls for Julian to help him work out what is causing it. Shona feels the pressure when she visits a herd of pedigree cows and Peter tends a donkey. 9.00 Our Yorkshire Farm Clive is concerned the freezing spring weather is set to worsen, with over 500 lambs still on the way, and the family must travel across hundreds of acres twice a day to top up the food of their free-roaming sheep. 10.00 1000 Years a Slave Shannon LaNier visits Monticello in Virginia and makes a discovery about the nature of his ancestor’s relationship with Thomas Jefferson, and how he tried to hide the fact he owned slaves while in France. 11.05 Ambulance: Code Red A car driver is seriously injured and the paramedics perform life-saving treatment, while Critical care paramedics are dispatched to a nightclub where multiple stabbings have taken place. (R) 12.05am 999: Criminals Caught on Camera (R) 1.00 21.co.uk Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 The Tube: Going Underground (R) 4.00 Restaurant Nightmares (R) 4.45 Wildlife SOS (R) 5.10 Divine Designs (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends (R) 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol (R)

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 39 Freeview 6 Freeview 27 ITV2 ITVBe 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Secret Crush 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Supermarket Sweep 10.30 FILM The Boxtrolls (2014, PG) Animated fantasy, with the voice of Isaac Hempstead Wright. ★★★ 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Secret Crush 5.00 Catchphrase 5.50 FILM Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002, PG) Fantasy, starring Daniel Radcliffe. ★★★★ 9.00 Family Guy Double bill. Joe is injured during a bull run; Peter is arrested and charged with a hate crime. 10.00 Plebs Double bill of the comedy, with Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson. 11.00 Family Guy Animated antics. 11.30 American Dad! Double bill of fun. 12.25am Killer Camp 1.30 Release the Hounds: Halloween Special 3.15 Unwind With ITV 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Dave E4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 The Joy of Techs 8.00 Timber Kings 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 1.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race 2.00 Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA 3.00 Top Gear 4.00 Red Bull Soapbox Race 5.00 Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul 6.00 QI XL Sindhu Vee guests on the quiz. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Kelly Cates, Tyger Drew-Honey, Desiree Burch and Matt Allwright compete. 7.40 Would I Lie to You? At Christmas 8.20 QI With Jack Dee and David Mitchell. 9.00 QI XL With Alan Davies and Tom Allen. 10.00 Question Team With Nish Kumar. 11.00 Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy A look at sketch comedy. 12.00m’t Mock the Week 12.40 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.40 Would I Lie to You? At Christmas 2.15 QI 2.50 The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Melissa & Joey 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory. Three episodes. 2.30 Mike & Molly 3.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight Australia 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Scott comes up with an idea for a live stream for the pub. 7.30 Married at First Sight Australia 9.00 Celebrity Gogglebox 2020 10.00 Celebrity Ghost Trip The coach rolls into York as the group strut their stuff in a Monster Mash dance class. 11.05 Naked Attraction Singletons from Newquay and Sheffield choose dates from a selection of naked people. 12.10am Married at First Sight Australia 1.45 Celebrity Ghost Trip 2.40 The Big Bang Theory. Double bill. 3.55- 6.00am The Goldbergs. Four episodes. WALES As BBC1 except: 11.15am Claimed and Shamed 11.45am-12.15pm X-Ray. Trading Standards officers check takeaway food. 1.30-1.45pm BBC Wales Today 6.30-7.00 BBC Wales Today; Weather 8.30 NEW Gareth Edwards’ Great Welsh Adventure. The former rugby player and his wife explore the country. 9.00-10.00 Wonders of the Celtic Deep. The creatures that appear as the water gets warmer in the summer. 10.25 BBC Wales Today; Weather 10.35 Who Do You Think You Are? 11.35 I Like the Way U Move 12.35-1.05am BBC New Comedy Awards WALES As BBC2 except: 7.00pm LIVE Match of the Day Wales Live: Women’s World Cup Qualifiers. Wales v Estonia (kick-off 7.15pm). 9.15-10.30 NEW Autumnwatch 11.15 Impeachment – American Crime Story 12.15-1.05am NFL This Week. Highlights. MERIDIAN As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Meridian 6.00-6.30 ITV News Meridian 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Meridian CENTRAL As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Central 6.00-6.30 ITV News Central 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Central Variations & S4C 7.00am The Real Housewives of Cheshire 8.00 Buying and Selling 9.00 LittleBe 12.00noon Best Cake Wins 12.30 The Real Housewives of Potomac 1.25 The Real Housewives of Cheshire 2.25 The Only Way Is Essex 3.10 Million Dollar Listing: NYC 4.05 The Real Housewives of New York City 5.00 The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Reality series. 6.00 Making It Home with Kortney & Dave Deborah and Daniel need help to revamp their home on a hill with great views. 7.00 Buying and Selling Property advice. 8.00 Dinner Date Hannah from Berkshire dines with three blind dates. 9.00 Botched Double bill. A look back at some challenging reconstructive cases; Terry Dubrow assists a mother. 11.00 Bridezillas Shannon fights with her groom over the budget she has. 11.55 The Only Way Is Essex 12.45am Unwind With ITV. Relaxation and reflection. 1.00-7.00am Teleshopping Drama More4 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.35 A Place to Call Home 8.30 The Bill 9.35 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 All Creatures Great and Small 4.20 Pie in the Sky 5.20 dinnerladies. Jean gets angry. 6.00 Bread Jack inherits his deceased employer’s bad-tempered dog. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Rene bumps into Mimi, the Colonel and Gruber on a train to Geneva. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine The trio end up baby-sitting for relatives of Compo. 8.00 The Last Detective A limousine driver is found dead, and Dangerous uncovers a link to a 10-year-old case in which a London cabbie disappeared after finding £2million in the back of his taxi. 9.35 New Tricks The team questions whether an executed man was guilty. 10.55 Bad Girls Karen receives bad news. 12.05am Waking the Dead 2.20 Life on Mars 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping Freeview 13 Freeview 18 8.55am Kirstie’s House of Craft 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau 12.05pm Grand Designs 1.10 Four in a Bed. Five episodes. 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 Emergency Helicopter Medics. A night-time car crash in Norfolk. 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Stephanie builds a huge pergola on the terrace for her mother’s wedding. 7.55 Grand Designs An intrepid pair want to build a Kiwi-style hill house. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E A man is rushed in after collapsing on a tennis court. 10.00 Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles An unborn baby has a large cyst that may prevent it from breathing. 11.05 Emergency Helicopter Medics A 12-year-old suffers a broken thigh bone after a motorcycle collision in Oxfordshire. 12.10am 24 Hours in A&E 1.15 Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles. Documentary. 2.20 The Secret Life of the Zoo 3.20-3.45am Food Unwrapped ITV WALES As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Cymru Wales 6.00-6.30 ITV News Wales at Six 7.30-8.00 Coast & Country 10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales 10.45 Fishlock’s Choice. The Vale of Neath. 11.15 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport 11.45 On Assignment 12.15-1.05am Charlene White: Empire’s Child WEST/WESTCOUNTRY As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News West Country 6.00-6.30 ITV News West Country 10.30-10.45pm ITV News West Country ANGLIA As ITV except: 1.55-2.00pm ITV News Anglia 6.00-6.30 ITV News Anglia 10.30-10.45pm ITV News Anglia; Weather S4C 6.00am Cyw 12.00noon Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 12.05pm Caru Siopa 12.30 Heno 1.00 Bwrdd i Dri 1.30 Ffermio 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 3.05 Noson Lawen 4.00 Awr Fawr 5.00 Stwnsh 6.00 Dan Do 6.30 Rownd a Rownd 6.57 Newyddion S4C 7.00 Heno 7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd 8.00 Pobol y Cwm 8.25 Rownd a Rownd 8.55 Newyddion S4C 9.00 Eryri: Pobol y Parc 10.00 Heliwr 11.05-11.40pm Pobl a’u Gerddi BBC4 Freeview 9 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys With Michael Portillo. 7.30 The Joy of Painting Bob Ross creates an oval painting of a stream. 8.00 The Good Life Margo’s new windbreak causes problems. 8.30 One Foot in the Grave 9.00 Peter Sellers: A State of Comic Ecstasy The story of one of the 20th century’s most prodigiously talented but volatile actors. 10.15 The Last Goon Show of All Comedy, with Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan. 10.55 Once Upon a Time in Iraq 11.55 Utopia: In Search of the Dream How the idea of utopia has been re-invented by writers. 12.55am Great British Railway Journeys. From Warwick to Rye. 1.25 Peter Sellers: A State of Comic Ecstasy 2.45-3.45am Nature and Us: A History Through Art 5 USA 6.00am TJC 9.00 Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 12.00noon Law & Order 1.55 Entertainment News on 5 2.00 Law & Order. Four episodes. 6.00 NCIS Three episodes. The team tries to stop a criminal stealing secrets; a petty officer involved in a fight club is murdered; a robbery is committed by a man believed dead. 9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Goren and Eames investigate the death of a man whose wife had been sleeping with a former police officer. 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Three episodes. The team is asked to disprove accusations against a congressman; a spiritual healer is accused of sexual assault; a sergeant’s son is accused of rape. 12.55am Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.55 Gone 3.35 Criminals: Caught on Camera. With Nick Wallis. 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping Sky Arts Freeview 21 F’view 11 6.00am Andre Rieu: Falling in Love – Live in Maastricht 2016 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering: David Niven 11.00 Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 12.00noon Frida Kahlo 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering: Gary Cooper 3.00 David Hockney: Time Regained 4.00 Music Icons: Singer Writes the Song 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: Natalie Wood 7.00 Rodin: In His Time Documentary. 8.00 Boswell & Johnson’s Scottish Road Trip With Frank Skinner. 9.00 Sky Arts Book Club 10.00 Barry Humphries on the Music Hitler Banned Documentary. 11.00 Simon & Garfunkel: Concert in Central Park From 1981. 1.00am Discovering: Paul Simon 1.30 Discovering: Fleetwood Mac 2.00-3.00am Soundbreaking WIN YOUR GAS, ELECTRIC AND FUEL BILLS FOR A YEAR How to Enter Today’s code is ELECTRIC Once you have TWO codes, enter at express.co.uk/winutilities Codes will appear in paper everyday until Thursday October 28, 2021 1.Competition closes on Friday October 29, 2021 at 5pm. 2. Entrants must be 18 years or older, be a UK resident and have a UK bank account. 3. One winner will be selected from all entries using two correct codes to receive £2500 via BACS transfer. £2500 is the combined average cost of gas, electricity and car fuel in the UK as of September 2021 plus an additional amount to account for current rises. 4. See full terms and conditions at express.co.uk/winutilities

40 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 The Football Show 10.30 LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup South Africa v West Indies. The Group 1 match. 2.30pm LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Pakistan v New Zealand. Coverage of the Group 2 match from Sharjah Cricket Stadium. 7.00 LIVE EFL Cup Arsenal v Leeds United (kick-off 7.45pm). From Emirates Stadium. 10.15 Sky Sports News. The latest headlines. 11.00 LIVE NFL Fantasy Featuring fantasy experts. 12.00m’t LIVE Total Access Inside access. 1.00-6.00am Sky Sports News. Headlines. Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am India’s History At Lord’s 6.15 IPL 6.30 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Sri Lanka v Bangladesh. 10.30 LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup South Africa v West Indies. The Group 1 match. 2.30pm LIVE ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Pakistan v New Zealand. Coverage of the Group 2 match. 7.00 Best of ICC WT20 7.15 Best of ICC WT20 7.30 Best of ICC WT20 7.45 Best of ICC WT20 8.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 9.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 10.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 11.00 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 4.30am Best of The 2015 IPL 5.00-6.00am ICC WT20 Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 7.15 SPFL Highlights 7.30 Bundesliga Highlights Show 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 EFL Goals 10.00 EFL Highlights 11.00 EFL Play Off Final 12.00noon Bundesliga Highlights Show 1.00 EFL Goals 1.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 2.00 EFL Cup Final 09 3.00 EFL Highlights 6.00 MLS Round-Up Show 6.30 Soccer AM 7.00 LIVE EFL Cup Arsenal v Leeds United (kick-off 7.45pm). From Emirates Stadium. 10.15 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 10.30 Soccer AM 11.00 EFL Greatest Games 12.00m’t Retro: C’Ship Playoff Final 98 2.45 One2Eleven 3.00 EFL Play-Off Final: C’Ship 20/21 4.00 EFL Play-Off Final: League 1 20/21 5.00-6.00am EFL Play-Off Final: League 2 BT Sport 1 6.00am Ligue 1 Highlights 7.00 WWE NXT UK 8.00 Premier League Review 9.00 UEFA Champions League Goals Reload 9.15 UEFA Europa League Goals Reload 9.30 ESPN FC 10.00 The Football Archives: UEFA Champions League 10.30 FIM Enduro World Championship 11.00 Fishing: On The Bank 12.00noon Premier League World 12.30 Vanarama National League Highlights 1.00 Premier League Review 2.00 Inside Serie A 2.30 Serie A – Full Impact 3.00 Ligue 1 Highlights 4.00 ESPN FC 4.30 Premier League Review 5.30 Vanarama National League 7.00 Vanarama National League Highlights 7.30 LIVE Vanarama National League Altrincham v Solihull Moors (kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00 No Filter Boxing 10.15 BT Sport Films 12.00m’t LIVE Baseball Tonight MLB news. 1.00 LIVE MLB Action from MLB Postseason. 5.00 MotoGP Rewind. The latest highlights. 5.15 BT Sport Goals Reload 5.30-6.00am In Depth with Graham Bensinger BT Sport 2 6.00am Vanarama National League 7.30 Vanarama National League Highlights 8.00 BT Sport Goals Reload 8.30 Badminton 10.30 MotoGP 11.30 MotoGP Chequered Flag 12.30pm Gallagher Premiership Rugby Highlights 2.00 Rugby Tonight 2.45 FIM Enduro World Championship 3.15 BT Sport Goals Reload 3.30 Serie A. Inter Milan v Juventus. 4.30 Serie A – Full Impact 5.00 Inside Serie A 5.30 LIVE Serie A Spezia v Genoa (kick-off 5.30pm). From Stadio Alberto Picco. 7.30 LIVE Serie A AC Milan v Torino (kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the from San Siro. 9.45 The Dan Hardy Breakdown Show 10.15 Fight Week 10.45 Premier League Reload 11.00 MotoGP. Highlights of the latest action. 12.00m’t WWE NXT Highlights. The latest action. 1.00 LIVE WWE NXT Wrestling action. 3.15 MotoGP Rewind 3.30 BT Sport Goals Reload 4.00 Badminton Unlimited 4.30 ESPN Classic Boxing 5.00 Sailing to Tokyo 5.30-6.00am The Outdoor Sports Show Eurosport 1 6.00am Snooker: Northern Ireland Open 8.00 Motorsport: WTCR 8.30 Motorsport: ETCR. Round five from Pau-Arnos, France. 9.00 World Superbikes Extra 10.00 Cyclo-Cross 12.00noon FIA World Endurance Championship 1.00 Snooker: English Open Final 2017 3.00 Snowboarding 4.00 Hall of Fame – Nagano 1998 5.05 Bennetts British Superbikes 6.00 Bennetts British Superbikes Extra 7.00 Judo 7.30 Motorsport: Extreme E 8.30 European Rally Championship 9.00 FIA WEC: Wheels and Heels 9.35 Motorsport: WTCR 10.05 Cyclo-Cross 11.00 Alpine Skiing 12.00m’t Hall of Fame – Nagano 1998 1.00 Motocross World Championship 2.00 Cyclo-Cross 4.00 Hall of Fame – Salt Lake City 2002 5.00-6.00am Cyclo-Cross ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Man About the House 9.05 George and Mildred 9.35 Agatha Christie’s Marple 11.40 Heartbeat 1.45pm Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.55 A Touch of Frost 6.00 Heartbeat 8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.00 Scott & Bailey 11.00 Agatha Christie’s Marple 1.00am Scott & Bailey 2.00 Man About the House 2.25-2.30am Unwind With ITV ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am The Protectors 6.25 The Saint 7.20 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 8.15 Dempsey and Makepeace 9.25 The Professionals 10.30 Minder 11.30 The Saint 12.40pm Extreme Salvage Squad 1.30 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 2.40 Dempsey and Makepeace 3.45 The Professionals 4.50 Minder 6.00 LIVE World Cup Live 8.45 The Best of the 80s 9.00 FILM Manhunter (1986/18) ★★★★ 11.40 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 1.40am The Professionals 2.45-3.00am Unwind With ITV 5STAR Freeview 31 8.00am Entertainment News on 5 8.10 Rich Kids Go Skint 9.00 Rich House, Poor House 10.00 Filthy House SOS 11.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts 12.00noon Traffic Cops 1.10 FILM My Birthday Romance (2020/PG) ★★★ 1.55 Police Interceptors 5.00 Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts 6.00 Neighbours 6.30 Home and Away 7.00 Car Crime UK: Caught on Camera 8.00 Million Pound Motorhomes 9.00 A&E After Dark 10.00 Wentworth: The Final Sentence 11.05 FILM A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984/18) ★★★★★ 1.00 Adults Only: Sex on the Breadline 2.00 Cold Case Killers 3.00 Neighbours 3.25 Home and Away 3.50-4.00am Entertainment News on 5 Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 A Place in the Sun 2.00 Animal Cops Phoenix 3.00 Animal Cops Phoenix 4.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 5.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Ghost Adventures: Passport to Hell 10.00 Help! My House Is Haunted 11.00 Death Walker with Nick Groff 12.00m’t Paranormal 911 1.00 Kindred Spirits 2.00 Teleshopping 4.00-6.00am Antiques Road Trip Paramount Freeview 32 9.00am Entertainment News on 5 9.10 Criminals: Caught on Camera 9.40 Traffic Cops 11.45 FILM Duel at Diablo (1966/15) ★★★ 1.55 FILM Guns at Batasi (1964/PG) ★★★★ 4.00 Trucking Hell 5.00 Traffic Cops 7.00 Police Interceptors 9.00 Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders 10.00 Doomsday: Caught on Camera 11.00 Fights, Camera, Action! 12.00m’t Airport Security: Peru 1.00 Idiot TV 2.00 Fights, Camera, Action! 3.00 Hannibal 4.35-5.00am Criminals: Caught on Camera Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Highway Cops 12.00noon BBC Radio 1 97.6-99.8MHz 7.00am Greg James 10.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie 11.00 Radio 1’s Live Lounge 11.32 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie 12.45pm Newsbeat 1.00 Scott Mills 3.32 Going Home with Vick and Jordan 5.45 Newsbeat 6.00 Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo 10.00 Radio 1’s Power Down Playlist with Sian Eleri 11.00 Annie Nightingale Presents 1.00am Radio 1’s Indie Anthems 2.00 Radio 1’s Chillout Anthems 3.00 Radio 1’s Classical Movie Mixtape 4.00 Radio 1 Dance 5.00-7.00am Radio 1 Early Breakfast with Arielle Free BBC Radio 2 88-91MHz 6.30am The Gary Davies Breakfast Show 9.30 Scott Mills 12.00noon Jeremy Vine 2.00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon 5.00 Sara Cox 6.30 Sara Cox’s Half Wower 7.00 Will Young’s Shiny Happy Playlist 7.30 Will Young 9.00 The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum 10.00 Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation 12.00m’t Owain Wyn Evans 3.00 Sounds of the 80s Mastermix 4.00-6.30am Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio 3 90.2-92.4MHz 6.30am Breakfast 9.00 Essential Classics 12.00noon Composer of the Week: George Walker 1.00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert 2.00 Afternoon Concert 5.00 In Tune 7.00 In Tune Mixtape 7.30 Radio 3 in Concert 10.00 Free Thinking 10.45 The Essay: Lost Hours 11.00 Night Tracks 12.30-6.30am Through the Night DX1ST Entertainment & Factual Nothing to Declare 1.00 Border Patrol 2.00 Border Security: Canada’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 The Librarians 6.00 Quantum Leap 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 9.00 The Rookie 10.00 Fringe 11.00 Murders That Shocked the Nation 12.00m’t Britain’s Most Evil Killers 1.00 Banged Up Abroad 2.00 Nothing to Declare 3.00 Border Patrol 4.00 Motorway Patrol 5.00-6.00am Police Force: Australia GOLD 7.30am Ever Decreasing Circles 8.40 Are You Being Served? 9.20 Open All Hours 10.00 Last of the Summer Wine 11.20 Keeping Up Appearances 12.00noon Dad’s Army 12.40 Ever Decreasing Circles 1.20 Are You Being Served? 2.00 Open All Hours 2.40 The Green Green Grass 3.20 The Good Life 4.00 Keeping Up Appearances 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Open All Hours 6.40 Are You Being Served? 7.20 Dad’s Army 8.00 Gavin & Stacey 9.15 Mrs Brown’s Boys 10.00 Sandylands 10.40 Mrs Brown’s Boys 11.20 Peep Show 12.30am The Rebel 1.50 Mrs Brown’s Boys 2.35 Peep Show 3.25-4.00am Ever Decreasing Circles Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Impossible Engineering 8.00 Forbidden History 9.00 Bangers and Cash 10.00 Restoration Workshop 11.00 Secrets of the Railways 12.00noon Great British Railway Journeys 2.00 Abandoned Engineering 4.00 The Buildings That Fought Hitler 5.00 Nazi Hunters 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Abandoned Engineering 8.00 Fighting for King and Empire: Britain’s Caribbean Heroes 9.00 Walter Tull – Forgotten Hero 10.00 Black Panthers of WW2 11.00 Africa and Britain: A Forgotten History 1.00-3.00am Impossible Engineering Alibi 7.10am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1.00 The Coroner 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 The Coroner 9.00 Happy Valley 10.20 Murdoch Mysteries 11.20 The Good Wife 12.20am Unforgettable 1.20 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2.25-4.00am Copper Sky Max 6.00am Grimm 8.00 Delicious 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles Radio Live EFL Cup Sky Sports Main Event, 7pm Emile Smith Rowe (left) and Arsenal welcome Leeds United to the Emirates for this fourth-round tie. The Gunners have beaten West Brom and AFC Wimbledon to get to this point. CHOICE Pride or Prejudice: How We Read Now Radio 4, 11.30am Abigail Williams, Professor of English at the University of Oxford, explores changing views of the novel. She begins by considering it from the perspective of the reader, with contributors including Nadifa Mohamed, Sarah Solemani, Jonny Geller and Jo Bloom. BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 The Life Scientific 9.30 One to One 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: Slime: A Natural History 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 Hacking Capitalism 11.30 Pride or Prejudice: How We Read Now 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 The Frequency of Us 12.18 Call You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 39 Ways to Save the Planet 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: The Beatboxer 3.00 The Kitchen Cabinet 3.30 Costing the Earth 4.00 Law in Action 4.30 A Good Read 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 Daliso Chaponda: Citizen of Nowhere 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 8.00 File on 4 8.40 In Touch 9.00 Inside Health 9.30 The Life Scientific 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime: The Frequency of 1.00pm Hawaii Five-0 2.00 MacGyver 3.00 Hooten & the Lady 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 Grimm 8.00 Supergirl 9.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 9.45 The Deirdre O’Kane Show 10.45 Rob & Romesh vs Golf 11.45 Brassic 12.40am The Force: Manchester 1.35 Road Wars 2.00 Stop, Search, Seize 3.00 Hawaii Five-0 4.00 MacGyver 5.00-6.00am Highway Cops Sky Atlantic 6.00am Urban Secrets 7.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 Six Feet Under 11.15 Boardwalk Empire 1.30pm The Sopranos 3.45 Blue Bloods 5.45 True Blood 7.55 Game of Thrones 9.00 Gangs of London 10.05 Chernobyl 11.10 The Affair 12.15am City on a Hill 1.20 Dexter 2.25 True Blood 3.30 Californication 4.05-6.00am Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 Stop, Search, Seize 10.00 Send in the Dogs 11.00 The Real A&E 12.00noon CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Stop, Search, Seize 4.00 Paramedics Australia 5.00 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line 8.00 9-1-1 9.00 The Good Doctor 10.00 Departure 12.00m’t Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.00 New Amsterdam 2.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Grey’s Anatomy 4.00 Station 19 5.00-6.00am Brit Cops: Law & Disorder Sky Comedy 8.00am The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 9.00 Everybody Hates Chris 10.00 The Mindy Project 11.00 The Office (US) 12.00noon Parks and Recreation 12.30 Silicon Valley 1.50 Veep 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 The Office (US) 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6.30 Silicon Valley 7.20 Veep 7.55 Sex and the City 9.00 NEW Insecure 9.35 Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail 10.00 Russell Howard: Wonderbox 11.45 The Late Late Show with James Corden 12.35am Saturday Night Live 2.00 Wellington Paranormal 3.00 The Mindy Project 3.30 30 Rock 4.00-5.00am Everybody Hates Chris Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Deadliest Catch 8.00 Building Off the Grid 9.00 The Alaska Triangle 10.00 Diesel Brothers 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Junkyard Empire 1.00 Gold Rush 4.00 Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch 5.00 Wheeler Dealers 6.00 Fast N’ Loud 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Kindig Customs 9.00 Gold Rush 10.00 Gold Rush The Dirt: The Hoffman Story 12.00m’t Gold Rush 1.00 Gold Rush The Dirt: The Hoffman Story 2.00 Deadliest Catch 3.00 Gold Rush 4.00 Fast N’ Loud 4.50 Wheeler Dealers 5.40-6.00am How It’s Made National Geographic 8.00am Air Crash Investigation 10.00 Car S.O.S 12.00noon Europe from Above 1.00 Drain the Oceans 3.00 Air Crash Investigation 5.00 Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted 6.00 Car S.O.S 8.00 Sex in the Stone Age 9.00 Giant Crystal Cave 10.00 Earth’s Giant Hole 11.00 Nazi Megastructures 12.00m’t Inside the SS 1.00 WW2: Hell Under the Sea 2.00 Seconds from Disaster 3.00-5.00am Air Crash Investigation Us 11.00 Fortunately 11.30 Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week: Slime: A Natural History 12.48 Shipping Forecast 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping Forecast 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer for the Day 5.45 Farming Today 5.58-6.00am Tweet of the Day BBC Radio 5 Live 693/909kHz 6.00am 5 Live Breakfast 9.00 Your Call 10.00 Naga Munchetty 1.00pm Clive Myrie 4.00 5 Live Drive 7.00 5 Live Sport 10.30 Nick Bright 1.00am Dotun Adebayo 5.00-6.00am Wake Up to Money BBC Radio Wales FM: 94.6MHz 6.00am Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers 8.30 Steffan Powell 11.00 Wynne Evans 2.00pm Lynn Bowles 5.00 Gareth Lewis 6.30 Science Cafe 7.00 Radio Wales Sport 10.00 The Late Show with Eleri Sion 12.30am As Radio 5 Live 5.30-6.00am Science Cafe Classic FM 100-102MHz 6.00am More Music Breakfast 9.00 Alexander Armstrong 12.00noon Anne- Marie Minhall 4.00 John Brunning 7.00 Smooth Classics at Seven 8.00 The Classic FM Concert with John Suchet 10.00 Smooth Classics 1.00-6.00am Bill Overton Absolute Radio 1215kHz 6.00am Dave Berry 10.00 Leona Graham 1.00pm Ben Burrell 4.00 Bush and Richie 7.00 Ross Buchanan 10.00 Jay Lawrence 1.00-6.00am Chris Martin Movies Film4 11.00am The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955/U) Courtroom drama, starring Rod Steiger and Gary Cooper. ★★★★ 1.05pm Run Silent, Run Deep (1958/U) Second World War drama, starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. ★★★★ 3.00 The Man in the Iron Mask (1977/PG) Swashbuckling adventure, starring Richard Chamberlain and Louis Jourdan. ★★★ 5.10 Captain Scarlett (1953/U) Swashbuckling adventure, starring Richard Greene. ★★★ 6.50 The Maze Runner (2014/12) Sci-fi adventure, starring Dylan O’Brien. ★★★★ 9.00 BlacKkKlansman (2018/15) Drama, starring John David Washington. ★★★★★ 11.40 Roman J Israel, Esq (2018/12) Crime drama, starring Denzel Washington. ★★★★ 2.00-3.45am Pili (2017/12) Director Leanne Welham’s drama, with Bello Rashid. ★★★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 6.50am Cliffs of Freedom (2019/15) See 2.50am for details. ★★★ 9.25 Curious George: Go West, Go Wild (2020/PG) See 4.30pm for details. ★★★ 11.10 Monster Family 2 (2021/U) See 6.15pm for details. ★★★ 12.55pm Fear and Loathing in Aspen (2021/15) See 9.45pm for details. ★★★ 2.40 Mosley (2019/PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Lucy Lawless. ★★★ 4.30 Curious George: Go West, Go Wild (2020/PG) Animated adventure, with the voice of Frank Welker. ★★★ 6.15 Monster Family 2 (2021/U) Animated comedy, voiced by Jason Isaacs. ★★★ 8.00 Rogue Hostage (2021/15) Action thriller, with Tyrese Gibson and John Malkovich. ★★ 9.45 Fear and Loathing in Aspen (2021/15) Premiere. The true story of Hunter S Thompson’s curious, bizarre and entertaining run to be sheriff of Pitkin County in 1970. Starring Jay Bulger and Blair Carlyle. ★★★ 11.20 Survive the Night (2020/15) Action thriller, starring Bruce Willis. ★★ 1.05am Cordelia (2019/15) Horror, starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes. ★★★★ 2.50 Cliffs of Freedom (2019/15) Drama, starring Tania Raymonde. ★★★ 5.25-7.15am Mosley (2019/PG) See 2.40pm for details. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 4.20pm A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019/PG) Drama, with Tom Hanks. ★★★★ 6.15 Purple Rain (1984/15) Musical drama, with Prince and Apollonia Kotero. ★★★ 8.15 Black Joy (1977/15) Comedy, starring Trevor Thomas and Norman Beaton. ★★★ 10.00 Le Mans 66 (2019/12) Drama starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. ★★★★ 12.35am Summer of ’72 (2019/15) Drama, with Natalia Dyer and Devon Bostick. ★★★ 2.25 Nuclear (2019/15) Drama, starring Emilia Jones and Sienna Guillory. ★★★ 4.10-6.10am To the Stars (2019/12) Drama, with Kara Hayward and Jordana Spiro. ★★★ Sky Cinema Spooky 4.30pm The Addams Family (1991/PG) Black comedy, starring Anjelica Huston. ★★★★ 6.15 Monster House (2006/PG) Animated comedy horror, with the voices of Mitchel Musso and Sam Lerner. ★★★★ 7.50 Scooby-Doo (2002/PG) Comedy adventure, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. ★★ 9.20 Labyrinth (1986/U) Adventure, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. ★★★★ 11.05 Gremlins (1984/15) Comedy horror, with Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates. ★★★★ 12.55am Coraline (2009/PG) Stop-motion animated fantasy, with the voices of Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher. ★★★★★ 2.45 Redemption of the Ghost (2001/PG) Drama, starring Diane Ladd. ★★ 4.45-6.55am Proximity (2020/PG) Sci-fi drama, with Ryan Masson and Highdee Kuan. ★★★ TCM 5.30pm Westbound (1959/U) Western, starring Randolph Scott and Andrew Duggan. ★★★ 6.55 Ghost Town (1956/U) Western, starring Kent Taylor and John Smith. ★★★ 9.00 Blood Father (2016/15) Action thriller, starring Mel Gibson. ★★★★ 10.50 National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983/15) Comedy, starring Chevy Chase. ★★★ 12.50-4.30am Doctor Zhivago (1965/PG) Epic drama, starring Omar Sharif. ★★★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm The Toy (1983/PG) Comedy, starring Richard Pryor and Ned Beatty. ★★ 6.40 Vertical Limit (2000/12) Action adventure, starring Chris O’Donnell and Bill Paxton. ★★ 9.00 Heist (2001/15) Thriller, starring Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito. ★★★★ 11.10 The Hatton Garden Job (2017/15) Truelife crime drama, with Stephen Moyer. ★★★★ 1.05am Alpha Dog (2006/15) Fact-based crime drama, starring Emile Hirsch. ★★★ 3.25-6.00am What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993/12) Drama, starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. ★★★★

42 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Calvin and hobbEs Bill Watterson DX1ST Russell Grant Britain’s celebrity astrologer Dilbert Scott Adams Faith, hope and sue Lisa Wild Rupert AND THE distant music No 5 “Those sandwiches should last a while,” He chuckles. “What a lovely pile!” Rupert pleads hard. “Let me go with Bill,” he begs. “We know that country beyond the Commonl, and if we’re together we can’t get lost!” So Mrs Bear gives her consent, makes some sandwiches, puts them in his satchel, and still looking anxious, waves goodbye as he hurries away. “This is a mystery,” he thinks. “Algy, Podgy and Rastus know this countryside well too. So why are they all lost?” © Express Newspapers 2021 Chicken fried rice To order the New Rupert Bear Soft Toy (30cm - Rainbow Designs) at £14.99 please call 01872 562315: or order on www.classicrupertbearshop.com. UK P & P £4.95 So off he goes to meet friend Bill, And waves back, half-way up the hill. This is a great recipe for using up chicken meat after a Sunday roast and can also include vegetables as well as the peas and mushrooms. Serves 6 INGREDIENTS Method 1) Cook rice according to 375g uncooked white rice packet instructions. Allow to cool. 1 tbsp butter 2) Heat butter in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. 2 skinless chicken breast Brown chicken in butter and season with salt to taste. Once fillets, diced cooked through and no longer pink in the centre, remove salt to taste chicken from pan and set aside. 2 eggs, beaten 3) Transfer cooked rice to the pan in which the chicken was 75g mushrooms, sliced cooked, stirring to brown. 4) In a separate pan, lightly 100g frozen peas scramble the eggs – then add this to the rice. 2 spring onions, chopped 5) Stir in chicken, peas, mushrooms, spring onions 1 tablespoon soy sauce, or to and soy sauce until cooked through then serve taste immediately. ALAN’S TIP OF THE DAY: Start ordering Christmas cards and gardening gifts from charity catalogues such as Perennial the Gardeners’ Royal Benevolent Society, The Royal Horticultural Society or the RSPB, to be sure of delivery in good time before Christmas. Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20 It doesn’t matter if accepting the help of a senior colleague gives you an advantage over others. You need to think about your own goals now. Trust your intuition. It will help you sense who to trust and what you need to do to find success. 0905 789 3701 ** Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 You crave a romantic relationship that makes you feel whole. There’s no happiness to be gained from a partner who refuses to share their feelings. Unless they change you’re ready to call it a day. You crave something more meaningful. 0905 789 3702 ** Gemini May 22 – June 21 Some discussions will help you understand yourself better. You are starting to acknowledge what brings you pleasure and what causes you pain. At home you are in the mood to stir up excitement. You’re thinking of planning a journey soon. 0905 789 3703 ** Putting some time aside for reflection will be very good for you. You will learn a lot through assessing your recent achievements. In some ways you may have done better but in others you definitely exceeded your expectations. 0905 789 3704 ** Forget about what went on yesterday, last week or last year. Bring your mind into the present. Think about the future by starting to make plans. Aim to achieve something big. Reminding yourself of past events is only holding you back. 0905 789 3705 ** Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23 You’ve been stuck in a rut for too long now. You’re starting to grow bored with current interests. It is time to expand your experiences and activities. Although you like to feel settled you need stimulation and to feel as if you are progressing. Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23 A money-spinning idea will seem to pop into your head from out of nowhere. You feel sure that if you act on this idea you will make a healthy profit. Before committing to a business deal you need to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22 You will be thinking of different and various permutations of things that might happen. You feel you have a good idea how some events will play out. It could therefore come as quite a surprise to you that you get some things very wrong. 0905 789 3708 ** Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21 A group event will be cancelled at the last minute. It’s a tough game ahead if you agree to get involved in a competitive event. Senior colleagues are about to introduce new rules. You aren’t sure you are going to like or agree with these. 0905 789 3709 ** Cancer June 22 – July 23 Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20 There’s some frustration that a job someone carried out for you has cost more than expected. Or you may not be offered the payment for something you have done for someone. Never mind, it is the pleasure of doing them that counts. 0905 789 3710 ** Leo July 24 – Aug 23 Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 Someone you recently met has an uncanny understanding of your thoughts and feelings. You now know what it means that two minds can think as one. Are you single? You will get on with someone you are introduced to. 0905 789 3711 ** Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 A family chat will help lift some anxieties from your heart. It will feel good to know there are people who understand. You don’t have to walk around with worries locked deep inside of you. Share your burdens. Friends want to help you out. 0905 789 3712 ** 0905 789 3706 ** 0905 789 3707 ** **Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of five minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service Provider: Spoke. Helpline: 0333 202 3390.

WIN £10,000 IN OUR MONTHLY COMPETITION TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING: Text PLAY to 61011 Texts cost £2.00 + 1 standard network rate message or call 0903 681 8282 Calls cost £2.00 + network access charge. or post your name and phone number to Express Win, PO Box 8162 Derby, DE1 9GU ENDS 31ST OCTOBER T&Cs: To refuse marketing messages, end SMS with NO INFO. SP: Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0330 880 6060.Min age 18+. All entries after lines close at midnight on the last day of the month will not count and may still be charged. Postal entries close at midnight on 5th of the following month. One winner will be selected at random from all correct entries after the closing date and will be contacted by phone within 5 days. Full T&Cs at www.express.co.uk/news/uk/5166/EXPRESS-NEWSPAPERS-COMPETITION-ENTRY-RULES. Surname and county of the winner will be published. If you object to your information being made available please see our privacy notice online at www.express.co.uk/privacy-notice. This prize drawer is syndicated across other Reach titles. For a full list of our brands see www. reachplc.com/our-brands

44 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST Letters Initial vaccine rollout ran with military precision I have just read the excellent articles by James Whale and Leo McKinstry (October 25) about the poor rollout of the booster jab campaign. They ask why after such a good vaccination campaign are things so chaotic? The answer is simple. One was run with the aid of the military and the other back to the useless civil servants. The whole Civil Service would benefit from a long military course in running the NHS and indeed the whole country. Ervin James, Maidstone, Kent Government’s dodgy Covid figures just don’t add up It’s time we had some honesty regarding the Government’s figures on Covid. In fact it would have been nice to have some honesty from the start (“Over-50s to have booster jabs sooner in race to beat virus”, October 25). After almost two years of the pandemic the number of deaths still refer to 28 days after testing positive, so people falling under buses, dying of heart attacks, cancer, murder, suicide etc are all there bumping up the figures. Alan Maddocks, Bradford Excellent Javid is a shot in the arm for our nation Health Secretary Sajid Javid really is good at his job. His move to cut the waiting time to book booster jabs is exactly what the doctor ordered. It will calm down anxiety in the most vulnerable too. This is an excellent move from an excellent Health Secretary. Geoffrey Brooking, Havant, Hants Hello there doctor, the Queen will see you now are your readers who are complaining about the Queen seeing a doctor and getting in to hospital unaware the Royal Family, in particular the Queen, has their own physician and a suite in their hospital that attends to them all (Letters, October 25)? The Royal Family does not take away from the NHS. The Queen does not attend a doctor’s, her doctor attends the palaces. Susan Turnbull, Bedlington, Northumb Ole’s at the wheel but it’s Ed who crashed Man Utd Don’t lay the blame on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United’s humiliating loss to fierce rivals Liverpool (“My darkest day” October 25). He is out of his depth at this level of football but he is a genuine (adopted) Mancunian and he has done his best. The blame surely lies with United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward for appointing him. Please don’t pillory Ole, you’re picking on the wrong man. Alan Reeve, Heanor, Derbys The Daily Express, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP Email: expressletters@express.co.uk (include your full name, address and telephone number) Picture: Getty Letter of the day TRICKY: Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s got a job on his hands Old Trafford stars thrashed but their hair looked good What an absolutely miserable performance from Manchester United with their multimillionpound salary stars with their fancy hairdos, they were only good for the front cover of Vogue. And as for Paul Pogba, surely his time is up at Old Trafford. Robert Christie, Neath, W Glam Don’t blame the manager, point finger at players Here we go again, a top football club get thrashed and it’s blamed on the manager. The players are to blame. They get paid ridiculous salaries and put in very poor performances. There are too many of them with huge egos. It’s about time they put in an effort for the manager instead of performing as though they want him to be sacked. Roy Hutchings, Chesterfield, Derbys Council has too much time and money on its hands In all the fuss from Caerphilly Borough Council about Admiral Nelson, the question arises as to what a council was doing searching for such information instead of getting on with business (“Woke history lesson no slave to the facts”, October 22). The Welsh, like the Scots, get more money per head of population than the English. Do they get more than they deserve? Thomas Sayers, Saltburn, N Yorks Right-to-die Bill is fatally flawed and very dangerous It is extremely sad to learn of Lord Field’s terminal illness. He is a respected politician who was courageous to admit he had changed his opinion on “assisted dying” (“I’m dying... Frank Field reveals why he is backing right-todie”, October 23). However once a patient has taken the cocktail of lethal drugs it is too late for them to change their mind. As a GP, I believe Baroness Meacher’s Bill is unnecessary, dangerous and misinformed. Dr Matt Davis, Birmingham GP strike would be a bitter pill for patients to swallow Can anyone tell me who would notice if GPs went on strike (Carole Malone, October 23)? I haven’t seen my GP for two ● facebook.com /dailyexpress ● twitter: @daily_express Taxpayer is Rishi’s magic money tree So does Rishi Sunak really have the fabled “magic money tree” hiding down the back of his sofa (“Rishi: I’ll clear NHS Covid backlog for millions”, October 25)? After nurses and NHS staff being told there was no money for a “proper” pay rise earlier this year and then after the news of next year’s National Insurance tax rises to pay for the NHS backlog and social care shortfall, the Chancellor has done his cleaning and found billions of pounds from somewhere. It seems like it’s a good news/bad news week because it will have to be paid for by the taxpayers among us. And by golly, this week’s Budget could be the dooziest of tax hike fests. Ashley Smith, March, Cambs years, despite being classed in the high-risk category. When I have tried to make an appointment I’ve been fobbed off with the excuse that I must have a telephone appointment first. That’s fine, but when I do get called back it is with the surgery pharmacist. The only doctors I have seen have been in the hospital and they are working their socks off. Some GPs get paid almost £100,000 a year. Isn’t it time they started earning it? Liz Armstrong, Bridlington, E Yorks Hospice chief talking balls over rugby club’s drag act Once again, the superlative commentary from Carole Malone in the Daily Express hits the nail right on the head on all topics (“Hospice needs wake-up call”, October 23). The drag dressing charity fundraising lads from Upton Rugby Club are doing what most rugby players do on a regular basis. My own son has dressed in a tutu and pink tights on one occasion. Chief executive at St Richard’s Hospice, Worcester, June Patel, grow up, get over it and offer your thanks because counting the amount of complaints will take a second when you realise your postbox is empty. Carole Burton, Lichfield IS IT TIME TO CRACK DOWN ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS? Yes No I’LL tell you what the Government should do, treat social media companies like publishers and make them responsible for every word on their sites (“50 MPs tell social media to combat online abuse”, October 25). The abuse would end overnight. Newspapers, magazines and their websites wouldn’t get away with publishing some of the horrific things you see on Twitter and Facebook, so why should they? A few expensive libel trials would make these companies realise they aren’t untouchable. Ian Johnstone, Chester THE terrible trolling of our politicians and black footballers on social media is unforgivable and those responsible must be brought to justice. However most people on TikTok, Snapchat and Reddit use it responsibly and as a tool of free speech it is more or less unbeatable. I would hate to have my freedoms on the internet curbed. I agree that the big social media companies have been slow to react to the appalling abuse dished out by cowardly trolls. But don’t make us all pay for their downright stupidity. Melanie Robinson, Nottingham TODAY: Tuesday October 26, 2021 On this day 38 years ago (1983) We revealed the US-led invasion of Grenada following a communist coup led by Maurice Bishop to overthrow the ruling government. The Caribbean island was stormed by a combined force of US Marines and troops from six other neighbouring countries who quickly seized control of the airport in the capital, St George’s. The UN condemned the invasion as a violation of international law. 103 years ago (1918) The Supreme Commander of the Imperial German Army, Quartermastergeneral Erich Ludendorff, was dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II for refusing to co-operate in peace negotiations with the Allies. Ludendorff was responsible for developing the theory of “total war”, arguing that peace between nations was merely an interval between wars. 65 years ago (1956) Fighting continued in Hungary between pro-democracy supporters and the Red Army. The country’s new PM Imre Nagy had promised free elections and the country’s withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact. But Nagy’s bold move met with strong resistance from Moscow. Birthdays Ex-US First Lady Hillary Clinton is 74. She began her career as a Republican. American country singer Keith Urban is 54. He is married to Nicole Kidman. Former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion is 69. He is also a novelist and biographer. Ex-Charlie’s Angels star Jaclyn Smith is 76. She also designs womenswear. TODAY’S GIGGLE Why does the Pope like Swiss cheese? Because it’s holey.

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46 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 + BG + Barclays + BT + Centrica + Dixons Carphone + First Group + HSBC + Kingfisher + Marks & Spencer + Next + Prudential + Rolls-Royce + Sainsburys + Tesco + Unilever + Vodafone + Whitbread + WPP 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW Aerospace & Defence Avon Rubber ............2010 -36 4625 1763 Babcock International. . . . . .328½ -2¾ 380¼ 199 BAE Systems ............574# -15½ 599½ 397 Chemring Group ...........299 -1 338 249 Meggitt .................748¼ -1¾ 839¼ 270 QinetiQ Group ...........275½ -¾ 356 236½ Rolls-Royce Group ........132½ -2½ 147½ 69½ Senior ...................160 181 48½ Ultra Electronics ..........3254 +14 3370 1856 Alternative Energy Porvair ...................675 694 485 Banks Barclays ................200½ +1¾ 204 103¾ Bco Santander ...........281¼ +½ 300½ 151 Close Brothers ..........1460# +5 1685 1061 CYBG ..................201½ +2¼ 215½ 90¼ HSBC Holdings ...........443 +8¼ 455½ 319 Investec .................325¼ +¼ 337¼ 143¼ Lloyds Banking Grp ........48¾ 50 27¼ Metro Bank ...............105 -1 150 58 NatWest Group ...........232 +1¾ 234 115¼ Standard Chartered ........489 +¼ 521½ 345 Beverages Barr (AG) ...............511# 582 451 Britvic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 875 -7½ 1006 728 Coca-Cola HBC ..........2470 +3 2784 1755 Diageo .................3620½ -19 3666 2499 Chemicals Carclo .................... 37 68¾ 12 Croda International ........9300 +42 9326 5860 Elementis ................139 +3 161¾ 72¼ Johnson Matthey .........2717 +17 3300 2149 Synthomer ..............474# +5½ 564 374 Treatt ...................1135 -20 1225 600 Victrex ..................2354 +26 2706 1830 Construction & Materials Balfour Beatty ............259½ +2¼ 322¾ 208¾ Clarke T. .................170 +1 183 81 CRH ...................3481 +41 3921 2636 Dialight ..................370 380 238 Galliford Try ..............188 -1¼ 196¼ 70 Gleeson (MJ) .............782 +30 900 560 Keller Group ..............932 +35 1028 506 Kier Group ...............110 +1¾ 133 41½ Kingspan Grp ...........8107½ -3¼ 8247½ 4465¼ Marshalls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .726½# +3½ 845 628 Morgan Sindall ..........2325# +40 2685 1096 Severfield-Rowen ........... 72 +2 82½ 53½ Smart (J) & Co. ..........128½ 131½ 111½ Tyman ...................379 -4½ 507 265 Electricity Drax Group ..............528½ -4½ 554 286½ SSE ...................1615½ -12 1675 1250 Electronic & Electrical Equipment Acal ....................1050 +2 1262 560 Halma ..................2942 -16 3137 2194 Morgan Crucible ..........347½ +2½ 412½ 245 Oxford Instruments ........2350 -20 2680 1524 Renishaw ...............4952 -48 6900 4368 Spectris ................3737# -22 4083 2439 TT Electronics ............259½ +2 290 193 XP Power ...............5100 -130 5700 3960 Equity investment instruments Aberdeen All Asia ..........740 -10 820 642½ Aberdeen Asian Sml ......1405 1485 1005 Aberforth Smll.Co. ........1462 1612 865 Acorn Income ...........367½ Advance Devlpg Fund ......714 -10 752½ 605 Albion Tech.& Gen. VCT ..... 75 77 64 Albion VCT ...............54½ 70 52 Alliance Trust ............1034 1044 805 Artemis Alpha ............431½ 458 268 Aurora Inv.Tst. ...........229½ +6½ 245 163¾ AVI Global Tst ...........1042 +10 1042 729 Baillie Gifford Japan ........981 -1 1132 916 Baillie Gifford Shin Nip .....230½ +½ 270 218½ Bankers Inv.Tst ..........113¼ +½ 119¼ 98 Baronsmead VCT.2 ......... 77 81½ 67 BH Macro GBP. . . . . . . . . . . 3530 -40 3700 3240 Biotech Growth Trust ......1170 +2 1736 1152 BlackRock Mining ..........573 +16 691 395½ Blue Planet Intl Tst .........24½ +½ 30½ 21 BlueCrest AllBlue .........268 -2 278 210 Bluehone AiM VCT2 .......36½ 36½ 29½ British Assets Tst .........99½# -½ 102½ 88½ Brunner Inv.Tst ...........1025 +20 1085 763 Caledonia Inv.. . . . . . . . . . . . 3525 -125 3650 2630 City Natural Res.Yld .......171¾ +3 179¾ 88 City Of London ............388 402½ 308 Dunedin Ent.IT. ..........475# -3 485 315 Dunedin Income ...........324 334 243 Edin Wwide Inv ..........312½ +4½ 423 287½ Edin.Drgn.Tst. .............504 +3 592 449 Edin.Inv.Tst. ..............614 -2 643 437½ Edin.US Tracker .........283½# 287 205 Elderstreet VCT ...........50¼ 53 40½ Electra Private Eq. .........570 -14 670 172¼ European Ass Tst. . . . . . . . . 139# 150½ 99¾ F&C Cap&Inc .............325 -½ 339 237½ F&C Inv Tst. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 876# -1 898 687 F&C Smaller Cos .........166¾ +1 172¾ 122½ F&C US Smaller Companies 1400 +10 1465 980 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW Fidelity Asian ............485½ +9½ 506 348 Fidelity European .........316# -2 331 244 Fidelity Japanese .........236½ +3½ 261 200 Fidelity Special ...........297½ +1½ 310½ 174½ Finsbury Gwth&In .........878# -8 923 782 Foresight Tech.VCT ........72½ 73 57½ Gartmore Euro. ...........1580 +25 1650 1200 Genesis E.M.F. ............832 +6 948 787 Graphite Ent .............1166 1210 800 Hansa Tst ‘A’ ............218# Hansa Tst Plc ............220# Henderson Euro.Tst ......1500# +10 236 162½ 242 162½ 1560 1212½ Henderson Far Est ........301½ +½ 343 286½ Henderson High Inc .......167# 183½ 123¼ Henderson Opp Tst ......1397½ -7½ 1602½ 877 Herald Inv.Tst. ...........2330 -5 2630 1726 HGCapital Tst. ...........376½ -1½ 408 286 HSBC Infrastructure .......161½ +½ 179½ 160 Impax Env.Mkt ............519 544 376 Int.Biotech.Tst .............710 -6 858 688½ International Public ........162# -¼ 176½ 160½ Invesco Asia .............370½ +½ 420 304½ Invesco Perp UK ..........594 660 395½ JPM American ............703 +1 706½ 503 JPM Asian .............438½# -½ 544 406½ JPM Claverhouse ..........751 +5 764 528 JPM Elect Man Gwth ......1060 +5 1090 800 JPM Emerg Mkt .........131½# +1 151¾ 116¼ JPM Euro Sml Co .........541 +1 559 381 JPM Global Emerging .....143½ +3 158½ 116 JPM Indian ...............821 +11 843 590 JPM Japanese ............656 +1 739 592 JPM Mid Cap ...........1300# -15 1565 904 JPM Overseas IT ..........438 -5 452 338 JPM Smaller Co ...........390 -7 472½ 264 JPM US Sml Co ..........423½ +2½ 453 308½ Jupiter Euro. .............827# -7 875 662 JZ Capital Partners ........118 127½ 70 Keystone Inv.Tst ...........330 +4 363 246 Law Debenture ...........755# +4 808 499 Lowland Invest Co .......1305# 1425 891 Majedie Inv. ..............227 +9 252½ 188 Manchester&Lon. .........572# -1 673 532 Martin Currie Prtflo Tst ....404½# +1½ 425 335 Matrix Inc & Gwth 4 ........95½ 96½ 61½ Maven Income And Growth VCT 42½ 42½ 39 Mercantile Inv Tst ........259½# -3 291 198¾ Merchants Tst ............551# +1 557¼ 335 Mid Wynd Int. ............792# +2 836 642 Midas Inc&Gwth Tst ........189 195 140¼ Monks Inv.Tst. ...........1364 -8 1484 1146 Montanaro Euro Tst ........200 -2 215 136 Montanaro Uk ...........165½# -½ 182½ 118 Murray Inc.Tst. ............891 +2 952 700 Murray Int.Tst ...........1106# 1230 905 New India ................617 +1 660 452½ New Star Inv.Tst ...........143 +1 145 112 North Atl.Smlr.Tst .........4865 +25 4980 2810 Northern 2 VCT ...........63½ 70½ 49½ Northern Venture ..........69¼ 77¾ 55½ Oxford Tech 2 VCT ........27½ 27½ 20 Oxford Tech VCT ..........27½ 29 27 Pacific Assets .............344 +1 369½ 281½ Pacific Horizon ............923 -14 949 618 Pantheon Int. ............2990 +45 3020 2155 Pershing Square Hold .....2970 +55 3015 2070 Polar Cap.Tech ..........2478 -4 2576 2085 RCM Technology Trust ....312½ -½ 327 246 RIT Capital Partners. . . . . . 2580# -10 2690 1818 Ruffer Investment .........307# 309¾ 235 Schroder Asia .............587 683 536 Schroder Inc. ...........298½# -½ 319½ 229 Schroder Japan ...........219 -1 231 174½ Schroder UK ..............228 +3 255 182 Schroder UK M&S .........684 796 480 Scottish American ........498½ -½ 524 423 Scottish Inv.Tst ...........814# +6 827 681 Scottish Mortgage ........1460 +21½ 1462¾ 991 Shires Inc. ...............264# +1 287½ 199¼ Shires Smlr.Co ...........357# 399 263 Small Comp Div.Tst ........210 +3 240 108½ SPARK VCT ..............21# 23 18¾ Standard Life Equity ........349 +½ 382 240 Standard Life UK Sml .....740# -1 784 550 SVM UK Emerging ........110½ 115½ 72 Temple Bar ..............1098 +12 1172 692 Templeton Emrg. .........185½ The European Inv.Tst ......154 +1 214½ 169¾ 169½ 119½ Throgmorton Tst ...........944 -1 1042 616 TR Euro.Growth .........1430# -5 1535 958 TR Prop. IT ..............475½ -½ 510 347½ Troy Inc & Growth Trust ....76¾ -½ 79 67¾ Value & Income .........221½# +1 236 148 Witan Inv Trust ............247 +½ 252 190¼ Witan Pacific .............398# +3 640 364½ Wwide Healthcare ........3635 +15 3960 3420 Financial Services 3i Group ...............1326½ +5 1339 960 3i Infrastructure ...........321½ +1½ 324½ 286 Ashmore Group ...........336 +4¼ 479½ 321½ Brewin Dolphin ............375 -1½ 406 235 Charles Stanley ..........512½ 515 230 City Of London Group ....... 75 90½ 70 Guinness Peat Group ......67# -¼ 79¾ 54½ Hargreaves Lansdown ....1558½ +9½ 1788 1352 IG Group ................822½ +3 952½ 750 Intermediate Cap.Grp .....2161 -4 2340 1171 The service is provided for general information only and is not intended to address individual requirements. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making investment decisions. Reasonable care will be taken in ensuring the accuracy of the information provided but it may include errors, omissions or inaccuracies. DX1ST SHARES AT A GLANCE 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW International Pers Fin .......136 +1¼ 155½ 57½ IP Group ................121½ -¾ 155¼ 77¼ Jupiter Fund Man. .........247 -1 306½ 225¾ Liontrust Asset Man .......2090 -25 2485 1185 London Stock Ex. .........7448 -152 9910 6914 Lonfin ...................39½ -1½ 41½ 32 M&G ...................196¾ -1¾ 248½ 144¾ Man Group ...............236 -¼ 241¼ 107½ Paragon Group ...........551½ +10 570 294 Provident Financial ........346¾ -8¾ 366¾ 184 Rathbone Brothers ........2015 -5 2065 1414 S & U. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2910 +10 2950 1640 Schroders ...............3564 +8 3871 2603 Schroders NV ............2445 +35 2735 1770 St James’s Place .........1554 +12 1692 885½ Standard Life .............257 -¾ 331 218 Tullett Prebon ............159# -3½ 262½ 149¼ Walker Crips Group ........29½ -1 36½ 25½ Fixed Line Telecommunications BT Group ...............135¼ -1½ 205½ 99 Telecom Plus ............1248 -22 1494 1010 Food & Drug Retailers Greggs .................3039 +1 3192 1285 Morrison (Wm) ...........286½ +½ 297 161¾ Ocado ..................1827 +10½ Sainsbury (J) .............296 +2¼ Tesco .................273¾# Food Producers A.B. Foods ..............1751 +24 2883 1565½ 340 197¾ +3 275½ 202¾ 2494 1639½ Anglo-Eastern .............716 -1 728 467½ Carr’s Milling ..............149 -4 167½ 99 Cranswick ...............3440 -12 4148 3200 Devro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 209 -1 227½ 146½ Glanbia ................1198¾ +89 1286 657 Greencore Group ..........128 -¼ 170¾ 89¼ Kerry Grp ‘A’ Shs .......9879½# +139¼ 10912½ 8458 Premier Foods ............113 +1¾ 122¼ 86 REA Holdings .............81¼ +1¼ 83¼ 50 Tate & Lyle ...............659 -5 815¾ 595¼ Unilever ................3879½ -13½ 4797 3733 Gas, Water & Multiutilities Centrica ..................59¼ +½ 61 37¼ National Grid .............911½ -¾ 979 806½ Pennon Group ...........1150 -2 1718¼ 1129 Severn Trent .............2665 -5 2915 2168 United Utilities ...........1000½ -1½ 1088½ 850½ General industrials Bunzl ...................2586 +1 2700 2150 DS Smith. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .372½# -2 462¼ 277 Goodwin ................3705 +165 3935 2790 Melrose .................159¾ -½ 190¾ 106½ Mondi .................1787½ -12½ 2068 1463 Smiths Group ...........1390# -32½ 1661 1329 Smurfit Kappa ............3669 -19 4305 2904 General Retailers Auto Trader ..............600½ -1¼ 660¾ 539¾ B&M Europ Value Ret .....617½ +7¼ 620¾ 461½ Caffyns ..................500 529 270 Dignity ...................751 -26 940 506 Dixons Carphone .........124½ +1¾ 159¼ 95¾ Dunelm .................1265 -17 1551 1141 Findel ...................253 -2 315 237 French Connection .........29¼ 29¾ 6¾ Halfords Group ...........278¼ +2 435 219 Howden Joinery ..........899# +5¾ 975½ 619 John David Group .......1064½ +5½ 1151 691 Kingfisher ..............343½# +1¾ 376½ 260¼ Lookers ................... 65 +½ 72½ 21 Marks & Spencer .........182¼ +4¼ 192¾ 88¾ Next ....................7856 +20 8394 5744 Pendragon ...............18¾ +½ 21 10½ Pets At Home .............488 +5¼ 519 369 RM Group ...............208½ 255 164 Sports Direct ..............644 +14½ 701½ 350 Ted Baker ...............134½ +1¼ 212½ 85 Topps Tiles ................ 65 -¼ 75½ 43 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW Travis Perkins ...........1550# +30 1830 1045½ WH Smith ..............1565½ -9½ 2016 975 Health Care Equipment & Services Flying Brands ..............5¾ +¼ 15 4¼ Mediclinic Intnl ...........336¾ +6½ 346½ 269½ Smith & Nephew ........1298# +5 1668½ 1243½ Household Goods & Home Construction Barratt Development ......646# +3½ 794¾ 482½ Bellway .................3211 +44 3712 2317 Berkeley Grp Hldgs .......4262 +14 5372¾ 4169 Bovis Homes ...........1167# +1½ 1346½ 540 Colefax Group ............645 675 410 Headlam Group ...........478 +9 536 251 Mcbride ..................66¼ +¾ 94½ 61 Persimmon ..............2629 +19 3238 2314 Reckitt Benckiser .........5471 -44 7110 5391 Redrow ................642¼# +5½ 718¾ 409½ Taylor Wimpey ..........149½# 191¾ 105¾ industrial Engineering Castings .................355 -5 420 311 Hill & Smith ..............1786 +26 1902 1196 IMI .....................1679 +7 1827 1034 Northgate ...............393½ +5½ Rotork ...................355 443 177½ +¼ 376½ 279½ Slingsby H.C ..............190 270 190 Spirax-Sarco ...........15465# +20 16600 10710 Vesuvius ................478½ +2¾ 590 393½ Vitec Group .............1465# +35 1615 680 Weir Group .............1708# +40½ 2107 1433½ Xaar .....................170 -2¾ 258½ 113 industrial Metals & Mining Bodycote ...............821½# -½ 984½ 646 Evraz ...................644½ +11½ 698¼ 359½ Ferrexpo ................324¾ +14¼ 501 179½ industrial Transportation Braemar Shipping Serv .....256 -1 310 123 Clarkson ................3955 +35 4010 2000 Fisher (J) & Sons ..........506 -278 1288 500 John Menzies ............287½ -3 353 102½ Ocean Wilsons ............965 1135 620 Royal Mail ...............417 -3 606½ 226½ Stobart Group .............13¾ -¼ 37¾ 12 Wincanton ................386 +11 470 206 Leisure Goods Games Workshop ......10520# -40 12220 9135 Photo-Me Intl. .............66¼ 78¾ 43¾ Life insurance Aviva ...................396¾ +1¼ 426¼ 256½ Chesnara ...............282½ -3 314 258½ Legal & General ..........282¼ +½ 296½ 182¼ Phoenix Group ...........659¼ -2½ 786¼ 623½ Prudential ...............1464 +7 1585½ 934½ Media 4imprint Group ...........2885 +45 3170 2050 Bloomsbury Publish. .......355 +13 401 210 Daily Mail & Gen .........1054 -6 1124 676 Future ..................3502 -4 3910 1634 Informa .................517¾ -1 598½ 416 ITE Group ...............108½ -½ 152 50 ITV ......................103 -1¼ 132½ 70¾ Pearson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .629½ +1½ 869½ 499½ Quarto Group .............98½ 105 46½ Reach ...................327 -1 420 101½ RELX ...................2227 -19 2266 1527½ STV Group ..............361# -2 377½ 255 Wilmington Group ........234# +6 240 127½ WPP Group ............943½# Mining Anglo American .........2812½ +55½ -10 1017½ 599¾ 3444 1796½ Anglo Pacific ............132½# +1½ 160 99¾ Antofagasta. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1481 +43½ 1925 1013 BHP Billiton ..............1996 +55 2375½ 1490¼ Centamin Egypt ............ 98 +1 134¾ 89¾ Fresnillo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 923 +6½ 1310 745¼ Gem Diamonds ...........63½ +¼ 78½ 35½ 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW Glencore .................372 +5 392½ 155½ Hochschild Mining .........154 +3¾ 270½ 130¼ Kenmare Res. ............450 +8 466 266 London & Ass.Prop ........15½ 18½ 7½ Petra Diamonds ............1¾ 2¼ 1¼ Petropavlovsk .............24¾ -½ 33¾ 19 Polymetal Intl. ............1418 +½ 1883½ 1228 Rio Tinto ...............4766½ +94 6658 4266 Mobile Telecommunications Vodafone Group ..........110¾ 142½ 103 Nonequity investment instruments Oryx Int.Gwth. ............1670 1940 1065 Rights &Iss.Inc ...........2575 +20 2750 1785 Nonlife insurance Admiral Group ...........3032 -1 3688 2750 Beazley Group ...........370¼ -1 421½ 293½ Direct Line Insurance .......282 -½ 338 263½ Hiscox ..................805½ -6¾ 1108½ 770 Homeserve ..............824½ -6 1267 803½ Lancashire ..............506½ +1½ # Ex-dividend * Ex-rights a Ex-All c Ex-capitalisation † Shares suspended 763 502½ oil & Gas Producers BP .....................360¾ +5¾ 363½ 193½ Cairn Energy. . . . . . . . . . . . .193¼ +5½ 212¾ 125½ Enquest ..................27¼ +2 27¼ 9¼ Gulf Keystone Pet. ........210½ +8½ 220 68 JKX Oil & Gas ............. 46 +2 54 18½ Premier Oil ...............381 +18¾ 647¼ 225¼ Ryl Dutch Shell ‘A’ .......1775¾ +26½ 1786 900 Ryl Dutch Shell ‘B’ .......1788¼ +20½ 1801½ 866½ Soco International .......... 20 27¾ 11¼ Tullow Oil ................49½ +¾ 65 18 oil Equipment, Services & Distribution Hunting ................191¾# -½ 289½ 135½ John Wood Group .........230 +4½ 360½ 202½ Lamprell .................35¾ -¼ 82½ 30 Petrofac ..................158 +2 182 91½ Personal Goods Burberry Group ..........1889½ -6½ 2264 1356 PZ Cussons ............222½# -1½ 274½ 217½ Supergroup ...............270 +14½ 472 160 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology AstraZeneca .............8942 -54 9065 6794 Genus ..................5515 -15 6070 3920 GlaxoSmithKline .........1424½ +3¾ 1525¾ 1190¾ Hikma ..................2459 +13 2690 2193 Oxford Biomedica .........1514 -46 1634 801 Real Estate investment & Services Boot (Henry) ..............282 +7 292 234 Capital & Regional .........56½ +1½ 91¼ 35 Cardiff Property ..........1875 1925 1720 CLS Holdings .............221 -4½ 262 191 Development Sec. .........86½ -1½ 98½ 55 Foxtons ..................48¼ 74¼ 32¼ Grainger ................307½ -2½ 335 259½ Harworth Group ...........170 183 86¾ Helical Bar ..............458½ +3½ 497 312½ Mountview Est. ..........13950 14350 10300 Panther Secs. .............275 280 175 Raven Russia .............35¾ 36½ 23¾ Rightmove. . . . . . . . . . . . . .700½# -2½ 746¾ 555¾ Savills ..................1389 +5 1402 808 UK Commercial Prop .......74½ 84 63½ Wynnstay Props. ..........725 735 565 Real Estate investment Trusts Big Yellow Group .........1476 -30 1573 1053 British Land ...............485 -2½ 544¾ 346¾ Capital & Counties ........164¼ +¼ 186¼ 99 Derwent London ..........3348 -21 3802 2594 F&C Commercial .........100# +¾ 101½ 59¼ Great Portland Est. .........735 -6 803½ 571½ Hammerson ..............32½ 44¼ 16 Highcroft Inv.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 875 885 610 Land Securities ...........675¾ -4½ 750½ 505 London & Stamford Prop ...256¾ -1¼ 265¼ 206¼ Mckay Secs. ..............217 +1 239 176 Primary Health ..........151½# SEGRO .................1288 -2 169½ 138¾ -½ 1306½ 871¼ Shaftesbury. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 622 +4 669 444 Town Centre ..............124 -1¼ 145¼ 84¼ Unite Group ...........1083½# -18 1237 809½ Workspace Group .........831 -15½ 971 604 Software & Computer Services Avast ...................561½ +¾ 609½ 420 Aveva Group ............3643 -33 4220 3107 Computacenter ...........2740 +18 3030 2086 Gresham Computing ......170½ Intec Telecom ............71¾ 176 110½ Just Eat Takeaway ........5619 -122 9290 5398 Micro Focus ..............367 +5 587½ 211¾ Microgen .................640 725 440 Moneysupermarket .......218½ -3 305½ 199 Sage Group .............717½ -3½ 756½ 558½ St.Ives ...................275 +2 308 75½ Triad Group .............122½ +15 150 24 Support Services Ashtead Group ...........5858 -4 6162 2774 Capita Group .............47¼ 52¾ 24 Costain Group ............54¼ -¾ 69½ 32¾ DCC ...................6214 -10 6614 5020 De La Rue ...............166 +2¼ 207 133½ Diploma .................2944 +12 3166 2050 Electrocomponents .......1100 1119 679½ 52 WEEK CoMPANy CLoSE +/- HiGH LoW Essentra ...............273½# +9 332½ 234 Euromoney Inst. ..........1066 +16 1112 819 Experian Group ..........3286 -4 3388 2273 Ferguson ...............10750 -75 10870 7722 Hays ...................163# -1 176¾ 105½ Inchcape .................810 +2 933 484 Intertek Group. . . . . . . . . . . . 4906 -87 6246 4775 London Security ..........2660 2660 2050 Macfarlane Group .........131 -2 145 81½ Mears Group ............195# -2 224 105½ Michael Page ............658½ -2½ 680½ 356½ Mitie Group ................ 65 77¼ 27¼ Norish ..................177½ 177½ 85 Paypoint .................701 -20 721 504 Rentokil Initial .............593 -5½ 613¾ 464½ Ricardo Group ............427 +7 489 331 Robert Walters ............840 +40 847 372 RPS Group ...............130 +5¾ 130 50 Serco Group ..............129 +1¼ 145¾ 106½ Shanks Group ............744 -6 759 206 SIG ...................... 50 +1 63½ 23¾ Smiths News .............39¼ +1 45½ 24½ Speedy Hire ............... 63 +½ 81 49½ SThree ..................582 -1 602 246 Trifast ...................126 +2 165 120 Technology Hardware & Equipment BATM Advanced ..........84½ 122½ 78 CML Microsystems ........420 469 229 Spirent ..................293¾ +3¼ 300¼ 228½ Tobacco British Amer.Tob .........2583# -17 2924 2448 Imperial Brands .........1563½ -18½ 1674 1219 Travel & Leisure 888 Holdings. . . . . . . . . . . . .386½ -1¼ 478 251 Air Partner ................87# -2½ 99¼ 62½ Carnival ................1457¾ -2½ 1865½ 838¼ Celtic ...................108½ 127½ 94½ Compass Group ..........1440 -2 1646 1055 Domino’s Pizza ...........379½ +4¼ 431½ 301½ EasyJet .................593¾ -2¾ 922 410¾ Entain ..................2137 +12 2377 933 FirstGroup ................93½ +2¾ 97¼ 40¾ Flutter Entert. ...........14130 -280 16915 11860 Fuller Smith & Turner .......650 -4 954 558 Go-Ahead Group .........812½ +31 1435 569½ Heavitree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 430 300 InterContinental Htl ........4858 +8 5312 3870 Intl Consolidated Airlines ...156¼ +¼ 217¾ 91 Irish Continental Uts .......364¾ +¼ 475¾ 316¾ Marston’s ................. 74 +1 101¼ 44¾ Mitchells & Butlers ........236½ +1½ 337½ 139 National Express ..........229 +4½ 328¼ 148 Rank Group .............156¼ -2½ 207 86¼ Restaurant Gp ............87¼ +¼ 139½ 40 Ryanair Holdings ........1352¼ +5½ 1483½ 972¾ Saga ...................311¼ +4¼ 456 133 Sportech .................. 38 40¼ 17¾ Stagecoach Group .........77¼ +¾ 108 36¾ TUI AG ................232½* -3½ 403 171¾ Wetherspoon (JD) .........948 -5 1404 850 Whitbread ...............3155 +34 3595 2101 AiM 600 Group ................. 13 -½ 16½ 8¼ Alumasc Group ..........225# -5 277½ 96½ Arbuthnot Banking .........885 -2½ 1175 607½ ASOS ..................2611 -162 5918 2300 Boohoo .................188¼ -9 373¼ 178¼ Brown (N.) Group ........... 44 -2 80 42¾ Camellia ................6750 7675 6250 Churchill China ...........1655 +7½ 2025 1055 CPP Group ...............427 -3 567½ 239 Cropper (James) .........1125 -50 1475 815 Dewhurst ...............1575 2710 965 Falkland Islands ...........220 265 200 Fevertree Drinks ..........2382 -43 2749 2000 Filtronic ..................11½ 12½ 7¼ Finsbury Food Group ........ 94 96 52¼ Gresham House ...........855 -5 955 730 Hornby ..................38½ 71½ 34 IEnergizer ................279 +2 400 234 James Halstead ...........550 +8 578 438 Johnson Service ..........134½ +2¼ 180½ 86 Majestic Wine .............653 +4 888 446½ Mothercare ................ 17 +½ 18 10¼ Mpac Group ..............553 647 357 Nichols .................1190 -10 1640 982 Northamber ...............58½ 77 51½ Numis Corporation .........340 -5 398 286½ Ovoca Gold. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12¼ 13 8¾ Portmeirion ...............680 700 365 Regal Petroleum ..........43½ +2½ 44½ 17¼ Renold .................... 27 -½ 28½ 10 Rockhopper Exploratn ......6½ 12 4¾ Ten Alps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65½ 74 52½ Titon Holdings. . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 140 84 UBC Media Group ..........+½ 2 +½ Victoria Oil & Gas ...........3¼ 6½ 2 Volex ...................453½ +4½ 493½ 232 Young & Co Brewery A ....1490 1675 778 This newspaper observes the Editors’ Code of Practice enforced by IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. Details can be found at www.ipso.co.uk.

email: city@express.co.uk Visit City & Business pages online at www.express.co.uk/city Tel: 020 8612 7156 DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 47 City&Business SToCK MARKET FTSE 100 7222.8 +18.3 FTSE 250 22941.8 +10.1 FTSE All SHARE 4117.9 +9.0 Shares Traded 3985.4 million PoPUlAR SHARES oN THE RISE Aviva 396¾ +1¼ Barclays 200½ +1¾ BP 360¾ +5¾ Centrica 59¼ +½ GlaxoSmithKline 1424½ +3¾ HSBC Holdings 443 +8¼ Int Consolidated Airlines 156¼ +¼ Marks & Spencer Group 182¼ +4¼ Natwest Group 232 +1¾ Royal Dutch Shell 'B' 1788¼ +20½ Sainsbury (J) 296 +2¼ Tesco 273¾ +3 whitbread 3155 +34 PoPUlAR SHARES UNCHANGED lloyds Banking Group 48¾ Vodafone Group 110¾ PoPUlAR SHARES oN THE SlIDE Abrdn 257 -¾ AstraZeneca 8942 -54 BAE Systems 574 -15½ BT Group 135¼ -1½ National Grid 911½ -¾ Rolls-Royce Holdings 132½ -2½ Royal Mail 417 -3 Unilever 3879½ -13½ woRlD MARKETS wAll STREET 35,741.1 ▲ +64.1 ToKYo 28600.4 -204.4 HoNG KoNG 26132.0 +5.1 GERMANY 15599.2 +56.2 FRANCE 6712.9 -20.8 STERlING VAlUE Dollar 1.377 +0.001 Yen 156.593 +0.419 Euro 1.186 +0.004 DollAR VAlUE Dollar/Yen 113.741 +0.2459 Dollar/Euro 0.861 +0.0026 CoMMoDITIES GolD($) 1806.70 KRUGERRAND(£) 1311.77 SIlVER(pence) 1781.48 BRENT CRUDE($) 85.14 ToURIST’S PoUND Australia Canada China Czech Rep. Denmark Eurozone Hong Kong Hungary Israel Japan Mexico New Zealand Norway Poland Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United States AT A GlANCE oTHER INDICAToRS Base rate 0.10% Halifax mortgage rate 3.99% Retail Price Index +4.9% (CPI +3.1%) House price Index +10.6% Unemployment 1,510,000 1.78 dollar 1.64 dollar 8.14 renminbi 28.24 koruna 8.35 krone 1.16 euro 10.06 dollar 399.73 forint 4.15 shekel 148.62 yen 26.08 peso 1.85 dollar 10.99 krone 5.13 zloty 89.74 ruble 4.88 riyal 19.48 rand 11.23 krona 1.22 franc 42.88 baht 12.53 lira 1.35 dollar HSBC’s profits soar by 180% as pandemic fears are eased PROFITS at banking giant HSBC’s UK arm surged by more than 180 per cent as the pandemic proved far less costly than had been predicted. The lender’s “ring-fenced” British retail bank raked in just over £1billion in the three months to the end of September – from £382million a year ago – helped by not taking as big a hit from loans it expected to turn sour during Covid. It came as HSBC reported a 74 per cent jump in global profits to nearly £4billion, equivalent to £33million a day. Bosses have announced a shareholder-boosting £1.45billion share buyback scheme. Banks’ balance sheets have Buyback: HSBC bounced back after reversing investor boost the credit losses they accounted for early in the pandemic. Government action around the world and the rollout of vaccines have meant the potential hit to firms and households has been less than banks feared. HSBC chief finance officer Ewen Stevenson said it had released about 70 per cent of the amount set aside, suggesting the worst was behind it. The UK retail arm’s net interest margin – a key measure showing the difference between the rate paid to savers and that By Graham Hiscott levied on borrowers – was 1.6 per cent, the same as the previous quarter. Globally, the group’s margin fell to 1.19 per cent. That could increase if the Bank of England with other central banks raise rates to tackle inflation. Meanwhile, HSBC shrugged off concerns about China. It has £14.2billion in lending to the property sector, where the Evergrande Group is grappling with a colossal debt pile, stoking fears of further defaults. Mr Stevenson said: “You should look at the buyback as a measure of the confidence we have at the moment that we are not unduly concerned about our exposures in China.” HSBC boss Noel Quinn is betting on Asia to drive growth by moving global executives there and ploughing billions into the lucrative wealth business. He said: “While we retain a cautious outlook on the external risk environment, we believe that the lows of recent quarters are behind us.” Sophie Lund-Yates, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, added: “With signs of more positive economic conditions comes a brighter set of results.” Taste for tacos creates 1,250 jobs FIFTY Las Iguanas Latin Americanthemed restaurants are to be opened, creating 1,250 jobs. Big Table Group, which also owns the Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge chains, is to invest £54million over the next three years. Around £35million will go on new 52 Week Company CloSe +/- high loW 3i group .....................................1326½ +5 1339 960 a.B. Foods .....................................1751 +24 2494 1639½ admiral group ............................3032 -1 3688 2750 anglo american.....................2812½ +55½ 3444 1796½ antofagasta .................................1481 +43½ 1925 1013 ashtead group ...........................5858 -4 6162 2774 astraZeneca .................................8942 -54 9065 6794 auto Trader ................................ 600½ -1¼ 660¾ 539¾ avast .............................................. 561½ +¾ 609½ 420 aveva group ...............................3643 -33 4220 3107 aviva .............................................. 396¾ +1¼ 426¼ 256½ B&m europ Value Ret ............ 617½ +7¼ 620¾ 461½ Bae Systems ................................574# -15½ 599½ 397 Barclays ........................................ 200½ +1¾ 204 103¾ Barratt Development ..............646# +3½ 794¾ 482½ Berkeley grp hldgs ..................4262 +14 5372¾ 4169 Bhp Billiton ..................................1996 +55 2375½ 1490¼ Bp .................................................... 360¾ +5¾ 363½ 193½ British amer.Tob .....................2583# -17 2924 2448 British land .................................... 485 -2½ 544¾ 346¾ BT group ..................................... 135¼ -1½ 205½ 99 Bunzl................................................2586 +1 2700 2150 Burberry group ......................1889½ -6½ 2264 1356 Coca-Cola hBC ...........................2470 +3 2784 1755 Compass group .........................1440 -2 1646 1055 CRh ..................................................3481 +41 3921 2636 Croda international ..................9300 +42 9326 5860 DCC ..................................................6214 -10 6614 5020 Diageo ........................................3620½ -19 3666 2499 DS Smith ....................................372½# -2 462¼ 277 entain ..............................................2137 +12 2377 933 evraz .............................................. 644½ +11½ 698¼ 359½ experian group ..........................3286 -4 3388 2273 Ferguson ....................................10750 -75 10870 7722 Flutter entert. ...........................14130 -280 16915 11860 Fresnillo ............................................ 923 +6½ 1310 745¼ glaxoSmithkline ....................1424½ +3¾ 1525¾ 1190¾ glencore .......................................... 372 +5 392½ 155½ halma..............................................2942 -16 3137 2194 hargreaves lansdown ........1558½ +9½ 1788 1352 openings, with £19million into refurbishing 70 existing sites. The firm said Las Iguanas had “exceeded all expectations” after reopening when Covid rules eased. Formerly the Casual Dining Group, new owners private equity investors Epiris changed the name. ++ The FTSe 100 The FTSe 100 The FTSe 100 ++ 52 Week Company CloSe +/- high loW hikma .............................................2459 +13 2690 2193 hSBC holdings ............................. 443 +8¼ 455½ 319 imperial Brands ......................1563½ -18½ 1674 1219 informa......................................... 517¾ -1 598½ 416 interContinental htl .................4858 +8 5312 3870 intermediate Cap.grp .............2161 -4 2340 1171 intertek group ............................4906 -87 6246 4775 intl Consolidated airlines .... 156¼ +¼ 217¾ 91 iTV ....................................................... 103 -1¼ 132½ 70¾ John David group ................1064½ +5½ 1151 691 Johnson matthey ......................2717 +17 3300 2149 kingfisher ..................................343½# +1¾ 376½ 260¼ land Securities ......................... 675¾ -4½ 750½ 505 legal & general ........................ 282¼ +½ 296½ 182¼ lloyds Banking grp...................48¾ 50 27¼ london Stock ex........................7448 -152 9910 6914 m&g ............................................... 196¾ -1¾ 248½ 144¾ meggitt ........................................ 748¼ -1¾ 839¼ 270 melrose ........................................ 159¾ -½ 190¾ 106½ mondi .........................................1787½ -12½ 2068 1463 morrison (Wm)......................... 286½ +½ 297 161¾ national grid ............................. 911½ -¾ 979 806½ CO-op bank‘s £1bn tsb takeover move no takers: Co-op Bank’s interest was rebuffed by TSB’s owner The Co-operative Bank said it has made a takeover approach for TSB. The Manchester-based lender, owned by hedge funds and other investors, confirmed it had sent a letter to owner Banco de Sabadell expressing interest. Reports said the offer would have valued TSB at more than £1billion. The Co-operative Bank said: “No discussions in relation to a potential transaction are taking place between the bank and Sabadell.” Banco de Sabadell said it is not interested in selling TSB. Co-operative Bank when still in the Co-op Group tried a similar move eight years ago but its financial problems forced it to abandon it. Shortages halt building work NEARLY nine in 10 small builders are forced to delay jobs because of a shortages crisis, research claims. The Federation of Master Builders said difficulties getting supplies and tradespeople was creating havoc. Some 97 per cent of members say the price of materials is rocketing, 52 Week Company CloSe +/- high loW natWest group ............................ 232 +1¾ 234 115¼ next .................................................7856 +20 8394 5744 ocado .............................................1827 +10½ 2883 1565½ pearson ........................................ 629½ +1½ 869½ 499½ pershing Square hold .............2970 +55 3015 2070 persimmon ...................................2629 +19 3238 2314 phoenix group ......................... 659¼ -2½ 786¼ 623½ polymetal intl. .............................1418 +½ 1883½ 1228 prudential .....................................1464 +7 1585½ 934½ Reckitt Benckiser .......................5471 -44 7110 5391 RelX .................................................2227 -19 2266 1527½ Rentokil initial ............................... 593 -5½ 613¾ 464½ Rightmove ................................700½# -2½ 746¾ 555¾ Rio Tinto .....................................4766½ +94 6658 4266 Rolls-Royce group .................. 132½ -2½ 147½ 69½ Royal mail ...................................... 417 -3 606½ 226½ Ryl Dutch Shell ‘a’ ..................1775¾ +26½ 1786 900 Ryl Dutch Shell ‘B’..................1788¼ +20½ 1801½ 866½ Sage group ................................ 717½ -3½ 756½ 558½ Sainsbury (J).................................. 296 +2¼ 340 197¾ Schroders ......................................3564 +8 3871 2603 Scottish mortgage....................1460 +21½ 1462¾ 991 SegRo.............................................1288 -½ 1306½ 871¼ Severn Trent .................................2665 -5 2915 2168 Smith & nephew ....................1298# +5 1668½ 1243½ Smiths group ...........................1390# -32½ 1661 1329 Smurfit kappa ............................3669 -19 4305 2904 Spirax-Sarco ........................... 15465# +20 16600 10710 SSe ................................................1615½ -12 1675 1250 St James’s place ..........................1554 +12 1692 885½ Standard Chartered ................... 489 +¼ 521½ 345 Standard life ................................. 257 -¾ 331 218 Taylor Wimpey ........................149½# 191¾ 105¾ Tesco............................................273¾# +3 275½ 202¾ Unilever ......................................3879½ -13½ 4797 3733 United Utilities ........................1000½ -1½ 1088½ 850½ Vodafone group ...................... 110¾ 142½ 103 Whitbread .....................................3155 +34 3595 2101 Wpp group...............................943½# -10 1017½ 599¾ with almost eight out of 10 passing the extra cost on to customers. And builders are having difficulty finding labourers, plasterers, carpenters, joiners and bricklayers. Brian Berry, of the FMB, urged the Government to “use tomorrow’s Budget to tackle the skills gap”. Market report THE FTSE 100 rose 18.27 points, or 0.25 per cent, to 7,222.82 yesterday to once again close in on pre-pandemic levels. Oil and mining stocks drove much of the gains. Antofagasta was the biggest riser, closing up three per cent – or 43.5p – at 1,481p, followed by BHP Group (up 55p or 2.8 per cent at 1,996p), and Anglo American (up 55.5p or two per cent at 2,812.5p). HSBC rose 1.9 per cent to 443.05p on good quarterly results. The biggest fallers included BAE Systems (15.6p to 574p), Smiths Group (32.5p to 1,390p), and Flutter (280p to 14,130p). Elsewhere, Darktrace plunged after brokers at Peel Hunt said the stock was worth only half of its previous closing valuation. Analysts said there was a “disconnect between the valuation and the ultimate revenue opportunity” at the cybersecurity company. Darktrace fell 195.5p to 750p as a result.

DX1ST 48 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Racing GET ALL THE BREAKING SPORTS NEWS ONLINE express.co.uk/sport FROST: Allegedly sworn at SOCCERBETTINGHOTLINE We’vebeenfindingwinnersfor30years WinnersintheUK,EuropeandAustralia Atleastthreebankersandnapseveryweek Cal09057570144 Calswilcost£1perminuteplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccesscharge.LinesupdatedTuesday, Wednesday,FridayandSaturdayfrom1pm.ServiceProvider:Spoke.Helpdesk03332023390. REDHOTBOOKIEBASHER SUPERBWINNERSMONTHAFTERMONTH FROMMYWELCONECTEDCONTACTS BIGWINNINGDAY>LINEDUPTODAY Cal09061749389 Lineupdatesat Linesupdatedat10am&4pmdaily.Calswilcost£1.50perminuteplusyourtelephonecompany’snetworkaccess charge.SP:Spoke.Helpdesk03332023390.BookieBashermaycontactyoubySMSwithofers-Tooptinto receivingadviceandinformationtextBBYESsendto84902(networkchargeonlyapplies) Racing chiefs urged to drop leaked Frost bullying case 10amand4pmdaily 1.20 MAIDEN HURDLE (GBB RACE) (DIV 1) £4,084 (Class 4) 2m 3f 100yds (16 dec) 1 3F4P- BALLYGOE (216) C Down 5 11-4............................... J M Davies — 2 2/43- FISHKHOV (285) H Fry 6 11-4.............................. L Murtagh(3) ★111 3 L9-67 JUKEBOX JUNIOR (19) Mrs N Evans 5 11-4..............Doubtful — 4 6/9- KONIGSBERG (341) T Vaughan 5 11-4..........................A Johns — 5 MAJOR STING N Henderson 5 11-4............................... J Bowen — 6 311- ● MR GLASS (216) P Nicholls 5 11-4........................H Cobden — 7 0- PITCH IT UP (233) E Lavelle 5 11-4.......................... T Bellamy — 8 837169- SEMPIONE PARK (263) R Stephens 6 11-4......... T J O’Brien 75 9 0- SOFTKORE (317) D Skelton 5 11-4..............................H Skelton — 10 P2/L7- UNIT SIXTYFOUR (198) B Pauling 6 11-4...................K Woods 88 11 1/8 WELSBY (18) D Faulkner 9 11-4.......................................C Brace 71 12 L- HAZARD COLLONGES (253) A King 4 11-2.................D Jacob — 13 55 WILLIAM EWART (27) Christian Williams 4 11-2....N Scholfield — 14 7P/8- CASTCARRIE (349) R Walford 6 10-11.................. B Carver(3) 59 15 90- JET FANTASTIQUE (276) N Mulholland 5 10-11 S Twiston-Davies — 16 87- ROSEARELLI (186) A Stronge 6 10-11........................D Noonan — TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 2, 6 CHEEK PIECES: No. 3 HOOD: Nos. 1, 15. SP FORECAST: 5-6 Mr Glass, 4 Fishkhov, 7 Major Sting, 8 Hazard Collonges, 14 Softkore, 20 Unit Sixtyfour, William Ewart, 25 Pitch It Up, 33 Others. 1.55 MAIDEN HURDLE (GBB RACE) (DIV 2) £4,084 (4) 2m 3f 100yds (15) 1 ART DECCO R Walford 5 11-4.............................................. J Best — 2 88L- BREAKWATER BUOY (246) D Skelton 5 11-4.........H Skelton 52 3 0 CARDS ARE DEALT (68) G Brown 5 11-4............ R McLernon — 4 25-3 DEEPER BLUE (171) H Fry 5 11-4......................... L Murtagh(3) ★110 5 05-8 EAIRSIDH (178) A Stronge 6 11-4................................. J Bowen 79 6 4L- KING OF THE STORY (198) Mrs K Stephens 5 11-4...L Williams(3) — 7 2-5 MARTON ABBEY (19) K Bailey 5 11-4................ H Beswick(5) 108 8 6/L-L MASTER MEAD (174) Alexandra Dunn 6 11-4...........A Wedge — 9 42- MOTOWN LAKE (185) Christian Williams 5 11-4... N Scholfield — 10 45 PADDY HUSSEYS TAXI (22) N Mulholland 5 11-4...... H Reed — 11 123- ● STAGE STAR (199) P Nicholls 5 11-4....................H Cobden — 12 F/47-F TOMMY DILLION (170) R Rowe 5 11-4.......... N F Houlihan(5) — 13 4- YOUNG BUTLER (234) (F) E Lavelle 5 11-4........... T Bellamy — 14 5F5622- C’EST QUELQU’UN (194) S Curran 4 11-2............. J M Davies — 15 26- CRYSTAL MOON (211) A King 4 11-2.............................D Jacob — TONGUE STRAP: No. 14 HOOD: No. 10. SP FORECAST: 8-15 Stage Star, 7 Young Butler, 10 Deeper Blue, 12 Crystal Moon, 14 Marton Abbey, C’est Quelqu’un, 20 Others. 2.30 1.20 Mr Glass 1.55 Stage Star 2.30 Pennyforapound 3.05 Off The Planet THE SCOUT Racing’s governing body is being urged to drop the case against jockey Robbie Dunne in the Bryony Frost bullying probe. The Professional Jockeys Association believes “a fair hearing is impossible” after confidential documents were leaked. It emerged that Dunne, who denies the allegations, was charged with “conduct prejudicial to the integrity or good reputation” of the sport. The PJA said the details of the investigation, revealed in a data leak, should only have been available to the British Horseracing 3.40 Karannelle 4.15 Eva’s Oskar 4.50 Opine 5.20 Hillfinch CAZOO NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE £3,594 (4) 3m 2f 54yds (7) 1 14L-132 STARSKY (19) D Skelton 7 11-12..................................H Skelton 118 2 4534-L2 HUNTSMANS JOG (18) F O’Brien 7 11-11...........L Harrison(3) 124 3 11/521- ● PENNYFORAPOUND (285) R Curtis 7 11-10......... J Bowen — 4 1/251-3 DOCPICKEDME (29) H Whittington 5 11-10.................D Jacob — 5 8P8042- YOUNG OFFENDER (208) S Edmunds 6 11-7..... C Hammond — 6 L-8L612 AYE AYE CHARLIE (39) Christian Williams 9 11-4...J Tudor(3) ★132 7 605-L65 SPIDER CULLEN (23) E Williams 8 10-6.....................A Wedge 78 VISOR: No. 2 CHEEK PIECES: No. 5. SP FORECAST: 11-4 Starsky, 7-2 Pennyforapound, 4 Docpickedme, 9-2 Huntsmans Jog, 7 Aye Aye Charlie, 8 Young Offender, 25 Spider Cullen. Chepstow SKYSPORTSRACING HANDICAP HURDLE £3,159 (4) 2m 7f 131yds (10) 3.05 1 147P-34 VINNIE THE HODDIE (36) Miss G Haywood 7 11-12 D Noonan — 2 229-282 SAMTARA (19) M Keighley 7 11-9...........................P Cowley(3) 119 3 29310/P- VAZIANI (388) R Walford 7 11-8....................................... J Best — 4 44/4428- HONOR GREY (250) B Pauling 6 11-8..........................K Woods ★125 5 4311- MOON KING (260) C Longsdon 5 11-8......S Twiston-Davies 120 6 5/7P4-3 ● OFF THE PLANET (26) P Hobbs 6 11-8........... T J O’Brien 116 7 8/23541- CERTAINLY RED (229) Mrs L Richards 7 11-7...M Goldstein 123 8 1/L3911- SILVER IN DISGUISE (243) T Vaughan 7 11-6..........A Johns 106 9 354-PL5 DR DES (34) P Bowen 10 11-2......................................... J Bowen 117 10 422412- OXWICH BAY (224) E Williams 9 10-13.......................A Wedge 122 BLINKERS: No. 9 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 5, 8 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 3, 5. SP FORECAST: 7-2 Moon King, 4 Silver In Disguise, 11-2 Off The Planet, 6 Samtara, Certainly Red, 7 Oxwich Bay, 12 Honor Grey, 16 Vinnie The Hoddie, 20 Others. 3.40 MARES’ HANDICAP HURDLE £2,342 (5) 2m 11yds (15) 1 92-2U15 KAZONTHERAZZ (89) (D) M Keighley 5 11-12.............. J Best 100 2 3-404PL MONTY’S MISSION (55) Mrs N Evans 7 11-10 T Buckley(5) 101 3 L85-453 MERRY MISTRESS (26) David Dennis 5 11-10........ T Bellamy 100 4 664P15- LEGENDARY RHYTHM (212) (D) T Symonds 5 11-8...B Poste 102 5 335-433 ESME SHELBY (34) D McCain 6 11-8...........P J Kavanagh(7) 101 6 292402 ● KARANNELLE (50) (D) D Rees 6 11-1..................... J Bowen ★106 7 LP1P8-9 ASTRA VIA (174) E Williams 6 11-1................................A Wedge 82 8 3/077FP- THE FECKENHAM FOX (299) M Young 7 10-13 C Hammond 104 9 PP-LL AIDE MEMOIRE (149) N King 5 10-11............................D Jacob 98 10 7/7F949- LIME DROP (198) H Daly 5 10-10............................ T J O’Brien 97 11 85961-L PRINCESS MIDNIGHT (166) C Tizzard 7 10-7.......B J Powell — 12 4215-53 INFINITI (F140) (D) B Leavy 8 10-4....................... J M Davies 101 13 080-863 LADY WOLF (50) Miss G Haywood 5 10-0...............D Noonan 105 14 631/P8-3 I’M NOTAPARTYGIRL (56) A Jones 8 10-0................C Brace 81 15 F7L469 MY POEM (19) O Greenall 4 10-0........................... R Turner(5) 100 BLINKERS: No. 13 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 2, 6, 7, 11 HOOD: Nos. 1, 6. SP FORECAST: 4 Esme Shelby, 6 Karannelle, 7 Kazontherazz, 8 Princess Midnight, Merry Mistress, Legendary Rhythm, 10 Infiniti, 12 Lady Wolf, 14 Others. 4.15 NOVICES’ LIMITED HANDICAP CHASE £5,882 (3) 2m 7f 131yds (6) 1 1/14415- GETAROUND (317) D Skelton 6 11-8..........................H Skelton — 2 612P0L- PATS FANCY (200) R Curtis 6 11-2............................. J Bowen — 3 5/1P32L- JEREMY PASS (191) P Nicholls 6 11-1........................H Cobden — 4 13/4F44- ● EVA’S OSKAR (244) T Vaughan 7 11-0..................A Johns ★142 5 312L15- BLAME THE GAME (225) C Gordon 6 10-13.....Jamie Moore — 6 522231- CHAMPAGNE RHYTHM (243) E Williams 6 10-12....A Wedge — TONGUE STRAP: No. 3. SP FORECAST: 5-2 Jeremy Pass, 3 Champagne Rhythm, 7-2 Getaround, 9-2 Pats Fancy, 10 Blame The Game, Eva’s Oskar. GOSSIP FROM THE GALLOPS West: STAGE STAR (1.55 Chepstow) Lambourn: REPRESENTING BOB (2.48 Bangor) By Melissa Jones Authority, Dunne and his legal advisors. “The matter cannot now be permitted to proceed — and we call upon the BHA to bring this matter to an end, however unsatisfactory that is,” the PJA statement added. The BHA’s 120-page report is said to contain complaints from Frost about her weighing room colleague’s behaviour over several years. These include Dunne (above) Newmarket: GAL WONDER (5.10 Newcastle) North: ENFRANCHISE (5.40 Newcastle) 4.50 HANDICAP HURDLE £2,342 (5) 2m 3f 100yds (18) 1 L5P/261- MEGAUDAIS SPEED (199) (C&D) Mrs L Young 9 11-12 M Bastyan(3) 105 2 5-325LL HOLLY JAMES (51) E Williams 7 11-12.........................A Wedge 111 3 46-42 SINISTER MINISTER (152) Sheila Lewis 6 11-12 N F Houlihan(5) 108 4 2L17 JEWARI OF SAINTS (69) D Pipe 4 11-10.............P Armson(7) 81 5 UU543-L HEREIA (169) N Mulholland 5 11-9..............S Twiston-Davies 112 6 664301- WAVERING DOWN (215) (C&D) J Scott 6 11-8..........R Dingle 101 7 735L2- COSSACK DANCER (186) (F) O Sherwood 5 11-8.....D Jacob 109 8 5F-4 THE CINCINNATI KID (22) Henry Oliver 4 11-7....P Brennan 98 9 24675- BOURBALI (251) C Tizzard 4 11-6.............................B J Powell 103 10 2F257-3 ● OPINE (19) Jonjo O’Neill 4 11-5........................ K Brogan(3) 110 11 1PLP44- FREDDY FANATAPAN (211) W Kittow 6 11-2...........D Noonan 108 12 645352 MINELLA MOJO (19) C Down 9 11-1..............................Doubtful 109 13 ULPP-P8 THE GARRISON (11) R Stephens 7 10-13............... T J O’Brien 86 14 30-L713 ARTY CAMPBELL (14) B J Llewellyn 11 10-11...R Williams(3) 109 15 60-9577 POTTLERATH (23) M Sheppard 6 10-11......................K Woods 107 16 566/486- DORRANA (264) K Woollacott 7 10-8................B Godfrey(5) 104 17 7F0-41L GETAWAY LUCY (128) K Woollacott 7 10-7.................. J Best 107 18 04523-6 FLUTISTE (21) Claire Harris 6 10-3................... D Prichard(5) ★116 BLINKERS: No. 18 VISOR: No. 2 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 4, 12, 15, 18 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17. SP FORECAST: 11-2 Opine, 15-2 Cossack Dancer, Wavering Down, 10 The Cincinnati Kid, Megaudais Speed, 11 Arty Campbell, Sinister Minister, 14 Hereia, Freddy Fanatapan, Getaway Lucy, Bourbali, Holly James, 20 Others. 5.20 allegedly swearing at her after pulling up after a race and in the weighing room. The PJA also criticised the length of time it has taken in bringing the case towards a conclusion. The BHA declined to comment. ❒ LAST year’s winner Cyrname heads eight entries for the bet365 Charlie Hall Chase at Wetherby on Saturday. Former Stayers’ Hurdle hero Paisley Park has been entered for the bet365 Hurdle on the same card.Saturday. CAZOO NH FLAT RACE (GBB RACE) £1,906 (5) 2m 11yds (10) 1 76- GALA DES LYS (204) D Faulkner 5 11-0................C Quinn(7) 93 2 4/91- LETTHETRUTHBEKNOWN (204) (D) O Greenall 5 11-0 Mr H Myddelton(7) ★115 3 5/2- MOOT COURT (366) F O’Brien 6 11-0................L Harrison(3) — 4 DEERE MARK S Thomas 4 10-13............................... J Tudor(3) — 5 HENRI THE SECOND P Nicholls 4 10-13.............L Williams(3) — 6 1 ● HILLFINCH (31) S Edmunds 4 10-13 Mr James Turner(7) 104 7 NIVLAC B Pauling 4 10-13........................................ K Brogan(3) — 8 PEPPER POT BOY Sheila Lewis 4 10-13..... Miss K Powell(7) — 9 3-L STANLEY PINCOMBE (26) C Gordon 4 10-13.....F Gillard(3) 113 10 2 PAGEANT MATERIAL (170) E Williams 4 10-6 Isabel Williams(5) — TONGUE STRAP: No. 3 HOOD: No. 1. SP FORECAST: 9-4 Hillfinch, 5-2 Henri The Second, 13-2 Letthetruthbeknown, 8 Moot Court, 10 Stanley Pincombe, Pageant Material, 12 Deere Mark, 14 Others. TRACK FACTS: GOING: Good. Left Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEY (2016-21): Harry Cobden 22% Strike rate. TOP TRACK TRAINER (2016-21): P Nicholls 26% Strike rate. FIRST TIME: 1.20 Softkore (wind surgery), Fishkhov (tongue strap, wind surgery), Ballygoe (hood), Mr Glass (wind surgery), 1.55 C’est Quelqu’un (tongue strap), 3.05 Silver In Disguise (tongue strap, wind surgery), 3.40 Lady Wolf (blinkers), 4.15 Jeremy Pass (wind surgery), Getaround (wind surgery), 4.50 Jewari Of Saints (wind surgery), Dorrana (wind surgery), Pottlerath (tongue strap), 5.20 Gala Des Lys (hood), Moot Court (tongue strap, wind surgery). BEATEN FAVOURITES: 1.20 Fishkhov, Hazard Collonges. 2.30 Docpickedme(hcp hdl), Starsky(hcp ch). 3.05 Oxwich Bay(hcp ch). 4.15 Blame The Game(hcp hdl), Getaround(hcp hdl), Jeremy Pass. LONGEST TRAVELLER: Tommy Dillion (1.55) 133 miles. STABLE SWITCH: 1.20 Ballygoe from Colin S McKeever in Ireland to C Down, Jet Fantastique from S Thomas to N Mulholland. 1.55 C’est Quelqu’un from Mlle D Mele in France to S Curran, Motown Lake from E O’Sullivan in Ireland to Christian Williams, Tommy Dillion from Edward F Power to R Rowe. 4.15 Getaround from Ella Pickard to D Skelton. 4.50 Sinister Minister from N Twiston-Davies to Sheila Lewis. 5.20 Gala Des Lys from B J Llewellyn to D Faulkner, Letthetruthbeknown from D P Murphy in Ireland to O Greenall, Moot Court from Michael C Griffin in Ireland to F O’Brien, Pageant Material from C Bowe in Ireland to E Williams. AYR: Good-good to firm in places 1.20—THE PLAYER QUEEN (Craig Nichol, 8‐13 fav) 1; Fiadh (9‐4 2nd fav) 2; Maura Jeanne (11‐2) 3. 6 ran. 7l, 10l. (R Dobbin). Tote: £1.40; pl £1.10, £1.30. exacta: £2.00. trifecta: £3.10. CSF: £2.42. Nonrunner: Miss Milano. 1.55—GENTLEMAN DE MAI (Craig Nichol, 6‐4 fav) 1; Muhtamar (7‐1) 2; Ugo Du Misselot (15‐8 2nd fav) 3. 9 ran. 2 1 /2l, 3 /4l. (R Dobbin). Tote: £2.30; pl £1.10, £2.10, £1.20. exacta: £14.00. trifecta: £34.20. CSF: £13.09. Non-runners: Bak Rocky, Bottle Hill, Domandlouis, Operation Overlord, Sauce Of Life, Without Conviction. 2.30—DORKING BOY (S Sheppard, 3‐1) 1; Animore (11‐8 fav) 2; Bollingerandkrug (11‐4 2nd fav) 3. H’cap 4 ran. 1 /2l, 2 3 /4l. (T Lacey). Tote: £3.70; exacta: £6.10. trifecta: £14.20. CSF: £7.64. Non-runners: Better Getalong, Destiny Is All, Upandatit. 3.05—PERMISSION GRANTED (C O’Farrell, 9‐2) 1; Celestial Sky (13‐2) 2; Atomic Angel (10‐3 2nd fav) 3. H’cap 8 ran. 4 1 /4l, 3 1 /4l. (R Dobbin; 5-2 fav I’m On Snap). Tote: £4.90; pl £1.60, £2.10, £1.50. exacta: £27.00. tricast: £110.06. trifecta: £124.70. CSF: £34.24. Non-runners: Espoir Moriviere, Flaming Glory, Manetti, Rivabodiva. 3.40—EVENT OF SIVOLA (T Midgley, 2‐1 2nd fav) 1; Grey Atlantic Way (11‐10 fav) 2; Slainte Mhor (11‐4) 3. H’cap 3 ran. nk, 6l. (M Walford). Tote: £2.80; exacta: £3.60. trifecta: £5.30. CSF: £4.57. Non-runner: Eagle Ridge. 4.15—KILLANE (P J Kavanagh, 9‐2) 1; Flood Defence (evens fav) 2; Midnight Antics (16‐5 2nd fav) 3. H’cap 7 ran. 1 1 /4l, 6 1 /2l. (D McCain). Tote: £5.30; pl £2.10, £1.10. exacta: £11.60. tricast: £14.69. trifecta: £33.40. CSF: £9.29. Non-runners: Bestiarius, Get Phar. RESULTS 4.50—STEINKRAUS (B Hughes, 5‐2 fav) 1; Petite Rhapsody (6‐1) 2; Sputnik (8‐1) 3. H’cap 7 ran. 3 1 /4l, 12l. (D McCain). Nonrunners: Esme Shelby, That’s Your Lottie. 5.20—JIMMY’S JET (C Bewley, 10‐3) 1; Jack Of All Shapes (3‐1 2nd fav) 2; Haut Berry (28‐1) 3. 11 ran. 3 1 /4l, 6l. (D Whillans; 2-1 fav Fathers Advice). Tote: £3.80; pl £1.30, £1.70, £6.90. exacta: £18.40. trifecta: £259.30. CSF: £13.59. Non-runners: Bannside, Rose Of Siena. Placepot: £23.50 (Race 1) 5, 1; (2) 5, 7, 10; (3) 1; (4) 10, 2, 8; (5) 2; (6) 8, 4; Quadpot: £28.10 LEICESTER: Soft 1.40—BELLA CAELIA (M Dwyer, 9‐2 jt 2nd fav) 1; Albus Anne (12‐1) 2; Petal Power (7‐2 fav) 3. H’cap 12 ran. 3 /4l, 3l. (B Meehan). Tote: £5.10; pl £1.80, £3.60, £1.70. exacta: £60.20. tricast: £215.42. trifecta: £231.10. CSF: £55.68. 2.15—TOLSTOY (R Havlin, 8‐13 fav) 1; Fast Glory (11‐2) 2; Justcallmepete (22‐1) 3. 10 ran. 5 1 /2l, 1 /2l. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £1.30; pl £1.02, £1.70, £4.90. exacta: £5.10. trifecta: £35.80. CSF: £4.73. 2.50—ATOMISE (L Steward, 11‐5 2nd fav) 1; Espressoo (11‐1) 2; Blaast (4‐1) 3. 6 ran. 1 /2l, 8 1 /2l. (C Fellowes; 5-4 fav Sacred Jewel). Tote: £2.80; pl £1.50, £3.50. exacta: £14.90. trifecta: £50.30. CSF: £24.46. 3.25—TIPPERARY TIGER (C Lee, 2‐1 fav) 1; Habanero Star (7‐1) 2; Merry Secret (15‐2) 3. 10 ran. 3 3 /4l, 1 1 /2l. (K Burke). Tote: £2.50; pl £1.30, £1.90, £2.20. exacta: £16.50. trifecta: £100.30. CSF: £17.56. Non-runner: Silk Tie. 4.00—GREENSIDE (R Clutterbuck, 6‐1) 1; Young Fire (11‐2) 2; Chance (5‐2 2nd fav) 3. H’cap 6 ran. 3 /4l, 1 1 /4l. (H Candy; 15-8 fav Afaak). Tote: £6.10; pl £3.00, £2.50. exacta: £35.80. trifecta: £130.20. CSF: £37.49. Nonrunner: Dashing Roger. 4.35—EY UP IT’S MAGGIE (C Hardie, 13‐8 fav) 1; Lipsink (20‐1) 2; Spoof (13‐2) 3. H’cap 7 ran. ns, 3 /4l. (T Coyle). Tote: £2.00; pl £1.40, £7.50. exacta: £33.00. trifecta: £155.30. CSF: £36.14. 5.10—NIKOLAYEVA (Mr Henry Main, 11‐2) 1; Legal Rights (16‐1) 2; Red Derek (14‐1) 3; Chess Player (14‐1) 4. H’cap 18 ran. 5 1 /2l, 1l, 1 1 /2l. (M Appleby; 10-3 fav Pillars Of Earth). Tote: £6.40; pl £2.20, £4.00, £3.40, £3.80. exacta: £86.10. tricast: £1217.86. trifecta: £1401.90. CSF: £89.41. Placepot: £176.00 (Race 1) 9, 3, 6; (2) 1, 5, 6; (3) 1, 3; (4) 1, 9, 3; (5) 4, 3; (6) 2, 1; Quadpot: £60.10 NEWCASTLE: Standard 4.55—NAJEEBA (H Doyle, 6‐5 fav) 1; Desert Emperor (7‐4 2nd fav) 2; Leopolds Rock (50‐1) 3. 9 ran. 1 /2l, 3 1 /4l. (R Charlton). Tote: £1.90; pl £1.10, £1.10, £12.70. exacta: £4.60. trifecta: £91.60. CSF: £3.45. 5.25—JOMONT (D Nolan, 8‐1) 1; Kingson (10‐1) 2; Grand Pianola (20‐1) 3. H’cap 13 ran. 2l, nk. (M Dods; 3-1 fav Twisted Dreams). Tote: £9.10; pl £2.80, £3.10, £6.00. exacta: £98.40. tricast: £1557.22. trifecta: £1699.90. CSF: £78.07. Non-runner: Boy In The Bar. 6.00—ANTARAH (J Crowley, 8‐11 fav) 1; Savvy Victory (3‐1 2nd fav) 2; Million Thanks (4‐1) 3. 6 ran. 3 1 /4l, 1 1 /2l. (J & T Gosden). Tote: £1.70; pl £1.10, £1.80. exacta: £3.60. trifecta: £6.30. CSF: £3.14. 6.30—GALIAC (P J McDonald, 10‐3 fav) 1; Novak (13‐2) 2; Master Richard (50‐1) 3. H’cap 14 ran. nk, 1l. (W Muir & C Grassick). Tote: £3.70; pl £1.60, £2.30, £14.30. exacta: £25.70. tricast: £945.10. trifecta: £1032.20. CSF: £22.92. 7.00—BALLYARE (H Russell, 15‐2) 1; Soapys Sister (25‐1) 2; Victory Angel (12‐1) 3. H’cap 11 ran. 1l, 1 3 /4l. (L Russell; 13-8 fav Glorious Rio). Tote: £9.30; pl £2.40, £5.90, £3.00. exacta: £167.80. tricast: £2275.44. trifecta: £984.70. CSF: £184.03. 7.30—AWARD DANCER (K Stott, 8‐1) 1; End Zone (8‐1) 2; Mc’ted (11‐2) 3. H’cap 11 ran. nk, 3 /4l. (G Tuer; 5-2 fav Bronze River). Tote: £8.20; pl £2.80, £2.90, £1.80. exacta: £67.00. tricast: £396.93. trifecta: £398.50. CSF: £68.99. 8.00—ZENZERO (L Morris, 10‐1) 1; Eyes (11‐2 2nd fav) 2; Hostelry (6‐1) 3. H’cap 12 ran. 1 /2l, 1 1 /4l. (D O’Meara; 15-8 fav Visions Of Glory). Tote: £10.20; pl £3.00, £1.50, £2.30. exacta: £63.90. tricast: £372.07. trifecta: £597.50. CSF: £64.25. 8.30—MILLIONAIRE WALTZ (A Mullen, evens fav) 1; Listen Again (18‐1) 2; Lucayan (14‐1) 3. H’cap 11 ran. 2 1 /2l, ns. (B Haslam). Tote: £1.70; pl £1.10, £2.90, £3.40. exacta: £20.50. tricast: £175.49. trifecta: £140.00. CSF: £22.57. Non-runner: Miss Behaving. Jackpot: Not won, pool of £3,419.81 carried over. Placepot: £1,095.90 (Race 1) 7, 1, 3; (2) 1, 5, 13; (3) 1, 5; (4) 2, 11, 9; (5) 9, 6, 3; (6) 7, 1, 10; Quadpot: £80.00 REDCAR: Soft-good to soft in places 1.00—EMPEROR CARADOC (G Lee, 2‐1 fav) 1; Baileys Accolade (5‐1) 2; Sezaam (9‐2) 3. 15 ran. hd, nk. (B Smart). Tote: £2.60; pl £1.10, £1.70, £1.90. exacta: £15.90. trifecta: £60.50. CSF: £12.02. 1.30—ROCKPRINCESS (T Eaves, 14‐1) 1; Ey Up Its The Boss (12‐1) 2; Enraged (5‐1 2nd fav) 3; Copper Mountain (50‐1) 4. H’cap 19 ran. 2 1 /4l, 1l, hd. (K Ryan; 5-2 fav Ringo Starlight). Tote: £14.70; pl £3.10, £3.60, £1.70, £12.40. exacta: £199.80. tricast: £1004.58. trifecta: £1723.40. CSF: £168.57. Non-runner: Accelerando. 2.05—MUJTABA (D O’Neill, 10‐3 2nd fav) 1; Empirestateofmind (5‐2 fav) 2; Give It Some Teddy (11‐2) 3. H’cap 8 ran. 2 1 /4l, 1 /2l. (W Haggas). Tote: £3.10; pl £1.30, £1.30, £1.70. exacta: £11.50. tricast: £43.70. trifecta: £45.40. CSF: £12.14. Non-runner: Mustarrid. 2.40—TROJAN HORSE (J Fanning, 4‐1) 1; Three Start (2‐1 fav) 2; Skye Breeze (3‐1 2nd fav) 3. 9 ran. 1 3 /4l, 4 3 /4l. (M Johnston). Tote: £4.00; pl £1.70, £1.30, £1.20. exacta: £11.80. trifecta: £39.00. CSF: £11.94. 3.15—ALL THINGS BRIGHT (J Hart, 11‐4 fav) 1; Ralphy Boy Two (18‐1) 2; Forever Forward (5‐1 co 2nd fav) 3. 13 ran. 1 1 /2l, 3 /4l. (T Davidson). Tote: £3.50; pl £1.70, £5.40, £2.10. exacta: £51.80. trifecta: £443.70. CSF: £58.89. 3.50—SHOBIZ (K Shoemark, 9‐4 jt fav) 1; Alablaq (9‐2) 2; Nizaaka (4‐1) 3. 8 ran. 3 /4l, 1l. (C Hills; 9-4 jtfav Saleymm). Tote: £2.90; pl £1.20, £1.60, £1.40. exacta: £11.30. trifecta: £33.80. CSF: £12.54. 4.25—SOMEWHERE SECRET (Laura Coughlan, 15‐2) 1; One Last Hug (12‐1) 2; Ballycommon (7‐1) 3. H’cap 10 ran. nk, nk. (R Menzies; 10-3 fav So Grateful). Tote: £8.30; pl £2.50, £3.50, £2.60. exacta: £93.20. tricast: £659.17. trifecta: £885.80. CSF: £92.84. Nonrunners: Lady Monica, Racy Stacey. 5.00—HELVETIAN (A Brookes, 18‐1) 1; Blazing Son (4‐1) 2; Burrows Seeside (7‐2 2nd fav) 3. H’cap 12 ran. nk, 3 /4l. (K Frost; 11-4 fav Hoofs Happy Now). Tote: £22.90; pl £5.20, £1.80, £2.10. exacta: £177.20. tricast: £327.93. trifecta: £928.40. CSF: £89.10. Placepot: £16.90 (Race 1) 5, 12, 1; (2) 9, 5, 8, 18; (3) 3, 5, 7; (4) 7, 6, 5; (5) 12, 5, 10; (6) 3, 1, 8; Quadpot: £2.50

Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 49 DX1ST rugby league: call for expansion from the north. That’s the truth. I never said you have to have either or, because teams such as St Helens and Leeds are some of the best sporting environments in the country. “I was asked about the growth of the sport. The only regret I have is I used that platform after Toronto got promoted to say what I did.” Featherstone lost that 2019 Million Pound Game to Toronto and also missed out on promotion this season to French side Toulouse. But McDermott is convinced they can make it third time lucky next year – and insists they will deserve to be in Super League. He said: “There are not many clubs that have the ambition that Featherstone have. The script that lies before us of doing something that hasn’t been done before is one of the main reasons I’m here.” By Julie Stott 1.38 NOVICES’ HURDLE (DIV 1) £4,084 (Cl 4) 2m 145yds (13 dec) 1 751 ZAMOND (62) (D) D McCain 5 11 5...............T Gillard(5) 2 1- BLACK POPPY (210) Kerry Lee 5 10 12..........B Hughes 3 5 FRANCISCO BAY (22) E De Giles 5 10 12.............D Bass 4 P/53- FRAUGHAN HILL (367) W Greatrex 5 10 12....G Sheehan 5 1- ● GO DANTE (229) O Murphy 5 10 12.........A Coleman 6 22L- HEY JOE (344) Jonjo O’Neill 6 10 12.......T Scudamore 7 5-0 IMMORTAL FAME (23) T Lacey 5 10 12......S Sheppard 8 0-PP KILCASEY GOLD (156) C Ellam 6 10 12....W T Kennedy 9 31-2 TED’S FRIEND (26) F O’Brien 5 10 12.......... M Kendrick 10 4- GREEN PLANET (F157) A King 4 10 11............. T Cannon 11 12L HERITIER (11) O Greenall 4 10 11................. Craig Nichol 12 4- MONEY FOR JAM (192) S Allwood 4 10 11....C Todd(3) 13 87- ONE FOR NAVIGATION (234) S England 4 10 11..T Midgley(7) BLINKERS: No. 1 TONGUE STRAP: No. 9. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 5. W-Factor: Zamond (111); Francisco Bay (96); Hey Joe (79). SP FORECAST: 10-11 Go Dante, 11-2 Green Planet, 7 Ted’s Friend, 15-2 Black Poppy, 14 Zamond, 16 Hey Joe, 20 Others. 2.13 NOVICES’ HURDLE (DIV 2) £4,084 (4) 2m 145yds (13) 1 36-1 BOB’S BAR (25) (F) D McCain 5 11 5...............B Hughes 2 U1- HURLERONTHEDITCH (220) K Bailey 5 10 12....D Bass 3 5-47 KING FERDINAND (157) T Lacey 5 10 12....S Sheppard 4 004- PABLOBAR (238) Mrs Stella Barclay 5 10 12...C O’Farrell 5 11- ● WASHINGTON (223) O Murphy 5 10 12...A Coleman 6 14P WILD BREEZE (48) R Hobson 5 10 12............. J J Burke 7 1- HEAD LAW (354) Jonjo O’Neill 4 10 11.....T Scudamore 8 KIHAVAH (F99) A Keatley 4 10 11.................O Brown(5) 9 6 MR TRISTAR (27) N Twiston-Davies 4 10 11...J Nailor(3) 10 5-6 PETTY CASH (171) H Daly 4 10 11...................... R Patrick 11 2/LL- MESSAGE TO MARTHA (247) Georgie Howell 6 10 5 Tabitha Worsley(5) 12 P FULBECK GIRL (9) L Morgan 4 10 4...............B R Jones 13 0-9 TRE A PENI (164) O Greenall 4 10 4.......... Craig Nichol TONGUE STRAP: 2, 6, 12 CHEEK PIECES: 12 HOOD: 3. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: 5, 7. W-F: Bob’s Bar (119); King Ferdinand (104); Pablobar (86). SP FORECAST: 13-8 Washington, 5-2 Head Law, 11-2 Hurlerontheditch, 15-2 Bob’s Bar, 14 Kihavah, 16 Others. 4.00 BETWAY APPRENTICE HANDICAP £2,700 (Class 6)2m 56yds (11 dec) 1 (6) 001 ● FIRST CHARGE (10)(T) M Loughnane 4 10 2 O McSweeney(3) 2 (9) L8L JACK YEATS (14) W Coltherd 5 10 0...Miss A Waugh 3 (4) 274 NATALEENA (14) (C&D) B Haslam 5 9 11...A Breslin 4 (8) 883 FLOATING ROCK (158) M Walford 6 9 9...... T Heard 5 (7) 212 ONE NIGHT IN MILAN (4) K Dalgleish 8 9 8 Ryan Sexton(7) 6 (10) 07-6 TOPKAPI STAR (18) Ewan Whillans 4 9 7... Z Wheatley(3) 7 (2) 332 DREAMBIRD (13)(T) R Charlton 3 9 7........... H Burns 8 (11) 4P4 MISS ROULETTE (10) R Fell 3 9 6............B Harris(7) 9 (5) 528 VICTORIA LINE (18) M Walford 3 8 11...... J Peate(3) 10 (1) 0LL LANTIERN (18)(T) I Williams 7 8 9....Elisha Whittington 11 (3) L-35 YASMIN FROM YORK (27) Simon Whitaker 5 8 9....G Ashton BLINKERS: 8 TONGUE STRAP: 4 CHEEK PIECES: 4, 9 HOOD: 10. W-F: Jack Yeats (71); Dreambird (69); Nataleena (68). SP FORECAST: 3 One Night In Milan, 4 First Charge, 9-2 Dreambird, 6 Miss Roulette, Nataleena, 10 Others. 4.35 BETWAY CASINO HANDICAP £2,700 (6) 1m 4f 98yds (11) 1 (3) LL3 PUCKLE (35) M Johnston 4 10 1................. J Fanning 2 (6) LL6 HARMONIOUS (8) S Dixon 4 10 0............ J Fisher(5) 3 (5) L06 CUBAN HOPE (24) (F,T) G Kelleway 5 9 13 Ellie Mackenzie(5) 4 (9) 372 ● SOPHOSC (21)(T) I Williams 5 9 10...P J McDonald 5 (1) 114 TOMMY R (14) Phillip Makin 3 9 9............H Burns(5) 6 (2) 503 STAR DREAMER (7) S Corbett 4 9 2....S Mooney(7) 7 (7) LL6 FIRBY (19) (D) M Dods 6 8 13..................C Rodriguez 8 (4) 6L6 CLOUDLAND (14) W Coltherd 3 8 12....... B Robinson 9 (8) 509 THE BRORA POBBLES (7) (C) Ewan Whillans 6 8 10 R Scott 10 (11) 8L4 ARCHIVE (53) (C&D) Suzzanne France 11 8 9....J Mitchell 11 (10) 906 BATOCCHI (7) R Menzies 3 8 3.....................C Hardie TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 4, 11 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 1, 3, 4, 7. W-Factor: Archive (71); Sophosc (69); Puckle (68). SP FORECAST: 5-2 Sophosc, 5 Puckle, 6 Star Dreamer, 7 Others. 1.00 NOVICE STAKES (DIV 1) 2YO £3,780 (Class 5) 5f (11 declared) 1 (8) 434 LOTUS ROSE (11) (D) R Fell 9 5.....................................J Hart 2 (5) 522 MANILA SCOUSE (8) T Easterby 9 3................P Mulrennan 3 (9) 9L2 MYSTICAL MUSIC (7)(T) R Beckett 9 3................ R Hornby 4 (2) L PRINCE OF FLIGHT (15)(T) R Cowell 9 3............... Doubtful 5 (10) 5 THE GAY BLADE (19) I Jardine 9 3......................... A Mullen 6 (1) L3 MADAME FENELLA (35) D Shaw 8 12....................... T Eaves 7 (7) PENWAY B Smart 8 12.........................................................G Lee 8 (3) 60 POETIKEL PIECE (24) Adrian Nicholls 8 12........B McHugh 9 (6) 63 ● STYLISH ICON (35) (F,T) J Tate 8 12..................K Stott 10 (4) L TIARE (150) R Fahey 8 12........................................T Hamilton 11 (11) 242 WHITEANDBLUE (48) (F) B Smart 8 12.............G Sanna(7) VISOR: No. 3 TONGUE STRAP: No. 2 HOOD: No. 10. W-Factor: Manila Scouse (90); Lotus Rose (82); Stylish Icon (81). SP FORECAST: 15-8 Manila Scouse, 11-2 Lotus Rose, 6 Whiteandblue, Stylish Icon, 8 Mystical Music, 10 Poetikel Piece, 12 Others. 1.30 NOVICE STAKES (DIV 2) 2YO £3,780 (5) 5f (11) 1 (4) L ANIMIST (39) J Gallagher 9 5..................................D Keenan 2 (8) 66 METHINKS (20) R Fell 9 5..................................... JP Sullivan 3 (1) ● MONSIEUR KODI (F) R Fahey 9 5...................T Hamilton 4 (9) 6L ROMANTIC THOUGHT (125) G Tuer 9 5....O Stammers(5) 5 (7) 59 RUNSHAW LANE (53) T Fitzgerald 9 5.......................S Gray 6 (11) 00L CAPPLE GIRL (27) A Berry 9 0................F McManoman(3) 7 (6) HOTTER IN TIME D O’Meara 9 0..............................J Watson 8 (2) 5 QUEEN SPIRIT (42) M Dods 9 0.............................C Beasley 9 (3) SWEET GLANCE K Ryan 9 0..........................................K Stott 10 (10) L THIN LIZZY (8) B Smart 9 0.............................................G Lee 11 (5) 55 VADAMIAH (18) P Midgley 9 0...........................P Mulrennan W-Factor: Vadamiah (72); Runshaw Lane (69); Methinks (66). SP FORECAST: 3 Monsieur Kodi, 7-2 Sweet Glance, 4 Vadamiah, 5 Hotter In Time, 8 Runshaw Lane, 10 Methinks, Queen Spirit, 25 Others. 2.05 RACING TV HANDICAP £2,322 (6) 5f (15) 1 (8) LL8 AFANDEM (13) (D) T Easterby 7 9 7.................. JP Sullivan 2 (3) 717 THE GLOAMING (10) (D) I Jardine 3 9 6............... A Mullen 3 (5) 0-L9 COMPTON’S FINALE (18) (D) A Keatley 5 9 5...L Edmunds 4 (10) 304 COUNTRY CHARM (18) (C&D) Simon Whitaker 3 9 4... K Stott 5 (12) 572 ● VAL DE TRAVERS (15) D Brooke 3 9 4......P Mulrennan 6 (15) 783 CAPTAIN CORCORAN (13) (C&D) E Alston 4 9 3...Morgan Cole(7) 7 (14) 6L0 SHOWTIME ELLE (145) T Waggott 3 9 2..............C Beasley 8 (11) 241 ZOOM STAR (58) (D,F) B Smart 3 8 13.........................G Lee 9 (9) 576 LUCKY BEGGAR (21) (C,D) D C Griffiths 11 8 13.. Laura Pearson(3) 10 (4) 48P ROSE ALL DAY (27) R Barr 3 8 10....................H Russell(3) 11 (1) 626 TOMAHAWK RIDGE (21) (D) J Gallagher 5 8 10...D Keenan 12 (7) 564 SAMBUCCA SPIRIT (13) (D) P Midgley 5 8 10........ T Eaves 13 (6) 000 ROCKLEY POINT (11) (C&D) K Scott 8 8 10...............J Hart 14 (13) 737 BLACKCURRENT (155) (D) A Brown 5 8 9... Paula Muir(3) 15 (2) 624 CABLE GUY (31)(T) C Fellowes 3 8 7......................H Turner BLINKERS: 1, 11, 13 TONGUE STRAP: 3 CHEEK PIECES: 4, 15. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 13. W-F: Sambucca Spirit (73); Rockley Point (72); The Gloaming (71). SP FORECAST: 5-2 Val De Travers, 4 Zoom Star, 5 Captain Corcoran, 7 Others. 2.40 MILLBRY HILL HANDICAP £4,347 (4) 1m 4f 13yds (12) 1 (2) LL3 ENTHUSED (20)(T) Joseph Parr 4 10 0..............D Muscutt 2 (3) 13-3 SAGE ADVICE (202) Dr R Newland 4 10 0.............L Morris 3 (9) 3L8 LUNA MAGIC (10)(T) A Watson 7 9 7................. JP Sullivan 4 (8) L2L ● AVETA (38)(T) R Beckett 3 9 7.......................... R Hornby 5 (7) 773 KENTUCKY KINGDOM (17)(T) H Evans 5 9 5....D Costello 6 (4) 242 LITTLE TED (10) T Easterby 4 9 0....................P Mulrennan 7 (11) 232 INNSE GALL (19) I Jardine 3 9 0.............................. A Mullen 8 (12) 431 LORD TORRANAGA (10) (C,D,F) P Kirby 6 8 13....Ella McCain(5) 9 (5) 214 EYE KNEE (10) (C&D) T Easterby 3 8 11.............T Hamilton 10 (10) 435 SOCIOLOGIST (22) (D) S Dixon 6 8 9..................... K O’Neill 11 (6) 056 CARD HIGH (11) (C&D) W Storey 11 8 9......................J Hart 12 (1) 332 MYBOYMAX (27) (C&D) M Hammond 3 8 6...A Brookes(7) TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 9, 11 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 6, 10. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 2, 3, 4, 10. W-Factor: Luna Magic (86); Lord Torranaga (85); Innse Gall (84). SP FORECAST: 4 Sage Advice, 6 Lord Torranaga, 13-2 Innse Gall, 7 Others. 3.15 VISIT RACINGTV.COM HANDICAP £4,347 (4) 7f 6yds (11) 1 (3) 701 QUEEN’S SARGENT (10) (C&D) M Dods 6 9 12... C Beasley 2 (8) 050 SHALLOW HAL (38) K Burke 5 9 10..................P Mulrennan 3 (4) 307 BROKEN SPEAR (10) (D) T Coyle 5 9 8.......K Schofield(5) 4 (7) 0L-8 THE RAIN KING (20)(T) Alexandra Dunn 4 9 4...L Morris 5 (5) 67L ERICH BLOCH (19) (C&D) R Fell 5 9 0.........................J Hart 6 (2) 512 OBEE JO (10) (C&D,F) T Easterby 5 9 0.... Ella McCain(5) 7 (11) 632 LEGAL REFORM (15) (D) I Furtado 4 8 12............. K O’Neill 8 (10) 44L BLOWING WIND (35) M Dods 3 8 11........................... T Eaves 9 (9) 651 JILL ROSE (19) (C,D) Simon Whitaker 5 8 8....L Edmunds 10 (1) 702 ● REDROSEZORRO (10) (C&D) E Alston 7 8 5... Morgan Cole(7) 11 (6) 6L7 SWINGING EDDIE (14) (C&D) G Tuer 5 8 5.......... A Mullen VISOR: 3 TONGUE STRAP: 4 CHEEK PIECES: 6, 8 HOOD: 7, 10. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10. W-Factor: Legal Reform (96); Redrosezorro (95); Jill Rose (94). SP FORECAST: 4 Legal Reform, 9-2 Obee Jo, 5 Queen’s Sargent, 6 Others. 3.50 RACINGTV EXTRA HANDICAP £2,322 (6) 1m 7f 189yds (12) 1 (5) 139 GLOBETROTTER (35) D Brooke 7 9 9............................G Lee 2 (10) 348 HEAR ME OUT (44) K Dalgleish 4 9 8..........................S Gray 3 (4) 395 NIVEN (14) P Kirby 8 9 7................................................K Stott 4 (1) 470 PRINCE ABU (7) D Shaw 4 9 6.................................... T Eaves 5 (9) 564 NEW DELHI EXPRESS (15) I Jardine 5 9 5............ A Mullen 6 (3) 232 METAL MAN (14) R Menzies 5 9 4.....................P Mulrennan 7 (12) 613 ● THE RESDEV WAY (22) (C) M Hammond 8 9 2.. J Hart 8 (8) 900 JAMIL (10) (C) Miss T Jackson 6 9 2...............H Russell(3) 9 (2) 7L1 POUND OFF YOU (J13) G Boanas 5 9 2................. Doubtful 10 (7) 720 RITA R (29) F Murtagh 3 8 12.......................... C Murtagh(3) 11 (6) L40 CHEESE AND WINE (37) Ewan Whillans 4 8 12...C Beasley 12 (11) 268- MR SUNDOWNER (320) (C) D Thompson 9 8 12....A Beech(5) VISOR: No. 6 TONGUE STRAP: Nos. 1, 12 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 3, 5, 8, 11 HOOD: No. 4. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 3, 8. W-Factor: Metal Man (68); Globetrotter (67); Hear Me Out (66). SP FORECAST: 13-8 Metal Man, 5 Globetrotter, 7 The Resdev Way, Niven, 8 Hear Me Out, 12 Mr Sundowner, 16 Others. 4.25 RACINGTV HANDICAP £4,347 (4) 5f 212yds (11) 1 (1) 616 PRAXEOLOGY (10) (D) D Loughnane 4 9 11.....P Cosgrave 2 (6) L36 INTERNATIONALDREAM (32) (D) R Fahey 3 9 8..C Murtagh(3) 3 (8) 735 MUSCIKA (10) (D) D O’Meara 7 9 5........................J Watson 4 (9) 840 TASHGHEEL (18) (D) G Tuer 3 9 2..............O Stammers(5) 5 (11) 171 YUKON MISSION (8) (D) J J Quinn 4 8 13(5ex)........J Hart 6 (10) 611 DARK SHOT (10) (C&D) S Dixon 8 8 11................... K O’Neill 7 (4) 007 DARK DEFENDER (10) (D) Harvey Bastiman 8 8 11...H Russell(3) 8 (7) L0L AMOR DE MI VIDA (10) (D,T) A Watson 3 8 11......L Morris 9 (5) 112 ● WADE’S MAGIC (27) (C,D,F) T Easterby 4 8 9....Ella McCain(5) 10 (3) 447 AFTER JOHN (8) (D) Harvey Bastiman 5 8 5...... A Mullen 11 (2) 563 MR TREVOR (27) (D) Mrs A Duffield 3 8 4..... JP Sullivan BLINKERS: 5, 6, 7 CHEEK PIECES: 2, 3, 8, 9 HOOD: 11. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11. W-F: Dark Shot (94); Praxeology (93); Internationaldream (92). SP FORECAST: 4 Wade’s Magic, 9-2 Dark Shot, 5 Yukon Mission, 6 Others. 4.55 JUMP SEASON HANDICAP £2,322 (6) 5f 212yds (12) 1 (11) 312 RAIN CAP (11) (C&D) J Riches 4 9 7............K Schofield(5) 2 (8) 300 BUT YOU SAID (95) Sarah Hollinshead 4 9 5...Laura Pearson(3) 3 (10) 435 STRONSAY (11) (D) Liam Bailey 5 9 5....................... D Nolan 4 (6) 775 ● DESERT DREAM (61) S Spencer 7 9 4................L Morris 5 (2) 150 ROYAL GUARD (13) (D) R Fahey 3 9 4......... C Murtagh(3) 6 (3) 603 DEEVIOUS BEAU (15) (D) T D Barron 4 9 4........C Beasley 7 (12) 807 FIRCOMBE HALL (11) (D) P Kirby 3 9 4.....................K Stott 8 (4) 3L7 INDEPENDENT BEAUTY (33) L Williamson 3 9 4...F McManoman(3) 9 (5) 030 POINT OF WOODS (1) (D) Miss T Jackson 8 9 3...... JP Sullivan 10 (9) 90L CELERITY (11) (D) L Williamson 7 9 3... Erika Parkinson(7) 11 (7) L8-L FURNITURE FACTORS (276) Ronald Thompson 3 9 2....P Mulrennan 12 (1) 674 DANDY’S MAX (8) E Alston 3 9 2..................................J Hart VISOR: Nos. 1, 9, 10, 11 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 3, 7 HOOD: No. 8. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 3, 4, 9, 10. W-F: Royal Guard (67); Independent Beauty (66); But You Said (65). SP FORECAST: 4 Deevious Beau, 9-2 Dandy’s Max, 5 Rain Cap, 6 Others. 2.48 NOVICES’ HANDICAP CHASE £2,723 (5) 2m 4f 72yds (10) 1 1U3 RINTULLA (14) (D) B Pauling 7 11 12...Luca Morgan(5) 2 2/P8- WAX AND WANE (253) T Vaughan 6 11 11....Charlie Price(3) 3 214 SAN AGUSTIN (157) T Lacey 5 11 11................ J J Burke 4 P6U O’GRADY’S BOY (10) G Hanmer 10 11 8..Miss Immy Robinson(7) 5 5-32 MASTER MALCOLM (149) Mrs E Bishop 4 11 2...C Gethings 6 9-F2 DEPUTY JONES (21) N Mulholland 8 11 0...T Scudamore 7 64-1 ON THE PLATFORM (164) J Groucott 5 10 12...L Edwards 8 57-1 ● REPRESENTING BOB (22) J Snowden 5 10 11..G Sheehan 9 0-33 FLINTARA (140) R Bandey 6 10 10..............H Bannister 10 P-44 MIDNIGHT POPSTAR (127) Andrew Martin 7 10 0... Shane Quinlan(5) BLINKERS: 1 TONGUE STRAP: 2, 5, 6 CHEEK PIECES: 6, 10. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: 1, 7. W-F: O’grady’s Boy (111); Representing Bob (108); Rintulla (107). SP FORECAST: 3 Representing Bob, 4 San Agustin, 11-2 Others. 3.23 OLIVER GREENALL HCAP HURDLE £3,213 (4) 2m 7f 7yds (9) 1 263- MIDNIGHT GINGER (186) Andrew Martin 5 12 1...Mr J Martin(7) 2 212 NOT AT PRESENT (36) (D) B Pauling 6 12 1...Luca Morgan(5) 3 722 CHAMPAGNE NOIR (21) C Longsdon 7 11 12...G Sheehan 4 PLP- BLACKFINCH (230) S Edmunds 6 11 9........C Gethings 5 P-23 RARE CLOUDS (24) S Earle 7 11 6.......... Mr Z Baker(3) 6 P26- MR KATANGA (196) R Curtis 7 11 4.................B Hughes 7 75L BIT ON THE SIDE (27) J E Foster 6 11 3......S Coltherd 8 421 ● HILLVIEW (27) (C&D) G Hanmer 5 10 9.....S Bowen 9 2-97 MAMOO (148) S England 8 10 7.......................J England CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 2, 4, 7, 9. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 1, 9. W-F: Mamoo (115); Mr Katanga (114); Bit On The Side (113). SP FORECAST: 10-3 Not At Present, 9-2 Hillview, 5 Others. 3.55 HANDICAP CHASE £2,723 (5) 2m 1f 77yds (10) 1 245 SCHMIDT (34) D McCain 9 12 0.........................B Hughes 2 4L-3 LITTLE LIGHT (173) L Wadham 7 11 13....Bryony Frost 3 4-L8 BLUEBERRY WINE (3) D McCain 5 11 12......T Gillard(5) 4 602 GIVE ME A MOMENT (22) (D) R Bandey 6 11 9...H Bannister 5 823 FOLLOW YOUR FIRE (17) J Candlish 6 11 1... Sean Quinlan 6 931 ● SALAMANCA SCHOOL (8) W Greatrex 4 11 0(7ex)....G Sheehan 7 56P- BITASWEETSYMPHONY (217) S Allwood 6 10 12...C Todd(3) 8 3-L7 SOME SPIN (27) O Greenall 6 10 11............ Craig Nichol 9 7L4 RAPID RAIDER (17)(T) L Russell 7 10 0....S Mulqueen 10 2P-P YOURHOLIDAYISOVER (150) (D) Georgie Howell 14 10 0 Tabitha Worsley(5) BLINKERS: 2, 8 TONGUE STRAP: 3 CHEEK PIECES: 1, 5, 10. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: Nos. 2, 5, 10. W-Factor: Some Spin (112); Follow Your Fire (111); Give Me A Moment (110). SP FORECAST: 7-4 Salamanca School, 5 Give Me A Moment, 11-2 Others. 5.10 BETWAY HANDICAP £4,590 (4) 1m 2f 42yds (7) 1 (6) 642 CELTIC ART (32)(T) P & O Cole 4 9 13....M Tabti(7) 2 (5) 352 HIGHWAYGREY (33) (D) T Easterby 5 9 12...D Allan 3 (3) 76L SOCIETY RED (17) (C&D) R Fahey 7 9 9.. P Hanagan 4 (4) 12 PURPLE RIBBON (44) C Fellowes 3 9 8...C Shepherd 5 (2) 136 MS GANDHI (24) (D,T) R Varian 3 9 7...David Egan 6 (7) 462 ● GAL WONDER (38)(T) J & T Gosden 3 9 5...R Havlin 7 (1) 435 COTE D’AZUR (93) (D) J L Eyre 8 8 13....R Winston HOOD: No. 4. W-F: Celtic Art (91); Cote d’Azur (90); Highwaygrey (89). SP FORECAST: 9-4 Gal Wonder, 11-4 Purple Ribbon, 5 Celtic Art, 11-2 Ms Gandhi, 15-2 Highwaygrey, 12 Cote d’Azur, 16 Society Red. 5.40 MANSIONBET NOVICE STAKES £3,672 (5) 1m 5yds (6) 1 (6) 12 LIGHTENING COMPANY (38) B Haslam 3 9 9 C Rodriguez 2 (3) 6-6 GLOBAL WALK (179)(T) S bin Suroor 4 9 5....H Crouch 3 (5) 21 ● ENFRANCHISE (40) (D) M Johnston 3 9 4....J Fanning 4 (2) L ENHIMAAR (14) Mrs Stella Barclay 3 8 11...C Hardie 5 (1) SEA SPEEDWELL(T) W Haggas 3 8 11.... T Marquand 6 (4) 43 SHOMOUKH (31) R Fahey 3 8 11..................J Mitchell W-Factor: Enfranchise (83); Lightening Company (82); Global Walk (73). SP FORECAST: 13-8 Enfranchise, 5-2 Sea Speedwell, 5 Lightening Company, 6 Global Walk, 7 Shomoukh, 50 Enhimaar. 6.10 MANSIONBET HANDICAP £4,590 (4) 1m 5yds (8) 1 (7) 934 STAR SHIELD (18) (D) D O’Meara 6 9 10...T Marquand 2 (3) 3-86 RICH WATERS (38)(T) S bin Suroor 3 9 10....S Cherchi(3) 3 (2) 221 BRINGITONBORIS (11) (C&D,F) K Dalgleish 4 9 6 C Rodriguez 4 (4) 1-24 RICH DREAM (70) E Bethell 3 9 6.......P J McDonald 5 (1) L21 INVINCIBLY (40) (D) K Burke 3 9 6...................C Lee 6 (5) 133 DREAMSELLER (28) (D) T Easterby 5 8 12...D Allan 7 (8) 121 ● PLASTIC PADDY (7) (C&D) M Appleby 3 8 11(6ex) R Winston 8 (6) 802 TRAVELLER (7) (C&D) A Brittain 7 8 5......C Hardie BLINKERS: No. 8 VISOR: No. 3 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 1, 4, 6. W-F: Traveller (90); Plastic Paddy (89); Star Shield (87). SP FORECAST: 10-3 Plastic Paddy, 4 Bringitonboris, 5 Rich Dream, Rich Waters, 7 Invincibly, 8 Dreamseller, 10 Others. 4.30 MARES’ HANDICAP HURDLE £3,213 (4) 2m 3f 123yds (11) 1 1-31 DAZZLING GLORY (20) (D) D Skelton 6 11 12...Bridget Andrews 2 1-11 ● COULD BE TROUBLE (149) (D) D McCain 6 11 12...B Hughes 3 3F-4 SACRE COEUR (20) Jonjo O’Neill 5 11 11......G Sheehan 4 1RP- THE DELRAY MUNKY (262) I Jardine 9 11 10.. Doubtful 5 31-1 SATURN ‘N SILK (27) (C&D) M Scudamore 6 11 9....T Scudamore 6 411 ISTHEBAROPEN (35) (C&D) G Hanmer 8 11 9....W Shanahan(7) 7 13L STOP TALKING (117) (D) J Candlish 9 11 7... Sean Quinlan 8 12P- GETAWEAPON (288) K Bailey 6 11 7.....................D Bass 9 2-3F MISS TARA MOSS (20) (D) O Greenall 6 11 5..F Gregory(3) 10 77-L PARIS DIXIE (165) N Henderson 6 11 2...N De Boinville 11 3F-L CHAMPAGNE TERRI (23) A Keatley 5 11 0...T Midgley(7) TONGUE STRAP: 2 CHEEK PIECES: 4, 6, 7 HOOD: 1, 3. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: 2, 3, 4, 7. W-F: Champagne Terri (127); Getaweapon (126); Sacre Coeur (125). SP FORECAST: 4 Dazzling Glory, 9-2 Could Be Trouble, 5 Others. 5.00 HANDICAP CHASE £3,649 (4) 3m 5yds (9) 1 232- ● POLDARK CROSS (252) H Whittington 6 11 12....G Sheehan 2 1-23 OSCAR NOMINATION (88) (C&D) G Hanmer 9 11 9....S Bowen 3 14P SANDY BOY (25) P Hobbs 7 11 9.....................B R Jones 4 6L-7 EMPHATIC QUALM (171) N Twiston-Davies 6 11 7.. J Nailor(3) 5 3P-P MERCIAN KNIGHT (175) (F) A Murphy 7 11 7...J Quinlan 6 6P7- DRAGONFRUIT (231) O Greenall 6 11 4.... Craig Nichol 7 925 OUT FOR JUSTICE (27) (C&D) Katy Price 8 10 13... Shane Quinlan(5) 8 5LP- ANYWAYYOULOOKATIT (252) (D) Jonjo O’Neill 8 10 13 W T Kennedy 9 54L STEEL WAVE (31) (C&D) G Hanmer 11 10 0... Tabitha Worsley(5) VISOR: 3, 9 TONGUE STRAP: 7, 9 CHEEK PIECES: 4, 6, 8. SOFT/HEAVY WINNERS: 2, 3, 6, 9. W-F: Dragonfruit (122); Mercian Knight (121); Sandy Boy (119). SP FORECAST: 2 Poldark Cross, 4 Oscar Nomination, 6 Others. 5.30 OPEN NH FLAT RACE (GBB RACE) £1,906 (5) 2m 145yds (9) 1 1L-1 LATITUDE (165) (D) M Rowley 5 11 7..... A Edwards(3) 2 2- GENTLE RIVER (332) A Ralph 5 11 0........J Tidball(10) 3 P31- ● GREAT D’ANGE (185) T R George 5 11 0....J J Burke 4 3 LARGY REACH (171) (F) D McCain 5 11 0.......B Hughes 5 CUDDLY DUDLEY L Morgan 4 10 13...................S Bowen 6 DR SEB O Murphy 4 10 13...................................A Coleman 7 HORACIO APPLE’S O Greenall 4 10 13...... Craig Nichol 8 1- KING ARISE (185) Dr R Newland 4 10 13...C Leonard(5) 9 ROCKINASTORM H Daly 4 10 13......................... R Patrick W-Factor: Gentle River (111); Latitude (110). SP FORECAST: 10-3 Latitude, 7-2 Great D’ange, Dr Seb, 11-2 Gentle River, 7 King Arise, 12 Largy Reach, 14 Others. 6.40 BETWAY HANDICAP £3,240 (5) 6f (14) 1 (5) 053 BLACKHEATH (32) (D) M Dods 6 9 10...C Rodriguez 2 (10) 515 INTERNATIONAL GIRL (32) (D) R Fahey 3 9 8 P Hanagan 3 (12) 941 ● RUN THIS WAY (22) (D) P Midgley 3 9 8 B Robinson 4 (6) 254 STALINGRAD (24) G Tuer 4 9 6....................S James 5 (1) 9L0 GOLD ZABEEL (8) M Hammond 4 9 6....A Breslin(5) 6 (3) 379 TRUE MASON (8) (D) Phillip Makin 5 9 5.....R Scott 7 (9) L86 GOWANLAD (14) (C&D) P Kirby 4 9 5.............D Swift 8 (13) 433 SPARTAN FIGHTER (14) (C&D,F) A Brittain 4 9 3 J Gormley 9 (8) 6L3 EAST STREET REVUE (27) (D) T Easterby 8 9 3 D Fentiman 10 (11) 726 NEARLY A GONNA (22) (D) T Easterby 4 9 3....D Allan 11 (4) 365 UBAHHA (22) A Brittain 3 9 2........................C Hardie 12 (2) 3L3 NEXT VICTORY (22)(T) S bin Suroor 3 9 2... H Crouch 13 (14) 413 ANOTHER DAWN (26) (D,F,T) G Boughey 3 9 1 T Marquand 14 (7) 2L4 EXCESSABLE (60) (D) T Easterby 8 9 0....P J McDonald VISOR: Nos. 8, 10 TONGUE STRAP: No. 14 CHEEK PIECES: Nos. 1, 9, 12, 14 HOOD: Nos. 4, 13. W-Factor: Ubahha (88); East Street Revue (87); Run This Way (84). SP FORECAST: 11-2 Next Victory, 6 Another Dawn, 13-2 East Street Revue, Run This Way, 8 Spartan Fighter, 10 Others. 7.10 FILLIES’ NOV MEDIAN AUCTION STKS £3,672 (5) 6f (8) 1 (2) 35 CHANTREYS (221) I Furtado 4 9 1...............T Whelan 2 (6) 222 ● COVER NAME (10) G Tuer 3 9 0...............S James 3 (3) 2-4P DABIRSTAR (180) K Burke 3 9 0.........................C Lee 4 (1) 3-09 LIBERTY BREEZE (18) Simon Whitaker 3 9 0 C Rodriguez 5 (4) 65 MACS GIRL (14) M Appleby 3 9 0................T Ladd(3) 6 (7) LL5 MISS CONNAISSEUR (18) R Carr 3 9 0....J Gormley 7 (8) 830 SILVER BUBBLE (7) (F,T) G Kelleway 3 9 0 Mollie Phillips(5) 8 (5) SLAINTE MHATH(T) K Scott 3 9 0........ A Breslin(5) VISOR: No. 7. W-F: Cover Name (85); Dabirstar (80); Silver Bubble (74). SP FORECAST: 5-4 Cover Name, 3 Dabirstar, 6 Silver Bubble, 8 Macs Girl, 12 Liberty Breeze, 14 Slainte Mhath, 16 Others. Bangor SSR Newcastle SSR Catterick RTV THE SCOUT 1.38 GO DANTE (nb) 2.13 Washington 2.48 Representing Bob 3.23 Hillview 3.55 Salamanca School 4.30 Could Be Trouble 5.00 Poldark Cross 5.30 Great D’ange THE SCOUT 4.00 First Charge 4.35 SOPHOSC 5.10 Gal Wonder 5.40 Enfranchise 6.10 Plastic Paddy 6.40 Run This Way 7.10 Cover Name THE SCOUT 1.00 Stylish Icon 1.30 Monsieur Kodi 2.05 Val De Travers 2.40 Aveta 3.15 Redrosezorro 3.50 The Resdev Way 4.25 WADE’S MAGIC (nap) 4.55 Desert Dream VITAL STATISTICS BANGOR TRACKFACTS IN-FORM TRAINERS (last 10 days) S Fahey 60% (3 wins and 0 places from 5 runners), L Russell 59% (3/7/17), T Coyle 57% (2/2/7). IN-FORM JOCKEYS Mr D G Lavery 75% (2 wins and 1 places from 4 runners), Mr Jamie Codd 71% (2/3/7), Bryony Frost 67% (2/2/6). TRACK FACTS: GOING: Soft. Left Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEY (2016-21): Jason Hart 15% Strike rate. TOP TRACK TRAINER (2016-21): T Easterby 12% Strike rate. FIRST TIME: 1.00 Manila Scouse (tongue strap), 2.05 Country Charm (cheek pieces), 3.15 Blowing Wind (cheek pieces), 3.50 Hear Me Out (cheek pieces), 4.55 Independent Beauty (hood), Furniture Factors (visor). BEATEN FAVOURITES: 1.00 Manila Scouse. 2.40 Innse Gall(hcp), Sage Advice(hcp). 3.15 Legal Reform(hcp). DRAW: Low numbers have an advantage in races over five and seven furlongs, high best over six furlongs. LONGEST TRAVELLER: The Rain King (3.15) 298 miles. STABLE SWITCH: 1.30 Methinks from C Fellowes to R Fell, Runshaw Lane from D Carroll to T Fitzgerald. 4.55 But You Said from D Hogan in Ireland to Sarah Hollinshead. TRACK FACTS: GOING: Good to Soft. Left Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEY (2016-21): Brian Hughes 21% Strike rate. TOP TRACK TRAINER (2016-21): D McCain 21% Strike rate. FIRST TIME: 1.38 Fraughan Hill (wind surgery), 2.13 Hurlerontheditch (tongue strap, wind surgery), Fulbeck Girl (cheek pieces, tongue strap), Head Law (wind surgery), 2.48 Midnight Popstar (cheek pieces), 3.23 Bit On The Side (cheek pieces), Blackfinch (wind surgery), 3.55 Little Light (wind surgery), Some Spin (blinkers), Bitasweetsymphony (wind surgery), 4.30 Isthebaropen (cheek pieces), 5.00 Emphatic Qualm (cheek pieces). BEATEN FAVOURITES: 1.38 Green Planet(hcp). 2.48 San Agustin(hcp hdl). 4.30 Getaweapon(hcp hdl). 5.00 Poldark Cross(hcp hdl). LONGEST TRAVELLER: Rapid Raider (3.55) 281 miles. STABLE SWITCH: 1.38 Fraughan Hill from Benny Walsh in Ireland to W Greatrex, Green Planet from D M Simcock to A King, Kilcasey Gold from M Butler in Ireland to C Ellam, Money For Jam from T H Weston to S Allwood, One For Navigation from D O’Meara to S England, Zamond from C Bowe in Ireland to D McCain. 2.13 Head Law from Gab Leenders in France to Jonjo O’Neill, Hurlerontheditch from M Kennedy in Ireland to K Bailey, Kihavah from K J Condon in Ireland to A Keatley, Message To Martha from D Skelton to Georgie Howell. 3.23 Mr Katanga from O Murphy to R Curtis. 5.30 Great D’ange from M Goff in Ireland to T R George, King Arise from T H Weston to Dr R Newland, Largy Reach from S Crawford in Ireland to D McCain. TRACK FACTS: GOING: Standard. Left Handed. TOP TRACK JOCKEY (2016-21): P J McDonald 12% Strike rate. TOP TRACK TRAINER (2016-21): R Fahey 12% Strike rate. FIRST TIME: 4.35 Firby (cheek pieces), Cuban Hope (cheek pieces), 6.10 Rich Dream (cheek pieces), 6.40 Next Victory (cheek pieces), 7.10 Silver Bubble (visor). BEATEN FAVOURITES: 4.00 One Night In Milan(hcp). 5.10 Highwaygrey(hcp), Purple Ribbon. 6.40 Another Dawn(hcp). 7.10 Cover Name, Dabirstar(hcp). DRAW: High numbers have a slight advantage over 5f. LONGEST TRAVELLER: Dreambird (4.00) 313 miles. STABLE SWITCH: No Qualifiers. BERNHARD Langer was left “feeling awesome” after ending a barren run to become the PGA Tour Champions’ oldest winner. The German, who turned 64 in August, beat Doug Barron in the first play-off hole to win the Dominion Energy Charity Classic in Virginia. It was Langer’s 42nd victory on the 50-and-older circuit, drawing closer to Hale Irwin’s record of 45. He had not won since March 2020. “It’s an awesome feeling,” said Langer. “It’s been a while, but that’s how much sweeter it is.” The previous oldest winner on tour was Scott Hoch at 63. GOLF world of sport Wolff said: “We just need to push and push and hopefully be in a situation where we can fight for the world championship at the very last race. “Mexico is different because of the high altitude and the engines are under pressure in a totally different way. We need to start properly on Friday, understand the car, develop it from there, and then we will be in a position to battle for the win.” Hamilton had won five of his eight previous appearances at the Circuit of the Americas. But after a fine start, he did not have the speed to pull out a significant gap. MERCEDES chief Toto Wolff has challenged his team to work around the clock to provide Lewis Hamilton with a car capable of taking Max Verstappen to a title decider. The championship ball is firmly in Verstappen’s court after the Red Bull driver won the US Grand Prix on Sunday to extend his lead over Hamilton from six to 12 points. There are five rounds left and the next two circuits in Mexico and Brazil are expected to favour Verstappen’s machinery. But Silver Arrows team principal hamilton FORMULA ONE Featherstone’s bid for promotion to Super League. But McDermott insists there is no conflict with his previous comments, saying: “I have total respect for the traditional teams and rugby league needs them. “But we also need something else because staying as we are, or with slight variations, is not the answer. “Investment is not going to come by having the same teams brian joins part-timers Mac back in town BRIAN McDERMOTT insists he does not regret his “northern town clubs” comment despite taking over at one. Featherstone Rovers’ new coach famously claimed two years ago that Super League needed to look beyond small towns in the north and instead spread into big global cities. He had just clinched promotion with Toronto and said expansion was the best way to attract better TV deals and major sponsors. Months later the Wolfpack folded and McDermott, right, is now in charge of leading parttime

50 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 1. Which British boxer became the Olympic men’s flyweight boxing champion in Tokyo? 2. Which team bowled out Australia for their lowest T20 score, 62, completing a 4-1 series win? 3. Who recovered from injury to help Daryll Neita, Imani Lansiquot and Asha Philip to bronze in the women’s 4x100m relay in Tokyo? 4. Which Czech team did Celtic beat 7-2 on aggregate in the third qualifying round of the Europa League? 5. Which British-based team won the championship game of the World League of American Football in 1991? 6. What number in darts is between the 11 and the 16? 7. Which Manchester United player was PFA Players’ Player of the Year in 2001? 8. Which South African racing driver was Formula One world champion in 1979? 9. What sporting chant begins “Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora”? 10. What is the home state of the MLS club known as the Rapids? ANSWERS: 1 Galal Yafai. 2 Bangladesh. 3 Dina Asher-Smith. 4 Jablonec. 5 London Monarchs. 6 8. 7 Teddy Sheringham. 8 Jody Scheckter. 9 The haka. 10 Colorado. DX1ST TENNIS: briton’s plea english THOSE WERE THE DAYS ON THIS DATE IN SPORTING HISTORY 1863: The FA formed following a meeting of 11 representatives from interested clubs at the Freemasons’ Tavern, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. 1997: Jacques Villeneuve was crowned Formula One world champion after Ferrari rival Michael Schumacher crashed out while attempting to take the Canadian out of the European Grand Prix at Jerez. 2004: West Brom parted company with manager Gary Megson after he confirmed he would quit at the end of the season. 2015: England lost the second Test against Pakistan by 178 runs in Dubai. 2017: Rangers sacked manager Pedro Caixinha after just seven months in charge. SHOP EGAN MASSAGE & HEAT ELECTRIC RISER RECLINER CHAIR £699.99 ONLY WAS £999.99 SAVE £300 This wonderful chair is perfect for anyone who needs assistance in getting in and out of their chair as the electrically operated mechanism does all of the work for you. The chair is covered in a strong, supple and easy to maintain bonded leather with faux leather match used on the back and side panels. The frame of the chair is constructed from a solid hard wood with a metal mechanism for the recline function. R8001RRMHBLS1Black Black Chair R8001RRMHBLS1Brown Black Chair R8001RRMHBLS1Burgundy Burgundy The chair also boasts massage points in the seat, lower and upper back areas that can be used independently or together over a variety of settings. There is also a heat function in the lumbar area. All fillings and coverings meet or exceed UK fire regulations. Dimensions - H 96cm x W 86cm x D 86cm Colours - Black, Brown, Burgundy, Cream, Grey & Tan R8001RRMHBLS1Cream Cream Chair R8001RRMHBLS1Grey Grey Chair R8001RRMHBLS1Grey Tan Chair CALL US ON 01173 253 411 OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK/EGAN PLEASE NOTE, DELIVERY WILL BE 7-10 WORKING DAYS AND IS CHARGED AT £6.95. DUE TO COURIER LIMITATIONS WE ARE UNABLE TO DELIVER THIS PRODUCT OUTSIDE MAINLAND UK, TO SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, ISLES OR BFPO ADDRESSES. From Neil McLeman in Cluj EMMA RADUCANU has appealed for patience before seeking a first win since her US Open triumph at the Transylvania Open today. The Bromley teenager achieved instant worldwide fame with her shock win in New York last month. She has since flopped in the first round at the BNP Paribas Open in California and is playing in her father Ian’s homeland of Romania this week without a coach. Before her first match in Europe as a Major winner, the 18-year-old admitted she needed more time to adjust to the higher altitude after her rapid rise up the rankings. “I don’t think there is any pressure on me,” she said. “I just feel like everyone should be a little patient with me. I’m going to find my tennis, I just need a little bit of time. I kind of GRITTY: Murray dug deep to beat Hurkacz Emma asks for time to handle her new status went from zero to the top of the game. Although things have happened fast, I’m learning a lot. The biggest thing is to be patient with myself because basically from my rankings I skipped a bunch of girls I learned with. “Normally you work your way in, play your way up. I basically went from the 25s to playing Masters and 500s and 250s. “So it’s obviously going to take some time to adjust and adapt, but hopefully with some good work I’ll be Murray ANDY MURRAY celebrated his best win in 14 months last night after beating world No.10 Hubert Hurkacz at the Erste Bank Open in Vienna. Murray had lost 10 consecutive matches against top-20 players dating back to his win over Alex Zverev in August 2020. And he

patienT a new vigour Raducanu is ready to get her teeth into the Transylvania Open after blip last time DX1ST tennis: briton’s plea FOOTBALL SCOTTISH CUP —2nd rd: Clydebank 1 Elgin 1. VANARAMA NATIONAL LEAGUE — North: Bradford P A 2 Blyth Spartans 1. South: Chelmsford 0 Dartford 0. AMERICAN FOOTBALL NFL: Los Angeles Rams 28 Detroit Lions 19, Las Vegas Raiders 33 Philadelphia Eagles 22, Arizona Cardinals 31 Houston Texans 5, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38 Chicago Bears 3, San Francisco 49ers 18 Indianapolis Colts 30. Basketball NBA: Brooklyn Nets 95 Charlotte Hornets 111, New York Knicks 104 Orlando Magic 110, Houston Rockets 97 Boston Celtics 107, Oklahoma City Thunder 103 Philadelphia 76ers 115, Sacramento Kings 107 Golden State Warriors 119, LA Lakers 121 Memphis Grizzlies 118. cricket ICC World Twenty20 - Group 2—Afghanistan v Scotland (Sharjah): Afghanistan 190-4 (20.0 overs; Najibullah Zadran 59). Scotland 60 (10.2 overs; Mujeeb Ur Rahman 5-20, Rashid Khan 4-9). Afghanistan (2pts) beat Scotland by 130 runs. tennis ATP Erste Bank Open (Vienna, Austria) — Men’s Singles 1st rnd: C Alcaraz Garfia (Spa) bt D Evans (Gbr) 6-4 6-3, A Murray (Gbr) bt (5) H Hurkacz (Pol) 6-4 6-7 (6-8) 6-3, Today’s diary (7.45pm unless stated) Carabao Cup 4th Round: Arsenal v Leeds (Live on Sky Sports Main Event), Chelsea v Southampton, QPR v Sunderland. Sky Bet League One: Doncaster v Cambridge U, Wigan v Lincoln C. P W D L F A Pts Plymouth.................. 15 8 6 1 26 13 30 Wycombe................. 14 9 3 2 22 13 30 Wigan...................... 13 9 1 3 24 9 28 Sunderland............... 13 9 1 3 24 13 28 Rotherham............... 14 8 3 3 23 10 27 Oxford Utd............... 14 7 3 4 23 16 24 MK Dons.................. 14 6 4 4 23 20 22 Burton Albion........... 15 6 4 5 16 19 22 Sheff Wed................ 14 5 6 3 15 13 21 Ipswich.................... 14 5 5 4 29 22 20 Accrington............... 14 6 2 6 19 25 20 Bolton...................... 15 5 4 6 22 25 19 Cheltenham.............. 14 5 3 6 17 24 18 AFC Wimbledon........ 14 4 5 5 20 23 17 Lincoln City.............. 14 4 4 6 17 18 16 Portsmouth.............. 14 4 4 6 17 20 16 sport in brief Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 51 Morecambe.............. 14 4 3 7 24 25 15 Cambridge............... 13 3 6 4 18 23 15 Gillingham................ 15 3 6 6 15 21 15 Shrewsbury.............. 15 4 2 9 14 21 14 Fleetwood................ 13 3 4 6 21 21 13 Charlton................... 14 3 3 8 16 23 12 Doncaster................ 13 3 1 9 9 23 10 Crewe...................... 14 1 5 8 10 24 8 League Two: Colchester v Sutton Utd. Papa John’s Trophy Northern GRP E: Rotherham v Man City U21 (7pm). Papa John’s Trophy Southern Group A : Gillingham v West Ham U21 (7pm). Group B: AFC Wimbledon v Crystal Palace U21. Group C: Milton Keynes Dons v Aston Villa U21 (7pm). Group E: Cheltenham v Chelsea U21 (7pm). Group H: Oxford Utd v Tottenham Hotspur U21. Vanarama National Lge: Aldershot v Weymouth, Altrincham v Solihull Moors (BT Sport 1), Chesterfield v Eastleigh, FC Halifax v Dagenham & Redbridge, King’s Ly Tn v Boreham Wood, Maidenhead Utd v Wrexham, Notts C v Bromley, Stockport Co v Barnet, Wealdstone v Grimsby, Yeovil v Woking. North: AFC Fylde v Spennymoor Tn, AFC Telford v Guiseley, Boston Utd v York, Chester FC v Gloucester, Chorley v Kidderminster, Curzon Ashton v Gateshead, Hereford FC v Kettering, Leamington v Farsley Celtic, Southport v Darlington. South: Chippenham v Hemel Hempstead, Dorking Wanderers v Eastbourne Borough, Dulwich v Maidstone U, Ebbsfleet Utd v Braintree Tn, Hungerford Tn v Havant and W, Slough v Bath City, St Albans v Billericay, Welling v Hampton & Richmond. Scottish Championship: Ayr v Kilmarnock, Dunfermline v Raith, Hamilton v Q of the South, Inverness CT v Arbroath, Morton v Partick (7.30). Women World Cup Qualifier: Latvia v England (5pm) (Live on ITV4), Wales v Estonia (7.15) (Live on BBC Wales), N Ireland v Austria (7pm), Finland v Rep of Ireland (4.15). CRICKET ICC World Twenty20 - Group 1: South Africa v West Indies (Dubai, 11am). Group 2: Pakistan v New Zealand (Sharjah, 3pm). TENNIS ATP Erste Bank Open (Vienna). eye on future Raducanu says there is still room for improvement - which must worry her rivals able to do that. Patience is the key. There are a lot of lows, where you learn about your game and that not everything goes smoothly. You adjust to each level gradually.” The British No.1 lost her first match as a Grand Slam champion to world No.100 Aliaksandra Sasnovich in Indian Wells. “My reflection on the performance was that I was quite tired and I think I was still jetlagged,” she said. “I’m bouncing back and hopefully I’ll have a good week this week.” Raducanu will this afternoon face world No.123 Polona Hercog, the Slovenian who lost to Coco Gauff at Wimbledon in 2019 and has won only four matches this year. World No.23 Raducanu said: “New York was a great experience but I’m By Neil McLeman had gone down twice to Poland’s Hurkacz this season. But Murray, down at world No.156, gained revenge on the Wimbledon semi-finalist with a typically gritty 6-4 6-7 6-3 win in the Austrian capital last night. Murray failed to trying to look ahead. You just need to move on. It was great while it lasted but now I’m looking ahead. “The exciting thing is I still feel I have a lot of room to improve. I’m really enjoying my tennis right now.” She is scheduled to meet top seed and childhood idol Simona Halep, left, in Saturday’s semi-final. “I’d like to play her but that is so far ahead,” said the British No.1. Romanian star Halep enjoyed a much slower journey to the top of tennis and won her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 French Open at her 35th attempt. Of Raducanu, the former world No.1 said: “She is super nice and we just need to wait for her to grow up a little bit at this level. Then she will become stronger, much stronger.” shows he’s not finished yet take his first match point at 5-6 in the second set tie-break. But he recovered from dropping his service in the opening game of the deciding set to take his third match point with an ace after a gruelling two hours and 41 minutes on court. The Scot has never lost in Vienna as he won the title on his two previous appearances in 2014 and 2016. The three-time Grand Slam champion will next face Carlos Alcaraz – whom he beat in Indian Wells – after the Spanish teenager stopped a Battle of Britain contest by beating Dan Evans 6-4 6-3 yesterday.

52 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Francis relishing extra Test TOMAS FRANCIS is backing Wales to cope without six Englishbased players against the All Blacks on Saturday. The Ospreys prop, who quit Exeter in the summer so he could play for Wales in Tests that fall outside of the international window, knows the absence of talent such as Dan Biggar, Louis Rees- Zammit and Taulupe Faletau will stretch the squad in Cardiff. Wales have not beaten New Zealand for 68 RUGBY UNION By Neil Squires years, but Francis said: “It’s exciting for the boys who will wear the jersey. Playing against the All Blacks is a great game to be involved in. “If you play in England you sacrifice at least one game in the autumn. For people who play in Wales that’s the carrot, a game to be involved in that you wouldn’t be otherwise. “The fact we get to play four Tests instead of three is great. It’s been frustrating when I’ve had to miss these games.” Ospreys wing Alex Cuthbert, who also left Exeter in the summer, was yesterday called into the squad with Liam Williams unlikely to be risked following an appendix operation. Flanker Ellis Jenkins is struggling to be fit with a rib cartilage injury. ❑France have named scrum-half Antoine Dupont as their stand-in captain with Charles Ollivon out injured. DX1ST cricket: BOOST FOR ENGLAND I’m just buzzing francis: Optimistic Out of my darkness comes Ashes I AM buzzing for the Ashes. Just buzzing. To be able to confirm to Joe Root that I would be available to join the tour from the start after my second successful surgery on my finger was a great moment. Rooty’s reaction when I told him was: “Oh bloody hell, that’s good.” He said it was great to hear me sounding so well and that is the truth of it. I feel much better about everything from my finger to my mental wellbeing. I know I can focus once again on playing my best cricket Down Under this winter. I probably didn’t realise just how much of an issue the finger was until I got it sorted the second time. But I had also been struggling with bubble life and events off the field. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did because I wasn’t in a good place. I was in a dark place and having some difficult thoughts. I was always one of those people who wouldn’t talk about how they are feeling and crack on. I now realise talking is such a powerful thing and it has completely changed me. Talking to my wife, talking to close friends like Rooty has really helped – as with the professionals I’ve worked with. It hasn’t been easy to get to this point but the work my surgeon Doug Campbell has done, plus my physio in Newcastle, Louise, and the ECB medical staff has all helped get my finger right. My ligaments and tendons had been glued down from the scar tissue that had grown to help my finger heal from the first surgery. Doug illustrated it using the neck tie he was wearing. I was then able to see exactly what he meant during the surgery itself because I was awake and could watch the whole thing, which was pretty cool. He took the screws out and scraped away the scar tissue and my finger was like new. I was moving it the day after in physio and then I picked up a bat four days later. I couldn’t wait to get into the nets. Once I was hitting balls without pain and without thinking about the position Ben Stokes ENGLAND’S star all-rounder and fan favourite reveals his delight – and that of captain Joe Root – at being fit and well enough to join England on the Ashes tour of Australia my finger was in I thought: “I’m back.” Looking back at the summer, playing with a finger that wasn’t getting any better alongside everything else added up. It gave me such a lift to be able to hold a bat again properly. I do realise Australia is one of the toughest places to tour but also one of the greatest places. It is a special event in cricket and I want to help our team as best I can. I know what it is going to be like, especially the crowds. I’ve experienced it before, so bring it on. a new man... Back in nets after playing through pain for too long. He can’t wait to get at the Australians DELIGHT: Buttler will have plenty of company in Oz Buttler: It’s not JOS Buttler has welcomed the news that Ben Stokes will be taking part in the Ashes this winter – because he makes every player feel taller. Buttler is making his first trip to Australia for an Ashes after working out a solution that will allow his family to be with him Down Under. He is also delighted that his friend of many years will be alongside him. EXCLUSIVE By Dean Wilson “It’s fantastic news,” said Buttler. “First and foremost as a friend and team-mate I’m delighted that Ben is back in a place where he feels well enough to resume his career. “Having him added to the squad is obviously incredibly exciting for everyone because he brings so much to the side in all sorts of different ways.

cricket: BOOST FOR ENGLAND honest to core Stokes said he was in a dark place and that his finger injury just added to misery DX1ST Afghans leave sorry Scotland in a spin Scotland head coach Shane Burger admitted a 130-run hammering by Afghanistan was “a tough pill to swallow” but expects his side to show their character in the rest of the T20 World Cup. Kyle Coetzer’s team had upset the odds to reach the Super 12s, the first time they had gone past the opening round of any World Cup, but were unable to contain Afghanistan’s batters before being skittled out in Sharjah. A tournament-high total of 190-4 was always likely to prove challenging, especially when faced with Afghanistan’s vaunted spin attack. And so it proved as Mujeeb Ur Rahman, right, took three wickets in an over en route to figures of T20 international-best 5-20, while Rashid Khan claimed 4-9 as Afghanistan’s electrifying spin attack ran riot to dismiss Scotland for a paltry 60 runs. Burger said: “It’s obviously a tough pill to swallow. “We’ve had really good momentum recently so you get into a rhythm of what that feels like. That Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 53 will be really tough to swallow but this competition doesn’t allow you to think about it for too long. “I don’t think this defines us as a team or defines them as individuals, it’s just a game of cricket where things turn quickly and character is defined by how you come back from this.” Scotland are unlikely to be the last team to struggle against Afghanistan. GARDENING BRING A CITRUS ZING TO YOUR CONTAINERS Clematis ‘Little Lemons’ SAVE £5 “The perfect plant for those new to gardening” such a tall order with Ben He balances the team brilliantly. And before his break he had been playing some of the best cricket of his life. “But it’s not just his cricket. He has such an impact on those around him – he makes us all feel taller stood next to him. “He gives the other players confidence. He’s incredibly loyal to the team and when it comes to competitiveness Ben is not shy of any challenge.” Buttler admitted the chance to take on the Aussies is one that he’s glad he can now grab. It is a bucket-list contest as far as the Booking.com ambassador is concerned. He said: “I’ve always had that hunger and ambition to experience the Ashes in Australia and test what is the biggest challenge I think you can take on.” For now Buttler’s priority is the T20 World Cup where he played a full part in England’s demolition job of the West Indies and is looking forward to more success this week. He added: “It was a fantastic start to the tournament and our aim now is to maintain that. “The quality is there in our squad and we know we are capable of hitting that level again and again.” ●Booking.com is the official accommodation booking partner of the ICC T20 World Cup. A variety of clematis tangutica, ‘Little Lemons’ is a compact plant with a neat, bushy habit and nodding, bright-lemon flowers. Flowering from May to September this dwarf clematis has been bred to be less sprawling than other varieties, so is perfect for growing in a pot or basket, where it makes a really unusual and visually stunning statement. Supplied as an established plant in a 7cm pot, ready for immediate planting. Plants will grow to around 45cm (18in). Clematis tangutica ‘Little Lemons’ Supplied as established plant in a 7cm pot ITEM 550222 NOW £7.99 SAVE £5.00! CALL US ON 08716 643 490 QUOTE RDX1030 OR VISIT WWW.YOUGARDEN.COM/RDX1030 Please add £6.99 P&P to your order. If you would like to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here . Reg. London 141748 Express Newspapers Reg. London 141748. One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom, E14 5AP. To see how your data is processed please refer to Express’s Privacy Policy: www.shop.express.co.uk/privacy. Orders despatched within 7 working days. Offer subject to availability and if oversubscribed, we reserve the right to send a suitable alternative. Contract for supply of goods is with YouGarden Ltd, Eventus House, Market Deeping, PE6 8FD. Images show mature plants. IMPORTANT: Following Brexit there are a number of changes that prevent us from trading in N. Ireland. Full terms and product details at www.yougarden.com. * Calls cost 12p per minute plus your network’s access charge. UK delivery only and surcharges may apply to outlying areas. Customer Service: Call 0333 210 0099 or email CS@YouGarden.com. Offer closes 30th November 2021.

54 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Spurs are giving Nuno everything says Lloris HUGO LLORIS remains convinced that Tottenham’s players are trying their hardest despite a disappointing start to the season. The Spurs captain has always been quick to slap down his teammates in the past if he has felt a drop in performance. In April he slammed them as “disgraceful” after their Europa League exit to Dinamo Zagreb in one of Jose Mourinho’s final games in charge. And in 2014, football latest ● US businessman Chris Kirchner has announced he wants to buy Derby. The 34-year-old, who runs a global logistics firm, has applied to the club’s administrators. ● FORMER England winger Jason Wilcox is to hold further talks with Newcastle GARDENING By Matthew Dunn DWARF ROCKERY Narcissi Mixed Create a carpet of beautiful spring flowers with our popular mixture of Dwarf Rockery Narcissi. We put up to 10 different varieties in our mix to give you a varied and stylish spring display. Growing to a compact height of only 20cm, these Narcissi are perfect for any size garden and are ideal for mass planting. Top-quality 8/10cm bulbs supplied. All prices include delivery. when Mauricio Pochettino was the new manager struggling to make an impact, Lloris lashed out, saying: “It really bothers me the coach is being blamed.” Anger and frustration were again running high after Spurs slumped to a 1-0 defeat against West Ham, their fourth London derby defeat of the season under Nuno Espirito Santo. This time, though, Lloris, above, feels that the players are still giving it their all. He said: “We know that there are a lot of expectations and the players have a responsibility. “When I see all the players I think they are trying to do their best. “Sometimes it does not work but that is not the moment to give up. We need to carry on with a good energy. “Clearly we need to keep working, keep fighting. Consistency is the key.” over the new role of director of football at St James’ Park. Ex-Arsenal star Marc Overmars is also in the frame. ● Leicester have formally submitted plans to develop the King Power Stadium, increasing its capacity from 32,000 to 40,000. BUY 100 FOR HALF PRICE AMAZING VALUE • Beautiful blooms that can be enjoyed from March to April. • Perfect for planting in patio pots, containers or the spring border. • If left undisturbed they will naturalise and multiply, producing an increasing display every year. Buy 25 Dwarf Rockery Narcissi Mixed for £9.99 or order 100 for only £19.98, HALF PRICE. QUOTING TO ORDER CALL 0871 664 1469 EX6539 OR VISIT SHOP.EXPRESS.CO.UK/6539 Post to: Express Garden, Rockery Narcissi Mixed Offer (EX6539), 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9FG. If you prefer to receive information and offers from organisations carefully selected by Express Newspapers, please tick here. To see how your data is processed please refer to Express’s Privacy Policy: https://www.shop.express.co.uk/privacy This offer is provided by J Parker Dutch Bulbs Ltd, 14 Hadfield Street, Manchester, M16 9FG. Company is registered in England No. 1467306. Offer subject to availability. For queries on refunds or product information please contact J Parker Dutch Bulbs Ltd. on 0161 848 1101. Calls cost 12p per minute from a BT landline plus network extras. Calls from other networks and mobiles may cost more. Please note delivery to England, Scotland and Wales only. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. All prices include postage and packaging. DX1ST football: carabao cup arsenal V leeds 7.45pm By Mike Walters MIKEL ARTETA says Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang has had a lightbulb moment that has made the Arsenal captain “click” into gear. Aubameyang endured a lean finish to last season, scoring just once in his past 11 games for the Gunners, but seven goals in nine appearances so far this term have restored a spring to his step. And although the striker is unlikely to start tonight’s Carabao Cup fourth-round date with Leeds at the Emirates, boss Arteta has been heartened by his skipper. He said: “I wouldn’t just go to the goals, it is what Auba is now transmitting on the pitch. I have never seen Auba transmit what he is doing now – it is a click. “Apart from the goals, the celebration when they put the ball in the net, do you see the way he runs, the purpose he has to press the ball and when he takes it, his movement, his link, how he is leading the game? “That is when he is changing the rest, not when he is static and then he puts the ball in the net. I prefer this Auba.” Arteta is in charge of the Premier League’s most youthful squad, and he is expected to give several youngsters a gallop tonight – despite the League Cup being one of only two trophies Arsenal can realistically win this season. But he senses the Gunners have responded to senior citizen Aubameyang and fellow-striker Alex Lacazette stepping up to show leadership after a horrid start of three consecutive defeats. warburton: Quarter-final bid Helping the kids made Auba click He said: “You have a trophy to win in four games, so you know exactly what you have to do. It is closer than any other, so we have to go and try to get the challenge done. “For me, with Auba it is a click. It is a combination that realising his role has to go well beyond that. What was good two or three years ago, with his role at this club, it is not enough [now]. He had to take a step forward. “I’d say the same with Laca. Look what he is transmitting, not just doing or playing, what he is transmitting. That’s really important. “It’s incredible that we are the youngest team in this league and many of the experiences they are going through, they have never experienced before. So the more positive they are, the more confidence that will build.” leading light... Aubameyang inspires the youngest squad and gets a hug from Arteta, below striker now the daddy Bielsa’s low on numbers MARCELO Bielsa’s injury problems will mean changes when Leeds travel to Arsenal tonight. Finding a route to the last eight of the Carabao Cup will be even tougher against an Arsenal team on the up, due to players still in the treatment room. Raphinha was the latest to limp out, in the 1-1 draw with Wolves on Saturday. He later posted on social media to say: “I’m fine. It was nothing serious so I’m back soon. ” He will not be risked tonight, with Patrick Bamford, Luke Ayling, Junior Firpo and Robin Koch all still out. Kalvin Phillips could get minutes from the bench tonight as he is available again after three weeks out of action. Warburton would not THE LAST time Queens Park QPR V SUNDERLAND 7.45pm Rangers got to the League Cup By Tony Banks and Ian Murtagh quarter-final, Mark Warburton after leaving his job in the city. was working as a city trader, He said: “In 1989 I was working trying to keep their shares afloat. in the City for Kansallis-Osake- Tonight the 59-year-old Pankki, a Finnish bank, and manages a QPR team who are playing semi-pro football for seventh in the Championship and Boreham Wood. trying to return to the last eight “I loved it. It compared with for the first time in 23 years my current world in terms of the against League One promotion teamwork, competitiveness, the contenders Sunderland. pressure. The dealing room is just The former Brentford, Rangers like the dressing room.” and Nottingham Forest manager QPR lost 5-2 to Brian Clough’s took up coaching in 2006 only Nottingham Forest in a quarter-

football: carabao cup Clever trevoh reaps rewards TREVOH CHALOBAH is close to signing a new contract at Chelsea after a spectacular start to the season. The versatile Chalobah, 22, says watching Mason Mount, Reece James and Tammy Abraham establish themselves in the Stamford Bridge first team over the past 18 months has inspired him to follow in their footsteps. Chalobah, equally at home as a defender or defensive midfielder, was on loan at French side Lorient last year. And it was there where he caught the eye of Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, when Lorient played Tuchel’s Paris Saint-Germain and Chalobah shone as a substitute – even though his side lost 2-0. That stint followed other loan spells at Ipswich and Huddersfield, and for a while it looked like Chalobah might have been lost in the endless merry-goround of loan spells on which Chelsea youngsters often find themselves. But Tuchel was impressed by him in pre-season, ruled out another loan move – and he has made nine appearances for the club this season, six of them in the Premier League. Now talks are close to being finalised on a three-year deal for the latest Chelsea academy product to break through, with his current contract due to run out in 2023. Chalobah has started five league games under Tuchel out of nine this term, scored twice, and – after the 7-0 romp against I knew I could play at this level DX1ST New deal ready for Chalobah chelsea V soton 7.45pm By Tony Banks Norwich on Saturday which kept Chelsea at the top of the Premier League – is expected to keep his place in the side for the visit of Southampton tonight in the Carabao Cup. Chalobah said: “Having played with those guys for so many years, watching them gave me the motivation to know I can be there as well, to work even harder – and that gave me the chance. “With Ipswich and Huddersfield it was a big test to go from under-23s football into Championship football. At Lorient I knew if I did well, it would be a big step. I always knew I could play at a high level. “I adapted quickly and playing against Champions League clubs, against PSG, was an unbelievable experience.” Tuchel is expected to rotate his squad tonight, with Denmark defender Andreas Christensen set to return. The Chelsea manager pointed to club legends like John Terry and Marcel Desailly that Chalobah can look to to make his name at Stamford Bridge. Tuchel said: “There are big examples of what it takes to be a legend in defence.” Ralph’s going to talk a good game SOUTHAMPTON manager Ralph Hasenhuttl says he will stay the right side of the line with his post-match comments ahead of a return to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. The Saints head to Stamford Bridge looking to claim a place in the quarterfinals, having lost there in the Premier League earlier this month. Hasenhuttl, left, was charged with improper conduct and fined £20,000 after criticising VAR official Mike Dean for James Ward-Prowse’s red card. He said: “I got the charge and I accepted it and the fine. It can be very difficult after the game when you do four interviews straight away. BRIGHT START: Chalobah has been a regular this term Three are OK and then in the fourth you make some words that are not perfect. You have to accept it – it is my mistake. “I hope it will not change my interviews but I will assure people that this particular incident will not happen again.” Hector Nunns trade his QPR role for anything JAMES Maddison admits he bared his soul to Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers in a desperate bid to get his career back on track. The 24-year-old’s first goal for eight months proved the winner at Brentford on Sunday. Since scoring against Aston Villa in February, Maddison has suffered a hip injury and a slump in form. This precocious young talent was omitted from England’s Euro 2020 squad and he said: “It’s been the hardest period of my career. “People from the outside, they don’t know what goes on, they don’t know my life. I’m my own biggest critic. If I’ve had a bad game, when I get back I watch the game straight Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 55 Maddison: Having to own up to slump was very difficult By Hector Nunns away. Stats are one thing, goals and assists, but even just playing well, playing to the level you know you can. “At the start of the season I wasn’t playing to that level. It’s disappointing, and I had a good chat with the gaffer and told him I’m a bit low on confidence. “It’s the first time I’ve been able to put my hands up and say that because it kind of puts you in a vulnerable position when you admit to the manager that you’re a bit low on maddison: Sudden dip confidence. But I was. We looked at what makes me good, my best clips, to try to get back to where I was. The last few games I’ve felt more like myself. Last week in Moscow I had my swagger back, winning free-kicks, on the half-turn, the stuff I do well. “Sometimes you can overthink it. “I got taken out of the team for a few games. I was doing extras after training. I didn’t want to be the guy that settles for second best. I can be one of the best in the Premier League.” final at the City Ground in 1989. Only three days after they face Sunderland, they meet Forest again in a big league game. Warburton, whose side beat Everton in this year’s third round, will rotate his squad but said: “These are the games the boys want to play in. “If we can get another Premier League club down here, it would be great.” Sunderland manager Lee Johnson heads to the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium on the back of a shock home defeat by managerless Charlton – their first at the Stadium of Light this season. But Johnson, left, would have made changes tonight anyway, sensing key players need to recharge their batteries. Johnson said: “The lads are running a half-marathon every week at the moment with the intensity we want to play with, and maybe the Charlton game was when it caught up with them. “So even though we want to do well in the cups, we have to use our squad.” Sunderland have won all three cup ties on the road this season and Johnson said the team on duty at promotion rivals Wigan in the third round was just as strong as his first XI. He said: “We have a group who all trust each other, but whoever plays, we’ve got to step up after the weekend.”

56 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Praise: Skipper Henderson DX1ST football: crisis at old trafford Fergie casts a Salah leaves Jordan lost for words By Chris McKenna JORDAN Henderson is running out of superlatives for Mo Salah – but hopes the striker keeps producing his breathtaking form. Liverpool are right in the mix to win the Premier League this season thanks to the Egyptian magician, who inspired the five-goal drubbing of Manchester United. Salah has scored in 10 successive games with Burnley the only team to shackle the Reds superstar this term. He has 15 goals in 12 games and on Sunday became the first player since Brazil’s Ronaldo, in 2003, to score a hat-trick for the visiting side at Old Trafford. “Incredible,” said Henderson when asked about Salah’s sensational form. “Nothing really I can add but he is a special player. “Hopefully, he can stay in this run of games for a long, long time and keep scoring goals, keep working hard for the team and keep playing the way he is, because he is a big bonus for us at the minute.” Liverpool will be without Salah, Sadio Mane, and Naby Keita during the Africa Cup of Nations in the new year. But owing to the FA Cup schedule, they could get away with losing their three stars for just two Premier League games, against Brentford and Crystal Palace. A more pressing concern for Keita is the injury he suffered against United from Paul Pogba’s challenge. He took a blow to the shin and Liverpool will learn the extent of the injury today. They will also be nervously awaiting news on the fitness of James Milner, who left the field with a hamstring injury. Fabinho missed the win over United through injury, with Harvey Elliott a long-term absentee, meaning the Reds’ midfield options are dwindling. But Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be champing at the bit to impress and could start tomorrow night’s Carabao Cup clash with Preston at Deepdale. The former Arsenal man may then be needed for the visit of Brighton on Saturday if Keita, Milner and Fabinho are not ready. By Gideon Brooks SIR ALEX FERGUSON will take no pleasure that a roll of the eyes and a puff of his cheeks may have contributed in small part to the unravelling of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign at Old Trafford. After all, how else was he supposed to react to the worst home defeat by Liverpool in the club’s history and an abject showing on a nightmare Sunday afternoon? But while it will no doubt frustrate that his reaction was picked up and pored over, it demonstrates once more United’s inability to escape the shadow of the Ferguson era. If Solskjaer goes through the very thin ice he appears to be on, he would follow David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho as managers who have tried and failed to measure up. But as the board weigh up their options – they were locked in meetings over his future yesterday – it is high time that they make a decision for the good of the club’s future direction. It is time for them to kick an addiction of dipping into a bag of the familiar to come up with pale imitations of a glorious past and to back a new direction out of that shadow. Under the Glazer family United have lacked the vision to embrace it with any confidence after There is a vacuum of original thinking past is stifling United’s chance of new direction the exit of their most successful manager. Having attempted to strike out and seen the returns fail to match – Mourinho’s dour approach bringing success but failing to excite – their reaction has been to retreat into a world of familiar faces to recreate past success. Solskjaer is the most visible sign of that – the man who scored perhaps the most significant goal of Ferguson’s 27 years at the club, annointed by his old boss and persisted with through thin and now thinner. But it is there in the coaching staff with contracts for Ferguson’s old boys in Mike Phelan, midfielder Michael Carrick, the caretaker role for Ryan Giggs, and lately the showstopping attempt to reconnect the dots between decades with Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing. All of these appointments have hinted at a vacuum of original thinking at the top beyond we need to get back to Fergie’s time. In contrast, Manchester City and Liverpool have built new structures on fresh thinking. They employed the most successful sporting directors and the best managers and they have been rewarded with better football and better sides. United need to map out a new future with a nod to the traditions of the club, not a sycophantic bow. The irony is that Ferguson himself experienced the huge shadow of having fellow Glaswegian Sir Matt Busby as a prominent and visible reminder of past glories during his difficult early years. Busby had an office in a corner of Old Trafford. But the difference is that Ferguson brought not only a winning pedigree but a new approach. If they decide to axe Solskjaer, his successor needs to bring trophies or risk withering in the same shadow. It’s down to us players insists Ronaldo from back page way forward following Sunday’s humiliation. But Ronaldo added: “Our fans were, once again, amazing in their constant support. They deserve better than this, much better. “It’s up to us to deliver. The time is now!” United’s next three games – against Tottenham, Atalanta and Manchester City Years apart... Ferguson with the Premier League Trophy in 2013 and at Old Trafford on Sunday Great manager’s glorious – look likely to decide Solskjaer’s fate. Some players feel they are being targeted for a lack of tactical awareness, while others who are not getting in the side regularly are being critical of team selection. There is significant affection in the dressing room for Solskjaer but also frustration that players are getting the blame for the failings and inexperience of coaches. Ex-Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, below, is without a club and believed to be open to replacing Solskjaer if he is sacked. United defender Luke Shaw said he would not have been surprised had all the fans walked out early on Sunday. He said: “I want to thank the fans because 5-0 down is never easy for them, but they stuck with us, carried on singing when they could have easily left the stadium. “We would have totally understood that with the way we performed and the scoreline.” POSSIBLE SUCCESSORS… ZINEDINE ZIDANE Proven winner managing egos at Real Madrid to two La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies, would command respect of dressing room but language barrier could be a problem. MAURICIO POCHETTINO United would love to have him as a long-term solution and he has Premier League experience, but he finds trophies elusive and unlikely to abandon Paris Saint-Germain mid-season. ANTONIO CONTE Premier League winner with Chelsea, available and would instil organisation and discipline. But expensive upheaval guaranteed with United squad not a great fit for his preferred playing style. BRENDAN RODGERS Probably the best fit from the UK. Gets teams playing good football and has a cup pedigree. Previous Liverpool connections would see limited goodwill from the stands with anything less than early perfection. ROBERTO MANCINI Enhanced his excellent reputation by turning around Italy and would not balk at handling United stars, but history in blue half of Manchester and World Cup challenge next winter make him an unlikely fit. ROBERTO MARTINEZ Has experience of Premier League from time at Swansea, Wigan and Everton, has taken Belgium to No.1 in the FIFA rankings and style of play might suit, but fans remain lukewarm. JULEN LOPETEGUI One Europa League trophy with Sevilla hardly makes the former Spain and Real Madrid manager – he lasted two months at the latter – a standout candidate but in his favour he clearly interviews well. ERIK TEN HAG Ajax boss with a decent reputation, albeit built in shallow waters of the Eredivisie and on one stellar Champions League run in 2019. Former centre-half lacks stature for a job of this size.

football: crisis at old trafford huge shadow losing battle: Solskjaer and skipper Harry Maguire, below, feel the heat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as united manager Days in the job 1,042 Games 164 Wins 90 Draws 36 Defeats 38 Trophies 0 Premier League finishes 3rd (33 points off top) 2nd (12 points off top) FA Cup SF, QF League Cup SF, SF Europa League SF, RU Champions League out in group stage Three games to save his job? Spurs (a) Saturday, Oct 30 Premier League Atalanta (a) Tuesday, Nov 2 Champions League Man City (h) Saturday, Nov 6 Premier League down and out: A glum Harry Maguire DX1ST You have lost the players, old mate MARK BOSNICH believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has already lost the support of the Manchester United dressing room if the evidence of Sunday’s crushing 5-0 defeat is taken at face value. The former United goalkeeper saw no fight, identity or obvious plan of action as his former club were put to the sword by Liverpool. And, while he took no pleasure in suggesting support for his old team-mate’s reign was haemorrhaging from within, he maintained the club may have to act by next week to stop the rot. Bosnich said: “You can talk about tactics, you can talk about having a clear playing identity but, if players are not executing it, if they’re not doing the basic things, if they look – as they did on Sunday – like they just do not want to play for the manager, all those other things you can be ruled out. “Last week I said we will see how much the players really want to play for Ole because this is a really crucial month. “And against Liverpool I thought we saw the answer to that. “There seems to be far deeper problems than we are hearing about, deeper problems than having an identity or a way of playing. “It looks as though the players are looking for a way out.” Not one United player shone for Solskjaer on Sunday as the Norwegian’s side slumped to their worst home defeat against their biggest rivals in the club’s history. It continued a poor run, with United a title winner Bosnich, left, was in a United title-winning side with Gary Neville, below having now lost three of their last four Premier League games and five of their last nine in all competitions. It could have been even worse but for a second-half fightback from 2-0 down against Atalanta to win in the Champions League last Wednesday. Things will not get easier over the next three games either, with trips to Tottenham and Atalanta followed by the Manchester derby at Old Trafford, all in an eight-day period. And Bosnich believes the visit of Pep Guardiola’s Premier League champions could be the one to end Solskjaer’s reign. The Australian said: “If they happen to lose those three games, which looks a massive possibility, I don’t see there being any other choice, as much as I want Ole to do well. “If this continues, there is no other choice for the board. “I heard Gary Neville saying he thought he would be given until the end of the season but does he really think United supporters are going to be putting up with this week-in, week-out, just to go to the end of the season?” Gideon Brooks Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 57 WHAT THEY SAID how the pundits summed it up Paul Scholes last Wednesday after the close shave against Atalanta: “In the first half United were all over the place. If you do that against Manchester City or Liverpool, at half-time it will be three or four-nil. They will be out of the game.” Scholes after the thrashing by bitter rivals Liverpool on Sunday: “United have been really poor. Against their biggest rivals, in their biggest game, it has been difficult to watch. Ultimately it’s just not good enough. I thought this was possible and all our worst fears have come true.” Michael Owen: “Manchester United don’t seem to have any sort of shape to press from and Liverpool are on a different planet. United’s wide players don’t track back and that means the defensive midfielders have had to go out wide, which leaves space in the middle.” Gary Neville: “I was thinking about how Man Utd deal with this as a club. This is a monstrous day for Manchester United. Losing 5-0 at home to Liverpool. The board are unequivocal in their support of the manager, but that’s going to put an enormous amount of pressure on him. “Something’s got to change in that dressing room and with that coach. They can’t keep losing games like that. “I didn’t ever think it would get as bad as that. As bad as it’s been in this fixture and as bad as the gap has been between the two, because it’s always been a tight game. “But that was a shocker. The timing couldn’t be worse.” Graeme Souness: “It’s never easy to come to Old Trafford but it was today. That has to come down to the coaching staff. Liverpool were fabulous and got the goals. It’s a sad, sad day for United.” Jamie Carragher: “I think it’s a stage of panic now for United. On Monday I wasn’t trying to be critical of Ole. I think he’s done a good job but at this point to take on the other clubs they need a better manager. I felt for Ole there. That will be the darkest day in his career and you always have that sympathy for the manager. But I feel comfortable saying United need a new manager. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will never be Klopp, Tuchel or Guardiola.”

58 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST express.co.uk/sport Raducanu’s happy to play patience P50-51 Ben’s so Stoked to be back for Ashes Ben Stokes has revealed how he has emerged from a “real dark place” to spearhead England’s bid to regain the Ashes. The talisman was added to the squad to face Australia this winter after confirming to skipper Joe Root he was available. Stokes, 30, took three months out to recover from a broken finger and mental health issues. But he said: “I’m buzzing for the Ashes. I know what it is going to be like, especially the crowds. “I’ve experienced it before – and I say bring it on.” stokes column: pages 52-53 It’s all our fault Ronaldo insists players must take the blame seeing red: Ronaldo was angry over Sunday CRISTIANO RONALDO says his Manchester United team-mates rather than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should carry the can for the club’s plight. United manager Solskjaer, right, was under increasing pressure last night with suggestions players are unconvinced about his tactics and By Gideon Brooks team selections. Ronaldo was angered by Sunday’s 5-0 defeat by Liverpool but said: “This is on us, only on us.” Solskjaer’s future was discussed in board meetings with the Glazer family yesterday as the club attempt to plot a turn to page 56, column 2 Published by Express Newspapers, a subsidiary company of Reach Plc, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP. 0208 612 7000. Outside UK +44(0) 208 612 7000. Printed by Reach Printing Services, St Albans Rd, Watford WD24 7RG; Reach Printing Services, Hollinwood Ave, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP; D C Thomson, 80 Kingsway East, Dundee DD4 8SL; Independent News & Media, 124-144 Royal Avenue, Belfast BT1 1EB. Bermont Impresion S.L Avenida de Alemania 12, 28821 Coslada, Madrid, Spain; Deposito Legal no. TO-394/96; T.F. Print SA, Tenerife; EURO- PRINTER SA Zone Aéropole, avenue Jean Mermoz,B 6041 GOSSELIES PLAY NOW DOWNLOAD THE APP 18+ UK only, T&Cs apply. Who Knows Wins is committed to responsible gambling and fairness. Tel. 0208 612 7000. Outside UK +44(0) 208 612 7000 ABCDEFGHIJKLPQRS *TUW1234WBDS Austria €3.50, Belgium €3, Bulgaria BGN 4.60, Canary Islands €2.40, Cyprus €2.50, Denmark 24DKr, Finland €5.80, France €2.70, Germany €2.50, Gibraltar Gib £1, Greece €2.50, Italy €2.50, Luxembourg €3.50, Malta €2.65, Netherlands €3, Norway 32 Nkr, Portugal (Cont) €2.40, Spain €2.40, Switzerland SF 4.50, Turkey TL 7.50, USA $2.00

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DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 1 Puzzles Sudoku 11 1 4 5 2 easy Fill the grid so that every column, row, and 3x3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine. Solutions tomorrow 4 5 4 2 8 1 4 8 1 3 1 4 5 6 9 2 3 9 4 2 5 1 8 9 6 6 2 9 5 2 4 1 6 1 9 8 2 Medium 5 9 8 3 7 9 1 4 2 4 5 7 6 1 8 5 4 9 1 8 3 8 4 7 9 4 8 1 5 7 6 8 Difficult 3 1 2 7 6 7 8 Extra clues: 0901 322 5609 *Calls cost 75p plus your telephone company’s network access charge. 4 2 1 9 5 2 1 8 3 4 7 4 7 2 2 5 6 3 Today’s solution: 0907 181 2573 *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Quick Crossword Stuck on the puzzle? Call 0905 789 4188 to hear individual clues or the full solution CROSS DOUBT Stuck? Call for a clue 0901 322 5601 Halve your Target Time! Today’s solution 0901 322 5607 Both today’s words in a moment! *Calls cost 75p plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Can you make two common five-letter words from the nine letters given, using each letter only once? You can – but only if one letter features in both words in the squares on the right. There’s at least one way to do it, and you have to have the right letter at the crossover – but which one is it? See if you can find the answer within our target time. If you need help, ring our clue-line below to find out the crossover letter. Solution tomorrow C D E E H Across 1. Restaurant (4) 3. Costly (8) 8. Weary (4) 9. Plentiful (8) 11. Speculate (4,1,7) 13. Regular (6) 14. Hit (6) 17. Confirm (12) 20. Prevalent disease (8) 21. Plunge (4) 22. Reputation (8) 23. Negate (4) Down 1. Infectious (8) 2. Eternally (7) 4. Mob (6) 5. Make (10) 6. Speechify (5) 7. Satiate (4) 10. Plaguing (10) 12. Graveyard (8) 15. Fancy (7) 16. Audacious (6) 18. Combine (5) 19. Profound (4) Solution tomorrow *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Service provider Spoke Ltd – Helpline 0333 202 3390 Target times: Average: 20 mins Good: 16 mins Excellent: 12 mins L N O R Small Crossword 1 9 10 14 16 19 22 2 12 3 17 Kakuro 13 4 10 13 13 11 7 20 11 15 9 19 16 12 30 38 10 14 12 3 17 18 11 7 5 8 6 31 11 4 21 5 13 11 18 20 DOWN 1 Copious supply (9) 3 Districts (5) 4 Fairground attraction (4) 5 Rated pure (anag.) (9) 6 Command given to a dog (4) 6 15 7 8 ACROSS 2 Suffering (8) 9 Interred (6) 10 Second-hand (4) 11 Views (4) 13 Book of maps (5) 14 Attractive (9) 16 Ward off (5) 19 Tidy (4) 20 Drinking vessels (4) 21 Citrus fruit (6) 22 Fundamental components (8) 7 Principles (6) 8 Owned (9) 12 Show (6) 15 Not sharp (5) 17 Alleviate (4) 18 Middle Eastern country (4) Solution tomorrow For today’s solution call: 0907 181 2582 *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Fill each sequence of blank squares using the numbers 1-9. Each sequence – across and down – must total the number in the shaded box at the beginning or top of each line. A number may be repeated in each line but NOT in a sequence. Solution tomorrow

2 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Puzzles DX1ST Quizword ACROSS 1 ‘--- of Athens’, play by William Shakespeare featuring the characters Ventidius and Apemantus (5) 4 Brother of Mary and Martha in the New Testament who was raised from the dead (7) 8 Desiderius, Dutch humanist who published the first Greek edition of the New Testament in 1516 (7) 9 Powder made from the beans of the cacao tree that is used to make a beverage (5) 10 Ancient Egyptian fertility goddess usually depicted as a woman with a cow’s horns (4) 11 Thick white sauce flavoured with onions and seasonings (8) 13 River that flows through Florence, Italy (4) 14 Second son of Judah and Shuah in the Old Testament (4) 16, 20 and 23 John Badham film starring John Travolta as Tony Manero (8,5,5) 17 Cross with a loop on top that appears in Egyptian personal names (4) 20 See 16 21 --- Island lies off the NE coast of Russia between the East Siberian Sea and the Chukchi Sea (7) 22 Capital of the former Spanish Sahara and largest city of the disputed territory of Western Sahara (2,5) 23 See 16 DOWN 1 M Night Shyamalan film starring Bruce Willis as Dr Malcolm Crowe (3,5,5) 2 City and resort in SE Florida (5) 3 Captain of the submarine Nautilus in Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (4) 4 Joseph, British surgeon who introduced the use of antiseptics (6) 5 US name for a courgette (8) 6 Alan, late actor who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series (7) 7 ‘The --- ---’, novel by PG Wodehouse whose central character is George Finch (5,8) 12 Mario, 1978 world Formula 1 motor racing champion (8) 13 Island in the Caribbean linked administratively with Barbuda (7) 15 Port and capital of Northern Territory, Australia (6) 18 Semidesert region which forms the southern part of Israel (5) 19 River that flows into Cardiff Bay (4) Solution tomorrow Stuck on the puzzle? Call 0905 789 4190 to hear individual clues or the full solution *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Service provider Spoke Ltd – Helpline 0333 202 3390 Samurai Sudoku In Samurai Sudoku, normal sudoku rules apply, but the 9x9 sudoku at the centre shares four of its 3x3 boxes with those of the outer sudokus. Solution tomorrow 6 8 5 4 6 8 9 1 4 2 3 1 4 1 8 3 2 3 7 5 4 2 8 9 7 5 6 8 9 1 6 9 4 5 4 5 7 8 3 8 5 1 5 6 7 3 1 4 6 1 4 9 2 4 3 8 3 4 6 8 2 8 5 9 1 6 2 7 1 4 8 7 3 4 7 9 1 2 4 8 5 9 1 9 7 5 8 1 5 9 6 5 6 4 9 8 4 7 7 3 5 2 3 5 9 7 2 7 2 6 8 2 6 4 9 7 4 3 8 9 1 8 Word builder Answer each clue so that every word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus or minus one. Solution tomorrow Summit up If the number in each triangle is the sum of the two below, what is the top number? 9 15 23 6 8 9 70 11 38 32 14 2 15 17 2 7 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 25 34 3 10 59 11 23 1 8 7 15 8 Solution tomorrow 5 1 Air-like substance 2 Wise man 3 Garden portals 4 Theatre platforms 5 Valuable item 6 The Orient 7 Large body of water Small Crossword Across: 1 Light year, 7 Afraid, 9 Moor, 10 Tiber, 12 Acne, 13 Analogous, 14 Stay, 16 Tacit, 18 NASA, 19 Ladies, 20 Debutants. Down: 1 Lambasts, 2 Grow, 3 Hardly, 4 Tit for tat, 5 Ebb, 6 Avenue, 8 Trespass, 11 Intake, 12 Agenda, 15 Pain, 17 Cub.

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 3 1 4 5 2 11 Arrow-word Arrow-words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solution tomorrow Test University city Alone Parts of speech Ostrichlike bird Greeting Large bottle Singletrack railway Wordsearch V M S M A L L W H I T E J S W G X M H K J W R M L C E J Y A A T A P R M H R O L K O G V B T U L A M P U O N A Y I P G R E X L N J X M T A W Z L A P I K A B L A N I D R A C F M U M E X L A F S X A C V Q U O P S E A U D V K D D H R A H S A T P F E S E Y P T J A Q M C W O E L N D Z F I E C L B G M E N R E D A D M I R A L G T C O E D R G A R B E Z F D W U B W C P P A E S W A L L O W T A I L B Y H P I T E G N A R O T V B P E A C O C K J L R V Y R E L BUTTERFLIES Obtrude Spider creation Face coverings Simpler Afternoon meal Crowbar Sibling (informal) Works Tavern Shoe part Type of house Attempt Venus _, pictured Contend Submachine guns Verse Chair wheel Person in charge "Now!", in medical situations _ Washington, pictured Monster One thumbing for lifts Hostility, informally Tropical plant Unusual Fish _ Maria, Christian prayer The Night Watch painter Bellow Snoozes Naive Envious Musical composition Juniper spirit Nought Ideal society Cut grass Scope Small piece of bread Ban Defence organisati on (abbr.) Bullfighter Legendary bird Emphatic denial (2,3) Point Go over Flower liquid Bound Bedtime drink Restrain Find all the terms listed below in the grid. Solution tomorrow BRIMSTONE ● CARDINAL ● COMMA ● EGG GATEKEEPER ● HERMIT ● LARVA ● MAP MONARCH ● ORANGE TIP ● PEACOCK PUPA ● RED ADMIRAL ● SMALL BLUE SMALL WHITE ● SWALLOWTAIL WALL ● ZEBRA Edam, e.g. Crunchy Immature insect Volley "Now!" in generic situations Depend on Storm centre European language Less common Pet Plural of 'is' Unit of land Quick Crossword Across: 1 Confederate; 9 Minaret; 10 Drake; 11 Large; 12 Scorpio; 13 Curate; 15 Stress; 18 Tripper; 20 Flair; 22 Odour; 23 Elegant; 24 Essentially. Down: 2 Owner; 3 Forfeit; 4 Detest; 5 Radio; 6 Trample; 7 Implication; 8 Demonstrate; 14 Ruinous; 16 Taffeta; 17 Urgent; 19 Purse; 21 Avail. Target FOOLHARDY ahoy aloof door dory drool faro flood floor flora foal fold food fool FOOLHARDY foray ford halo hoar hoard hoary hold holy hood hoody hoof hooray hydro load loaf loofa loofah lord oral road rood roof royal yahoo Wordsearch YESTERday’s solutions W W V C H A R L O T T E J D L T Y G K Y N R O O S T E R H W R K I N V U K I F D B U X P T G C A O S P R E Y D P E A L E E S T I M A P C B T J X R M K L S R F V T U S A X C C A D C A Z B K U O N W S J T A C I O R V K O Z Q R H E R L L M H R O V Q Y U O I L G E G I E D C M F M N P N A G A E M B W R N L L X O O X T B W C H U Z O A A R C M N A S Y Q D T R X C A B K K R M B C K W G G A X C X Y W Z A F R E P I P S I R A M D U T H C X B L U L U S H L H The Alphapuzzle Across: Sham, Jabbered, Undergo, Satyr, Deeds, Teethe, Outfox (clue), Zester, Embark, Tolls, Hoots, Whisper, Nearside, Aloe. Down: Squadron, Shin, Addle, Tombola, Fresco, Asses, Adopts, Skewed, Baste, Entail, Ratchet, Lapel, Dart, Preserve. Arrow-word A T A A O I U N W R A P C Y R U S N O O C E A N O P A S T E L W A R M O L A B T E E F L U M M O X R E A R I A I O U D E E C E L E B O S H E L T E R S E I M M A T E R I A L P V I E N N A I R E K E Y B R O G O L D B L U M V I I A I N O O E S A U U S S R S O T O S P E A K K T E R N E G A M E V E G A O D E R U R B O W M E L T S D I V A D I P E A T A G O O T A S T Y E L M S N A Y S E E The AlphAbeater Black squares: 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 15, 19, 22, 25, 28, 32, 33, 36. Across: Father, Figure, Flunk, Eve, Luxuriantly, Zincs, Mushy, Equivalence, Vow, Junta, Plumbs, Boxers. Down: Fazed, Equip, Towel, Nouveau, Foxes, Jab, Quarrelling, Irk, Manga, Updates, Evoke, Enjoy, Twins. Sudoku Easy 3 8 7 1 9 6 5 2 4 8 4 5 2 6 9 7 3 1 6 1 3 4 5 2 9 7 8 5 4 1 2 6 9 3 2 8 5 7 4 7 9 6 8 1 3 2 7 3 6 9 1 4 1 5 3 8 7 8 6 9 4 5 2 9 5 2 7 4 8 1 8 7 9 3 6 6 3 4 1 2 5 Battleships Cross doubt Across: APHID Down: MIDGE Sudoku Medium 4 7 6 9 1 8 3 5 2 6 4 3 5 9 7 8 2 1 1 3 9 2 6 5 7 8 4 Kakuro 3 9 8 1 8 2 2 5 1 9 4 7 1 5 3 8 1 9 2 7 4 2 6 5 3 1 6 9 7 8 4 8 1 5 2 7 9 4 2 3 8 1 6 6 9 7 4 3 5 2 7 4 5 6 8 9 8 1 3 4 7 3 5 6 9 2 1 1 8 9 4 9 2 3 4 1 3 4 5 6 2 1 5 2 1 3 3 8 7 1 8 2 2 3 8 9 4 7 9 Sudoku difficult 3 6 2 4 7 9 5 8 1 8 3 5 2 1 4 6 9 7 1 2 3 9 5 6 7 4 8 9 1 4 8 5 3 6 2 7 4 9 6 3 7 5 1 8 2 5 4 8 7 3 1 2 6 9 5 8 7 2 1 6 3 9 4 7 2 1 9 6 8 4 5 3 6 7 9 8 4 2 1 3 5 Word builder Sac, Case, Scare, Crease, Acres, Race, Car

4 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 Puzzles crusader prize crossword Across 1 Self-obsessed, humorous image (4) 3 Father sped, yes – ruined bread ingredient (5,5) 9 Medal for a percussionist? (4) 10 Might bearings reinforce? (10) 11 A group not worried about soldiers’ desertion (11) 15 Offended, moved a dateline (9) 17 Call up first woman – going round, all right (5) 18 Recording captures universal colour (5) 19 Challenged wicked adventurer (9) 20 Discharge notes – organ can change key (11) 24 A French action includes masterstroke and is not beaten (10) 25 Herb making daughter sick (4) 26 Not less than latte – hates alternative (2,3,5) 27 Woman of brazen ideas (4) Down 1 Royal charter sees mother cart a nag away (5,5) 2 Dishonest chaps upsetting scoundrel with promises (10) 4 Loud note played outside, frequently (5) 5 Rep’s new offer for claimant (9) 6 Proficient musician reported location to lecturer (5-6) 7 Repeat in the choir (4) 8 Go down for some bathroom furniture (4) 12 Writer negotiated deadline with enemy (6,5) 13 Meeting tradition (10) 14 Wealthy after visit to good cobbler (4-6) 16 Time to get laid off, greeting natural phenomenon (5,4) 21 Wives developed opinions (5) 22 Bath with a large amount of brass (4) 23 Change during meditation (4) DX1ST 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 22 23 20 21 24 25 26 27 11 13 14 1 4 5 FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN Read down the letters in the highlighted squares to reveal the mystery word. Name Address Postcode 2 WIN £100 CASH TO ENTER: Call 0904 161 3700 and leave your answer and details, or text DXCRUS followed by a space, your answer, name and address details to 88833. Calls cost £1.50 plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Texts cost £1.50 plus your standard network rate. Lines close at midnight tonight. Or send your grid containing the answer in the shaded squares by posting it to: Crusader Crossword, October 26, PO Box 12578, Sutton Coldfield B73 9BT. Entries must be postmarked by October 27 at the latest. SP: Spoke – 0333 202 3390. For any postal enquiries, call helpline number. An extra day is given for postal entries during bank holidays. ● The winner will be the first random correct entry drawn from all entry routes after the closing date of November 2. The Editor’s decision is final. LAST FRIDAY’S SOLUTION ACROSS: 1 Similarity, 6 Itch, 10 Going on, 11 Run riot, 12 Twostroke, 13 Elfin, 14 Rodeo, 15 Notepaper, 17 Paralytic, 20 Phase, 21 Roast, 23 Time limit, 25 Bassoon, 26 Octagon, 27 Edam, 28 Ascendancy. DOWN: 1 Sight, 2 Mail order, 3 Light pollution, 4 Run-down, 5 Torrent, 7 Thief, 8 Hit a nerve, 9 Underpopulated, 14 Reparable, 16 Ptarmigan, 18 Tetanus, 19 Commode, 22 At sea, 24 Tinny. Prizeword: Cheated Target L D E H F E T O R HOW many words of four letters or more can you make from the letters shown here? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each must contain the centre letter and there must be at least one nine-letter word. No plurals. Verb forms ending in S permitted. TODAY’S TARGET Good 18; very good 27; excellent 35 (or more). Solution tomorrow FIND where the fleet of ships shown is hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Solution tomorrow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A B C D E F G H I J 2 4 2 1 3 1 1 3 2 1 2 2 4 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 1 x Battleship 2 x Cruiser 3 x Destroyer 4 x Submarine ● The Target uses words in the main body of Chambers 21st Century Dictionary (1999 edition) Call 0907 181 2585 for today’s Target solution *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Battleships The Alphabeater The Alphapuzzle ® CAN you crack the Alphabeater? Each grid number represents a letter – or black square. As in Alphapuzzle, every letter of the alphabet is used. But you have to complete the grid too! Use the given letters and black squares below the grid to start. The grid is ‘rotationally symmetrical’ – in other words, it looks the same if you turn the page upside down. Solution tomorrow A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 16 15 29 12 7 38 11 40 29 33 28 22 7 17 16 1 2 13 4 8 21 15 21 35 31 13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 P 8■ 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Y X ■ Target Time: 31 minutes Extra letter clues 0907 181 2560 (Deduct three minutes for each extra clue letter heard) Full solution 0907 181 2558 *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. ● Alternatively, for six Extra Letter clues to your mobile, text DXBEAT to 64343. Texts cost £1 plus your usual operator rate Keijo 1 18 14 31 35 2 32 39 14 28 13 27 10 9 27 40 35 25 24 10 22 38 22 4 29 12 14 4 17 28 21 14 23 6 40 31 14 34 2 8 26 4 2 32 10 26 28 14 3 7 13 28 35 35 40 2 16 6 18 38 28 18 11 34 16 4 10 23 35 22 28 32 2 30 1 40 35 9 28 19 31 37 25 18 16 1 2 8 28 24 8 35 34 37 23 3 3 4 3 3 4 1 1 1 2 2 2 28 16 33 38 36 10 7 18 1 5 28 22 29 33 8 5 6 29 40 33 36 22 26 6 2 31 24 17 29 10 35 4 31 17 24 32 34 3 21 39 28 20 28 7 33 7 23 20 28 30 28 19 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 ■ Place the tiles into the grid so that four different numbers and four different shapes appear in each row and column. Solution tomorrow Alphapuzzle ® tests logic and word power. Each grid number stands for a letter. Every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter or letters — below the main grid — to start. Solution tomorrow Difficulty: 8/10; TARGET: 25 mins; Clue: Tree supplies Noah’s second choice. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 7 1 12 3 22 11 4 14 5 26 26 10 26 26 21 1 1 22 11 7 3 10 26 24 15 1 7 20 26 16 11 17 3 18 10 17 20 13 10 1 6 6 11 20 1 3 19 26 17 11 1 26 22 12 21 12 20 9 1 24 18 7 20 1 23 1 23 3 23 15 11 1 16 3 20 17 8 21 11 23 12 1 26 24 3 22 16 20 10 22 7 23 11 3 25 26 26 22 3 4 1 13 11 11 20 2 11 23 26 20 22 21 15 15 9 20 26 23 11 12 12 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16B 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 F 26 extra letter clues: 0907 181 2568 (Hear up to six Extra Letters, deduct two minutes for each clue letter heard) Alternatively, for six extra letter clues direct to your mobile, text DXALPHA to 64343. Texts cost £1 plus normal network operator rate. full solution: 0907 181 2565; Across ONLY: 0907 181 2561; Down ONLY: 0907 181 2562. *Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge. Alphapuzzle® ©2019 Acorn Editorial Ltd. All words appear in Chambers Dictionary. 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DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5 EXTRAPUZZLES Big Picture CAN YOU FIND THE SNAIL?

6 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Enter Vowel Each clue is the answer word with the vowels removed. For example, a clue PL (4) might lead to Plea, Pile, Peal, Opal etc but not Loop or Lope. You’ll have to work out which option fits with its neighbours to complete the grid. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Across Down Su-doku Corner The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions at the end 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 RTSTC (8) 6 ST (4) 8 PL (4) 9 BYNT (7) 10 DR (5) 11 RDK (3,3) 12 RDSLY (9) 17 LNG (6) 19 CBL (5) 2 RPLY (6) 3 GL (5) 4 TBL (7) 5 CHR (5) 6 SCNDL (7) 7 CTL (6) 13 RNTM (3-4) 14 NCLR (7) DIFFICULTY easy DIFFICULTY medium DIFFICULTY hard 2 1 5 8 5 1 6 8 4 3 5 7 4 8 5 1 5 6 3 9 9 5 2 8 4 15 BNB (6) 9 3 8 1 21 RFC (7) 21 22 22 MM (4) 16 DTN (6) 2 7 5 1 A S T O N I S DH I A G 23 DS (4) 18 MTS (5) 7 9 8 23 24 O K D R D IE S R E G A R D 24 SRGNT (8) 20 BRD (5) B L I N D F O L SD E E A Double AD S Jigword TI O NA I LS G H S N B AG D T I I N A A N G E 4 1 8 OD I KS R DE G RA I RM ED P S I S D L SE I S O R E T G A D 4 9 3 5 7 Arrange these crossword fragments to create two completed symmetrical crosswords in the grids below. R D Solutions at the end B LS I NE D FE O GL A D E O I TH S E M E S E A I A M 3 5 LB A T SI I C O G N I T O A S T O N I S H A N S NA T N O GD E N I I S H A A S T N 1 I S H 7 4 5 6 N D A I R A BG E L G A T I I I N A O N E I MS P SO G K D R O IT E K S DL D EI S R E G E AC R K R E 3 8 G D I I N S G R E E R G L A Y R SD I T D O I C T I S D M GI T E M O L I N D F B S L D L I A N I D HS M F O E L D E B L I N D F O L D S E E IA S A T E S M S Y A E I M 6 5 9 1 I NE C OI G S N L NI I TO O A S T O N I S AG H S T O S N I N S H G L S N G B A T I N A N E E I I O D N I D A I R G A B G A T I N A N D E I C R I T 4 7 9 M P S I S OL I I M C K P LI S S GM D A I G A G K R D I R S L E E I M P S I S L E S O T C D R I T C I S M I S G R D I E I N G S G A R 2 9 8 3 E O B G E R E R D G A R S D O T D D I S R S S Y LH I L YE D E I G S A R R E D G A R D L I I N D F O L D N D O F O L D H G E O H I T E M S A I M S Y E S E S E E A E I A T E M S A I S M E S E E A E 3A 2 6 8 N C O GS NI LT I GO N C O S G N N T G O I N C O G N I T O A T B I A N T A N I E N A N E E I I I I B O OA T B I A N T A N I E N A N E M PA S R I I SL I N L MG E P A S I S L L E G N A R L G S O S T O D T C CD R I T I C I S R I T I C I S M M O S T O D T D I N G OE R L G Y HI E N G O E R L Y G I N G E R L Y T E M I S T E A M I S M A I S SM S Y S H Y I E ET E M I S T E A M I S M A I M N E C O I G EN I I I I T O N O C I O O G N I T O E I E I I O I O R A I T CR I R C IL I T N S IG M C A I S R M L G C R I T C I R C I I T S I M C I S M I S I N G S E SR Y L S G Y E I Y N G E R L Y S S S Y S E Y E Solutions at the end

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 7 Big X Su-doku The rules for Big X Su-doku vary only slightly from the standard su-doku rules. The 9x9 su-doku at the centre of the X shares four of its 3x3 boxes with those of the outer su-doku. None of the 9x9 su-dokus can be solved individually, you must cross-reference between the intersecting grids. Solutions at the end 5 9 8 1 6 5 4 3 4 7 9 2 8 3 7 9 8 7 1 5 7 2 4 4 7 2 5 9 8 2 4 6 9 9 4 7 6 7 5 2 7 6 6 1 5 1 4 5 6 9 7 2 8 6 9 7 Honeycomb All the solutions read clockwise around their numbers. The solution to clue number 1 starts from the given letter. 1 Hot drink 2 Compels 3 Choose 4 Stopped 5 Refuses 6 Both 7 Narrate 8 Higher 9 Uprising 10 Setting 11 Sheen 12 Road 10 9 8 11 7 12 6 1 7 2 6 8 1 6 7 2 5 4 TC 1 5 2 3 4 4 3 2 7 1 6 9 7 1 8 9 2 4 8 1 2 4 7 4 3 1 1 8 6 8 6 3 4 1 6 8 6 4 3 1 5 1 9 8 6 2 3 9 7 3 1 2 9 1 1 4 7 7 5 1 7 2 4 1 9 4 7 Word wheel You have 10 mins to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each must use the hub letter and at least 3 others. Letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. There is at least one 9-letter word to be found. Solutions at the end How you rate: 15 words, average; 20 words, good; 25 words, very good; 30 or more, excellent. Y D W E I R F M I General knowledge quiz ART & LITERATURE 1 Who wrote War and Peace? 2 Which Shakespeare comedy features Puck and Oberon? 3 Which hero of the African rainforest was created by US writer Edgar Rice Burroughs? 4 Who created the characters Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle? 5 Who created the comic strip Peanuts? 6 Who created the characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple? GEOGRAPHY 7 Of which country is Tehran capital? 8 In which Canadian province is Montreal? 9 La Manche is the French name for which stretch of water? 10 The island Stromboli belongs to which country? 11 Of which country is Canberra capital? 12 Which country is the smallest in the world? NATURE 13 What sort of creature is a sandpiper? 14 What sort of creature is a ling? 15 Which insects transmit malaria? 16 How is the echidna otherwise known? 17 What sort of creature is a cicada? 18 What is a sequoia? SPORT & LEISURE 19 For which country was Rodney Marsh wicketkeeper? 20 In which type of race do runners pass a baton to each other? 21 Which football club are nicknamed the Magpies? 22 In which sport was the Anglo-Welsh Cup contested? 23 In which sport is a person towed behind a speedboat? 24 8-ball and straight are forms of which game? POT LUCK 25 Jerusalem is a type of which vegetable? 26 Mesmerism was a term for which therapeutic process? 27 In the New Testament, who aided the injured traveller who had been robbed? 28 Which one-wheeled vehicle is driven by pedals? 29 Which legal title is given to the wife of a knight? 30 Which dangerous game of chance involves a revolver loaded with only one cartridge? Solutions at the end Solutions at the end

8 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Pathfinder Beginning with the top highlighted letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. Solutions at the end Instruments E N I D E S C G E L R N V B A U O U M H C A U L H O V U N G P H U H O I N T F N Z U I O P Y D R D R S E R L I E L D P I G D Y K R P C O O I V A R E S U R Y E A E N R D E R A O E T F T B O H T I L C A B C C N O R E R A A T R A S S E L E L R E P D T C R O O N H O U K U S NMUR I NMBEPNEOXA CH I ANOMRGOL YPNE O H R L G P E A U I R X H O G R N T E P I O H L T A N A I R N O A S S N R I E E K O G P A E H P U O A G P S N C O L D N Niner Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 9264732 gives a weapon 1678537 gives a weapon 351176 gives a weapon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 826548 gives a French painter 35351 gives a Russian novelist 3597 gives a Spanish painter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Triangle Draw 3 straight lines to make 2 triangles. Lines must be drawn from dot to dot, either passing through one dot or none at all. Valid triangles must not contain lines running through them, every line segment must form part of a triangle. Loop Draw a continuous loop in the grid so that the number in each circle corresponds to the number of adjacent squares containing turns in the loop. Part of the loop has been drawn to get you started. Solutions at the end 3 3 2 1 4 3 3 1 3 Example solution 4 3 3 1 2 4 4 3 2 3 2 3 1 1 0 1 1 2 0 1 3 2 2 3 1 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 4 1 2 4 3 Arrow Word The arrows show the direction in which the answer to each clue should be placed. Solutions at the end Resort Joint padding Legume Having a nice vista Mr Baldwin, US actor Tinned fish Talisman Small sour fruit (4,5) Adam and Eve’s son _ Ora Mother _, saint Leg joint Mountain pass Capture Esteem Sea eagle Fiendish Stray Weather map line Vigour Illicitly help Core beliefs Preplanned Devoted Fish Bird Arab ruler Wrinkle Govern Beer Verbal Delight Small crown Ventilate Ballad Verve Spoil Lively dance Shopper Outfit Fete Cunning Dined Speed up an engine A race of multiple teams Cause disgust

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 9 Spot the difference Can you find six differences between the two pictures below? Solutions at the end Clockword The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter N in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer ring will spell out the name of a late British comedian. Solutions at the end 11 12 1 10 2 9 N 3 8 4 7 6 5 1 Roman god 2 Imprison 3 Fabric 4 Tossed 5 Choice 6 Stay behind 7 Asian 8 Get, reach 9 Aggravate 10 Colourless gas 11 US state 12 Mythical beast Mirrorgram Solve our ten-letter anagram. Solutions at the end C O N T A I N F L U Fill In There are no clues to this word puzzle other than the number of squares in the grid and the length of the words or phrases. Can you place all the words in the grid? Solutions at the end 3 LETTERS ELK IMP NOTIFY STIGMA YEOMAN Anagram crossword Fill in the grid using anagrams of the listed words. There may be more than one option for each word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Across 1 ARBITER 5 CHORE 8 THREADY 9 BET US 10 AN ALB 11 VALENCE 12 DECK US 14 LET COO 17 PROPANE (2 words) 19 MET ME 22 CRUET 23 REPUTED 24 DENSE 25 REWARDS Down 1 A HERB 2 ADORN 3 LIBERAL 4 SHEETS 5 TOPIC 6 I BLAH ON 7 IT EASES 12 HORNETS 13 SPECULA 15 A SAUCER 16 FINDER 18 PRISE 20 REMIT 21 DEIST 4 LETTERS BLAG BOWS DEER DRUB EARL FISH GYRE MEEK MINK ORAL SCAM SCAR SIPS SOCK STOP USER 5 LETTERS EBBED ETHIC NYLON STASH STINK TALON 6 LETTERS ALEPHS ANIMUS CHEESE CORSET CUBIST CYPHER EARWIG EQUINE INFANT 7 LETTERS ARMPITS BOBCATS CRISPER ECHELON OSMOSIS SAMURAI STRINGY TEMPURA USELESS VERDANT 8 LETTERS DESPISED ETHYLENE ICEHOUSE MEDICATE MUDSLIDE REPROACH 9 LETTERS ANGLICISE SPOKESMAN 11 LETTERS BRICKLAYERS CONVERGENCE NEEDLECRAFT ORTHODONTIC 12 LETTERS BLOODTHIRSTY PROVERBIALLY

10 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Mindbenders Jigsaw su-doku Kakuro Can you tackle this tricky set of logical posers, fiendish word games and mathematical mysteries? Solutions at the end 1 Rich’s card is higher than Mick’s, who didn’t pick the spade or the heart. The person who picked the diamond has a higher card than Rick, who picked the seven. Neither the eight nor the nine were picked by Mitch. Rich picked either the diamond or the heart. If the ten is of clubs, of the four cards, which did each person pick? 2 Which two words meaning ‘small flap’ and ‘lease’ combine into one meaning ‘capsule’? 3 Find the mushrooms in these anagrams: a) Cigar Flay, b) Reboot Poll, c) Ait Hikes. 4 Lee wants to get his money’s worth of spring rolls at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. His eager speed walking back from the counter is 2m/s with 10 spring rolls on his plate, 1.5m/s with 12 and 1m/s with 14. He can Gogen eat two spring rolls a minute and walks to the counter at 2m/s. How many should he take each time? 5 The sum of four numbers is forty-eight. If three is subtracted from the first number, three is added to the second number, the third is divided by three and the fourth is multiplied by three, then all the results are equal. What is the difference between the largest and the smallest of the original numbers? Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. Solutions at the end 1 2 J Q G T R ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY Q R J E M C U B I V S U K G H M A X E H P I N V B Scribble pad ✍ Y P W N D T X O A W S K L O F C Y F L D BAWL CAMP EXIT FOLKSY FOND GUM HEW JUMP PLOD QUAY SPAWNED TRIBE VEND VIXEN BANKRUPTCY BAWL FANG HEM JUNK KEG OIK OVAL QUIPS SIXFOLD ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 6 4 5 8 3 7 4 2 6 5 2 3 9 7 4 1 6 4 8 4 1 7 1 4 8 2 1 6 Fill in the rows, columns and boxes with the numbers 1 to 9 without the same number appearing twice in any row, column or box. Solutions at the end Killer su-doku 12 12 4 19 13 14 10 15 11 15 10 15 18 15 14 13 16 10 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions at the end Circlegram Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words, names or terms on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? Solutions at the end U D O S Q O E 10 6 7 11 15 9 15 17 14 7 10 12 13 23 L M ? I R H S U A T E 4 8 10 14 16 9 7 20 25 14 10 7 23 20 26 26 6 8 9 8 13 21 11 7 3 17 4 29 2 21 Fill in the white squares with the numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block of squares must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block must add up to the number in the shaded square above it. No number may be used more than once in any one block. Solutions at the end Futoshiki Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions at the end Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. Solutions at the end P S L N H A N R G P L A D R I I L A G L R A E M E A E N E G S R K S E K E D B D T S

DX1ST Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 11 Logic Using the grid below, can you match each stamp to its country of origin and year of release? Solutions at the end David the philatelist is organising his stamp collection before the annual Clapcot Village Stamp Exhibition. He is held in high esteem within the stampcollecting community, so he wants to put together an impressive portfolio of rare stamps. David’s most treasured item is the gold stamp from Gambia, which has been valued at over £300. The stamp worth £100 was produced three years before the Canadian stamp. David’s maroon stamp from India is in mint condition. It is worth exactly twice as much as the stamp produced in 1927. The sea-green stamp has been valued at a princely £500. It was produced before 1950. The French stamp is not worth much in monetary value, but David loves the lilac colouring of the stamp. David is pleased with his five stamp choices for the exhibition. He racked his brains, and successfully matched each stamp to its worth and origin. Can you do the same? Canada France Gambia India USA Maroon Royal blue Gold Lilac 1927 1930 1948 1951 1978 £50 £100 £250 £500 £1600 Maroon Royal blue Gold Lilac Sea-green Sea-green £50 £100 £250 £500 £1600 Word Spiral Starting from 1, fill in the grid clockwise with four-letter words. The last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next to reveal a hidden word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 9 10 14 15 8 11 4 1 Leg joint 2 Cupid 3 Long story 4 Wheel spindle 5 Finishes 6 Auction 7 Australian birds 8 Demonstrate how 16 13 12 7 6 5 Keyword clue: Drink type 9 Wither 10 Of Thailand 11 Plant type 12 Injure with a knife 13 Defeat 14 Hire car 15 Annoys 16 Words set to music Battleships Find where the fleet of ships shown are hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Solutions at the end A B C D E F G H I J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 2 1 2 3 0 3 2 3 1 x Battleship 3 x Destroyer 2 x Cruiser 4 x Submarine 2 4 1 2 1 2 1 3 1 1 4 Codeword In this completed crossword puzzle, each letter has been replaced with a number. Three letters have been given to start you off, so write these letters wherever their numbers appear in the grid. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions at the end 18 20 6 8 26 12 17 3 8 13 19 23 13 2 25 5 10 25 13 26 16 19 1 24 19 22 12 12 21 24 2 5 14 W 9 24 10 13 24 25 H 25 12 25 17 13 17 25 11 3 7 O 17 17 6 5 12 23 5 4 15 5 8 25 3 12 3 3 19 12 22 13 20 15 1 18 16 5 5 8 25 8 5 7 5 17 5 24 8 3 15 24 18 24 21 3 12 15 13 21 10 26 19 15 9 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 9 10 11 12 13 H 22 23 24 25 26 W O A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

12 Daily Express Tuesday, October 26, 2021 DX1ST EXTRAPUZZLES Mirror Image Which of the shapes A-D is an exact mirror image of the original? ORIGINAL A C B D Number Fit All of the listed numbers fit into the grid and there’s only one way to do it. One number has been provided to get you started. 3 digits 315 624 4 digits 1435 2433 5403 6463 7345 8534 5 digits 41903 52434 74403 84641 7 digits 2035504 3456422 6147634 7345757 7345876 7573475 8 digits 35857324 48563249 74569645 89803450 9 digits 563887529 596852065 2 3 5 9 6 7 6 digits 235967 945697 TODAY’S SOLUTIONS ARROW WORD C S A S A C R K S P A C O L A D M I R A T I O N E R N E E R R U A B E T E S A T A N I C D E L I B E R A T E I B I S L I N E A L E E E E L C O R O N E T P S O N G M A R B U Y E R A P P A R E L J I G G A L A G U I L E A T E R E V R E L A Y R E P U L S E SPOT THE DIFFERENCE V E R D A N T S C A M S O C K C E E D U E A O C H E E S E E B B E D M I N K E R D S I I U V E L K A L E P H S C O R S E T O B E I T A A R A N G L I C I S E S T R I N G Y A R E M E E S T I G M A D R U B S T I N K A F D G E C B L O O D T H I R S T Y M E E K O S C L R P A N I M U S E I E Q U I N E O I H D R Y B O W S P R O V E R B I A L L Y R I S U R O S T A S H U S E R I N F A N T H E E E C I B O B C A T S S P O K E S M A N D R H C R L H R N O T I F Y Y E O M A N I M P N S L P A Y O P S T O P E T H I C E A R W I G I E N E H R A T S C A R E A R L U S E L E S S FILL IN WORD SPIRAL 1 Knee, 2 Eros, 3 Saga, 4 Axle, 5 Ends, 6 Sale, 7 Emus, 8 Show, 9 Wilt, 10 Thai, 11 Iris, 12 Stab, 13 Beat, 14 Taxi, 15 Irks, 16 Song. Sangria CODEWORD 1=V, 2=G, 3=U, 4=X, 5=E, 6=Z, 7=Y, 8=R, 9=H, 10=K, 11=Q, 12=S, 13=I, 14=J, 15=T, 16=P, 17=L, 18=B, 19=N, 20=F, 21=C, 22=W, 23=D, 24=A, 25=O, 26=M. BIG PICTURE BIG X SUDOKU 3 7 2 5 6 9 4 8 1 9 6 5 1 8 4 7 3 2 8 4 1 3 2 7 6 5 9 2 5 8 9 3 6 1 7 4 1 3 7 2 4 5 9 6 8 4 9 6 7 1 8 5 2 3 7 2 4 8 5 1 3 9 6 6 8 9 4 7 3 2 1 5 3 9 6 1 4 7 2 1 5 9 3 8 5 1 3 6 9 2 8 4 7 2 5 6 2 1 7 5 2 8 7 6 4 9 3 1 4 3 1 6 8 8 7 9 4 5 6 2 5 9 3 9 1 2 3 7 6 4 8 5 3 5 8 1 2 4 7 9 6 7 6 4 5 9 8 3 1 2 1 8 6 2 4 3 9 5 7 2 9 7 8 6 5 1 3 4 5 4 3 7 1 9 6 2 8 7 6 3 4 2 5 1 8 9 4 8 1 3 6 9 2 7 5 5 2 9 8 7 1 6 4 3 8 3 6 7 2 9 1 5 4 7 8 2 3 9 6 4 7 8 2 1 5 1 2 5 4 6 3 9 7 8 6 1 3 4 5 2 1 3 9 6 8 7 9 4 7 1 8 5 6 3 2 5 9 4 8 1 7 6 5 2 9 4 3 3 8 4 6 7 2 5 1 9 9 7 3 5 1 6 8 2 4 5 9 2 3 4 1 7 8 6 5 6 4 8 2 7 3 9 1 6 7 1 9 5 8 2 4 3 2 8 1 9 4 3 5 7 6 7 1 8 2 9 4 3 6 5 6 4 8 7 9 5 1 3 2 4 6 9 5 3 7 8 2 1 7 2 5 3 8 1 4 6 9 2 5 3 8 1 6 4 9 7 1 3 9 2 6 4 7 5 8 Sea-green Maroon Gold Lilac Royal blue Colour £500 £100 £1600 £50 £250 Value LOGIC Country Year Canada 1951 France 1927 Gambia 1978 India 1948 USA 1930 ENTER VOWEL A R T I S T I C S E A T E G A H C C O P A L B U O Y A N T L O L I N U A D O R E R E D O A K Y A A L A R D U O U S L Y B U N D L O U N G E C A B L E N T M L R T O R I F I C E I M A M B M T A D I D O S E S E R G E A N T DOUBLE JIGWORD D I A G D I S R E G A R D S E E A B A T I N A N E S O T D I T E M S A I M E I I O C R I T I C I S M S S Y E A S T O N I S H O K D R E B L I N D F O L D L S N G I M P S I S L E G E O H I N C O G N I T O N A R L G G I N G E R L Y SUDOKU: EASY SUDOKU: MEDIUM SUDOKU: HARD CIRCLEGRAM The letter represented by the question mark is R. Dormouse, hamster, squirrel, all rodents. MIRROR IMAGE B PATHFINDER Euphonium, Descant recorder, Violin, Flugelhorn, Vuvuzela, Accordion, Bagpipes, Tenor saxophone, Grand Piano, Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Trombone, Guitar, Xylophone, Ukulele, Bass clarinet, Harpsichord, Hurdy gurdy, Keyboard, Trumpet, French horn, Triangle, Pipe organ, Sousaphone. NINER 1 GODPARENT 2 LEGIONARY MINDBENDERS 1 Mitch ten of clubs, Rich nine of hearts, Mick eight of diamonds, Rick seven of spades. 2 Tab-let. 3 a) Fly agaric, b) Portobello, c) Shiitake. 4 12. 5 Twenty-four ANAGRAM CROSSWORD Across: 1 Rarebit, 5 Ochre, 8 Hydrate, 9 Tubes, 10 Banal, 11 Enclave, 12 Sucked, 14 Ocelot, 17 On paper, 19 Emmet, 22 Truce, 23 Erupted, 24 Needs, 25 Drawers. Down: 1 Rehab, 2 Radon, 3 Braille, 4 Theses, 5 Optic, 6 Hobnail, 7 Easiest, 12 Shorten, 13 Capsule, 15 Caesura, 16 Friend, 18 Piers, 20 Mitre, 21 Tides. Word wheel MIDWIFERY GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 1 Leo Tolstoy, 2 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 3 Tarzan, 4 Beatrix Potter, 5 Charles Schulz, 6 Agatha Christie, 7 Iran, 8 Quebec, 9 English Channel, 10 Italy, 11 Australia, 12 Vatican City, 13 A bird, 14 A fish, 15 (Anopheles) Mosquitos, 16 Spiny anteater, 17 An insect, 18 A tree, 19 Australia, 20 Relay, 21 Newcastle United, 22 Rugby union, 23 Water skiing, 24 Pool, 25 Artichoke, 26 Hypnosis, 27 The Good Samaritan, 28 A unicycle (or monocycle), 29 Lady, 30 Russian roulette. HONEYCOMB 1 Coffee, 2 Forces, 3 Select, 4 Ceased, 5 Denies, 6 Either, 7 Relate, 8 Taller, 9 Revolt, 10 Locale, 11 Lustre, 12 Street. 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 3 3 2 2 3 4 1 3 3 3 4 4 3 1 2 3 3 LOOP BATTLESHIPS CLOCKWORD 1 Vulcan, 2 Intern, 3 Cotton, 4 Thrown, 5 Option, 6 Remain, 7 Indian, 8 Attain, 9 Worsen, 10 Oxygen, 11 Oregon, 12 Dragon. Victoria Wood MIRRORGRAM FUNCTIONAL FUTOSHIKI 2 JIGSAW SUDOKU KAKURO KILLER SU-DOKU D L SPLIT DECISION 2 5 1 4 3 1 4 2 3 5 3 1 4 5 2 4 3 5 2 1 5 2 3 1 4 7 9 6 4 1 5 8 3 2 6 8 3 9 5 2 7 4 1 4 2 7 1 8 9 3 6 5 2 5 4 6 3 8 1 7 9 3 1 5 7 2 4 9 8 6 1 3 9 8 6 7 2 5 4 8 4 2 3 9 6 5 1 7 9 6 1 5 7 3 4 2 8 5 7 8 2 4 1 6 9 3 3 2 1 F 7 8 9 4 5 1 C 3 6 F 6 9 7 8 5 9 4 6 2 4 3 8 2 7 1 5 1 5 4 3 6 9 2 8 5 7 6 4 2 7 8 3 9 1 8 1 5 3 6 4 2 7 9 O 8 L 9 S 3 W 2 A 5 1 6 3 7 O 4 7 4 8 9 5 1 6 2 T 7 4 2 6 5 1 9 8 3 3 2 5 7 8 4 9 6 1 D 8 4 9 1 3 6 5 2 7 7 3 4 6 1 2 8 9 1 7 3 9 5 8 2 4 6 N 1 3 W 6 1 2 8 5 9 3 7 4 4 6 8 3 7 1 2 9 5 5 1 Y 5 2 6 B 8 4 3 5 V 9 4 8 6 7 1 2 3 5 2 9 5 6 8 4 7 3 1 4 1 2 3 N 7 6 8 P 4 9 5 7 H 2 1 E 4 2 1 X 8 9 U A P K 1 5 2 9 3 6 4 7 8 3 2 8 1 M 1 3 9 7 7 9 6 4 8 1 4 1 3 6 5 9 4 3 8 7 2 1 4 7 8 2 9 1 3 6 5 2 3 1 6 7 5 9 8 4 8 4 2 9 1 3 5 7 6 1 6 7 8 5 4 2 9 3 3 9 5 7 6 2 1 4 8 9 2 3 5 4 6 8 1 7 7 1 4 3 8 9 6 5 2 5 8 6 1 2 7 4 3 9 NUMBER FIT 5 2 4 3 4 7 3 4 5 8 7 6 0 1 2 4 6 4 7 3 4 5 4 8 5 6 3 2 4 9 5 3 6 8 0 3 5 8 5 7 3 2 4 8 5 3 4 0 9 2 7 9 4 5 6 9 7 2 3 5 9 6 7 8 5 2 1 1 4 3 5 7 4 5 6 9 6 4 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 8 0 3 4 5 0 6 4 6 3 0 6 7 3 2 3 7 3 4 5 7 5 7 8 4 6 4 1 5 TRIANGLE H G K U I X Y S V B C R T G Q J GOGEN 1 I M E J R Q S D E E S S G E A M A L L R D A G N A L S