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Loss Of Faith In Elie Wiesel's Night

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For many people in the world they have their own religions and beliefs. For some this can be a great part of their life. With it being such a great part with their life, it might be the only thing keeping them going through the day. Keeping faith can be hard during hardship some stages some people might experience would be devotion, questioning faith and finally losing faith. In the beginning of the memoir Night, Eli was very devoted to his faith. Eli was asking the question, “Why do you pray?” In his head he thought,-“Why did I pray? Strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breath?” (4). Comparing breathing to prayer shows how much this was a part of his life. “By day I studied the Talmud and by night I would run to the synagogue to…show more content…
“Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams into ashes,”(34). It takes a lot of events to take your soul and dreams to be burnt into ashes. Eli was going through a really hard time and wanted answers that were not heard from God. Without the closure of the events going on he started to question if there was even a God at all. During Kaddis is when Eli finally realized that he has lost his faith. He no longer wanted to be a part of anything. “But now, I no longer pleaded for anything. I was no longer able to lament. On the contrary, I felt very strong. I was the accuser, God the accused,”(68). Even though he no longer was devoted, it opened another door for him, just like the saying when one door closes another one opens. All the events that Eli went through were traumatic and it took him so long to lose what he loved, faith. Those who go through hardships can make it hard to keep what you love including your faith. Some of the stages of losing faith are being fully devoted, question faith, and losing it. Even though Eli lost his faith he was still strong and even stronger than he was before. Do not believe losing something you love will always end badly. With one door closed another one opens, if you lose your faith don’t lose