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And peace and multiculturalism, though the purview of love-children, was not yet a "liberal" scourge.
Another liberal who hasn't read this bill weighs in on how we will all benefit from this tyranny.
But from the way the media and liberal pundits pounced on his remarks, you'd think he had said something profoundly indecent.
But keep the politicians, special interest groups and liberal reporters out of it.
This lost liberal art encourages scholars to understand history from the inside out.
This was just a little peak at the motivation and tone of a lot of these liberal shows.
From CNN
I also suppose opening up the oil fields is a liberal move.
These three myths are long-standing and both liberals and conservatives draw upon them to advance their political aims.
Liberal talking points are wrapped in meta-news about liberals and their talking points.
This doesn't mean that liberal equality advocates must turn more conservative in order to advocate to the middle.
Liberals want to fund rail because they want to change behavior.
And this, her latest effort is a liberal mix of both.
Many of the activists in the dining room that night were there because they thought their states' liberals needed more edge.
When it comes to $ex both liberal and conservative men needed.
From CNN
Finally, the volunteers noted whether they considered themselves politically liberal or conservative.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Translations of liberal

in Chinese (Traditional)
社會, 自由開放的,開放的,開明的, 政治…
in Chinese (Simplified)
社会, 自由开放的,开放的,开明的, 政治…
in Spanish
liberal, liberal [masculine-feminine, singular]…
in Portuguese
liberal, generoso/-osa, liberal [masculine-feminine]…
in more languages
in Japanese
in Turkish
in French
in Catalan
in Dutch
in Arabic
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Korean
in Ukrainian
in Italian
in Russian
進歩的な, 厳格でない, 進歩主義者…
liberal, yeni ve farklı fikirlere açık ve kabul eden, toplumun değişmesine paralel ve sosyal hizmetleri içeren yeni kanunlar yapılması gerekliliğini vurgulayan siyasî düşünceyi taşıyan…
libéral/-ale, abondant/-ante, libéral/-ale [masculine-feminine]…
royaal, ruimdenkend, liberaal…
مُتَحَرِّر, ليبرالي…
štědrý, liberální, liberál…
generøs, rundhåndet, tolerant…
pemurah, toleran, liberal…
ใจดี, ที่มีความอดทน, ยอมรับความคิดเห็นของผู้อื่น…
hào phóng, không hẹp hòi, thuộc về Đảng tự do…
tolerancyjny, liberalny, hojny…
murah hati, bersikap terbuka, ahli Parti Liberal…
freigebeig, liberal…
liberal, frisinnet, venstreorientert…
자유민주적인, 지유민주주의자…
щедрий, рясний, великодушний…
liberale, di ampie vedute, generoso…
с широкими взглядами, либеральный…
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