Lewiston, Dakota County, Minnesota

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Lewiston is an extinct community in Sciota Township in Dakota County, Minnesota, United States. It lies northeast of Northfield, and is nearest to the small city of Randolph. A town once larger than nearby Northfield; gone in only fifteen years, but this town set near the Cannon River and Alta Avenue was home to many Minnesotan politicians, such as Edward J. Thye, Minnesota's governor; Pierce Butler became a United States Supreme Court justice, and Loren W. Collins was a Minnesota Supreme Court justice. A flourishing town with a horseracing track and a hotel was the home of these political figures. From 1851 to 1866, a magnificent town stood where farmland is today. A good pitstop between Hastings and Faribault is all that remains of the now abandoned town is the 1860 schoolhouse turned Sciota township hall.[1]


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Coordinates: 44°30′25″N 93°04′50″W / 44.50694°N 93.08056°W / 44.50694; -93.08056