Leonie Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth's Mother) Wiki, Children, Age, Bio

Leonie Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth’s Mother) Wiki, Children, Age, Height, Bio, Husband

Chris Hemsworth’s Mother Leonie Hemsworth Age. Leonie Hemsworth’s birthday or date of birth is missing. However, her son Chris is currently 35 years old.

Leonie Hemsworth is an Australian actress and professionally a lecturer in English. Hemsworth propelled into the limelight after her all-grown-up boys Chris, Liam, and Luke establish a thriving career in Hollywood.

  • Ethnicity: Dutch, Irish
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Profession: Actress and English teacher

Leonie Hemsworth Husband – Craig Hemsworth & Children

Leonie is married to husband Craig Hemsworth, a social worker for several years now.

She is a proud mother of three sons, Luke, Chris, and Liam, all of whom impelled her into the national fame through their staunch acting career in the business.

With no celebrated background like Hollywood, Leonie was an unaccustomed figure to the public until her boys drove the family to be the talk of the town amid celebs, media, and tabloids.

Parents, Family and Early Life

Born to Dutch father and Irish lineage mother, she, however, spent her entire childhood in Australia after her dad emigrated from Netherlands.

  • Parents: N/A
  • Husband: Craig Hemsworth
  • Children: 3 (Luke, Chris, and Liam Hemsworth)
  • Marital Status: Married

Growing up in Australia, she met Craig Hemsworth, an Australian native social service counselor. After witnessing an instantaneous connection, the love-struck couple tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Over the years, the couple welcomed their first son Luke followed by Chris and Liam in the state capital of Victoria, Melbourne.

After briefly residing in Melbourne, the family moved in the Australian Outback in Bulman, Northern Territory, where Leonie’s boys experienced a life in ranch amid animals such as crocodile and buffalo.

Her two out of three boys, Chris and Liam instantly moved from their native land to the United States to pursue a career in acting.

With her, all three sons having a successful acting career in Hollywood, the national audience and media keeps a gawky eye on the family in order to break the news out of it.

Leonie Hemsworth Height and Body Measurements

She is no doubt a beauty sensation with divine good looks and envious physique even after all these years.

With an eye-catching soaring stature and alluring figure, Leonie makes quite an incredible, stunning and coolest mom ever.

No qualm, the seawater on Philip Island has something special in it that upshots the Hemsworth family to come out so unique and talented.

Not only the Hemsworth boys but also their mom, Leonie appears to be quite a sensation with radiant good looks, blemish free skin and sweet smile.

Seems like the teacher hasn’t aged a day since teenage, giving the impression of an elegantly girlish visage. With juvenile good looks trailed by luscious blond locks, smoldering blue eyes and glamorous appearance, she makes one of the world’s most beautiful mom ever.

It’s quite commendable and surprising to see how the mother of three has boasted a glowing skin and a body of a woman half her age even after all these decades.

Through social media pics, it’s discovered that the secret to her anti-aging skin complexion is a bunch of exercises, workout routine, jogging and healthy diet that keeps her in an incredible shape.

Leonie normally avoids the glitz and glam of Hollywood unless it’s the premiere of her son’s movie. She was most recently filmed enjoying the Commonwealth Games along with son Chris and husband, Craig that created quite a buzz in social media.

Professional Career – Teacher and Television Actress

Leonie Hemsworth is an Australian based English teacher and television actress. She came to a national recognition following the mainstream stardom of her sons, Luke, Chris and Hemsworth as a Hollywood superstar.

Career Timeline:

  • Gripped national attention soon after her boys embarked on a Hollywood to pursue a career in acting
  • Portrayed the character Dianne, Rob Sitch on-screen secretary in Australian television comedy series ‘The Hollowmen’
  • Leonie has established own self a professional career as English teacher in Australia

Leonie Hemsworth Net Worth

Leonie’s projected net worth and annual salary have not been revealed yet. However, her son Chris Hemsworth has a net worth of $90 million dollars.

Stealing the limelight from Hollywood megastars sons, Chris and Liam frequently, she has been creating a buzz in media and social sites for quite some time now.

With a pro career as an English lecturer, Leonie most probably has garnered quite a hefty amount of fortune.

With the recent discovery that her middle son, Chris paid off the debts of his father, Craig in an effort to show his gratitude and appreciate them for their years of support, Leonie is one proud mom.