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Wobbly lamppost--how to fix?

I have a lamppost in my front yard. Last year, I noticed it was leaning a bit, and I tried pushing it straight. I heard a bit of a crack, and now the lamppost is wobbly. I don't know if the metal is cracked underground, but it is working fine.

I've tried repeatedly packing dirt around it, wetting it down so it will sink in and hold it in place, but that's not working. I read somewhere it's not good to use concrete to hold it in place because it causes the metal to corrode.

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this so it will stay put and quit wobbling? I don't want to replace the post right now if I don't have to.


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    If you are able to remove the fixture from the top, you can reinforce the post by sliding a sleeve of slightly larger diameter over the Post and down into the ground.

    For instance 2.5" DWV black plastic pipe will fit over various 2" pipes. I'd cut a section about 18" long and slide it over the post and most of the way into the ground. If the sleeve is a little loose, fill it with playground sand.

    The sleeve will help to support the post over the spot where it broke, sort of like a splint.

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    Lamp Post Sleeve

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    Construct a planter around it. Put gravel in the bottom 8" deep or more put another layer of soil on top of that and plant your favorite plants in it.

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