Britney Spears Turns Heads With Cheeky, Pantsless Instagram Pic

It should be said that all human beings need to take time to feel themselves. Not literally, mind you, but in the spiritual sense. To realize we are desirable and to embrace that feeling. And no one has earned more of a right to feel herself in the last few years than Britney Spears. The icon has been going through hell regarding his conservatorship, and it seems a few nights ago she caught her breath and posted something on Instagram with the attempt of stealing other people’s breath for a change.

Britney Spears wears a blouse with a plunging neckline to an awards show © Provided by Suggest Britney Spears wears a blouse with a plunging neckline to an awards show © Suggest

Britney Spears Lets It All Hang Out

The world has generally changed the way it has seen Britney Spears in the last few years. Once the details of her battle for autonomy became public news, the whole world collectively realize how badly she was treated by the public, and their opinion and treatment of her changed, immediately.

Where once we saw an untouchable pop star, now we saw somebody struggling just to have the most basic freedoms we all take for granted. One of those freedoms being freedom of expression, which she just took to Instagram to demonstrate.

It is a far cry from her seemingly silent cries for help that went unheard for so long.

Hit Us Britney, One More Time

Britney decided to do the “I am almost naked except for a thong” shot, taken from behind, and it sure got some traction and got people talking, but not the way they used to talk about her. This was much healthier and positive.

With 645,000 likes and counting, people just seem to be happy to see Britney being given the freedom to do such things. To express herself as she feels, regardless of how it will be perceived by others.

Britney is finding herself again, and is kind enough to take us along for the ride, even though we (as in most of pop culture and society) mistreated her. Her growth is both noticeable and commendable.

The Return of The Britney

Britney Spears is clearly gaining her confidence back as a result of public support, and we will most likely see more of her personality start shining the more and more things go in her favor in court. Anyone who has been team Britney is cheering, with good reason. She is getting her life back.

And truthfully, work it, girl. You look fantastic! No body shaming going on here. Do your thang, Brit. We missed you.

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