19.1 Announcement - CrossFit Strength In Depth

19.1 Announcement - CrossFit Strength In Depth - Live #19point1

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Video Transcript
Well, welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the cross fit over We're here in London, where in the East and when the doc lynn's read the Royal docks, crossfit, we can't wait for this. The show's about to get started join us in a few seconds Committed or to say to get reverse every To discriminate The President with his positive Welcome to Royal dogs cross fit I'm joined here by matt Jackson, mads welcome how excited are you, for this and I'm pretty fired up this is insane. I can't believe we got to do this. This is the first open workout and uh we've got a pretty good show gone on the way right we've got some pretty impressive athletes lined up back there. We cannot wait for this um mads your thoughts on the new take on we've also got the open it's a little bit different. This year. What are your thoughts on the new standards and how that's gonna affect our athletes. This week. I don't think it's gonna give The athletes I mean I think, most people have gotten used to the change right now. It probably came as a shock to a lot of people to change the season and what's gonna happen. But now it's just get work done. If you are an athlete. How would you be approaching tonight and the anticipation of this workout. What do you do to get ready for this today. I am an athlete right Yeah right no, basically, the training has been done already. This is more of a mental game. I mean it's too late to start adding new things to your to your repertoire and it's too late to start making any kind of adapt stations. You have to make that six months ago, a year ago, so now it's just go out there and execute and try to get your head in the right place now we've. Obviously moved into a very different world in terms of the sanctions. This weekend we're here in London, for the crossfit strength in depth we've had a few of them already this year in Dubai also involved pollution in the us and others as well. Your thoughts on those sanctions so far and what we've got to look forward to this weekend. I mean I think they've been great. I think it's hard it's it's always hard when you're the first Out of the gate, I mean what what do people expect. What are they gonna see and so on and so forth. I think it's great for uh, for strength and depth to be one of the first events, but not the first event. I think what we've seen has been amazing, but I think the lineup here is gonna kick some ass are you looking forward to seeing the mouth well. Oh, God. I don't know everybody. I mean there have been a lot of qualifiers that I thought were really interesting, so I think we're we're gonna see some people that we haven't seen before that are gonna pop up on the radar we've got a lot of the big names that have been to the games before we've seen him at regional, so I'm not gonna point at any one person I'm gonna say them. I look forward to the event just sitting on the fence already is what you're telling me you're sitting on the fence already I can't say I wanna see myself so yeah alright to be father To choose from tonight we've got 33 of the best athletes in the uk competing here tonight. Yes, it's so good for the uk crowd to see some of the uk's best. Uh. What are your thoughts on Sam and telly and obviously Steve coming through what are your thoughts on each of those that the qualities in each of those guys bring. I mean Kelly, is Kelly has been kinda cool I've been watching here at regions for a long time and I mean she comes in and she could have been a Masters athlete. She goes on there just tears down the House with all these younger athletes kinda going to goes to show that age is just it's a cliche, but it's It's just a number it's like how you go out there and execute the things that you do and that I think, is awesome um. I'm just happy to see Stephen. I mean I remember that when he qualified as the first British guy along with the phil hatchett as well and ever since it's just been a pleasure to watch and I'm looking forward to seeing him here as well and then Sam, I mean she's going to the games already, but that being said, I don't think I've ever seen Sam, just kind of. Let off the throttle so pretty stoked about that, as well, well Sam is won two events already this year, so far she must be primed for this weekend on For tonight how do we, how do we think that an athlete of her quality might be approaching this evening. Oh she's, a professional she's, gonna go after I mean she's gonna, try to go out there and do the best. You possibly can. I mean she's got tons of experience and she's already got the safeguards so that we know she's probably not as nervous as she could have been, but then again that being said, maybe ever seen a nervous. I don't think so we're actually inching ever closer to the athletes coming out to join us. We can't wait to introduce those guys um. We all kinda counting down with the three minutes Away from the reveal of the workout is one of the most exciting about it is the anticipation, but actually will get on to bring the athletes out now so, ladies and gentlemen, please do forgive a massive hand for a first athlete. This evening. Kelly frill A second athlete he's, a new dad. He competed for teenagers t. Please welcome Steve faucet And finally, this lady needs no introduction. Crossfit games champion 20 13. Please welcome to the floor. Samantha bricks Guys first, how you feeling Kelly what are your thoughts on tonight and what you're anticipating for tonight. Um pretty nervous um, but just have some fun. Um I'd love something heavy, but you know we can't wait for everything. I think how many else would I have been able to live which was something heavy Steve new dad congratulations. Firstly um How has being a new dad affected your training, getting ready for the open um. You know it's a little bit of a different perspective on training after the things that are more important now in life. So uh but so, if I've got an hour, I just go all in the. I was trying to make the most of it so it's paid off quite well so far, just we'll see in about 10 minutes time. We haven't got long. It so welcome to welcome to the floor. Some and seventh or welcome to crossfit here and on the road ox um. How excited are you about the new season. You had a phenomenal start the year so far. How are you feeling about tonight and how you season is going so far yeah it's been a great start to the season uh last year. Obviously I was injured uh but still managed to go to the games as a a Masters athlete, so I defy Experience there and Miami was to get back to the games as an individual which I've been able to do so far. But that doesn't take any pressure from the open. I still wanna do so. I wanna do well in the open and uh represent the uk and how does it feel to be working out in front of a home crowd to kick off the 20 19 open uh it's awesome and uh it's just a shame. It has to be at when I am, I think this is, I think, there's, a few of us can go alongside with that as well um guys thanks Good luck for the workout we're coming to the moment. We got here about to announce the workout, please welcome to the floor. The crossfit strength and depth event director all humans bridge only Ali, how excited are you about selling these guys when they get to do yeah I'm really excited to find a workout, even o'clock. Radicalism three so if we get to go next and stuff well Ali, let's not waste any time has put these guys out of their misery and everybody else watching at home as they get ready to take on their own workouts okay 19 point, one it's gonna start 15 minute and wrap Of 19 bull shots and I'm 19 calorie row lets it It's a sat mat set my son's pretty simple. That's gonna burn a lot. We appreciate, move out as they set up the floor. Um we're, gonna hand out we're gonna. Let the athletes chat to the judges, um we're, gonna hand over to erode talks represented David your take us through the movement stands for the workout right now, so mad so head over to you, David welcome. How excited are you about having the event here at your own your own box. This must be amazing. It is absolutely huge uh we're doing about four and a half years ago and if you told me that we'd be here now tonight at this natural on my face absolutely amazing, just to see a lot of my members here as well uh coming out. Obviously, in the Middle of the night and then seeing all all the other guys here It's just you just having the athletes that the caliber of you know, Sam Steven, Kelly, it's just it's unreal it's really exciting to be in the run up to the event. As well as the weekends is is huge for us. Well, congrats on getting the getting the open here um I'm gonna hand you over to matt is gonna have a chat and she's gonna take us through the standards for this next workout so if you wouldn't mind taking your placed against the Wall taking us through that and I'll, be back in just a second so basically, let's have a look at what we're uh. What we're up against here and um. It sounds like it's pretty easy right, but there are a couple of movements centers that we need to hear to yes so, for the First thing that we need to remember is that the guys will be the guys will be aiming at a 10 foot target. The girls at a nine foot target guys we'll be using a 20 pounds or nine kilo ball and the girls will be using a 14 pound or 60 lowball in this uh so the execution on the point of the points of performance is basically just creasing the hip needs to go below the top of the knee in the bottom position and in that opposition basically, just you need to throw the ball either onto or above the line that Constitute a good Rep fairly easy and, as you and I both know, that's where it gets hard right. I mean there's nothing like high volume. Wobbles in the workout. It is a horrendous thing. Moving on to the roller, though, on the role or what we need to remember, is that the athlete needs to stay on the rower until they have competed completed the 19 calories that being said, they are allowed to under strap themselves in weight but they need to be placed on the rower until they're done so, let's imagine you wrote just a little bit You get to the end or almost you've got eighteen calories you're kind of anticipating a bit of a spin. You are gonna be allowed to put the handle back release. The feet but the feet stay in there. So it's just the straps can come off but not the feet. You pass 19 and guess what you're back to the Wall balls so it's that simple how do you feel about it a a workout that is quote unquote simple there's. Nothing the. What everyone knows who's been in this for a while that the simplest workout always the hottest and when you see combinations of any square movement Volume with every movement in this time to main it's just gonna be horrendous. It's not paying capes or workout so it's gonna be a lot of uh, a lot of fun happening across the world. I'm sure I am pretty. I agree completely I'm looking forward to seeing that in the specially as you alluded to earlier athletes of this caliber. How they gonna do it. I mean do you think they're gonna charge for 15 minutes. I think I think it's gonna be an element of policing. I think 15 minutes is long for anyone no matter what the standard monthly I think we'll see a bit of gamesmanship from the start. I think they will be trying to pass off each other and then, when they got to solve that lite 12 30 minutes that's just when it just comes down to how much you can take um how much You can you can withhold and then and then it's just it's just straight to it. I agree dude thanks for your help and thanks for letting us come down here. It's awesome. If you're in London this is where you go by right. Thank you. Matt thanks for taking us through that I'm gonna just gonna have a chat to the athletes as they getting set up here as well um so just see if Kelly is open for having a quick chat, good Kelly are you okay just have a quick chat about your thoughts on hearing that workout and uh. What that means for you um. I quite like Um, I got my mobiles it's a long time 15 minutes is a long time to transition with two simple movements, but um it's gonna be hot in here. I'm feeling the heat and I'm not working out. I don't know how you're going to cope with it, but in terms of your experience of coming through so many opens before um how are you feeling about this year's open and what this means for you and your your ambitions so the open on charges trying to stay quite chilled because, for the master qualifies this year the um open obviously means something but we just have to The top 200 and then the school both White so I'm just gonna, try and stay quite lax for the next five weeks and then, hopefully qualify in the top 200 and then pick at the right time for the uh online qualifies. We wish you the best of luck for this. Anything and hopefully won't get too hot It's gonna go and have a chat with mats mads. You went through you went through the standard is that um what are your thoughts on how athletes, my approach this work out. I think the uh I think the sensible thing to do these guys have all been spending a lot of time on the road. They know exactly what kind of capacity they have and I think they're gonna they're gonna be pretty comfortable, staying within that the trauma of being comfortable on the road to start with, not over asserting themselves in one week once we get to the 11 12 minute marker, there gonna start throwing down if they do it before that they made this burnout that's gonna have a Stephen one driver dealer so I can have a chat with Steve Steve just get your thoughts on hearing that workout and your anticipation and what you're thinking in terms of tactically as you go into this yeah. I mean it's quite low skills so tactics wise. I don't think this a great deal. uh For me, I probably just kind of take a little bit staying off the road and make sure I can just get straight to the Wall balls. You got the 19 and get back on so maybe a little bit easier. A little bit. How to um so yeah I'm glad it's something that can get stuck into it. One o'clock in the morning it's a great way to warm upright and get yourself inside into the workout um so anyway um in terms of your thoughts about the oakland as a whole for you this year. What are your ambitions. How you sort of anticipating the next five weeks as you kinda go into each of these workouts. I'm not going in with expectations. I'm not gonna, not gonna try and be around the I know that I can achieve just yet um but I quite like those in open in October, um feels like to get some good training for that one so about doesn't mean I'm not gonna go hard and every workout. This year also making a bigger flat out from minute one. No matter what the best of luck, alright. Thank you. Let's see if we can grab some for a quick chat sammy okay trevor two minute Not that it's two minutes, even touch 20 seconds and some your thoughts of this. Workout having heard that workout this is something you're looking forward to you, just go straight into it flat out from the start and just go in and fight harder for the next 15 minutes hey it's it's a hard one um. I think it's one that I can do well, long um so it may be one that I have to repeat, not when I am also good luck best of luck for the open thanks for your time matt we're gonna come back over to you We all literally minutes away from this workout it's gonna be a 15 minute. Countdown would just move out the way of the athletes here. Um we have got serious athletes out here on the floor. Yes, how to the folks at home. The folks watching here in the venue. I would day a purchase workout with trepidation or with a sense of excitement. I think everybody's gonna be excited absolutely but I think a lot of people will the first time they do this. They do this they're gonna be a little bit of scale, a little bit scared of the row or they're gonna go out a little bit too slow they're gonna find at the end that all obviously sucks but it doesn't suck as much as they could have sucked and they're gonna wanna do this Time the walls are, it's it's another one of these things where it's like oh, it's about the role it's about the roads about the row, but you need to get your flow on the walls as well. I mean one Rep one new Rep is gonna cost you um it's always gonna be that way, but this is just one of these things where it's easy to lose focus is, I got a row of zero zero or and then you forget that flow of getting on the road and getting immediately onto the walls and then getting back there and then getting on to kind of start feeling, sorry for you so you get off there and there's this this difference between eating to rest in wanting to rest also I'm so We're just at the North there were 30 seconds away from the workout starting we're. Gonna be moving to countdown. Our athletes are gonna get in a position we'll be off camera as the workouts taking place. You don't wanna hear from you don't wanna see us while these guys are doing their hard work um but we're gonna be going over to our countdown and I think we are seconds away so, ladies and gentlemen, everybody watching at home the openness here 20 19 the roads of the games starts right now God is done by your guy. It 10 no. I'm ats 7654321 go That's where I live, this is happening now. We are I said what we It's it's funny because we're gonna start We're gonna keep shouting so the workout is started with this get out the way the founders here um the games alive. We set that already. We are here 20 19 just tell us about how these judges are looking for. We mention the standard we had a conversation with But Kelly frail the first athlete, not much in the tools that these guys are facing. This out already. What he tell us a little bit about the technique as these other guys take on the road so basically, on the road there are a bunch of different techniques and it's one of these things where it's hard to say that you can be really school because you get school as a rower, but the rowers don't get out of the rower and then get on to the Wall balls and runs and things like that typically, what you wanna see if you wanna see the heels kept him in the ground, you wanna be sitting up a little bit more straight. You don't want to be leading to back too much. You wanna pick up the Around the um around your around your feet, so don't lean too far forward so Kelly, ferris had a flying start here. She's had an awesome start. She's actually flown through those first, 19 calories on the road and how do you think she's approached. The she is our oldest athlete in this workout. She obviously has amazing fitness. He was second as a master's last year the 40 to 44 year old last year that's an incredible effort from the absolute How do you think she will be feeling on how do you think should be done and we had a chat with the pri pri workout she's decided to take things fairly relaxed over the next five weeks. He seems pretty calm. Yeah. I think that will help her during this workout oh absolutely I mean Kelly, is off to a fast start, but that being said, Kelly has been competing for so long and she's been doing this so well I'm not really worried. I think she's got a game plan and she's sticking with it. You see you're looking at the clock every once in awhile just making sure that she stays within the speed that she wants to for every round, so I mean I'm not too worried about her at all um so I was the Positions that the athletes are going through right now, those bulls when you get to that the repetitions the numbers the volume is that starts building that starts to create pain, lack tick stuff the buildup. What are your thoughts on how these guys transition from the the spot where we've been and then we will launch the row that's that's quite intensive on the court the thighs the fact side your thoughts on that they're gonna be conditioned there gonna be conditioned for that so I'm not too worried about. It. What I want to see and what we're gonna see from these guys and you should take a page out of their book it's just that there is no rest it's not like getting off the rower than taking a little breather as looking around getting on to the Wall It's basically, just getting up moving on and when they're done with the Wall balls, strap in and go which is exactly the way it needs to be. I mean we talked about before there's a need to rest in there is aa, a desire to rest that desire and you need to close that door right away and how do these athletes to sought to price themselves on this there's, a lot we're in we're coming up to three, just over three minutes into the workout already Kelly is continuing to lead so far, so she's had a fantastic start. This workout is she in danger Out of the other athletes, pacing themselves, what's, your thoughts on how that money is the start to fall out in the next few minutes, but I'm not I'm not too worried that she's gonna burn out. I mean we're we're, not we're still it's still early days. So we wouldn't, we, I don't think we're gonna see any kind of tendencies like that from Kelly, for a while. If that were if that were the case, I think they're definitely pacing themselves I think the sam's gonna start going a little bit faster on the rower pretty soon Where will they be taking rest if they can take rest whether they conserve energy. How do they recoup and recover as they work out. I mean there are a lot of things that you can do on the road where I mean you can you can you can lower your stroke rate um and then just kind of relax a little bit more on the way in that's one of the ways that you can do it um. You can start working a little bit more with your legs getting off to a little bit hard to start that's another way that some athletes will start doing it, but basically, for 15 minutes at this level it's all about maintaining breathing patterns make sure you don't stop breathing and over exert yourself and on the road are also Don't don't just use your arms make sure you get everything into it. So your lower back and your uh and your legs as well, so you get a good rhythm as soon as you start losing that rhythm. You get yourself in trouble when he says everything for the technique right doesn't. It oh absolutely it's so crucial and so critical to these movements and it might look simple, just work out on the face of it sounds simple and it shouldn't be too scary, but it's so important that people get the technique right on these rowers. Oh absolutely one of the things Interesting is that Sam academic to did 15 five with camilla and bethany and any tourist daughter which was the uh the event was a 27 21 15 nine. Rowan thrust or event, Sam won that event and uh she's had a couple of events in um in the past. As well as had a lot of events that with walls and other exercises where she's just been she's just a really really really well so I'm not surprised I'm not surprised that she starts out a little slower and then starts catching up when she said I was She said she felt like this workout this one is one is really looking forward to the early hour. My head and a little bit, but this is one o'clock in the morning. Yes, here in the uk. It is this is uh only mike's daughter putting on which way you look at it that's going to play a factor into this doesn't. Do you think these guys will have another go at this workout oh, yes, absolutely I can imagine that they won't. They won't give it another go. I mean it's one o'clock and also that you're, not prepared one thing is to go out there and perform at one o'clock at night if you know where your The other thing is going out there. One o'clock in the morning and going yeah. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh here's. What you're gonna do in three minutes later you're in the Middle of it. So I guess, I would imagine that they're definitely gonna go home and recover a little bit and then go again and is that how you would approach it oh yeah looking out right now would you be saying right this is my trial run. I will look at this this run and then I'll do it again after the offer a few Steve seems to be having a bit of a trouble are we saying he's in trouble. It was the coming up to halfway through the workout. We just got a 45 seconds to go in this and Steve is being out postponed. He bought both women but both the male athletes yep and I mean one of the things this is a slightly heavier Wall ball yeah and uh. You know he's gonna have to throw it a little bit further and you can only go so fast on that part Steve is moving really efficiently, beautiful, beautiful timing on both catching the ball and sending it off again. He looks good on the road Well, it is a slightly faster so after just mentioning that Sam had caught up with Kevin Sam has made a big weekend for this. Now she is got a good Cup of strikes ahead. Oh Kelly is that Kelly is looking a little bit for t Sam looks fresh and focus look at that look at look at her eyes right there. She is in this oh absolutely I mean it didn't mean that's one of the things we always see from Sam is just a great game plan. She went for the first seven and a half minutes and then she and then she started to make her move. Yes, I halfway halfway She makes the move Kelly looks like she's breathing harder, but I mean she's still doing a great job. How quickly all these athletes calculating that pace when they hear this workout how quickly are they working out. They were approaching and how they can approach this. I mean they'll come up with a new and initial game plan within 30 seconds, then will give us a give themselves another minute or two to start thinking about the game plan, then we'll revise it a little bit, but yeah within the first minute they know what they're doing especially with with the event exercises like the rower. They know exactly what they're doing on the road where they're like 19 calories that's 54 seconds okay we're good so we've got just under seven minutes to go so the guys are over halfway through Sam is starting to eat at a fairly strongly that these guys working so hard to make. This work who do you think is gonna be making the move. Do you think there's a move in Steve do you think he can recover or is this something to really run away with right now, but I think it's definitely seems to run away with, but I think Steve is gonna make a movie. I think he's talked about a little bit earlier he's gonna wait until around the 10 minute Mark and then I think, then I think he's gonna start going faster, just like you said he just had it. He just had a kid It doesn't work out in the same way that you had in the past, so I think definitely he's gonna make a move, but will be later well. Life saying life changing so many ways when the child comes into your life, sees his party is a little bit different, but the same time. He still is a phenomenal site, as well he's actually so the fans watching at home. What would be what's the most exciting thing about yoga what's of what's the thing that motivated gets these guys excited every time they look at this is it the anticipation of the workout or is it something a little different. I think it's the same for every All around the world, no matter what level you're at is the excitement of going out there and testing yourself being able to find yourself in an environment that test at all. The things that you've been doing all year long and you do it to get to do with your best friends. Now these guys they're professionals. This is their job they're doing this to get to the games, but they're enjoying the same things that everybody else is enjoying that's the beauty of course, right that's the beauty of what the sport is that's. What makes people so happy. This is the beauty of the open, yet this puts everybody around the world The same time, he's also got the chance to compete against the best wherever they are exactly so, Sam just finished off her set her six around. So she's been on her big honor seventh round. That we've still got four minutes and 55 seconds seconds ago that is fast. That is really really fast if you were when you heard the workout what is your gut in terms of how many rounds you think these guys will aim for what would what the number that came straight to your head just just off the bat Thinking eight rounds is gonna be really great score and we started talking to some of the really smart folks around here and they were saying the same thing is around eight around eight rounds, but you know what Sam is gonna crush, a rounds just goes to show that uh I was a bit too conservative. It seems. You were so how many songs as seventh round right now it's looking so strong looks like she is going to just run away with this. It looks like she could do this workout for another five minutes beyond the cap and still look very comfortable but this is just something Said about that kind of work capacity so we mention about Steve pacing up four minutes to go in the club so it's 11 minutes down Steve is looking to really he looks like he's looking strong he's onto seventh round he's not too far off. Some down, so we'll see how they come off the split as they move into the next round. You can see Steve is just a very quick look across the sound and looks like there's, a real battle, starting to go down here. Oh there definitely is, I mean, if you've got somebody somebody to pace off like like Sam, you know, it's just an engine to keep on going and going and going, obviously use that to your advantage, definitely, but I'm impressed with the Well, Kelly selena great job, remember that Kelly is a Masters athlete. I've think we're gonna find a lot of athletes have her age who will be able to do what she's doing when you look at the body types of these guys. The figures I Sam is long and lean. We got Steven Kelly is sort of in their sort of slightly lower Center of gravity. What what are the benefits of one. What one body type over the other well, obviously, I mean, if you've got the body composition of Stephen moving a heavy barbell is gonna be a lot easier and also something that we know he spends a lot of time on Sam comes from and enjoy Background you know and obviously that all levels are gonna they're gonna serve her well both on the row in the Wall ball. That being said, though, I mean it's easy for people to make excuses because of the body composition. It's all about work capacity and how you train So we've just got coming up to two and a half minutes left on the clock. Sam is really accelerating here. Let's short movements on the rollup. What difference is that making to get them up to speed and it's just a great way to fill the uh to filter filler with air to get the barrel moving um because if you start with that one big pool, you have to do that every single time it's like a heavy lift, so you don't wanna add the heavy lift. Instead get in there get blowing and find your rhythm fast okay Steve is just moving on to his eighth round. Sam is closing in on finishing a ground. This is incredible work. They mother before A little bit ahead of you're you're already predictions yup. She thinks I'm can knock off 10 to think she can get to the tenth round. The under two minutes to go This crowd is loving the, have to say I just say the crowd also here this evening. They are really supportive. I don't wanna keep say, however, in the morning, is this is only for these guys right now. They're gonna have to go to work in a couple of hours. I think I think we've got so. We got 90 seconds on the clock. This is Sam honor night night on a ninth round. I think, could be able to go for 10 is gonna be that's gonna be a struggle it's gonna be tight isn't, it at least this time, but I think, if Sam does this again 10 rounds is definitely within uh within her grasp. These, after these were Minutes ago, at that scene, this clock and I think you know what I'm learning a lot right now. But any mother oh okay the second the second time we're going to visit one of these athletes go for third. If you think it's done, it once you learn from that and you go once more, I think these guys are gonna go once or once or twice usually twice okay we're in the final minute was final minute on the clock. Sam is still going. She is going to complete her night ground. This is an incredible Absolutely incredible effort here by Sam, she is trying to move through with 40 seconds left on the clock match I'm a suspect you have the list for this epa right now. what's Nothing but respect to both athlete but listen to the crowd. This is what we're all about we've got 20 seconds left on the clock. Steve is looking to burn out these last nights in calories to finish up his round Sam is looking to close this down 15 seconds to go. I was go by power. Is left 500 to try and break this night ground she's gonna be pushing this. It looks like she's gonna know this. She must be getting their Now this is shit some bricks takes the open. 19 point, one takes the open workout here at the world fit rolled out profit Ther stores' verified but mats your first thoughts on that. What we're giving out things a few seconds to recover right your final thoughts before we move on It was great to see the game plan from both Sam and from Steve, as well. How they executed this was brilliant, considering. They had a couple of minutes to figure out. What they were gonna do. I just love that There's, gonna be hurting the most and I will gonna be had about the same right More as the morals that you and I are, we doing Let's see if we can have a traffic Kelly off that Congratulations. How are you feeling off that You want to, maybe We got called to deal Face my hot and just trying to hold on smoking grass on the first thank you you're. Gonna, give it a go again. No regrets well done We're trying to catch up with salmon wrap this up, we haven't got long left on the on our live broadcast tonight, but we really hope you enjoyed the first. Workout of the two thousand 19 crossfit open, let's go and try to have a word with them before we do this We're nearly don't win nearly that's right grab some just gonna have a chat with some now and then we'll wrap this up Some progress on that. How do you feel getting off to that annual pricing and how you approach that cuz you flew through those just go to hide her in the halfway Mark. But I knew I couldn't get. I couldn't let up uh hopefully that'll be a good nascar 99 flat We'll get a good indication by how the athletes do inside their money wherever I need to redo and up but how it feels now. I don't wanna be do you don't wanna do that when I go that was taking enough out of it. How much you're looking forward to the cross the strengthened at this weekend and being here in London and seeing such an amazing event taking place. I still be awesome. I got so many uh friends competing as individuals and about half on a team Central base uh got plenty people to chair along and uh. I just been roped into doing my gym team so I'm actually gonna be complete As well as weekends so people didn't think the same way. Well, they are gonna. Do what we're delighted to hear that I know you could be recovering now tonight, but we're delighted to hear that congratulations getting the win tonight and good luck for the rest of the open. As well cheers guys. Thank you, thanks for joining us this is been one hell of a good start mats. Thank you to you, as well. Your insight has been terrific and thanks for letting me join well, we can't wait to do it we're gonna be at crossfit strengthen debt it's just over the road and excel in 20 just over 24 hours time, we can't wait What is gonna be two days of phenomenal action, both elite level and our x we've got team competitions Matt we're gonna just wait to verify the schools actually before we do go live, but just what chanting, let's have a chat with Steve Steve come in come in come in what are you. How are you feeling after that, that look like you hurt yeah. I mean I didn't know what I think when you got a crowd like this and obviously occasion they can amass a little bit what are your thoughts on the crowd from our point of view, the crowd were awesome did you feel that energy, every time you get off the rowing there's, a big shout just makes you pick up that Wall, but quick and same on the Wall um so it's not often you get to workout and still out there so do you think you might be taking that work out. I got on against a may be trying to improve the score or do you think right now. you See what the field is doing and then you might decide against him. Maybe later in the week got busy weekend coaching. The guys, um so I'll, probably be there as we get the Monday morning when I was going to follow up on that next week, save alright congratulations. Well done on that thanks for joining us We're not far away from getting the final verified schools that's as we look forward to the weekends we got a lot of work, a lot of athletes are gonna be doing 19 point. One it's. The first work out on Saturday morning. Now the people have seen this. How do you think they're gonna take this on. You think they might be practicing. They might be prepping. They might be looking things in a different light. They might say some breaks just a nine rounds on the dark. What do you think those athletes competing at the weekend will be thinking having seen this tonight. I think I think They should be doing is probably go home and try to go and see what what's a reasonable pace on the road or what's the reason that what's a reasonable route would like pays for their for their for their rounds trying to do 34 rounds at that pace and then sit down and start strategizing from that should they go a little bit slower to start with and then increase the speed should they go the same speed all the time where do they want to make their move in case. They know that they wanna do 10 rounds 11 rounds and so on, and so forth. I think that's what they need to play with that being said The first thing that they're doing on Saturday morning so they can't go too far go so we're actually just getting the results coming through. So I think we all know the same to nine rounds on the dart. That's no, I don't that's a Supreme effort to kick off the open 20 19 Steve force it got eight rounds and 32 reps that's 19 of his walls and that, whatever the balance is, I can't do those matters too early in the morning for me right now, but Steve did 13 reps thanks very much 13 wraps on and finally Kelly did eight rounds plus 16 Wall balls, so a phenomenal level of effort going on there there's some standards have been set for people now tonight people now know what they are looking after. I think We are starting something something special. This weekend started early right. Oh it's coming off to great start. I mean being able to do the open so 19 point one, as the first event at strength in depth. That's just luxury cuz they're gonna have this kind of crowd and a bunch of other people to compete with. I think that's the great thing about the weekend now we, I foresee Saturday morning. We will be live that's it we'll be live across the channels becoming watches if you wanna come down and still buy tickets, you can buy tickets and strengthened nth dot com and get your tickets for the weekend. We cannot wait for it for 24 hours away be there watching Get over there and support these athletes it's gonna be absolutely incredible, thanks for joining us. It's been one of the best nights we can say and it's still very early in the morning. Tech Valley one minute or the same to get reverse ever The minute President, with his positive