Affiliates: Still Delivering Health

“Affiliates deliver health all over the world. There’s no denying it. You make people better. I don’t even have to define better. You can. Your clients can. They do. They have. They’re getting better.”

—Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder


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Video Transcript
Here we go recording, Alright. Say morning. Good morning guys. How are you? Hopefully I can hold it so that you can see it, but at least, are you good? Oh yeah, this is gonna be showing you the warm-up movements. I just wake up the shoulders arms out. It's got a shrug up straight back, nice and tight body position. so it's you to jump in place or if you prefer to go jumping jacks jacks could could go go jumping jumping jumping jacks jacks jacks or. or. or or the the old old saw. saw. saw the live. You. Of Crossfitters will definitely agree with me and saying that motivation comes from each other. We all work out maybe separately, but we're all together as a team as a family. just keep moving keep moving. Your smile. 321 go. Whoo. Nice work. Good job Nice job Kim down by sit down through Nice. Go fast it up. Watch your hands right there. Let's go. Let's go everything you got right here. Hey girls come on 15 more seconds to go there you go you affiliates deliver health all over the world. There's no denying it. you make people better. I don't even have to define better. you can your clients. can they do they have they're getting better?