City of Lakota 
2010 City of the Year!
City of the Year 2010

Lakota is a beautiful small town (population 780) located 60 miles west of Grand Forks, North Dakota and 25 miles east of Devils Lake, North Dakota at the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 1.  The success of Lakota and its hometown atmosphere lies in its residents.  We take pride in the appearance of our town which is evident as you drive through.


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much more than 100 years ago, this area was a vast sea of waist-high prairie grass and roaming herds of buffalo.  Today the land is dotted with farms and you will undoubtedly notice a large variety of crops growing.  The buffalo are back as farm livestock and are now safely behind fences.  The farming community is important to our economy and to other small neighboring towns.


Hunting and fishing are both popular sports around Lakota.  Ducks and geese, deer and moose, as well as other animals are abundant.  Devils Lake and Stump Lake offer excellent fishing choices.

Both the airport and the golf course in Lakota have been the focus of major construction

projects.  It is now possible (and a really good idea!) to fly into Lakota and call the new and improved, grass green, Lakota Rock Creek Golf Course club house for a ride to the course to play. 

We have so much we want to show you in Lakota.  We are a small town, but we have a lot to offer and we are proud of that. 


Happy surfing – and please email or contact us if you have any questions.  Lakota City Hall can be reached at (701) 247-2454 or at the address on the bottom of this page.