Bobbi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets United Kingdom

Bobbi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets United Kingdom

Updated: December 22nd, 2021 06:37 PM IST

#Hawkeye   #HawkeyeFinale spoilers . . . . . . . Hawkeye’s wife, Laura, is former SHIELD agent 19 aka Bobbi Morse aka MOCKINGBIRD!!

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spojler #Hawkeye • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • jebac Laure ja chciałem Bobbi Morse ale oni to zjebali


@cusickgalecki @wilsonbarnes19 oi, n sei se eh spoiler, mas no final do ep de hawkeye o clint entrega um relogio da shield pra laura chamando ela de agente, e no relogio ta escrito 19+simbolo da shield a agente 19 é a bobbi morse, a harpia, e deram o plot dela de bandeja pra laura que nao tem nd a ver c nada

o Clint tem a Laura, que é a bobbi dele. E a Bobbi de AoS tem o Hunter, que é o clint dela. E esses são as migalhas de bobbiclint que teremos, bom dia

aí como eu odeio marvete puta que pariukkkkk não é só por causa de agents of shield não sua ANTAAAAAA, É PQ NÃO EXISTE UM UNIVERSO EM QUE BOBBI MORSE TERIA A MESMA PERSONALIDADE DESSA SONSA DA LAURA BARTON!!!!!!!!!! VIRE GENTE VSF

Laura Barton e Bobbi Morse são personagens separadas no MCU, e o que a Marvel Studios acabou de fazer foi dizer que Laura foi a Agente 19 que está aposentada, mas isso NÃO significa que ela é Bobbi Morse! Harpia é um MANTO. Artigos estão propagando desinformação com historinha.

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@AwstenOfficial @spidermnfavs se tem uma coisa que ela nao pode levar eh que a bobbi namora um loiro gostoso e ela tem q se contentar com um feioso!

#Hawkeye finale spoilers!!! . . . . . . . okay so laura barton is a former agent 19. im guessing that she was the mockingbird before passing the mantle to bobbi morse. at least thats what im assuming bc of agent of shield

rekam jejak 5 bulan menjadi exol (( 3 teratas freebies, kiri tengah dr bobbi brown ))

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bobbi morse 🤝 sharon carter sofrerem loirofobia e terem seus plots roubados por duas [censurado] que ninguem da a minima

@VIVlENNIE I would say that it doesn’t confirm that aos isn’t canon bc laura could’ve passed on the mantle to bobbi but mcu kingpin’s storyline doesn’t fit into the netflix shows’ continuity so it seems obvious that the older shows aren’t canon anymore … feige made an enemy out of me 😭


imagina achar que a bobbi vai ficar em casa com 3 filhos lavando e passando kkkkkk tem que ser muito sem noção mesmo

as an aos fan the hawkeye finale made me pissed DONT EVER DISRESPECT BOBBI MORSE LIKE THAT

#notmymockingbird get out this is gross. like i think it would be cool to make her an agent but don’t replace bobbi. and poor adrianne has been saying ab wanting to come back for ages this is just rude

#HawkeyeSeries spoilers . . . . . I’m still in denial. what if laura’s identity was just attached to that watch because she got somehow involved with the owner?? what if she’s a FORMER agent 19 and bobbi took her place in shield??

look im sure laura barton would make a good agent but that agent is not !!! agent 19 / mockingbird ! don’t piss me off like give me back my bobbi . #hawkeye #notmymockingbird

#notmymockingbird or agent 19 for that matter , sorry ! bring back bobbi

@PadmeMaximoff tbh i was thinking that they’d combined laura and bobbi into one character for some reason, but i hope you’re right. i wanna see adrianne palicki back, she was great as bobbi

@tomspettys i think they mentioned it once in season two when bobbi first showed up, its just so rude i mean they could have made laura any agent and include bobbi like that she and laura trained together or something, but no they chose once again to say screw aos

#hawkeye Also v interested in Laura Barton and that rolex Just plz don’t go dismissing AOS and my gal Bobbi Morse if you give Laura an agent backstory !!!

@NRizqiR2 @Marvfess Nitipp, terus jg pada bilang mockingbird itu bobbi tp taunya dri mana ya😭 aku ngikutin series nya avengers tp ttp ga ngeh ini darimana si:”)

@DlVlNEPAlRlNG I actually don’t think she’s Bobbi. It wouldn’t make sense for Clint to call her Laura even in private if she were. I think she’s the predecessor to Bobbi tho because multiple people can have Agent # s

#hawkeye #spoilers Laura being Agent 19 in zero way says Bobbi Morose doesn’t exist. Clint wouldn’t call her Laura in private if her real name was Bobbi. It’s literally just saying she is a FORMER mockingbird, retired before they had kids which is BEFORE Bobbi became Agent 19.

@sharonfiIm Someone pointed out that they apparently never referred to Bobbi as Agent 19 in AOS (I haven’t seen the show in forever)? Maybe it’s just homage to the character of Bobbi but Laura will still be Laura and they’ll find another way to expand! We can hope.


you guys had me thinking they straight up said laura’s real name was bobbi morse. i’m not going anywhere hehe

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#Hawkeye   #HawkeyeFinale spoilers . . . . . . . Hawkeye’s wife, Laura, is former SHIELD agent 19 aka Bobbi Morse aka MOCKINGBIRD!!

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Sooooo #LindaCardellini is confirmed as mockingbird? The watch had the shield logo and a 19. Bobbi Morse also goes by agent 19, and Clint is married to her in the comics. This has to be a confirmation right? Lol #Hawkeye

@AlessandroCocce @DarthCesco Si vabbè ma anche se non viene chiamata così chi legge i fumetti sa lo stesso che lo è alla fine, però ecco essendoci sull’orologio proprio quel numero lì io credo che stiano impostando proprio la cosa in questo modo cancellando direttamente Adrianne as Bobbi

@AjepArts Laura once being mockingbird doesn’t make it so that Bobbi isn’t mockingbird. There’s literally been nothing to make shield de canon. Just like with the Netflix shows. Or runaways. Even if they were decanonized it doesn’t make the shows any less good

@_amantedelcine_ @DarthCesco In AoS Bobbi non diventa mai Mockingbird e non esiste nessun accenno a questo (nel doppiaggio italiano per qualche motivo viene chiamata “Mimo” un paio di volte, ma non in lingua originale). Però sull’orologio c’è proprio il numero 19, dobbiamo vedere a cosa corrisponde il 19

@iLEADFARMER I think the Agent 19 thing was just a nod to the comics and confirms that Laura was in SHIELD. Bobbi in Agents of SHIELD is still Mockingbird and the only character to go by that name

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