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Kylie Jenner: Her complete plastic surgery timeline - before and after

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Kylie Jenner's look has changed SO MUCH!

Kylie Jenner... she's a 'self-made' billionaire, part of one of the biggest reality families in the world, and she's got one of the cutest babies ever in the form of Stormi Webster, but has Kylie Jenner had plastic surgery?

You bet your sweet butt she has – but just what has changed about her since she rose to fame as a shy teenager in Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside her sister Kendall Jenner.

Let's find out 👀...

Kylie Jenner before and after:

Kylie Jenner lips

The biggest change in the youngest Jenner sibling has been her pout. Before plastic surgery, Kylie's lips were… well, just totally normal lips. But then something happened: they got bigger. And bigger. And then ginormous.

At first, Kylie dodged questions about her burgeoning pucker, saying it was all down to the way she did her makeup.

But then one interviewer managed to score a direct hit, and Kylie admitted to using lip fillers to plump up her pout.

In July 2018, Kylie revealed that she'd had her famous lip fillers removed, posting a photo of herself sans-fillers and wrote in the comments, 'I got rid of all my filler.'

The star then announced on her Instagram Story in October that the fillers were back, thanking her practitioner for her 'lip touch up'.

Kylie Jenner butt implants

Has Kylie had bum implants? There's no way to really compare before-and-after photos without being creepy, but in the last couple of years she's definitely been taking after big sister Kim Kardashian in the badonkadonk department.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Tabasum Mir said of Kylie's shapely butt: "She has had her hips and butt done for sure."

But Kylie has always denied having such extensive work done.

In response to one Twitter user who told her she was "more plastic than Barbie", Kylie said: "Well, I haven't done anything except my lips but nobody seems to believe that, so I don't really care.'

"But I did just turn 18, so it kind of surprises me when people think I've undergone so many surgeries. My mom wasn't even going to let me get my lips done, so, there's no way in hell she was going to let me get my boobs done, or my butt, or anything else."

She did appear on Instagram in July 2015 plugging butt and bust 'plumping' products though - but we're still pretty sure a cream couldn't give such drastic results.

Kylie Jenner boob job

Has Kylie ever had a breast enlargement, like older sister Kourtney Kardashian? In 2015 she denied the rumours, saying: "No, people - I haven't gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that."

Instead, she claimed, her bigger boobs came as a result of weight gain.

"Truth is, as I've gotten older, I've gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I've definitely filled out," she added.

Kylie also claimed using a push-up bra from Victoria's Secret helped boost her bust.

Kylie Jenner waist training

Like her sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, Kylie is a big fan of waist training to give her smoother curves. Although there is no medical evidence to support claims waist trainers help weight loss, all the Kardashian sisters use them regularly to whittle in their waistlines.

Kylie – like Kim – also wears Spanx to hold herself in when wearing skin-tight dresses.

Kylie Jenner hairstyles

Similar to her sisters Kim and Khloe, Kylie is no stranger to a bottle of hair dye and a good old, reliable wig!

We've seen some pretty creative styles over the years, ranging from pink to blue, and from bleach blonde to her signature jet black.

Kylie welcomed the new year (2019) sporting a striking short blue hair-do, and since then we have seen a range of shades- including blonde, red, orange and jet black.

We can barely keep up, Ky!

Kylie recently showed off more extreme hair colours as she attended the 2019 Met Gala with her sister Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and her mum Kris Jenner.

The mum-of-one wore a purple wig to accompany her stunning dress at the Gala, before changing into a turquoise wig and dress for the after party!

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