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Dyes are a rare cosmetic item like skins that allow players to customize their looks ingame, similar to hats and back items. Dyes change the color of the player's outfit, regardless of what class the player is using.

Dyes were first introduced in the update 2.0.0, but only 1 was added, the others being gradually included. As of 2.6.1, there are 11 dyes in the game.

Dyes can be obtained mainly from spins, but can also be bought from other people through the market. Keep in mind the shop the attire spin can drop dyes at a higher rate, but Contrabanddyes or higher rarities cannot be dropped.

Season 2

Dye Name Rarity Image
Vantablack Contraband
5 0.png
Spectralon Contraband
5 1.png
Sugarbear Relic
5 2.png
Carotine Relic
RGB (animated) Unobtainable
5 4.png

Season 3

Name Rarity Image
Coldsnap Relic
5 9 (1).png
Crimson Relic
5 5 (1).png
Lavender Relic
5 6 (1).png
Terra Relic
5 7 (1).png
Amberite Relic
5 8 (1).png
K.P.D Uniform Contraband
KPD Dye.png

Season 4

3 New Dyes were added in the game with the advent of Season 4. The Skin Exotic is one of the most unique skin present in the game whose color can be changed as you change the Skin Color of your Character.

Dye Name Rarity Image
Cocoa Relic
Dusty Relic
Exotic Unobtainable

Twitch Drops

A New Dye was added which could only be obtained through Twitch Drops

Dye Name Rarity Image
Stream Suit Relic
5 10.png


2.0.0 - Dyes were added. Added the first Contraband dye, the Vantablack.

2.0.1 - Added new Contraband dye, the Spectralon.

2.1.2 - Added new Relic dye, the Sugarbear.

2.1.0 - Added new Relic dye, the Carotine. Specifically for the Easter Event.

2.2.8 - Added new Unobtainable dye, the RGB.

2.4.8 - Added several new Relic dyes for Season 3. Coldsnap, Crimson, Lavender, Terra, and Amberite.

2.6.1 - Added a New Dye (Twitch Drops)

3.0.8 - A New Dye Named Ghostly is Added (Halloween Event)

3.2.5 - Added several new dyes for Season 3

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